Thursday, February 5, 2015

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Regular Meeting on Wednesday, February 4, 2015 at 12:00 P.M.
Boston City Council

 today is Wednesday {,} February [4] {,} [20] [15] .

2  [STKPWHR-FRPBLGTSZ] madam clerk you will please call {a^} role to ascertain the presence ever a quorum .

3  [paragraph] Councilor bic Baker - Councilor Ciommo - present .

4  [linebreak] Councilor Flaherty - here .

5  [linebreak] Councilor Flaherty - Councilor Jackson - here .

6  [linebreak] Councilor LaMattina Lynn {^}troke here - Linehan higher McCarthy here mure Murphy here O'Malley here [President|Pressley] here Yancy yew withdrew here here - [STKPWHRO*FRPBLGTS] {im^} informed by the clerk that {a^} please rise and ill ask Councilor Zakim to come to the podium and introduce today's [KHRERPBLG] I go .

7  After today's {in^} vocation is [TKHREUFRDZ] ill ask all members and guests to remain stands {^ing} {^s}{a^} we recite the pledge of {a^} Al [paragraph] thank {,}you Mr. President .

8  It's my pleasure sure {^ed to} to [EUPBTS] dues Reverend Raymond col {^liness} at the mission [PHUR] .

9  In Mission Hill .

10  [PRAOES] hood and {re^} [TKEPL] tour assign .

11  Take {en^} him all over the world .

12  Sit 'tis in mar [HRAEUPBDZ] no{,} pens pens owe even [SREURPBLG] [SREURPBLG] islands .

13  Father col {^liness} in the community {^s}{a^} the pastor of the mission church .

14  For the pass [-7] [KWRAOEURTS] won [TKERL] fully diverse and spirit Ted mar itch {in^} volume .

15  In the neighborhood .

16  It's about my [SPHRAOEURB] [TOEUPBTS] dues him {^ed to} to give our opening prayer .

17  [paragraph] [THAEUPG] um come Councilor say sake and father [KOEUPBL] {^liness} for being with husband here {^ed to} .

18  [paragraph] at this time I would like to ask Councilor sack sack to come to the did I {^s}{a^} so that [EBG] make {a^} [SPEGS] [PREPBGTS] here {^ed to} .

19  And I'd like to invite the folks from Motown {^ed to} to come on right up here to the did I {^s}{a^} and be introduced .

20  Councilor Jackson you've the floor [SR*R] [STKPWHR*EFRPBLGTS] [paragraph] thank you {,} so much Councilor [President|Pressley] [-FPLTS] {im^} absolutely eye lately [TEUD] and I belief that's father prayed for the Tal Lenz that we've right here in this building .

21  In this city Councilor and {^ed to} we've some [SPEGS] {^ly} Tal Ted people {&E.} {^s}{a^} we know February is black history {^mont} {,} and {im^} very very saw some [PHOPBTS] and one [-FRT] thinks they'll be dog this [PHOPBTS] is hon [TPHORG] [KR-RGS] {^s} to the business world and what [PWER] and Moore {a^} mace {^ing} business do we've than Motown .

22  Motown records start Ted by berry gourd did I so it's my honor to par {^ener} with the actual [PWROUD] way presentation {,} I tried out several times even {^s}{a^} aback up Dan [TKERS] and sing [TKPWER] and way back and they didn't let miso this is the close {^es} I actually get other than attending the show but we've {a^} {a^} mace {^ing} group of people [HOR] joining us {^ed to} .

23  We've Martina [SAOEUBGS] .

24  [HREUTS] {^'} give it up for her .

25  And she currently has {a^} honor of plague the trail blazing ar 'tis marry wells in the hit [PWROUD] way smash mow mow the musical and Lewis juice {^us} Tom mass the third and he place berry gourd I go {&i} did I in the Motown musical and we've actress and sing ter Ashley day mar Davis who place Diana Ross .

26  [paragraph] and ill reed from the resolution and then we'll have them say {a^} come of words and I think I begged them enough to share with us the wonderful Tal [HREPBTSD] and I know the [President|Pressley] is happy [EBG] come up here and because he might be able to {a^} cop them with some of his Dahl Lenz .

27  Whereas {^s}{a^} {a^} {ir^} Spitz able Forbes of social and cull [KUPLT] race Berber gourd gourd Motown records maid it it its mark not only in the [PHAOUTS] {^ic} industry but society from {a^} whole significant musical accomplishments and success store Reese in the [20] the century and whereas the music ever Motown collude {^ing} musician {^s} such {^s}{a^} Diana Ross and [SPRAOEPLS] smoke smoke rob rob and the miracles Steve wonder the Tim {^tation} {^s} four tops March gay microphone Jackson and mar [SHRETS] mar that Reeves van [TKELTS] [PWHRAD] [PWHRAD] [3EU7S] line rich rich [RAEURPBLG] {^ly} divide {^ed} company and segregate Ted society around the world [TOUFPG] all people of all [AEUPBLGTS] and race .

28  And I {^us} stop right .

29  We've some division in our [TRUPB] {&u} country rightly now {,} and I think one of the thinks that [WAOEFB] able to see with Motown and others is {a^} opportunity to come together to have {a^} conversation to share on something that week all connect with and enjoy so I think its {a^} {^'} also very appeal to have this conversation and this connection {^ed to} {,} and we're going to [PHAOF] forward and whereas Boston is now part of the legacy and history of Motown first national tower therefore be it {re^} solved that's Boston city Councilor does hereby offer the congratulations to Motown {^s}{a^} being the great Tess pop music hip factor {^ry} every heard of {^s}{a^} well {^s}{a^} [AEUPBTS] [TKAOUGS] state of minds and way of life {,} and also be it resolved that's Boston city Councilor recognizes February [3] {^s}{a^} Motown day [TPHR-T] [SEUB] and {en^} [KOURPBLGS] Bostonians to participate in its observance .

30  Let's give it up .

31  {^bler} [PWER] are Julius Tom mass {im^} may chairman [PW-R] [PWER] gourd bored in the show .

32  I know if he were here right now he would be beside [HEUPLS] with joy .

33  This music is so very important to him and so very important to us that we get to bring it with you guys cold about and snow you got piled up up {&u} out side so he want to say thank you om {&e} so much and [KOFPL] see the Cho and dance and sing along with us and this is the music that get us together before we were even speaking to each other so it's very important to us and we don't take that lightly thank you for Motown day .

34  {:} [paragraph] hello my name {a^} ash ash day mar Davis and I play die die Ross and several other roles and I was {im^} hon in order to be here when we were told about this for you to recognize Motown the Councilor man said it's {a^} serious [THREU] .

35  We've gifts we've know eye dee we'll youse those gives but to be able to be no Motown [APBTS] vision of Berber gourd did I and to see the [AUD] against recommend miss and go back to that time it's so rev talent {^ed to} we {a^} appreciate the love and the snow and we ask that you please come and see the show and sport us .

36  I told us to sing {a^} song .

37  I don't know what song to sing .

38  .

39  [paragraph] [-FRPBLGTSZ] I do it [paragraph] in case {en^} folks don't know we put together {a^} resolution on by half of the [TPWOPBS] city Councilor from me and also so {im^} going to reed it .

40  Whereas the [TPHAOEUPBG] lan bands pate [PAEUTS] Super Bowl [4-9] - .

41  Whereas the soup soup [40] [PWAOUP] bowls in the lass [15] years .

42  Whereas in the [23W0E7B] [TWEPB] {^ity} years since the graft can model organization for the in{.} [R-FPLT] .

43  [TP-FPLT] will{.} in{.} where the meow whereas coach bell chick holds .

44  I records [KHRAOUGD] the records pour pose cease son [WEUPBLGS] for [2] [2] .

45  Tom braid braid hold the record for the win yes{,}sir coach and wart ter back tandem for centric tour {^ry} .

46  And whereas holds .

47  I records collude {^ing} the record for mows {super^} boat [TKOUFP] down passes .

48  Boston city Councilor in meeting {a^} so many [ABLD] here {^ed to} whole marred {^ly} con [2K3WR5D] [HRAEUTS] the huge Inc. ping [EUFRPL] [4-9] Vic and proclaim look with mow down day Wednesday February [4] [TWEPB] [15] shall be known {^s}{a^} knew Inc. lands [PAEUTS] day here in Boston .

49  [linebreak] [STKPWHR-FRPBLGTSDZ] [STKPWHR-FRPBLGTSZ] we'll suss spends the [PHAOELT] {^s} [-FRPL] go outs [OPBTS] balance con any {^s}{a^} {a^} bod deign acknowledge the pate [KWROETS] .

50  [-FPLTS] Ann then we'll resume the immediate {^ing} after that .

51  Also I was {^us} in conversation with the mayor and {^es} also going to join us so the minutes that they make there way over here then we'll do that and probably about ten or sa minutes I would like to [PHAOF] the agenda along {^s}{a^} week .

52  [THAEUPG] you very much [STKPWHR-RPBLGTS] for there are know corrections to be maid the minutes of the lass meets {^ing} [1257BD] approved .

53  Communications from [HEUPB] his mon nor the mayor madam clerk .

54  [0] [2] [4] [4] .

55  [PHOPBLG] or the [THART] {^ing} the [SEUB] transportation Boston to accept and spends {a^} plants mass dot in {a^} amount to not to being set [-7] hundred and [3-6] [TEUPBS] to {a^} sis the city in funds {^ing} positions in [KPWOS] ton traffic imagine .

56  Center [TP-FPLT] in{.} [KR-FPLT] for the infection fiscal year .

57  [paragraph] docket [0] [2] [4] [4] will be assigned to the sit city neighborhood service {^ance} [RETS] [SRETS] [STKPWHREFRPBLGTS] [0] [2] [56] [SEUB] to accept and {ex-^} mends {a^} grand tote that {^ling} [-8] [0] thousand [4] [-6] [TPAOEUFDZ] met work for the city of Boston office of {en^} {en^} {en^} I go and open Swiss mick I go workshop to carry out {a^} [KHRAB] {^tive} [HREURPBG] work [TROR] grid {.}you [0] [2] [56] will be [SAOEUPBDZ] to the committee own {en^} {en^} and park [paragraph] [0] [2] [4-6] [PHOPBLG] authority {^ing} the [PHRAOEGS] to accept season {a^} {ex-^} depends funds ever fifty had thousand dollars to the exec {^tive} office of held and museum man certificate [SREUTS] {^s} department of public [HELT] for the purposes of sporting the lox on program known {^s}{a^} mark cam .

58  [linebreak] [linebreak] majority authority {^ing} the [PHRAOEURGS] to accept and expends funds [PHRAOERGS] [PHRAOEGS] [PHRAOERGS] [PHRAOERGS] [PHRAOERGS] [linebreak] Boston please departments {^'} office of {re^} certificate .

59  Development to query incidents [ARS] and other relate Ted category data for the year [20] [-9] [0] June of [20] [14] - chair of committee on public [STAEUFT] {^ity} Councilor Murphy on [0] [2] [4-7] [paragraph] Murphy there .

60  [0] [2] [4-7] at this time [paragraph] Councilor Murphy [PHAOFS] suss suspension of the rules {^age} package ever docket [0] [2] [4-7] .

61  All those in favor say Aye .

62  All those opposed nay .

63  [0] [2] [4-7] has been passed [STKPWHR-FRPBLGTSZ] docket number [0] [2] [4-8] [PHOPBLG] authority [-GT] [PHRAOERGS] to accept and expends funds of five thousand dollars from the amount of .

64  Beak {ka^} [PH-FPLT] [TKPULT] {^ing} fund {^dation} museum man trafficking [KPHRAOUPB] yin to {&I.} - {ex-^} execution I'd {^ed} traffic king [STEUPBGS] and is relate Ted to species Boston [KPWHR*] [12K3W4R*E6R7B8G9S] [paragraph] [0] [2] [4-8] has been mass {^ed} [paragraph] [0] [2] [*69] [PHOPBLG] [0] [24-9] [P-FRPLTS] equinox sports club to be placed in the fit innocence sentence [TKER] of district a please department [paragraph] suss suspension [-FRT] rules {^age} package of [0] [2] [4-9] all nose in favor say Aye .

65  Ayes have it and [0] [4] [2] [4-89] has passed [paragraph] [linebreak] condition [TPEURP] {^mation} of the appointment of the mister Mike [-L] wood all of the chair of the [TPWOPBS] wear and sewer commission term expiring January [4] {,} [20] [1-6] [paragraph] committee on city neighborhood service {^ance} veterans {a^} various [paragraph] [0] [2] [5] [1] [PHOEPL] rule peat to the Jen court {in^} titled {a^} act relative to change {^ing} the name of the state -- Boston retirement system to the Boston retirement system .

66  [paragraph] chair recognize {^s} chair of account [KPHEUS] tee {on^} government operations [0] [2] five [1] [paragraph] thank you {,} Mr. President Mr. President .

67  [PHAOFG] for package or [0] [2] five [1] accept September with the sport from the [PHAEURS] office and the legal disinfectant and [EBG] [EBG] {^tive} director of the retirement bored well attends {^ed} hearing .

