Sunday, November 2, 2014

file 10082014cc.txt - alternate plaintext version

Boston City Stenographer E.M. Fritch. Stenographic Record from Wednesday 8 October 2014 Public Meeting of Boston City Council file 10082014cc.txt - alternate plaintext version


 [paragraph] the clerk will please call {a^} role to ascertain the presence of a quorum [P-FRPBLGTS] [paragraph] Councilor Ciommo - present [STKPWHREFRPBLGTS] Councilor Flaherty - here .

2  Madam clerk you can please begin the role again [STKPWHR-FRPBLGTSZ] Councilor Baker - here .

3  [linebreak] - Councilor Ciommo - present .

4  [paragraph] Councilor Flaherty - here .

5  [linebreak] [KPOFRPBLGTS] Councilor Jackson - here .

6  [linebreak] [KOFRPBLGTS] Councilor LaMattina - here .

7  [linebreak] Councilor Linehan - here {&E.} [linebreak] Councilor McCarthy - here .

8  [paragraph] Councilor in [PHUR] you're - here [-6789] [paragraph] Councilor O'Malley - present .

9  [paragraph] Councilor O'Malley - presents .

10  [linebreak] Councilor Wu - present .

11  [paragraph] Councilor Yancy here - and Councilor Zakim - here .

12  [paragraph] we've {a^} you know you know presence {,} Mr. President [paragraph] I have been informed by the clerk that adore for rum is present .

13  And I would like to say [-FRB] [SPEGS] {^ly} {^a} are all in [PREUPBG] {^ed to} and recognizing bless cancer aware [PH-FRPBLGTS] minimum awareness {,} week [paragraph] at this time I'd ask for all Councilor answer and guests to please rise .

14  I invite could be O'Malley {^ed to} podium so [EBG] introduce today's [TKHRERPBLG] [KHRERPBLG] .

15  After today's {in^} vocation is delivered I would ask all members and guess to the ass we recite the pledge pledge of {a^} lean [SKWREPBLGS] by Councilor O'Malley [STKPWHREFRPBLGTS] thank {,}you Mr. President Mr. President .

16  Good after noon ladies and gentlemen it's my {^is} distinct monitor tint [TKAOUPS] my allergy [KHRERPBLG] member this after noon {:} someone I consider {a^} friends and mentor the [REUFRPBT] and and reduce so weekends pastor at hope central church .

17  In Jamacia Plain {:} she's not strange [TKPWER] to this bod [TKPEU] and people in in building [-PLGTSZ] social justice which I know drives her in her fate and politics .

18  [SWHAOES] someone loss incredibly kind has {a^} won won familiarly in [SKWRAPBL] jam plain and I don't understand do I hard Red Sox fan .

19  Pray {a^} little bit heart {^ener} this year or infection year {&E.} .

20  {^a} jam [PHRAOEUPB] because throughout the {in^} tire city of boss to and I dare say quem so please join knee in [WEPL] coming ran and reduce use in today's he [AEUPB] vocation {:} [paragraph] [paragraph] Councilor Flaherty .

21  Would you like to [paragraph] [15] [15] [1] threw [15] [15] [-6] [0] .

22  [STKPWHR-FRPBLGTSZ] [15] [15] [50] .

23  [PHOEPBLG] authority {^ing} the population to accept and [EUFRPLTS] [-6] hundred and [1] [1] [STKPW-RPLGTS] [PHRAOERGS] [PHRAOERGS] [PHRAOERGS] [PHRAOERGS] financial year {er^} [1] [1] and financial year [14] community base {^ed} grant for the offers of the [SKWRAOUF] [SKWRAOUF] justice and [TKHREUPBG] [TKHREUPBG] prevention will be youse {^ed} to present [EFD] based strat I go positively {^ly} [EUPBL] packet violent crime trends .

24  [15] [5] [230] [PHOPBLG] authority {^ing} the [PHRAOERGS] to accept and {ex-^} pent {a^} grant of [4-9] [2] thousand [3] [34-DZ] from the U.S. department of justice beer row of {^ies} 'tis assistance funds for the financial year [13] Edward burn memory assistant grant for the purposes of sporting crime [PRAOE] [SEPBGS] and law enforce .

25  .

26  [paragraph] [TKOPLT] [15] [15] [3] [PHRAOERGS] to accept and extent supplemental grant of [3-7] [5] thousand dollars [TPR-LT] US {.}is department department .

27  [SKWR-S] 'tis [PWAOUR] [PWAOUR] of the justice system {&E.} financial year [14] senator pleasing [EFD] {^ed} based law {en^} {en^} grant program .

28  $ [TKOPLT] [15] [5] [4] [PHOPBLG] authority {^ing} the [PHRAOERGS] to accept and {ex-^} feint {a^} grant [-FRT] [-6] [3] [2] [1] {^ed} from the {.}you US department department .

29  Justice for the financial year [14] #M{.} [PH-FPLT] amount of capacity enhance .

30  And back [TKPWROPBD] {re^} jurisdiction program [paragraph] being dock number [15] [5] [5] .

31  [PHRAOERGS] to scene extent supplemental funding grant of [2] [2] [2] thousand [2] [HUPBDZ] to the financial year [12] and financial year [14] demonstration programs [TEUPBGS] from the office of juvenile justice and [TKHREUPBG] {^cy} [PRAOE] Jennings youse {^ed} to develop the sports free adventures plan .

