Sunday, September 16, 2012

Fwd: Boston City Council stenographic record of public meetings. Decoded cc08222012.txt

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proud to presents to you {^ed to} {a^} the mass choose organization
for addiction and recover {^ry} {.}  and [TFS] brought to my attention
and {a^} great friend of my mice and [-PBL] Sarge Sarge Mike O'Malley
{.}  long time friend in hide park and does amazing work in addiction
and recover {^ry} {.}  collude {^ing} hosing {a^} for rum in hide park
on the very {^ish} sue {a^} couple years Ang and I thank Dan for his
leadership in on that {.}  mass choose organization [TPF] {a^} an
residential empty hen person in des {a^} wars {.}  Washington
[TKAOEFPLTD] [SRFPLT] all ill let you guys explain {.}  late June June
and this group was found [D] back in nine?two?  nine?two?  one
providing open access to treatment organization {^ing} people [HOR] in
liver {^ry} and {.}  image Mac {er^} [TPHFPLT] Jen public on {^ish}
shoes of recover {^ry} {.}  so without further adieu we con grad late
them and thank [TPOERPL] to tire less work and ask them to keep up the
good fight {^s}{a^} all of husband deal with in so many ways and ill
{a^} ask my friends Dan O'Malley to come and say some [WO*RDZ] {.}
O'Malley O'Malley {.}  good after noon {,} city Councilor [SHRORS] {,}
{.}  I of you over the years {.}  I respect all the hard work you do
{.}  most recently allot {^}troke lan that Pressley I belong to labor
assistant pro appropriate she received award for all her hard work
Councilor O'Malley {mal^} [L] {^}troke Ross Consalvo and need less to
say the lease Councilor Consalvo who has always [PWPB] {a^} champion
in hide park {.}  you know {,} I wanna Ted {^}troke to {de^} fear
after after I say {a^} consume of worse after I speak is to marry and
Fran growl guys I red {a^} story recently that two?nine?  of you
[KOUPBS] [KOUPBS] ar big on the substance abuse hotline [AEUPB] {.}
glad that all of you are bring {^ing} {a^} [TPHTS] in the City Of
Boston that we're [TKPWG] to do whatever week to make [-FRG] safe that
[THRR] {re^} source {^s} available and we're {a^} {re^} source {.}  in
front of you [THRS] {a^} reddish fold [TKER] that did I [SKRAOEUBS]
our organization to the tee and without further adieu {im^} [TKPWG] to
introduce marry and Fran ghoul [HREUS] who found [D] more and marry
and can talk to you Moore gong us she's Moore knowledge taxable than
{im^} {.}  thank you very much very much {.}  city Councilor Pressley
{^s}{a^} well {^s}{a^} Councilor Consalvo {.}  we're deem {^ly} {a^}
appreciate {^tive} of [BG] recognize [D] {.}  it's really {a^} stip
Tet {,} fight to give people {a^} voice {.}  for recover {^ry} {.}  so
off ten people won't speak up but little buy little people are
speaking up and our state legs late {^ture} most [RAOEPBTS] {^ly} pass
[D] {a^} centric ter [PRAOE] constriction mon [TORG] law will match
what doctor is giving what {re^} description because prescription drug
addiction is big {er^} began {^}troke than remember {&h} her win
itself {.}  along with that is {a^} good [SPHAS] tar tin law will give
limb Ted menu {^ity} to {a^} person who [WPBS] {^s}{a^} drug over dose
and calls nine?two?  one one {.}  because people don't {a^} call
nine?two?  one twelve?  we've major [HA#] hundred lives loss across
the straight and Boston is at attention of this activity {.}  but
[THS] the good thinks thar happening because people are speaking up
{.}  and it's [HRS] great that skate {^ity} [PORLTS] ter and vice soar
is here because she has really helped us and with that we want to
thank you all and invite you because you all want to walk buy
Cambridge street and [SPHR] join our voices for what {.}  recover
{^ry} and come to the state house on September September [SL#] the {.}
[TL] [B] good time and nobody will every feel shy of speaking up for
recover {^ry} {a^} again {.}  thank you very much {.}
[STKPWHRFRPBLGTS] so its [AETS] [HRS] tote thrill appeal [TKPWEUFB]
the great work that we all do on this body [TPHPB] {^}troke on filed
buy [OUFR] new Wes Councilor regarding prescription [TKUGS] and he has
[PWPB] {a^} add cat in the coupon {^ish} bring {^ing} this ebb shoe in
the for front and Councilor O'Malley who has worked on this issue
{^s}{a^} well on the {re^} description drug piece [-FPLTS] [TRG] {^ly}
{a^} appeal [WFPLT] legs {^ulation} pends {^ing} on the Councilor here
{^ed to} we [HRS] [PREBTS] with you acai {^tation} hon in order great
work that [TU] do {.}  thank you [STPHFPLT] [-FRPBLGTS] if I could ask
my colleagues to come up and get {a^} picture {.}  [STKPWHRFRPBLGS]
[KOPBD] grad {^ulation} [EULGS] {.}  thank us Councilor Consalvo {.}
[THRR] know things that to be maids {,} the minutes [TPRT] meeting of
our ugh {a^} August first stand {a^} [PRAOFD] {.}  seeing and hearing
know corrections or changes to those minutes {,} the minutes are so
{a^} [PRAOFD] {.}  mad mad clerk {.}  communications from his honor
the mayor {:} [STKPWHR] dock one one one eight {:} message {^age}
there authority {^ing} {:} youth and families to accept and expends
{a^} grant of eight hundred and [-F#] thousand seven?three?  hundred
and eight zero dollars [TPRT] [KWELT] [KWELT] of Xmas choose for the
purposes of sporting the summer jury box for at [REUS] [BG] youth
program youth works [STKPWHRFRPBLGTS] docket one one one eight will
[B] Referred?  to the commit tone labor youth youth affairs and heath
[STKPWHRFRPBLGTS] one one one nine?two?  {.}  message {^age} order
authority {^ing} the lease department license [SG] division to {re^}
establish in [AORDZ] ands with mass Jen laws chapter chapter {.}
[-F#] zero one Haver {a^} revolving funds to accept [TPRT] fund up to
{a^} maximum of three?seven?  hundred and fifty [THOUDZ] for few hack
hack drivers Lynn instruction another they'll [STHAO] [STKPWHR] docket
one one eight zero [-FPLTS] message {^age} [-RT] authority {^ing} the
City Of Boston to accept and expends three?seven?  hub [THOUDZ] in the
form of {a^} grant award [D] bite bay {^}troke bar foundation to
estimate the bike share [-FPLTS] {.}  spring of twenty?  [SP#] to add
to the current seven?three?  two?nine?  station system
[STKPWHRFRPBLGTS] docket twelve?  twelve?  zero will reefer to the
{en^} {en^} and [HAUPL] human rights [STKPWHRFRPBLGTS] one one
two?nine?  one [STPRORS] {.}  please academy to {re^} establish in
[AORD] ands with mass Jen laws chap chapter four four fist [PEU#]
{&E.}  one hatch {a^} row sol {^ful} funds to {em^} [TPREPBTS] up to
{a^} maximum of two?nine?  hundred [THOUDZ] for anon city Boston
moreover training purses [-FPLD] [STKPWHR] [STKPWR*FRPBLGS]
[STKPWHRFRPBLGTS] [W*ERBG] [W*ERBG] {^}troke clerk clerk one one
two?nine?  two?nine?  message {^age} authorized authority financial?
year?  [SP#] appropriation for the reserve for collective bargaining
buy [AT#] thousand eight hundred and seven?three?  four dollars to
provide funds {^ing} for the please department to cover the financial?
year?  [SP#] salary increase {^es} contained within the collective
bargaining agreement between the City Of Boston and the Boston please
school traffic supervise source {.}  [STKPWHRFRPBLGTS] docket one one
[TP#] {.}  message and order authority {a^} [PRAOFG] {a^} statement
Tal appropriation of [AT#] thousand eight hundred and seven?three?
four dollars [TPORTS] please department to coffer financial?  year?
[SP#] cost items Thames contained within the collective bargaining
agreement between the City Of Boston and [TPWOPBS] please school
traffic supervise source [SAOEULD] I would {^}troke filed in the
office of the city clerk August August [SP#] {:} twenty?  twelve?  {.}
docket one one [TH#] {.}  message and order to reduce the financial?
year?  [SP#] appropriation for the reserve for collective barring
{^ening} of [HF#] thousand [-F#] hundred and seven?three?  five
dollars to provide funding for the please department for the
financial?  year?  [SP#] salary increases contained within the
collective bargaining {a^} [TKPWRAOEPBLT] between the City Of Boston
and Boston please detect detect Ben never lens society {.}  detect
detect and {super^} [SRR] roar officers you know yin {.}  one one
[TA#] pledge {^age} horde {a^} proofs {a^} statement Al appropriation
of [HF#] thousand [-FP#] five dollars for please department for
financial?  year?  [SP#] to cover the cost items Thames tained within
the collective bargaining {a^} [TKPWRAOEPBLT] between the tit {^ive}
Boston and Ben never lent so Aye [TEUFPLTS] officers unite [TPAOEULSD]
in the [OFLS] of the city clerk August August [SP#] {,} twenty?
twelve?  {.}  docket one one [SF#] {^}troke [TF#] message {^age}
authorized to reduce the financial?  year?  [SP#] appropriation for
the {re^} [SRER] of for collect [KHREUPBGT] bargaining buy two?nine?
two?nine?  thousand seven?three?  hundred and [PF#] [PDZ#] for
{^}troke tow provide funding for the [PARPBGS] department to cover the
cost items Thames contained within the collective bargaining {a^}
agreements between the city of Boston and Boston park range [SKWRERS]
{a^} association {.}  [STKPWHR] docket one one [TP#] message {^age}
horde {a^} [PRAOFG] {a^} appropriation {^}troke supplemental
appropriation {.}  [TKOLDZ] {^ular} [TPOPLT] parks department for
financial?  year?  [SP#] to cover the cost items contained within the
collective bargaining {a^} agreements between the City Of of Boston
and park range diverse {a^} [SOEFRPBGS] filed in the [OFTS] city clerk
August August [SP#] {:} twenty?  twelve?  [STKPWHRFRPBLGTS] docket one
one two?nine?  two?nine?  {.}  twelve?  [STP#] one one [TH#] one one
[TA#] one one two?nine?  [-F#] seven?three?  will all [B] Referred?
to the [KPHREUT] tee on ways and means [STKPWHRFRPBLGTS] one one [TL#]
{.}  message {^age} [AORD] authority {^ing} the city of Boston to
accept and expend {a^} [TKPWAPBT] of [PAO#] [TPRT] bar foundation for
the purposes of funds {^ing} the green know [SRAEUT] Boston develop
{^}troke foal low ship program {.}  [STKPWHR] [KWRAPBS] [KWRAPBS]
thank you very much {.}  in light of the fact that we're not [SRG]
{a^} meeting in the infection three?seven?  weeks I [PHAOF] suss
suspension and rules of the passage {.}  docket one one [TL#] {:} all
nose [A*EUFR] say eye {.}  [-FRPBLGTS] oppose [D] know {.}  Ayes have
it and docket one one [TL#] has pass [D] [STKPWHRFRPBLGTS] [RORTSZ]
ever public officers and others [STKPWHRFRPBLGTS] zero four zero one
[-FPLTS] [STKPWHR] one one [STKPWHR] cot con [KOPBTS] bonds ever tam
[TAPLT] [TARBGS] [-FRPLTS] {.}  dually {a^} [PRAOFD] bite clerk clerk
[RERBG] refresh were received [STKPWHRFRPBLGTS] question [OUPLS]
{^}troke comes on {a^} [PRAOFL] of the Consalvo bonds usual the
usually terms and conditions all those in favor Aye eye {.}  docket
one one [TT#] has pass [D] {under^} the usually terms and conditions
{.}  Councilor LaMattina to the podium {.}  [STKPWHR] {^}troke mad mad
clerk [RORTS] ever commit tease clerk clerk zero four zero one {.}
the committee on government government operations to which was
referred on mar mar fourteen?  {,} twenty?  twelve?  docket zero four
zero one orders Nance regarding concussion {^s} and other sports
relate Ted head [SKWRRS] effect {^ing} {^s.}  stud dents at let's in
Boston elementary {mid-^} [L] and second Dar {^ry} schools submits
{a^} report recommends {^ing} the ordinance out to pass in anew draft
[STKPWHRFRPBLGTS] mad O'Malley {.}  thank you {,} [PHRPT] [PHRPT] {.}
docket number zero [HO#] zero one ordinance con [KUG] {^s} on [-RT]
head [SKWRRS] effect {^ing} stud dents add let's at [PWS] ton
elementary [PHEUTD] [L] and second Dar {^ry} schools Steve Murphy and
introduce [D] and {a^} [SAOEUPBDZ] to the committee on government
government operation [PRAS] on influence influence mar mar fourteen?
{,} the public hearing on Thursday Thursday may three?seven?  [-RD]
and two?nine?  {,} would {,} sessions were held with one was pry fry
June two?nine?  and most [RAOPBT] {^ly} mon mon August August [SP#]
{.}  concussion us [-FRPLTS] those between the ages of [SA#] and [TH#]
{.}  this makes sports second only to moat vehicle accidents {^s}{a^}
the leading cause of brain [SKWRR] {.}  this has [PWPB] {a^} {:}
commit [EUFRPLT] years we're able to put together {a^} great
[STKPWROUP] of add [SROE] cats for ways to then then the ways and {.}
poll I great work that he really has [STERP] they'd ut favor {^ry}
[HRPB] this nod {.}  thank you [PHRPT] [PHRPT] {.}  [STKPWHRFRPBLGTS]
chair recognize {^s} press you're power [STKPWHR] ker
[PHRPT] [PHRPT] [AFRPLGTS] I wants to first of all commends Councilor
O'Malley has {^}troke {^s}{a^} the chair [TPAOR] really getting to the
process and inviting so many {^-state} stake hold [TKERS] {.}  we'd
[PWFPLT] {.}you school of medicine {.}  [KHEURPBS] {^'s} hospital {,}
at the table {.}  sports leg [TKPWS] {^cy} institute at the table
{^s}{a^} well {^s}{a^} the public schools Boston public schools at let
tick director director chief plate {^ing} office {er^} was there
{^s}{a^} [RAOEUPB] fits fits Boston sen terse of youth and families
{.}  tone tone poll poll [TPRT] parks department {.}  back in twenty?
