Sunday, May 17, 2015

cc05132015 formatted (not so good) Stenograph Record May 13, 2015 Public Meeting. Boston City Council.

 today is Wednesday {,} may may [13] [-RBGTS] [20] [15] .

2  It's now [12] [P-FPLT] [PH-FPLT] .

3  [KR-R] contribute contribute contribute consider [KR*F] [KR*F] [KR*F] [KR*F] considering considering criminal criminal criminal criminal criminal criminal criminal criminal cc cc cc {&c} [KR-BG] [KR-BG] [KR-RBG] [KR-RBG] [KR-RBG] [KR-RBG] {^}troke [TP*B] [TP*B] [TP*B] [TP*B] [TP*B] [TP*B] {&f} {&f} {&f} {&f} if if {&m} {&m} {&m} {&m} {&a} {&a} {&a} {&a} {&b} {&b} {&b} {&b} {&b} {&c} {&c} {&c} {&c} {&d} {&d} {&d} {&d} {&o} {&o} {&o} off [OFP] {&o} {&o} every {&e} {&e} {&e} {&e} {&e} {&e} {&e} {&e} {&e} {&e} {&e} {&e} {^ie} {^ie} {^ie} {^ie} {^ie} {O'^} {O'^} {O'^} {O'^} {O'^} {O'^} {&d} {&d} {&e} {&e} {&e} {&e} {&e} {&f} {&f} {&f} {&g} {&g} {&h} {&h} [*EFP] {&i} {&i} {&i} {&i} {&i} {&i} {&i} {&i} {&i} {&i} {&i} {&i} {&i} {&i} {^i} {^i} {^i} {^i} I can I can I can I can {&k} Qi Qi Qi {&k} {&k} {&k} {&k} {&k} {&k} {&l} {&l} {&l} {&l} {&l} {&m} {&m} {&m} {&m} {&n} {&n} {&n} {&n} {&o} {&o} {&o} {&o} [paragraph] [paragraph] [paragraph] [paragraph] [paragraph] the clerk will please call {a^} role to ascertain the presence of a quorum .

4  Madam clerk .

5  Clerk clerk .

6  Thank {,}you Mr. President .

7  Councilor Baker - here .

8  [linebreak] Councilor Ciommo - present .

9  [linebreak] Councilor Flaherty - here .

10  [linebreak] Councilor Jackson - here .

11  [linebreak] Councilor LaMattina - here .

12  [linebreak] Councilor Linehan - here .

13  [linebreak] Councilor McCarthy - here .

14  [linebreak] Councilor Murphy - present .

15  [linebreak] Councilor O'Malley - present .

16  [linebreak] Councilor [President|Pressley] - present .

17  [linebreak] Councilor Wu - present .

18  [linebreak] Councilor Yancy - here .

19  [linebreak] and Councilor same same - here .

20  [paragraph] Mr. President {,} we've {a^} full house {^ed to} [paragraph] [TPH-FB] informed by the clerk that a quorum is paren .

21  I would ask at this time for you'll all Councilors and guests to please rise and I would ask Councilor Wu to come to the podium to introduce today's [KHRERPBLG] I go .

22  After {in^} vocation is [TKHREUFRDZ] I would ask all members and guests to remain stand {^ing} {^s}{a^} we recite the pledge of Al will be led by Councilor Wu .

23  Councilor Wu you've the podium .

24  [STKPWHR-FRPLTSZ] Wu good after noon every {^ry} one {im^} very hon in order [TOEUBT] dues the {inter^} national so sight {^ity} of the [KHEUGS] Connolly .

25  {in^} Stan Boston .

26  You {^is} {^is} col does temple is on [KWELT] after and the only one in knew ind land and only one in boss [TOFPBLT] this queer they're El celebrate Ted {^ing} there fist yet and and and they're so [SRAOLD] in the thereto community .

27  I lass saw them at [TPHEP] lease survivors of familiarly member in cop {^ly} square operate Ed it by {&a-} am {diction^} {diction^} inviting the temple here for you're presence and being here and I would like tint dues the [PRAOES] par bees bees part part is {a^} father {a^} husband husband commute [TEUR] sign Tess proceed appropriate technical lead lead amount of .

28  Of back I can owe ga .

29  {under^} graduate statute statute ain't I can't statute [STHAOUT] .

30  About [PH-FPLT] do{.} do{.} stud dent the at you know you know of cal [KAFPLT] {^es} [KOURPBTS] {^ly} {a^} advice tinge pro pro {a^} [TKUFLTS] animate works and [SPEUR] rule advertise sore sat north Eastern .

31  Quite {a^} [KHAL] len and occupied is and on going {en^} differed pack back and {in^} {in^} part of his life .

32  Part part lives with his wife and .

33  Sunday was [SWA] and [WRAEUG] [RAEUG] {.}you .

34  Lead [TKPER] .

35  [HRAOEUFRPBLGTS] [paragraph] [paragraph] dock [KET] number {:} {:} District of Columbia District of Columbia DC [TK*PL] [TK*PL] [TK*PL] A A A A A A A A {;} {:} at this time I would like to invite Councilor Wu back to the podium so that she may do our first presentation presentation {:} {:} paren {^tation} .

36  Presentation [STKPWHR-FRPBLGTSZ] [paragraph] Wu [WAOU] [THAEUPG] you {,}you Mr. President .

37  And I'd like tiny vit up and herb ban .

38  [STKPWHR*FRPBLGTS] and her and her house [H-RB] herb were the first people I met .

39  They ever infection tours of the south end community .

40  And and recently celebrate Ted her [-8] [0] the birthday on may first and she's joined by .

41  I of her friends from the south ends walk Boston and her gran dear Ellie {^s}{a^} well from all the organizations and all the ways that she has really shaped our city .

42  So I would like to reed the resolution that was already given to and at {a^} Sur price party on may first but we're dog {a^} {re^} enact [PHAOEPLT] of her celebration {^ed to} {:} {:} red from resolution {:} {:} {:} {:} red from resolution {:} {:} [paragraph] great [*R] - {:} {:} cool where {^s}{a^} in the [1-9] [-7] [-78] [0] and became the first woman {a^} appoint Ted to the bored of the mass choose port authority [P-FPLT] instrument Al {:} {:} reading {:} {:} {:} and con instruction and cause {^ing} the substitute Ted transaction based in the ground ran creation over it of the south Wes bored [TKER] park .