32  [TKOUPLT] [TKOUPLT] [15] [5] [-6] majority authority {^ing} the [PHRAOERGS] to .

33  Accept and {ex-^} [PEPBTS] {a^} grant ever [1-7] five thousand dollars from the [*R] for the financial year [14] Paul cover Dell nationality for for signs {im^} proof .

34  Program funded by the national {^is} statute of justice for sport is for forensic analysis June [KWREUT] of the [PW-PT] [PW-PT] .

35  [15] [5] [-7] - accept and expends the financial year [20] [14] vile vile lens against [PWEUPL] act stop grant of [-6] [0] [T*UR] [THOURDZ] from the {ex-^} exist [TOFS] of public [STAEUFT] a [EUFRPLTS] [STPHRAOEUFRPLTS] ate advocate .

36  [TKOUPLT] [TKOUPLT] number [15] [158] [PHRAOERGS] to accept axe and expends {a^} grant of [20] thousand dollars it [P-BGT] [P*FBGT] [paragraph] Paul cover Dell {im^} proof .

37  Grant funds and by the national institution of justice {^ance} pass throughout mass [KHRAOUSZ] state please .

38  Docket number [15] [15] [-9] [PHOPBLG] [THOFRT] {^ing} the [PHRAOERGS] to scene {ex-^} pent grant of ten thousand dollars from the financial year [13] national institute of justice social signs {re^} certificate is{.} and for for signs passed throughout from the you know you know of Illinois champagne from [PURPLS] to sport analysis data collection and sport of the boss tons please [KPRAOEUPL] [TPHRABL] and offers of {re^} certificate .

39  And development .

40  [TKORPBLGTS] dom dom [15] [-6] [0] [PHOPBLG] authority {^ing} the [PHRAOERGS] to scene expends {a^} grant of [-9] thousand dollars for the purposes ever [PHRAOEBGT] {^ing} and report {^ing} data .

41  [paragraph] being docket [15] [15] [1] threw [156] [0] will be assigned to the committee on public safety {^ity} [paragraph] {?} [linebreak] accept and expends {a^} grant of [1] thousand dollars from the pine nor institute from the city hall {^ing to} program .

42  Councilor McCarthy [15] [-6] [2] - and the Ayes have it [APBTS] docket [15] [-6] [1] has passed - [linebreak] [STKPWHR*RPBLGS] [STKPWHR-RPBLGTS] [15] [-6] [2-6] member .

43  Will be {a^} [STEPBDZ] {^ing} {a^} {re^} certificate .

44  Bureau lip chon on pry fry November [-7] at [12] [P-FPLT] [PH-FPLT] .

45  [paragraph] [TKOUPLT] [15] [-6] [3] communication was receive from the [KWELT] [KWELT] of mass choose department of public you'll tilt regarding in{.} star electric company pursuant to chapter [-6] [-6] five of the act of [1-9] [56] for the exemption from the Boston zoning for {a^} substation at electric avenue and {a^} [PRAOFL] pursuant to Jen laws chapter [1-6] [4] level operate to [1] [15] kilo [WATS] transmission lines in Boston .

46  Docket number [156] [4] {non-^} {^ication} was received from the Sal galore galore it sit auditor {trans^} per for [PURPLS] of closing accounts for cyst fiscal year [20] [14] [paragraph] [1-6] fifty [2] threw [1-6] [-6] [4] will be place {^ed} on file [paragraph] matters recently heard for possible axe {,} madam clerk .

47  [paragraph] [0] five [-8] .

48  [-7] [PHOPBLG] approving {a^} [SPEGS] law regarding {a^} act regarding {a^} [SPEGS] {e^} vents funds in the city of Boston .

49  [linebreak] you rise for package in the new draft on [0] [58] [-7] steak {a^} [SPEGS] {e^} vents funds in the city of [TPWOPBS] .

50  It was filed by the mayor on ape ape [4] the {,} we'd {a^} hearing Monday okay October [-6] the {:} and separate fund that'll would be able to accept volume article {^ry} private dough {^ation} [EULS] five member bored who will be {a^} appoint Ted [PAOEUT] mayor and we discussed .

51  I thinks of the hearing and types of {e^} vents that this fund will be helping to secure the [PH-FPLT] about{.} amount of and in{.} [TP-FPLT] will{.} draft daytime {em^} miss colleagues to my left .

52  First night accept [PWRAEUGS] winter class {^ix} again .

53  Hall ships gay gain champion ship parades and of ours - discussion {^s} around the [OEUPL] limb mick Olympics would be part of that Wales .

54  [HRAEUPBG] [WAPBLG] would be added to that's bored meet quart material lain mayor and to the [TPWOPBS] city Councilor so at this time I rec [PHEPBLDZ] package in anew draft and for those further you'd it'd if I {^ication} [TKEUFRPBTD] than the [PHRAS] sa resolving funds that volumes around fees {^ance} {re^} seats this is {a^} funds that strictly takes direct donations .