[SO#] the [KWELT] throughout legs late {^ive} process department
[TKEFP] public heath to prom gait regulations regards {^ing} brain
[SKWRRS] and [SG] that has cock {^}troke come to the for fronts in the
pass few years and {a^} number of {^s} kids get [SKWRRS] number of
times plague contact sports on ball [TPAO*ELTS] fields ice rings et
cetera and the [PWFPLT] [PFPLT] Hawaii {^}troke [HFPLT] has prom gait
Ed rules around that all [KOEFPTS] training [TPHERS] and volunteers
[B] trained in brain [SKWRRS] and [THRS] {a^} on line training
policeman that was {a^} [PRAOFD] buy [PWFPLT] [PFPLT] amount of and
United Kingdom get it at the [PWFPLT] {.}  {^}troke [TKFPLT] [PWFPLT]
[TFPLT] [HFPLT] we believe sight [SFPLT] [HRFPLT] {&I.}  {.}  sports
leg sass I go institute {.}  Boston public schools [SAOEUPBDZ] up
prior to this order innocence {.}  [-FRB] in {mid-^} [L] school and
high school {,} any one involved in coaching training et cetera {,} is
taking these [KOURGS] {^s} on brain [SKWRRS] {.}  how to recognize
them and hopeful {^ly} prevents them {.}  what we're doing {.}  we're
leading the charge with two?nine?  other sit 'tis loss Ang Ang on the
Wes code chick chick in the {mid-^} best {^}troke Wes and we here in
the City Of Boston taking the state law further {.}  {^s}{a^} we all
know {,} the rub [PWER] [PHAOEDZ] the rolled at the local level of
government and [TS] at [THT] locate Al [KEFL] {^}troke level of
government that week in fact [PAOUT] forward two?nine?  pop warn
{^ener} little league et cetera the need if they're [TKPWG] to youse
our fa [SEUPLTS] make sure they put our people threw this brain
[SKWRR] prevention Tess {.}  I know years ago when I played sports you
get you're bell rung out there and say the coach would say [HRRT]
[KHA*EUPBG] shake it off you are {a^} wimp {.}  that may explain allot
but we're going {a^} forward this pro infection to kids in the city of
[PWAOS] ton and [TFS] great [SRG] all these stake hold [TKERS] at the
stable and [-FRB] reeled {^alize} {^ing} that in fact Boston it first
city and it looks like [THS] taking across the quell [KWELT] and
follow our model and fry to {a^} form the great Tess amount of
protection {^s} for kids {,} not {^us} at school and {mid-^} [L]
school and high school and elementary school but on sock [TPER]
[TPHRAOEULDZ] permanent programs that we run every day and every {^ry}
part of our city in every {^ry} cease son {.}  I want to commends
chairman O'Malley for his Dell dense and leadership and Christine
O'Malley who did {a^} {a^} mace {^ing} job for use {^s}{a^} well the
marry bet cues sick and [RAOEUPB] [SREUTS] [SREUTS] {^}troke fits fits
and tone tone Pollack and the school department for there efforts in
making us go to the for front and making our children {^s}{a^} safe
{^s}{a^} possible in full contact sports {.}  I hope you'll all
[SPRORT] this endeavor and [PHAOF] it ford for this signature and
implement stead in [OT#] zero days {.}  thank you [SROEFP] {.}
[STKPWHRFRPBLGTS] yes you could {^}troke now comes on Rick men
{^dation} of sporting the [HOURSDZ] and anew draft passes
[STKPWHRFRPBLGTSZ] say nay {.}  [KWRAEUS] have a {^}troke have it {.}
lo [-FRPBLGTS] [STKPWHRFRPBLGTS] ill say [SWHUPB] think {.}  {^es} con
sis [TAFRPBLT] {.}  [STKPWHREUFRPBLGTS] zero [-PT#] nine?two?
nine?two?  [STKPWHR] [PHRP] [PHRPB] an I would ask you to [TPHOELT]
that on the forty line [THRS] {a^} typo {.}  it should [B] November
November one [STKPWHR] fourteen?  ran will read it {^s}{a^} cowl
[PFRPLTSZ] the committee it often chick develop {.}  and planning to
which was referred on jewel jewel one one {,} twenty?  twelve?  {.}
docket number zero three?seven?  nine?two?  nine?two?  {a^} message
{^age} order for confirmation of the appointment of jar red [WOL]
would [WOL] of the member of {a^} zoning commission for {a^} term
expiring Jove Jove first twenty?  fourteen?  submits {a^} report
Councilor Councilor [Bill?] Linehan {.}  [STKPWHRFRPBLGTS] Linehan
thank you [PHRPT] [PHRPT] {.}  we held that erg hearing about
two?nine?  week {&E.}  {.}  commit tow on neck [SKHREL] {.}  and
planning {.}  preservation [TPHAES] arc tech appreciate and
respiration in his neighborhood in the neighborhood back bay and beak
beak hill {.}  and he [PHAOFD] throughout hearing process [KPHAOT]
{^}troke [SPHAOT] {^ly} and I ask that we sport confirmation {.}
[STKPWHRFRPBLGTS] thank you Councilor Councilor Linehan {.}  Councilor
Linehan [PHAOFS] acceptance of the committee report and confirmation
of the appointment of jar rod well [WL] {^s}{a^} {a^} member of the
zoning commission for {a^} term expiring November first twenty?
fourteen?  {.}  all those in favor buy confirmation signify buy saying
eye [STKPWHRFRPBLGTS] oppose [D] nay {.}  Ayes have it and docket zero
[-FPT#] nine?two?  has pass [D] {.}  [STKPWHR] and are {^a} jar pal
loss last [PWPB] con firmed [STKPWHRFRPBLGTS] the chair [SKS] for {a^}
[STPHFPLT] [STKPWHRFRPBLGTS] Councilor will [BG] {^}troke [HRB]
{^}troke {^}troke [HRB] back in session {.}  mad mad clerk clerk clerk
clerk zero nine?two?  eight five {.}  committee on sense sense and
{re^} {re^} to which was Referred?  on June [TP#] [-FRPBLG] twenty?
twelve?  {.}  docket zero nine?two?  eight five lecture [TORLT]
[STREUBGTS] submits {a^} report recommends {^ing} the ordinance out to
pass [STKPWHRFRPBLGTSZ] chair recognize {^s} chair of the committee
Councilor [Bill?] Linehan docket zero nine?two?  eight five
[STKPWHRFRPBLGTS] Linehan thank {,}you [PHRPT] [PHRPT] {.}  thank you
for the opportunity to speak on this very important and fight [L]
marry {.}  first id say like to thank and I'd like to remind [-FRB]
they've pack [KETS] of the {a^} very comprehensive report and I'd like
to thank and brag brag and Christine in there preparing the committee
report for today's meeting {.}  but first [EUTSDZ] {^'} like to thank
all who took the time to participate in in long and arduous pros less
{.}  [KAOEGS] of {^}troke for sure {.}  my own staff {:} central staff
citizens residents interest [TKPWROUPSD] love given there important
{im^} put and articulation {^s} thar vital to this {.}  the election
[HRS] department and Councilor book {^}troke because we did Pete with
them {^s}{a^} we do [PHAOF] forward throughout this pros less {.}  I'd
[HRS] like to thank our neighborhood folks at the various please
{^}troke places that we [HELTD] these hearings [REPBLG] [REPBLG] lose
center Franklin park out [-FRPBLGTS] gorge right {:} mat pan gran {.}
[HRAOEUB] [HRAOEUB] and sufficient sufficient you know you know and
carp terse {^'s} are union hall of new new Inc.  lands in dor dor {.}
the ability to provide [SPES] {^iffic} and accurate data of the
[PHAPBS] would have {^}troke not have curd buy {^}troke without the
for the of Claire line and boule {^}troke bill use it [TPRT]
department of {in^} vocation and tech tech {.}  I think we [SPHEUT#]
Ted eight docket with this one {^s that} [PWF] [TUS] {^ed to} and
along with another {^}troke {a^} number ever various {^s} of maps
[THEFB] so sport {^tive} {.}  Kev Vin park ker who has signs [PHAOFD]
on {.}  I [HRS] I'd like to thank him {.}  [HRS] important I'd like to
thank Councilor Murphy and his fate in me to take care of this process
in this body for two?nine?  years that positive certificate [-FD] this
chair and committee and regardless of the out come of today's {e^}
vents [TFS] {a^} extreme challenge and experience that ill always
[PRER] and treasure sure {.}  [TFS] government government in the face
of community dealing with {a^} very diff issue in {^}troke with my
colleagues {:} you learn about ours and you're [KOUPBS] when you take
[SG] [THF] magazine constitute {&u} {^itude} {.}  this process I know
I said this [PWF] but [TS] mandate Ted buy law that this body the
Boston [STEUT] {^cy} Councilor muss {under^} take this process on bee
half of the citizens or residents ever Boston {.}  we're all elect Ted
{^us} last year tow finish this effort and to create {a^} plan that
works {.}  I belief you've one {.}  the Boston city Councilor was
truly {^ly} {en^} [TKPWAEUPBLGDZ] in this process {.}  each and every
{^ry} one of my colleagues gave {e^} form muss time and some skin in
getting to this point {.}  I want to thank you all not only for you're
efforts but you're [TEURPBD] {en^} [KOURPBLGS] {.}  to me throughout
this effort because [SF#] [PHOPBTS] is along long time to be at one
{^ish} {^ish} {^tive} {.}  the public {^s of} {^}troke [TPL] that was
received over [KHEL] midge {^ing} {^ly} was keeping neighborhoods
together and keeping the neighborhoods of China town {,} Wes rocks
rocks {,} rocks rocks {,} mission hill {,} mat pan and Ross lain daily
unite Ted {.}  and [HRS] {^us} {a^} couple of [PHOPBTS] ago I receive
{a^} peat from those in dor dor of the pole [HREURB] try [AEUPBG] [L]
with {a^} hundred sing {^}troke signatures wanting me to remain
{^s}{a^} from strict Councilor {.}  the plan {^ed to} is {a^} good one
{.}  does it please [-FRB] {?}  absolutely not {.}  does it make river
neighborhood whole {.}  know {,} it does not {.}  [THS] {a^} plan that
has [PWPB] individually with mump public [EUPBL] put in {e^} formal
public {dis^} pal {.}  [TT] this plan has integrate Ted parts of every
{^ry} maps that was propose [D] {.}  although it beers my name {.}
[TS] not my plan {.}  my plan would be different {.}  [TS] the chairs
{^'s} plan {.}  [TFS] the best that was developed base [D] on the
chair {^'s} assess {.}  in twenty?  one [SFPLT#] twenty?  twelve?  {.}
given the [TKPHRAPBDZ] of the open meeting law deliberations were
always in public and sometimes {ex-^} treatment {^ly} con des Ted {.}
the plan which {im^} [SKG] is do docket zero nine?two?  eight five {.}
the new city Councilor [STREUBGTS] range in size from fist {^}troke
six I five thousand eight [-F#] three?seven?  to {a^} high of
seven?three?  one thousand four hundred and [SF#] in strict nine {.}
{a^} total [SRAR] [KWRUPBS] ever eight point two?nine?  {^%} [TPRT]
norm wives [-F#] eight [-FRPLTS] [-F#] two?nine?  one {.}  the
population of people of color ranges from {a^} high of nine?two?  five
point three?seven?  {^%} to {a^} low of three?seven?  one {,} [*F#]
{^%} in strict two?nine?  {.}  this plan [PHAOFS] twelve?  {re^}
[SEUPBLGS] {.}  {^s}{a^} we all know [THS] {a^} political process {.}
{^s}{a^} police cal sass any process that we [BG] to {.}  know one was
voice of there own [PHREUT] cat agenda {.}  eye members of the body
interest [TKPWROUPS] and the Jen public [HRS] {^}troke have {^}troke
all have knit {.}  axe {^s} {:} [TS] tree extremely important it to
point this out {.}  this points {^}troke plan does not crack or pack
nor does the maximum mice portion portion {^inal} representation {.}
[TS] base [D] on on the all the {a^} [PRAOFD] plans from deck [KAEUTS]
pass {.}  it demonstrates aggregate actual change and shifts in our
strict over the years {.}  [TS] clear that all the [STREUBGTS] that
had to be downsize [D] {^s}{a^} part of the twenty?  [SO#] [EUPBLS]
census were in the Northern part the of the city {.}  sorely {^ly}
restricts of the north [STREUBGTS] to those [UPBTS] [TKER] populate
Ted southerly {^ly} districts {^s} {.}  strict three?seven?  {,}
two?nine?  {,} and strict seven?three?  beer the [PWRUPBTS] of the
change {.}  seven?three?  [PRAOE] [SEUPGS] in three?seven?  {,} [-F#]
and strict two?nine?  and five and strict {.}  {^}troke seven?three?