68  What we [HRERPBDZ] after we'd passed it is that we got to additional sections about we found some additional sections in the sedate law and that name change muss be applied to run it consistent {^ly} with respect to that home rule peat so {im^} asking that we suss spends and pass this [HAEPL] [HAEPL] [HAEPL] [HAEPL] [HAEPL] [linebreak] [EFRPBLGTSZ] [0] [2] five [1] - [PHAEPL] that [HAEPL] - Ayes have it and [0] [2] five [1] has passed [paragraph] docket number [0] [2] five [2] .

69  [PHOPBLG] approving {a^} [HAEPL] {inter^} titled {a^} act relative to voting {re^} [SREPBGTSZ] notice seat {^cy} [SEUB] .

70  [linebreak] [AEUPB] [STKPWHRO] [linebreak] [linebreak] [0] [2] five [3] communication was are Councilor bill Linehan that El be out of town from use it use it January [20] [20] [15] January [2-7] the [20] [15] at [4] [P-FPLT] [PH-FPLT] .

71  Notice was received from the mayor of the resignation of the Paul go{.} Al [TPAUPBS] so {^s}{a^} {a^} commissioner of the [TPWOPBS] wear and sewer commission .

72  That's was received from the mayor of the appointment of the awe tin black man {^s}{a^} [KHAOEFR] of Inc. near again I go and pope place January [1-9] [20] [15] - notice was [SAOEFDZ] from the mayor of the appointment of the pap patch Pat [PH-FPLT] lines {^s}{a^} ability {^ing} commissioner of the property imagine .

73  Department effect {^ive} January fist [20] [15] {:} [0] [2] five [-7] notice was received from the mayor of the appointment of Sean blew {^s}{a^} chief did I verity office {er^} effect {^ive} January fist [20] [15] [paragraph] docket [0] [2] [58] notice was received [STPR-T] mayor of the Guyana finance fan {^s}{a^} {a^} commissioner of the effect {^ive} January [1-8] the [20] [15] .

74  Docket number [0] [2] [59] notice was received from the mayor of the appointment of rose and foal [TPOELS] {^'s} exec eighty director effect {^ive} January [20] the [20] [15] .

75  [0] [2] [-6] [06789] [TPHR-TS] was received from the mayor of the {a^} payment of {dis^} El sterling vet vet services effect {^ive} January [1-6] the [20] [15] .

76  Docket number [0] [2] [-6] [1] communication was received [STPR-LT] city clerk of the final agreement between the [SEUB] and bridge way {a^} [APTS] limb Ted partnership [12] [1] a project section [-6] a of the mass choose Jen laws .

77  Docket number [0] [2] [-6] [2] communication was received from the melt felt of mass choose regarding [PAETS] .

78  Section [-6] [-6] [-6] [-6] five of the acts of [1-9] [56] for exception {^s} from the Boston zoning code for substation at see food way in south Boston and {a^} [PRAOFL] spur separate unit gin laws [1-6] [34] section [-7] [2] .

79  Do you mean do you mean [0] [2] [-6] [3] notice was received from the mayor of the appointment of Laura {a^} [KWAEUR] {^ry} {^s}{a^} chief communication officers effect {^ive} December [2-9] the [20] [14] and docket number [0] [2] [-6] [4] notice was received from the mayor of the appointment of ter ter [TKORS] {^cy} {^s}{a^} the chief of education effect {^ive} September [2-9] the [20] [14] .

80  [paragraph] thank {,}you Matt clerk for that .

81  [20] [2] five [3] to [2] [2-6] [4-6] will be placed on file .

82  At this time {im^} going to call for {a^} recess {&a} and I'd like to let folks now know has the boss torch sit [STKEU] burl did I proof will be have the stable .

83  Back here and to also view the Boston paid [KWROTS] {^s}{a^} they come .

84  Ker {^ry} will keep {a^} eye on {.}it one notes of real {im^} importance it's only [-8] section [*ERB] seconds we'll ask to leave the balance balance while it [TKPW-TS] off and come back out .

85  So make you're way and dress warm .

86  We'll be back in about {a^} half {a^} hour .

87  [paragraph] the Councilor will be back in session .

88  .

89  [STKPWR*FRPBLGTS] [paragraph] I think the mayor maid the right did I significance [-FPLTS] [-FPLTS] over {a^} [PH-L] people in are in Boston now watching that prayed .

90  Now we're back to work .

91  Records of public officers and others {,} madam clerk .

92  [paragraph] one [PWHAOR] down [STKPWHR-FRPBLGTSZ] [paragraph] [TKOUPLT] [0] [1] [-8] [0] rules of January [14] {,} [20] [15] .

93  Docket number [0] [1-8] [-8] [0] .

94  Order directing the city Councilor to exam amend {^ments} to the [20] [14] [20] [15] city Councilor rules .

95  Submits {a^} report recommends {^ing} the order out to pass in anew draft [S-FPLTS] [paragraph] chair recognize {^s} Councilor Murphy - thank {,}you mister vice president .

96  Lass Thursday January [2-9] the committee on rules and add [PH-RGS] had met regarding dock [0] [1] [-8] [0] proposed by our [President|Pressley] bill Linehan and had [4] subject matters for rules changes {,} changes around motion {^s to} lay on the table .

97  Changes around the city counsel's power to summons and the creation of [2] [SPEGS] commit tease .

98  [SPEGS] committee on the status of black lat lat men and boys and the [SPEGS] committee on the [20] [24] Olympics .

99  I'd like to turn it over to the [President|Pressley] and the response sore of docket [0] [1] [-8] [0] for further comments at this point and then I belief we'll have {a^} role call vote ton it {,} Mr. President .

100  [paragraph] thank you - [paragraph] Linehan Linehan .

101  Thank {,}you Mr. President Mr. President mister vice president .

102  We'd {a^} very [KPRAOE] [HEUPBS] {^ive} meeting where {a^} mum of Councilor wait Ted on the four matters .

103  The ill go over each of the four matters {^us} so it's clear you've this in our pack [KETS] and motion to lay on the table .

104  The motion to lay on the table has been youse {^ed} in power body in {a^} number of different ways and what we wanna Ted do do is try to create {a^} rule in which we could all abide by .

105  We never had {a^} rule on this matter .

106  We're create {^ing} {a^} rule so it's consistent in the way in which we youse this terminology I go .

107  After discussion with colleagues in the meeting the motion to lay on the table [SHU] be {a^} order to pends {^ing} question assign temporarily {^ly} .

108  This matter shall be take {en^} up on consideration know late ter .

109  Of the sit city Councilor .

110  Unless when tabled the marry is pose [POEPBD] to {a^} date certain .

111  Of the motion to lay an the table [KWAOEURS] {a^} majority vote .

112  {a^} lotion to May lay {a^} question on the table shall not be debate able and {a^} motion to take question [TPWR-T] table may be maid by any member of the body and such motion shall not be debate Ted .

113  That's {a^} motion to lay on the table .

114  All right .

115  Power to summons [-FPLTS] pursuant to chapter [2] [3] [3] section [-8] of the Jen laws the city Councilor has the authority to summons witness {^s} to the attend and test and to produce books and papers {^%} at {a^} hearing port Bo [PW-PBS] [PW-PBS] [paragraph] [SPAOE] {a^} ordinance for summons shall be [TPWAOEULD] by the chair [S-FT] city Of {^s on} power or should be filed by the response sore of the dock [KET] invoking the summons power .

116  In order for the summons shall be {a^} to state the {reen^} for issuing the summons and the [SUPBLS] marry juries education .

117  The or the shall be committee of the pole take {en^} you've for the consideration at the infection commit see Councilor meeting with Councilor press shall bring the marry before the sit I it Councilor tour [KR-RGS] [KR-BG] [KR-BG] [KR*FRBG] [KR*RBG] cc person to examine in reference to any marry with the scope of the inquiry conduct {^ed} by such committee .

118  We've done this recently in the pass session in [240] [20] [14] and we did them [SHRAOT] {^ly} [TKEUFRPTS] in each we adopt Ted all of those tick [PRABG] {^s} and we create Ted {a^} rule which week abide [PWAOEUFPLT] the [SPEGS] committee on the status of black and lat lat men and boys which shall concern itself with black and lat lat mail in Boston {a^} {&i} {im^} proof the economic education criminal justice power pick safety {^ity} housing and ut comes of black and lat lat men and boys in Boston .

119  To further the {in^} tish diff [TPOS] [TPER] [HRAOELGS] [SREUP] business communities civic organizations academic mick sector government and [PWROUD] ker opportunity comply .

120  With respect to the city department offices and {in^} {^ish} [TEUFS] relate Ted to the {im^} [PRAOFPLT] of black and lat lat [PHAEULS] in Boston .

121  .

122  And the [SPEGS] committee on the [20] [24] Olympics which shall concern itself with the {^ish} shoes of the [SEUB] bid to hose the [20] [240] Olympic {^s} .

123  The city shall Dern it economic impact in the Olympics and hose of [HOETS] {^ing} the Olympic games on sit 'tis {^'s} neighborhoods .

124  We developed these [2] commit tease so we could focus on on these [2] tick {^ish} shoes {,} and ill announce on Thursday the members of the committee and the chairs .

125  Once this is passed .

126  It [WOFB] prima sure for me to do that .

127  {^.^} power to summons and the motion to lay on the table {^us} rules in which week all abide by there'll be know question about how we do this when we [PHAOF] forward .

128  So I {a^} appreciate you're [STPROET] in fuel sport if you have any question throughout chair ill be glad to answer them .

129  [STKPWHREFRPBLGTS] Jackson [-FPLTS] Jackson thank you very much {,} Mr. President .

130  {im^} ricing to comment on the the [SPEGS] committee on black and lat lat men and boys .

131  I want to thank Councilor press Lynn Han for taking {a^} lead ship role and I want to [ABG] [THOPBLG] that this Councilor took {a^} lead [TKER] ship rode and stepped forward with this prior to actually our [President|Pressley] lass year when we actually brought forward at we off ten do in leading the packet brought forward to great commission on black plat lat pollen and boys .

132  {im^} happy {^ed to} that's [President|Pressley] has [WORBGDZ] with us so that we'll actually have {a^} suspicion committee on the status of black lat lat men and boys .

133  Where is this {a^} issue .

134  It's actually not {a^} issue because of something [SPEGS] [SP-FPLT] we need to meet [PAOEPBLG] where {^ener} add .

135  Sixty {^ity} {^%} young men {under^} age [1-9] are black and lat Louisiana so we think got [TPAOUT] of [SEUB] where these young men are going to ends newspaper education .

136  Where there out comes are going to ends up in [HELT] care .

137  Out comes are going to end up in the economic space .

138  It's {a^} critical issue for the [SEUB] {^s}{a^} {a^} whole so we off ten times {--} some folks would say that this is {^ing} that has take {en^} too long .

139  But I would say that we're right on time .

140  This is black history {^mont} again {extra^} and we {^s}{a^} {a^} Councilor are making history by but {^ing} this forward {^s}{a^} {a^} first [SPEGS] committee on this top pick {,} it's {a^} issue {^s that} not only for the strict that I rep but it's {a^} issue for the [SEUB] {^s}{a^} {a^} whole .

141  {im^} very very happy {,} and I want to thank every {^ry} single member of this Councilor for there sport .

142  We you know animus {^ly} sport Ted this {,} in {a^} prior ren additional of this {,} and I truly {^ly} look forward to dog important work to change the out comes {,} and also to really bridge the gap in opportunity and life expect tense {^cy} if there's {a^} [30] [3] [3] year gap in Roxbury and my friend Councilor Zakim strict in back bay .

143  That should be something {^s that} seen {^s}{a^} urge [SKWREPBTS] .

144  Seen {^s}{a^} something is that we {^s}{a^} {a^} city and city Councilor should take up .

145  And it's something that we {^s}{a^} city Of Councilor can really [PHAOF] forward on bring {^ing} that did I vit .

146  I look [TPAORBGD] to working with each of you and working with mayor {^ual} {,} and all the city departments to bridge this gap because this is not only one week tau being {^ing} about education or violation by housing how people can actually stay here in the [SEUB] and do [PWER] .

147  So again I want to thank Councilor press Linehan for amending the rules collude {^ing} these [*S] this in the amended rules {,} and I look forward to any [TPAOUT] lead [TKER] ship keeping this committee and this focus on {a^} group of people in our city who need to be focus {^ed} on so that we can all be Boston .

148  And I think it's absolutely critical that [-FRB] is brought into the fold and that we don't remain {^s}{a^} {a^} city or some people are dog well and others around doing well .

149  We all belief in {a^} city where each of us is part of this si city of Boston .

150  [paragraph] thank {,}you Councilor Jackson .

151  Chair recognize {^s} Councilor Yancy .

152  [paragraph] Yancy Yancy thank {,}you very much Mr. Chairman .

153  I rise to commends the [President|Pressley] of the city Of Councilor for taking this {in^} {^ish} {^tive} to volume some proceed [TKAOURS] that haven't been all that clear in the pass .

154  Particularly [ARPBDZ] the powers to summons and motion {^s to} lay on the table .

155  Ill be voting for these but my question has to do with the matters thar currently [OPBTS] table .

156  I do don't belief we should [ROETS] [TROE] {^itively} {^ly} {a^} oo applies these rules that have been placed on the table previously {^ly} .

