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Stenograph Record cc02112015 formatted. Boston City Council 11 Feb 2015
Public Meeting

Stenograph Record cc02112015 formatted
Boston City Council 11 Feb 2015
Public Meeting

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 [STKPWHR-FRPBLGTSZ] the [KHREFRBG] will please call {a^} patrol ascertain the presence ever a quorum [paragraph] Councilor Baker [paragraph] Councilor yak jack - here .

2  [linebreak] Councilor LaMattina - Councilor Linehan here .

3  [linebreak] Councilor McCarthy - here .

4  [linebreak] Councilor Murphy - here [linebreak] Councilor O'Malley - here [linebreak] Councilor [President|Pressley] - presents .

5  [linebreak] Councilor Wu - presents .

6  [linebreak] Councilor Yancy - here [linebreak] Councilor Yancy - here [linebreak] Councilor Zakim - here .

7  [paragraph] and Councilor Baker is here .

8  [paragraph] we've {a^} a quorum .

9  [paragraph] I have been informed by the clerk that a quorum is present .

10  I would ask at this time for all Councilor [SHRORS] and guests to please rise and ill ask Councilor Zakim to come to the podium to introduce today's [KHRERPBLG] I go .

11  After {in^} vocation is [TKHREUFRDZ] I would ask all members and guests to remain stands {^ing} {^s}{a^} we recite the pledge pledge which Councilor Zakim will lead us in {,} Councilor Zakim {,}you you've a quorum .

12  [paragraph] thank {,}you [PHR-P] Mr. President .

13  It's my [PHREUFRLG] to rabbi can Dan {^ential} synagogue notice Wes went part of strict [-8] fully fung {^ening} sing going .

14  Raab raab also sever [SEFS] {^s}{a^} {&a-} raab Lynn [KPWAL] school .

15  .

16  Originally from newton and living study Ang chick chick sans sans France France and work no{,} he found his way back to the Bess [STEUT] in the ut night stead states Boston year and proud to have from the Wes [EPBTD] communities and boss [TPOPBS] commune and I thank him for [KWROEUPBG] us {^ed to} .

17  [STKPWHR*FRPBLGTS] [paragraph] thank {,}you pass pass - pro [TPHUPBD] {in^} vocation .

18  - - - [paragraph] [paragraph] [paragraph] [paragraph] [paragraph] [paragraph] [paragraph] [paragraph] [paragraph] before I [PHAOF] on .

19  I {^us} think for nose folks [HOR] out in Boston that may be watching {,} probably have Moore people watching {^ed to} than every before because of the critical Nate of the snowfall that has hit our city over the pass [1-7] {,} [1-8] days .

20  I {^us} want to thank citizens of Boston for being patient {^s}{a^} our is the {^ity} bureaucracy and operations [PHAOF] to address first public safety {^ity} .

21  And I youse the therm critical because it was -- this is {a^} critical snowfall {,} and due to the very cold whether {,} very little of it has {e^} [SRAP] wait rate Ted .

22  So {^s}{a^} {^ive} along with .

23  I of my colleagues we've gone out to the local about{.} [P-FPLT] [W-FPLT] yards and [PHEPBTS] with the men and women who do do the work and {re^} [PHAOF] the snow and make sure first that there's safety {^ity} and public safety {^ity} vehicles are available to get to all places {,} and that I think hon necessarily it'll be {a^} bit before [SRAOEPBTS] can be something that week address .

24  So again {,} please be available {^er} patient with all of us we're all working very hard .

25  We {a^} appreciate the add [PH-FRGS] {^s} lead [TKER] snip this regard and we [SPEGS] {^ly} appreciate all the men and women who work for the city Of and emergency situations men men transportation and about{.} [P-FPLT] [KR-FPLT] sorry if I miss {^ed} somebody but et cetera, et cetera, et cetera .

26  So thank {,}you thank you {^}troke madam clerk if there are know corrections to be maid to the lass minutes {^'s} meetings they're so approved {:} {:} [paragraph] mad clerk clerk communication Kass from his honor the mayor [linebreak] clerk clerk clerk clerk [0] [3] [3-9] .

27  [PHOPBLG] authority {^ing} the [SEUB] to accept San expends {a^} capital grand consideration in {a^} amount not to exceed [4] mill [3] [-79] {^ed} [4] [3-6] {^ed} from the mass choose department department of transportation highway division .

28  This cap cal grant consideration is ward {^ed} to the [SEUB] to the public works [TKPEPT] for the design of con instruction plans specification {^s} and estimates and for providing con instruction face Inc. nearing services for the redesign of the Long Island bridge crossing over Boston harbor .

29  Docket [0] [3] [3] [-9] will be assigned to the commit dee on ways and means [paragraph] [0] [3] [40] [PHOPBLG] authority {^ing} the [SEUB] to accept and expends {a^} cap cal [KR-RGS] in {a^} amount not to exceed [1] [PH-L] [2-8] [30] thousand dollars [TPR-TS] Boston redevelop .

30  Authority about{.} [R-FPLT] amount of in sport of the connect his tour Rick Boston {in^} {^ish} {^tive} .

31  This capital grant consideration is being {a^} wart Ted to the [SEUB] throughout public works department in the capacity of the development mitigation funds will be youse {^ed} to {a^} says cause way street in Boston {^s}{a^} part of the connect his tour Rick Boston minute initiative [paragraph] docket [0] [3] [40] will be signed to the committee on Ways and Means [paragraph] [0] [3] [4] [1] [PHOPBLG] authority {^ing} the [SEUB] to {epi^} accept and {ex-^} [PEBDZ] {a^} amount of five [HUPBDZ] thousand dollars in the form of alum .

32  Sum agreement to the mass choose transportation beautify {^ication} and street {^scape} {im^} [PRAOFPLTS] to Mattapan scare .

33  [0] [3] [4] [1] will be {a^} [SAOEUPBDZ] to the committee {on^} [STKPWR-FRPBLGS] [paragraph] [PHOPBLG] {^age} authorities tock [EPLTS] [SOEPLTS] five [HUPBDZ] from the hard you know you know came came bliss .

34  .

35  Sit did I led and city [3457B8GD] effort street {im^} [PRAOFPLT] project [EBGTS] [paragraph] docket [0] [3] [4] [2] will be assigned to the [SKPHEUT] tee on city neighborhood [SRER] verse [paragraph] [0] about [4] [3] - [SEUB] to accept and expend funds from the knew night Ted states department of the Homeland Security {^ity} port security grant program financial year [15] in the amount of [-7] [4] hundred five [HUPBDZ] this grant [WATS] maid [TPOFRT] purposes of designing and reconstructing anew dock facility for the boss tons fire mar {reen^} commune .

