Thursday, January 3, 2019

Public funded Stenographic Record of Public Meeting of Boston City Council 11/28/2018

Compare a flawed inaccurate Bletchley Park like attempt here to decode the on site .sgstn Stenographic Record, compare with flawed inaccurate video captions from off site WGBH Media Access Group Caption Services at

Neither Boston City Council President Councilor Campbell nor the Legislative Support Program of Boston City Clerk Feeney, they didn't open the Stenographic Record for hard of hearing folks!

112818cc.SGSTN text

 [STKPWHROFRPBLGTS] good after noon every {^ry} one {:} madam clerk if you could please call the role to ascertain the presence ever a quorum {?} [paragraph] all present so far .

2  Present [STKPWR-FRPBLGTS] Councilor Pressley - Councilor Wu - present {!} Councilor Zakim - here clerk clerk Madam President we've a quorum - thank {,}you I have been informed [PAOEUT] clerk that at this time I would all my colleagues and guests [PHRAO] {^es} rise .

3  Our [HROFRL] {^ly} clerk is going to take us threw {a^} {inter^} [SROEU] {^ication} .

4  I ask all guess [-PTS] .

5  {re^} many stand {^ing} fast [PHREPBL] [PHREPBL] to [PHRELG] Al - [STKPWHR-FRPBLGS] .

6  [12K3W4R*E6R7B8G9S] [paragraph] [paragraph] thank {,}you madam clerk Councilor Al ap [-PBL] paren special present .

7  Et cetera {^es} [PWORPBLG] gorge change {,}you Madam President .

8  [paragraph] hung [TKPWERBG] {^ary} home less [TPHRES] is so [PROEFL] ancient in [PHERPBG] so sight {^ity} {a^} issue {a^} highlight [TEUD] in in addition national week of awareness and {^s that} important .

9  Today's a {in^} vocation extending [KWHROPBGD] {^us} the nationally recognized week and special {^ly} doctoring the off ten {^tive} holiday scenes who reminds every {^ry} one [THO] hung [TKPWER] and hem home less are problems .

10  [TKAEUFL] {^ly} bases and .

11  I of our families here in Boston is {ex-^} [PAOERPBGS] this {^s}{a^} well .

12  [1] {un^} {&u} one thousand [3] [1] [-8] [-7] [1] boss boss or [20] {^%} of the mop population live blow the [PHROFT] {^ity} level Homer less in Boston [ORPB] {a^} tin cal night .

13  [4] [2] [PH-L] Americans are at risk for suffering from hung [TKPWER] .

14  One in five children in the U.S. live in [SPOFRTS] know one to should to [WOFR] which are [WHRORPBT] they're [TPAOUFT] or from late .

15  Hung [TKPWER] and loam less or wide [SPRET] problems that {e^} [SREBGT] far too many people in the City Of Boston .

16  {^s}{a^} chair of the committee on men men home home men men and recover {^ry} it's so important to me that we tin to sport those making strides towards ends {^ing} home less necessary and [TKHUPBG] [TKPWER] in the cease on of living thank I would like to take [PHAOEPLT] to thank and [REPBG] need .

17  Dedicate there lives to on {^ity} [POFTS] housing home less necessary and how long [TKPWER] [HORGS] {^s} clouding the staff from familiarly individual stub since it abuse [KPHROS] tick vile lens and {out^} shelter terse across city Of [HOR] on the front [HRAOEUPBTS] helping authorize experience {^ing} home less necessary .

18  {anti^} [POF] {^ity} agent cease who [TRAOEUF] to {a^} fewer food access and security for flames and individuals and mows [PORPBLGTS] [THREU] to the families and individuals bravely {^ly} basing to working to officer Tom hung [TKPWER] home less necessary and housing and stability .

19  {^ed to} {im^} hon in order to welcome homes for [TPAPLS] [HREUS] particularly that con [SAOUPLG] sad {^cy} team in awareness about hung hung and home home in mass choose {^s}{a^} well {^s}{a^} there add {^cy} in {en^} sugar [SEUBT] recognize national home home hung hung awareness week even if it [PHEPBLT] waiting to after [KRAOFPL] held {a^} [HRUPB] .

20  In and learn and we talked about hung [TKPWER] and home less necessary and we talked about how off ten times our families in tick when they're pecks appearance {^ing} home [TPHRES] necessary we find them housing get them in the community it and celebrate them but those that support them in stabilize {^ing} that house house .

21  [PH-P] [PH-P] {&M} {&M} .

22  And real {^alize} that there's very little in the [TPREUBLG] .

23  Off ten when [WH] they [HREFTD] the shelter with originally .

24  Housing opportunity but we need to also real [HRAOEUDZ] that we need to make sure that's hung [TKPWER] piece is also take {en^} care of and I would admit that {^s}{a^} much {^s}{a^} {^ive} worked on {a^} worked [WAOEU] my [KPHAOEUT] tee the Western and work around home less necessary we offer ten for get the discussion about hung [TKPWER] so we [THOUT] it was important that although we'd one week of awareness that it really should be {a^} {^mont} long celebration or aware else{?} [PWRAEUGS] in {a^} good I was and talk about out loud and year long efforts not {^us} [ARPBDZ] thank things that and Chris Chris holidays it should be something we recognize and challenge for so many of our residents across the City Of Boston .

25  So {^ed to} we've {a^} resolution on bee half of the [PW-PBS] to recognize nag {^inal} hung hung and home home ware necessary week we need to change that to year {,} and we do that with lib lib I Hayes who has been {a^} real advocate and mentor for me {^s}{a^} I learn this work and always bring {^ing} the right people to teach me and teach all of us about the work that we need to be dog {^s}{a^} moll {^cy} make [KERS] to sport the work that they're dog on the front lines in tick to loss on the [WOED] pulp .

26  {^ed to} to [EBG] {^nize} this day to help us all bring great ter awareness to this day and {a^} appreciate you're [PR-S] {^ence} and appreciate every {^ry} once full heart Ted and full [PWAOEL] lead [THOUTS] about this issue and consider it not {^us} doctoring the holiday [PHOBTS] but all year {a^} around .

27  For the Councilor briefly .

28  {im^} putting you on the spot {,} I know .

29  [paragraph] recognize every [WREUB] in the room here [SPORLT] {^ing} this and thank you to the Councilor legislator and the full body for the awareness .

30  I think when we immediate with families and talk [TPAOPL] [HREUS] {^ance} {^ress} [TKHREPBTS] of Boston and families being {dis^} [PWHRAEUS] {^ed} from every {^ry} single neighborhood and families thar hung [TKPWREU] in every {^ry} single neighborhood this is critical we do [PWER] and do Moore tend to the suffering and take care of all members our communities [paragraph] thank {,}you lib lib .

31  Colleagues you do want to come up .

32  [STKPWHR-FRPLTS] [paragraph] thank you're Councilor Essaibi-George and at this time Councilor Janey lass {a^} special [PREPBGTS] .

33  This presentation come right on the heels of the previous presentation or homes for families .

34  I'd like to {in^} vied [EUP] up cat [REURPB] and mar shell .

35  [paragraph] {^s}{a^} they're on the way {im^} {pre-^} none [-FPLD] [TOPLD] [-FRPL] to work that they do{.} this is {a^} [1-7] member organization it [KHRAOUDZ] the awe on this {out^} and community center [EBG] [EBG] {^tive} director for community works [-RPBG] [-6789] they do maids {^ing} work focus {^ed} on range .

36  {^ish} shoes {out^} {em^} [POURPLTS] public [HELT] [WRAEURBL] El [EBG] {^ity} and York {^*ers} {^'s} rights [-FPLTS] they're impact {^s}{a^} boat local and global .

37  It's {a^} cap {^tive} that seeks to race mon any .

38  They've raced [PH-PLDZ] ever dollars for the members of the [ORPGS] none profit work and so worn since [1-9] [-8] [2-6789] its [AETS] very fitting and important that we recognize folks in our community [HOR] {,} making the City Of Boston {a^} [PWER] place for our young people seniors adults families whenever week .

39  And so its grates honor to have you here {^ed to} and I'd like to invite you each to invite {a^} few words if you would like .

40  And do I {a^} resolution for you're you and are work thank you .

41  [R-FRPBLGTS] high {im^} cat [REUPB] and communities works we're {a^} coop {^tive} none profit maid up of [1-7] member organizations throughout great ter Boston all of hom are dog social justice work in there home communities .

42  It's quite fitting that we come up home for families who I know very well but aloft {^ish} shoes that they work on we also intersect with so its [AETS] wonderful .

43  We also do {a^} forward able housing immigrant rights not to say that you don't {,} but section {^ule} assault and [TKPHROS] tick violation {^ish} shoes .

44  Dam [TK-F] [TK-F] the [TKPWAPL] muss .

45  [STHAOFPLT] [-FPLTS] we race mon any by something into workplace {^s} and soliciting there employees who spate in {a^} payroll production program .

46  The mon [TPHEUS] that's employees give to community works collect Ted threw us and then {re^} {dis^} [PWEURS] {^ed} to all of the [1-7] [SHEPL] .

47  Members members organizations within our coop {^tive} .

48  One of the thinks that we like to say is that you know building community is not the tag line for us .

49  It's something that we do every {^ry} day on the front [TPOPT] [HRAOEUPBLGS] dog the work .

50  We keep men women safe we keep .

51  [HREUS] together we respect community [TPHEPLS] to {re^} source {^s} .