157  I think we should be youse {^ing} the rules in terms of the [TPAOUT] motions if that's appeal .

158  But I don't think this is appeal to den matters thar currently on the table .

159  So I intend to vote for this with the understanding that they take effect for all [TPAOUT] [EFRPBTSZ] .

160  Thank you very much .

161  Vice president vice president chair recognize {^s} Councilor O'Malley .

162  [THAEUPG] {,}you Mr. President vice chair .

163  I rise top commends the Councilor [President|Pressley] for his {in^} {^ish} [TEUFS] here ill be voting in favor of them .

164  Rules changes are important to make sure we're all in the same page {im^} tick lid har end here by the [2] [SPEGS] commit tease one to [ABG] [THOPBLG] lead ship of Councilor jack on that committee [SPEGS] committee own black and [HRATS] lat men and boys .

165  Very very important {^ish} shoes something that he has work [TAOEURL] [HREUS] {^ly} on for [TOEUPL] sigh .

166  Secondly I think it's vital {^ly} important that we juice our stat tour {^ry} [PAUR] in cap slating this commit [TAOEFPLT] Boston [20] [240] Olympics to the city in ten or so years .

167  {im^} along time owe [POEPB] {#Return} of discussing and seek {^ing} out the feet able of the [TAUBGDZ] about this for .

168  I years now when Boston was select Ted .

169  I was proud {^s}{a^} .

170  I were .

171  Mows of us wrote that Boston first time in history was chose {en^} {^s}{a^} the first choice but there are allot of questions that we've to answer and {in^} denied we've to engage the community in the away that was done prior to earlier interest in year .

172  This Councilor is maid up of [13] individuals who rep the entire [SEUB] and [THR-RS] allot of questions and [PHRETD] me take this clear .

173  If if deed the games make sense fiscal help and revenue streams perhaps for {a^} forward able housing middle income residents and transportation funds to increase the [PH-FPLT] about{.} {.}it amount of which has been {a^} embarrass .

174  Lately after eye effect of this storm the way it had has been run we should [PWHRAOUT] I go [TKPWAORBD] with this .

175  If it it's [-PBTS] we should not and that's the question we need to answer and that's the [THRAOEL] this Councilor needs to [TKPWHRAEU] asking that you know similar to the committee of the whole perhaps all members could be on the committee so all members could have have a voice and I look forward [THO] antic having this body take {a^} {^tive} role and engage ig with the citizens and answer questions {^s}{a^} [WAOEU] go [TPAO*RTD] [*FPT] [THAEUPG] you very much .

176  [paragraph] Councilor Murphy [PHAOFS] acceptance [KPHEUFRTS] tee report and package ever docket [0] [1-8] [-8] [0] in the new draft .

177  Will the clerk please call {a^} role .

178  [paragraph] Councilor Baker - yes .

179  [paragraph] Councilor Ciommo - yes .

180  [STKPWHR-FRPBLGTSZ] Councilor Flaherty - where he .

181  [paragraph] Councilor Jackson - yes .

182  [paragraph] Councilor LaMattina [-FRPLGTSZ] yes [S-FRPLTS] [linebreak] Councilor Linehan - yes .

183  [paragraph] mick Councilor Linehan {^a} - {^y} McCarthy - yes .

184  [paragraph] Councilor Murphy [-FRPLGTSZ] yes {&E.} [STKPWHR-FRPBLGTSZ] Councilor O'Malley - yes .

185  [linebreak] Councilor [President|Pressley] [-FRPLGS] yes [-FPLTS] [paragraph] Councilor Wu [-FRPLGTSZ] yes .

186  [paragraph] Councilor Yancy - yes [paragraph] [STKPWHR*FRPBGS] [STKPWHR*FRPBLGTS] we've {a^} you know you know vote {&E.} .

187  Linehan [0] [1] [-8] [0] has passed you know animus {^ly} .

188  [STKPWHR-FRPBLGTSZ] [STKPWHR-FRPBLGTSZ] [paragraph] [0] [1] [-7] [0] - repair program for the following schools .

189  Young achievers signs animate [K-FPLT] threw [-8] {:} community academy of signs and [HELT] .

190  Tech Boston {a^} cat my .

191  Ella school .

192  Mick Kay conferment threw [-8] school curly school and the sup [PHER] school .

193  [STAEUPLTSZ] of interest {de^} [SKRAOEUBD] in its blame the did I fish cease and brighter {^ity} category for which the [SEUB] maybe Abe to apply for the mass choose school building authority in the [TPAOUT] .

194  [paragraph] commit key on Ways and Means Councilor Ciommo [STKPWHR-FRPBLGTSZ] Ciommo .

195  Thank you {,} Mr. Chairman Mr. Chairman .

196  The committee on ways and means held {a^} hearing on February third on docket [0] [1] [-7] [06789] {a^} request for authorization for the [SEUB] to submit the statements of interest for window repairs at the [SEUFRL] schools mentioned young {a^} [KHAOEFRTS] community academy of signs and [HELT] .

197  Tech Boston academy {.}you sell [HREUS] school .

198  Mick Kay Kay threw [-8] col curly school and the sum [SPHER] school .

199  We'd .

200  Provided by Carl ton Jones the {ex-^} {ex-^} {^tive} director of the cap cal and fa [SEULTS] 'tis imagine {er^} .

201  Brine McCarthy the {ex-^} {^is} [TPEUPBG] director to for Councilor .

202  Da dinner Shah brown the director of fa [SEUPLTS] imagine {er^} and brine chambers program director for Boston public schools .

203  {a^} statement of interest gins {a^} conversation with the mass schools building authority for the possible grants funding of approximately {a^} [-6] five {^%} reimburse .

204  Of course to repair these aforementioned school buildings .

205  Application for this deadline for this {.}is okay{.} {&I.} is February [13] .

206  .

207  Statement of interest will be submit Ted [OUPBT] {&u} {under^} {^.^} axel operate I prior or {^ity} five category .

208  Prior prior five [KHRAOUDZ] {a^} [PRAOE] place .

209  Mod {^sation} ever school fa [SEULTS] building such at roofs [PWEUPBL] [KOES] oils and heating and vents {^ulation} systems .

210  All schools are looked at and these tick schools are side id {^s}{a^} need {^ing} immediate repairs which fit the program terse [-FRT] [ABG] [TEPL] rate Ted repair program for window project [EBGTS] .

211  {en^} I go official much great and will result in direct operation of savings [STPORT] school direct .

212  Hearings to {a^} appeal [TPUPBLDZ] in the [PH-FPLT] {.}is [P-FPLT] amount of .

213  Funds {^ing} rounds .

214  I rec [PHEPBLD] package .

215  Thank you .

216  [12K3W4R-6R7B8G9S] thank {,}you Councilor Ciommo - Councilor Jackson .

217  Mr. President Mr. President .

218  I {^us} have {a^} clear cal fix [EFRPBLGTSDZ] after curly school there's {a^} really scary word for young people .

219  Summer school is currently how it's writ {en^} .

220  If we could change that to summer school .

221  I also want to thank the add [PH-RGS] for there work and this space .

222  We've not seen the Boston [PW-PS] the [PW-PBS] [PW-PS] [PW-PS] [PW-PS] [PW-PS] [PW-PS] [PW-PS] [PW-PS] we're going to be dog an Al [SHEUS] over the pass [20] years of how much dough has come in our direction buys we know {^s}{a^} the [SEUBT] we're the driver of sails tax in the state of mass choose so it's [KREUD] cal that we get fair shares for the schools .

223  We also know that we've the old [TKERS] school system in the country and we probably have the old des schools and it's absolutely critical that these schools tin to get up great Ted so it's very very good news to here that's add [PH-RGS] is tinge to [PHAOF] forward on up grates .

224  And you know I also .

225  {ex-^} [SAOEULT] Ted that we're going to be getting {a^} comprehensive fa [SEULTS] plan so week tin to have the conversation about what school {de^} serfs what up grates and other possibilities of knew schools in the [SEUB] so I {^us} want to Shea is that {im^} very {en^} [KOURPBLGDZ] to see Moore and Moore of these tin to come throughout Councilor .

226  [AEUTS] {^'} good news - Councilor Yancy [STKPWHREFRPBLGTSZ] thank you very much .

227  The statement of interest process is relatively {^ly} knew to the mass choose school building authority .

228  It's {a^} efforts to {en^} sure that's mayor {,} the [SUT] {^ity} Councilor and the school commit tease are [OPBTS] same beige with [TRARDZ] to this these tick project .

229  Of course I sport the statement of interest that's before us {^ed to} .

230  {^ive} never vote Ted against it .

231  I rise {,} however {,} because there's another docket number that was not heard and submit Ted [OPBTS] same day concerning the con instruction of the knew high school and in Boston state hospital side .

232  That's the chairs {^'s} prerogative and that's fine but I belief {^s}{a^} we take {a^} look at the mass choose school building authority {,} {^ive} met with the exec {^tive} directors of that tick authority quite {a^} few years now {,} and the {re^} [PWHRAOEU] I always get is well {,} the city has to apply if we're Sirius about building anew high school .

233  Lass time we built anew high school was [1-9] [-79] - all of the sit 'tis {^'s} high schools are outmoded and out date Ted .

234  .

235  And to Councilor Jackson {^'s} point there are Moore than [20] communities throughout mass choose mows [SROURPBDZ] {^ing} Boston that have brand knew high schools and you're children are competing with the same children going to those high schools the [TKEUFRPBTS] is they're not ham strong without moat dead schools .

236  Not to mention the fact that [4] attending that classes in none high school buildings .

237  We've the opportunity to correct that situation .

238  And the long [TKPWER] we wait the Moore expense {^tive} it's going to be the not only not does of con instruction but Moore the children in high school {^ed to} who will not have the fa [SEULTS] that thousand sands of high school stud departments all [ARPBDZ] mass choose take for gran Ted .

239  So hopeful {^ly} this year we'll take some steps to correct that problems .

240  We've [14] aches {^*ers} of lands available to build {a^} high school designate Ted by state Moore than {a^} decade ago and I think now is the time that tell our children we're value them and they're not second class stud departments and they {de^} certificate of Moore than second class fa [SEULTS] and this body has take {en^} {in^} {^ish} [TEUFS] in the pass and also take {in^} {^ish} [TEUFS] with in issue working with the add [PH-RGS] and [STKAOL] department .

241  Thank {,}you vest very much .

242  [STKPWHRA] Councilor Ciommo [PHAOFS] connection of the committee records and package of [0] [1] [-7] [06789] all hoe [TPHOELS] {:} docket [0] [1] [-7] [-8] has pass {^ed} [paragraph] Councilor condition Zakim and [PHUR] newer orders - [PHRAEUPL] {^ible} [PWOTS] ton fire pry adventures Vehicle Code .

243  [paragraph] [paragraph] chair recognize {^s} Councilor Zakim - thank {,}you Mr. President Mr. President {,} and I want to thank Councilor [PHUR] fur for joining with me on this hearing horde {^s}{a^} chair of the public safety {^ity} he has quite {a^} bit of experience with the fire code .

244  This came out of the {a^} [PHAOERG] we'd lass we're with the lass call foundation with the higher rates of cancer and currently {re^} [TAOEURPLD] and car sin generals in much of the furniture acquired {under^} [TPHRAPL] tour {^ry} chem [KALS] and high [HROETS] of car sin [SKWREUPBS] are at mass choose fire code was recently [KHAEUPGD] to not [KHAOEUR] chem cal any Moore .

245  And local [-7] [1-8] has [PEL] ar in favor of and we look forward to hearing the examine whether Boston itself can now join {a^} [3W0RD] and make sure we're up to snuff with the mows current fire codes protected {^ing} every {^ry} one in the fire department and citizens in the [SEUB] from these dangerous chem [KALS] so thank you again Councilor [PHUR] purchaser for joining with me and I look forward to the hearing .

246  [paragraph] Councilor Murphy .

247  [paragraph] thank you [STKPWHROFRPBLGTSZ] Mr. President Mr. President .

248  I want [THO] thank Councilor Zakim for his lead [TKER] ship on this matter and looking forward .

249  So much of our fire fight terse nationwide have {in^} increased cause of debt from cancer bigger car sin generals for fighting fires and these knew Stan [TKARTSDZ] that furniture would be maid of eliminate the car sin generals so the quick ker week update our standards and get [OPBTS] same wage of [KPHOEPL] of mass choose and I want to commends Councilor Zakim for his efforts and look forward to joining him and having {a^} peed did I hearing on it .

250  Thank you .

251  [linebreak] [STKPWHR-FRPBLGTSZ] thank {,}you Councilor Murphy .

252  {a^} [STAOEUPBDZ] to the committee on public safety {^ity} [linebreak] [12K3W4R*EU6R78G9SZ] [paragraph] counselor {^ic} mick and Wu - changes youse {^ing} run [WRAEUS] [2-7] {,} [3] [3] will{.} and [4] [HR-FRPLT] at locate began airport .

253  [paragraph] chair recognize {^s} Councilor McCarthy on dock [KET] [0] [2] [-6] [-6] [paragraph] thank {,}you very much {,} Mr. President Mr. President .