{.}  strict two?nine?  loss five [PRAOE] syringes while thicket
three?seven?  loss [PFPLT#] population and group played {a^} {e^} form
Maus effect in this year {.}  the [KWRAEURS] Mies effect Ted bite
shift were address [D] {.}  seven?three?  four [THOUDZ] {^s}{a^} the
sense suss twenty?  [SO#] live in my strict strict two?nine?  and in
strict three?seven?  only [-F#] zero [THOUDZ] people live [THRFPLT]
you you [BG] could {a^} two?nine?  mile rounds circumstance [L] and
{^s that} were most of the [KHAEURPB] {&i} change has curd {.}  [LT]
process shine town mission hill mat ban south ends Ross {^}troke Wes
rocks rocks divide {^ing} ward seven?three?  {,} twelve?  and ten {,}
concerns for [SRG] Moore than one {^or} two?nine?  Councilor [SHRORS]
representing {^}troke rep {a^} neighborhood or community of interest
were race [D] {.}  this plan took all of that into [KFRGS] {.}
mission hill only had one precinct sift to {a^} strict that [HRS]
[-FRPLTS] two?nine?  south [EPBLDZ] [STREUBGTS] shift to {a^} strict
that [HRR] represents south ends {.}  nine?two?  one and [PH#] four
will join nine?two?  two?nine?  and four four in strict seven?three?
which previously {^ly} were [HRS] in strict two?nine?  in the pass {.}
chine town animate pan {re^} plain [TPHT#] [STREUBGTS] assigned
{^s}{a^} they were in {^}troke {^s}{a^} part of [TOU#] thousand
two?nine?  restricting plan {.}  so the [SPUB] lick [SKERPBS] of China
[BG] [SPHRAOEUT] they were Ra cress [D] mission hill was address [D]
and Wes rocks rocks {,} ward twelve?  {.}  so at the very beginning of
{a^} process {.}  this process we [TKP] {a^} commute per model of {a^}
sense what would happen and the commuter drove the north it orally
bein [TKERS] of the [SORPBT] [STREUBGTS] north and it actually
[PHAOFD] two?nine?  city Councilor [SHRORS] from there presents strict
{.}  but none of that has [TKURD] curd {.}  we've done [-FRG] who work
cooperatively {^ly} with [-FRB] not only here in the body but
throughout the City Of Boston {.}  presently the city of Boston has
[-F#] hundred and [SP#] thousand five hundred and nine?two?  four
people and I would say another four thousand have [HRR] [PHAOFD] in
and {^}troke if not ten and half of them in my strict {.}  this plan
[HRS] [PAEUPBTS] {a^} picture [-FRT] of the [TPAOUT] of Boston and
wards and precincts of downtown are [HREUPBGD] and emerging
neighborhoods of the corridor and the innovation strict and south
Boston wear front are all in one strict {,} {a^} very developing and
merging strict {.}  the most likely [PRAOE] [SEUPGS] to be cut was in
strict one was three?seven?  {.}  [-FRPLTS] seven?three?  {.}  and
[TKRB] excuse me three?seven?  [-F#] {.}  and [TS] the one we're
presently here in in city hall {.}  we [SKD] the collection department
collection commission to consider splitting this [THO] to aid us in
{a^} which they svelte was {'} necessary {^ry} to come to {a^}
conclusion for {a^} quality plan [THRFR] it did not cur {.}  {^s}{a^}
the chair I tried to be {^s}{a^} Jew dish [STHUS] {^s}{a^} possible
and take all {im^} put separable why and [SPEGS] {^ly} my colleagues
{.}  this plan changes my strict Moore drastically than any others so
I know how it feels to loose part of the strict {.}  strict
seven?three?  and strict two?nine?  had down Dar {^ry} lines [TKPWG]
back and force and {e^} [TPHOERPL] muss {^ry} {dis^} court between
Councilor Jackson and I trying to get some sed [L] if {^}troke {.}
ton [TFPLT] and I think this plan are resolves that and has [PWPB]
arctic calculate Ted previously in my plans {.}  some were in the
process has the [KOUPBS] [SHRORS] {^'s} best interest in it {em^}
counselor [PWAPBS] {^cy} and all that and ill say that's process alone
[KAEUTS] and [TKEPL] [STHRAEUTS] {^s that} not so {.}  so the
questions are has the process [PWPBS] fair [STKA] quick it fall and
the changes and the answers are yes {,} yes {,} yes {.}  [-FRPBLGTS]
{^}troke this marry {.}  docket zero nine?two?  eight five was
response [SORD] buy me on June June [TP#] the and {^ed to} ski all of
you to certificate {^us} {^ly} consider to vote you're con shuns and I
ask you to {&th} passion this new plan for the infection ten years in
the city of Boston {.}  thank you very much {.}  [STKPWHRFRPBLGTS]
tote teat jack yak {.}  [STKPWHRFRPBLGTS] Jackson Jackson jack thank
you very much {,} [PHRPT] {.}  I rice {,} [PHRPT] {,} to con cure with
Councilor Linehan that I would ask that people vote there con shuns
{^ed to} {.}  we're all {a^} group of folks who rep the City Of Boston
{:} yes {,} {im^} the strict seven?three?  city Councilor but {im^}
{a^} Boston city Councilor legislator {.}  and {im^} here {^ed to}
with that on my [SHROELD] [TKERS] {.}  Councilor O'Malley and I paren
Ted {a^} map that only [PHAOFSD] ten [PRAOE] [SREUPGS] versus one {.}
[THRFS] {a^} vote he confusion {.}  kept the south end closer together
{.}  it [KOFB] could [SREBT] {^}troke kept south [PWOPBS] ton together
{.}  we live in {a^} Moore diverse City Of than we've every seen in
the pass {.}  we're fifty three?seven?  {^%} people of color {.}  {^s
that} up from about fifty {^%} ten years ago {.}  we've additional
[TL#] [THOUDZ] people here {.}  [PHRPT] {,} and each and every {^ry}
[PRAOE] [SREUPGTS] and strict should reflect that increase [D]
diversity {.}  when I see {a^} map that comes [PWF] me that [PHAOFS]
two?nine?  of the three?seven?  most diverse [PRAOE] [SEUPBLGTS] from
strict two?nine?  {,} that makes me not want to vote and sport that
map {.}  when I look at nine?two?  one [WEUS] villa Victoria [-FT#]
point [-F#] {^%} people of color {.}  seven?three?  seven?three?  {.}
eight point of {^}troke six {^%} people of color [PHAOFG] out of
strict two?nine?  {,} that makes me not sport that map {.}  so [PHRPT]
[PHRPT] {,} {im^} here to do what {a^} great man from rocks [ROBLGS]
said along time ago {,} if you won't stand up for [SG] {,} fur not
willing to stand up for [SG] {,} you'll fall for anything {.}  {im^}
here to stands up for the right map {ab^} and that map it Jackson
O'Malley map and {im^} right now [TKPWBG] to be filing {a^} amend [LT]
to zero eight nine?two?  five and {im^} [TKPWG] to ask that staff to
file that out and I believe I need {a^} second and I would like to go
ahead and pass that amend {.}  out {.}  we're making {a^} did I
significance that'll effect the high school stud dents thar in high
school right now {.}  and will give them {a^} opportunity to possibly
run and [B] in our seats {.}  we need to make sure that's thinks that
we're doing right now give us {a^} opportunity to have {a^} silty and
[STREUBGTS] that rep the true meanings of our city {.}  in the pass
[WAOEFB] {a^} did I vices {^}troke vied [D] city but I think this map
is {a^} map that [PWREUPBGS] our city together {,} thank you so much
{.}  [PHRPT] [PHRPT] {.}  [STKPWHRFRPBLGTS] thank you Councilor
Jackson {.}  Councilor Jackson offered {a^} amend {.}  {.}  do we've
{a^} second {.}  Councilor Arroyo significant advertise {^}troke
[KAOEUS] {a^} amend {.}  {.}  discussion on the amend {.}  {.}
Councilor [KWRAPBS] [KWRAPBS] has his light bling {^ing} but not on
[KWRAPBS] {.}  thank you very much {.}  [PHRPT] [PHRPT] {.}  I did
have my light bling {^ing} [PWF] the previous speak {er^} stood {.}
however {,} {im^} familiar [WT] map that Councilor Jackson O'Malley
and Ross offered in the paso {^ic} speak on [TFPLT] [PHRPT] [PHRPT]
{,} thank you for allowing me to speak because {^ive} {a^} [STREPL]
[TKUS] amount of experience and history regarding restricting {,} back
in twelve?  eight one [AUS] {^}troke I was {a^} spoke person for {a^}
came pain for restricting in the city of Boston and that campaign was
very successful in the establish {.}  of the form of government we're
did I baiting {^ed to} {.}  prior to that we'd [HT#] at large city
Councilor members and as a result of that successful [EFRDZ] [OPBTS]
part of all the maybe neighborhoods of {^}troke hoods of Boston we'd
established strict representation base [D] on the {ambi^} {.}  vote
that took place in twelve?  eight [SFPLT#] [EUFPLS] the long [TKPWER]
{&e} guess serving [THF] body representing strict four since in the
{^}troke twelve?  eight four and [TKRG] that period of time we've
reviewed four restricting plans {.}  [THS] my forty {.}  and I rice
{,} [PHRPT] [PHRPT] {,} price {^}troke because of that history and
because one [-FRT] prime marl {^ry} purposes us of restricting was to
show that every I neighborhood who {^}troke had {a^} place on this
body and make up to of this [PWD] did I was reflect Ted in the make up
of the entire city of Boston which has [KHAEUPBGDZ] significantly
since twelve?  [SL#] and on that score I need to maintain the {in^}
[TEG] did I of neighborhoods of {en^} sugar one person one vote and
{en^} sugar that this body had the opportunity at lease to be reflect
{^ist} of the make up of the city of Boston {,} {^ic} not sport the
map {^s}{a^} submit Ted bite chair of the committee although I
[SKPHEPBDZ] him for the [ABG] [SAOEUS] and mum of hours and [THOUT]
and ago gone any that he went threw in propose [D] {^ing} this but
[HRS] I sport this of strict seven?three?  because it does [-PBTS]
agrees those three?seven?  prince [PALS] {.}  one person one vote {.}
keeping neighborhoods together because of the of the four maps submit
Ted {,} [PHRPT] [PHRPT] {,} two?nine?  maintain {,} {^}troke the
horrific split of mat pan {.}  seven?three?  thousand people were take
{en^} out of [PHAPT] pan to be attached to strict five ten years ago
over the {a^} {^}troke objection of mat pan residents {.}  some may
think that mat pan does {'} {de^} certificate of the other {re^}
[STPREBGT] and integrity of all the other neighborhoods mention [D] I
{dis^} agree and {a^} think that neighbor mat pans did I [SRER] {^s
of} the [SPRAOEBGT] south Boston east Boston Charlestown {^s}{a^}
mission hill {,} always {^ston} bright ton {.}  but it does {'}
receive it [SARPLT] of {a^} vote that was take {en^} ten years ago {.}
base [D] on {a^} map that was not heard in the community of mat pan
{^or} any place else thar [TFS] submit Ted {.}  so {fore^} ten years
mat pan has [PWPB] did I vit dead {.}  even mat pan street {,} [WEUS]
{a^} small [SPRAO*E] street {,} is in the hide park strict {.}  hide
park avenue is in hide park {.}  but mat make {^}troke pan
[STRAO*EBGT] street [WEUS] about two?nine?  belongs long is in the
hide park strict {.}  we've {a^} opportunity {,} [PHRPT] [PHRPT] {.}
to correct [TFPLT] you're mo {^}troke map is not per {.}  the map
submit Ted bite Pressley is not per but far [SPAOUP] [SKWROP] are
{^ior} to boat of these [PHRAOPBS] [APBTS] people of mat pan {de^}
certificate of to have {a^} you know {^ified} strict {.}  {^ant} other
four in boat of these {re^} [TKPHREBGTS] is that's other commune {^cy}
split {.}  the community of borrow lower mills is split out of boat of
those plans {.}  so not only do we install [LT] {^}troke the {^}troke
{in^} salt the people of mat man but the people of lower [PHREULS]
[WEUS] {a^} {dis^} [STREUPBGT] commune {^cy} {^s}{a^} die find bite
people that live there {.}  city government {.}  so I ask {,} [PHRPT]
[PHRPT] {,} with all due respect {,} that we table discussion of
[THO*E] boat [PHAERS] for {a^} date certain {,} infection Councilor
meeting for {a^} final vote {.}  I say that {,} [PHRPT] [PHRPT] {,}
because not {^us} because my strict have [SKD] me to and you [EUFR]
[SKD] Ron could be to [STKRBGT] {a^} from mat pan {.}  but Moore
importantly I belief that week reach {a^} con census {,} it seems to
me that [THRR] tour basic maps out there that have much in common and
few [KWRAEURS] of {dis^} agreement {,} but I think with {a^} little
bit Moore efforts on all of us {,} not the chair {,} the chair has
really expends [D] great deal of efforts on this {,} but I belief with
additional time {,} {im^} {^us} returning from {a^} visit from
Mississippi quite [TPRAEUPBG] {^ly} so {^ive} not had the opportunity
to sit down with nigh {^}troke any of my colleagues {.}  I know with
the open meeting law [TS] limb Ted but I belief [WT] additional period
[TAOEUFPL] after summer vacation cease son or whatever week engage
once against {a^} final effort three?seven?  {re^} Al 'tis {.}  number
one {.}  Boston [-RPL] [HAPLS] the physical previously speak {er^}
mention [D] Boston is fifty three?seven?  {^%} some people of color
{,} and boat of those maps {,} the majority of the seats are majority
white people in the city and majority of color {.}  I don't think
that's fair {.}  secondly {,} I don't belief {,} [PHRPT] [PHRPLT] {,}
than our colleagues want to keep mat pan divide [D] {^s}{a^} [TS] {.}
[SL#] three?seven?  and [SL#] two?nine?  one strat debt boat sides {.}
the heart of mat pan square {.}  I belief thereat vase majority of our
colleagues {,} [PHRPT] [PHRPT] {,} base [D] on the map you submit Ted
{,} would rather have {a^} map were mat pan is you know {^ified} after
[BG] split for ten solid years {.}  I [HRS] know base [D] on you're
map and the one that I submit Ted that buy {re^} [PHAOFG] those
two?nine?  spree [SEUPBGTS] from strict five is still over [SPREL]
{^}troke over [KHEL] [-PBLG] {^ly} people of color {.}  and finally
[PHRPT] [PHRPT] I think we should have {^s}{a^} {a^} goal too main
[PHAO*EUPL#] [PHAOEUZ] the very principal of one person one vet and
the less than one {^%} [SRES] suss close to three?seven?  {^%} [OEFRD]
buy Councilor Linehan and Councilor Jackson {.}  so with those point
maid {,} the issue of you night {^ing} mat pan {.}  the issue of
keeping lower mills together {.}  the issue of [SRG] {a^} [PHAFRP]
doing what the state legs late {^ture} does {.}  state legs late
{^ture} [THO] there credit house of representatives went from ten {.}
majority [STREUBGTS] of color to [TWEPB] {^ity} {.}  {^ed to} {^is}
{^}troke {,} base [D] on the {ex-^} {^is} tinge map we've four
[STREUBGTS] of the majority people of color {.}  and base [D] on the
map of the chair of the committee an might have good love and
affection from strict seven?three?  {,} boat of those maps don't
increase the purchaser portion of people of color [WT] majority of
population {.}  and [TS] not because [TFS] not {a^} {^ality} tern
{^tive} {.}  buy come [PWAEUPBG] the largely la Tino population and
the largely [AEURB] shin population and China town we'll in fact have
{a^} {^ist} strict of color {.}  that would be in the right direction
[-FPLTS] we've never had {a^} lat Tino elect Ted [TPRT] strict in the
entire history [TPRT] City Of Boston {.}  we've never had {a^} [AEURB]
shin elect Ted to the city Councilor on the strict level for the
entire history of the City Of Boston all those we've had large can
dates [PWBG] successful and I recognize that {a^} most [RAOEPBTS] {a^}
can date of color came close {.}  but the {re^} {^ality} is that's
maps submit Ted buy two?nine?  of my he steamed [KHROEGS] who {^ive}
the ut most {re^} side effect for I do not change the [TKEPL] [TKPRAF]
[TPEUBG] picture on the city Councilor [TKEPL] aggregate {^iffic}
{re^} {^ality} of the City Of bores ton base dollars on the twenty?