52  {self-^} [TKERPBLG] population to help them solve community {^ish} shoes .

53  Some of the members come from the very neighborhoods that have these {^ish} shoes .

54  They were born and raced so they know the issue at {a^} grass [TKPWROUTS] level and they know who to dog to and what people to secretary so social justice work can be car reed to an {a^} advance our work .

55  One of the Reese sons we wanna Ted to be here in the [STEUT] Councilor is we want to solicit the City Of Boston employees for payroll deduction campaign .

56  [WAOEFB] involved with City Of Boston for .

57  I years but I think with the change of add [PH-RGS] thinks have got ten loss {^ed} so we're trying tree mace the cam maybe [-FPLTS] but we want the city Councilor [SHRORS] to know that at some point we were like to reach out to you is to see if there are any bases that you know who may be in the interested in the work we do{.} we're base {^ed} mows {^ly} in great ter pos ton but we also have organizations in some villain [WAUPL] [THAPL] and some in convince {^cy} .

58  [paragraph] let me {^us} my name is martial raid and they'd plea say something on bee half of Hawthorne we build abridge communities cull cull Rick region shall opportunities and we certificate of at at center of Hawthorne for dying log about the community .

59  {^s}{a^} I [WAUBGDZ] in here I saw {a^} young man who had been one of our haw on this kids and now working on home less {^ish} shoes .

60  We try to give our [STOUD] departments you're solid grounds {^ing} so they can be [PWER] citizens in the community of the .

61  [WAOEFB] dog this work for over [4-6] years and we do some community meals in the summer so we {in^} vied you to join our substitute [TKEPBDZ] {^s}{a^} they grow it cook it and share it we do {a^} depreciate the opportunity to come here {^ed to} {:} .

62  [STKPWHR*FRPBLGS] [THAEUPG] {,}you Councilor [AEUPB] Jane [SKWRAEURPBL] business starting with the {a^} [PHRAOFL] of the minutes .

63  If thereby [TPHOEU] [KREGSZ] {ex-^} to be maid {.}you approved .

64  Seeing and hearing no objection {,} the minutes are so approved .

65  [paragraph] community {^ication} Kass from his honor the mayor [STKPWHR*FRPBLGTS] Madam President would you like knee reed [15] [-6] [1-6] threw [15] [15] [-6] [1] [STKPWHREFRPBLGTSZ] that would be great .

66  [paragraph] [paragraph] [TKARG] barring agreement between the City Of Boston and {inter^} national {a^} association of fire fight ter .

67  Local [-7] [1-8] 99 terms of the considerate are July first [20] [1-7] to June [30] [20] [1-8] annual jewel first [20] [1-8] threw June [30] [20] [2] [1] .

68  The major [PROEUGS] {^s} of the considerate clue base wages increases of [2] {^%} [TPAOEBGT] {^ive} first pay period of July of each fiscal year .

69  The agreements also clue increase {^es} to night deference shall hazardous duty competence {^sation} {&E.} [PH-FPLT] {.}is special [SHREUS] pay and modify well necessary [TKEUFRPBLGS] filed in the office of the city [KHRERB] November [2] [1] {,} [20] [1-8] number of [5] [-7] [PHOERPBLG] authority [-RG] to reduce [TP-FPLT] .

70  Consider [KHRERG] [KHREBG] back barring by [1-8] [PH-L] [2] hundred and [12] thousand [-6] [30] {^ed} to provide funding for the boss Boulevard for the financial year [1-9] [EUP] crease {^es} collective bargaining agreement between City Of Boston and {inter^} in addition association of fire fight fight [-7] [1-8] .

71  [-FPLTS] docket number [1-6] five [58] [PHOERPBLG] approving ap supplemental appropriation of [1] [PH-L] [13] thousand .

72  Five five doll to cover the [1-9] cost items Thames [KOPBD] pain watt connect collect Pennsylvania .

73  School committee about{.} advertisement [-8] [-8] [-8] administrate {^tive} guild .

74  The terms of the considerate are September first [20] [1-6] threw [SKWRAOUG] [KWRAUG] [3] [1] [20] [1-7] and September first [20] [1-7] threw threw August [3] [1] to [20] [20] .

75  Of the major pro [SRAOEUGS] us of the [KP-RT] clue base beige increase {^es} of [2] {^%} in [SEPTS] September in each fiscal year .

76  Of the {a^} agreements also [KAEUPBD] other benefits [KHRAOUGD] knew steps {,} filed in the office of the city clerk on November [2-6] [20] [1-8] .

77  Reduce the financial year [1-9] appropriation for the {re^} certificate .

78  For collective bargaining by one nil {^ist} [-7] of {^ed} to provide funding of the Boston public schools for financial year [1-9] cost items contained within the collect collect bargaining {a^} [TKWRAOEPLT] [SEUFPLT] {&E.} {.}you [TPHAOUPL] [EUP] add [PH-P] build .

79  Docket number [1-6] [-6] [0] [PHOERPBLG] approving [STAEUPLGTS] for the Boston public [HELT] commission and Boston sits 'tis {^'s} housing truss for financial year [1-9] in the amount of [2-8] [0] thousand [2] [2-9] {^ed} to cover the financial year [1-9] cost items [EPLS] contained within the collective bargaining {a^} agreements between the Boston pick lick [HELT] commission [-8] [-8] [-8] {.}is [SEFPLT] {&I.} [TPUFPLT] parameters you know it the terms [-FRT] considerate ar October first [20] [1-6] threw September [30] [20] [1-7] .

80  And October first [20] [1-7] September [30] [20] [20] .

81  The major pro serration {^es} of the considerate you clue base wage increases of [2] {^%} effect {^ive} the first pay period of January of each fiscal year .

82  The {a^} agreements also contain other benefits collude {^ing} anew step beginning in [20] [1-9] filed in the office of the city clerk on November [-6] [20] [1-9] - [1] [4] [4] [1] [PHOERPBLG] to reduce the appropriation for the {re^} certificate .

83  For collect collect bargaining by [20] [-8] thousand [2] [2-9] {^ed} to provide funding for the [PW-PT] commission for the his .

84  [PW-P] [PW-P] [PW-P] [PW-P] [PW-P] [PW-P] .

85  Collective bargaining agreement between the Boston [PW-P] commission and local [-8] [P-FPLT] about{.} about{.} docket [KETS] one [KWRAEURB] [KRAEURB] [KRAEURB] [KRAEURB] [KRAEURB] [KRAEURB] [EUB] [KRA*EUB] [KRA*EUB] [KRA*EUB] [KRA*EURB] Kansas [KRA*EUB] [KRA*EUBG] crake [KRA*EUFRBG] [KRA*EUFRBG] [KRA*EUFRBG] crake [KRA*EUB] [KRA*EUB] [KRA*EB] [KRA*EB] [KRA*EUB] [KRA*EUB] [KRA*EUB] [KRA*EUB] [KRA*EUB] [KRA*EUB] [KRA*EUB] [KRA*EUB] [KRA*EUB] [KRA*EUB] [KRA*EUB] [KRA*EUB] [KRA*EUB] [KRA*EUB] [KRA*EUB] [KRA*EUB] [KRA*EUB] [KRA*EUB] [KRA*EUB] [KRA*EUB] [KRA*EUB] [KRA*EUB] [KRA*EUB] [KRA*EURB] [KRA*EURB] [KRA*EURB] [KRA*EUFRB] [KRA*EUFRB] [KRA*EURB] [KRA*EURB] [KRA*EUB] [KRA*EUB] [KROEB] [KRO*ERB] [KRO*ERB] Puerto Rico Puerto Rico [PHR*] [PHR*] plaintiff plaintiff plaintiff [PR-F] [P*F] [P*F] [P*F] [P*F] [P*F] [P*F] [P*F] [P*F] [P*F] [P*F] [P*F] [P*F] [P*F] [P*F] [P*F] [P*F] [P*F] committee on pub plaintiff [PR-F] [PR-F] perfect perfect perfect plaintiff - [paragraph] [STKPHR-FRPLGTS] [STKPWHRAOEUFRPLGTS] in [APBLTDZ] [-9] hundred [09] [06R789S] [-FPLTS] tight Al [3] -- [KR-FPLT] knew [PREURPB] program [TPOFPLT] [20] [1-9] award [-RD] by the U.S. department of the hose Hess and um human service pass the mass {^es} [EBG] {^tive} {^s of} of elder affairs add Master's degree [PAOEUT] El El {a^} commission grand will fund the home [TKHREUFRDZ] and con [TKPWREU] gait meals for seniors in [PWOPBS] [TOFPLT] and boss does being bock [1-6] [-6] [4] .

86  [PHOERPL] City Of Boston to accept and expends {a^} amount of [1] [PH-L] [3] [-6] [3] thousand [-8] [-6] [4] {^ed} and [3] [2] {^s} .

87  In the form of {a^} grant for the state elder [HRUPB] .

88  Program award by the [PHRAS] [EBG] [EBG] {^tive} office of elder affairs to be add Master's degree by the El El El commission the grant will fund [PHRAOELS] for seniors in Boston .

89  Dock [1-6] [-6] about [3] will be {a^} find to the the healthy women women familiar familiar and communities [paragraph] dock [1] [-6] [-6] five [PHOERPBLG] authority {^ing} the City Of Boston to accept and expends {a^} amount of five hundred thousand dollars in the form of {a^} grand from the planning for economic mobility lab awarded bide rock feller fun [HOEUFPLT] [PHAEURS] {^'s} office .