36  [paragraph] [STKPWR-RPBLGSZ] [STKPWHR-FRPBLGTSZ] public sate safety [STPHEUFRPLTS] - authority {^ing} the [SEUB] to transportation department to accept and expend [3] hundred thousand dollars in the form of {a^} grant in the [SKEPB] ter for die [SAOEUS] control and prevention [KR-FPLT] #M{.} [KR-FPLT] passed throughout public [HELT] commission {^s}{a^} part of the [KR-FPLT] #M{.} [KR-FPLT] ace partnership to {im^} [PRAOFD] community [HELT] program .

37  The grant funds to be youse {^ed} over [3] years will be add [PH-RGD] by the Boston transportation for the purposes of sporting the sit 'tis {^'s} buys cling program aimed at low income residents [paragraph] [0] [3] [4] [4] will be assigned {^ed to} [STKHAO] [linebreak] [SEUB] to accept and {ex-^} pen [TPHEPBD] {a^} donation converse to be placed on the finance center at strict a one .

38  This dough [TPHAEULT] Ted excite I didn't mean .

39  Will pro vote [linebreak] [STKPWHR*FRPBLG] [linebreak] [12K3W4R0*E67B8G9S] [*FRPLGTS] - to [THRAOEUPLGTS] [STHAOEUFRPLTS] - docket [0] [4] [3] [35] has passed [paragraph] [0] [3] [4-6] [PHOPBLG] for four .

40  {a^} Jen court in {in^} {^ite} it would peat for {a^} [PAEGS] law regarding {a^} act relate Ted to segue date Ted reserve funds in the [SEUB] .

41  [paragraph] docket [0] [3] [4-6] will be assigned coop [2EU68] {^ly} to the committee on government operations and ways and means .

42  [paragraph] [linebreak] records of public officers {,} mats mat clerk please .

43  [paragraph] thank {,}you [PHR-P] Mr. President [paragraph] [0] [3] [4-7] notice was receive from the mayor of the appointment of the Moses mill lard {^s}{a^} commissioner to the [PHAEURS] {^'s} commission of persistence {^s} with disability for {a^} term expiring may first [20] [1-6] [paragraph] docket number [0] [3-8] [4-8] notice was received [STPR-T] .

44  Mark Ciommo {^s}{a^} trustee of the neighborhood jobs truss for {a^} term expiring on [SKWRAOPB] January [-8] [20] [1-6] and docket number [0] [3] [4-9] communication was received from the city clerk for the bored of election commission [TPHERS] that they'll conduct Tess {^ing} of the [ABG] vote voting machines at [-9] amount of [PH-FPLT] on use it use it {,} February [24] the [20] [15] at [4] hundred front {^itage} rode room [2] hundred for the up coming [SPEGS] state election will be held on ape ape [2-9] the [20] [14] .

45  [paragraph] docket [0] [3] [4-7] threw [0] [3] [4-9] will be placed on file .

46  [paragraph] madam clerk clerk motions orders and resolutions [paragraph] docket number [0] [3] [50] .

47  Councilor McCarthy [OFRDZ] the following resolution .

48  Sporting house dock [KET] number [3] [0] [59] and act concerning genocide education .

49  [paragraph] chair recognize {^s} Councilor McCarthy on docket [0] [3] [50] [paragraph] take {,}you very much Mr. President .

50  {a^} very good friends of mine from the state house representative [SKWRO*E] Jeff Roy from Franklin and his friends sen store car [REUPB] spoke and introduced house dock [KET] [30] [59] [KAURPBTS] {^ly} in the state of mass choose swells Boston public schools our curriculum does not clue genocide and history or any social [KREURBG] column regarding genocide in the United States {^ant} world .

51  Recognize {^ing} that national Jen {^ination} or society {,} they've introduced this bill to reinforce that less son .

52  This crick column shall clue but not limb Ted to the [TPHAS] {^cy} across 'tis known abs the hole cause familiar fin [SKWHREUPB] side in yew [KWRAOEUPBG] Greek genocide and {a^} [TROS] cities in Cambodia boss that rue rue and Sudan .

53  Clearly {^ly} {a^} deep study of this material for you're young people will help them {under^} stand what's {^'} going on .

54  Certainly {^ly} these {a^} [TROS] tease have not been mentioned on the [PH-FPLT] Karl Kass and that's {a^} shame in my opinion .

55  This recognize {^s} that's crimes of genocide tin to be perp wait Ted throughout the globe {^s}{a^} they've in the pass and these classes would be to dee tier the indifference {^s} to these crimes .

56  These would also clue training for staff and teachers to correctly deliver the merge regarding the history of our [WORPLD] and what's {^'} going on {^ed to} .

57  With all due respect id a like to have this sport for the house bill suss spends {^ed} and adopt Ted by the city Of Councilor [paragraph] thank {,}you Councilor McCarthy cows [President|Pressley] .

58  {^us} to sport .

59  [linebreak] Ciommo Flaherty Jackson LaMattina Murphy {/} owe Wu Yancy and Zakim .

60  [linebreak] Councilor McCarthy [PHAOFS] suss suspension of the rules {^age} adoption of [0] [3] [5] [0] .

61  All nose favor say Aye .

62  All oppose nay the Ayes have it {^ant} [0] [3] [50] has passed [paragraph] [0] [3] [5] [1] Councilor Wu [OFRDZ] the following order for {a^} hearing regarding [HRAEUPBG] [WAPBLG] access policy in the [SEUB] .

63  [STKPWHR*FRPBLGTS] Wu [WAOU] this is juice {a^} {re^} file from lass about November that was you very successful and having us working session {^s on} it [linebreak] LaMattina I ask that my name be added we're isolate Ed from the [SEUB] and allot of my workers work very late and they need this [linebreak] Councilor LaMattina {,} Councilor McCarthy {,} Councilor Flaherty .

64  Add my Linehan {,} Councilor [President|Pressley] .

65  You've the floor .

66  I rise to commends the make ker [-FPLTS] it was {a^} very underscore that the [KOUPBS] add Kass {^cy} to [STREPBT] then our access around [HRAEUPBG] [WAPBLG] and one [-FRT] record that came out of the hearing was the need to provide access to those [HOR] deaf and hard of hearing and I'd like to race my name [President|Pressley] and Murphy Ciommo Yancy {,} you ever the floor .

67  Thank {,}you very much .

68  Mr. President Mr. President .

69  I too would like to thank the make ker .

70  {^s}{a^} you know we live in {a^} very diverse city [140] [HRAEUPBG] [WAPBLGS] ar spoken not [SEUB] .

71  While we can't accommodate all the [WHRAEUPBG] [WAPBLGS] certainly {^ly} week accommodate {a^} few collude {^ing} visit that mess .

72  {^s}{a^} [WAOEU] know there are {^s}{a^} growing visit visit population in the fields coroner year and we've accommodate Ted those individuals in the pass and I would like to see it it din and I would like to see my name added to this tick order .

73  And join on [paragraph] please add Councilor Yancy {^'s} name and Councilor O'Malley {^'s} name and Councilor Jackson {^'s} name .