[SO#] census {.}  [STKPWHRUFRPBLGTS] Councilor [KWRAPBS] [KWRAPBS] has
[PHAOFD] to table docket zero nine?two?  eight five {.}  {under^} the
rules of the city Councilor [HRS] know did I bait on the motion to
table {.}  {a^} motion to table needs {a^} second and five here {a^}
[SKEBGD] [SWRAOEL] take {a^} vote [OPBTS] motion to table {.}
[SKOUPB] Jackson seconds Councilor [KWRAPBS] [KWRAPBS] motion to table
zero nine?two?  eight five {.}  the clerk will call {a^} role [-FPLTS]
{a^} yes votes means you're voting to table the marry [TPHL] [SEPTS]
September twelve?  {.}  Councilor Arroyo [-FRPBLGTS] yes {.}
[STKPWHR] Councilor bake bake [-FRPBLGTS] know {.}  [STKPWHR]
Councilor similar similar [-FRPBLGTS] know {.}  [STKPWHR] Councilor
Consalvo [-FRPBLGTS] know {.}  [STKPWHR] Councilor Consalvo
[-FRPBLGTS] know {.}  [STKPWHR] Councilor Jackson [-FRPBLGTS] yes {.}
[STKPWHRFRPBLGTS] Councilor LaMattina [-FRPBLGTS] know [-FPLTS]
[STKPWHRFRPBLGTS] Councilor Linehan [-FRPBLGTS] know {.}
[STKPWHRFRPBLGTS] Councilor Murphy [-FRPBLGTS] know {.}
[STKPWHRFRPBLGTS] Councilor O'Malley [EFRPBLGTS] know {.}  [STKPWHR]
Councilor Pressley [-FRPBLGTS] yes {.}  [STKPWHRFRPBLGTS] Councilor
majority of [TPHAEUS] {.}  mobile motion to table fails [STKPWHRFPLT]
Consalvo on points of order {.}  {im^} {^us} won [TKERG] if week have
{a^} color copy {.}  I know {^ive} someone somewhere when testifies
[HRORPBL] {^ly} filed if I can could have colored copy of the amend
{.}  {.}  {^ive} {a^} color copy of the marry [PWF] us {.}  I {^us}
want to color copy of the amend {.}  {.}  [STKPWHRA] [STKPWHRRPBLGS]
Pressley [EFPLTS] thank {,}you [PHRPT] [PHRPT] {.}  {^ive} con
[SERPBS] [WT] map docket zero [OT#] eight five [PWF] us {.}  {^ic} not
sport [TFPLT] I recognize that this has [PWPB] {a^} {ex-^} [HAUS]
{^ive} and long process ill not {ex-^} house you with {a^} mon long
map [-PD] propose [D] {.}  [PHRFP] [PHRFP] [UFB] {a^} oo mean [TPHABL]
and challenging hose {.}  you ever efforts [SRB] [HERBG] clean and I
thank my colleagues for civil {^}troke {^itively} {^ly} spar 'tis pate
{^ing} the but the clock hats not run out {.}  although we might [B]
fa [TPAOEGD] buy along and thorough process we muss proceed [TPAOURD]
were {a^} [AURPBLG] {^cy} [PWHU] not [THO] nut to bet {.}  {a^}
deliberate spurge {^ly} {.}  residents [THF] Sid {^ity} will add leer
it and live [WT] map we {a^} [PRAOFD] for the section deck [TAEUD] {.}
[TL] [STKHERPL] {.}  election {^es} in this city {.}  [TS] imperative
[WT] {e^} [PHRERPBLG] {^ing} demographics of the sit [TEUFPLT] [KWEBG]
ill [PWEUPT] representation voice and [TPHRUPBS] in city collections
{.}  we've worked diligently to follow the laws of gov [TPHEURPBG] at
{re^} [STPRBGT] {^ing} process not {^us} because [TS] required of us
buy law but because we know what is our [STKAOUT] toy strife to reek
{^}troke reach that ideal {.}  I think week do [PWER] and go {a^} bit
future they're than zero nine?two?  eight five the the map {^s that}
[SURPBT] {^ly} [PWF] us {.}  and I do know [TS] [REL] vent to know
we've face ago reel threat of litigation {.}  city does not go [TPARD]
enough {.}  in assure and [EBG] quick [TEUFPLT] residents ever color
{.}  [TS] {a^} terrible think for this body {,} our our city and most
importantly for our residents {.}  I ask that we go back to the
drawing bored one Moore time and I do want to rife for sport of
Councilor jacks jack [AESZ] amend {^ments} {.}  they're {a^} lion life
what what I previously {^ly} {ex-^} [PRESD] [D] not what radical {.}
keeping neighborhoods whole while for bit [PG] further splitting of
neighborhoods and [HRS] making [STRAO*EUBLGS] strides in strict
that'll increase [EBG] {^ity} {.}  thank you {.}  [STKPWHRFRPBLGTS]
Linehan {.}  [OPBDZ] amend {.}  {.}  yes {,} on the amend {.}  {.}
yes thank {,}you [PHRPT] [PHRPT] I want to thank Councilor Jackson for
his amend {.}  and [TS] one {^s that} well [THOUT] of and [WHAUPB]
that has [PWPB] discuss [D] {^s}{a^} we went throughout process in the
pass {.}  but ill not [B] sporting that amend {.}  mice {.}  I [HRS]
[TKRB] he maid some arctic calculation {^s} in the set up of that
amend {.}  [-FPLTS] one [BG] that nine?two?  one and seven?three?
seven?three?  were highly mine nor {^ity} base [D] brie [SEUPGS] {.}
in developing [B] {^}troke the map I did look at the [THAEPL] them
{^s}{a^} prevention seven?three?  seven?three?  {,} seven?three?
eight {.}  and seven?three?  nine?two?  [-FPLTS] ar three?seven?
precincts in the war I live in in in the plan {^s}{a^} part of the
plan that ill [TRAO] [-FRPLTS] and that tick con [TEUG] {^us} group
represents [TPFT] I [PP#] {^%} people thar white {.}  and the same
instance two?nine?  con [TEUG] {^uous} [STREUBGTS] nine?two?  {.}  one
{.}  and four {.}  three?seven?  {.}  that abut each other in the
south ends they [HRS] together [TKRB] and that's the way I looked at
them [TKRB] I looked at them together [TKRB] that's fifty three?seven?
{^%} one {^}troke white {.}  so I [WAEPBTS] identifying one in but
{a^} group out of {a^} certain year {a^} certain community of interest
and [SEURPB] ward that was [PHAOFD] and I want [TELZ] to Cheryl {^ly}
articulate that in response {.}  the question now comes on the amend
{.}  offered buy Councilor Jackson to dock zero nine?two?  eight five
[-FPLTS] all those in favor of the amend {.}  please signify buy
saying eye {.}  oppose [D] know [-FPLTS] [STKPWHRFRPBLGTS] don't the
vote [STKPWHRFPLTSZ] the clerk will call the control {.}  {a^} yes
vote is {a^} yes vote in favor ever Councilor jack jacks {^'s} amend
{.}  {.}  [STKPWHR] Councilor Arroyo [-FRPBLGTS] yes {.}  [STKPWHR]
Councilor bake bake [-FRPBLGTS] know {.}  [STKPWHR] Councilor similar
similar [-FRPLGTS] know {.}  [STKPWHR] Councilor Consalvo [-FRPBLGTS]
know {.}  [STKPWHR] Councilor Consalvo [-FRPBLGTS] know {.}
[STKPWHRFRPBLGTS] Councilor Jackson [-FRPLGTS] yes {.}
Councilor Councilor Linehan [-FRPBLGTS] know {.}  [STKPWHRFRPBLGTS]
Councilor Murphy [-FRPLGTS] yes {.}  [STKPWHRFRPBLGTS] Councilor
O'Malley [-FRPBLGTS] know {.}  [STKPWHR] Councilor Pressley [-FRPLGTS]
yes {.}  [STKPWHRFRPBLGTS] Councilor Ross [-FRPLGTS] yes {.}
[KWRAPBS] [-FRPBLGTS] thank you {.}  my motion to table [SRG] failed
{,} [PHRPT] [PHRPT] {,} I'd like to offer {a^} amend {.}  {.}  I'd
like the amend {.}  to be docket zero seven?three?  five eight the
restricting plan submit Ted bite Pressley of the city Councilor {.}
that map [TKPOS] you night mat pan and does not split yet another
neighborhood so {^s that} my propose [D] amend {.}  [STKPWHRFRPBLGTS]
Councilor [KWRAPBS] [KWRAPBS] needs {a^} second to supplant docket
zero nine?two?  eight five with docket zero seven?three?  five eight
{.}  is there {a^} second [STPHFPLT] chair here's none {.}  the
question now comes on passage {^}troke acceptance of the committee
[RO*RT] and passage of docket zero nine?two?  eight five {.}  all
those in favor say say {.}  oppose [D] know {.}  [STKPWHRFRPLGTS]
doubt the vote {.}  [STKPWHR] {.}  I people doubt the vote {.}  {.}
clerk will call the role {.}  [STKPWHR] Councilor Arroyo [-FRPBLGTS]
know {.}  [STKPWHRFRPBLGTS] Councilor bake bake [-FRPBLGTS] yes {.}
[STKPWHRFRPBLGTS] Councilor similar similar [-FRPBLGTS] yes {.}
[STKPWHRFRPBLGTS] Councilor Consalvo [-FRPBLGTS] know {.}
[STKPWHRFRPBLGTS] Councilor Consalvo [-FRPBLGTS] yes [-FPLTS]
[STKPWHRFRPBLGTS] Councilor Jackson [-FRPBLGTS] know {.}
[STKPWHRFRPBLGTS] Councilor LaMattina [-FRPBLGTS] yes {.}
[STKPWHRFRPBLGTS] Councilor Linehan [-FRPBLGTS] yes {.}
[STKPWHRFRPBLGTS] Councilor Murphy [-FRPBLGTS] yes {.}
[STKPWHRFRPBLGTS] Councilor O'Malley [EFRPBLGTS] yes {.}
[STKPWHRFRPBLGTS] Councilor Pressley [-FRPBLGTS] know [-FPLTS]
[STKPWHRFRPBLGTSZ] Councilor Ross [-FRPBLGTS] know {.}
{.}  [STKPWHRFRPBLGTS] do{.}  [TKOFRPLTS] eight five has passed
[-FPLTS] [PHAERS] [RAOEPBTS] {^ly} heard for possible axe {.}
[STKPWHRFRPBLGTS] docket [SO#] [PF#] {.}  message {^age} order to
declare purchaser plus of apportion ever [TPRAEUPBG] [TPRAEUPBG]
street in bright ton approximately three?seven?  thousand [-F#]
hundred and seven?three?  seven?three?  square feet from brain tree
treat [WEUS] shown on {a^} plan of planned {^}troke land {in^} tight
[LD] city of Boston public works department Inc.  near division
distinct planning is hereby authorizes [D] to convey the said portion
year buy {a^} release [D] deed [TPHFD] [SATS] factor {^ry} to
corporation Councilor to certain abut [TKERS] {^}troke terse {.}
[STKPWHRFRPBLGTS] [Bill?] Linehan {.}  on docks docks zero one threw
six [-FPLTS] things that [PHRP] [PHRPT] we held {a^} hearing on mon
mon and I was [SKWROEUPBDZ] buy Councilor Councilor similar similar
{.}  [THS] in his strict {.}  we'd {a^} staff [TPRT] [STKPWHR] [TPRT]
pub [PHREUB] {re^} commission {.}  public I was proofs commission
sorry thank you {.}  so I'd like [THO] give Councilor similar similar
{a^} opportunity to speak [OPBTS] marry {.}  thank you {.}
[STKPWHRFRPBLGTS] thank you {,}you Councilor Councilor Linehan {.}
[STKPWHREUFRPBLGTS] their check {:} Councilor maker minimum similar I
want to thank the chair for holding {a^} hearing {ex-^} {de^} dish
{^tious} {^ly} {.}  {^us} to clarify {.}  you might have nets [D]
[TFS] pass [D] bite public {im^} proof {.}  commission back in
two?nine?  thousand seven?three?  when it became [PWFT] [TKPWOEUD] I
was probably on the job about two?nine?  [PHOPBTS] tat [THRFS] {a^}
decision {^}troke [KRGS] [TPRT] department of transportation to
possibly {^ly} locate and put {a^} rile stop there but since then new
balance gym David {^}troke Davis chairman has [OFRDZ] to build {a^}
commuter rail stop up the rode near [TKEFRTS] street so I feel like
[TKEUT] [THS] {^}troke this [L] [SATS] {^ify} the possibilities of not
need {^ing} this {^s}{a^} {a^} stop so I {^us} want to change the
chair again and rec negligent that this [PWD] {^}troke pass
[STKPWHRFRPBLGTS] Councilor Linehan [PHAOFS] acceptance of the
committee report and passage of docket [SO#] [PF#] {.}  all those in
favor say eye {.}  oppose [D] know {.}  Ayes have it and docket [SO#]
[PF#] has pass [D] [STKPWHRAFRPBLGTS] mad mad clerk could you read all
from zero [SPT#] [SHO#] four four and in there {in^} tire {^ity} {.}
[STKPWHR] [-FRPBLGS] appointment [STHAO] {.}  [STHAO] [-FRPLTS]
[-FRPLGTS] [STHAOFRPLGTS] twenty?  [SA#] [STKPWHR] fourteen?  [HO#]
[-FRPL] [-FRPLTS] message {^age} authority [TPORTD#] [TKPHROEURPBL]
[THRAOEUPLTS] thinks creation trees [-FRPLGTS] {^s}{a^} {a^} member of
the bored of appeals for terms {ex-^} [PHAOEURG] plan jewel jewel
first twenty?  [SA#] {.}  docket [SO#] four one message {^age} order
for the confirmation of the appointment of mister rob [RORB] short
leaves {^s}{a^} {a^} member of the bored of appeal for {a^} term
expiring jewel jewel first twenty?  [SA#] {.}  docket [SO#] four
two?nine?  message {^age} order for the confirmation of the
appointment of mister Mike [L] mon hand {^s}{a^} {a^} member of the
bored of appeals for term {ex-^} [PHAOEURG] jewel jewel first twenty?