43  Dedication of the neighborhood of the south ends south Wes corridor and community of Boston community of a advocate of walk Boston [PHOPBLG] .

44  I other endeavors be it therefore resolved con [KHRAT] {:} {:} {:} suck {:} {:} red {:} {:} and by the clerk of the City Of Boston [paragraph] {:} {:} {:} [paragraph] [paragraph] [paragraph] thank {,}you very much .

45  Ladies and gentlemen of the Councilor .

46  {im^} I have hon in order by this .

47  And its {^}troke it certainly {^ly} ease {^s} of [PHAOF] .

48  Over that big of {a^} hum of {a^} birthday so I want to thank you and my friends and familiarly hour all here with me .

49  And I guess that's all {^ive} to say .

50  I don't have any music .

51  [paragraph] [paragraph] [paragraph] pi met and back in [1-9] [-7] [-7] when I [ORBG] [TPH-RT] city {^'s} spar row park and got to know her very well .

52  {a^} great advocate for our city and I see .

53  I her folks from the south ends and her deer friends and familiarly and her husband judge [HUR] {,} [PWAEUPBG] [-FPLTS] .

54  [STKPWHR*RPBLGS] [paragraph] take you for celebrating with us .

55  [SPEGS] {^ly} doctoring that lass sen {^ture} {^ry} .

56  [12K3W4R-6R7B8G9SZ] at this time he'd like to ask Councilor Baker [paragraph] nope .

57  [paragraph] you're on the paren {^tation} [HREUS] .

58  [paragraph] that's good we'll keep [PHAOFG] right along .

59  {:} I'd like to acknowledge rich chard submit loss present of the national {out^} development Councilor .

60  Rich chard .

61  Mick [-L] Flaherty .

62  And gab {^ry} Ella [SPEGS] [SP*ED] that cat tow .

63  [STKPWHR-FRPBLGTSZ] [linebreak] [P-FRPBLGTS] if there are know corrections to be maid {,} the minutes ever lass weeks {^'} meeting the minutes will stand approved .

64  Seeing and hearing no objections to the minutes they're so approved .

65  [paragraph] madam clerk communication {^s from} [HEUPB] his honor the mayor [paragraph] [0] [-8] [56] {:} [PHOPBLG] approving {a^} appropriation of [1] [PH-L] [1] hundred thousand dollars from the income of the gorge France sis park Manhattan funds for the Nate Nate and {im^} [PRAOFPLTS] of the Boston common parks [paragraph] docket [0] [-8] [56] will be signed to the committee on Ways and Means .

66  [paragraph] dom [0] five [-89] [PHOPBLG] authority {^ing} the please department to accept and expends {a^} donation of [3] vehicles from the you night stead states [PHAUR] shall service [2] [2] thousand [4] dodge derange goes and [2] thousand [15] chef lay eke knock .

67  These vehicles will be youse {^ed} by the Boston please department unit [paragraph] I'd like to [PHAOF] suss suspension of the rules {^age} package of [0] [-8] [57] [paragraph] Councilor [PHUR] [PHAOFRS] us is suspension of the rules {^age} docket [0] [-8] [57] all those {a^} oppose sigh sigh .

68  [-8] [0] [57] is passed .

69  Madam clerk [0] [-8] [58] [paragraph] clerk clerk [0] [-8] [58] [PHOPBLG] authority {^ing} [-GT] [PHRAOERGS] to accept and expends [15] thousand dollars from the you {.}you department of justice United States March certificate for the Boston please department .

70  These [TKPUPBDZ] will be youse {^ed} to ret fit emergency response lights and equip .

71  [TPOFRT] [3] vehicles donate Ted by the U.S. mar [SHALS] {^'s} service to the Boston please department department fugitive unit [paragraph] Councilor Murphy [PHAOFS] {^.^} [-8] [-8] [58] has passed [paragraph] [0] [-8] [59] .

72  [PHOPBLG] authority {^ing} the [PHRAOEPT] [PHREPT] [STOEP] and expends {a^} donation of the {a^} art collection depicting large [TKPWER] than life imagines of Boston [PHROFRS] throughout the city for displace [paragraph] Councilor [PHUFR] [PHUR] [PHAOFS] suss suspension [-FRT] rules and package ever [-8] [0] [58] [59] and [-8] [59] has passed [paragraph] clerk clerk docket number [0] [-8] [-6] [0] .

73  [PHOPBLG] for the city Councilor order approving modification to the park [PHRAS] [PHRAS] renewal urban plan known {^s}{a^} the plan adopt Ted by the Boston redevelop .

74  Authority for {a^} resolution date Ted April [1-6] {:} [20] [15] .

75  Docket [0] [-8] [-6] [0] will be assigned to the committee own economic [SREPL] .

76  Planning and labor [paragraph] [0] [-8] [-6] [1] notice was received from the mayor of the appointment of the Pat [PWROEF] if I {,} the chief of operations {,} {^s}{a^} {a^} member of the bored ever directors for the dud dud scare realty corporation .

77  And docket number [0] [-8] [-6] [2] notice was received from the mayor of the appointment of the Pat {&I.} [PWROEF] [PWROEF] chief every operations {^s}{a^} {a^} member of the bored ever directors for the Ferdinand building development corporation [paragraph] docks dock [0] [-8] [-6] [1] and [0] [-8] [-6] [2] will be placed on file [paragraph] {^us} {a^} brief recess .

78  {?} {:} Councilor Flaherty you can come here {,} please .

79  [STKPWHR-FRPBLGTSZ] [STKPWHR-FRPBLGTSZ] Councilor will will be back in six .

80  Record of commit tease .

81  Committee on government operations to which was referred ap ape [-8] {,} [20] [14] dom dom [0] [-7] [0] [0] [PHOPBLG] for {a^} hearing to protect air quality throughout the City Of Boston by reducing fuel {e^} [PHEGS] {^s} submits {a^} report recommends {^ing} the order out to pass {?} that new draft [paragraph] chair recognize estuary of the committee on government operations dock Councilor particular familiar [0] [-7] [0] [0] .