55  Thank you {,} Mr. President Mr. President .

56  Councilor [TKPHRAOPBLGS] [TPHRAUFRPBLDZ] sip {^ance} [OFPT] committee report new draft [-FRPBLGTSZ] owe peace {^ed} my {:} [STHAOFPLT] [-FRPL] [08] [-78] {FLUSH} [-7] [2] [linebreak] [13] [-9] .

57  [-79] majority authority [-RG] the commissioner of parks and rec to accept and expend [TKPWRABT] of [4] fifty thousand dollars [KWELT] [KWELT] {^ful} mass choose {ex-^} exist office of {en^} I go and {en^} {en^} affairs .

58  You're ban parks grant parameter for renovations to the Elliot burr yell grounds and bean bean Vin Vin and bane bane advise advise warn guard Terrence you're ban whilst locate Ted in the Roxbury neighborhood of Boston .

59  [STKPWHREUFRPBLGTS] [KPHEUFPLT] committee sit city .

60  Veterans affairs Councilor McCarthy on docket [13] [-9] [-7] [paragraph] thank you {,}you very much Mr. President Mr. President .

61  Docket number [13] [-9] [-7] .

62  There were [3] members of the Boston parks department present at the hearing .

63  I'd loose like to thank Councilor Yancy for attending the hearing with me .

64  #M{.} dee tails of the project were very thorough repairing stone walls and wrought iron [STPREPBS] {^s} in the pat way [-8] [-8] clients Jen care animate innocence noir his tour Rick record .

65  I urge this property to pass on [13] [-9] [-7] [paragraph] thank {,}you Councilor McCarthy .

66  Councilor Jackson {,} you've the floor .

67  [paragraph] thank {,}you very much .

68  Mr. President {Mr.-|}  I want to thank Councilor McCarthy for [PHAOFG] this .

69  This allows for in tick the warn garden [TAEURS] gait Ted to be put pack on line .

70  We all obviously {^ly} know that part of her city is land filled and Roxbury is called Roxbury because there's rock there .

71  And it allows for us to [PRAOE] cancer of the putting stone park and .

72  I of other feet [TAOURL] there and we're excite Ted about this funding coming threw and it's {a^} great grand to receive from the state of mass choose Councilor Jackson {:} Councilor jack Jahns you've the floor [paragraph] Yancy thank {,}you very much Mr. President Mr. President [P-FPLT] Councilor McCarthy ran and fan fan day .

73  We heard .

74  From the add [PH-RGS] and other add cats .

75  And I think this is {a^} very symbolic gesture have you but very important one to renovate the Elliot [PWAOUR] {^ial} grounds and Ben Ben advice advice guard dense {^ance} [SPEGS] {^ly} the began began locate Ted at the intersection of receiver street and norm man did I street in the grove hall section in Boston {:} one of my long guess living [TWEURBTS] who was {^tive} in fact committee for .

76  I years pass [RAOEPBTS] {^ly} passed away Pete Crawford and member {^ial} lice him in {a^} park that he [TPOUT] so adamant {^ly} for pudding stone guard dense so {im^} looking for this passing {^ed to} and looking forward to his widow hell len Crawford come with us {^s}{a^} we celebrate this great {in^} [SRES] .

77  So I urge suss suspension [AEPBL] package {^age} {a^} you know you know vote on this .

78  Thank you very much .

79  - thank you Councilor Yancy [KWRAPBLS] .

80  [PHAOFS] sen {^ance} of the committee report and package ever [13] [-9] [2] - all in favor say Aye .

81  Opposed [HAOEUS] the advice [13] [-9] [-7] has [PWAPBS] passed [linebreak] [WAOEUFP] [SPEGS] guests from you crane [HOR] here from the city Councilor and particle limit .

82  They're here on our left .

83  You could rise please to be recognized .

84  [linebreak] [linebreak] we {em^} up and [TPHAEUPBG] {un^} well cowl um up beginning of the knew regional [-LGS] with the [SEUB] and you're city .

85  So thank you {,} very much .


87  Please reed [0] [1-8] [0] .

88  [0] [1] [-8] [0] .

89  Order for alone of [1] hundred [20] million{}dollars for the planning designing acquiring land for construct {^ing} and originally [KWEUPGS] structures and fa [SEULTS] and or for {re^} mod [TKELG] reconstructing or making major alterations dishes and major repairs to {ex-^} {^is} tinge fa [SEULTS] collude {^ing} original equip .

90  And lands [SKAEUPG] collude {^ing} the planting of shade Street trees paving and other sight {im^} [PRAOFPLTS] incidental or directly relate Ted to such {re^} mod [TKELG] reconstruction or repair for purposes of school department high school in Mattapan .

91  Chair recognize {^s} the chair on committee of Ways and Means Councilor Ciommo on docket [0] [1] [-8] [0] .

92  Ciommo thank you {,}you Mr. President Mr. President .

93  We held {a^} hearing animate pan gran .

94  [HRAOEUB] [HRAOEUB] lass night .

95  Very well attends {^ed} .

96  We'd .

97  From John mick Donna {,} Carl ton Jones from the school department {,} several of our colleagues attended collude {^ing} Councilor McCarthy who has some of that strict {,} Councilor I [President|Pressley] {,} {^s}{a^} well {^s}{a^} myself and Councilor Jackson {^s}{a^} well .