74  [linebreak] [STPHO] [linebreak] city neighborhood [SRER] {^is} {^is} and vet vet - [paragraph] Wu and Zakim following order for hearing regarding tinge late night dee service in the [SEUB] .

75  [paragraph] chair recognize {^s} Councilor Wu on docket [0] [3] [5] .

76  [2] .

77  Thank you Mr. President Mr. President .

78  This {^ite} [TKERPBL] [WAOEFRB] hearing allot about this in recent days and want to make sure we're still focus {^ing} on late flight service ban back in ape ape and make sure .

79  The pilot is coming to {a^} close .

80  Things that to the efforts originally of then Ken Ken {^ual} gov gov Pat and .

81  I of organizations representation workers .

82  We've had {a^} very successful run of late night {.}it service {^s on} fry fry and sat sat nights .

83  I think up until about [2] [30] amount of [PH-FPLT] in downtown {^tation} stations people have been able to get to work arc and get out in Boston and get home late at night and miss all the snow and other {in^} [STPRA] structure {^ture} I worry that this item is going to be in the discussed such as {^s}{a^} it would have if the woman {^s with} long {er^} if and {mid-^} you know scan an {Mr.-|}  about{.} [TAFPLT] will make the did I significance on whether to extends it in ape ape .

84  They're holding {a^} one [PHOPBTS] common comment period from February to March [1] [1] we're in the Councilor ar do our Bess to help that public comments periods have people speck up when we know - .

85  People will come out and eggs profession there spruce but when something greets happens it'll be hard [TKER] to get folks to come out .

86  So I we want to make sure sporting that effort for the {.}it [SRER] advice .

87  [paragraph] Councilor Zakim .

88  [paragraph] thank {,}you [PHR-FPT] {Mr.-|}  I want [THO] thank Councilor [WAOU] for her work on this and partner together on such {a^} important {^ish} is shoe .

89  I know we've heard allot of negative [TPW-T] {.}it the pass counselor of days but I think it speaks to the [PWROUD] [TKER] spic {^ture} we need to speak to long term and planning for the [TPAOUT] and not being anyone wise but pound pool [HREURB] .

90  Of the [PWROUD] [TKER] impact economic development twice of having the late night tee service can't be [KWAPBD] [TPAOEUS] for fry fry or sat sat night going to {a^} bar or [KHROUB] or {^ress} [WRAPBT] or show but the people working in those lace place [STREUD] .

91  [PHOPTS] or at high tech innovation strict food service workers or other service employees .

92  Boston [TEUPBS] to grow when coming tinge to attract young press prose .

93  {a^} [KPROS] the bored .

94  This is the service we need to make sure and tin to sport and make sure that folks in other parts of the state might not or [PHRA] Lyle an the too{.} know how important it's .

95  [TPWOPBS] {^'s} economic Ming [EUPLGT] .

96  Slate might [TAOEFPLT] ulcer {:} part of that so I look forward to having the [PAOERG] and hearing for folks [HOFB] youse {^ing} the {.}it .

97  Ascot at the {.}it and others {:} sight of how important and successful this pilot program has been [-FPLTS] thank you .

98  [paragraph] thank {,}you Councilor Zakim {:} Councilor Yancy .

99  [paragraph] thank {,}you very much {,} Mr. President {Mr.-|}  late night {.}it service I belief is very important and we should go beyond the experience mental face and talk about the {im^} accomplishment {^ing} late night service for the entire system .

100  Mr. President Mr. President .

101  Our [PH-FPLT] about{.} {.}it amount of workers and transportation workers have face {^ed} {a^} {un^} believable challenge in recent days .

102  And I don't think this is the appeal time to start pointing [TPEUPBG] diverse .

103  But I do belief that this issue is very relevant to the problems we've in the north ease with these cipher winters and I add miss this is {a^} his [HOR] lick snowfall but we can't for get the transportation maid by our transportation workers .

104  Right now they're trying to clear .

105  I miles of {#Return} transaction [OPBTS] very perilous circumstances but on days like this we remember how important basic {infra^} [STRAOUR] {^ture} is to us all .

106  I rise so that not only be added to this hearing order but rise to commends the Jen imagine {er^} of the {.}it for hanging in there {under^} niece diff circumstances and threw her I would like to communicate to [AULTS] transportation workers our deep {a^} appreciation for the work they do [AOEFR] {^ry} day and {ex-^} ordinary effort they're making now [THO] keep the system rung {under^} {ex-^} [OERT] circumstances [SOES] I want to thank you for the opportunity {,} Mr. President and again would like to have my name added .

107  [paragraph] please add Councilor Yancy {^'s} name .

108  Councilor Ciommo {^'s} name .

109  Baker {^'s} name {,}you LaMattina {,} name Murphy {,} O'Malley please add the chairs {^'} name .

110  Linehan .

111  Councilor Flaherty you've the floor .

112  [paragraph] cute depose obviously {^ly} to this body lead egg the efforts with night owl .

113  Should have another stopped .

114  Young [TKPWER] Moore progress {^es} {^ive} first class sit 'tis are opening for business earlier late ter however you want to look at it .

115  Third shift workers hotels and hospitals downtown offers {^s} and airport {,} folks that [TKPWEPBDZ] on transportation for there livelihood swells [TRAOEURG] to sport [TKHR] familiarly please add my name and hopeful {^ly} it'll be {ex-^} indict Ted [STKPWHREFRPBLGTSZ] I rise to commend the make [WERS] can express the [STEPBTS] [SEUPLTS] and say how much I {a^} appreciate the work on this for our workforce .

116  I was {a^} hotel work {er^} for six years for those in the {^ress} rants try and hospital tablets and hospital industry this is critical .

117  Why do [WAOEU] {^s}{a^} {a^} body work for [STREPBT] taken clue the life of the city if people can't navigate it .

118  It's important that we've this .

119  Transit is {a^} social [SKWRUTS] 'tis issue .

120  Period .

121  So I commend the make ker and [WEUB] to have my name added and would like to say pig I go back on what Councilor Yancy said and earlier work of the Councilor Zakim {?} this space if we're going to push for they we're pushing for adieu [-L] track for {in^} [SRES] .

122  Not {^s onto} the [TPHRAOED] but custodial staff extends hours make sure they're the {re^} source us and equip .

123  They need to do the job well effect I felt {^ly} and safety {^ity} {.}you thank you .

124  [paragraph] Councilor [PREBG] press .

125  [STKPWHRAOES] add Councilor [President|Pressley] {^'s} name [paragraph] Jackson Jackson please add my name also .

126  I also want to applaud this body {^s}{a^} well {^s}{a^} form [PHER] Councilor Ross for his work with the night owl .

127  Also want to take this opportunity to applaud my colleagues in office for putting this forward .

128  I think it's crit clay important that we actually think about those third shift workers and also what it does for {^ress} rants .

129  I remember speaking to the own {^ener} of Stella and Bess {^ic} {^ly} what he told me was he [KOEPBT] keep the {^ress} rants open because Ed to send every {^ry} one home in attacks I to East Boston and that was {^us} {un^} sa suss sustain able so there are actually tax dollars and meals and [OPS] that we're leaving on the table by not extended {^ing} this people .