[SAFPLT#] [SO#] four three?seven?  {.}  message {^age} [-RDZ]
appointment of mister Pete ter chin {^s}{a^} {a^} member of the bored
of appeals for {a^} term expiring jewel first twenty?  [SA#] [*FRPLT]
docket [SO#] four four {.}  message and order for the confirmation of
the appointment of mister Bruce bic ker staffer bored of appeals for
term expires jewel jewel first twenty?  [SA#] [STKPWHR*EFRPLGTS#]
[STKPWHRFRPBLGTS] twenty?  one [-FRPLTS] [SO#] four four {.}
was [HELDZ] on use it use it [-FPLTS] and I was [SKWROEUPBDZ] buy
Councilor Councilor O'Malley and all six members of the zoning bored
of appeals were in {a^} dentist here for confirmation {.}  and the
hearing was insightful {.}  they were extremely {in^} Nevada {^tive}
and they all had {e^} norm muss experience in the year of concern that
they rep {.}  [THED#] neighborhoods position {^s on} this {&E.}
[PWFPLT] amount of bored mister chin and mister bic ker staff and
[THRFS] {a^} representative [TPRT] unions {.}  {a^} Monahan reel he
state bored {,} architects and {a^} pass city planner [-FPLTS] so they
really {e^} form mass nine?two?  zero he of sitting [OPBTS] bored {.}
they showed all the [TKEUFRPBTS] to us and they did {a^} good job and
I sport the confirmation of all states {,} thank {,} and ask that we
doo {^s}{a^} well {.}  [STKPWHRFRPBLGTS] Councilor Linehan [PHAO*FS]
passage on docket [TKRB] [SO#] [PT#] [SO#] [HO#] [SO#] four one [SHO#]
four [TH#] is Shah [SHO#] four four [-FPLTS] and con [TP*EURPL]
{^mation} of the appointments of those members of [TOELS] [PWOEF]
[PAOERL] [-FRPLTS] [STKPWHR] all nose favor of con [TPEURPBLG] said
appointments saying {^ify} buy saying [AOEUFPLT] oppose know [-FPLTS]
{.}  Ayes have it and docket [SO#] [PHT#] threw fourteen?  four four
have passed and those individuals [SRB] con firmed {^s}{a^} members of
the bored of appeals [-FPLTS] [STKPWHR] Ma [PHAD#] clerk [SAO#]
three?seven?  [PFPLTS#] [SO#] three?seven?  three?seven?  {.}  message
and order {a^} [PRAOFG] {a^} amend of four [PHL] [PT#] zero [THOUDZ]
[TPRTS] surplus property disposition funds cred Ted to the capital
funds for the Elliot school explanation and renovation project [EBGDZ]
for the does of Inc.  nearing or [ABG] tech {^ural} Sur advice {^s}
for the plans and specification {^s} and or for the con [STKRUBG] of
buildings [HOR#] [-FRPBLGTS] [-FRPBLGTS] [KHRUL] {^ing} [TOFPLT] {.}
build {^ing} and or for {re^} mod [TKELG] {on^} {re^} on [STRUBGTD] or
making {ex-^} [POERDZ] repairs for public buildings [OERPBDZ]
[PWAOEULT] city of boss thereon collude {^ing} original equip {.}  and
planning [STPAEUPGD] pave {^ments} and other sight {im^}
reconstruct or repair for the [PURPLS] {^s} of city departments
[KPHRUD] {^ing} property and construct imagine {.}  an Boston public
schools [STKPWHRFRPBLGTS] chair rec [-FRPLTS] {.}  ways ands means
Councilor mark similar similar on [SO#] three?seven?  three?seven?
{.}  [STKPWHRFRPBLGTS] similar similar thank {,}you [PHRPT] [PHRPT] we
held {a^} hearing on mon mon {,} we'd folks from property and
construction management {.}  chief gallon gallon [BG] one and [PHAUR]
[PHAUR] and and {.}  we [HRS] will [PHER] [TKPEUT] wean nick from
budget {.}  [KHARL] ton Jones from [PWFPLT] [PFPLT] [SFPLT] {^s}{a^}
well {^s}{a^} trace trace Griff Griff principal of the Elliot school
[WEUS] the subject of this appropriation {.}  this capital order {,} I
should say {.}  [THL] give the ability of the Elliot school to [HRPL]
double in enroll {.}  {.}  [TS] {a^} highly [PEFPBLG] [SKAOLT] now
{a^} roar [PWOEF] {.}  lone reel [PEFRPBLG] school {.}  this lone
order will give the city at {^}troke the ability to [PRFP] this I
would [PWG] on north benefit school {.}  one ever them [BG] the north
benefit school in exchange for the north street location {.}  the form
[PHER] sprints {^ing} department {,} and I'm sorry rich chard {^}troke
Monday street buildings {.}  the exchange will pay the city four
points five [PHLDZ] addition [-RTS] of this {trans^} axe {.}  [TKPHUF]
the {^}troke this initial lone order will pay for designed cost items
and [ABG] tech {^ural} fees and assessments of those buildings {.}
{in^} {^ish} {^ly} they'll open {a^} restaurant open strands in the
north benefit street schools while the len {^}troke ren regulations go
on in the other buildings {.}  I want to thank all of those who came
to the hearing and participate it Ted and I recommends [D] this or the
pass [D] for this first vote {.}  thank you {.}  [STKPWHRFRPBLGTS]
Councilor similar similar [PHAOFS] passage for {a^} first reading of
[TKPWOBG] dock number [SO#] three?seven?  three?seven?  {.}  the clerk
will call the role {.}  [STKPWHR] Councilor Arroyo [-FRPLGTS] yes {.}
Councilor bake bake [-FRPBLGTS] know {.}  [STKPWHR] Councilor Consalvo
[-FRPBLGTS] yes {.}  [STKPWHR] [KOFRPBLGTS] Councilor Consalvo
[-FRPBLGS] yes {.}  [STKPWHRFRPBLGTS] Councilor Jackson [-FRPBLGTS]
yes [-FPLTS] [STKPWHRFRPBLGTS] Councilor la [HRAFRPBLGTS] yes {.}
[STKPWHRFRPBLGTS] Councilor Linehan [-FRPBLGTS] Councilor Murphy
[-FRPLGTS] yes {.}  [STKPWHRFRPBLGTS] Councilor O'Malley [-FRPBLGTS]
yes {.}  [STKPWHRFRPLGTS] Councilor Pressley [-FRPBLGTS] yes {.}
[STKPWHRFRPBLGTS] Councilor Ross [-FRPBLGTS] yes {.}
[STKPWHRFRPBLGTS] Councilor Linehan yes {.}  [STKPWHRFRPBLGTS] zero
one [SO#] three?seven?  three?seven?  has [PWPB] red one and passed
and assigned for further axe {.}  [STKPWHRO] docket [SO#] [PH#]
[AEPLGTS] of nine?two?  thousand five Hawn [-FRPLTS] property
construction management {.}  departments to cover financial?  year?
[PO#] {^}troke [SP#] cost items contained within {.}  collective
bargaining agreement between the City Of goes to and firemen and oil
[HRERS] [TPHFPLT] [KRFPLT] financial?  okay{.}  {.}  docket number
zero [-FRPLTS] [AEPBLG] and order financial?  year?  [SP#]
appropriation for the reserve for [KHREURG] [KHREBG] bargaining buy
nine?two?  thousand five hundred {on^} [PA#] dollars to provide
funding for the property and construction management {.}  department
to cover financial?  year?  [SP#] salary increase {^es} contained
within the collective [TKPWARG] barring {a^} agreements between the
[STEUT] {^ive} Boston and national conference of fire menace {^'s} and
oil [HRERS] {.}  [STKPWHREFRPBLGTS] thank {,}you [PHRPT] [PHRFPLT] we
held {a^} hearing on mon mon this {e^} effects six folks [EFPLTS] they
do financial?  {^}troke [HFPLT] [SRFPLT] amount of [KRFPLT] work {.}
we'd [TPL] provide [D] buy John done {^}troke {&dun-} lap chief of
Bern femme [-FRPL] [PAULT] [KURPB] the directory of labor labor {re^}
regional and [PHER] debts wean nick {.}  [THS] again consistent [WT]
other collective bargaining {a^} agreements [TWAOEF] pass [D] in
[RAOEPBTS] [PHOPBTS] with other barring {^ening} you know knits {.}
[TL] allow for alum {.}  sum reimburse {.}  for the wage delay take
{en^} buy these folks in the amount of [SO#] thousand seven?three?
[HUPBDZ] {.}  [TL] [HRS] in the financial?  year?  [SP#] one threw
financial?  year?  [SFZ#] would be zero one two?nine?  three?seven?
three?seven?  three?seven?  {^%} increases again consistent with other
barring {^ening} {a^} agreements that we passed to date {.}  tit we
would [HRS] have [PO#] point twelve?  [PHLDZ] [HREFRT] in the [HRERG]
{^}troke collective bargaining reserve this and this {a^} nine?two?
thousand five hundred {on^} [PA#] dollars from said [TKPWPB] [KT] I
rep that we pass this {.}  [STKPWHR*FRPBLGTS] [STKPWHR*FRPBLGTS]
[KOUFRPB] similar similar tit [PHAOFS] accept {a^} of the commit
Tyrone and [SPO#] [PH#] Ang [SO#] [PA#] and all [THAOUFRPL] {&I.}  sa
I buy {.}  [THFPLT] [THOEGS] Poe pose [D] say neighbor {.}  Ayes have
[TAPBTS] cock dock [SO#] [PH#] [APBL] [SP#] [SPHRPLTS#] shoo [STKPWHR]
[KWRAPBS] [KWRAPBS] {:} thank you very much {.}  I [PHAOF] {re^}
[KRGS] of docket number one one two?nine?  two?nine?  tan one one
[TP#] {.}  one one [TH#] {.}  one one [TA#] {.}  one one [TALT#] one
[STFT#] one one [TP#] these are [KHREUBGT] {^ive} bargaining {a^}
agreements that was Referred?  to committee earlier in this tick
meeting and giving {^}troke given the amounts and the fact that we
[WOEPBTS] [B] meeting again for another three?seven?  weeks [PHRPT]
[PHRPT] {im^} [SATS] {^ified} that we've adequate {re^} source us to
pay for these collect collect bark barring {a^} agreements {.}  they
all come out of the collective barring {^ening} funds that we've
established for this purposes and I hereby [PHAOF] {re^} [KRGS] and
passage of the {a^} for menace dollars docks docks {.}  Councilor
[PHAPBS] lance [PHAOEFPS] one one [-FPLTS] twelve?  twelve?
[-FRPLGTS] one one [TP#] [TP#] shh this [-FRPLGTS] [APLGTS] [-PBL]
[SPLTS#] [SPLGTS#] Councilor similar seconds {.}  [-FPLTS] for {re^}
[KRGS] {.}  [SFPLT] [STKHR] [STKPWHR] [KPURPBL] [KUPB] one against
[-FRPLTS] [THAOEFPLTS] [PHREUR] roar all the other once that [SRB]
[PWF] us these are traffic supervise source {.}  [HRS] {.}  Boston
[TKPHRAOEPTS] for [TPORP] unit and park [RAOEUPBG] diverse {.}  so
without [TKPWG] into the further speech we've the same terms and
conditions of this collective bargaining {a^} [TKPWHRAOEPLT] Councilor
similar similar [PHAOFS] passage passage of docket one two?nine?
two?nine?  {.}  one one [TPH#] one one [STH#] one one [TFT#] one
twelve?  [TF#] one one [TF#] [HFPL#] [STKPWHR] [-FRPBLGTS] [-FRPBLGTS]
[-FRPBLGTS] one one [TP#] has passed [STKPWHRFRPBLGTS] one twelve?