254  I would also like to add Councilor Murphy .

255  It was {a^} clerical funds .

256  Councilor Murphy and I discussed this earlier he was supposing Ed to be on the [OFRDZ] [HREUS] there .

257  In south Wes Boston [SPES] {^iffic} I Hyde Park Ross Mattapan Jamacia Plain and Wes recognition rocks {^s}{a^} well I got allot of complaints about what's {^'} going on with the airline {:} the [TP-FPLT] amount of amount of planned to {im^} [PHREUPLTS] the runs ways [2-7] [2] [3] [3] will{.} and [4] will{.} at [HROEG] [TKPWARPB] there [THOUTS] were to safe fuels and {a^} approve safety {^ity} and efficiency .

258  These changes had {a^} debt [STREUPLT] Tal had {a^} impact to south Wes Boston the annually instrument Ted fights there proceed [TKAOURS] are really impacting heavily the [TWEURBTS] in my year {^s}{a^} they're not familiar with low flying air traffic {^s}{a^} they're now .

259  Questions tin to remain {under^} answered the hours ever operation of the flights heights at which they're acquired to fly over residential [KWRAEURS] the exhume {^tive} {e^} effects of noise and {en^} impacts and whether the [TP-FPLT] amount of amount of [SATS] [TPAOEUS] the legal obligation relate Ted to in participation [-FRBLT] the [TP-FPLT] amount of amount of claims [TKHR-S] know signature impact to our year .

260  If you follow twit ter at all there's actually {a^} hash tag jets over rose {^cy} five [15] five [30] every {^ry} morning from [TKEUFRPTS] parents loss parents have oak awoke ends at five [30] {^s}{a^} jets come flying in lower [ARPBDZ] Ross and park .

261  This discussion is to bring the [TP-FPLT] amount of amount of in mass port in and discuss there negative impact on our city .

262  [paragraph] Linehan thank {,}you Councilor McCarthy .

263  Councilor Wu .

264  Thank {,}you Mr. President Mr. President .

265  I wants to thank Councilor [WAOU] McCarthy and Murphy [THO] partner on {.}this I certainly {^ly} have heard from residents about this [HEURB] shoe .

266  [HOER] neighborhoods in south ends south Roxbury so fortress departments it's not {^us} {a^} freak but [PEUR] sis [TEPBTS] issue and big news sans and add cats love spent allot of time into the technical dee tails terms and {^ish} shoes it's been even Moore from us straight {^ing} because there has been so little information and little response from all so thank you again and looking forward to all the dee tails on this .

267  [paragraph] thank {,}you Councilor [WAOU] .

268  Councilor O'Malley .

269  O'Malley O'Malley thank {,}you [PHR-P] Mr. President .

270  I {^us} rise to thank the [3] cocoa and ask that my name be added .

271  O'Malley [President|Pressley] Linehan LaMattina Councilor Jackson {,} you've the floor .

272  I want to compliment the author and response sore of this {,} this is something that .

273  I people in Ross rocks have called my office about and doctoring the spring and fall I was working out at five [30] in the morning {,} and I don't see to swell but I could literal {^ly} see the numbers on the plains {^s}{a^} they were going over the house I was growing up in and I know that's [PHRAEUPBLS] did not fly {^s}{a^} low when I was young [TKPWER] and didn't have to work out {^s}{a^} much .

274  So I think its {a^} {^'} really really critical that we figure this out .

275  That people [SPHAOEBG] plain [HRAEUPBG] [WAPBLG] to to us about why this is happening and that we deal with what's {^'} [THAOUL] {^ly} {a^} huge change in the quality of life in .

276  I neighborhoods in the [SEUB] for [HOTS] every benefit .

277  We don't know loss benefit {^s that} towards so I think it's really important and I it's also {a^} I belief {a^} urge [SKWREPBTS] issue that should somebody {ex-^} indict dead and I want top thank the that [linebreak] Jackson Jahns Yancy thank first ever all I want to acknowledge the burden ever [HROEG] [HROEG] air poured on the communities tease of East Boston and south Boston and the south ends .

278  I rise because over the years we've [KHAL] [HREPBGDZ] .

279  I {dis^} significance {^s} maid by mass port and various airlines particularly we fought against the {im^} accomplishment {^tation} of the runway [2] [2] .

280  I think it was [2] [2] will{.} .

281  Maybe {im^} miss take {en^} on that{.} because I joined with the piece people of East Boston challenge disparate impact on those communities tease Roxbury Dorchester Matt Hyde Park West Roxbury also impact Ted and I look forward to this hearing and would like to have my name added and I commend the make [KERS] {,} thank {,}you very much .

282  [linebreak] par par I would like to have me name added to [0] [0] [2] [-6] five - [STKPWHREFPLT] [linebreak] [paragraph] [paragraph] docket [0] [2] [-6] [-6] is {a^} [SAOEUPBDZ] to the [SPEGS] committee on transportation pub public infrastructure {^ture} planning and {in^} [SRES] .

283  .

284  [paragraph] docket number [0] [2] [-67] Councilor Zakim [OFRDZ] the following orders order amending [KR-FPLT] B.C. section [-6] -- [-6] point [3] scheduled of parking fines .

285  [paragraph] Zakim - [0] [2] [-6] [-7] - thank I {,}you Mr. President Mr. President .

286  This is {a^} very simple amend .

287  To the ordinance of parking fines in the city .

288  {^s}{a^} .

289  I of my colleagues may have notice {^ed} I certainly {^ly} have the fen way park has gone up significant {^ly} in recent years [45] up to you [-6] five dollars for Red Sox games - residents permanent parking space is [40] {^ed} for over and over again folks are choosing to for go [-9] [PRAOEUFTS] parking lots and .

290  Fen-phen cane Ken [AUD] gone these are over [WHEPLG] {^ly} people from out side the city Of Boston {^'} did I pricing the residents [RAOEPBTS] news articles from {reen^} comments I assume to .

291  I of yours is {a^} growing problem in the city of Boston racing the fines in the Fen-phen Ken Ken permit year [ARPBDZ] Red Sox games debts ig Nate Ted by the transportation [40] to {a^} [HUPBDZ] .

292  This is {a^} important issue of fairness to residence [-FRT] neighborhood an serge {^ly} earn courage people to park in other [KWRAEURS] [KR-RGS] to the [SEUB] [REFS] news if they choose not to .

293  Private park become cost items rise pen pen earn courage people to obey the {ex-^} sis tinge rules .

294  [STKPWHREFRPBLGTS] thank {,}you [0] [2] [3-6] [-6789] government [PROEPLSZ] [-FPLTS] [linebreak] {?} [linebreak] [0] [-6] [2] [President|Pressley] [OFRDZ] the [TPOPLG] fords [linebreak] [STKPWHR-FRPBLGTSZ] [paragraph] O'Malley {?} [linebreak] fees able of the implement accomplishment {^ing} {a^} city bide can compromise {^ing} here in the [SEUB] .

295  I first order [20] [13] where our form [PHER] colleague Felix Arroyo lass year .

296  This is our third time but there has been some positive {e^} vents that {un^} fold {&E.} quick instruct [TOFPLT] organ nick material in the press {^es} of objection [TKPWEUPBLG] when organize organize marry is brought to the {a^} lands full brakes down to objection begin release met Thane gas [WEUS] {a^} power gall feign harm full for our {en^} {ir^} {&I.} takes up place in over to flowing lands [TPEULSZ] [-FPLTS] when the composing {a^} ask complete Ted .

297  Newt [REUPB] [REURB] soil [SOELDZ] and youse {^ed} .

298  {en^} {en^} [TPHREPBLD] {^ly} than sin sin once and reduces {^ance} [HREPL] [TPHAEUTS] the [PAOEDZ] for [SPEPBTS] [SAOEUTS] .

299  [STEUFT] contain veterans {a^} [KWAEURS] held {a^} hearing lass play thank you again to Councilor mick [TPEUBG] for his lead ship on that{.} and long and row [PWOUS] and pons {^tive} hearing {en^} {en^} add cats and other stake hold [TKERS] [OFRDZ] public [TOEPLD] compote {^ing} in Boston .

300  I would like to {re^} visit this issue one mure on this {im^} the work that tea still needs to be done .

301  We've had {in^} {^ish} {^ly} about [2] years ago in the summertime [3] farm {^%} mark et cetera began compote {^ing} .

302  I belief that was in Dorchester always always right bright bright and Jamacia Plain .

303  Great lass year it was brought to Ross Lynn daily where it was very suck sis full and jam jam plains folks in egg willing {^ston} square took it upon [THEPLS] {^s} threw there own {in^} {^ish} [TEUFS] and endeavors {&e-} we've also seen [2] city wide compote [PWEUPBS] available in north ends and East Boston .

304  The good news is this mayor Han add [PH-RGS] is commit Ted to this and ol' {^ly is} we're growing out and following the leads of other municipal 'tis [-FPLTS] fact in [09] throughout the country picking it up with you're trash like you would {re^} psyche [WHREUPBG] or regular trash .

305  Seat seat Washington San San Fran Fran and Austin Tex [ABG] .

306  Lass year came came began {a^} [-8] hundred households - there are some great out side [ORBG] {,} and companies that happens {^cate} ter to Boston residents early adopt terse of this [PRABG] .

307  [PWAOD] strap [KPROEPBT] {^ing} that has [-8] hundred residential and fist {^ive} commercial cuss [TPHERS] throughout the [SEUBT] and this began because of the benefits of dog {.}this it's {a^} on going issue {^age} generate Ted {a^} large amount of interest from residents throughout the [SUT] {^ity} .

308  We're to tin this conversation is to {im^} [PHREUPLTS] sit it {^ity} residents can youse .

309  Our disposal of trash has [KHAEUPBGDZ] .

310  Think back [30] years ago boss tons has done some great {in^} {^ish} [TEUFS] particularly with the now single street {re^} psyche bling we still need to really grow those [TPHEPLS] numbers and help with public education .

311  And this is one of those thinks obviously {^ly} good for the {en^} {en^} {en^} because we're put prognosis less trash in the landfill {re^} youse {^ing} the soil youse {^ed} it in public parks and schools and [PWHRAEU] grounds we're also paying less to have less trash gone old is knew again in the backyards particularly in Dorchester book in the [40] and fist fees parents an grand parents may have youse {^ed} this is not only {a^} good I dee and tried and true eye dee but one that's good for {en^} [1R50EUR7B89S] taxpayers and the right think [THO] do .

312  And I applaud the add [TPORGS] nor therein {^ish} {^tive} {:} [APBL] amount of sport throughout the city for meme who do this [THEPLS] {^s} and wants to see [PWER] city rye source {^s} and look forward to the another hearing and really growing {a^} opportunity for [PWER] opportunities in the neighborhoods .

313  Thank you .

314  [STKPWHRAFRPBLGTS] [President|Pressley] press thank {,}you Mr. President Mr. President .

315  I {^us} want to thank Councilor O'Malley for his lead [TKER] ship and his partnership on this issue .

316  This steams to be work {^ing} on {^ish} shoes relating to food .

317  {im^} food and security and in tick [ELD] [TKER] lung [TKPWER] and {^s that} handing in glove with that making sure we do have food ways in our ware and you [HR-TS] El [KWREPBTS] {^ly} [TAUBGDZ] about the {en^} {en^} economic benefits of [TKPOET] {^ing} we'd {a^} pro Gus hearing raced some {^ish} shoes id not considered .

318  Building on the success full pile pile program that we'd .

319  [WAOEFDZ] five drop off location {^s} there was {a^} {de^} [TPHAPBDZ] and people were looking for [TKPWOETD] .

320  Those living in apt apt building .

321  Those [PHREUFG] in first floor dwellings in the black way and south bay ends .

322  Don't have {a^} place [THO] compose and very much want to because it's the right [THREU] .

323  Partner Councilor O'Malley on this so that week talk about the ow the diverse nigh growing [TKPHRAPBD] for compose [S-BTD] .

324  [STKPWHREFRPBLGTS] [TAEUPBG] you Councilor [President|Pressley] - docket [0] [2] sit son own own {en^} and parks .

325  [linebreak] [linebreak] [linebreak] Councilor Jackson Wu [KWRARPBS] Yancy [STKPWR] [STKPWHRAO] [STHAO] [STPHAO] [STPHRAO] [STPHAO] [STAOEFPLTS] [STAOEUPLTS] and the chair .

326  - [STKPWHR-FRPBLGTSZ] docket [0] [2] [-68] {en^} {en^} [APBL] parks .

327  - [linebreak] [linebreak] Councilor Baker [OFRSDZ] [TPOTS] following order for hearing to review - sustain ability of the boss tons public bran .

328  [HRAOEUBS] [HRAOEUBS] threw mix {^ed} youse development propose Sal .

329  [linebreak] Baker {^ic} this is all [THRAOEU] {a^} {re^} file .

330  I would like to thank the chair of economic development having {a^} .

331  Pipeline so week keep talking about {.}it tilts {^'} {re^} file {.}you thank you .

332  [linebreak] [linebreak] please [58D] Councilor {^ose} owe name [President|Pressley] Wu McCarthy LaMattina Flaherty Jackson Ciommo and please add the chairs {^'} name .

333  .