130  Actually the usage of the late hours and from there [PHAOF] forward .

131  I would also like to compliment and give cue [TKOEUS] to Beverly {^ly} Scott .

132  The Jen imagine {er^} of the [PH-FPLT] about{.} {.}it amount of .

133  This is {a^} antiquate Ted system .

134  I actually found pout yesterday that's orange line trains that run threw my strict I know it's black history {^mont} but they're the same strains that were rung on the will{.} ironically .

135  And sad delay we've the old des [APBTS] Kuwait Ted {in^} [STRAOUBG] when it comes to the {infra^} at the tree so I ban Ted to threw this body give {a^} great goal of credit to her imagine .

136  Skills and making the hard call around safety {^ity} to make sure know one gets heard and that's why we should thinks [TKPOUPB] yesterday but also to the people love working night after night and day after day for the lass [1-7] days on those transaction and also our folks .

137  And I {a^} appreciate the gins of the preface {,} Mr. President {Mr.-|}  there's allot of public works folks love working night after night of [HROLGS] lift after long solicit and I spoke to one of them and they've {^ing to} home and make sure there drive way is dug out so they don't get {a^} tick [KET] at there own house .

138  Allot of folks out there {,} working really really hard so it's about time that we've {a^} conversation about solution {^s} and stop pointing the [TPEUPBG] [TKPWER] .

139  Grow up think about the {in^} [SRES] .

140  That we actually need to make to make {a^} sustain able [TPAOUT] for us .

141  We're [KPHRAO*EUPLT] [KPHRAEUPLT] {^ing} thinks ten years from how .

142  I think we should look at what does our transportation {infra^} tra look like ten years from now {^s}{a^} {a^} sustain able structure to get people around and while we're having that conversation we should have {a^} conversation about how we've [EBG] [EBG] in terms of the difference between bus service swells train service because some neighborhoods have trains and some neighborhoods have buses and we need to look at the transportation [EBG] [EBG] relative to how {^ing} it takes people to get around the [SEUB] .

143  {a^} great top pick {,} and if we're going to stay where we're in terms of economic mantle we're on {,} we've to {in^} [SRES] and {in^} [SRES] in transportation {intra^} .

144  Very responders and I wants to thank you for you're lead [TKER] ship on that .

145  {inter^} {inter^} {inter^} innocent nurture newer newer nurture nurture [STKPWHR-FRPLTS] [paragraph] pub public [STHAOFPLT] [STHAOFRPLTS] [STHAOEFRPBLGTS] [STHAO] [linebreak] order [0R] could be [KPHOUPB] money newer [OFRPLTS] orders Nance [PHEPLD] ago [SKHAPTS] chapter [1-7] .

146  [SEUB] code order [TPHAPB] {^ness} regulating the practices of pate [TROPBS] bling {^ing there} own alcoholic beverages on the [TOLT] promise {^s} [PWAOU] about{.} why{.} okay{.} about{.} .

147  [paragraph] {im^} [PROUT] to partner with Councilor Murphy bring about{.} why{.} okay{.} about{.} to {^ress} rants in Boston {:} thank Councilor {^ress} press for her had issue of like core license {^s} because of where we're we don't convenient have to explain the {^ish} shoo I license {^ing} {^s}{a^} has issue [EPLTS] between certainly neighborhoods and also one very much affects the [EUB] vibe [PWRAPBS] {^cy} of boss tons {^'s} neighborhood {:} so things that we know the state is involved with lucky like already lore issue at the state and each city can decide for [TPHEPLS] else [WHRORPBTS] [TEG] rogue late the or not Boston has {a^} ban but this would reverse thar plans ban bores [-RD] to come up with own there own set of regulation {^ance} make sure we do .

148  This about{.} why{.} okay{.} about{.} I belief would sport {^ress} rants {^s}{a^} they're trying to open .

149  {^ress} rants who can't {a^} forward liquor license or don't want one because it comes to obligation {^s} to purchase Lynn mum amount of case {^s} ups front and while these are out allow our pate [TROPBS] to bring there own beer and wine into the {^ress} rants would be {a^} great think and keeping thinks open late ter on fry fry tat sat night and Vin [PWRAB] {^cy} to our neighborhoods and also important that {^s}{a^} we're thinking about extends {^ing} public transportation and access we're making the small guys {a^} designation so not [-FRB] is trying get to to downtown and back home but between Boston neighborhoods and clusters of knew {^ress} rants and businesses for the tract {^tive} and work visit and spend mon any in Boston .

150  So looking forward to the hearing and [paragraph] thank {,}you Councilor Wu .

151  Councilor Murphy [-FPLTS] thank {,}you Mr. President Mr. President .

152  First of all let me con grad late Councilor [WAOU] and thank her for allowing me to be part of this .

153  {^s}{a^} we know {:} all of us over the lass [SPEFRL] years .

154  Liquor license {^s} have evaporate Ted in the neighborhoods and all {trans^} [TPERDZ] -- nod all of them but mows of them -- to the downtown year {,} and there's {a^} [TKERT] of liquor license {^s} in our neighborhoods .

155  In Councilor [President|Pressley] {^'s} earlier work and that of Councilor Jackson and others [OPBTS] Councilor to {en^} life Vin business [STREUBGTS] in the city muss be [ABG] [TPHOPBLGDZ] and training {^ly} this is another attempt to do that .

156  Not by youse {^ing} the antiquate Ted state model of getting Moore like core license {^s} but in enact [SEUB] has set upon itself [ARPBDZ] about{.} why{.} okay{.} [W-FPLT] that other sit 'tis and towns have {re^} [PHAOFD] or never take {en^} advantage off .

157  We all know that each and every {^ry} one of our neighborhoods is sen for the record by abyss strict {,} and the strong [TKPWER] that business strict the [HELT] {^ier} the surrounds {^ing} neighborhood .

158  This is {a^} effort by Councilor [WAOU] myself and others who might join of [STREPBT] {^ening} all of boss tons {^'s} neighborhoods and not at the expense of anybody who has {a^} liquor license .

159  Certainly {^ly} {en^} [SRAOEUF] {^ening} store fronts and neighborhoods and inviting activities that right now is not happening in our neighborhoods so I want to commence Councilor Wu for inviting me to participate {,} I look forward to the hearing and convince {^ing} the mayor {,} add [PH-RGS] and lice ins {^ing} bored that this is {a^} positive step for all of Boston .

160  Thank you .

161  [STKPWHR*FRPBLGTS] [paragraph] [paragraph] thank {,}you Councilor Murphy .

162  Councilor [President|Pressley] .

163  [President|Pressley] [President|Pressley] thank you Mr. Chairman Mr. President Mr. President I do think since we're [PWAEUPBG] {^ing} around the word class sit city diverse {^ity} or diverse {^ication} of cull nar {^ry} options that we bee love of us strife to be .