[POFPLT#] Councilor back bake [OFRDZ] the following order {:} [TPAOR]
{a^} hearing to discuss the {im^} accomplishment {^tation} of [PRAOE]
[SREUPGS] medication drop off sis [TKEPL] in the City Of Boston {.}
[STKPWHRFRPBLGTS] chair recognize {^s} silty Councilor [TPRAEUPBG]
bake bake on docks dock one one [PO#] {.}  mange you [PHRPT] [PHRPLT]
sings filing this order it has come [TPHAOR] {a^} {:} jam jam plain
filed {a^} similar order {a^} year ago or so and I guess that means
[TKPWRAEUTD] minds think alike {.}  in [RAOEPBTS] commons [WAOEFP]
do{.}  {.}  on [TKPWG] prescription {epi^} deposition mick {^s that}
aggressive {^ly} spreading throughout the sit it {^ity} state and
{^ination} {.}  and I belief we need to consider all [STRATS] guys
[-FRPL] [-FRPLTS] Councilor [UPBTS] tragic circumstance {^s} {.}  I
belief {im^} accomplishment {^tation} of {a^} drug trough off boxes
throughout city is know brain Lynn {.}  {a^} [TKROB] drop off program
would significant [TKEUT] {.}you {.}  prescription {^s} drugs in
Thames throughout city thar here note long [TKPWER] need order out
date Ted {.}  these same drunk [-FRPLTS] left and miss youse {.}  over
the last few years other sit 'tis and town across mass choose have
deemed one will local [PHREPTS] chief {^shire} off {^s of} and
[TKFPLT] {^'s} offers [OFRPS] ands have {im^} [PHREULT] [EUPLTS] {:}
[TKROGS] {.}  {.}  programs {.}  in which prescription drawings are
[TKPOEUS] pose dollars offer {e^} {e^} and proper mister [TH#] hour
{a^} day seven?three?  days {a^} week {.}  firm [PHREU] [PWHRAOES]
that's city of boss to will greatly benefits [TPRT] {im^} [STKEUPLT]
{^tation} of {.}  sis [TKEPL] that would allow [TKPWEUPBLG] [REUS]
[STKEUPLT] {.}  drug youse {^*ers} to appeal I dispose of there {un^}
wanna Ted or {un^} youse [D] medication safely [HREUFPLT] and
certificate of {^s}{a^} {de^} [TAOERPBT] from these getting into the
hands ever those [HOR] not the {inter^} tend [D] patients {.}  not {.}
[AEUFRPB] patients and [HRS] certificate of {^s}{a^} {a^} Serb
[TPRERPB] [-FPLTS] flute ugh grounds wear in the harm mull {ex-^}
[PEUPL] [-FPLTS] {.}  fighter {&I.}  {.}  {a^} Galt tick life {.}  I
think that I [STKAOUL] that we've in tick these hard drugs {re^}
description [TKUGS] off the [STRAOETDZ] [SHRUD] {un^} [HRAOBGDZ] into
and I ask that my colleagues get involved and [SPEGS] {^ly} my
colleague from jam jam plain who filed the order last year to help
maybe week get [SG] like this done {.}  rye respect fully {re^}
request another hearing to [TKPURTS] discussion the possibilities of
{im^} [PHREULT] {^ing} {a^} [PRAOE] [SKPREUPGS] drug drop of objection
[POFPLT] sis within city of boss [TOFRPLTS] [THAFRPBLGTS] moot
O'Malley [-FPLTS] thank you {,} [PHRPT] [PHRPLT] briefly us {^ies}
rice to commends the make ker to some [TEFR] risk work wise week truly
{^ly} {a^} grease sub [STU] Stan because {^ish} shoes in city [TFPLT]
you know the town ever Arlington did [SG] {^s}{a^} ill row [TROE]
fitting {a^} old mailbox station [D] at at population youse [D] or
{un^} youse [D] and perhaps {ex-^} [PAOEURSD] {.}  [TKROPDZ] off so I
{^us} wanna tepid [THO] take him for these great efforts and look
forward {a^} [SPAOET] {^ing} {^ly} [TPHRFPLTS] [-FPLTS#] ter
[TPHEUFBG] thinks [THFPLT] thank you [STKPWHRAEUFRPBLGTSZ] thing you
Councilor O'Malley {.}  docket one one [POSZ#] [STKPWHRFRPBLGTS] you
you to the [PHRAEUBG] {er^} key about this can will Councilor
Councilor O'Malley and [TKFS] {e^} very effect {^ive} hearing and the
Councilor about five years ago had {a^} really great hearing in and
{a^} [PHAOFD] {.}  talk about this [PHAOF] {.}  [ARPBT] the country
and world to reduce unopened discard [-RD] prescription [TKUGS] and
the familiar exam pass [D] away got cancer {^us} got {a^} Schiff {.}
{.}  never even opened the box and When we called the pharmaceutical
[KB] to take {.}  nigh thigh they told us {^us} three this in the
[TRAFRB] or dump it down the toil lower {.}  drugs thar opened and
half hem try [TPHRUP] {.}  seals [PWPB] broken but other niche you {.}
[PWB] [HREPL] {.}  [-FPLTS] red in [KHAEUPL] came that has this
efforts to those drugs that [KB] sign sis did the {.}  too many
[PWERD] steel {un^} broke {.}  [AFPLTS] they get Tess Ted to make sure
they're [KWRAUS] okay and {re^} youse [D] in the population [-FPLTS] I
think Councilor lab low to do that with his hearing I would love that
to be part of this hearing again {.}  pretty {^ity} close [THOF] [SG]
some [-RT] {.}  City Of and I would youse that to {a^} [TPAOEBG] to
throughout [KWRAOUBGS] of the make ker {.}  [STKPWHRFRPBLGTS] Pressley
[-FRPBLGTS] please sat {.}  to [STHAOEUPL] [STHAO] mat mad clerk {^us}
so [-FPLTS] should [OEULT] please {.}  please add my name here
{^s}{a^} well {.}  and that marry marry one one [PO#] had [HRB]
Referred?  to the committee on city and neighborhood services {.}
[STKPWHR] one one three?seven?  one Councilor bake bake and [PHUR]
[PHOUR] [-FRPLTS] [TOFRPLGTS] current stately of the mat soon park
technical owe [SROE] high school and discuss its [TPAOUT] {^s}{a^}
{a^} innovation school in Boston {.}  [STKPWHRFRPBLGTS] chair
recognize {^s} Councilor [TPRAEUPBG] [PWAEUG] bake {.}  [STKPWHR]
thank {,}you [PHRPBT] [PHRPT] {.}  {^s}{a^} you may nomad son park
[SROE] regulation [KAG] [TPHAEBG] [TPHFPLTS] push you're [SROE] [SROE]
within the Boston public school system {.}  when mad mad park tech
tech high school was build over {.}  promotes {.}  national [SRORB]
[SROB] [-FPLTS] push [HRPLTS] tech calculate owe education in {a^}
school that offer [STU] den {a^} solid pat way [KRAOERBG] {^s} that
would say amid [L] {mid-^} [L] class rage and this has yet to be reel
{^alize} [D] {.}  mass choose has [PWPB] back {a^} national {.}  high
quality technical high school can out [PEFPL] Moore tra disc {^inal}
comprehensive high school {.}  stud lead [TKUS] sec suss [HRAOEUFPS]
{^s}{a^} {a^} [SULTS] [-FPLTS] on ranch stud dents at great {.}  high
schools have higher grad [WAEULGTS] rates score higher {^os} [PHFPLT]
Kass exams {.}  stead debts amount of {.}  [KPRAOE] {^ence} {^ive}
high schools {.}  {a^} report release [TPHD] January January twenty?
twelve?  team of over two?nine?  thousand [L] experts in career and
vocation {^inal} education {^s} and commission bite Boston public
schools {in^} tight [LD] promise and potential mat sovereign park {.}
vocation {^inal} high school {.}  [PWFPLT] financial?  [PWFPLT] and
the pat way of opportunities for Boston stud dents [TPOUPBDZ] that mat
son parks {^'s} assess {.}  in [KPWHROES] the strict average and the
school [KWAOEURS] {a^} France force makes of clear goals and tarring
bets [-FRPLTS] among most school base [SROELD] [TKERS] {.}  the Boston
pub are lick schools along [WT] governments has maid [AEBGS] [POERDZ]
invoice {.}  in mad son park buy up grating the failed bill [-FPLTS]
in mad son park is sport Ted buy {a^} funding form Ma la recognize
{^s} the higher does of overage vocation {^inal} education and
[TKHROPT] spends [SG] much higher than that of the average Boston high
school {.}  this report recognize {^s that} mat son park has {a^}
solid foundation for success {.}  {re^} source us need [D] to offer
high [SKAUL] if I vocation {^inal} education and [THRSZ] {a^} strong
sport of the educational owe [TPEURPBLS] for the flex level of work at
mat son park {.}  [TPHRFR] I request {^ed that} my colleagues help
news this [TOEFRTS] gets magazines son park to its full potential and
we're not locking to hurt mad son park looking to help {.}  looking to
up with norm la [HOR] vocation {^inal} education maybe [OUD] sight in
dish to mad son park so [THRFR] {.}  {.}  appeal [KPHREUT] tee of the
Boston [STKUP] to [SUBLGT] {a^} hearing to review the [KURPBTS] state
the mad son park and discuss the [TPAOUT] of technical high {.}
[STPHT] city of Boston {.}  thank you [STKPWHRAFRPBLGTS] speak spoke
of the [KURPBTS] mitt nigh hearing process chair of head {^ication}
Councilor [KHOUPB] John Consalvo {.}  thank {,}you [PHRPT] [PHRPT] {.}
{^us} I think my Councilor bake bake the lead sons sore here {.}  I
thank him for [HREUS] leadership here and think he said it all {.}  I
{^us} want to make {a^} quick technical points and {a^} couple of
piece {^es} to add on {.}  the actual hearing order does [TPHOFT]
traffic the {ex-^} act [HRAEUPBG] [WAPBLG] on the {a^} Jen [TKAFPLT]
vocation {^inal} education of Boston public [SKHRAOULSD] ugh the
planned {re^} dee [SAOEUPBDZ] of mad son park {.}  I think the folk
[KPL] [HRAL] [HRB] {on^} mad adds park in the {in^} tire Boston public
schools {.}  one Reese son {,} we don't want to warehouse all the
vocation {^inal} at one school and not give stud dents who can't
attend there the ability to [SROE] {^cate} programs {.}  {^s that}
[HRR] the case that was agreed {.}  week look at heath careers {a^}
caddy {^}troke my which component {.}  knee know fen way high school
has {a^} [KPOEPB] feint threw its job place {.}  and other jobs
{^s}{a^} well {.}  [TKPWG] on here is first and for most we've {a^}
strong well out out plan for vocation {^inal} head {^ication} for
[STD] any stud dent {a^} section [-FPLTS] education that{.}  {^}troke
program in the Boston public schools can do so but that second collar
{^}troke {^ically} that they're high quality programs {.}  that reel
{^}troke that really [TKPWS] to [WHRAFS] happening in mad son park
report note Ted that we did not have high quality [PRAPLGS] across the
bored [HRFPLT] some good [PRAPG] but we'd allot that were really
effect {^ive} {^ly} preparing stud dents for {a^} high [PAEUGS] job in
[D] twelve?  eight three?seven?  vocation {^inal} Ed program and
vocation {^inal} high school {^s that} [TKPWG] to prepare our young
people for jobs in today's {a^} cad any {.}  high paying jury box in
today's con any and I think we always [WAPBGTS] the folk cull ultimate
college acceptance ready necessary and graduation but recognize {^ing}
that not every {^ry} stud [STKEPBDZ] maid for that pat {,} we need to
make sure that [THRR] the high [PES] wall if I vocation {^inal}
programs that'll get owl of you're stud dents to the same place [SRG]
the [SKAOEULS] to get {a^} great job in today's con my {.}  owe I look
forward to the hearing and thank Councilor Councilor bake bake for his
leadership on this {,} and I look forwards to all of our colleagues
hopeful {^ly} participating in the hearing {.}  thank {,}you [PHRPT]
[PHRPT] {.}  [STKPWHRFRPBLGTS] thank {,}you Councilor Consalvo
[-FPLTS] [PHRAOESD] add mime name [STKPWHR] [THAEUPBLG] you so much
[PHRP] [PHRFPLT] I thank my {.}  Councilor paying bake {^s}{a^} well
{^s}{a^} [-FPLTS] colleague from Wes rock rocks Councilor Consalvo
pour there interest in mad mad mark high school {.}  mad mad park is
center please to my strict in strict seven?three?  and I have been
involved in innovation plan taken [D] Councilor let's immediate {^s}
{^s}{a^} {a^} invasion plan was developed and in dish visited and
[THAOUL] {^ly} brought the superintendent out to worse {^ster}
technical vocation {^inal} high school [WEUS] really the standard of
what mallet mat park should look like {.}  {a^} school that [THAEUS]
own [-F#] nine?two?  [PP#] nor [STPHUD] nine?two?  four for lack [ABG]
lan lan [HRATS] Tino stud dents {.}  {^ive} [HRS] pose [TEDZ] along
with Councilor Pressley and Arroyo [TKPHAOEUPB] [TAOED] concern
community members about the [STD] [TAUS] of mad mad park {.}  in dish
{^ive} [HRS] hose Ted {a^} career their building trades {.}  so [TS]
{a^} very important issue {.}  [TS] one that's essential concern to
putting out young people in our city love the skills to integrate and
to {.}  I of other con any {^s}{a^} United Kingdom see in the Boston
[TKPWHRO*EB] globe {^ed to} over three?seven?  [THOUPB] workers [SRB]
{hydro^} in high-tech {.}  we've allot of feels {^}troke fields that
we need to have vocation {^inal} training [-FPLTS] so [PHRP] [PHRFPLT]
I commends my colleagues and I {lessen^} courage them to tin to speak
to the people on the ground {.}  I know at the Councilor level we've
allot that week do at {a^} hearing but much of the inside week get
happens in those schools and in these meetings so please add my name
{.}  and if my foal low Councilor [SHRORS] would like any [TPHFGS]
[PWT] work that we've [HRR] done ill [B] ready to performing [-FRPLTS]
and again I want to commends Councilor bake back important to [HREUS]
[SHRAOED] [TKER] ship on [THFPLT] and Councilor [BG] {^a} jack for his
good work and {a^} appreciate his good work thar pace [TFPL] {.}
[HRAOUPG] us in in on his work to date {.}  and I know {e^} cares
[STKAEPL] by whether this {.}  Boston pub public schools children and
young men and women {^s}{a^} they [PHAOF] into high school can access
the high {^es} quality programs and I would {a^} [PWRAOERB] {^iate} if
you could pass that [TPHFGS] on to me {.}  I learned at the meeting
and you and Councilor Pressley and Arroyo hose Ted {a^} half hour
[PWF] the Boston pub public schools called me and [SKD] me if ill [B]
in attendance want aware of it but if you could give get me that
[TPHFGS] ill great ugly {a^} appreciate mate it {.}  [STKPWHR] that
marry one one three?seven?  is one [HRB] Referred?  to the committee
own education {.}  mad mad clerk docket one one about two?nine?