82  There was allot of great lead response sore [STEUT] I Councilor at large Steve Murphy [PHAEURS] {^'s} office add cats from ace and represents [TEUFS] from truck {^ing it} and add [PHORBGS] {,} would {^ing} so hard to make this effect {^ive} poll [SEUFPLT] {&e-} reduce reed {:} {:} [KR-RT] Ted by the city Of to be red fit Ted with the [KPHEUP] .

83  Which means national standard .

84  Explained not forty pave [TKPWRAR] of the committee report [WEUS] in front of all of my colleagues .

85  .

86  I .

87  Changes are were played to {en^} sure Shah [PWOPBS] it [TROEGS] {^ulation} {^s} are can't with the state of the [KPHAOUS] .

88  We also clarified {a^} [HROUGD] types of ret fit fit and provision the and {in^} force .

89  .

90  {im^} qualify departments that's new draft hold [-LTS] intent [-FRT] ordinance with regards to [HELT] of our citizens and makes sure our considerate {^ing} businesses and trucking and equip .

91  Companies are not negatively {^ly} impacted before I would like to here new draft and here from the response sore in had the this career and point that we being [PHAOF] forward for package and thought chair with would like to give Councilor [PHUR] newer that opportunity [paragraph] thank {,} Councilor particular familiar Councilor Murphy .

92  Murphy [PHUR] first I would like to thank the chair Councilor particular familiar for holding {a^} {ex-^} dish us hearing and wield {^ing} affair gaffe {^ville} doctoring the process to get all points heard that I belief is {a^} [PWER] ordinance than the one originally draft Ted by myself and the add [PH-RGS] to come out of this process .

93  And by way of beginning {,} Mr. President Mr. President .

94  Sufficient sufficient county has {a^} diesel pollution index that's [3] hundred and [-9] times the national average .

95  [3] hundred and [-9] times higher [THAPBLT] E.P.A. {^'s} acceptable level .

96  And you know {,} downtown neighborhoods are all effect Ted {dis^} purchaser portion nationally .

97  Beacon Hill .

98  Back back bay .

99  South south end {,} north ends {,} Roxbury {,}you Dorchester .

100  All of those have higher than normal {,} much higher than normal asthma rates among children in Boston .

101  And that was the original {in^} [TEUPBGS] to begin this process of reducing diesel emissions {,} was to help cure asthma and {em^} {a^} fa seem Ma and lung cancer rates in the City Of Boston .

102  And we start Ted [3] Han happen half {,} four years ago .

103  Myself {,} Tet Councilor Arroyo {,} Councilor Jackson was on bored in the beginning {,} and we suffered fits and starts {a^} come of times until such time {^s}{a^} mayor {^ual} {,} came in {^s}{a^} the 55 [PH-RGS] across the hall .

104  He found it to be {a^} pry or {^ity} of his {^s}{a^} well to reduce diesel emission {^s} and contribute to the over all [HELT] of the sit it [TEUFPLT] so I belief what we're passing {^ed to} does {^us} that .

105  We're the first city in knew Inc. land to pass diesel emission reduction ordinance .

106  We're [PRORPBL] {^ly} the forty major city in the country that has done so and I think it bodies well for the [HELT] of the residents of the neighborhoods of Boston for us to [PHAOF] this forward .

107  Thank {,}you Mr. President {,} for the opportunity to say {a^} few words .

108  [paragraph] thank you {,} Councilor Murphy .

109  Before I [PHAOF] on the marry .

110  I {^us} want to point out that on the {^age} {^age} it [SHAEUS] [20] [15] but its [AETS] actually [20] [15] .

111  And that's {^'} what we'll be voting on .

112  Package of docket [0] [-7] [0] [0] .

113  In the new draft .

114  All those favor say Aye .

115  All oppose {^ed} nay .

116  Ayes have it and docket [0] [3] [-7] [-7] [0] [0] has pass the in anew draft .

117  [paragraph] [0] [-7] [0] [0] {:} {:} [paragraph] marry recently herds for possible axe [paragraph] order for financial year [1-6] operating budge it collude {^ing} annual appropriation and tax orders and usable [AEPLS] for the school department and appropriation for other pose employment benefits .

118  Known has owe [PEB] .

119  [linebreak] [STKPWHR-RPBLGTS] [paragraph] docket [0] [-6] [-6] [2] threw [0] [-6] [-6] [4] will remain in the committee on Ways and Means .

120  [paragraph] docket number [0] [-6] [-6] five threw [0] [-68] [0] .

121  Orders for financial year [1-6] capital budge budge collude {^ing} lone orders and lease {a^} [PRAFP] {a^} agreements - docket [0] [-6] [-6] five threw [0] [-68] [0] will rye main in the committee on Ways and Means [paragraph] docket number [0] [-68] five [PHOPBLG] authority {^ing} the [TPWOPBS] center for {out^} [TPAPBL] [HREUS] to {re^} establish in [AORD] {^ance} with Jen laws chapter [4] [4] section fist [3EU] {&E.} and {a^} half {a^} revolving fund to accept from the funds up to {a^} [PHRABGS] mum of [-7] fifty thousand dollars to fund fiscal year to [20] [1-6] to pay salaries and benefits of employees and purchase splice and equip .

122  Necessary try to operate the city hall child care [paragraph] docket [0] [-68] five will remain in the committee on Ways and Means [12K3W4RE6R7B8G9S] madam clerk motions orders and resolutions {,} please [paragraph] docket [0] [-8] [-6] [3] Councilor [President|Pressley] home rule [PAOEGTS] for {a^} [SPEGS] law {a^} act authority {^ing} early voting in the City Of Boston .

123  Chair recognize {^s} Councilor [President|Pressley] on [08] [-6] [3] [paragraph] thank profession press thank {,}you Mr. President [PHR-FPT] .

124  {im^} Tet took {a^} come weeks ago change {^ing} the dates of prime prime election which really after {a^} meeting with add cats [PWEGDZ] {a^} larger question .