98  At this time we'd {a^} hearing at [-6] [P-FPLT] [PH-FPLT] and over around [-9] [P-FPLT] [PH-FPLT] .

99  I haven't had {a^} chance to come up with {a^} comprehensive committee report so at this time Ed I'd like to recommend that we keep it in committee .

100  And produce the committee report for infection week .

101  Thank you .

102  [paragraph] thank you {,}you Councilor Ciommo .

103  Thank {^}troke Councilor Yancy I can't be .

104  Yancy Yancy .

105  Thank {,}you very much .

106  Mr. President [PHR-PLT] I'd like to thank Councilor Ciommo .

107  He ran {a^} very authorize rose hearing .

108  It's well over {a^} hundred people who participate Ted in the hearing is{,} .

109  .

110  I of hom said for the entire [3] hours and offered .

111  .

112  This was {a^} very powerful hearing of the ways and means committee .

113  .

114  Was very [THAOU] tick and in sport of building this high school .

115  There was not one word of [OPS] significance from any one who testified collude {^ing} the add [PH-RGS] .

116  In fact {,} Mr. President Mr. President we heard from form [PHER] member the long guess serving member of the Boston school committee who testified very dramatically and said that wee she sports {a^} Al freed da Harris {,} the con instruction ever boss tons {^'s} first knew high school since [1-9] [-79] on the sight of the Boston state hospital sight .

117  Mr. President {,} we also heard from herb about{.} Holland loss {a^} current headmaster from mad son and he testified [THAOU] {^ically} in favor of building Boston state hospital sight how now .

118  We heard from mister [STOPL] .

119  The [President|Pressley] of the Boston teachers {^'s} union who ins sis Ted that we construct anew state of the heart high school isn't the Boston state hospital sight now .

120  Mr. President Mr. President {,} this body has gone on record from the pass of the sporting alone order for the purposes of construct {^ing} anew high school .

121  In fact in the year [2] thousand {,} I know only {a^} few of us were around Tet {,} there was {a^} you know animus vote .

122  We vote Ted in the first and second reading .

123  [UFRL] {^ly} in his wisdom the mayor [SRAOET] today that lone order in the year [2] thousand arguing that's city could not afford to do it .

124  The irony of of that {,} Mr. President Mr. President .

125  Is that doctoring that same period ever time {,} our {e^} steamed mayor successful argued that we should race [-6] [0] thousand dollars to hose the [TKEPL] tick convention in [2] thousand [4] .

126  I sport Ted that{.} .

127  It's very eye Ron nick that it [WOFB] does the [SEUB] [-6] million{}dollars in the year [2] thousand to build that high [SKHAOL] {,} the total does [WOFB] [57] [PH-L] but the state had {a^} policy of the reimbursing the city [-9] [0] {^%} .

128  So the [-6] in [PH-LGDZ] is is {a^} mill Moore of ten {^%} of the [-7] [0] mill .

129  So why is that important .

130  This is anew day in the [SEUB] .

131  We've Moore than [4] thousand pos ton public high school stud departments attending substandard fa [SEULTS] by the definition of the add [PH-RGS] .

132  .

133  I of thousand sands ever our children graduate Ted from high school without graduating of the experience of {a^} state I of the art high school and .

134  I want {^ing to} into building .

135  Mr. President {,} with all due respect to the chairman who I love and admire and respect .

136  I would ask that we do {a^} first reading {^ed to} .

137  I make that request because not only have we been working on this in [1-9] [-9] five in response to the blew ribbon commission report and that [PWHRAOUB] blew rib are rib commission was select Ted by mayor men men shortly after he was elect Ted and they did {a^} very [KPRAOE] hen {^ive} study of all of our school fa [SEULTS] and they came up to have been {im^} [PHREUPLTS] Ed .

138  For example {,} it [REBGD] that we build [3] knew [K-FPLT] threw [-8] schools and they were done in East Boston Roxbury animate pan .

139  And I commend the add [PH-RGS] for than I sport Ted it .

140  But [UFRL] {^ly} that blew ribbon commission maid up of well respect Ted lead [TKERS] in the [SEUB] {,} architects Inc. nearing {&e} [TPHAOERS] and experts it took {a^} [KPHRAOES] they recommends that we build [2] knew state-of-the-art high schools back in [1-9] [-9] [-6] .

141  Those recommendation {^s} were not {im^} [PHREUPLTS] {^ed} .

142  Instead we placed .

143  I of our high school stud departments in element try school building in and school building and {a^} building that was con [TKEPLD] even after Latin academy stud departments attended there that's [EUP] witch street where the Boston arts {a^} cat my currently sit at I speak .

144  So my recommendation is that we take {a^} first reading {^ed to} .

145  And we've to wait [2] weeks before week segue take the second reading {,} and in that [2] weeks period of time if there are any {un^} {^ence} {a^} {^ed} questions {im^} sure the add argues will be has been happy to comply .

146  And I would also say that this propose Sal is sport Ted in the community .

147  .

148  I people will be there .

149  We've [3] thousand signatures of Boston residents calling for the con instruction of this high school at this tick location .

150  This con instruction will create between [4] hundred and [4] [50] con instruction jobs add up to [30] million{}dollars in payroll and benefits .