334  [TKPWHR] [linebreak] [STKPWHR-FRPBLGTSZ] [STKPWHR-FRPBLGTSZ] economic on economic development planning and labor labor .

335  [linebreak] [0] [2] [-7] [0] - orders for hearing regarding the Boston city chart ter and proposed revision {^es} [linebreak] Councilor Baker on [0] [23] [-7] [06789] this here is also another {re^} file I [TPOUPBDZ] it to be {a^} {e^} norm muss amount of work and having {a^} hearing on it .

336  Working with vice chair and myself have been working on it .

337  And hopeful {^ly} we've {a^} guy in from [PHOEBG] Al coupon [KWRAOUPBS] to help us with that efforts {,} thank you .

338  [linebreak] on that tick marry it possible that Councilor [SHRORS] could submit any ideas that they might have .

339  [KOUPBS] can do whatever they want .

340  Absolutely .

341  That's what they told me when I was elect Ted .

342  {^a} .

343  Baker and O'Malley here we were go .

344  [THAEUPG] you very much .

345  [linebreak] [paragraph] please at Councilor O'Malley name Linehan Flaherty Jackson McCarthy [President|Pressley] Wu .

346  Thank you .

347  [linebreak] docket [0] [2] [-8] [0] is {a^} [SAOEUPBDZ] to the [SPEGS] committee own chart ter .

348  [STKPWHR-FRPBLGTSZ] [50] [2-7] [1] .

349  Councilor Baker and [President|Pressley] [OFRDZ] the [TPORLG] ordinance amending the city of boss [KPHAPT] chapter [-6] -- six point [-6] impounds {^ments} of vehicles [linebreak] [linebreak] [paragraph] [paragraph] [PWAEUPBG] Baker first offer I would like to thank my neighbor and friends Councilor [President|Pressley] for the work she does days [TKPHR-PB] and day out and the work she has been dog on {.}this human human paragraph paragraph is {a^} high knee problem United States collude {^ing} Boston .

350  Museum [TRAFRBG] {^ing} is {a^} trade fueled by seeks {^ule} file lens [-PBLGS] population .

351  There's {a^} [KOERPBGS] [KOERLGS] [TWAOERPB] the - and [POF] verity .

352  I see this play out in my strict and motor neighborhoods of the [STEUT] [TEUFPLT] commercial vex grades are young people and they may suffer from mental [HELT] {^ish} shoes [POF] {^ity} and dish forms of [TKRAOEUL] [SHRAOEUPBS] back I [PWHRAOEU] it was between [2] thousand [4] and [2] thousand [-6] my good friends Councilor Flaherty and my [PREDZ] sensor Councilor fee even if had introduced this legs {^ulation} select Ted on impounds {^ed} vehicles that were impounded by the clients in this trade {.}you .

353  Ordinance seeks amend .

354  That seeks {a^} [TKEUFRPBTS] funds .

355  We sat [ARPBDZ] {a^} table in {a^} working group with people from the #M{.} amount of {^'s} office and [TKPHRAPBD] abolition and this is one [-FRT] tools they'd asked us to filed for them so this'll help the [PHREPT] with {a^} dish tool in there kit so they can help us on our streets and hopeful {^ly} in other places that it happens in the neighborhoods .

356  So thank you again .

357  It's to amend [-6] [-6] point [-6] so week have {a^} actual fund at {^ed} to this order [TPHRAPBS] .

358  Thank you .

359  [paragraph] thank {,}you Councilor Baker .

360  Councilor [President|Pressley] .

361  [S-FRPBLGTS] thank you {,} Mr. President {Mr.-|}  .

362  I [SKWRULS] wants to thank Councilor Baker for his lead [TKER] ship and his partnership and his commit .

363  To this issue .

364  When the Councilor [TPURTS] further start Ted on in I would [ARLG] that .

365  I in you're neighborhood saw human man trafficking or what .

366  I called prostitution {^s}{a^} {a^} blight on this there neighborhood .

367  It's so itch Moore .

368  [-FRPT] property value .

369  This is about broken and exploit Ted girls and women .

370  There are .

371  I who feel that this is {a^} choice {,} if it's {a^} choice it's default Ted one these are girls and women [HOR] offer ten fleeing homes of abuse and discourage on our society so I warrants to thank Councilor Baker on her [HRAOEFD] [TKER] ship in this issue .

372  When I join {^ed} the Councilor in [2] thousand ten and Councilor press Mike Ross empowered me to knew stand {^ing} committee .

373  [KPHEULT] foe own healthy women women familiar familiar and communities .

374  I sight Ted human human trafficking - work {^ing} on .

375  And .

376  I felt that that was not {a^} real problem .

377  That it wasn't very [HREUPBLG] it {,} and we know we only go to knew mark Ed [PWHRAOEU] hill after after Dorchester avenue in Dorchester to see that this problem is very real and again brake {^ing} up the bonds ever community and brake {^ing} [TKPEURLS] and women throughout our city .

378  {^s that} what we see .

379  Mump of it is really hidden in this day and [HAEUPBLG] .

380  So I {^us} want to acknowledge the [PROBG] [TKPWRES] that has been maid .

381  We now have {a^} mayor and .

382  I [KOUPBS] on this body commit Ted on this issue .

383  I worked with {a^} coalition of add cats and survivors and law enforce .

384  To see the first {anti^} human man trafficking passed in the [KWELT] [KWELT] of mass choose .

385  It took us six years to see that legs {^ulation} real lice {^ed} and became {a^} you're ban verse {^s} legs late [TORS] did not think that this was {a^} issue .

386  [T-FRS] facing there towns and there sit 'tis and so {im^} very {en^} [KOURPBLGDZ] by the progress [TKPWRES] {^s that} maid and I remember when then can date [STAEUPT] rep March {^ual} {,} of human man trafficking he put to {a^} white paper per on the issue and know one came to that {e^} feint .

387  If it was dog {a^} press [KEFRPBS] [ARPBDZ] invasion they borough have [KOFRDZ] that .

388  But exploitation of the [PRAOE] dom {^ly} girls and gimp but [TKPHROT] exclusive {^ly} an it's [EUFR] {^ry} one probable [TPWREPL] and progress depress and collective will on this issue .

389  So let me talk {a^} little bit about the legs {^ulation} .

390  I do want to being {a^} knowledge that's progress [TKPWRES] has been maid is work that was real lice {^ed} working direct live {^ly} with add cats city level to reduce demands and {en^} sure that we've Sur [SRES] {^is} for with your voice .

391  Before you have {^ic} {a^} {en^} several [PHOPBTS] ever [KHRAB] diff work with the [PHAEURS] {e^} team Alison and Councilor bakes {^'s} office for [HOER] {ex-^} sentence {^ive} {re^} certificate is{.} and [-RD] ten {^inal} {^ity} and forward Christine for all the time she should about to help us [TKPRAFT] the basic ladies and gentlemen [WAPBLG] {^ments} first ordinance we're going to build upon the great work ever form [PHER] Councilor mar [PHAUR] even if even if fines collect Ted from [THOESZ] soliciting women and dedicate Ted fine that sports is the work of the about{.} [P-FPLT] #M{.} trafficking unit and programs to sport victims of tracking .

392  The second ordinance this was born the right [PRORBG] of Sarge Sarge Don [TK-F] [TKRAF] gaffe [TKPHR-FT] trafficking unit .

393  There are {a^} number of sham businesses youse {^ing} body work {,} mass mass particle particle and the like {^s}{a^} affront to {a^} traffic women but since it these businesses are lines {^ed} by state sore city Of there's know way you should go after then so this allow {.}is I.D. body work businesses because the state does not license them {.}this hopeful {^ly} this'll assure that residents have access will be protecting workers and give the about{.} [P-FPLT] #M{.} tools they need to trap down on people [HOR] trafficking women .

394  Very {en^} [KOURPBLGD] by the progress [TKPWRES] and thank you Councilor Baker for you're partnership on this .

395  Thank you Councilor [President|Pressley] .

396  Councilor Flaherty .

397  Thank {,}you Councilor [President|Pressley] and thank my colleague town efforts of Councilor even if even if and I back in [2] thousand [4] actually so I sport every {^ry} efforts to prostitution and solicitation by [STRAEUPBT] fling the ordinance we eminent domain add back in [0] [4] section [-6] dash [-6] and to direct those {re^} source {^s} to recover {^ry} programs and law enforce .

398  Agents to back human man trafficking so I ask that my name be {^ed} {^ed} added ban mark Ken back to the #M{.} {&I.} {^'s} office in Roxbury strict [KOURLT] and it was pretty {^ity} regular and Councilor [President|Pressley] point Jude {:} safe neighborhood {in^} {^ish} {^tive} program it was to address the broken window they're {^ry} of crime and if week clean up some of the pros constitution [ARPBDZ] grove hall and Dudley that location cal businesses would come there and {^ress} rants and shops [APBTS] fact that's marry that I was reading the please properties they kept arranging the same individuals for section I go or night washing {er^} after [TPHRUPBTS] you're nights from you is suds sudden way land and deduction deduction but yet they never had to appear in coward .

399  And I felt because there was {a^} mark [KET] for it that we [WR-RPBT] majority Johns and [PEUPLS] {^s.} and worked with our clerk form {^ener} cup you could Councilor even if to I wanna Ted that guy [TPR-P] sudden sudden or way way to have {^ing to} home by tax tax and finds out what happened to his car and for us to impounds the car for [4-8] hours and take the fee .

400  What I would be certificate {^us} to see doctoring the course of the hearing is since [2] thousand [4] [1] [1] years how many [TPAOEPLS] {&e} vehicles were actually impounds {^ed} .

401  I think it has to be {a^} cowl {^ture} change with {re^} respect [STOT] please department .

402  Tow .

403  [SRAOEUBG] {:} would it be {a^} transportation department calling one of our dough cops and there {^s of} some arguing that it had to be {a^} boss tons please department that today the peek see how many vehicles they've [THOED] because I think there's {a^} real unit that to put this on impounds {^ing} [THOEUS] vehicles securities {^ing} those [TPAOEPTS] maybe because its [AEUTS] [1] [1] [3] [HUPBDZ] and amenity six point six to five [THOUPBDZ] [HUPBDZ] or {a^} thousand dollars for moat vehicle stop to {im^} point the vehicle or to dee tier those who on the way home to the pub sub cutting threw our neighborhoods to engage in this type of activities huge [TKER] [TERPBTS] but {un^} {^ish} [SHEU] [TEUFPLT] .

404  [THRAOEUFRPLTS] [EUFRPLTS] sport of [THO] bod by but also putting in {a^} please department to I'd over the lass [1] [1] years how many vehicles have they really {im^} [POUBDZ] and and why haven't they maid {a^} effort to do so [SPOPT] the [THEFRTS] response [STOFRPLTS] [linebreak] [STHAO] [STHAO] [STHRAO] [linebreak] [linebreak] [*FRPBLGTS] - - [EUPLTS] [STHAOEUPL] [EUFRPLTS] [SRAO] - [SHRAOR] [SHAOEURTS] [SHAOPLTS] [STHAOEUTS] [EFRP] [STHAO] [-FPLTS] [STHAOEFRLTS] [STHAOEUFRPLTS] [HAOEUFRPLTS] its [paragraph] O'Malley {^ive} the floor .

405  {co-^} response source and Councilor Flaherty and clerk even if even if for there work on this obviously {^ly} ask that my name be added .

406  I {^us} wanna Ted [THO] [PHREPBGS] very briefly that [P-FPLT] about{.} {.}is {a^} pat of pierce there {inter^} pent Lenz .

407  It's on [TKPHRAEPBT] and if you have {a^} opportunity to watch it .

408  [PRAOE] [PHAOERD] at the ends ever January .

409  And one of its of the heim man trafficking and [20E89] it takes on these girls and one part of the premium my life my choice [WEUS] {a^} national flay wreck {^nize} here in Boston and it was {^us} incredibly power {^fully} [PHAOFG] film so many of these women have {^ing to} threw watching it and its {^'} great to see the way that this body can work to address it from the stat tour {^ry} side and making sure that those that purchase or go [UPBLDZ] underage women or any women are to be [HELT] accountable so I wanna Ted to thank that and make that something [paragraph] thank {,}you Councilor O'Malley {&E.} that marry will be placed in the committee of government operation [PRAS] .

410  [paragraph] docket number [0] [2] [-7] [2] .

411  Councilors Baker bake and [President|Pressley] offer the following ordinance amending chapter [1-7] of the [SEUB] code orders Nance {^ness} bod body work {:} registration [STRAEUGS] and inspection [KWAOEURPLTS] .

412  [linebreak] [linebreak] [linebreak] - - again change Councilor [President|Pressley] for her work she spoke {a^} little bit on this here .

413  This is {a^} ordinance amending chapter [1-7] that would choir {a^} registration [STRAEUGS] to inspect these concern industrious .

414  {^s}{a^} Boston focus {^s} on reducing rates we muss [KR-RBL] [TPAOEUBL] option {^s} to without damaging our business community .