125  {^s}{a^} you may recall in [2] thousand [14] gov gov Pat [SAOEUPBDZ] {a^} election law that aloud for among other thinks know excuse [HRERL] {^ly} voting for up to [1] [1] days before state Jen election {^s} .

126  [UFRL] {^ly} this law did not extends directly to city election {^s} .

127  {^s}{a^} you're all aware currently Boston vote terse can vote [KURPB] {^ly} only if they'll be {ab^} [SEPBTS] on election day .

128  [2] if they've {a^} {dis^} [TKPAEUL] disability that [PRAOE] vend them for fro {^et} having or if they cannot vote at the bowl due to {re^} [REPBLG] [REPBLG] [PWHRAOEFTS] .

129  Vote terse observe {^s}{a^} .

130  I opportunities {^s}{a^} possible to engage {^age} participate and ballot lot box really does get us closer to that .

131  This home rule peat [PHEUR] roars the peat pass by the state lass year .

132  [AFRPLTS] an know excuse early voting in abyss state before {a^} city Jen election .

133  In dish this home rule allows for voting at city hall and other location {^s} to be [TKPERPLD] by the election {^s} department .

134  If this is passed {im^} particularly excite Ted about {ex-^} coloring the pee tension ever bring {^ing} early voting to every {^ry} neighborhood to go [TKRUBG] .

135  Already allows you to registration ter to vote or apply for {a^} {ab^} seen tee ballot .

136  Election {^s} {,} {^s}{a^} we all know are critical to the [HELT] of .

137  I [TKEPL] {^cy} and .

138  I other states are seek {^ing} to tamper with and depress the [HELT] of our El [TKPEPL] [SEUFPLT] lead [TKER] and election mod {^sation} at the city level .

139  Collective {^ly} {,} {^s}{a^} {a^} body we've done so much [ARPBLDZ] language [WAPBLG] access and vote ter access with {a^} lead ship [ARPBDZ] balance lots and the like this is one Moore think we should be dog to strengthen voter access and participation and eliminate any bar [KWRERS] that depress our city participation .

140  I look forward to {a^} row bus discussion about this propose Sal .

141  Thank you .

142  [paragraph] thank you {,}you Councilor [President|Pressley] .

143  Councilor Zakim [paragraph] take you {,}you Mr. President {Mr.-|}  {&I.} want [THO] commends could be [President|Pressley] and thank her for bring {^ing} this mere forward .

144  {^s}{a^} she note Ted .

145  This is {a^} time across the country we're seeing {^ing} efforts by one of the national parties over and over again ship away and rights {^ance} I think {^s}{a^} the birthday of the America department {^ity} .

146  Boston is going to speak with {un^} voice and say we're going to do [PWER] and tin to be {a^} beak con I think for the [RETS] of the country .

147  {^us} for the pass year and {a^} half rear on the Councilor it [PWHAPBS] engaging to see this bod [TKEUFPLT] equal {^ity} and access is{,} the disadvantage [TKPWROUPS] and others across the city Of so I think [AEUTS] another opportunity to do that and thank Councilor [President|Pressley] foreigner lead [TKER] ship and ask that nigh name be add and are look forward to the hearing and working up {a^} the state house to get this done .

148  Thank {,}you .

149  You could please add Councilor Zakim ace name to that marry .

150  [paragraph] Jackson [SKWRAPBLG] .

151  Thank {,}you very much .

152  Mr. President Mr. President .

153  I want to emphatically add my name and I want to thank Councilor [President|Pressley] for her lead [TKER] ship in this .

154  This is protecting our mows Val [KWRAOBL] franchise [WEUS] the right for vigil to vote and Councilor Zakim .

155  I states are retreat {^ing} {,} closing doors and putting up on tack [-BLS] and bar [KWRERS] and we're [PHAOFG] in the right distribution with election {^ulation} like this that {&.e} opens the doors and actually [PHAOFS] us towards the [TKEPL] {^cy} that we seek .

156  I also think its a critical {^s}{a^} the young people in the City Of Boston are now par 'tis Tate {^ing} in pass 'tis tour {^ry} [TKPWUPBLG] tinge that [PWREUPBGS] budge tinge closer to the people and increasing mine {^is} pal innovative eye [TKAOETS] to [PHAOF] us closer to where we want to be .

157  Again this is common sense legs {^ulation} that bring {^s} our city much closer to where [WAOEU] should be in terse of {a^} [TEPL] {^cy} {a^} city of so many first {^s} and we need to ink tin to keep our lead there{.} thank {,}you so much .

158  And please add my name .

159  [STKPWHR-FRPBLGTSZ] thank you {,}you Councilor Jackson .

160  Madam clerk please add Councilor jacks jacks {^'s} name [paragraph] Murphy - I'd like to commends my colleague Councilor [President|Pressley] on filing {.}this I do want [THO] race {a^} [KWAUGS] to [-FRB] {,} though .

161  In [20] [14] gov gov pat trick signed {a^} original bill that impact Ted only state election {^s} saying that that process would begin in [20] [1-6] .

162  So this has not happened at the state level yet {,} and I belief that we would have to amend this home rule peat in order to {en^} sure package of the state to say take effect in [20] [1-6] .

163  I don't belief they would allow home rule [PAETS] to take affect before the statewide law does [WEUS] before the [20] [1-6] election .

164  I {^us} offer that at {^s}{a^} {a^} caution at this point .

165  {im^} inspired by Councilor [President|Pressley] {^'s} work .

166  I agrees with her .

167  I {^us} don't -- I belief this might be {a^} case where we would put the cart before the horse so to speak and get out of the gait before the statewide bill takes effect or {im^} accomplishment Ted at at stage wide election so election calendars are {a^} fun {^fully} think and I think we should {de^} fear or demure on the side of caution because the state put it into effect for [20] [1-6] [paragraph] thank {,}you Councilor Murphy .

168  Councilor O'Malley {:} know O'Malley O'Malley .

169  Thank {,}you Mr. President {Mr.-|}  .

170  Last week id {a^} honor of peek {^ing to} [-8] great [STU] departments and about [SEUFPBG] in government and how do we get Moore people to vote .