151  [130] permanent jobs .

152  Ten mill in payroll to those payroll jobs and accommodate up ward of [1] thousand one hundred and fifty stud departments .

153  Mr. President .

154  I think the stud departments of Boston have wait Ted long enough .

155  {^s in} not anew propose Sal .

156  Those of you [HOR] relatively {^ly} knew to the is city Councilor knee it's not {^us} {a^} passion of mine but it's {a^} passion of hundred dreads of meme in the [SEUB] {,} and we've stud des {&e} deed this issue very thoroughly and before you you even have {a^} statement from {a^} higher superintendent superintendent of schools where he was the chief operating office {er^} for the [SEUB] .

157  This is date Ted {^es} December six the [2] thousand [4] .

158  The [SEUB] strongly sports the Councilor instruction of anew high school until Mattapan .

159  If Mattapan high school would relieve pressure sure on {ex-^} {^is} tinge fa [SEULTS] high school location .

160  The Boston state hospital sight is {a^} ideal location in terms of service year and potential available acreage .

161  [20] acres of lands was designate Ted [PWAOEULT] welt [KWELT] of mass choose for the {ex-^} {^is} it purposes of building {a^} Boston public high school .

162  The no {a^} high school [PROEPBLG] {^ial} school or chart ter school {a^} Boston pub lib high school .

163  Because our high school stud departments are competing with other high school stud [TKEPBTSZ] throughout the quell [KWELT] of mass choose thank you for you're {in^} dull [TKPWEPBG] ill close .

164  This is not fair that there's not one stud dent in the [SEUB] attending {a^} state-of-the-art high school .

165  It's not fair to them .

166  It's not fair to us and the [TPAOUT] .

167  So I [-L] ask {,} Mr. President {,} and I would ask the chairman {^s}{a^} well {,} to allow {a^} first receipt {&e} reading with {a^} commit .

168  If we've to do any working sessions or meetings or additional data {,} the information before you has been supplied by the add [PH-RGS] .

169  The [STEFP] of the plot plan for the high school was not create Ted by Councilor Yancy {,} it was create Ted by the add [PH-RGS] when they applied for the sight in the [-9] [0] [AETS] .

170  Mr. President Mr. President this is valuable real he state and it's not going to be around for ever .

171  It's still available think sport it and again {,} I thank Councilor [President|Pressley] {,} Councilor McCarthy Councilor Jackson Councilor Ciommo for being there yesterday {,} and I also thank Councilor Murphy and Flaherty for the pass sport on this and each and every {^ry} one of you for [HREUS] {^ening} to me once again .

172  I know you've heard me [HUP] [TKREPBDZ] {ever^} time on the need to build high schools and this school will be for the all the stud departments in the [SEUB] .

173  [paragraph] thank you {,} Councilor Yancy {,} thank you for that .

174  And Councilor Wu {,} you're but ton was pushed {?} [paragraph] Wu [WAOU] I want to thank Councilor [KWRAPBTS] Yancy for his add {^cy} and Councilor Ciommo for dog the city meeting out not neighborhood to full {^fully} participate .

175  Id another commit .

176  So was {'} able to to be there and want to make sure that {im^} fully informed on [-FRG] and able to review the [SAEUP] so I wanna Ted to clarify that if the vote happened {^ed to} {im^} fully sport {^tive} of making sure that we're [TKPWEUFB] our stud departments refer I opportunity and recognize {^ing} - personally if we're {^ing to} on this {^ed to} I would be {a^} know vote because I need Moore [TPORGS] and get myself Moore caught up on the [SROETDZ] because {a^} think alone order of [120] [PH-L] is [2] separate votes [2] weeks apart lends extra wait to that significant so I {^us} want Ted to clarify my did I significance {^ed to} .

177  Mike mick [PHEUFRBG] .

178  [paragraph] thank you {,}you very much .

179  Mr. President [PHR-PLT] .

180  Thank you Councilor Yancy for hold handgun the hearing Councilor Ciommo Councilor Jackson {^s}{a^} well {^s}{a^} Councilor [President|Pressley] .

181  You know {,} to do the meeting justice {,} [SKOUPB] Jahns Yancy said there was about {a^} hundred people there{.} it wasn't {^us} {a^} hundred people .

182  These are people love community lead [TKERS] [HOR] year and years and years Councilor Yancy I already know the answer [57] million{}dollars to build {a^} build prognosis in [2] thousand [1] .

183  [120] to build {a^} building now .

184  {^s}{a^} we tin to wait clearly {^ly} it gets Moore expensive .

185  [20] [AEURS] {^*ers} of {^lant} where else do we've {a^} .

186  High [SKAOPL] in the [SEUB] .

187  And this clearly {^ly} isn't about Mattapan and it's not about strict five .

188  This is about the kids from Boston coming into {a^} state-of-the-art facility .

189  This also has {a^} possibility of having vocation national state of the arts music and signs and at let tick complex second to to none for our kids in Boston .

190  Whether we reed this {^ed to} or reed this late ter ill be in in the affirm [TEUFPLT] ill be tinge to work with Councilor Yancy and you know I go back to the meeting lass night passion that in the Abe {a^} had for [20] {,} [30] {,} [40] one {^a} {,} [-9] [0] years olds who goes to this meeting and talking about how he went to the Boston pub lib schools how he went to war and how the community could be changed by having this high school .