415  Dee [KREG] {^ulation} of certain Ma George {^age} body work piss {^s} has .

416  [-FPLTS] victims of the commercial section trade {.}you {im^} [PHREUPLTS] {^ing} an newly registration straight [TPAOEURPLT] inspection {^inal} service department ledge I {^cy} of good business program being {^s} while serving {^s}{a^} {a^} {de^} [TPAOERPBTD] [TPORTS] exploitation of [SKWREUBG] trims .

417  Section trade {.}you .

418  Threw registration terse these relate Ted businesses allows inspection {^inal} service {^s to} work with election it mate guys and {^ments} [TPEBG] ugh on closing down the businesses or that operate to {ex-^} plate {^ic} victim .

419  Shift away the fun [PEURB] {^ing} victims of the thine [TKPHRAPBDZ] ever [TKPHRAOEUPBDZ] - ill gill little Boston business [-FPLS] another again another tool to help the city in combat {^ing} human man trafficking .

420  Thank {,}you Mr. President .

421  [paragraph] thank {,}you Councilor Baker - Councilor [President|Pressley] .

422  [paragraph] owe {/} {:} add my name .

423  {,} please .

424  [linebreak] O'Malley Wu Yancy Linehan Jackson .

425  [STPHRO] [linebreak] [linebreak] [0] [2] [3-7] Councilor Jackson [OFRDZ] the following order for hearing stewed dent rep cities op [-PBTS] [TPWOPBS] school committee and allowing [2] stud [TKEPBDZ] represents [TEUFS] fuel voting rights {?} {&s-} {?} [linebreak] [STKPWHR-FRPBLGTSZ] [STKPWHR-FRPBLGTSZ] I want to [ABG] [TPHOPBL] the Boston stud departments vice sorry Councilor who came to meet with me about [THO] important top pick we [KURPBTS] {^ly} have [-7] members of our [KPHAOEUPBT] {^ity} and one stud departments who shows up every {^ry} week for the meetings but not allow to vote .

426  This young person has the same time commit .

427  {^s}{a^} refer I one else but does the haven't the opportunity .

428  {a^} expert on the Boston public schools because they go there every {^ry} single day .

429  They spends at lease six hours increase {^ling} {^ly} Moore time in the Boston public schools so I think [AEUTS] critical that we explore how we only have one stud departments tonight{?} school commit thee who can shit and commend but they can never actually have {a^} voice and vote .

430  So I think [THR-TS] there's something tock said about adding another stewed dent representative and giving them fuel opportunity to [PHAOF] forward and vote .

431  Bored ever El El and second Dar {^ry} education grants there stud dent representative {a^} vote .

432  So fits {^'} happening at the state level people love questions [ARPBDZ] [WHRORPBT] people can vote should [TPHAOEFPL] [TPHAOFD] that they're dog it at the state level we should be dog this {^s}{a^} the city level .

433  And I {^uous} {^us} simply say that {^s}{a^} we look forward [TPAOUT] generation {^es} of lead [TKERS] .

434  I of us certificate [-FD] in our {out^} organization {^s} where we were in lecture Ted offers {^s} and had {a^} opportunity to step forward {,} have {a^} voice and [THAOUL] {^ly} make {a^} difference and these are {a^} mace {^ing} {^ly} astute young people {,} people [HOR] [KPHREUT] {^ing} time for making it [PWER] for other young people and we should give them the respect {,} the dignity and the right to there mows valuable franchise [WEUS] the right to vote and so that's why I put this forward at the urging of young people love come and lob bead me on this .

435  And I look forward to {ex-^} indict tinge {a^} hearing and I would hope that we could sport the [2350U9] of generation and lead [TKERS] in the [SEUB] .

436  Thank you .

437  [paragraph] Councilor Flaherty [paragraph] please add my name .

438  I con [KAOURPB] with the previously speak {er^} fun mail and one feel mail - consumer .

439  They're the customer .

440  We're probably going to get the mows [EUPBTS] spent and [TPRAEUPBG] vice or suggestions from those [HOR] actually attending the Boston public schools and to Councilor jacks jacks {^'s} point these kids have to take time out of there schedule to come down to the [STEUT] and court street and we [SHUDZ] allow them the opportunity to vote so hole [STHAURLT] {^ly} con [STAOUR] and commends him on him - [paragraph] [linebreak] Flaherty O'Malley Wu [linebreak] [President|Pressley] thank {,}you [PHR-P] Mr. President .

441  I rise to commends the maker and underscore how appreciative {^ive} {im^} add Kass {^ly} and lead [TKER] ship shown by the stud departments on the Boston stewed departments vice vice Councilor not only on this issue but peach {er^} evaluation and so many other {^ish} shoes {&E.} they've [AEUPB] cred {^ible} presence in the chamber and halls of the city hall and also the Councilor chamber so I thank them for there lead [TKER] ship .

442  We should not be function things in {^s}{a^} we're the strict of Columbia .

443  If we [WRAEUL] {^ly} want [THO] teach these young people and demonstrate to them the benefits of lead ship and [TKEPL] city we should somebody respecting there time {im^} put there voice and making them whole with {a^} vote .

444  So I thousand {^ically} sport this commends the make ker and which wish to have nigh name added .

445  [STKPWHR-FRPBLGTSZ] Yang Yancy Yancy of course you I rise to commends the make ker and thank him for his focus on the Boston public schools .

446  I think it's eye Ron nick that's theme coming out of the Boston puck lick school committee is focus {^ed} on [KHEUFRPBLT] I don't [THEUP] we should be taking that lightly .

447  I belief the Bess way to focus on children is to give the stud departments representatives {a^} vote on the standard schools {^ity} .

448  {im^} {a^} prod [TKPUBGT] of the Boston pub lib school [STHES] .

449  I want I [PW-PS] [PW-PS] from to high school [13] years and when I was in junior high school I was asking the quo why .

450  I reading {a^} book that has {a^} copy right date of [1-9] [2-9] {?} even before the great did I profession .

451  And I think {a^} stud dent in the Boston pup lick school system {^ed to} could very well ask questions about the copy write dates of the books that they've or [WROPBT] they even have dates to book to take home .

452  And {^s that} {a^} issue respect [TOEFPLT] and that's why I ask that my name be add {^ed to} this mother .

453  [THAEUPG] {,}you very much [STKPWHRA] [linebreak] I want top commends Councilor Jackson for his efforts here but I do want to caution him .

454  I belief that all of us vote Ted for this .

455  Nothing would happen any way because my own recollection historically of this is that's Boston school committee was reorganized in [1-9] [-9] [3] {,} I belief {,} and then again by {a^} ballot binds {^ing} question in [1-9] [-9] [-7] or [-9] [-8] which constitute Ted the knew make up of the Boston school committee .

456  So week talk about this until the cows come home but unless the citizens put it on the bam lot these kids serving {^s}{a^} volunteer they can't voting so if you have want {^ing to} throughout excise of holding the hearing in nigh [STPRAOU] it's good think .

457  {a^} {im^} proof {^ments} to the [KOURPBTS] position but unless week get it on {a^} ballot to {re^} figure the school committee again the way it was lass time this [KOEUPBDZ] of {a^} order would not {super^} peer seed {a^} Jen election [OPBTS] bat [HROL] in nigh [STPHRAOU] .

458  [THAEUPG] {,}you Mr. President Mr. President {:} [paragraph] Jackson and [President|Pressley] [OFRDZ] the following order order for hearing to discuss cree cross-suit {^ing} and {re^} feigning educate [TORS] of color within the Boston public schools [paragraph] Jackson thank you so much .

459  Mr. President Mr. President {,} this is {a^} {re^} file .

460  We've actually maid some progress [TKPWRES] on this with the Boston public schools in terms of some of the places that they're going to recruit talent and there's some awesome talent out there but it's going to choir folks to get on {a^} plain and go to places where we've very diverse of folks [HOR] actually graduating so there are some {en^} courage {^ing} [KPOEPB] [TPHEPBTS] to this .

461  What is discouraging is that we tin to loose teachers of color at {a^} higher rate than there pierce .

462  {^s}{a^} [RAOEPBTS] {^ly} {^s}{a^} {a^} come weeks ago [3] teachers in my office that were all being asked to leaf the Boston pub lib schools system for one {reen^} oar another .

463  [TPAS] {^ster} rate than we're recruiting them and I would simply says we've {a^} very did I [SRERTS] school system and week could I hope all {under^} stand on that it makes {a^} great deal of sense [THOF] {a^} did I [SRERTS] group of people teaching these young people {,} and closer competence sis across the board are [THAOUL] {^ly} critical but I think [AEUTS] {^'} important to have that did I [SRER] group of educate [TORS] it's one [-FRT] [TKPWROUPS] that we also need to look at is making sure we've enough mail educate [TORS] in the system men ever color which we don't have [THAPL] of in the Boston public schools {:} {a^} great deal of work to do here and we look forward to tinge this conversation with the Boston public schools {:} but {im^} Ken [KOURPBLGDZ] by some of the work that we've allot of work to do .

464  Thank you .

465  [paragraph] thank {,}you Councilor Jackson .

466  Councilor Yancy {:} [paragraph] thank {,}you very much .

467  Mr. President Mr. President I rise of course to sport this effort .

468  We've {a^} city that's fifty [3] {^%} people of color .

469  Moore dramatically the school system con sis the of {a^} stud departments body that's [ROUFL] {^ly} [-8] [-7] {^%} people of color .

470  Which means that .

471  I stud departments do not have the opportunity to I'd role mod [TKELS] {^s}{a^} chaired there cull {^ural} background and there heritage .

472  So I think it's {a^} very important issue .

473  {^s}{a^} you know department deposition of city government collude {^ing} the school department .

474  Even though the school department itself has {a^} much [PWER] record than mows departments in terms of diversity it obviously {^ly} does {'} come close to the per {^itage} ever [-8] [-7] which reflects the make up of the stud departments body of color in the city you've Boston .

475  So we do have along way to go and I think its eight important for stud departments ever all race {^s} to for people to see people of color and positions off authority and gins right in the school department .

476  So I ask that my name be added to this matter .

477  Thank you .

478  [paragraph] Councilor [President|Pressley] [-FRPL] [paragraph] [THAEUPG] {,}you could Mr. President Mr. President .

479  {a^} appreciate working with Councilor Jackson on this issue and {^s}{a^} the Councilor said we've seen some minimal progress [TKPWRES] efforts that's Councilor and I whether part of on sat sat .

480  {a^} commune tie team {er^} pipe light share some of those numbers .

481  That class of {co-^} [HO*RTS] was [3-9] {^%} mail {,} [-6] [1] {^%} female .

482  [-6] [2] {^%} after can American {:} [-8] {^%} [AEURB] {in^} and [3] {^%} white .

483  So we do have some pilot efforts thar {under^} way {,} but it's not if you have but we're {en^} [KOURPBLGDZ] by the progress [TKPWRES] and I did {^us} want to bring up the fact that off ten we talk about this issue and people say yes this is expense ever equal {^ity} {.}it we've {a^} number of Tal Ted and {in^} cress {^ably} great intel [SKWREPBTS] {^cy} {a^} of all Hughes and race {^s} and cultures [THAOUT] this sit city so we don't have to [KPOPL] myself quality .

484  {a^} or why to bring those folks in .

485  And again picking up the with the point than Councilor jack sight Ted and it's not only about teachers of color but acknowledge {^ing that} we do have {a^} mail short {^itage} cries {^s} contribute {^ing} to the wide things in achieve .

486  Back for our black and brown boys .

487  Reflect Ted in that classroom .

488  Aspiration for the infection generation tour educate [TORS] .

489  Enhances the educational {in^} {en^} and aspiration and finally mows importantly we're [KWAOEURBD] by law to do {.}this and we're not current [PHREU] in compliance .

490  We're Moore diverse than we were when we were acquired .

491  We don't constitutional {^ly} in mandating this way but we're [STRAUG] public to meet this mandate and {^s that} {^us} unacceptable .

492  So I think thank Councilor jack for his part sher [THEUP] an {a^} .

493  [SHAOEURB] {.}you - and Boston public schools for there partnership on {^'s} Wyoming touch conversation {^s} dying log or to [PHAOF] the dial on these numbers .

494  Thank {,}you Councilor [President|Pressley] .

495  [0] [2] [-7] [4] is {a^} [SAOEUPBDZ] to the community on education .

496  [paragraph] [0] [2] [-7] five Councilor Jackson [OFRDZ] the following order for hearings discuss the usage [-FRT] school building assistance program over the lass [20] years and the condition of the Boston pub [HREUBLG] [SKAOPLS] El [EPT] try and second Dar {^ry} fa [SEULTS] .

497  [paragraph] {re^} file {^s}{a^} note Ted earlier .

498  I {^us} want to look at how much {^s that} the [SEUB] contribute Ted to the mass school building officer the pass [2] [2] year {^ance} how much was that and I would estimate that we've {'} got ten has much {^s}{a^} we've given .

499  And {^s}{a^} much {^s}{a^} I care about the {^ress} of the [KWELT] [KWELT] I also care about the stud departments in the Boston public schools and it's critical that we get our fair chair of funds from the mass bill {^ing} authority and this add [PHR-RGS] {^s}{a^} put forward actually {a^} nights push [ARPBDZ] this [PHAOF] .

500  We've over [-6] [50] million{}dollars in {a^} deferred mate tense and repairs when I [TPEURGS] start Ted here and down trot den over ought course of time .