171  How dough we get Moore people to involved in the [PHREUT] Dahl prose .

172  Gallon nice {^ed} by {^ish} shoes and can dates and {un^} stand {^ing} the important role we ply in people {^'} every {^ry} day life and responded to {a^} discussion on ways to make it easier to vote .

173  Now it's frit {^ity} ease {^cy} to registration {^ster} to vote moat vote ter law and other thinks but we don't make it has ease {^cy} {^s}{a^} week .

174  Certainly {^ly} in this city Of and in this [-L] [KWELT] [KWELT] we don't .

175  We've seen other states do so many innocent [SRAEUT] {^tive} prang 'tis {^s} .

176  Same day vote ter registration regulation .

177  Something I sport .

178  And mail {in^} Val Dade something I supported .

179  This is the first [TEP] to that there's know good {reen^} why we shunt have sen terse sent up that people can vote early {^ry} .

180  I always say and this is {a^} election year for house [HOFPLT] votes are {a^} dine [STHAOEUPL] .

181  By up review this fall .

182  We really need to be dog Moore to engage Moore people and simply make it ease geron so I commends my deer friends and colleague on this matter and ask that my name be add and hopeful [PHREU] work with the state to get this con {^s}{a^} soon {^s}{a^} human Monday [linebreak] coup Councilor O'Malley thank {,}you you did want you're name added [STKPWHR-FRPBLGTSZ] please add Councilor O'Malley name and LaMattina [linebreak] [THAEUPG] {,}you Mr. President [PHR-PLT] .

183  I also rise to thank Councilor [President|Pressley] for putting this forward .

184  Such {a^} important {re^} form that we need to protect in Boston .

185  We all know how from us straight {^ing} it's that so much of our campaign {re^} source us have {^ing to} into this tine tine little win tow about for people to get vote and off years its [AETS] been get egg people to show up and big years getting people to go and stay in line and it's the only opportunities they've before and after work {a^} opening up that window and plowing [PAOEPBLG] to spares Moore and work schedules {^us} .

186  Common sense .

187  So I look forward please add my name and I look forward to sporting this important {re^} form and whether we do it after or pilot before the state I think it's important that we're talking about it .

188  Thank you .

189  [paragraph] [paragraph] [paragraph] thank {,}you Councilor Wu .

190  Price add Councilor [PHUR] oui [WAOU] [WAOUS] name Yancy Murphy and please at the chair {^'s} name .

191  [linebreak] [linebreak] docket [0] [-8] [-6] [4] [STKPWHR*FRPBGS] [paragraph] [-FRPBLGTSZ] [STKPWHR-FRPBLGTSZ] Councilor [PHUR] Moore .

192  Suss [SPEPBLGS] of the rule Ang package of docket [0] [-8] [-6] five ap [-6] [-6] {:} {:} {:} {:} these are {^us} personnel orders {:} {:} all passed {:} {:} [STKPWHR-FRPBLGTSZ] package .

193  All those if favor say Aye .

194  All Poe {^es} {^ed} nay eye the vice have it and docks dock [0] [-8] [-6] [-7] has passed [STKPWHRAEFRPBLGTSZ] [paragraph] [paragraph] I have been informed by the clerk that there are five late filed matters in the hands of the clerk which in absence of objection will be added to today's agenda .

195  [SPWHR-FRPBLGTS] hearing no objections the marry is so added .

196  The clerk will reed the [TPEURTS] late filed marry .

197  [paragraph] [KOUFRPB] bill Linehan for Councilor Murphy .

198  Councilor Murphy [PHAOFRS] suss suspension of the first late file marry .

199  [paragraph] [STPHAO] [linebreak] [PAFRPLGTS] package second of the lay late filed marry .

200  All those if favor say Aye .

201  Ayes have tan second late file marry has passed [STKPWHRAFRPBLGTS] Councilor bill Linehan for Councilor Wu [STKPWHR*FRPBLGTS] Councilor Wu [PHAOFS] suss suspension of the rules {^age} package ever the third late file marry .

202  All those favor say Aye .

203  All nosed eye the third late file matters has passed [paragraph] resolution [OFRDZ] by the Councilor [KOUPBS] Tim McCarthy and Steve [STHAOEF] Murphy .

204  {a^} act concerning workers {^'s} rights and job cutter {^ity} .

205  Whereas American pose Sal workers {^s}{a^} pose Sal service and [STAEUPBLS] that [SKWREP] dice {^s} mail services and long pose office mail services and local pose {^s of} {^s}{a^} long the thousand sands ever living wage jobs therefore tuberculosis ordered that's Boston city Councilor sport the you night Ted pose pose workers commune Ken and call by fifty [1] sen stores and [1-78] house [PHOEPL] of the one year more [TOEUFRPL] yum and closing of mail processing sen terse to allow con [TKPWRES] time to enact pose Sal legs {^ulation} that would {im^} proof not degrade pose Sal service .

206  [paragraph] Councilor McCarthy .

207  You've the floor .

208  [paragraph] thank {,}you very much {,} Mr. President [PHR-PLT] .

209  {^s}{a^} the clerk medicine the American pose Sal workers {^'s} you know {^ior} pose Sal service and stables .

210  This considerate tour and this agreement was {a^} know bid trial program in [-8] [2-6789] stables throughout the country .

211  Pose Sal employees {^s}{a^} we know are trained and [SPWORPBD] to protect and deliver our mail .

212  Simply put the employ {^'s} at stables don't center that [KPWAUL] {^ity} {^ication} this is cred {^ening} the pose pose service [APS] we know {.}it I would like [-FRB] to join myself and Councilor Murphy for {a^} one year moratorium to have con [TKPWRES] {re^} evaluate this agreement .

213  Thank you {,}you Councilor [paragraph] [paragraph] thank {,}you Councilor McCarthy Councilor Murphy [paragraph] Murphy [PHUR] [PHRUR] thank {,}you Mr. President {Mr.-|}  .

214  I want [THO] thank Councilor for leading this fight and I thousand {^ically} join with him in trying to get con [TKPWRES] to slow down the process .