164  {^us} [KPWEUBG] con tect here {,} and I {a^} [PRAOEURB] {^iate} folks acknowledging my work on this but this is work we did together .

165  People were respect that thereby would lick lick lice lice {re^} formed procurement of like core license and because of this work of this body and [2] players {,} Tom men men and mar {^ity} {^ual} {,} and {a^} legs late {^ture} we're where we're {^ed to} and can have to [KHR-FRGS] [TPAOUT] boss tons alliance love plate {a^} {in^} cress {^ible} advocate {^ity} blueprint of our home rule and package of it but also in the late night {.}it [SRER] advice and so many other wort think cause {^s} .

166  So we've arrived at the space because of allot of work by allot of people .

167  And although the final legs {^ulation} was not [-FRG] that we'd hoped .

168  For me that was collude {^ing} {a^} lifting of the cap in its entirety {^ity} .

169  And bun intends {^ed} was [-PBTS] {a^} appetite for that{.} we did {a^} accomplish {a^} [HROFPLT] the city now has control of the bored and we've [-7] five knew [HRAOEUPS] {^es} [-8] [5] {^%} thar restrict Ted so week really get at this issue of disparity and {en^} sure that every river neighborhood has opportunity to build community and built welt .

170  So {im^} {en^} [KAOURPLGDZ] by our progress [TKPWRES] but {im^} not yet [SATS] {^ified} .

171  So given the important role that {^ress} rants play {^s}{a^} economic [AEUPBG] chores and job create [TORBS] {im^} focus {^ed} on the success [STPUL] {im^} accomplishment {^tation} of the law we saw advance because of the efforts of this body .

172  So {,} you know{,} that really is what I think the notebook cuss needs to be .

173  {im^} [PWHRAD] there's {a^} space where [WAOERBG] [EBG] [PHRAOR] Moore mod [TKELGS] but we've {a^} disparity {^ish} [SHAOUPB] need to get the larger issue that there are not enough license {^s} available .

174  So I think the conversation is {a^} important one and I welcome it .

175  {^ive} allot of question {^ance} allot of concerns .

176  So let me try to tick off some of them {&E.} one {im^} wore reed about create {^ing} {a^} [TAOERD] {^is} {^s is} [TEPL] {.}it I don't want neighborhoods like that Hyde Park animate pan and Roxbury to be relegate Ted to about{.} why{.} okay{.} about{.} .

177  The whole point is the these neighbor [TPHOPLTSDZ] Marge lice {^ed} {de^} certificate of full amenities and hospitality .

178  And {^s that} [PHAOEPBTS] sit down {^ress} rants .

179  And I don't want them to be [REL] [TKRAEUT] today to about{.} why{.} okay{.} about the status ill tin to push for increased capacity and capital {,} in tick for neighborhoods like Roxbury Mattapan and Dorchester .

180  Some of my other concerns are [ARPBT] over sight and enforce .

181  .

182  {a^} over sight in the proposed ordinance here the [HRAOEUPS] [EUPS] {^ing} bore tour determine regulation .

183  License {^ing} poured is tone sure that {^s}{a^} these license {^s} [-RG] contribute Ted .

184  They're distribute Ted to people who will people [HOR] response {^ible} distributing this alcohol .

185  How do we enforce that{.} what is our liability of [SWOUPBL] [TKREUPBGS] too much and gets [HAOEUPBDZ] there vehicle and it in {a^} drunk driving accident .

186  That's my concern .

187  My other concern is that in recognize {^ing} that only one in ten {^ress} rants is successful and [-6] [0] {^%} is on food and the {^ress} is on you're bar .

188  The {reen^} why we did the god work we did was to increase the likelihood of are {^ress} rants being successful .

189  And this [HURTSDZ] there bottom line .

190  What happens is people call of up {a^} {^ress} rants says {^ive} {a^} really expensive bottle of [WHRAOEUPB] I would like to bring {.}it week get that that bod [-L] of wine and the pate pate will say know that's okay and they [PWRAEUPBG] in there own bot it .

191  And that hurts the bottom line for {^ress} rant tours and {^s that} people trying to {dis^} count there bill {.}you .

192  Other think {im^} [KERPBDZ] about it hurts tipped workers .

193  This is the difference between getting [20] {^%} on {a^} bill {^s that} {a^} hundred blues dollars or Moore and now {^s that} reduced [KR-BLT] {^ably} and I think this is {a^} important conversation to be Hawaii I {^ential} not saying to oppose it but at this point {im^} not endorse it because {^ive} too many questions and dog bay behave fall of them I look forward to {a^} spirit Ted and row bus hearing .

194  Thank you .

195  [STKPWR-FRPLTS] [linebreak] [linebreak] Zakim {:} thank {,}you Mr. President vice president vice president .

196  I want to applaud Councilor mure [PHUR] and [WAOU] .

197  I Phil [WEUS] {a^} city with {a^} very diff about{.} why{.} okay{.} about{.} {^ress} rants seen and [T-FTS] really important {,} I think {:} small [PWER] {&l} {^ler} {^ress} [RAEPBTS] [-RPBLTS] smart {^ing} off {:} might normally bedroom an whether {a^} [HRUPB] .

198  Spot and having {a^} opportunity to grow there din [TPHEUS] business because they'd the opportunity to bring there own [EFRPLTS] heard threw Councilor [President|Pressley] work and expense [EUFR] lick lick [HREUS] lines {^ing} can be in in it sit stop sign having that opportunity [STHRAOFRPLTS] [UFRPLTS] culture where people are bring {^ing} and Tess {^ing} out ideas in {a^} food struck and bring {^ing} to the foot food and brick Ang more .

199  [THAFRPL] having this option is important .

200  I don't want to {dis^} count concerns of folks who holds like core license {^es} already .

201  About{.} why{.} okay{.} about{.} is aloud is will {under^} severed by [KURPBTS] like license {^ing} .

202  I think .

203  I of the neighborhoods I rep back bay is probably the Bess place for about{.} why{.} okay{.} about{.} - - regular regular store store making sure that there's know issue ever over serving on underage [STPOEBGS] but those are [KHAL] lengths that I think are lines {^ing} bored and please department are [TPHAOR] than much for and look forward to having this discussion and make sure {:} con Tex the of late night {.}it and growing boss done {^s}{a^} {a^} world class city {.}you {a^} important for people starting anew {^ress} rants whether it's [3] hundred thousand [4] hundred thousand five [HUPBDZ] for alike like lice lice {^s that} {a^} fame muss chef or {a^} capital grill or palm {^ress} rant so making sure we've give that [THAFRPLT] look forward to the hearing and find {^ing} out the Bess way for putting something like from this in place .

204  [STKPWHR-FRPLTS] Linehan Lynn .