[STKPWHRFRPBLGTS] docket one one three?seven?  two?nine?  {,}
Councilor O'Malley [OFRDZ] the following order for {a^} hearing to
consider create {^ing} {a^} on line registration try to track and
report youse and city [OEPBDZ] buildings in {a^} effort to reduce con
[SUPBLGS] in Boston {.}  [STKPWHRFRPBLGTS] mad O'Malley [-FPLTS] thank
{,}you [PHRPT] [PHRPT] [PFPLT] building we're in [HO#] years old {.}
it has eye seasonal con greet walls ands windows that don't open {.}
keep this place [ROUPBG] [-FRPLTS] but what schools {.}  our
[HRAOEUBS] [HRAOEUBS] {.}  [D] set trick {.}you {.}  hijack and first
year in [TEUPBS] {^us} regulation {.}  [-FRPBLGTS] fire facing {^s}
son-in-law you're your {.}  [-FPLTS] up great [TEUD] [TEURBL] I shall
tech tech others are hold [TKERS] and {^s that} part of the [SKPHARPL]
of this great city {.}  but how {en^} [TKPEU] [TKPEURB] are they {.}
[HOUFP#] does it does to keep of lights on and [RAOUPLS] [THAOET] Ed
{&E.}  finds {^ing} new and innovate [TEUFD] met [THOD] {.}  con
[SHUPBLGS] {.}  we can't put up new building over night or up great
the once we've even kick [KWHREU] last possible bee [HAEUFR] starting
how {.}  [-FRPBLGTS] turning offer lights [-FPLTS] smut {^ing} commute
terse down and [TAOEUPBLG] Venn [TG] [PHPBS] Ed clay torts tin {^us}
{^ly} and all ways week reduce our [TKPWEUPBL] [TREUPB] cash born foot
[PHREUPBTS] {:} [TRR] create {^ing} {a^} on line registration try to
track and report {en^} I go youse in miss us pal [TKPWELDZ] {^s} and
public spaces {.}  states and sit 'tis {^ination} [WAOEUTD] [TKFPLT]
[KRFPLT] Austin and the states of classical cal and Washington have
enact Ted legs {^ulation} that [KWAOEURS] the public {dis^} [KHROERB]
sure benchmark {^ing} con [SAOUPLGS] of none residential buildings
over {a^} certain side or age {.}  efforts buy poet egg the [-FRPLTS]
use {.}  sit my own {.}  builds [EUFRPL] [PO#] [KWAEUR] feoffment Phil
sit [STEUT] Councilor [-FRPLTS] legs {^ulation} this year to establish
wear and {en^} [TKPWHEU] benchmark {^ing} {^s}{a^} well {.}  [THS]
{a^} simply way to reduce {en^} I go and good bee [HAEUFR] and aware
[THES] {.}  [AORD] {^ing} to the Corp.  Corp.  [WAOR] [RAOPBG] {.}
none [PRAOFTS] that works to reduce {.}  shows that bin promotes {en^}
{en^} con {^tious} bee [HAEUFR] and hard bit buy wore [-FPLD] in fact
it can add up to five {^%} savings in entry [TKPWPLTS] what [SOEFR]
{.}  this can on [PHREUPLTS] accomplishment Ted to the tunes ever pen
[TPHEUS] {.}  free on line tracking tool that allows state agent cease
and municipal piss rate and publicly [SAOEUS] {en^} I go con [SAOUPLG]
data and standards for usage and compliance dee tails {.}  that's good
policy {,} good for the {en^} {en^} tang safe taxpayers mon any {.}
last year in [TKPWG] paper per there {.}  it can safe ten of [THOUS]
[SAPDZ] of dollars [TPHTS] first year {.}  [THS] {a^} great think I
look forward to {a^} speedy hearing and {^us} briefly mention dollars
that all of the {re^} certificate [SFP] on great work on this women
working in my office this summer {.}  Caitlin mick gov loss {a^} {.}
ricing senior at Boston lat lat school {.}  {^ress} to go to David son
college did terrific two?nine?  [WOUPB] [WOUPB] [-FPLTS] thinks {.}
thank them for there efforts and {re^} certificate {.}  on this {.}
look forward to [SPAED] by hearing and thank you {.}  [PHRPT] [PHRPLT]
{.}  [STKPWHRFRPBLGTS] thank {,}you Councilor O'Malley [-FPLTS] that
marry one one three?seven?  two?nine?  [HRB] Referred?  to the
committee on {en^} {en^} {.}  mad mad clerk clerk one one three?seven?
three?seven?  {.}  [STKPWHRFRPBLGTS] down Councilor [BG] jack [SOFRDZ]
the following orders for {a^} hearing to assess the east {^ibility} it
chair recognize {^es} Councilor teen [TAOETS] teat Jackson [STPHFPLT]
Jackson thank you so much {.}  [PHRPT] [PHRPT] {.}  I rice to
introduce into the Councilor [SBG] [TKRB] I guess you put in you're
wisdom [PHRPT] [PHRPT] you put the two?nine?  that were on line
together {.}  [RAOEPBTS] {^ly} Washington state [EUBTS] dues [D] the
ability to registration {^ster} to vote on face book {.}  and [THRFS]
{a^} system for face book {^s}{a^} well {^s}{a^} Mike {co-^} soft for
the project to actually work {.}  what we [TPOUPBDZ] in our {re^}
certificate {.}  it is that it cop eight certificates to registration
{^ener} ton paper per {.}  in dish and I think back on Councilor
Councilor O'Malley {^'s} {en^} I go conservation {,} [THS] [HRS] {a^}
paper per less system {.}  no{,} it actually the late Tess {^ing to}
on line and [THAOUL] {^ly} did that five days ago {.}  Boston is {a^}
higher tech tech city and mass choose ask {a^} high-tech I go state
{.}  and boat face book {^s}{a^} well {^s}{a^} Mike soft have offices
actually here so I think we should get those folks [TPH#] and figure
out how week them{.}  {ex-^} indict this pros less {.}  we live in
{a^} day and age now in {a^} country were [-PBLG] I people are block
{^ing} vote ter registration administration {.}  we're in {a^} {dis^}
course at the state level {^s}{a^} to [WHRORPBT] people [HOR] on
welfare should [SRB] sent {a^} vote ter registration [STRAEUGS] card
{.}  we need to [TPHOUT] put up hills {^age} on [STAPBLG] [TALS] ands
make this process easier and vote egg [-FPLTS] {trans^} [KHAOEUS] so
thank you so much {,} [PHRPT] [PHRPLT] {.}  thank you Councilor yak
jack [-FPLTS] Ross in [WEURPBS] to add his name shoo {e^}
[SPEGS] law regarding {a^} act relative to using advance dollars tech
normal I go in prevents {^ing} and solving crime in the city of Boston
{.}  [STKPWHRFRPBLGTS] public safety {^ity} [-FPLTS] Councilor
microphone Ross [STKPWHRFRPBLGTS] thank {,}you [PHRPT] [PHRPT] across
America Boston is [KRD] {a^} lead [TKER] when it comes to fighting
crime {.}  meanwhile sit 'tis like chick chick are seeing there
homicide rates sore {.}  Boston [TEUPBS] to {a^} appreciate one of the
low Wes crime rates sensation wide {.}  however {,} one year {,}
however {,} were we do not [EBG] acceptable is in our abilities to sol
{^ful} those crimes {.}  [PWHAOEUL] the national average of solving
homicides is offering {^us} over [-F#] zero [PRS] here in Boston we're
at [PP#] {.}  what this means for victims of vile lens families left
hind commune tease reeling [TPRT] after mats of begun vile {^liness}
is {a^} double [SKWRR] were not only do they leaf {^}troke loose there
loved once to grouse {.}  some vile lens but in the [PHRA] juror
{^ity} of these case {^s} {,} [-F#] three?seven?  {^%} of these case
{^s} they've {^}troke they'll never seen the {^}troke see the
perpetrate tore of these crimes brought to justice {.}  last week
after that [HAEUPB] necessary [KHRAEUPB] [-FPLTS] commissioner David
{^}troke Davis said that boat {e^} and the strict attorney are without
{a^} critical tool to bring perpetrators of vile lens to justice {.}
[TS] that tool which this home rule peat seeks to row [STAOR] {.}  for
four four years {,} the [KWELT] [KWEFLT] mass choose has operate Ted
{under^} {a^} [EFD] [D] gallon {^}troke gathering stat {^itude} so
arcane that it fails to even clue the word compute ter within the body
of its law {.}  in fact the mass choose wire [STAPG] stat constitute
writ then twelve?  [-FL#] does {'} equate at all about {^}troke with
modern day crime [PRAOE] [SREPGS] strat guys criminal [EPBTS] prices
or even communication {^s}{a^} obviously {^s}{a^} the sell phone or
email {.}  unlike the four three?seven?  other states that have {.}
date Ted there wire tapping [STAD] [TKAOUTS] this year mass choose
lawmaker wrote in to strip the amend {.}  [TPRT] crime {.}  as a
result we make it [HRPL] po {^}troke impossible for the please and
prosecute terse to do there job in collecting [EFLD] {.}  so they've
left [HRPL] exclusive {^ly} to patrol for {re^} elect [TAPBT] [WPBS]
{^s} [HOR] off ten {un^} willing to come forward for fear of there
over {&e} own safety {^ity} {.}  the twelve?  [-FL#] law was writ
{en^} [TKRG] {a^} time when criminal [SEUPBDZ] cats were radically
different than what they're {^ed to} such {^s}{a^} the Maya {^or} some
other highly accidents lice [D] criminal organization {.}  in fact {.}
I of the vile Lenz games that had [PHERP] trait Ted violate lens in
our commune 'tis {^ed to} are exempt from please per tail lens {^ling}
{.}  look {,} {^s}{a^} {a^} attorney {,} {^s}{a^} {a^} progress
[TKPWRES] {^ive} law make ker {,} know one in this chamber is Moore
concerned about getting it right when it comes to our civil lib [PWER]
{^ity} {.}  and I [TKPWRO*EPBT] don't belief for {a^} second that this
alone will sol if our problems {.}  we know that safe streets begin
with good jobs {,} strong schools and caring families [-FPLTS] but
week not expect {a^} whole law enforce {.}  [KT] able for [PRAOE]
vending vile lens if we [ARPBT] willing to give them the tools they
need to suck cease {^}troke seed {.}  I know some of you here the
world [WHAOEUR] trap and immediately our hands {^ing} our rights over
to the government {.}  I wouldn't [B] sporting {a^} law that does that
{.}  gov gov pat trick wouldn't [B] sporting {a^} [THRAU] does that
{.}  even the [SFPLT] [SKWRFPLT] [KRFPLT] plead [D] [WT] legs late
{^ture} to amend this [AFRPBT] Kuwait Ted law {.}  this amend {.}  is
naturally tail lords and would only [B] available {^s}{a^} alas report
and with assumption {^'s} consent {.}  and with {a^} home rule peat
would {e^} {^}troke take affect in our states {^'} capital for hom
size {.}  {^s}{a^} one lawmaker said {,} our [SKURPBTS] stat
constitute is tuck in the day of the role tar {^ry} telephone {.}
it's time to [PHAOF] to the day of the eye phone {.}  thank you {,}
and I look forwards to the hearing {.}  [STKPWHRFRPBLGTS] thank {,}you
Councilor Ross {.}  please add my name Councilor mad mad clerk
[-FRPBLGTS] that marry one one [PH#] [HRB] referred to the committee
lone government government operation praise {.}  [STKPWHR] mad mad
clerk personnel order [-FRPLGTS] one one [PA#] {.}  Councilor mar
[PHUR] for Councilor Consalvo [STKPWHRFRPBLGTS] Councilor Consalvo
[PHAOFS] suss [SPEUPBGS] of the rules {^age} passage of docket one one
[PHA#] {.}  all those in favor say eye {.}  {/} pose [D] know {.}
Ayes have it and docket one one [PA#] has [PHRAS] [D]
[STKPWHRFRPBLGTS] docket one [SP#] [PH#] Councilor [PHUR] newer for
Councilor Jackson [-FRPLTS] [STKPWHR] Councilor [SKRABG] jack [PHAOFS]
suss suspension [D] rule arch passage of the one tock dock one one
[PF#] all those [TPHOFPL] [EUFPLTS] eye oils Nos.  [-RPBLGS] [AOEUTS]
have it [APBTS] docket one one [PF#] has pass [D] [STKPWHRFRPBLGTS] I
have been [TKPWHFD] bite clerk that [THRR] two?nine?  late filed
[PHAERS] in her hands which in the absence of objection [HRB] add [D]
to today's agenda {.}  seeing and hearing know objection {^s} {,} the
allergic will read the first dish to the {a^} Jen [TKAFPLT] {.}  in
order authority authority {^ing} the city of Boston please [TKPEPT]
[SPAEGS] regulation {^is} to {^ity} vision to {re^} [STEB] {a^}
resolving funds for financial?  year?  [SP#] for none sit it {^ity} of
Boston moreover training purposes with {a^} maximum of one {a^}
[HUPBDZ] [THUPBDZ] for fiscal year twenty?  [STP#] [STKPWHRFRPBLGTS]
first late filed marry [HRB] assigned to the [KPHREUT] tee on public
safety {^ity} {.}  [STKPWHRE] ar [OFRTSDZ] following resolution
[-FRPLTS] calling on building own {^ener} to [STKPORT] good jobs for
January stores {^}troke [TORS] [STKPWHRFRPBLGTS] Councilor Arroyo you
do want the even tire think into the record {.}  I don't belief we
need that{.}  [-FRPBLGTS] [STKPWHRAFRPBLGTS] Claire recognize [EUPS]
Councilor [TPRS] [TPAOEUP] feel feel or ar on the second late filed
marry {.}  [STKPWHRFPLT] Arroyo thank {,}you [PHRPT] [PHRPT] {.}  you
know when I did late file this I [TKPBTS] think I would be look [BG]
to then to to thinking [TPWLT] the resolution [PWF] [TKPHROUS] {.}
remind [D] mice and I apologize getting over the floor flu that I did
have {a^} public meet {^ing on} this very top tick {.}  [TFS] publicly