90  The an grant will fund the does of researching and planning and economic mobility lab to plan and security for lower and lower income [HRORP] .

91  [1-6] [-6] five will be {a^} find so the job wages and workforce develop .

92  And Madam President would you like knee do [1-6] [1-6] [-6] and [1-6] [-6] [-6] [-7] together {?} - that would be [TKPRAEUT] thank you - [1-6] [-6] [-6] cement and {a^} amount .

93  [3] [-7] [-9] {^ed} in the form of {a^} grant .

94  Ace care [TKPWEUFPBGS] {a^} war [-RD] by the Councilor how many home service {^is} [PHRAS] peck [EBG] {^tive} office [AFRPLTS] [AFRPLGTS] to be add Master's degree [PAOEUT] elderly {^ly} commission [TKPRAPBT] will fund sub [TKPWRAPBTSDZ] for caregivers service force seats roars {^ance} granted partner racing there children .

95  Docket [1-6] [-67] [PHOERPBLG] authority {^ing} the City Of Boston to accept and expends {a^} amount of [3] hundred thousand dollars in the formal of {a^} grant from the Boston [KHEURPBS] {^'s} hospital to the administered by the office of food access .

96  Of the grant will fund the Boston [KWROUPBT] program {,} {a^} {im^} [PRAOFD] the [HELT] and well-being of children and families Disproportion authority {^ed} impact Ted fight {in^} ebb [TEUFS] [HEPLT] and social {de^} [STREUPLT] of [HELT] docket [1-6] [-6] [-6] threw [1-6] [-6] [-7] - healthy women women palm palm and communities .

97  Docket number [1-6] [-6] [-8] [PHOERPBLG] authority {^ing} the City Of Boston to accept and expends {a^} amount of [2] hundred and [-7] five thousand dollars in the form of {a^} grant for the cease program awarded by the done nor group to be add Master's degree by the please department .

98  The plant there fund the sit 'tis empowered by section {^ule} exploitation network in Boston .

99  {a^} multi sector strat I go legs late [TORS] are survivors [HOR] working partnership to {a^} boll [HREURB] and [TKPHRAPBD] for how many man trafficking .

100  Docket [1-6] [-68] will be assigned to the committee on public safety {^ity} and cripple cripple {^us} {^us} .

101  [1-6] [-69] [PHOERPBLG] authority {^ing} the City Of Boston to accept and expend {a^} amount of [-6] [-6] thousand [1-7] five {^ed} in the form of {a^} grant of the [TP-FPLT] financial year [1-8] Emergency Management .

102  [PEFPL] [PHAPBS] grant award by the agency passed throughout mass choose Emergency Management .

103  Agency to be add Master's degree by the [PHAEURS] {^'s} office of Emergency Management .

104  .

105  The grant will fund the increase {^ed} ability to effect {^ive} {^ly} pro [PHAOEUD] [SRAO*EUD] improvement and accurate pub calculation and {a^} [HRERTSZ] .

106  {^logical} also {a^} enhance .

107  [KWELT] [KWELT] to recover from acts of terrorism {^s}{a^} well {^s}{a^} natural technological or {inter^} national pages {&I.} [paragraph] thank you very much madam [KHEUR] suss suspension and acceptance [1-6] [1-69] pretty {^ity} stayed [TPRAORT] {^s}{a^} this funds Lynn crease the ability to alerts {in^} case of disaster .

108  Thank - [WAO*EUR] of the commit [TOEUP] {im^} consider cripple animal [-RPBL] suss suspension of the rules {^age} package of the [1-69] [-69] [5UR8] [THO] those [TPHAFR] implement [STHAOFPLT] - {^itis} have it [TOFPLT] [1-69] [-69] has opinion bass {^ed} [paragraph] docket [1-69] [-7] [06789] [PHOERPBLG] authority {^ing} the City Of Boston to accept and expends {a^} amount of fifty thousand dollars in the form of {a^} grant for smart you [TEULTS] policy awarded [PAOEUT] bar foundation to be add Master's degree [PAOEUT] {en^} {en^} department .

109  The grant will fund strict {en^} I go Mike grade Inc. nearing {ex-^} peer tease for implement accomplishment {^tation} of the boss tons {^'s} small you tilt poll [SEUFPLT] .

110  Thank [UFRPLTS] [President|Pressley] I rise to ask to us spends and pass docket [1-6] [-7] [0] .

111  This is {a^} fist it thousand dollars from the [SPHAURT] truly you'll um bar foundation see slings [EUFRPLTS] article [-8] [30] process project [EBGTS] thar larger than [1] point five million{}dollars square feet fees act study {^s}{a^} it relates to Mike crow grids very very very good news .

112  Have it Moore microphone grids authorize {re^} come bass fossil fuels to create hype per length local smart grids tech normal guys reliance on parcel fuels so this is to help address the feasibility on .

113  {^ive} {em^} these programs grant will they'll {&e-} ground so rather than having {a^} hearing I think [TWHAO] we need to get up this mon human human [POBS] so I ask for suss suspension ever package of this dock [KET] .

114  [paragraph] thank {,}you Councilor O'Malley .

115  Councilor O'Malley the chair of {en^} {en^} sustain ability and parks seeks suss suspension of the rules {^age} package of [1-6] [-7] [0] .

116  All nose favor say Aye .

117  Any opposed a nay .

118  Ayes have it ap [1-6] [-7] [0] has been pass {^ed} [paragraph] docket [1-6] [-7] [1] [-FPLTS] City Of Boston to accept and [AEBGS] pends the {a^} amount of [15] [TPHOUDZ] in the form of {a^} grant for the strat strat planning {in^} {^ish} {^tive} awarded by the [SKHAEUR] hour [STPREPBT] to be add Master's degree by the office of food access .

119  .

120  Grant will fund sport office of strat strat [PHRAOEPBG] {in^} {^ish} {^tive} to higher {a^} consult [TAPBT] and materials .

121  [STKPWHR-FRPBLGTSZ] Councilor O'Malley you've the floor .

122  [THAEUPG] you again madam hem [HELT] palm {im^} with {im^} and palm familiar [APBL] second-degree [-FRPL] suss [SPAEPBD] the rules [APBL] package pass docket [1-6] [-7] [1] has the clerk {^us} {^is} raid [TOFP] .

123  {re^} source yours for the office of the [STR-T] is the strat planning {in^} {^ish} {^tive} on food United Kingdom [SES] .

124  This offer place {a^} major role .

125  Hell hell [TPAOPL] objection [-PBGS] [TPOUPL] {^%} [AERS] Mark and tarring Ted neighborhoods .

126  If we aim to I would [PWUFPLD] inclusive and war people can have [TPR-FPG] [THOUR] - [ABG] Tess should fresh and [HELT] think foods {^s}{a^} vase chair of the commit [TAOEP] healthy {im^} women familiar familiar and community {^ive} [PHAOF] {^ed to} to suggestion spends the rules [-FPLTS] thank [UFRPLT] [-6789] vice [KHAEUFRT] commit commit of healthy women women familiar familiar and communities [SAOEUBGS] us suspension of the rules [APBLGS] package ever [1-6] [1-67] - all those in favor [SRAULS] vase favor favor favor favor all those in favor say sigh [SH-FPLT] {!} all those in favor psi say ice eye {?} {:} {:} [STKPWHRAUFRPBLGTS] report {^ing} system .

127  Award [PAOEUT] mass department of pun lick [HELT] to be add Master's degree by the [PW-PD] [PW-PD] .

128  The grant will fund [TKAT] da collection by the bureau of investigate {^ive} {er^} sis {^s} and drug control unit .

129  Councilor {^ic} in mick you've the [TPHRAO*R] .

130  Thank {,}you very much .

131  I [PHAOF] to suss suspension and pass [1-6] [2-7] [2] {a^} ten thousand dollars grant straightforward .

132  The there grant will go forwards fund data collection for the bridge and drug control unit for the Boston please department [paragraph] [THAEUPG] {,}you Councilor McCarthy Councilor McCarthy loss the chair of the committee on pub pub safe safe and cripple cripple justice .

133  [1-6] [-7] [2] all those in favor say Aye .

134  Any opposed a nay .

135  [linebreak] [1-6] [-7] [2] has been pass {^ed} [paragraph] dock number [1-6] [-7] [3] [PHOERPBLG] for the confirmation of the {a^} Rea appointment of cat cat cot cot to the bored of directors of industrial svelte .

136  Finance authority for {a^} term expiring April first {,} [20] [2307] [paragraph] [1-6] [-7] [3] will be signed [THOT] committee on France portion .

137  [STKPWHRAFRPBLGTS] add mad clerk clerk if you could {re^} [1-6] [-7] [4] threw [14-67] [45] together .

138  [paragraph] [1-6] [-7] [4] [PHOERPBLG] for the confirmation of the appointment of the at cat judge {^s}{a^} {a^} member of the audit committee in the City Of Boston for {extra^} {&e} term expiring November first [20] [230] .

139  And docket [TPHRUPL] [1-6] [-7] five [PHOERPBLG] for the confirmation of the appointment of mat truth or {^s or} [-FPLTS] audit did committee fort [SPEUB] for term expiring on November [TPEURTS] [20] [23] .

140  Councilor [1EU78] similar you've the floor .

141  Thank {,}you Madam President norm {^inal} {^ly} I would have this hearing but thee need a quorum for the lass meet egg of the year .