215  It reminds me [PH-FT] process here in Boston which right now people can go for [HELT] care check ups at [KR-FPLT] [SR-FPLT] {.}is pharmacy and while that [TAO*EPLS] seems like it would be {a^} good think it's killing our neighborhood [HELT] sen terse which rely on those check ups to survive .

216  So-so something {^s that} good for people is {a^} debt [STREUPLT] to something in our neighborhoods Han this is something along those lines which someone came up with {a^} eye dee to safe mon any and I get that {,} however there are jobs {^ance} life life hood at stake and there's {a^} pro infection at stage mick Mr. President Mr. President and [125EUB89S] are going to [TRAOED] this like {a^} [HOB] by it or [HOB] {^ly} mob and I commends Councilor McCarthy and threw {^ically} add my [TPHA*EUBG] name .

217  Thank you .

218  [paragraph] [paragraph] thank {,}you Councilor {&u} Councilor Murphy .

219  Thank [paragraph] .

220  Councilor Yancy .

221  Yancy Yancy .

222  Thank {,}you very much {,} Mr. President .

223  I commends Councilor McCarthy and Murphy I over the years Mr. President I have been {&u} {^ive} stood with the American pose Sal workers union on {a^} number of {^ish} shoes [PHOEPBT] {&e} mows recently numbers ago they were change [HRAPBLGD] {^ing} cut backs in the pose Sal workforce .

224  Mr. President Mr. President {,} over my few years on the city Councilor {,} [WAOEFB] very success null in opening up knew pose office in our neighborhoods collude {^ing} one in Mattapan scare .

225  The one on washing done street in cod man scare .

226  And I belief that our efforts [PRAOE] Venn Ted the closing of the grove hall pose office .

227  Again working with the postal union and community residents .

228  {^s}{a^} the son of {a^} postal work {er^} and brother of {a^} pose Sal workers and nephew of {a^} pose Dahl work {er^} {,} I belief that we should prevent the private {^sation} of the pose Sal service {^s that} represented by this potential agreement between the pose office and stables .

229  Again {,} I commend the work .

230  My [2] colleagues on this [EFRLT] and ask that my name be added .

231  [linebreak] Yancy Linehan Baker Flaherty O'Malley LaMattina [President|Pressley] Wu Zakim .

232  Page [24] .

233  Councilor Jackson you've the floor [paragraph] {/} want to la [PHRAUZ] ut efforts of our [2] colleagues I want to reminds people that in .

234  I neighborhoods this is where allots of financial [TRAPBGS] axe {^s} also cur .

235  And if we shut these then we actually push these individuals to [PRED] dor {^ry} organizations that charge them {a^} great deal for there [PWAEUPBGS] {^ing} so I think it's absolutely critical that we keep our pose office strong and other communities out side of the city {,} there are Moore [KHROE] does options but in the City Of Boston there are very few low does options for people to get mon I orders afternoon do [PWAEUPBG] {^ing} {trans^} axe {^s} such {^s}{a^} this and the pose office is {a^} [TRUT] Ted {re^} source in that regard {:} [STKPWHR*FRPBLGTS] [paragraph] Linehan {in^} thank {,}you Councilor Jackson - Councilor will la you did want to say something [paragraph] LaMattina yes I ask to suss suspension the Reese [HRAOUGS] .

236  [STKPWHRAFRPBLGTS] so Councilor McCarthy and Councilor Murphy and now Councilor LaMattina [PHAOFS] suss suspension of the rules and adoption of the [TPOURTZ] late file marry .

237  All those in favor say Aye .

238  Eye .

239  All opposed nay the Ayes have it [57B9] forty late file marry has been adopt Ted .


241  Councilor LaMattina is asserting [HEUPLS] to doubt the vote .

242  [paragraph] so please {extra^} madam [KHREURBG] {,} reed the role .

243  [paragraph] Councilor [PWHAEUBG] bake - yes .

244  [linebreak] Councilor Ciommo - Councilor Flaherty - yes .

245  [linebreak] Councilor Jackson - yes .

246  [paragraph] Councilor LaMattina yes .

247  [paragraph] Councilor Linehan - yes .

248  [linebreak] Councilor McCarthy - yes .

249  Murphy - yes {&E.} [SPHR] O'Malley - yes .

250  [linebreak] [President|Pressley] - yes .

251  [paragraph] Wu - yes .

252  [linebreak] Councilor Yancy - yes {&E.} [linebreak] [KOUPBZ] Zakim - yes .

253  [linebreak] {:} {:} all the clerk asking for vote [paragraph] [12] sore row vote .

254  [paragraph] [paragraph] the role is in .

255  It's [12] in the affirmative .

256  And that mother the the forty late file marry has been passed {a^} [TKOP] Ted .

257  Con firmed {:} {:} all of the above {:} {:} passed {,} adopt Ted .

258  Con [23EUR78D] {:} [STKPWHR-FRPBLGTSZ] [THEUFT] [paragraph] [paragraph] fist late file mother order by Councilor Jackson order for hearing to discuss [KPWUS] [KERS] operating in the City Of Boston .

259  Whereas street [PEFPL] [PHAPBS] known {^s}{a^} bus [KERS] ar vital to the bus [KERS] range from established [ARLT] 'tis the to individuals [TRAEUG] to make {^ence} [PHAO*ETDZ] .

260  Whereas the operators at [STKPAPB] fan Hall to pay five [HUPBDZ] to [25] [HUPBDZ] to [PEFPL] on there grounds to segue grates [PEFPL] {^%} who are unable to meet this high financial demand .

261  Therefore tuberculosis ordered that's appeal committee of the Boston city Councilor hold {a^} hearing to discuss the city of boss tons {^'s} policy on charging bus [KERS] to [PEFPL] in the City Of Boston and invite any interested parties to attends the thinker [HAOEFRPLT] [linebreak] [paragraph] [paragraph] yak jack id know I dee that street [PHEFPL] earns were bus [TKERS] .

