Sunday, January 9, 2011

The stenographic machine at the public meeting.

Read the more complete stenographic machine record of the public meeting of Boston City Council. Budgeted for with public funds the stenographic machine more completely records the Councilors' deliberations in the public meeting of the Council for public feedback, comment, questions, suggestions and makes accessible the proceedings for folks with hearing loss.

Email and Boston City Council.
Boston City Council distributes email communications that need to include the attachments in the message so the communications are easy to view and share without further the reformatting required.

Technical staff at Boston City Council.
More qualified technical people are needed among the 100 or so Boston City Council staff.

The Library at Boston City Council.
A more open Boston City Council Library that is accessible online please! Public documents of Boston City Council need better historic preservation for studying metropolitan area government. See also

Out of print documents at Boston City Council.
Put the out of print public documents online. For example see

Communications. Boston City Council.
Rules of Boston City Council need to be updated with respect to online access to public records of Boston City Council.

A new up to date stenographic machine.
Updating the stenographic equipment hardware improves Boston City Council communications with the people. Closed captioning for folks with hearing loss. Real time text of the deliberations during the proceedings of the public meeting of Boston City Council.

The position of scopist was created when computers were introduced to the court reporting profession. Prior to PCs, court reporters oftentimes relied upon notereaders to produce their transcripts manually on typewriters. Because court reporting has become so computerized over the years, the scopist has become much more than just a legal transcriptionist; rather, they also perform vital computer-oriented tasks which can make them invaluable to today's court reporter.

Deflecting enquiries.
Too many citizen enquiries are deflected at Boston City Council.

Resisting change.
Improving Boston City Council is resisted by the entrenched souls there that no longer keep open in spirit the doors to their offices.

Emotional extortion.
Staff are used to emotional extortion to deflect enquiries. Boston City Council communications are distributed but then cut off arbitrarily to the people attempting to press concerns.

Ingratiating journalists and broadcasters.
Covering stories at Boston City Council, journalists and broadcasters get compromised, ingratiated to the same officials they attempt to gather news about for print and broadcast media.

Bids. Publicity. Stenographic services.
Bids for stenographic services are too limited for a lack of publicity.

City Messenger. Staff Director. City Stenographer. City Clerk. Assistant City Clerk.
Responsibilities of the City Messenger, Boston City Council Staff Director, City Stenographer, City Clerk and Assistant City Clerk need to be outlined more clearly for the public interested, concerned and following the proceedings of the public meeting of Boston City Council.

An unwelcoming public meeting.
The people aren't made welcome at the public meeting of Boston City Council, the Council chamber seating being remarkably unsuitable.

Some stenographic machine records.
Only a few stenographic machine records of the public meeting of Boston City Council are available at the Boston City Archives and at the Boston Public Library Special Collections Division.

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