191  Thank you etch very much .

192  [paragraph] Councilor Jackson .

193  [paragraph] thank {,}you very much .

194  Mr. President Mr. President .

195  I [RAOEUSZ] to thank Councilor Yancy for staying {^ing} our messages .

196  I rise to thank Councilor Yancy for add indicating for the young people of the [SEUB] and my position {^s}{a^} chair [-FD] education {^ive} got {en^} and opportunity {^ing to} across the city and look at the state of hour our schools .

197  One of the thinks that we know is that every {^ry} chart ter school seat that opens up we loose {a^} child but every {^ry} chart ter school that I've gone into has {re^} vit lice {^ed} fa [SEULTS] .

198  Every {^ry} single one of them has smart boards and done over refer {^ry} single one of those buildings .

199  .

200  I of you are being asked to come to the brand knew Ed with regard brook .

201  .

202  I of you youse {^ed} to know it {^s}{a^} lean that park .

203  Brands knew fa [SEULTS] .

204  We wonder about why we're loose {^ing} stud departments not only [OPBTS] quality of the education and we'll have {a^} discussion about that late ter {,} but we're not putting our young people in {a^} place in {a^} position where they can actually compete .

205  And what we tall talk about is [2] [1] {^s} sen sen education .

206  Steam {,} signs tech [TPHO*D] normal I go and [SPHAT] .

207  But we've building that literal {^ly} were run on steam when they were construct Ted .

208  We've tog to be willing to stand on the side of the young people of the [SEUB] .

209  We've to be willing to stand on the side of the [PW-PS] [PW-PS] in order to fight the [PHROES] important fight .

210  I think one of the mows salient [POEUPBTSZ] that Councilor Yancy [PWREUPBGS] forward is that none of the high school stud departments in the [SEUB] {^ed to} are going to school in {a^} [2] [1-S] sent sent completely [TKEBGD] out school {^s that} at the level of {a^} [2] thousand [14] stud dent .

211  We're [PHAOFG] from [PH-FPLT] Kass to park .

212  The park Tess [HRAEUPBLGS] is given [OEPBLG] on line .

213  It's not {a^} paper per Tess {,} and we now question [WHRORPBT] our young people are actually able to take this Tess because of the buildings and lack ever them that our fa [SEULTS] have .

214  Our young people have been able to do pretty {^ity} well not because of the fa [SEULTS] but {in^} spite of the fa [SEULTS] in the [SEUB] .

215  We've the old des school system and old des school in the whole country and .

216  I of you went to that school .

217  You're not [WAOERBG] purposing you're we're ping {^ed to} .

218  But when it comes down to it {,} knowing that we've the old des school should mean that we've the mows aggressive {re^} vit station program {^s that} out there{.} we fail to take advantage and ill say this again {,} we [TKPAEUL] to take advantage of the mass fair share school authority {^s}{a^} [KPHOUPB] Yancy brought up when we'd [-9] [0] {^%} I cree implement [58] [PERPLS] and we don't take advantage of them and understand those dollars come from the [SEUB] because we're the economic Inc. {in^} of the state of mass choose because they're {a^} penny out of each sail tax dollars {:} Mr. President Mr. President whether it comes forward now or late ter or whether it comes forward in the [TPAOUT] {im^} all in to make sure we sport the young people not only of Mattapan every {^ry} single high school in the [SEUB] is {a^} city wide school {,} this is {a^} school locate Ted on Mattapan that'll be open and available to every {^ry} single young [PAOERPB] not [SEUB] .

219  Thank you very much .

220  [paragraph] thank you Councilor Jackson .

221  Councilor [President|Pressley] .

222  [President|Pressley] .

223  Thank you {,} Mr. President .

224  I too want to share on the hearing of the national marks [RARBGS] ever yesterday that I think are important to underscore .

225  This has been {a^} mission of Councilor Yancy in the same way that's population was was mission of country and in the same way that's building of the Mattapan [HRAOEUB] [HRAOEUB] was {a^} commission of Councilor Yancy {^'} but none of those thinks have been {a^} personal charge of his per se .

226  What {^es} dog is on bee half of his strict .

227  And based upon his strong {a^} ten dance lass night {,} again it's clear that we're long over due new this regard .

228  In in chamber we've fought for {in^} [SRES] {^ments} in housing because we can't belief familiar [HREUFRPLS] - teaching {a^} whole [TAO*EULD] child {,} you can't be commit Ted [AOEFPG] {a^} whole tiled [TPER] not in the withhold build {^ing} {:} families can [THOT] drive in the sub par conditions .

229  This is about there ready necessary to learn {,} this is about what's {^'} fair to our teachers .

230  I think its a notes wording that's [President|Pressley] [PR-FT] [TPWEPLTS] [PREUFP] rich [KHEUPL] [SKHEU] vigorous {^ly} endorsed this .

231  And it's {^us} long over due .

232  We've maid for mitt able {in^} [SRES] {^ments} in the Mattapan community that I belief will sport this school .

233  Because you do need boat .

234  You can't have {a^} state-of-the-art facility and not making those {in^} [SRES] {^ments} in the neighborhood around that school .