501  It's critical {:} at I walk into some really high [PEFPL] [PHAPBS] schools .

502  Off ten times the school buildings are actually not dog well and people are [PEFRPBLG] {in^} spite of instead of because of the school building .

503  One of [THOETS] is Boston Latin academy which notably has bon sight [TEUD] {^s}{a^} one of the Bess schools in the state of mass choose {:} if you look at the building {,} {^s that} devil {^ly} not in the top that we've in fact [SEUB] survey that's why [WAOERT] going to do .

504  {ex-^} [PHRAOR] regulation .

505  Councilor Zakim [paragraph] thank {,}you Mr. President Mr. President .

506  I want to applaud Councilor Jackson for bling {^ing} this forward and also mayor {^ual} {,} and his add [PH-RGS] for greatly increasing our applications to the school building authority .

507  Boss tons is the economic Inc. {in^} not {^us} for the quell [KWELT] but the {reen^} done what we're putting into this [STKPWRUPBD] and what the city is getting back .

508  [RAOEPBTS] {^ly} were some of the {^ish} shoes with the [PH-FPLT] about{.} {.}it amount of great ter Boston [RAE] needs are [SAOUB] or the flay .

509  So important that we've this ability to fully [TPHUPBD] our schools {:} they're top [TPHOBLG] boss tons generates so much of the revenue in fact school building funds that we're getting our fair share back so please add my name and I look forward to the hearings .

510  [paragraph] thank you very much {,} Mr. President Mr. President .

511  Very briefly I attend [-PD] the build {^ing to} that Councilor Jackson referred to [PWOTS] ton lat lat academy {^ed to} .

512  When [PWHAOE] mother graduate Fred high [SKAOPL] it was Roxbury member {^ial} hom hospitals for girl [SAEUPLD] pill {im^} Roxbury member {^ial} high school pour boys .

513  {^ed to} [AETS] {^'} [PWOTS] ton Latin academy .

514  And I belief {,} Mr. President Mr. President .

515  That its [AETS] long over due that we make the commit .

516  To be able not to [SKWRUTS] dor rise school but several because our stud departments legally do {de^} certificate of it .

517  That school building is not only any young [TKPWER] {^ed to} than [1-9] [-6] [-6] when I graduate Ted from that fa [SAEULTS] and I belief our children {de^} certificate [STP-F] Moore .

518  I would like to add my name .

519  [UFRL] {^ly} when we first submit Ted the lone order for the high school passed you know you know by this body in the year [2] thousand .

520  {re^} [PWEUPL] yours .

521  [WOFB] [-9] [0] {^%} .

522  {^ed to} it would be lucky if we get [-7] five {^%} at {a^} much higher does .

523  But again {,} it's great to look at the finance {^s} but it's even Moore important to look at the opportunity cost items to the stud departments who attend the Boston Latin academy facility on town send street in Roxbury {:} I'd like to have my name added .

524  [linebreak] Yancy Zakim Linehan Baker O'Malley {extra^} LaMattina {,} Wu name .

525  That marry will go to the committee on education .

526  [linebreak] [0] [2] [-7] [-6] - Councilor Jackson [OFRDZ] the following order for hearing .

527  [HRAEUPBG] stud stud and families in Boston public schools .

528  [paragraph] Jackson you're abyss [STKEU] man {^ed to} [paragraph] this is {a^} {re^} file .

529  [linebreak] [THAEUPL] you for you're that Councilor Jackson Councilor {^ian} Yancy would like to sign on .

530  [STKPWHRE] [STKPWHR*FRPBLGTS] [paragraph] [07] [2] [-7] [-7] - Councilor Jackson [OFRDZ] the following ordinance regards {^ing} the purchase of second hands sell phones and other [WAOEURL] less communication did I vices .

531  Councilor [STKPWHREFRPBLGTS] Councilor [ABG] jack you've the floor - {a^} [paragraph] I {a^} poll guys for being so chat {^ity} {^ed to} .

532  But I belief education is one of the mows important {^ish} shoes that we deal with .

533  I also belief that public [SAEUFPT] {^cy} is one of the mows important {^ish} shoes that we've {&e} we deal with .

534  So what does public safety {^ity} have to do with sell phones in the [SEUB] .

535  I would point you to the Boston regional intel [SKWREUPBT] center [RAOEPBTS] study that we've found Moore than [2] hundred and [-7] {^%} increase in I phone thefts between [2] thousand ten and [2] thousand [13] and interestingly these [THEFRTS] are not normal {^ly} situations where folks are {^us} picking [SWUPBS] {^'s} pock [KET] .

536  Off ten times these [TKHR*EFRTS] lead to assaults .

537  Am I young people and also not so [WOUPBG] people have be mug {^ed} over there sell phone and [HR-TS] with the increase in really cool head phones {,} beats by drink thar out there{.} and those head phones so you know are [250] bucks {a^} pop .

538  {^us} for the head phones .

539  But for the actual eye phone or Samsung gallon {,} I thieves are actually able Tom equate the phones attached .

540  So in the United States United Kingdom get [250] or [4] [HUPBDZ] for that phone and over cease they'll be be told unlocked for over [2] thousand dollars .

541  So when achieve {&e} thief is looking at that phone they see mon any and off ten times they'll do whatever they can do to take that phone from you .

542  And so what can we do{.} we've seen allot of sit 'tis who begin to {a^} [TKPOPT] some common sense regulation .

543  Ar [KWAOEURPLT] that second hand deal [HRERS] [TKOUPLT] the die vice that's being sold .

544  They also muss obtain {a^} {re^} seat with the amount .

545  Also acquired [2] forms of I.D. in selling the did I vice and also have {a^} [TPOET] of the customer that this is {^.^} {trans^} axe is being done with .

546  And allow the [PAOEPLTS] second land dealing [STKPHROERPLGS] doctoring business heroes and there would be {a^} violation with fine or possible {im^} prison .

547  .

548  This is important because we've seen {^s}{a^} recently and {^s}{a^} [RAOEPT] {^ly} [KOFRDZ] in fields coroner {a^} group of about [1-7] young people who [SKWRUPLD] on {a^} come to take there phone .

549  There are some really [TKPAEUPBG] {^us} thinks happening over sell phones {extra^} and I think [AEUTS] our job to actually regulate this industry .

550  Interestingly enough we found that United Kingdom could [THAOUL] {^ly} go and leaf park street station .

551  Walk down winter street {,} and sell [WOUPB] of these [TPOEUPBSDZ] and get [150] or [2] hundred box even if it's stolen .

552  Right downtown Boston .

553  Right in the center dud dud is the center but in the sender of downtown .

554  We've to regulate this industry and it's not [OEPBLG] electron nix .

555  Its a not only pedestrian {^ity} [PHREFT] but people actually getting hired based [OPBD] [THAOEUTS] phones being take {en^} early morning {^cy} and deliberate fax in regulating the second Dar {^ry} purchase {^s}{a^} well assail and sell phones in the [SEUB] .

556  [linebreak] .

557  Thank you Councilor Jackson .

558  [paragraph] Councilor O'Malley .

559  Please add Councilor O'Malley {^'} name [linebreak] [linebreak] [linebreak] O'Malley Ciommo own tone {^ments} than that marry will be placed not at this time owe on government [TKPWOFRT] regulation [PRAGS] .

560  [linebreak] [linebreak] [linebreak] [linebreak] ins [STAOUS] {^ing} {a^} boss [TOEUFPBL] [STKPHR-FRPL] [STHRAOE] [STHAOEFRPL] [STHAO] [STKPWHRA] [linebreak] [0] [2-78] every which member of this body has [PW-PBS] {^ed} the fact that there appears to be {a^} [REUFTS] between the public and please and certainly sit 'tis and communities [ARPBDZ] the knew at this time [STAEUDZ] states ever America .

561  .

562  I of us were {a^} gas at the did I significance {^s} maid by grand jury [REUS] and others .

563  It's on the raid [TPHOEU] of moreover love killed [UPBL] armed [SREUTS] .

564  .

565  I young people here in the [STEUB] took to the streets to express there [STPRUS] [STRAEUGS] that .

566  I [PWHROFRS] haven't been [PWROUD] to justice in there view and interpretation and mine {^s}{a^} well quite [TPRAEUPBG] {^ly} with regards to what happened in [TPERG] Gus son and what happened in stat ton island York .

567  My propose Sal for {a^} civilian review bored is really not knew .

568  {^ive} always maintained that our please department should have {a^} {inter^} dependent civilian [SRAOE] meow bored so that private individuals who veal that it {a^} [OFTS] {er^} has abuse {^ed} his or her authority can't have the opportunity to have that marry heard pie {a^} {inter^} pent agent sigh .

569  Not someone loss tide to the please department .

570  Not asking the please to please [THEPLS] {^s} .

571  Not even relying on the strict attorney who has to maintain {a^} very positive working relationship with our [PHROFRS] .

572  Now I know that there'll be {a^} great deal of [OPS] significance to the eye dee of {a^} civilian review bored .

573  {im^} not knew to the city Councilor or knew to Boston politics .

574  But I also know that if we don't have {inter^} pent system in place {extra^} then the question of the integrity of that process will arise .

575  I also know that there are people in the [SEUB] who feel that they've some personal merge {a^} agreements in terms of being stopped and friction [-BGDZ] .

576  For know {a^} parents {reen^} aside from the color of there skin .

577  I also know that there have been .

578  I stud departments collude {^ing} {a^} [RAOEPBTS] one released by [AEUFPLT] [KR-FPLT] will{.} {.}you note {^ing} how young persons {^s} of color Disproportion [TPHOURGS] nationally are pulled over .

579  But I also urge the {^ress} [TKEPBTSZ] of Boston to sport the please department .

580  [PHROFRS] risk there lives every {^ry} day to protect complete strange diverse and they should be sport Ted .

581  My dilemma is however {,} that .

582  I to establish {a^} {inter^} pent body is some form of fun {&u} pun [PHEURB] {^ments} {^ence} [TKPW-TS] Boston please department commissioner and it's not intended to be {a^} bun niche {^ments} but it's account ability of our [PHROFRS] so if you or you're [TWEURBTS] feels that {a^} [OFPS] {er^} has abuse {^ed} his or her authority that there can be affair and {inter^} spent review of that grief advance so {im^} asking each of us to think long and hard about the current process we've in place .

583  License .

584  Listen to those who feel alienate Ted .

585  By the existence of race [EUFPLS] and sexism in the United States ever America collude {^ing} within the [SEUB] and ask what systems to have beef in place {^ed to} that can [PRAOE] tect the [PHROFRS] but also pro secretary innocent [SEUFRL] Yancy that feel they do not have {a^} {inter^} spent review process when they've visit complaints .

586  By the way one [ERPBT] moreover can destroy the imagine of the [PHREPT] to have {a^} positive working relationship with the community and {^ive} the ut mows respect for commissioner efforts {&e} [EFPBTS] and mayor {^ual} {,} but I also have the ut mows respect for the citizens [-FRT] Boston in having affair and {inter^} pent body .

587  Thank you very much .

588  [paragraph] thank {,}you Councilor Yancy [paragraph] docket [0] [2] [1U6R78D] [paragraph] Jackson [PHRAOEUTS] add Councilor jacks [SKWRAES] name to that marry .

589  [STKPWHRE] dock [TKPOBG] [0] [2] [-78] is assigned to the committee on government operation [PRAS] - [STKPWHR-FRPBLGTSZ] [0] [2] [-79] Councilor Yancy [OFRDZ] the following ordinance mandating youse of body cam muss to by Boston please and proper proceed dues for usage [linebreak] [STKPWHR-FRPBLGTSZ] [STKPWHR-FRPBLGTSZ] thank you [SPHREFP] .

590  Back in [1-9] [-789] [-7] this body took the {in^} initiative to file {a^} order [THAFRS] passed [KWAOEURG] the sit did I to pay for bullet proof advice et cetera for our [PHROFRTS] .

591  Councilor dap dap owe kneel joined knee that tick order .

592  This body also filed hearing orders concerning please deployment practices .

593  We've pending legs {^ulation} concerning go{.} [P-FPLT] {.}is on all public safety {^ity} vehicles and we of also [HELT] .

594  I hearings on [KPHRAOUPB] {^ity} pleasing .

595  Today's tech normal I go has change {^ed} since [1-9] [-8] [-7] .

596  Since that time we've {im^} accomplishment Ted dashboard cam muss on our please vehicles and we're proposing today is {^us} another step in youse {^ing} {ex-^} sis tinge tech normal I go to increase the level of {trans^} [PARPBS] {^cy} in terms of the operations of our please department .

597  So body cameras are being [SKUGD] {^s}{a^} {a^} possible means ever protecting [PHROFRS] {^s}{a^} well {^s}{a^} citizens {,} and [President|Pressley] owe bam [PHRA] back in I belief it was December {en^} [KOURPBLGDZ] sit 'tis to apply for fund {^ing to} play for these cameras .

598  So I think now is the time to four us to take {a^} you certificate {^us} look [KWAOEURG] our [PHROFRS] in stringent is{,} {^s} to we're these cameras and obviously {^ly} when this goes to committee there [-L] will be {a^} pretty {^ity} intense {^ive} vet {^ing} of rules and registration [KEURPBG] body camera use [SAPBLG] .