262  Dog {a^} lilt bit of {re^} certificate .

263  I [HRERPBDZ] that{.} I would simply say and I would thank Councilor Murphy and you swells you for you're lead [TKER] ship and conversation {^s} about addition kin [TPHAS] {^cy} [HOR] the [TPHOEBGS] [HOR] rung throughout about{.} [R-FPLT] amount of are actually rung fan Yule hall .

264  I don't rep fan Yule hall but I do rep {a^} bun .

265  Of the folks [HOR] out there making {a^} living .

266  People [HOR] working there but off {,} hon necessarily {,} to help brand our city {^s}{a^} the arts city that we're .

267  People who in the mows economic time when people shut down in fan Yule hall they were still there .

268  And we saw the same think on street corn {^%} [ARPBDZ] the City Of Boston .

269  Interestingly when you look at mows of the case {^s} nationally [ARPBDZ] this issue this is actually [KOFRPBLGDZ] {under^} there first amend .

270  Rights .

271  They've {a^} right on public property to [PEFPL] {^s}{a^} long {^s}{a^} it's not offensive to folks .

272  It's very very sad and this is yet another situation where this knew group that was designate Ted throughout about{.} [R-FPLT] amount of is taking advantage of the little by or little woman .

273  They're asserting [THEPLS] {^s} and seek {^ing} to get financial gain based on folks who again have kept traffic there .

274  I think we need to be {^s}{a^} {a^} city the mows open city for street [PEFPL] {^%} and working muse irk ins and [POEFPL] {^%} in the country .

275  We should not be throwing up okay tackles and wall for people to make {a^} living .

276  We if we look at the number of folks [HOR] there there would be close to fifty six {^ity} maybe even {a^} hundred folks who literal {^ly} will not be able to make {a^} living .

277  So I think we out to look long and hard .

278  {a^} come of [KWRAEURS] .

279  One our policies relative to there .

280  But [2-R] the people who we're giving {a^} lease following current city law and our or the Nance {^s} because I would think that they need {^ing to} ahead and follow the laws that we of actually put forward .

281  And {im^} scratching my head {^s}{a^} to who individuals are going to pay between five hundred and [25] [HUPBDZ] to be street [PEUFPL] {^%} .

282  This is I think {a^} urgent issue {,} and I think one that {de^} tracts from the row bus art 'tis tick community that we've in the City Of Boston rather than add to it .

283  And I think we should really explore this and figure out how we don't add really {a^} Burt that will brake the cam [PHELS] {^'} back relative to these street [PEFPL] {^%} .

284  Thank {,}you very much .

285  Mr. President Mr. President .

286  [paragraph] thank {,}you Councilor Jackson .

287  Is there thick feet being designate Ted or vice {^ed} by the about{.} [R-FPLT] amount of [paragraph] Jackson know {,} this is fee is actually being placed on these individuals by the current property own {^ener} lease [TKER] .

288  [paragraph] I ask that question for the property assign .

289  To committee not to Dell have into the marry .

290  But thank you .

291  Councilor Murphy .

292  [linebreak] Murphy id {a^} question {^s}{a^} well {,} Mr. President .

293  {FLUSH} policy going on now .

294  Because we did have {a^} hearing on this and it never came up .

295  [paragraph] Councilor Jackson .

296  [paragraph] so the question is there [PH-FPLT] is the policy going on now [paragraph] Murphy or it something [PHRAPBDZ] for the [TPAOUT] {:} [paragraph] Jackson Mr. President Mr. President {,} I think the other issue threw you {,} Mr. President {,} to Councilor Murphy is that's individuals you're talking about how you brought in for the hearing were not completely {trans^} parent for you about the official fees they were going to add .

297  The hearing you'd were people who were mar [KHAPBTS] and Venn [TKORS] .

298  But kind of like you ask you're niece or never from you you did do there and this is {a^} same type of situation so they should have been Moore {trans^} parent when they came into the this body to ask the questions you asked them .

299  So this is something knew and something that'll be coming up in the [TPAOUT] relative to this five hundred to [25] [HUPBDZ] feel [STKPWHREFRPBLGTS] thank I {,} Councilor Jackson [paragraph] Murphy Mr. President Mr. President could {^ive} my name added .

300  [STKPWHR-FRPBLGTSZ] and please add Councilor [PHURS] [PHURS] {^'s} name to that [paragraph] LaMattina thank you Mr. President .

301  I ask that my name be added .

302  Bus there's another issue going on with street perk {^*ers} over [THR*FPLT] some of them feel like they're being bull lead because they can't [PEFPL] at {a^} certain spot so I would like to bring them in here and see how that works .

303  Who gets the spots .

304  How do they own the sports and do other people [PEFPL] [linebreak] price add Councilor LaMattina .

305  Name .

306  Councilor McCarthy [paragraph] McCarthy thank {,}you very much {,} Mr. President {Mr.-|}  first {^ed} {^'} like to add my name and thank Councilor January jack for bring {^ing} this up .

307  I think it's {a^} opportunity that Councilor Jackson [PWREUPBGS] to this bod [TKEUFPLT] convince convince March and fan fan hall indeed .

308  It's people from all over the world come there and come there for {a^} {reen^} to see the [SAOEUTS] and see the [PEFPL] {^%} and that's all part of the [PAOERPBGS] .

309  This policy can go allot further .

310  {^ive} my own pet pieces with silty vehicles parking on the [PHRAS] [PHRAS] and parking over there{.} that type of issue can be addressed .

311  [STKPWHROEUS] regulations can be addressed .

312  [PEFPL] [PHARPBS] [WHRORPBLT] they're appeal to be over there that can be addressed and the quality of [PEFPLTS] {^ance} I think week thigh this into {a^} nice package and make you're fan fan hall and convince convince mark [TEUPBS] to be {a^} designation point four people around the [PWORLD] .

313  [linebreak] O'Malley .

314  Thank you {,}you Mr. President [PHR-PLT] .

315  I want to echo what the previous speck {er^} said .

316  I {a^} appreciate the ask that my name be added .

317  I think obviously {^ly} it seems to be in responsibilities to media record we've heard I of somber questions is [TKHR] {a^} charge now but Councilor McCarthy {^'s} point .