205  Thank {,}you Mr. President [PHR-PLT] .

206  I vice to recognize the intention of the order here and {^s}{a^} {^ive} recognized in my [58] years any time that's Councilor has tried to expand the opportunity for small business {^s to} [TKPWROEZ] with the youse {^s}{a^} alcohol with the stimulant for that business and I think this is {a^} [TKWEURBL] opportunity for that but {^ive} .

207  I of same concerns has Councilor [President|Pressley] does about how this [PHAOFS] forward and {^us} for the record about{.} why{.} okay{.} about{.} means bring you're own business do to {a^} tick {^ress} rant .

208  {^ive} certificate {^us} concerns about the side of {a^} {^ress} rants that may be aloud for B.C. why{.} okay{.} about{.} {^ive} concerns about the amount of gratuities 'tis that would not ends up in the hands of our hospitals Tal {^ity} workers .

209  That districts stuff {^s}{a^} Councilor Zakim myself Councilor Ciommo {,} there are places where there are .

210  I {^ress} rants and .

211  I establishments that have liquor license {^s} with {e^} norm muss six figure {in^} [SRES] {^ments} in this year sore the intention ever expands {^ing} small business {^ress} rants [SPES] {^iffic} {^ly} by the youse of expands {^ing} alcohol in those is something that I would [EUPBLT] contain but I think {^s}{a^} {a^} Councilor we'll [WAO*EFG] [WAOEFB] [TOBLG] extremely definitive about how we woo [PHAOF] forward so it can do exactly what it's intend {^ed} .

212  Even in my strict we would entertain the eye dee of {a^} {^ress} rant [25] seats in {a^} very knew [TPHAOEBG] Jen [TKRA] of food and see that you could bring you're on Beau own booze to the {^ress} rant but when you start talking [PW-P] [HRARPL] per establishments and rung {a^} {^ress} rant in appear Mark hall or [SR-FPLT] [TP-FPLT] [W-FPLT] hall that becomes another whole situation insurance public safety {^ity} and accountability all of those thinks it's {a^} great eye dee in the sense of expanding that opportunity but it's [HR-TS] much work that needs to be done around the issue .

213  Thank {,}you Mr. President Mr. President .

214  [paragraph] and please add the name of Councilor bake [PWHAEUBG] .

215  [STKPWHRA] [07] [3] [5] [3] will be assigned to the committee on government Haitian [TPHAEUS] .

216  [12K3W4R*6R7B8G9S] at this point we'll handle late file matters .

217  There are [3] late file [PHAERDZ] in hands of the clerk which in absence of objection will be added to today's {a^} Jen [TKAFPLT] hearing no objection the matters are added to the agenda .

218  Madam clerk please reed the first late file marry .

219  [STKPWHR-FRPLGTSZ] to the city Councilor {,} on February [1] {&1} [20] [156789] deer Councilor [KOUPBS] I hereby transmit for you're {a^} [PRAOFL] {a^} order authority {^ing} the [SEUB] to accept and expends funds total {^ling} [4-7] five thousand dollars from the night town {^dation} to the city of does pons departments of the .

220  Invasion and tech normal I go known {^s}{a^} due it and the Boston public [HRAOEUB] [HRAOEUB] to join voice voice [*S] force {^s} in access ill {^ible} .

221  I urge you're honorable body to adopt this order as soon as possible so that's [SEUB] may accept the funds {ex-^} dish {^ly} and expends therm for the [PURPLS] of which they were grand Ted {&E.} {!} first [HRAEUTD] committee on city neighborhoods services and veterans affairs .

222  [STKPWHRAFRPLGTS] please reed the second late file [THRAOFRPLTS] [STKPWHR*FP] [paragraph] [ROEBG] [ROEBG] [TEUPBDZ] work in Boston whereas found in may mainly [ROEBG] {ka^} is {a^} out comes [TKRAOEUFRB] torsion debt {^cate} Ted to {trans^} [PORPBLGT] [HRAOEUFRS] of the mows high [REUS] United Kingdom young people {,} ages [1-7] to [24] {,} therefore be it ordered that's appeal committee of the Boston city Councilor holds {a^} hearing to discuss [ROEBG] Kass {^'s} [TEUPBD] work in Boston .

223  [linebreak] [ROEBG] {ka^} is {a^} {ex-^} treatment {^ly} successful organization in curring around the lives of high risk [KWROUTS] [-FPLTS] been around since [1-9] [-L] [-8] .

224  I think it was found {^ed} in [KPHELS] {^cy} .

225  The [SEUB] {^us} signed on in [20] [134] I belief to be apart {^ener} with [ROEBG] {ka^} {,} and providing services to some of our at risk {out^} .

226  And [ROEBG] {ka^} [TPRAEUPBG] {^ly} is looking to expand in Boston and this order would give {a^} for rum for those expansion efforts throughout committee on public safety {^ity} and {im^} [HOEPLG] you'll assign it there {,} [PHRAPT] Mr. President and I look forward to this because [ROEBG] {ka^} is {a^} very suck [STPES] full program and is wort expands {^ing} hearing in Boston so thank {,}you [PWHR-PT] Mr. President [paragraph] thank {,}you Councilor Murphy - [paragraph] Sal la Louisiana thank {,}you Mr. President Mr. President I ask that my name be added [-FPLTS] and I want to commends [KPHOURPB] Murphy for his authorities [linebreak] ro recycle is dog {a^} great job working in East Boston .

227  Molly Baldwin who has organized it and [TPOUPBDZ] [TKER] ever [ROEBG] {ka^} is dog {a^} great job working with pregnant teens and [HAOEPB] {&e} teenage {^*ers} at risk {,} and I think its a I have important that's city really gets involved with this program .

228  I they're {ever^} [THEFB] drying to do there Bess in East Boston and neat to be recognize [-LTD] so I ask that my Nate being added and ask that we've {a^} hearing {,} speedy hearing seeing how we {^s}{a^} {a^} work with [ROEBG] {ka^} .

229  Thank you [paragraph] thank {,}you Councilor la Louisiana please lass [STHAOFRPLTS] [STHAFRPLTS] [STHAOFRPLTS] McCarthy [linebreak] we we liver [HREUFRB] make bake similar Florida - [President|Pressley] .

230  You've the floor [-FPLTS] {&I.} rise to commends the make ker .

231  It reminds me of in you're ten pick safety {^ity} got {in^} {^ish} shoes again so much work [TWH] this spate [SOES] I thank you for racing it [linebreak] elevating the good work of [ROEBG] {ka^} .

232  What I so {a^} appreciate about this plod Dell {&E.} city folks you'll odds an prevention but not clearly {^fully} fluff [EUPBTS] adventures and I worry about that because it sends {a^} message that our young people in terms of our sport and {en^} [KOURPBLGS] .

233  That they've {a^} shell system of life {:} [EUFRPLTS] together we're not going to help you get it together .

234  Mod [TKELS] like this are so critically important so I [STHEPBDZ] [KPH] the make ker and which tough my name added [paragraph] [President|Pressley] name [linebreak] I [WAUPBT] to commends Councilor [PHORBG] [PHURG] for bring {^ing} this up before the Councilor .