142  I sent along the {^ress} mace for [-FRB] to {re^} [STKRAOUS] I think they're {em^} peck agent examine them .

143  After knew year and in dish to that there's very little room to hold hearings in this chamber over the infection several days to get business done .

144  {im^} begging you're {in^} dull against for packages of these do [2-7] dock [KAETS] [-FPLTS] Councilor Ciommo loss chairs of the committee on ways and means - rules and package of the these appointments or confirmation of {a^} these {a^} [PWOEUPLTS] dock docks [1-6] [-7] [4] and [1-6] [-7] [4] we'll take them separately .

145  For docket [1-6] [-7] [4] all those [TPHAEUFR] say Aye nay nay - Ayes have [TAPBT] [1-6] [-7] [4] has opinion passed [paragraph] and [1-6] [-7] five {&I.} eye [EFRPLGTS] - mow may say nay - have that [1-6] [-7] five has [PWAPBS] {^ed} [STKPWHRAFRPBLGTS] [STKPWHR*FRPBLGS] - [TKPOEURPBL] {^mation} of the appointment of San San endcapcapcap to the bored of director of the Boston industrial finance authority for the term expiring ape first [20] [20] [12] [AEFRPBLGTS] docket [TPAEUP] first .

146  .

147  [PHOERPBLG] for the confirmation of the appointment of geron rad dough {^es} [SOEUPB] so la to the poured of director to the Boston industrial - finance authority for the April first [20] [2] [1] .

148  [paragraph] docket [1-6] [-7] [-6] and [1-7] [-67] planning development and transportation .

149  [-FPLTS] are [PHAOFG] [-FRPG] reed docket [1-67] threw [1-68] [1] together [paragraph] docket communications received from {^s about} brine [PWROEUPB] {.}it .

150  - finance planning and develop {&r-} agent [SEUZ] regarding the proposed {em^} {em^} dom dom taking of City Of Boston owned property on Broadway and Marge [TPHAEUPBL] rode [paragraph] filing of the Boston rye [STPEPL] [paragraph] [STKPHREUFRPBLGTS] old col col face [3] a [4] limb Tate {&I.} chat chat section [-6] [1EU] after mass [KPHAOUS] general laws .

151  Docket [1-6] [-8] [0] commune case was received from the sit it {^ity} clerk of the filing of the {^s about} an ton real development authority of the {a^} [TKPRAOEPLT] of City Of Boston and old cold col face [3] a [-9] limb Ted part [SPHER] ship pursuant to chapter [1-6] [12] [1] a .

152  And docket number [1-6] [-8] [1] notice was received from the mayor of the appointment of [TKO*U] Darlene [HROPL] [PWOES] {^s}{a^} [PHAEPL] of the {^s about} [KPH-PL] {^s about} [K-PL] boss {^s about} system system [S-BG] [S-BG] [S-BG] [SPW-BGS] becomes becomes becomes becomes becomes becomes box box box bock bock bock Bo be [TKOP] {:} [TKPHAOEUPLT] usual the usual terms and conditions .

153  All those if favor say Aye .

154  Any opposed say [KWRAEUBG] nay .

155  The Ayes have it {^ant} fees fever [TPAOEFPL] .

156  [STKPWHR-FRPLTS] [paragraph] usual the {under^} [TERPBL] and conditions .

157  [paragraph] madam clerk clerk if you we could reed [1-68] [3] threw [1-68] [-7] together .

158  - [1-68] [-L] [-7] [3] - side of .

159  I [AORD] {^ance} with chapter figures fix of the sort nap {^ness} of the in the 91 that it bide city Councilor at its meeting of October .

160  [STHAO] [-678] [-6789S] docket number [STHAORPLTS] - [STHAO] - [TPHAOEUFRPLTS] {a^} {&I.} [STHAOEUT] - [STKPHR-PLT] order [PHAPBS] {^ness} of the nun imp axe take {^ential} [PAOEUT] mayor act Ted upon by familiar city Councilor at its meeting of October [20] [1-8] {:} docket number [1-68] five communication was received from the city Of clerk of the filing of the boss [PWR-D] [PW-RD] [PW-RD] [PW-RD] authority [PW-RD] [PW-RD] [PW-RD] [PW-RD] [PW-RD] [PW-RD] [PW-RD] [PW-RD] [PW-RD] [PW-RD] {:} [paragraph] - clerk of the [PEUR] filing by the Boston [PW-RD] of the first amend .

161  To the record and did I significance of the parse sells about{.} .


163  [linebreak] [STKPHR-FRPBLGTSZ] [paragraph] thank {,}you [PEFRPBLGTS] docket [1-6] [2] [1] .

164  Order that pursuant to chapter [40] [SEUPT] it [TOEUFPLT] track for in the City Of Boston for financial year [20] [1-9] shall deem be the anybody that{.} [ROEGS] [TKEPBGS] factors {:} commissioner of revenue pursuant to mass [KHUS] Joan [EFRPLTS] fa [58] six one a and be further that {a^} prepare [-FPLTS] - [TRAPLTS] [STREPLTS] [KR-FPLT] {^s}{a^} amend .

165  Exemption at amount of value equal to [35] {^%} [-FRT] average assess {^ed} value of the all class one {^ress} lengths parcels in the City Of Boston be and hereby is approved for fiscal year [20] [1-9] .

166  Dock number [1-6] [12] [PHOERPBLG] for our approving of the {a^} ordinary authority {^ed} [AEPD] [EFRPLGTS] sit 'tis {^'s} capital impact of transportation network services on municipal roads bridges {^age} other {infra^} struck struck or any other pub [PHREUBLG] purposes relate Ted to the operation of transportation Ned work services in the city and docket number [1-6] [14] [PHOERPBLG] for you're {a^} [PRAOFL] {a^} decoration of truss in {^ite} [-LD] the maker Boston shine truss fund .

167  This truss fund will further pro mows the public [HELT] safety and welfare by {en^} courage {^ing} civic {en^} [TKPWAEUBLG] .

168  Unit {a^} {a^} sense ever neighbor neighborhood pride and own ship by short {^ing} {^ress} [TKREPBTS] and - service [EUFRPLS] beauties file .

169  - [paragraph] thank {,}you madam clerk clerk before I call on Councilor Ciommo .

170  And Councilor {^es} Edwards is presents [STKPWR*FRPBLGS] [STKPWHR*FRPBLGTS] {^ments} [STKPHR-FRPLGTS] [paragraph] - [KHUPB] committee on Ways and Means [HELT] thighs [3] hearing [OERDZ] on Monday November [2-6] the docket [1-689] [2] [1] is {a^} order for the city Of Councilor to adopt [KHRATS] if I {^ication} and die Claire {a^} residential exemption in the City Of Boston for physical year [20] [1-9] this is {a^} {^ian} [TKPWHRAOUL] [TPAOEURPLT] for us to get certificate {^ified} by the state .

171  {^ress} tension FAQ to and residential exemption of [35] {^%} and approved by the mayor prior to fe any tax rate [WAOU] let testified at this hearing options and the sit 'tis [AEGS] history of hospital {^ing} for high {^es} gazing for residents fax pairs {a^} combined [45] [HUPBDZ] for each qualify home own [TPHERS] lass year .

172  Public .

173  Was take {en^} from Sam [SAOEUL] [SAOEUL] press of the pos ton {re^} certificate .

174  Bureau expressed concerns about the tax burden place {^s on} the business community [HR*U] but also understood that there's know chance we were actually going to do that .

175  The [STEURT] {^ity} real {^alize} heavily on the property tax for city funds but halls place .

176  Maximum relieve to residential taxpayers - docket [1-6] [1] authority appropriation of [-6] five point [TPAOEUFPLTD] grant fund address the {im^} fact network network companies {.}it in{.} [KR-FPLT] such {^s}{a^} usual usual analyst on hewn menu [EUP] Fra truck truck and relate Ted to them packet and {im^} accomplishment [TKPWAEUGS] of it {.}it .

177  Portion of per [RAOEUTD] assess .

178  {.}it in{.} why{.} [KR-FPLT] {^'s} to the state this year and lass ways the first year of the program are [PRAOFRPLTS] [TRAPBLS] podge {&E.} [STHAPBLG] [PROEBGTS] .

179  [PROEFPLTS] ever assess .

180  Was 20s of which city receives ten {^s is} for every {^ry} right originating in the City Of Boston .

181  Budge direct direct etch certificate [STREUPLS] and chief Osgood testified at this hearing {ex-^} [PRAEUPBG] the funding [SOURTS] and the sit 'tis ace plans {in^} [SRES] [EPLTS] explained to the city will be begin youse {^ing} the [PHUPBD] {^ing} .

182  Mows of the invoice .

183  Will be [1] [THAOEUPBL] - experience {^s} due to the sun [SES] clause in the laws of the five year [SUPBS] [SES] clause .

184  Chief Osgood [HREUS] Ted the [PHRAPBSD] ins advice Tess .

185  Squawk repair bike {infra^} structure .

186  {a^} {im^} proof .

187  Of roadway marks {,} [PHRAS] sass and grant fund {^ed} positions .

188  These {in^} [SRES] {^ments} will help make city streets safer and Moore reliable planning for the lass impacts of {.}it in{.} [KR-FPLT] on {a^} transportation {:} {infra^} structure .