235  Because the school will not succeed .

236  Education is the {e^} {^alize} {^ing} and familiarly and community ar stale label lice {^ing} [-FPLGT] fight for that {^s}{a^} well or knew [HELT] center .


238  Community center .

239  These are all thinks that would sport and work in partnership to cease that school thrive and excel .

240  If we glee they cannot thrive in sub par house ugh we agree that young people cannot drive in young pool [SKAO] strict school falling apart around them .

241  And it sends {a^} awe full message about how much we value our stud departments and the {in^} [SRES] .

242  We're willing to make in them and our [TPAOUT] to make [SHAOFPL] Councilor turn in no{,}your Honor yet that they node that we care .

243  They see development and upgrades happening throughout the city .

244  And we don't want to create {a^} higher remark I can or system for what neighborhoods and who was wort think of those {in^} [SRES] {^ments} and again to {under^} score it's {a^} state-of-the-art facility that we house and beautiful community of Mattapan not {a^} school {^us} to certificate of Mattapan .

245  So I want to commend Councilor Yancy for his lead [TKER] ship whether there's {a^} reading {^ed to} or the infection [PHAOETD] {^ing} {^s}{a^} {^ive} in the pass ill vote in the affirmative .

246  Thank {,}you Councilor Baker .

247  Councilor id a first like to thank Councilor Yancy for his words .

248  I do not agree with them .

249  I want to maybe {a^} dorm style or campus [STPAOEUL] high [SKAOFPLT] add [PH-RGS] [KEUBGDZ] this can down the {un^} rode for ten or [12] years .

250  First knew of this knew and [PH-RGTS] mandate [12] [TPWHREULDZ] I'd like to see {a^} by in from across the hall waiting on {a^} fa [SEULTS] master plan from {a^} the school department although I do not agree with Councilor [KWRAPBTS] Yancy ill not be voting in the affirmative {^ed to} .

251  Thank you Councilor Baker .

252  [paragraph] {im^} going to take {a^} quick recess .

253  Would Councilor {^ian} Yancy and Councilor Ciommo please come not days .

254  [STKPWHR*FRPBLGTS] wile be back in session .

255  Councilor is back in session .

256  The discussion was on docket [0] [1] [-8] [0] and it'll remain in the committee on ways and means .

257  [linebreak] [paragraph] motions orders and resolutions [-RPBGS] [15] [-6] [0] Councilor Zakim [OFRDZ] six of jewel [34] of the [20] [14] [H-FPLT] [KRAOULGS] of the Boston city Councilor pro [HEUBL] tinge commit [TAOEFRPLTS] day of any regular pleat {^ing} of the Councilor be suspend {^ed} on Wednesday {,} October [2-9] {&h} [20] [14] to have {a^} hearing of the [SPEGS] committee on transportation {,} public infrastructure {^ture} planning and {in^} [SRES] .

258  [paragraph] [*R] .

259  [linebreak] [paragraph] Councilor Zakim [PHAOFS] suss suspension of the rules {^age} package of docket [15] [-6] five all in favor say Aye .

260  Ayes have it {^ant} [15] [-6] [06] five has passed [STKPWHR-FRPBLGTSZ] madam clerk [15] [-6] [-6] .

261  Clerk clerk [156] [-6] [KOUPBS] {^s} [WAOU] {on^} O'Malley [OFRDZ] fossil fuel die [SRES] .

262  For the sit [EUB] of funds - [paragraph] [15] [-6] [-6] [STKPWHR-FRPBLGTSZ] Wu [WAOU] .

263  Thank {,}you Mr. President Mr. President .

264  I think we are in all in agreement that climb mat change is {a^} pressing issue in in this {en^} [SKWR-PB] regulation [SPEGS] {^ly} national I [ARPBDZ] the [PHAOF] [-FPLTS] come weeks and [PHOPBTS] .

265  We lass know that whole gas and [-FRPBL] directly to these problems .

266  Boston has already done allot and is dog allot in terms of mitigating climb mat change and adapting to it with {a^} axe plan and change {^ing} to [SOEPBGS] for Moore {re^} .

267  Soup [SRER] [ST-RPLS] {^age} impacts .

268  {im^} proud to [EUPBTS] dues {^ed to} with Councilor O'Malley one Moore step that week could pro tension {^ly} take .

269  This is {a^} hearing to call for the die [SRES] {^ing} [TPOS] fossil with the sit 'tis mon any and put our mon any where our [PHOUT] is we're {^s}{a^} the city are already {in^} [SRES] the {^ing} sons and retire {re^} pension plans and {in^} [SRES] .

270  Stocks mute [TPAO*UL] actual funds [PWAEUPBG] account this is not to take away any of the {re^} [KURPB] .

271  Rye tire Reese will be gets {^ing} bug {^us} to you {re^} allocate those funds to {in^} [SRES] in companies that noun [-FRPL] - value {^s} [ARPBDZ] sustain ability and renew ability and great {en^} [TKPWEUFPLT] this is {a^} [PHAOF] .