235  Think [ROEBG] Kass {^'s} work has had the opportunity to before my name on the Councilor and since I met with .

236  I of there staff and {.}So folks they work with .

237  [TH-SZ] {a^} {in^} cress able {&I.} .

238  Across the great ter Boston year and one of the mows important thinks that I think [ROEBG] {ka^} can talk to us in the [SEUB] about social {in^} vision ponds finance {^ing} this programs something I know .

239  I think we discussed briefly here in the Councilor but {^s}{a^} {a^} form [PHER] municipal bond attorney incredibly .

240  Programs like this .

241  Tarring tinge at risk {out^} and tarring tinge [TPOEPBGS] to make sure we're results or yen Tet city or the state or whatever agent sigh is funds [TH-G] and get {^ing it} its mon any ace words and result space and incredibly successful and I look forward to hearing an what [ROEBG] [ROEBG] is dog and what they're being do in the [SEUB] .

242  [STKPWHREFRPBLGTS] please add Councilor sakes sakes {^'s} name .

243  Thank {,}you Councilor Zakim .

244  [paragraph] Councilor Jackson you've the floor .

245  [paragraph] [PHR-P] Mr. President .

246  I rise to compliment Councilor Murphy on this matter .

247  They [SKPWRUS] locate Ted it in Roxbury {im^} actually happen {^fully} that thinker in my strict and this is ar hard work {:} and {^s}{a^} Councilor [President|Pressley] note Ted we're not talking about at miss being young people .

248  We're talking about [PRAOFPB] risk young people and we know in the [SEUB] we've {a^} [PABGTSD] [HREUS] that young pen to be get shot or be shot in the infection year mows of them are home less pan motor of them in terms of employment not employed at this time in tick because of the core {^ry} .

249  There are .

250  I of them who want to get out but can't finds away out .

251  And its {^'} really interesting that this program to [PHAOF] up to the infection level you've to go to work every {^ry} day for -- I think it's [2] [PHOPBTS] {,} and Jen {^ly} it takes them over {a^} year to do that .

252  For {a^} whole hose of Reese sons .

253  So I think when we look at how we spends mon any .

254  That this is one of the Bess expends tours of our dollars .

255  It does about [4-8] thousand dollars {a^} year in sufficient sufficient country to {in^} course rate somebody which does {'} help them after they get out{.} in programs like this actually help people [HOR] [TKAOEFPL] {^ly} involved in diff activities change there lives [ARPBDZ] and [THAOUL] {^ly} able to contribute to our society .

256  Contribute to there familiarly and kids because there's another aspects of this this you don't think it .

257  What happens to you're children .

258  And also fur {a^} young man and you've children and you can't contribute how you actually were able to be part of you're familiarly so there's something to be said not only about public safety {^ity} but about human man dignity that programs like this [HREP] people to have and {im^} proud to sport this organization {,} and would [SHR-S] note that thinks happen when you deal with folks [HOR] in this life .

259  There are it's there's know straight line to people getting out .

260  And sadly there were some thinks that happened even {^ed to} in our city relative to this type of program .

261  We need to stay with them .

262  We need to be stead [TPAS] with them {,} because they're dog the right think .

263  And {^s}{a^} I said {,} [TPHOSZ] none ever this is {a^} straight lifer .

264  There's .

265  Folks [HOR] [25] and [30] years old .

266  But we need to tin {^s}{a^} {a^} body {^s}{a^} {a^} city and {^s}{a^} {a^} community to sport [ROEBG] {ka^} but in tick the young men and women that they certificate is{.} because for each one ever those folks you're [TAURPBG] around not only that individual life but the lives of all of those folks [ARPBDZ] them swells there families and little brothers and sisters [HOR] the once mows {^ly} {^ly} to get involved until gaining activity in life .

267  And I would lass {^ly} say this isn't the [-9] [0] {^'s} .

268  These young people [ARPBTD] making allot of mon any .

269  We were {^us} having Councilor Flaherty and I somewhere having {a^} conversation about folks shovel {^ling} for [20] [25] bucks {a^} hour .

270  Mows of the folks thar out there can't even think about making that{.} mon any so-so glad there are public safety {^ity} committee pulling together this hearing and I look forward to sporting it .

271  Please add my name .

272  [paragraph] [3450ES] add Councilor jacks jacks {^'} name .

273  [linebreak] [linebreak] let's me {^us} say that's people of [ROEBG] [ROEBG] have done there home work {:} {:} .

274  I am I [PHOPBTS] ago .

275  And what impressed me kernel is {^ly is} was there [KPHREUT] .

276  To {:} {:} Yancy {:} {:} - to justice .

277  Basic justice for people who love for got ten our so sigh .

278  {^ity} {&I.} that [PRAPLGS] could be emulate Ted within our own departments in city Of hall particularly our street workers program .

279  I belief [TRAOEPL] [TKUS] potential [-FPLTS] so we should take {a^} very close look at this plod Dell of public and private partnership but also {,} [*R] draw from it to expands the activities of city governments involved with because we all share of the bills so I'd like to have my name added and commends my good friends and make examiner Councilor Murphy has done {a^} great job for us by bring {^ing} this before us {^ed to} {,} thank you .

280  [paragraph] thank {,}you Councilor Yancy [KWRAPBLS] .

281  {down^} Yancy name and Councilor O'Malley name .

282  I think I said please adds my name and if I could I would like to add {a^} comments would you [PHAOFG] my spot having dealt with rec [ROEBG] in the pass in another life where I did public safety {^ity} commit tease for the add [PH-RGS] they're the mows capable able ever dealing with the mows [SREUF] young people so I congratulate you and looking forward to {a^} spirit Ted hearing and hopeful {^ly} identifying {re^} source .

283  [linebreak] [STHAO] [linebreak] [STKPWHR-FRPLGTSZ] [paragraph] please assigned to the [THO] committee own public safety {^ity} {.}you [paragraph] third late file [OFRDZ] by Councilor McCarthy and Wu .

284  [linebreak] order for hearing regarding the installation of identifying flags on [PWOTS] ton fire hydrants .

285  Whereas the [SEUB] has record set egg snow small [*R] fall this winter cause {^ing} .

286  I ding Russ conditions one [-FRT] mows certificate {^us} [PWAOUR] reed in mull Tim feet of snow .

287  Therefore be if ordered that's appeal committee of the Boston city Councilor hold {a^} hearing to discuss met [THODZ] and proceed [TKAOURS] to installed identifying mark [KERS] to fire eye [TKPWRAPBDZ] in Boston .

288  The Myers {^'s} office [PWOPBS] ton fire department and Boston public works will be invite Ted to attend .

289  [STKPWHR-FRPBLGTSZ] Councilor McCarthy on the third late filed marry .

290  Thank {,}you very much .

291  Mr. President {Mr.-|}  and thank you for Councilor Wu for [SKWRUPLG] on board {^ive} know I dee where this eye dee came from .