189  Finally docket [1-6] [14] [STAEUBD] the make Boston shine truss funds will be youse {^ed} to fund race and award small grants to residents and community [TKPWROUPS] involved in service project [EBGTS] to beautify Boston and keep neighborhoods clean .

190  Chief of the civic engage .

191  Geron roam submit and deputy Treasurer {^ier} drew submit testified at the hearing {a^} testified {^.^} structure of the truss five may oral truss tease with the collector pressure veer serving {^s}{a^} truss imagine .

192  Of {in^} [SRES] .

193  Tax filings and distributes {^ed} the truss will not be {a^} {en^} [TKPOU] .

194  {a^} {trans^} parents vehicle for fund racing and {dis^} [TR-GS] and spate Ted to stay {under^} one hundred thousand dollars .

195  Chief submit explained that's truss [TEUPBS] to work of the love you're block program but allows for additional flex ability and {a^} [PWROUD] [TKER] change of project [EBGTS] .

196  [TRUTS] {:} grants for community project [EBGTS] simple flexible and {trans^} parents allowing residents to be sport Ted and [TKPWAEUPBLDZ] in efforts to clean and ambiguity {^ify} there neighborhoods .

197  I rec packages of all [3] docket [paragraph] thank {,}you Councilor Ciommo .

198  At this time Councilor {im^} is similar loss the chair of the committee on Ways and Means recognition acceptance .

199  Committee report [1-6] [2] [1-6789] [1-6] [12] ap and [1-6] [14] .

200  Say Aye .

201  [STKPWHRAFRPBLGTS] those Poe piece {^ed} nay nay .

202  [paragraph] the Ayes have tan docket [1-6] [2] [1] has been passed [STKPWHR*FRPBLGTS] all those if favor I package of [1-6] [12] say a .

203  [paragraph] eye .

204  {/} posed nay nay - Ayes have it and [1-6] [12] has been pass {^ed} [paragraph] and all those in favor of package ever [1-6] [14] say Aye .

205  Eye {:} any opposed nay nay .

206  The [SAOEUS] have it and [1-6] [14] has been pass {^ed} [STKPWHRAFRPBLGTS] clerk clerk docket number [0] [2-6] five order for hearing regarding vocation {^inal} education in the City Of Boston .

207  [paragraph] Councilor Essaibi-George you've the floor Essaibi-George gorge thank {,}you Madam President this after pass hee [4] how ar [15] minute hearing own [20] [-6] [25] in the City Of Boston .

208  Thank {,}you could Councilor [WAOU] and Councilor Janey for you're partnership in this work {:} I'd also like to thank all of my colleagues who attend Ned gauge .

209  Interest and {.}it hearing presentation on the work done to date .

210  This collude information about the scope of [SROEU] {^ication} {^inal} education in the [KWELT] [KWELT] of mass choose [WHRERPBDZ] from advice Tal other [STHROE] {^ication} {^inal} trek tech schools .

211  [TKR-GT] hearing [WAOFPLT] though high school communities [KHRAOUGD] its exec {^tive} director every Kev Kev McCarthy interim headmaster {.}it [TKPWRAEPG] mum ford {out^} build Boston apart {^ener} is at boss [POFPLT] make bake from the friends of mad son park and [2] stud departments Jose and Melanie .

212  When we talk about {im^} [PRAOFG] our schools its always important to here directly from our stud departments I was pleased to here the femme fen stud departments Melanie does toll {^ity} hose jay raid raid ran properties [-FPLTS] mad son park - boats spoke so highly about there school experience .

213  Melanie and hose say also spoke about the [STKEUG] that off ten {a^} association with madam park the shame she felt talk ugh to friends about where we attended high school .

214  How I intended to {^ing} to {a^} [TKEUFRPTS] high school initially attend mad son .

215  Boat have pride and in {a^} ten ding there school and do not regret there did I significance {^s} [-FPLTS] negative perception {^s} are not getting in the way of perspective stud departments aide {^ication} .

216  We've to shine the light on the {a^} mace .

217  [THAOUPBTS] hose hose men Mel and all the other .

218  [SROEU] {^ication} {^inal} tech tech high school have been gran Ted .

219  We were also joined by the Boston [KHAEUPL] [KHAEUPL] of [KPHOERPLS] private try Councilor [KHRAOUGD] the career special [HREUS] at mad son park college part [TPHERS] [SHUFP] {^s}{a^} Roxbury communities college college went wort {inter^} and Ben Franklin institute of he tech tech .

220  Doctoring public Tom there was {a^} strong feeling of disappointment [STEGS] [PHREU] for those that mad son has gone threw over the years {:} however there was one worried that was repeat Ted and shared throughout the meet egg the other nighttime .

221  Hope .

222  I hope for change .

223  Councilor [SHRORS] and doctoring public .

224  We heard concern that there has been allot of the talk about {im^} [PRAOFG] mad son but know axe .

225  From the out side looking in .

226  {im^} [PRAOFG] the quality and {re^} source {^s} that's {a^} school does {'} happen over night .

227  This is why we myself and special {^ly} myself [SKWR-PB] Jane and Wu {^s}{a^} all of you have shown interest we've [TOURBGD] top [PEFPL] [EFRPLTS] high schools around the [KWELT] [KWELT] .

228  In order for the [KHAEURPBG] we've to understand what we're [SKWRAEUPBLG] for .

229  Briefing in September and this hearing on Monday evening [-FPLTS] we now know what we should be mod [TKELG] our vocation {^inal} education off of .

230  This work does [-PBTD] stop here it's {^us} the beginning .

231  Committee meeting to test about the importance of {in^} [SRES] .

232  And building Xmas {^ity} at mad son .

233  Ill also share some of our rec pollen {^dation} {^s} for Monday evening relates to chapter chapter [-7] [4] [TPRUPBDZ] {^ing} .

234  Priority advertise {^ing} the campus for build [PW-PS] {in^} [SRES] .

235  Crating {a^} real plans for partnership .

236  Real admissions ap process .

237  And Alice is and partnership in [TW] try lead [TKAERPBS] interesting the {im^} accomplishment station of {a^} [2] thousand [12] {in^} [STPHRAEUGS] school plan .

238  This budget cease son ar fiscal year [20] ill be add indicating for fiscal .

239  This'll have to be {a^} team efforts .

240  Ill also be working to .

241  Like hose hose and Melanie so other middle school stud departments understand the window of opportunities mad park offers .

242  Ill be pushing pour [PWER] part ships with industry lead [TKER] to expand crick plumb and week{,} {^es} experience {^s} to our madam park stud departments .

243  I thank all of how attended the other night .

244  Councilor .

245  I do ask that this order {re^} [TPHAEUPB] committee .

246  Thank you .

247  [STKPWHRAFRPBLGTS] thank {,}you Councilor Essaibi-George .

248  Councilor Wu you've the floor .

249  [paragraph] thank {,}you Madam President .

250  I {^us} wanna Ted to thank the committee chair and other {co-^} summons sore Councilor Janey for the very [KPRAOE] hence {^tive} and real I informative [HEFRTS] over {a^} year now .

251  Beyond Boston thing about potential or vocation {^inal} education to fill nearly {^ly} every {^ry} need or challenge that we've be seeing for you're {out^} for that infection generation .

252  One piece that really stick out to me in tish to the need for axe and [-FRG] that's chairwoman has brought up was that on all sides the piece {^es} are there and there's {a^} fundamental need for lifting up the school and {in^} fusing the school {,} {in^} fusing pride into the school and make {^ing} that public .

253  Meaning that's programs are there .

254  The Tal Ted stud departments are there{.} the Harvard faculty are there .

255  Part [TPHERS] are ready .

256  But we need stud departments and families to be choosing madam park in the add [PH-RGS] {^s} process and Moore following up and stroll [TAOERG] and spends {^ing} time with the stud departments {,} and we need Moore businesses and companies constant {^ly} reminded {.}this thinking about communities or expansion so what does that mean for us {?} we've to see Moore elect Ted owe officials Moore lead [TKERS] from refer {^ry} sector of the community at the school edge gauge {^ing} with the stud departments so I -- maybe it's into [20] [1-9] setting up Moore formal .

257  Interested but there's something you get from {^us} being in the space with the stud departments there {,} and then you like my {co-^} response source of that and praises of the school and refer I other meeting you're going to [SKPWREPB] rate that bus and {en^} I go that we need .

258  I fully sport all the rec {^s} and look to efforts and {inter^} into the budget cease son and sad {^cy} for Moore funding {^s}{a^} well but {^us} want to put {a^} ask out there that every {^ry} one here watching think about mad son park remember that this is {a^} huge {re^} source and allot of great work happening and only be am {^ified} if we tin talking about {.}it Councilor Janey you've the floor .

259  Thank {,}you Madam President and I'd like to at [PHEURS] thank and {a^} appreciate the chair of education and and [SES] [SES] George for her lead [TKER] ship and certainly {^ly} Councilor Wu for [PHER] part [-RD] order .

260  This was {a^} very long process wives I think important .

261  Because I think we learned allot for dog towers to really meeting with difference take hold [TKERS] collude {^ing} stud administrate [TORS] at mad son policy briefing very important .

262  My personal echo [-FRG] that they've already said .

263  You know .

264  I remember mad son when it was built .

265  I was still in school tat .

266  You know there was allot of hope place {^ed in} that building for the communities for young people .

267  And it's been heart brake {^ing} to see thinks really not being fulfilled .

268  And it's our I don't people who we've to keep lifting up {^s}{a^} we push forward .

269  I remember someone at the hearing that said it youse {^ed} to be about vocation {^inal} education but it's about jobs of the [TPAOUT] I think in the pass vocation education something for kids [HOR] not college bound for kids who perhaps don't have the wherewithal to think about [KHRAOEPBLG] .