318  You see these [PEFPL] [PHAPBS] in every {^ry} major city across the [TKPWOEG] lone lone eye Eiffel Tower or pick pick circumstance cuss its a unclear to me if we've any regulation in place if there are any [TPAOETS] what is process is in and make {^ure} thinks or over [KWHEPBLG] and appeal I think this hearing [KPO] lead to la larger mure [TPRAOULT] [TUL] discussion and tower {^ism} {^ance} I thank the make ker and look [TPHAORD] to the hearing an ask that my name be added - Councilor {/} owe Yancy Linehan [President|Pressley] Wu {^us} wanna Ted to rise and join in the core Russ and thank counseling yak jack for bring {^ing} this up it's {a^} very [SPWES] {^iffic} and urge urge issue to help draw attention and fix right across the street and also has the option for opportunity for {a^} wide [TKER] lens and we've seen public art flour [REURB] and this add [PHR-RGS] [SPEGS] {^ly} with the green way and {in^} Stan [STAL] {^ulation} {^s} over there but we need to remember that public art is not art that's [AETS] [SREURB] ew art but arts that's {^'s} per [PHAFPL] {^ance} excite Ted to have my name added and to be [RORPBD] ton this [linebreak] [paragraph] [paragraph] this matter {,} the lass late filed marry {,} will be placed in boat the committee on economic development and neighbor services .

319  Because the fan fan Mark place in itself is boat domain for the about{.} [R-FPLT] amount of {^s}{a^} well {^s}{a^} the City Of Boston .

320  And then the issue are not for that location but for others but it would be in boat location {^s} .

321  [linebreak] Wu [WAOU] I [TKOEUPBT] want to mess with you if there's away to put arts and [KAOUL] newer there because I here it's {a^} city wide issue {^s}{a^} well and the {^ish} shoes of hearts and cull cull deal with that{.} [paragraph] {im^} {re^} duct constant to put it into [2] commit tease rather than [3] .

322  Then I {de^} fear to the maker [STKPWHREFRPBLGTS] [-FRB] ace aloud to come to the hearing and to participate in the hearing but the {reen^} why I [SPES] {^iffic} {^ly} put it in boat of those commit tease and will be {co-^} chaired by those chairs is because [PW-FPL] [R-FPLT] amount of has threw {a^} lease has the response {^ibility} for ar portion of that year and public properties and property imagine .

323  Has response {^ibility} for other parts [paragraph] Jackson can we've {a^} short recess {:} {:} sure .

324  [STKPWHR-FRPBLGTSZ] [STKPWHR*FRPBLGTS] {^us} can to to reaffirm .

325  Mows matters will be place [OPBDZ] economic develop empty planning and labor and the neighborhood service {^is} [linebreak] [paragraph] there are know Moore late filed matters for at that point .

326  Anybody wishing to pull {a^} marry from the green sheets know take {^*ers} {^}troke {?} know take {^*ers} {?} [paragraph] there are know late filed matters for the Connolly agenda {,} madam clerk {,} .

327  I correct {?} - yes there are [SKEUBGS] .

328  [paragraph] okay {,} somehow I loss that .

329  [STKPWHR-FRPBLGTSZ] there are six late filed matters which in absence of the {a^} seeing and hearing no objection .

330  The chair [PHAOFS] adoption of the Connolly {a^} [SKWR-PB] [SKWR-PB] .

331  All nose if favor say Aye .

332  {&I.} Ayes have [TAPBT] Connolly and Connolly ago Connolly coming coming coming coming coming [KPHOPBLG] [KPHOPBLG] common {^}troke [*R] [STKPWHR*FRPBLGTS] [paragraph] [President|Pressley] press announce .

333  .

334  - I really should {re^} frame {.}it it isn't {a^} ice bucket [KHAL] lengths Ang other social media cam [PWAEUPBS] this one is ask I that I ask all of you in sporting the one campaign {.}you .

335  [2] {^'s} bone know .

336  [POFL] {^ity} and illness [ARPBDZ] the policy .

337  Focus {^s} on on [POF] city and the importance of pro vit {^ing} {re^} source {^s} to [WEUPLS] and girls likely group to be in [POF] {^ity} around the world .

338  If you [-L] join me around the meeting {:} mod [TKELG] rose {^ly} the rift ter [STRAEPBT] sanity solidarity to provide the necessary {^ry} {re^} source yours to women and girls [ARPBDZ] the world .

339  So {im^} {^ish} [SHAOUG] the Boston [STREPBT] think challenge to all of you .

340  I hope you'll participate .

341  [linebreak] [paragraph] [paragraph] I'd ask all guests at this time to please rise and Councilor members {^s}{a^} we prepare to add Jewish today's meeting in memory of the following individuals .

342  {:} for Councilor Baker Mike [-L] people broke .

343  Councilor Ciommo Claire {&dun-} and Dan nel advertise .

344  For Councilor LaMattina {,} plan .

345  Dor Ross {^cy} .

346  Sal {^'s} [SOUPBT] {&u} aunt .

347  Councilor Murphy William [SKWR-FPLT] wash bow [HRAOURB] chi .

348  Councilor Murphy and McCarthy {,} Irene [HRUPL] .

349  For Councilor O'Malley hen country creed and John go{.} deaf [REUPB] .

350  Councilor [President|Pressley] .

351  Kelly Allen .

352  For Councilor Wu .

353  Evelyn Mendes .

354  For Councilor Yancy .

355  [TKHRORS] {^ress} Anderson .

356  Officers Ben dean .

357  Officers la core {^ry} state .

358  And offers {^*ers} brine Moore .

359  {a^} moment of [SAOEUL] lens {,} please {:} [STKPWHR*FRPBLGTS] the chair [PHAOFS] when the Councilor adjourns {^ed to} it does so in memory of the aforementioned individuals and scheduled it to meet dependence on Wednesday may may [20] [-9] at [12] owe cloak noon .

360  The Councilor is so adjourned {:} {:} {:} {:} over over {:} {:} [1] [10] [P-FPLT] [PH-FPLT] .

361  Over over [1] [12] [PH-FPLT] [PH-FPLT] {:} {:} {:} STPH-FPLT STPH-FPLT
 {:} {:}

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