599  My poets posed ordinance does offer .

600  I am I suggestions in that regard and before sitting down I want to thank {a^} form [PHER] [TPHERPBL] of mine sa [TKPA] it woo in drafting this legs {^ulation} .

601  Thank you very much .

602  [paragraph] thank you {,}you Councilor Yancy .

603  [0] [2] [-79] is {a^} [SAOEUPBDZ] to the committee on deposit government operations [paragraph] Councilor O'Malley [OFRDZ] the following order for hearing to exploring you tilt and adoption of muse muse mine [TPHOPBT] [STKPWHRE] to owe {/} thank you {,} Mr. President Mr. President [P-FPLT] in [12K40] [12] the citizens [-FRT] crowd source yours {en^} [TKOEUFR] to make it the [TPEURTS] city .

604  In muse {in^} pal [TPOPBDZ] .

605  Over ten thousand dollars in private donations kick start ter come pain design [TPHERS] got torque [WOFRPLT] local [REFRPBTS] points the clever I can alpha boat .

606  Coke boll la [PWOTS] {^ling} and sign imagine it from the frame chat [TPHAOG] [TPHAOG] shoo chao train station {:} chat type was born .

607  The further [-FRT] city [TPOPBDZ] is is to provide {a^} typeface for city [SAOEUPBSZ] station nar any [STAOEUZ] and I'd [TEUFPLT] success around the world .

608  When tech condition fill {^liness} left in [1-9] [-9] [-7] [-6789] [TPELD] it need {^ed} {a^} make over .

609  {a^} group calling it [SEFRS] item [3-6] eye {:} .

610  Commission anew font .

611  They create Ted {a^} [STPREUR] actually design eighty sigh with die sign first working alongside [AOEFRP] other .

612  Other sit cities have youse {^ed} it with whether there public tra {:} {under^} [TKPWROUPDZ] youse us the same Johns son sands San gill vends velvet take [-FRPLTSZ] right now in Moscow pop [OL] [TKPWRAFRS] and {en^} consume calculate the [SPWEUR] right .

613  [TOFPLT] lib son Portugal El election type based on criss-cross {^ing} {trans^} pat [TPHERPBS] from [ARPBDZ] the sit [TEUFPL] each {^ler} and .

614  Attraction visitors can visit youse {^ing} the tram .

615  Another trademark and another significant the of the sit [TEUFPLT] I would put Boston {^'s} art 'tis the design [THERS] pup against any in the world .

616  The purposes of this hearing orders ask for us to work alongside the [PHAEURS] offers of the knew urban [KPHEB] can nix {a^} private competent [STEURB] I {in^} wouldn't cots any mon any .

617  Work with develop [PEURTS] work with top [OG] [TKPWRAFRS] to come up with something [TPORTS] [SEUB] .

618  {im^} not talk ugh about redoing signs or station nar [REUFPLTD] something that's Moore ever {a^} [SEUFRBG] excise {:} {a^} sit city section sight that would benefit us .

619  {^ic} {er^} and {im^} sure street signs in the [SEUB] to make it Moore [AEBG] [SES] {^ible} and easier nor receipt {^ing} and people who were [SREURB] {^ule} {^ly} impaired .

620  Having {a^} owe [STKPREURBL] city fond sign imagine it make travel easier and give Boston {a^} opportunity to modern nice its grand imagine for [PWAOEULG] {a^} [TKAOEUP] {^tory} [SAEUGT] .

621  This isn't something {^s that} going to does any mon any .

622  Something that people would be interested and crowd source {e^} vents and heel {^ly} help with the icon nick imagine and brand {^ing} of our sit [TEUFPLT] and look forward to {a^} quick and fruitful hearing and engaging with the knew office of mech mech week get this done .

623  Thank you {,} Mr. President Mr. President .

624  [paragraph] [STHRAE] very interesting .

625  Thank {,} thank you Councilor so-so .

626  [paragraph] I was going to assign it to the committee on Ways and Means but since it's not going to does any mon any .

627  Is [THRAPB] thank you for pressing that Councilor .

628  [STKPWHR-FRPLT] please add Councilor Jackson {^'s} name to that .

629  - public mick same Zakim Yancy Wu press press Baker Linehan [paragraph] where you do want {.}it [paragraph] O'Malley well {,} Mr. President Mr. President .

630  I belief we've {a^} [SPEGS] committee that deals with innovation [linebreak] [linebreak] [linebreak] [STKPWHREFRPBLGTSDZ] [paragraph] none [SPWAOEUPBD] {^ing} public opinion regarding the [20] [24] summer Olympic and par Olympic [TKPWAEUPBLGS] pursuant to mass Jen law chapter fifty [3] section [1-8] a {:} Councilor Zakim you've the floor .

631  [STKPWHR-FRPLGTSZ] thank {,}you Mr. President Mr. President {:} like .

632  I Bostonians I was excite stead and hon in order when Boston was chose {en^} by the [UFRPLT] {.}is committee to bid [TPORTS] [20] [24] Olympics .

633  Cross my strict .

634  I residents are asking me if they're going to have {a^} opportunity to participate meaningful {^ly} {:} {im^} {im^} in Boston .

635  U.S. okay{.} [KR-FPLT] {&I.} okay{.} [KREUFPLT] Boston to [240] are Al um enter into {a^} {un^} press den Ted partly {^ener} ship with the [SEUB] {ab^} residents - public needs to have {a^} meaningful voice in this [TKPEU] significance .

636  The limb ar mace {^tive} Jen .

637  Value residents of the [SEUB] need to have {a^} mean full say {.}is {^ism} think the [THAOEUP] [EUFRPLT] organized by the mayor are {en^} credibly important part of this process and I plan to intends .

638  First one is Tom night [AFRPBLGTS] and authors to attends ever and learn Moore about the Olympics there .

639  However [SR-FR] thighs meets - loo - pots ton need {a^} [TOUPBDZ] [THOPBT] [PRORD] on what they're [HRERPBDZ] and feel going forward [-FRPL] now these questions {^s}{a^} I state Ted in the tight {^ful} this orders none bound {^ing} - lieu the city Councilor to play {a^} item on the ballot .

640  .

641  Jen law majority vote of the Councilor and {a^} [STKEPBDZ] .

642  Boll [HROFPLTS] I certainly {^ly} look forward to {a^} quick hearing to working with all my colleagues here the mayor and other stake hold [TKERS] to put something before the [TPOET] adviser [-FRPL] positive or negative could have [PWEUPL] impact - pro or {anti^} limb mix member sure blew [-FRPBLTS] such ap important project [EBGTS] when we talk about our annual budge et cetera here they exhale in [KPARS] son to the impact here ap - [SEUB] .

643  Merge dom {^cy} have {a^} opportunity to way on this {,} thank {,}you very much {,} and {im^} looking forwards to {a^} quick hearing and get [TH-G] before the vote terse .

644  [paragraph] thank {,}you Councilor {^a} Zakim .

645  Docket [0] [2] [-8] [1-8] is assign to the [SPEGS] committee on [20] [24] limb [HREUBGS] {:} [linebreak] [KOUPBLG] Councilor [PHAOF] officer owe [PHAOFS] suss intelligence of the [HRAOULS] badge [H-FT] [0] [2-8] [-6789] - eye [paragraph] all opposed nigh .

646  Ayes have [TAPBLTS] [07] [2-8] [-8] [2-8] pass [paragraph] docket [TPHOUPL] [0] [2] [-8] [3] Councilor Linehan [paragraph] Councilor Zakim [PHAOFS] suss suspension of the rules {^age} package of the [0] [2-8] [3] - - eye {^ments} [OEUFRPLTS] all opposed nigh .

647  Amount of advice [TAPBT] [0] it dodge [2] [3-8] pass poo suss mends .

648  [KWRAOULS] {^age} - recall animal [PHAFRPLTS] pair [TP-FRP] sigh .

649  [SHAOEUFPLT] {a^} Poe nosed nay .

650  Ayes have [TAPBT] [0] [2] [-8] [3] [4] mass Pa {^ed} [paragraph] [0] [2] [-8] five - Councilor Linehan {:} McCarthy [PHAOLS] .

651  Suss suspension of the rules {^age} package of the [0] [2-8] five [EUFRPLT] say Aye [P-FPLT] owe mows {^ed} nigh the Ayes have [T-FPT] [0] [2-8] [3] five has patched - [linebreak] [0] [2] [-8] [-6] - Councilor [President|Pressley] [PHAOFS] sun expense .

652  Rules {^age} package of the [0] [2-8] [-6] ice [SR-FPLT] - pole nosed nigh .

653  Ayes have it {^ant} docket [0] [2-8] [-8] [-6] has passed [paragraph] docket [0] [2-8] [-8] [-7] - Councilor [PRETS] press [PHAOFS] suss suspension [-FRT] rules {^age} packages ever docket [40] [2] [-8] [-7] all opposed nigh .

654  Docket [0] [2] [-8] [-7] has passed [paragraph] docket [0] [2] [-8] [-8] Councilor {^ic} ba bake [PHAOFS] suss suspension of the rules {^age} package [-FRT] docket [0] [2] [-8] [-8] hall that favor a sigh .

655  All opposed nay .

656  [SRAOEUFS] it {^ant} [0] [2] [-8] [-8] has passed [paragraph] docket number [0] [2-8] [-789] [P-FRPBLGTS] Councilor Baker [PHAOFS] suss suspension of the rules {^age} package package of [0] [2-8] [-9] favor say Aye [TPHAOEUFPLT] .

657  [SROEULS] docket [0] [2-8] [-79] hats passed [paragraph] {im^} informed by the clerk that there are know late filed marry .

658  And [TKEUTDZ] anybody wishing to pull anything from the green sheets .

659  [12K3W4R-6R7B8G9SDZ] [PHAOFG] on .

660  There are ten late files which in absence [-FRT] objection will be added to the consent {a^} Jen [TKAFPLT] .

661  Seeing and hearing no objection {,} the matters ar added .

662  [STKPWHRAFRPBLGTSZ] charity [PHAOFS] {a^} [TKAOPGS] of the Connolly {a^} Jen [TKAFPLT] all nose that [EUFR] that I eye .

663  [PHRAEUP] the I have to .

664  Connolly agenda is adopt Ted .

665  Over over very brief statement {:} [paragraph] no objection {,} go ahead .

666  [SKWRUTS] wanna Ted to reminds every {^ry} one that at five owe cloak {^ed to} Councilor LaMattina and I are holding our clean Boston task force meeting .

667  [TH-FRS] out of {a^} this is the [TPOURTD] follow up where [WAOEU] work with different Main Street folks citizens across the [SEUB] and .

668  I of you and staff have been at prior one talk about ways to deal with litter and other city {^ish} shoes {im^} sure snow plowing {re^} [PHAOFL] is going to come up to from local business [STREUBGTS] swells #M{.} [KR-FPLT] [W-FPLT] [KR-FPLT] satisfy and we'll be sure to make sure these meetings tin .

669  Going to be in the pee Monty room at five owe [KHROPBG] {^ed to} .

670  [STKPWHRAFRPBLGTS] thank {,}you Councilor [paragraph] all guests and [PHRAOEPLS] - today's meeting in memory of the following individuals .

671  [linebreak] Gerald ridge {^age} Joyce a owe guideline .

672  Councilor Ciommo and Murphy marry [PHER] began .

673  Pete ter cur [TAOUPBLG] {^ian} senior .

674  Sick sick nick [HRATS] cruise so junior .

675  Paul lean #M{.} [KWRAOEUT] .

676  Councilor LaMattina doctor ill {^a} {ka^} pole la .

677  Patricia kill coin and Joe San San yellow .

678  [paragraph] for Councilor Linehan and Flaherty William Harris senior .

679  Maureen green .

680  Steve Reese {,} and John Vaughn .

681  For Councilor public mick .

682  Cilia can [TPHAUR] ton .

683  High marine McCarthy sore sit .

684  [TEUPLS] {^'s} aunt .

685  [linebreak] Steve Venn [KR-FPLT] mat use it .

686  For Councilor Baker .

687  Rob Bert bob by [PWRAEUG] .

688  For Councilor O'Malley {&E.} Jen net [TPAEUG] began .

689  James [SKWR-FPLT] mull {^ry} .

690  And Bern [TPHARD] bowl bring .

691  .

692  For Councilor Yancy {:} Maggie sell [HREUS] that and Mildred downing .

693  {a^} [PHOEPLTSD] of [SAOEUL] lens {,} please .

694  [STKPWHR*FRPBLGTS] had the chair [PHAOFS] when the Councilor adjourns {^ed to} .

695  {a^} force mod {^ed} individuals .

696  Scheduled to meet again on Wednesday February [1] [1-6789] [20] [15] [12] o'clock noon .

697  Ice .

698  Opposed nay .

699  Vice it {^ant} this is hearing has is might {^ing} is {a^} adds [SKWRAOURPBDZ] {:} {:} [paragraph] over over .

700  [2] fist {^ity} {:} {:} {:} [paragraph] STKPWHR-FRPBLGTS STKPWHR-FRPBLGTS
 [paragraph] [paragraph]

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