270  You're not smart enough {^ing to} to college but go get {a^} trade .

271  But what is very clear is that's [ABG] [TKEPL] mix that mad [SOEUPB] thar very community this is about the [TPAOUT] .

272  This is not about technical education {:} isn't {^us} about learning {a^} trade so that -- because you can't go to college because these are the jobs [-FRT] [TPAOUT] but making sure [TWAOER] dog all that week to make sure that {in^} [SRES] Ted in mad son in terms of the budget is so important .

273  I think about you know {,} the con instruction {,} the building trades and what is happening in the [SPROUPBD] {^ing} year near mad son and the miss {^ed} opportunities in terms of really edge gauge {^ing} our young people in {a^} substantial way .

274  {im^} glad that we've seen some of the bidding trades stand up to the plate in that regard happening to make sure that those relationships are happening and that that experience for {a^} I don't think people is happening .

275  I certainly {^ly} sport the committee report from the chair and ask that all of you tin to think about mad son {:} {in^} [SRES] in mad son .

276  Thank you .

277  [paragraph] thank {,}you Councilor Janey .

278  - [*R] tilt docket [0] [-6] [25] will remain in the committee on education .

279  [paragraph] docket [15] [4] [3] ordinance regarding fear work {,} standards for the City Of Boston .

280  [STKPWHRAFRPBLGTS] Councilor Flaherty you've the floor - [HELT] {a^} hearing yesterday November [2-7] the on [15] [4] [3] response [SORD] .

281  [WAOU] .

282  The ordinance [KWAOEURS] {a^} [PAOEUPLT] that [STHAO] [STHAOFRPBLGTS] [STKPWHR-PLDZ] [KPHEUPB] sate Ted {:} {in^} {^ish} Yeats changes to there [paragraph] [paragraph] - - Venn [TKORS] is that [STHAO] {:} [2-89] Venn [TKORS] that would be {im^} fact they'd .

283  [PWOBS] plus [PRETS] [PRETS] {^ress} rants {a^} [AERBGS] brine [TKPAOERPB] any was here from the retail [HRERS] .

284  [STAOURTD] hoe pans staffing {a^} association along with Sam tile {^ler} from the municipal {re^} certificate .

285  Bureau all having concerns with this propose Sal .

286  We [HR-LS] per budge it Ann boll {^cy} sen terse who covered .

287  And sport discuss [THAUG] other sit 'tis had passed affair workweek [HRAES] [TPEG] {^tive} impacts on individuals hell [SKAO] and quality of life .

288  Big part of the argue [PH-PLTS] - broke down twine predict ability and flexibility so work {^ing} throughout lead response sore {^s}{a^} pledging to work with the [2R-D] parties that show up yesterday well the add [PH-RGS] to [SWAOEBGS] and or [OEPLD] {^ments} to be maid in or the of {a^} Moore line collusive piece that [SATS] {^ified} the concerns from the [STAFRG] [APBL] - but also the once thar out lined by Sam tile from the {re^} certificate .

289  Group [TKPEURBL] {ab^} [SORBG] cost items well attended like you say the did I bait and dying log was very {re^} respect {^tive} to have something to turn around for the Councilor and we'll {de^} fear to the lead response sore throughout chair [paragraph] Flaherty [-FRPLGTSZ] Wu you've the floor [paragraph] [THAEUPG] {,}you Madam President really grateful for the all Councilor [SHRORS] to [TAEPBD] {^ed} yesterday and commit special {^ly} to the committee chair for making time in {a^} very part .

290  Chamber .

291  I came way from our hearing very exercise Ted I [SPHR] think [AETS] mows concerned right at at table with us and lake it all now out .

292  What I [HELT] [paragraph] [-8] [0] to [-9] [0] {^%} of the concerning brought up {a^} - [STPHRAOFRPLTS] {^ix} {ex-^} that they ride state Wyatt legs {^ulation} passing effect refer {^ry} .

293  Retail {^ler} .

294  Throughout the years our city ordinance would do what we juries [TKABGS] {^ly} could do is think [PWR] sit it {^ity} employees addition well {^s}{a^} the employees of the architect dead account at the [W-PT] [STHEUT] [PHEUR] mire [HREUFRG] wage order coming [-FPLTS] {trans^} sate yesterday that was about [2] {&p} [3] it [2] [HOFRDZ] [-FRPL] [HREUS] in my office of what all those cons would be and {im^} circulate that so week people Ken {^ress} rants that were talked about{.} it does {'} collude receipt contain [HRERS] that's folks on this sight of the table were wore reed about .

295  They were really talk ugh about being afraid that Boston pass being something that likely the state would pass something which {im^} happy to take on special {^ly} with our {en^} {en^} {^ish} shoes .

296  The [HOER] think {.}you also acknowledged that schedules [AOULGS] predict ability was the predict predict predict [PRAOEUBGT] [PRAOEBGT] [PRAOEBGT] [PRAOEUBGT] participate pais pais pais pais pais pais .

297  [linebreak] therefore to keep there [PROFRTS] up they're already dog this and sight [SPES] [EUFRBG] {^ly} {^s}{a^} the Bess [SPREFBG] pressing suppressing [SPREUFG] [SPREUFG] [SPREUFG] [SPREUFG] [SPREUFL] [SPREUFL] [SPREUFL] [SPREUFL] [SPREUFL] [SPREFL] [SPREFL] [SPREFL] [SPREFL] [SPREFL] [SPEFL] [SPEFL] [SPEFL] [SPEFL] [SPEFL] [SPEFL] [SPEFL] [SPEFL] [SPEFL] [SPEFL] [SPEFL] [SPES] {^iffic} {^ly} [SPEFL] [SPEFL] [SPEFL] [SPEFL] leverage and Bess [SPEFL] [SPEFL] [SPEFL] .

298  Working conditions should be so I think [SPEFL] .

299  And Edwards and [SPEFL] [SPEFL] [SPEFL] [SPEFL] [SPEFL] [SPEFL] [SPEFL] [SPEFL] .


301  State Ted that city jobs should set the stab [TKARDZ] .

302  We're already dog it when it comes to fair wages .

303  We're {^ing} already dog it when this comes to our pro dure .

304  And covering [TAOURPBTS] to Boston residents and businesses [OEPBDZ] by the women and about people of color .

305  We should be adding this very important factor of whether {a^} person can alcohol together all of the need {^ed} hours plus child care {a^} appointments to the doctor to make there living situation familiarly situation fob .

306  Taxpayer dollars should only be funding jobs with where {^s that} {a^} given and if abyss does {'} want to do that fine .

307  [PHREURPBL] week {a^} {dis^} agree they wouldn't be effect Ted pilot implement force {^ed} to bid for the [STEUT] jobs that would come with that [KWAOEURPLTS] .

308  [OEPBLGT] the standards of working conditions fair wages and safety {^ity} should have [ABG] Tess to throws city jobs thar taxpayers and funding [-RPZ] soy again things that to the chair we're talking about amendments and tight {^ening} up the ladies and gentlemen [WAPBLG] Torah dress some of the concerns competent .

309  Changes and allot happening .

310  {im^} holding out hope that there's {a^} pat way if week focus really on what the it's what is {.}this .

311  To see axe before the ends [-FRT] year but want to be [TRABS] parents about that and follow up with the chair about what that could look like .

312  Thank you very much .

313  [STKPWHR-FRPBLGTSZ] thank {,}you Councilor woo Wu .

314  At this time [15] [4] [3] will remain in the committee on government operations [paragraph] [PHOEUGS] {^s} orders and resolutions .

315  Docket number [1-6] [-8] [-8] Councilor Ed [EDZ] and Wu offered the following order for hearing regarding stud departments transportation to Boston public schools .

316  [STKPWHRAFRPBLGTS] [STKPWHR*FP] - [paragraph] first id aide like it [STHAOFRPLGTS] [STKPHR-FRPBLGTS] - [STHAOFRPBLGTS] [SWAOEUFRPBLGTSZ] [linebreak] [STKPWHREUFRPBLGTSDZ] [paragraph] [EFRS] {^es} gorge {^s}{a^} the [KHEURD] [SPOPS] southern .

317  [STKPWHREUPBG] that you very much .

318  This motion is really the prom Ted of to [STHRAORPBLGS] [ELGTSZ] [STHAOFRPTS] {^ments} strict [STKPWHR-FRPL] [-RPBLGTS] [STKPHR-RPBLGTS] same very bus if there kids were getting kicked off .

319  {:} so woo where he talk ugh and looking {a^} the the policy high school versus middle school {ab^} real {^alize} that those of us who live in East Boston and [KHARS] Charles special {^ly} the [TPHRORT] ends have some you know [TPHAOEBG] traffic classical lengths if [PW-PS] and the transportation system and bus something really account {^ing} for that .

320  Traditional [KHAEPBGS] {:} [-PBLGTSDZ] [2-8] Tuesday blew to orange to wait for {a^} bus to take you down to about{.} .

321  Will{.} [56789] that's {^'} lot for middle school stud dent and high school stud departments and we're won [TKERG] antic .

