Friday, March 25, 2011

Budget hearing. Boston City Council. City Clerk.

A question that needs to be asked at the budget hearing on the budget for Boston City Council and/or Boston City Clerk budget... What would be the savings if we updated the stenographic machine technology with a computerized stenographic machine that features closed captioning for folks with hearing loss?

Friday, March 18, 2011

Re: Improved Access to City Council Records. Boston.

Regarding Improved Access to City Council Records in Boston, what needs improvement is the attitude. Resistance, deflecting are the attitudes of counter staff and council staff. Staff development needs more emphasis on continuing improvement of bettering customers services attitude toward enquiries. It's not a one time static thing. Encourage folks in their research on the city, on municipal government. Encourage folks to begin research. Avoid the responses that omit information because enquiries failed to be more specific. Guide with hints, tips, pointers, ideas. Enquiries about local government are opportunities to involve people in public service, to recruit young people to public service as a first choice career. Offer high school and college essay contests on sunshine open public meetings, transparent municipal government.

Friday, March 4, 2011

An up to date stenographic machine at Boston City Council

Will Boston City Council get a new stenographic machine for recording Councilors' deliberations in the public meeting of the City Council?... an up to date stenographic machine that includes closed captioning for folks with hearing loss. Budgeted for with public funds the stenographic machine needs to be up to date equipment that's cost efficient to operate.

Bad records management at Boston City Council.

Bad records management at Boston City council needs to be addressed now so that the public has access to public records. Denial is the problem. The City Clerk is a former City Councilor and in denial as well.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

An obstacle to communications. Boston City Council.

An obstacle to Boston City Council communications, the City Council's Staff Director has not only failed in disclosing the stenographic machine record of the public meeting of Boston City Council and has deflected public enquiries for public information.