292  We've had {a^} little bit of snow late did I so clearly {^ly} fire high [TKPWRAPBDZ] have been {a^} issue throughout city [SPEGS] {^ly} doctoring the snowstorm peeking it to .

293  I fire fight terse my nephew is out of grove hall Inc. {in^} [24] and literal {^ly} showed me the map of what they're going guy and it's {a^} paper [PEUR] map where they belief fire high high ar in the win [TKROE] of [-7] feet of snow it's somewhere {under^} [THREU] and if we attach these flags steel flags probably another [3] feet op top of that with {a^} little reflect tour in the he'd of {a^} major fire {a^} lute lute could flash {a^} flash flash down the rote lie reflect immediately and they'll know where it's .

294  These [TKPWHRAGS] will be added to the proposal toll Boston wear and [STHAOUR] where they would be {a^} tam and then {re^} [PHAOFD] from the fire hydrants in the springtime and we'll talk about that at in {a^} hearing .

295  I look for {a^} {ex-^} indict Ted [HAOEURG] .

296  Thank you very much {,} Mr. President [PHR-PLT] [paragraph] Wu [-FPLTS] this is my week to be chat {^ity} I guess .

297  I {^us} [WRAPB] Ted to rise in sport of partner on {.}this very timely and if we red not globe {^ed to} how seconds can make that [PHAOUPBLG] difference so hopeful {^ly} this is something that we'll maybe not be need {^ing} {^s}{a^} much of infection win [TKER] but great invasion and recognition [TRAOEPBL] {^ly} important for public [STAEUFT] {^ity} and making sure not {^us} the fire fight terse are able to locate them but even residents who may be reminded to that it's there duty to go help and do that {^s}{a^} well .

298  [paragraph] Councilor [PHUR] Wu .

299  Councilor Murphy [paragraph] thank you {,}you Mr. President Mr. President .

300  I want to commends Councilor McCarthy and [WAOU] and ask to have my name added .

301  And simply say that all of us knee there are pressure {^tious} seconds that could be the difference between life and debt {a^} that event like afire .

302  And getting them the ap rut [TUS] hooked up to {a^} working hide [TKRAPBTD] could cause those pressure shoes seconds to elapse so this is {a^} know brain {^ener} in my view and [EUDZ] {^'} like to have my name added .

303  Thank you .

304  [paragraph] thank {,}you Councilor Murphy and please add coupon Murphy {^'s} name {,} Ciommo {,} LaMattina .

305  [President|Pressley] Yancy Zakim Linehan owe {/} .

306  {/} O'Malley O'Malley thank you {,}you Mr. President Mr. President .

307  I right [THO] commends the [2] make [KERS] and ask that you mime name be add [-LD] social media to kids from strict [-6] is asking them if they were to take {a^} picture of {a^} covered high [TKPRAPBT] clean it out and take the after picture [RAPBL] five .

308  [SKWR-FPLT] [P-FPLT] likes [AFRPLTS] one in West Roxbury and {^us} anecdote tally we've seen {a^} number dough Tate Ted {a^} come of [TKPEUFPLT] chip in and [SOERT] of putting it this out there and [-PTS] response {^s}{a^} been great and I did {a^} little {re^} certificate .

309  And there are well over [13] thousand fire high grants [HOUFPL] fire high grants are in you're strict .

310  Over [3] [13] thousand city wide .

311  Also {a^} great web side adopt the {a^} high grant dog [TPHOFRPLT] and I'd them and help .

312  Make examiners for this and ask that my name be added and hope that you will neck neck and what is already out there ton help and involved .

313  {:} I think it obviously {^ly} [SEFRS] {a^} very important sub spic .

314  [STP-FRPLTS] fire [TKPHRAOER] blue also {in^} [STEULS] in these kids {a^} little - I civic pride and done with the junior Boston fire brigade or something it's {a^} boat provide {a^} public service with these [KHRAOERDZ] fire high grants and [HR-TS] make teach the kids something or do - {:} {:} {,} would [-PBG] with my colleagues {^s}{a^} we gook forward on this {,} thank you {:} [paragraph] Jackson - [paragraph] O'Malley - Jackson - - I want top compliment the awe authorizes of this and the only coop would be [ARBDZ] how high the flags should be .

315  I think I only heard [-7] feet I think you might have to trace it to [-8] feet .

316  [linebreak] [paragraph] [paragraph] that would be neighborhood services and vet [paragraph] [TEUTDZ] are there any take [KERS] on green sheets .

317  [paragraph] gad to not to here it .

318  [linebreak] [paragraph] there are know late filed matters for the Connolly agenda .

319  {im^} correct {,} madam clerk .

320  There are [2] .

321  {!} there are it late [TPAOEUFRPLTS] - con [SEPBTS] agenda .

322  Seeing and hearing no objections the matters are so added {^sm} .

323  Chair [PHAOFS] adoption of the Connolly {a^} daily [TKPHREUFRPLTS] [-RPLTS] colonel con {a^} [STKWREPB] da is adopt Ted .

324  [-FPLTS] [paragraph] I'd ask all guests and members to please rise {^s}{a^} the Councilor {a^} prepares the add [SKWRAOURPB] today's meeting in the memory of the following individual .

325  For Councilor Ciommo - nor {reen^} [TAOERPBL] {^fully} and marry mar Rea palm Tess [PES] {ka^} .

326  Councilor mick bic gene Lee Lee .

327  [paragraph] Councilor Flaherty and the chair France sis [TPRAEUPBG] {^ly} Flaherty junior .

328  And mon any lib by .

329  Mar {re^} [KR-FPLT] Miller and John [KR-FPLT] man .

330  Doris [PH-FPLT] cruise aunt [-FRT] chief chief [STAP] [STAPL] chief of [STHAF] public nick sad sad - Sam sad .

331  [-FPLTS] - from highlands park up in Roxbury .

332  And John Wilson .

333  [paragraph] and for Councilor LaMattina .

334  Amount of sissy and know {&E.} Klee Klee dee Klee hoe {&E.} and follow [THOPBS] Paul [KHABG] {^ry} owe {^ity} .

335  And Beverly {^ly} mar {re^} did {a^} meek know Papi {^s}{a^} sa .

336  And Councilor Murphy Tom mass Kelly .

337  [STKPWHR-FRLT] for Councilor Yancy Dani tune and Jen John Wilson .

338  A moment of [SAOEUL] lens {,} please .

339  [THAEUPLG] you .

340  Chair [PHAOFS] when the Councilor adjourns {^ed to} it does so in the memory of the {a^} for Mex {^ed} individuals schedules [AOULD] to meet again on Wednesday February [25] the [20] [15] at [12] o'clock noon so {a^} [SKWRAOURPBD] .

341  [paragraph] [paragraph] [STKPWHR-FRPBLGTSZ] [paragraph] over over 1 15 STPH-FPLT STPH-FPLT
 [1] [15] {:} {:}

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