322  Be on beyond what we'd doctoring the budget cease sons [SPEUS] [EUFRBG] {^ly} talked [TPWHUPL] numbers [-RPL] around I want to talk about [EBG] {^ity} and [PHAOFG] case study [ARPBDZ] at these kinds of hours {,} and also looking at the different ways in deposition {re^} source {^s} that at lease in my strict we don't have how this come {^ination} exams schools [APBLGS] other neighborhoods bus us while when we're talk ugh about East Boston and Charlestown we don't have access to the same think .

323  This is {a^} [KEFRGS] to talk about he [EBG] {^ity} and [PHAOFG] [KAEURPBDZ] [ARPBDZ] we also acknowledge that some [KPAPLG] schools only exam schools seem to have access to bus {^ing} while kids coming into Charles Charles high school don't .

324  There's {a^} real {a^} {a^} moo base {^ed} on where they're going to cool and where they live .

325  And {^s that} {a^} [EBG] {^ity} issue .

326  And there's also {a^} question about how week stool of this together .

327  How much does {a^} Boston .

328  {a^} hundred thousand dollars for {a^} school bus .

329  And I think there's some room for public private partnership and talking about mitigation [SPES] [EUFRBG] {^ly} about nigh north warning ton [STPWRAOEUPBLG] massive amount of development in ease {^s about} ton .

330  {&dun-} nel {&E.} always blocked and there are part [STPHER] to comes to had there table .

331  Immediate {^ing} into traffic {^ish} Hughes so while we weren't looking .

332  Form [-L] of the mitt [TKPWAEUGTS] to help temporary over {^ly} put some in this strict and I open hate to be so strict focus {^ed} but hon necessarily when I pull back we can't {^us} have {a^} strict one conversation that's {^y} invite Ted my colleagues to talk about it {^s}{a^} {a^} city wide issue again beyond the numbers {^age} [PWEUPBLG] its time and to talk .

333  [PHAOFG] kids [ARPBDZ] and are we sec [SAOEUS] {^s} Bess [PRAPBLG] [-PBLG] .

334  Hold [TKERS] {^ed to} table to make sure we're dually getting to {re^} sincerely yours{,} us necessary {^ry} to make sure they roof [P-FPLT] think {a^} parent having {a^} [PW-PS] should not have to have and that's how there kid is going to get to school .

335  In the schools quality {^ity} of the schools and housing the schools are always thinks I {under^} stand I not having kids those are questions that come up on regular bases you but you should be able to know [THAUR] kid is going to be safely live [TKEUFRDZ] to the school [SHUBTD] an be object [HREUS] .

336  I look excite Ted to kicking off this conversation and {^ite} stake hold [TKERS] at the table .

337  I don't see this {^s}{a^} {a^} conversation against [PWH-PS] such so much {^s}{a^} that{.} we suss yours that they need fro vied for [EBG] [EBG] and transportation .

338  [paragraph] [paragraph] thank {,}you Councilor Edwards [-FPLTS] Councilor Wu you've the floor [paragraph] Wu Wu thank {,}you and thank you so much to the lead [SPWOPBS] sore and [KPOUPB] Essaibi-George .

339  Itch think its [AEUTS] {a^} powerful conversation to have strict representative recent stressful situations for families and commit tease representing transportation education thinking about this holistic {^ly} .

340  I {^us} wanna Ted to note that .

341  Soft work that happened over the week um simmer nor my office looking at how stud departments get to school and what the pickets pat wore wherein ought [TPR-FRPLTS] Sur sprayed almost [3] hundred young people in Boston .

342  That report should shall be out .

343  We're [STPREUPBS] {&I.} .

344  [STPHREUFPLT] {ex-^} acts {^ly} what think {:} Councilor meeting .

345  The findings {^us} add date that to what we all here every {^ry} neighborhood that transportation how much it cost items .

346  Transit system is major stress tour stick {^ly} for stud departments or prying not to get to school but to after school programs or jobs that there families need .

347  It's compound {^ing} it when [TWHER] not sure what time if the bus is going to come on time late to school threw know fault of if therefore {e^} tension and miss that job and off [SKWRAL] program .

348  This is away big {er^} issue than {^us} getting to tick schools in tick parts [STEUFT] {^ity} {&I.} economic situation {^s that} acts {^s}{a^} bait Ted .

349  Mull [2EU78] generations from transportation unreal liable and the city neat {^ing} to now figure out how to plug those gaps .

350  There are some [SPES] [EUFPBG] policy rec {^s} coming out of that report .

351  [PH-FPLT] {.}is policy .

352  Add {^cate} [TEG] for .

353  Certain changes so looking forward to leaping that all in{.} lass think ill say is is that connect {^ing} this bang [THOT] mad son park vogue Ed hearing we were talking about{.} when Jose was asked what's the [KWHUPB] think he would change about infection No{.} he said transportation .

354  That it was [TPHAORD] for him to get there on time from where he leaves and I think we find that at every {^ry} school across the strict .

355  Councilor [THRAR] [TKPHRAR] you've the floor .

356  Things that please add my name {^s}{a^} all right reference particularly East Boston and Charles Charles and north end but also in right bright and reed {^ville} .

357  It seems the further you're aware from the exam schools these kids are getting up at [4] [30] quart ter of five in the morning .

358  Store rise this could be comprehensive and {co-^} [HAOEPBS] {^ive} way week transport kids and {^ish} shoes where you've sibling where the hold [TKER] sibling is not able to take the same bus {^s}{a^} the young [TKPWER] City Of Boston bling so vice versa so it's not {a^} ease {^cy} process to certificate every {^s}{a^} we're Luke {^ing} at school {a^} sis .

359  And transportation and safe cost items and program cal way to figure this out to seats plaid may anytime am look forward not hearing antic {^ly} for those who feel like they're {a^} out poise where schools are further away from the home dove tailing like Councilor [WAOU] was saying about we should be have vogue tech tech rifle Bess one in the state second Bess is Cape Cod tech and to have {a^} {re^} source like that in the sate {^ity} and kids from all [TPAEUBS] in Boston access to that we're going to need to dive in and find what is the [PES] aim {trans^} [PHORGS] rule to tap .

360  [paragraph] Councilor Flaherty [paragraph] madam [KHRERG] clerk if you could add Councilor [TPHRARS] [TPHRARS] {^'s} name - Councilor McCarthy .

361  If I could please have a my name added .

362  [PW-PS] [PW-PS] {trans^} {trans^} I never [TKOPBLGS] the opportunities to talk [PW-P] pus us going [TPR-PL] ice boss [PWOPBS] and to ease boss [PWOPBS] reed {^ville} if you canned senate back throw baseball into dead [THAPL] .

363  It still makes know sense to me .

364  Rolled threw Hyde Park ro Ross Mattapan to get throughout the {^ress} of the system .

365  {^s}{a^} {a^} person who youse {^ed} to [WRUPB] operations it makes absolutely know sense haven't got {en^} {a^} great remain in the further southern tip of Boston to [TRAFRL] throughout .

366  I think arguably {^s}{a^} {a^} strict city Councilor legislator my business egg plain in our office is {trans^} [POFRPLGTS] hour and half to get there{.} [20] minutes to get over the bridge youse {^ed} to take this long that long .

367  In my distribute neighborhood .

368  My strict the big guess concern with us is -- you can't even jog in the maybe mood December bus yard choking you {^s}{a^} awe run by so {im^} looking forward to {a^} hearing because any time {^ic} get them in fronts of me to ask ask [KPWRE] I try to take that opportunity so ill see you the {a^} the hearing .

369  [paragraph] madam clerk clerk if you could add Councilor McCarthy .

370  Any one {^es} looking to speak on this matter .

371  Ciommo Flynn Flynn Janey Zakim Campbell .

372  Docket [1-6] [-8] [-8] thereby {a^} [SAOEUPBDZ] to the committee on education [STKPWHR-RPBLGTSZ] [STKPWHR-FRPBLGTSZ] discount discount number [1-68] Councilor .

373  {ka^} cam fun to Flynn {&I.} .

374  Suss suspension of the rules {^age} package ever tock dock [1-68] [-9] .

375  Any opposed nay my .

376  [SAOEUS] it Ayes have it and [1-689] has bass [STKPWHR-PB] [1-69] [0] Councilor McCarthy seeks suss suspension of the rules {^age} package of docket [14-69D] [STPRAEUFRS] [STPRAEUFRS] [STPRAEUFRS] [STPRAEUFRS] [STPRAEUFRS] [STPRAEUFRS] [STPRAEUFRS] {:} all those in favor say Aye [STPAEUFRS] [STPAEUFRS] [STPAEUFRS] [STPAEUFRS] [STPAEUFRS] [STPAEUFRS] [STPAEUFRS] [STPAEUFRS] [STPAEUFRS] [STPAEUFRS] [STPAEUFRS] [STPAEUFRS] [STPAEUFRS] [STPAEUFRS] [STPAEUFRS] [STPAEUFRS] all those in favor say Aye [STPAEUFRS] [STPAEUFRS] [STPAEUFRS] [STPAEUFRS] [STPAEUFRS] [STPAEUFRS] [1-9] [-6] [-69] .

377  [2] {^ments} [STKPWHR-FRPLTS] [paragraph] any oppose nad I [STPHAOEUFPLTS] [1*89] [34] .

378  Councilor .

379  Camphor Councilor Zakim [STKPWHRAFRPBLGTS] pus mention of the rules {^age} package package [1-69] [3] .

380  [STKPWHRAFRPBLGTS] any {/} posed nay .