[TPHTS] [D] and the vat Ma juror {^ticity} {.}  [-FRPLTS] [REPDZ] buy
there satisfy [TFS] [TPHTS] [D] at clerk {^'s} office root here in the
curly room attention that while I could have {a^} hearing on this
subject again {im^} happy to do that if any member of the Councilor
wishes to do that do we actually kinds of [HRRB] had the hearing
[OPBTS] subjects and what's {^'} [PWF] us is that [SFPLT] {&E.}  {&I.}
{&I.}  local [SF#] master [KRTS] is expiring {.}  [THS] {^us} {a^}
quick {re^} mine [TKPER] fourteen?  thousand janitors of which half
either work here in the City Of [PWOPS] ton and they're looking for
our [SPO*RTS] in there campaign [SPES] {^iffic} {^ly} [ARPBDZ] getting
Moore funnel {^}troke full-time jobs with benefits which come with
[TAFPD] {a^} full-time job {.}  if [THRS] know colleague of mine with
any objection to this {.}  I would {a^} appreciate passing this {^ed
to} {im^} willing ton and Rick {^nize} that we [SRPBTS] had {a^}
official hearing on this so with that ill [B] [SKG] [TPHLS] [THRS]
{a^} [EPBGS] suss suspension answer passage {^ed to} {.}  Councilor
Arroyo [PHAOFS] suss suspension of the rules {^age} passage of the
resolution [PWF] us {.}  all [THOEGS] if fa [PWFRPL] [STKPWHRFRPBLGTS]
Poe nose [D] know {.}  Ayes have [TAPBT] {^ress} lose {^s}{a^} passed
you know you know {.}  [STKPWHRFRPBLGTS] please make that green green
sheets may say so tit {.}  [STKPWHR] seen and hearing know take
carries {.}  of the clerk [TPHFS] me that [THRR] four [HRAEUTD] filed
[PHAERS] in other {^er} her hands which [HRL] {^}troke [HRB] add [D]
to the consent {a^} Jen [TKAFPLT] care recognize {^s} Councilor
LaMattina on one of the laid filed [PHAERS] {.}  [STKPWHRFRPBLGTS]
sure {,} [PHRPT] [PHRPT] {.}  I ask that this resolution I want pass
[D] {^ed to} {.}  [TPT] clerk could read it [TPHAOTS] record {.}
[STKPWHRFRPBLGTS] please [RAOESDZ] the resolution into the record {.}
[STKPWHR] in city Councilor {.}  resolution of the Sal LaMattina {,}
were {^s}{a^} Martin are mar {^ity} piano {em^} bod deed the word and
spirit of community {.}  all of {^}troke who had the honor of knowing
him new this to be his {^}troke No{.}  east Boston [KAPLS] [-PLS] ands
east Boston social center to his little coroner ice cream parlor were
he [TURPBDZ] out Moore [SPAO*EUFS] smiles than profits {.}  not only
{a^} husband husband father and [TKPWRAPBDZ] son [THO] his [STPHAOUB]
{^ular} familiarly he was {a^} brother and you think [L] to hall {.}
and were {^s}{a^} mar mar teen peen was {a^} human man bridge between
the young and the old of east [PWS] ton {.}  testifies not {^us} {a^}
role [PWHOD] Dell he played {a^} vital personally {en^}
[TKPWAEUPBLGDZ] role in the success you'll {^}troke of Councilor
lessees Bostonians {.}  {.}  I of {.}  {^}troke of the young money and
women marl mar [PWELD] with divot 'tis at home school or in the street
{.}  he became and ally not only to those who sought his hem but to
those who need [D] it [-FPLTS] and were {^s}{a^} mar mar was {a^} true
clam gallons of the arts [-FRPLTS] create {^ive} out less {.}  he maid
you reel lice on stack [KABL] {in^} Sur [PHOUPBS] taxable [KB] over
come and were {^s}{a^} mar mar dealing [WEUS] own miss nor actual was
nothing short of {in^} [SPEUR] regulation {^inal} {.}  his passion for
all thinks east {^cy} were legends rag [-FPLTS] form [PHER]
[PHAFRPBLG] housing project to sing for the elderly {^ly} orth
affirmed to putting together cruise to pick up trash and were has
count less acts of {self-^} please he necessary and commit {.}  lived
on in the memories of the east Boston {en^} [KWRAPBS] mar mart
[TOUFPD] in some way he was very definition of {a^} give [SRER] {.}
he cave all head without reservation {.}  his impact on the {.}  I
young men and women of east Boston tin to beer truth [THO] this
someday {,} [THRFR] {,} [B] it resolved that's Boston center for youth
and families change the [TPHAEUPLG] of the orient high community
center [KHAEUPL] its name to Martin mar {^ity} even if know community
center {.}  [OFRDZ] buy city Councilor Sal LaMattina [STKPWHRFRPBLGTS]
Councilor loo la [-FPLTS] thank {,}you [PHRPT] [PHRPLT] {.}
[RAOEPBTS] {^ly} [THRFS] {a^} peat drive in east Boston to remain
gourd gourd [HAOEUS] rec reek center [THO] mar mar teen [PAOEPB#]
community center and {^00} and [HUPBDZ] of people [SAOEUPBDZ] this
peat {.}  emails you've know I dee that me commuter crashed my
commuter and and pet pet and Carl la Pa [-FRPBLGTS] and mar mart teen
peen was [TKRB] you always here all give all gain {.}  that was [SG]
that I [HRERPBDZ] from {^}troke from mar mar peen peen {a^} east
Boston camp ar I was {a^} east Boston camper from age [-F#] [SFPLTS]
east Boston cam [-PS#] was {a^} camping in Wes fords mass choose were
kids from east Boston would go up there for two?nine?  weeks Tet at
{a^} partner sends the sum ter at the cap {.}  and cap was build bite
east Bostonians [TPHTS] nine?two?  zero [PO#] {^'s} and close [D] four
years ago [-FRPBLGTS] but mar mar teen teen was {a^} exam {.}
Councilor legislator direct {^tory} of {a^} pam camp {,} and he was
big [TKPWER] than [HRAOEUFPLT] tell us store [REUS] at nighttime camp
store [REUS] {.}  sing sol {^}troke songs at the mess hall [APBTS]
child would wrong but these are memories [THAEUF] in my hard but
[HRUPB] dreads of east Boston kids and people are still living in east
Boston remember mar {^ity} peep peen {.}  but mar mar peen peen [HRS]
worked at the maverick develop {.}  {.}  we youse [D] to call it the
[PHAFRPBLG] project [EBGTS] in the seven?three?  zero {^'s} but he
lived with along {^}troke lot of young people in the [PHAFRPBLG]
project [EBGTS] and because of mar mar peen peen [THRR] allot of kids
that went on to college or stayed out in jail are alive {^ed to}
because mar mart peen peen took {a^} interest in him {.}  [THRS]
[TKRB] we've one fame muss Hollywood right {er^} from east Boston his
name is [TPRAEUPBG] [REUS] [SAOUL] {^ly} who helped me put this
together {.}  if it [WAEPBTS] for mart {^ity} piano [TPRAEUPBG]
[PRAOBL] {^ly} [WOF] gone {a^} [TKEUFRPBTS] direction in life {,} and
actually he was the write ter for the spruce {^}troke sop [PRAPB] nose
{.}  {a^} popular show but {^es} {^'s} [PWPB] on Moore shows [-FRPLTS]
but from there working on the [PHAFRPBLG] project mar peen mean had
{a^} ice cream [TROUBG] and does him Moore mon any than he [PHAEUPD]
and he was {^us} loved ply {.}  I people at lease Bo he pass [D] away
at the age of [HT#] at the age [TPH#] [-FRPBLGTS] than an toll col and
mar {^ity} but his memory leaves and so many people in east Boston so
I think it's fit [PG] and would be {a^} great tribute too {.}
community sen it ter after mar mar peen peen after or [KWREPBTS]
[HAOEUS] he state Ted {a^} the first east [PWOPBS] ton [PWAB] bass
league {.}  {im^} years ago so {im^} [SKG] that we would paso we could
pass this [RESZ] [HRAOUGS] {^ed to} and {re^} [TPHAEUPBL] the
community center {.}  thank you [STKPWHRFRPBLGTS] Councilor LaMattina
[PHAOFS] passage of this resolution {.}  [LT] chair [PHAOFS] attention
{^s of} Consalvo agenda which collude this resolution {.}  all those
[TPHAFR] eye [SAOFRPLTS] [-FRPLGTS] Ayes have [TPBTS] Consalvo agenda
has [PWPB] adopt Ted {.}  [STKPWHRFRPBLGTS] [TKHAEUR] recognize {^s}
Councilor mark similar similar {.}  thank {,}you [PHRPT] [PHRFPLT] I
[PHAOF] for {a^} {re^} [KRG] of docket [SO#] [PFP#] to be {a^}
[SAOEUPBDZ] for further axe [STKPWR] [STKPWHRPBLGSZ] {.}  all [PWPL]
[STHAOEPL] [STHAO] [-FRPBLGTS] share has [REBGD] {^ly} appoint Ted out
that [THS] {a^} vote that we [TPAOBG] acquires {a^} second [SPROETS]
for disposition of lands sore [SAO#] [PHF#] {in^} [STEDZ] of [BG]
report Ted {^s}{a^} [SRG] passed we did pass it {^s}{a^} {a^}
[SAOEUPBDZ] for further axe to the than [THAFRPLGTS] [STHAO] [STKPWHR]
clear that sown {&u} Councilor similar similar actually paren Ted {a^}
committee report that state Ted that [TFS] [KWEURBL] [TKWEURBL] vote
and {a^} poll guys {.}  Councilor Arroyo [-FRPBLGTS] yes [-FPLTS]
[STKPWHR] Councilor bake bake [-FRPBLGTS] yes {.}  [STKPWHR] Councilor
similar similar [-FRPBLGTS] yes {.}  [STKPWHRFRPBLGTS] Councilor
Consalvo [-FRPBLGTS] yes {.}  [STKPWHRFRPBLGTS] Councilor Consalvo
[-FRPBLGTS] yes {.}  [STKPWHR] Councilor Jackson [-FRPBLGTS] yes {.}
[STKPWHRFRPBLGTS] Councilor LaMattina [-FRPBLGTS] yes {.}  [STKPWHR]
coming Linehan [-FRPBLGTS] Councilor Murphy [-FRPBLGTS] [KWREFPLTS]
[STKPWHRFRPBLGTS] Councilor Ross row [-FRPBLGTS] yes {.}  [STKPWHR]
Councilor to Pressley [-FRPLGTS] yes {&E.}  [STKPWHRFRPBLGTS]
Councilor Ross [-FRPBLGTS] yes [-FPLTS] [STKPWHRFRPBLGTS] Councilor
tit [TEUFPLT] all guess the to please rice {^s}{a^} we [TPRAOEP] add
[SKWRAOURPB] this weeks {&e} weeks {^'s} meeting in memory of the
following individuals {.}  {.}  [STKPWHRFRPBLGTS] for the chair and
Councilor O'Malley Charles [TKER] roam Ma {.}  core [TPOUPBS]
[TPOUPBS] Consalvo and O'Malley marry Marg get tress {^ler} {.}  for
[KOUPBS] [KOUPBS] Arroyo and Ross {,} [WAUPB] Andreas pole {^ler} and
gene woe [SES] {^ments} for genial Linehan Donna management of small
{^ly} {.}  lose [SFPLT] detail yo {.}  Annette Maine dom dor dor think
financial?  {e^} began [-FRPLTS] John make {ka^} mick aggregate {.}
human mean amount of prove San know {.}  pat trick [SKWRFPLT] lot of
[TUS] {.}  for the chair ago guess [PWURPBLG] ham {.}  for Councilor
O'Malley small Pennsylvania [STOPL] [STOPL] and Councilor LaMattina
[KWRAPBS] [KWRAPBS] Hawn Hawn judge Harry {e^} lamb {.}  mar refill
[EUP] {.}  Kristin {^ular} did I {.}  shear Reese park [KEUPBS] {.}
mar [KHEURDZ] [PAUPBS] ands pastor will {^ly} dough boat Joan tour {.}
juror Councilor Jackson [-FPLTS] Genevieve fill slips {.}you nar
[SRAOES] park [KEUPBS] [-FRPLTS] Kristin {^ular} did I [-FRPLTS] char
rich Leslie [POUPB] [-FPLTS] and for Councilor Consalvo pat trigger
Shah Connelly {.}  chair recognize {^s} [KOUPBS] Consalvo [-FRPLTS]
thank {,}you [PHRPT] [PHRFPLT] I ask actual [-FRPLTS] brief statement
pat Connelly {.}  I know but pat with June you know Pressley pleads
[-FPLTS] I would like to say I know pats {^'} name was red but pats
Councilor Pressley Murphy too she was my neighborhood in familiarly
and she was {a^} {in^} cress {^ible} woman that every {^ry} one in
hide park new [UFPLTS] seven?three?  zero {^'s} and she [PWREPBTS]
from rung try {^ality} lone within [PHOPBTS] passing away expects
potential [HREUTS] and dying of cancer and she watched my kids
[TKAOBGD] meals together and [TKPWART] tern in the sten tit {.}  but
she would never tenter [-FPLTS] without her con [STEPBTS] the but you
nay we are [-FRPLTS] {.}  fa Chris Chris cards that you always see
make {^ture} was take {en^} in our backyard garden were you did do
that at the ash treat [TUPL] whatever the case may [B] [-FPLTS] pat
con [HREUS] backyard so she was [AEUPB] crease {^ible} woman [APBL]
[SPEGS] friends [-FPTS] Consalvo [STKPHRFRPL] my anomie [KAOEUDZ] will
[TPHREFR] for gets her {.}  take {a^} moment of [SAOEUL] leans for the
{a^} form mention [EPBGS] individuals {.}  [PAO*EUPBG] {,}you [LTSZ]
chair [PHAOFS] when we add [SKWRAOURPB] {^ed to} we'll do so in the
memory of the {a^} [TPAOR] mention dollars individuals and we'll [B]
add [SKWRAOURPBG] into exec {^tive} session to discuss pends {^ing}
litigation {.}  I would ask all members to [-FRPBLGTS] too [-FRPLGTS]
[SKWRAOURPBLG] into {ex-^} tech {^tive} session we'll [-FPLTS]
section stow we'll add [SKWRAOURPB] in the public session here {^ed
to} into exec {^tive} session to suggestion appends {^ing} lit
{^ulation} {^}troke [TKPWAEUGS] [PHAERS] and when the Councilor add
[SKWRAOURPBS] {^ed to} [TL] do so to [PHAOELT] again on influence
influence September [SEPTS] [SP#] {^}troke twelve?  {,} twenty?
twelve?  at twelve?  o'clock noon all those that safer eye nigh
{^}troke eye the Councilor stands add [SKWRAOURPBDZ] [STPHFRPLT] {.}

[File ends here]

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