381  Ayes have it {^ant} [1-69] [3] has opinion passed [12K3W4R56R7B8G9S] [14-9] [4] [paragraph] Councilor Campbell for coupon Councilor ache sake - Councilor Zakim [SAOEPBLGS] suss suspension of the rules {^age} package of [14-69] [4] [-FPLTS] [paragraph] any nay .

382  [STPHRAOEUFRPLTS] - [14-69] has been passed [paragraph] [14-9] [-69] five - coin canal for Councilor Janey [paragraph] Councilor {^a} Jane seek us [SPEPLGS] of rules [1-69] five .

383  All those if favor Ayanna .

384  [AFRPLTS] any notion nay [AOFRPLGTS] advice it {^ant} [1-69] five has opinion passed [paragraph] [1-69] [-6] - Councilor Campbell - chair seeks us suspension of the rules {^age} package ever [1-69] [-6] [-FRPBLGT] all those if favor say Aye .

385  [paragraph] [STPAEUFRS] .

386  [STPAEUFRS] .

387  Say nay .


389  [STKPWHRAFRPBLGTS] [1-69] [-8] all those if favor of package a eye .




393  .

394  {im^} informed by the clerk that we've [3] late filed matters which in the absence ever objection {^ed to} a agenda hearing and seeing no objection the late five matters are so added .

395  [PHEURS] late file matters to the record .

396  [STKPWHR-FRPBLGTSZ] thank {,}you madam [PRERBG] [PRERBG] Councilor Ayanna from press to Boston city Councilor [AFLT] November [2-8] [20] [1-8] {:} deer madam clerk clerk due to my previously {^ly} schedule meow member ever con [TKPWRES] [ORPB] Jen {^tation} in Washington #M{.} [KR-FPLT] .

397  [STEUT] any {^mont} meeting .

398  I look forward to roar reviewing and the report {^ing} and will have staff about bless all the Bess eye ice pros pros [PWOGS] ton city Councilor at [HRARPBL] ut first first - on file [paragraph] [paragraph] second late file marry .

399  [paragraph] and {^us} so my colleagues are clear the {^ler} from Councilor [President|Pressley] the other [2] or personnel orders {:} {:} thank {,}you madam [PR-S] press .

400  [STKPWHRAFRPBLGTS] notify November [-8] [08] [1-8] Councilor Campbell for Councilor Janey [STPHR-FPLT] [paragraph] Councilor be Janey seeks suss suspension of the rules {^age} package of the second [TPHRAEUT] file marry personnel in order .

401  All nose favor say Aye .

402  My nay nay {:} .

403  Ayes have [TAPBLT] second late file matters has been pass [paragraph] November [2-8] [208] [1-8] - Councilor Campbell for pin Jane suck cease [STPHUPLG] .

404  Rules {^age} package of the third late file marry congressperson nel .

405  [STKPHRAOFRPBLGTS] ice [SR-PLTS] - Poe [TPHAES] [STPHAOEUF] [STPHAOFPLTS] {^is} [SRAO] [TAOPBTS] third late file marry has been passed [STKPWHRA*FRPBLGTS] any one wishing to {re^} [PHAOF] {a^} [PHRAER] from the green sheets .

406  Great [HRAOFG] right along .

407  {im^} informed by the clerk that there are seer row laid filed matters from the Connolly agenda .

408  At this time [STKPWHROEFPLTSZ] said .

409  [2345EU678] Ayes have [TAPBT] an could con agenda has been Pa adopt [T-TD] friends {^ly} {re^} minder [THAPL] Councilor Ciommo has his run .

410  Immediately following his our meeting .

411  Any one else have announce .

412  [-FPLTS] Councilor {^es} {^es} [-RPBLG] go gorge you've the floor [paragraph] thank {,}you madam you know you know con send to make {a^} statement regarding {a^} tie drive and the please [PAFRPS] thar at you're desk .

413  First we were on October [3] [1-9] we were to have the [PW-PD] mass art [-PD] sufficient .

414  .

415  [-PD] and {a^} number of others to join us and discuss and department they'd bless care can can aware [TPHEPLS] .

416  Because of the {^ress} socks attend but I did purchase from the Boston please every {^ry} one {a^} patch that they were selling {^s}{a^} {a^} fund race ter {^s that} why {^s that} on there desk .

417  October to bring them all in early in the [PHORPBGTS] .

418  Boston please please does {'} where there batches but you've [STPUF] ample [-FPLTS] a dee of the hole {^mont} of October and sufficient sufficient captain captain that I met had [-FRG] was in spinning [PRAOEULT] {^ity} school amounts awareness to bless care can cans awareness .

419  My gift to you and Councilor mick nick and I are going to partner infection year to get them here .

420  Before [THR-PBT] [EUFRPLT] [STKPWHRAEFRPBLGTS] the other think you've all have and why {^ive} my prop with me today is my annual toy [TKPHR-PL] would be [TKRERG] .

421  Over the infection [2] weeks are so between now Andes December [12] [WEUS] my spirit day the day before Councilor {^es} [EDZ] birthday {im^} asking for all of to you toy drive some [SORD] of price to the [OFPS] that collects the mows and I hope that you will spate and we've allot of fund collecting those toys over the infection come of weeks .

422  {^s that} it for me thank you .

423  [paragraph] thank {,}you Councilor Essaibi-George and thank you for the patches .

424  [linebreak] Councilor Flaherty .

425  Previous [TKPRAEUT] straight on .

426  U.S.S. hut {^ener} [PWOEFPLT] Councilor Flynn Flynn and I were down there proposal {^ial} and pub pub schools in south Boston .

427  If you have {a^} [TKHRAPBS] over the infection come of days .

428  I you'll should {:} [-7] hundred [PHEULDZ] did I destroy {er^} obligate Tess great Tess U.S. fave I have pet Ed serving on the cease [-PLS] close to [-7] [-6789] thrill for him to be down there but {a^} thrill for kids to be down there {^us} to see this bother by the beauty fuel [TKPRAFRPBLGTS] industrial [EUFRPL] [STKPHR-FRPBLGTS] [paragraph] [STKPWHREFRPBLGTSZ] about the {^a} at the boat named after .

429  Tom [HUD] percent captain captain document {^ly} Tet was {a^} fave {^i} {a^} of a {^iate} tour pilot and his wing [THAOER] that [linebreak] [linebreak] [KRAOEFRPB] war and he stayed in the air and circled [KHARPDZ] ten my fire and [TKPEU] spite the fact that he was told to Lee the [STHO] lan {^ed} to {^is} [PHRAEUPL] [OPBTS] bell think .

430  [HAOEFS] [WHEUPBG] Nash [STHAO] fully [EBG] respect Ted to be court mornings {^ed that} and medal of none nor [TPHOEURLS] [PWRAOEUFR] bring in attempt to try to rescue and protect his wing man so that named after his Tom mats [HUD] ton loss from mass choose and falling river .

431  He passed away lass year .

432  Councilor fin Flynn had {a^} chance to me him or several occasion {^ance} one of his lass interest trips was to try to cover the remain of his buddy in this incident and yet to be [ROFRDZ] and on nothing boroughs {^es} the [KAORBG] ter and will of captain captain hundred [HUD] ton Tet .

433  Beautiful [KHEUR] .

434  Ker [KWR-F] .

435  Channel [EFRPLT] get down there and takes you're kids Councilor [TKHR] beautiful side to see .

436  [THAEUPBLG] you .

437  [paragraph] thank {,}you Councilor particular familiar for sharing .

438  And you also see at Ciommo {^'} [HRUPB] .

439  That there are some incredible spice [14] the Councilor legislator microphone .

440  So thank you .

441  - [SHRAEG] colleagues and guess the to please rise .

442  .

443  {^s}{a^} we adjourned today's meeting in memory .

444  And {a^} poll [TKPWAOEUSZ] [paragraph] {^s}{a^} [WAOEU] add [SKWRAOURPB] {^ed to} heeds meeting in memory of the following individuals .

445  For Councilor Ciommo mar rye ren unusual chi .

446  Walter hoe man and lute did I San nick .

447  For Councilor [EDZ] with regards [PREUS] cal sen sen {a^} pedestrian pedestrian .

448  For Councilor Essaibi-George Wayne can Dell senior .

449  Councilor Flaherty John [POURLG] {^ly} {:} meow by [PE] did I {.}is .

450  Councilor Flaherty and O'Malley {:} Tom mass [SKWROES] he was Mac type {&i} tire {:} Janey joy bar rose .

451  Yvonne [KPHAOU] sense powers gorge Bess .

452  Core {^ry} [RORPB] per park [TKER] Franklin tile {^ler} .

453  Kin ton heel {^ly} [UFRPLT] mark bow lan and therm Ma [R-FPLT] Ra bowl {^ly} .

454  Councilor McCarthy Frederick [TKRAEUFS] .

455  Cat [REUPB] tin Lynn .

456  Coin O'Malley Stanley .

457  {e^} saw white .

458  {a^} [PHOEUPLT] of [SAOEUL] lens please .

459  [paragraph] thank {,}you at this time the chair [PHAOFS] when the Councilor adjourns {^ed to} it does show in memory of the [2] [4] individuals scheduled to meet against con [REPBS] influence .

460  [PES] piece [-FPLTS] [-FPLTS] [STHAO] - sit I hall all those if favor of sad [SKWRAOURPBD] .

461  A that I .

462  Nay .



464  [paragraph]