272  That was really cat pull Ted by campus {^s} and Stanford you know you know to be the mows pro {^ified} .

273  Businesses {^ance} foundation {^s} following suit and .

274  There are allot of questions to follow and [OERPS] what the impacts would be .

275  First of all what do we mean by did I [STPHRES] fossil fuel pulling all of our mon any from any company control or gas or from the companies thar had the big guess cash bon foot [TPREUPBDZ] {:} in tux {^s} with the city and retirement bored and with others [HOR] experts this field .

276  I do know that there has been allot ever {re^} certificate .

277  Done that die [SRES] tinge from follow [TPOS] [TPOS] fuels does not result in negative impact on {in^} [SRES] {^ments} over all .

278  I think it would be {a^} great decision for the taxpayers retire Reese and city and plan yet so looking forward to of this conversation and looking for [PHAOFG] forward .

279  [paragraph] thank you {,}you Councilor Wu .

280  Councilor O'Malley .

281  O'Malley O'Malley thank you Mr. President Mr. President .

282  {^s}{a^} the chair of the [KOUPBS] {^'s} commit .

283  On {en^} {en^} and parks {im^} [THREULDZ] to partner and knife [SKAOD] colleague south end on this very important {^ish} initiative .

284  [TPOTD] for the {en^} {en^} and the right think to do{.} when it comes to climb mat change there are .

285  I thinks that we know .

286  Thar {re^} {re^} fight able notion {^s} .

287  First and [KR-FPLT] okay{.} [2] owe essential {^s} {:} greenhouse gas emissions into the [TKPWHR-PLTS] [KR-FPLT] okay{.} [2] come from fossil fuels like coal oil and natural gas .

288  We know that climb climb change is directly [HREUPBGD] with these emotion {^es} .

289  {super^} per storm Stan did I {a^} come years ago .

290  The [SEUB] was {ex-^} [TROEBL] {^ly} {:} storm hit in between tides .

291  Had it come {a^} come times earlier nor late ter the rifled with what happened along [SAOEUPD] the [SKWRERS] [SKWRERS] shore .

292  This city and this bod if I in tick has take {en^} some real I important green [SHEPS] [ST*EPS] in make {^ing} sure that [PWAOS] ton is {a^} {en^} {en^} and response {^ible} city .

293  They change from the mall {^ler} quality of life {^ish} shoes when we passed {a^} paper paper {^ler} pay cushion filling stations and pun lip [-FPLTS] [TKHREUPB] record torts knits {^s}{a^} we {de^} lass year .

294  [THAFRS] {a^} very important message and this proposed {in^} {^es} .

295  {^ ^} {a^} quiver in good going forward to {^ic} Ma mayor {^ual} {,} {de^} certificate .

296  Them{.} you did you can credit to {^s of} Boston is {en^} {en^} sound and offers some good {in^} {in^} [TEUFRS] and I think this is another way week talk about lynch Raj {^ing} the sit 'tis mass {in^} [SRES] {^ments} into make {^ing it} moo .

297  - city ale [RAOL] {^ly} help set the stone .

298  Other is the 'tis are dog [TH-G] an .

299  Came [APBL] done it {.}it makes sense for Boston to [REFRPBLGS] the {e^} norm Maus {re^} source us {^s to} of {re^} tin this conversation [-FPLTS] once again thank my good colleague appeal - lead [TKER] ship in this its [AETS] wonderful for work together with you on this important issue and I hope that all of our colleagues will join us in this conversation going toward {:} thank {,}you Mr. President {Mr.-|}  [STKPWHRAFRPBLGTS] thank I Councilor owe .

300  Councilor Murphy {,} McCarthy {,} LaMattina {,} Jackson {,} the chair {,} Councilor Zakim and Ayanna [President|Pressley] and Councilor [President|Pressley] [STPHR-FRPBLGTS] [paragraph] and please add Councilor particular familiar {^'s} name .

301  .

302  .

303  [STKPWHREFRPBLGTS] so docket [15] [-6] will be assigned to the committee on Ways and Means and the committee on {en^} {en^} and parks [linebreak] [linebreak] could remember Councilor Zakim [OFRDZ] the following {ex-^} [TOEFRPLTS] displace .

304  By condominium and coop {^tive} diverse pursuant to the sit 'tis {^'s} authority state stat threw of [1-9] [-8] [3] {,} chapter five [2-7] .

305  [paragraph] chair recognize {^s} Councilor Zakim on [15] [-67] .

306  Thank you {,} Mr. President Mr. President .

307  {im^} introducing [TH-G] ordinance .

308  It's [AEBGS] tension of {a^} {ex-^} {^is} tinge law that {^ence} [TAOEURBGS] on December [3] is of this year some pro DECS for ten [TPHAPBTS] in apt you know knits in the [SEUB] when there {in^} {in^} con and force {^ed} to [PHAOF] being displaced by this addition .

309  {^s}{a^} we talked over and over again on this [TPHRO] floor individually and throughout our strict and city housing cost items in Boston tin to rise inflation and housing [SRAEUBLTS] afford disability is {a^} real press egg issue for .

310  I families in the [SEUB] .

311  We're work being [TKPRAEUT] ter Boston legal services [-RBGTS] ownership add cats in this year .

312  We worked on updating this by increasing the amounts thar paid for [PHAOFG] {ex-^} [PAOEPBS] {^es} these increases have not -- not only does of living but also the ricing prices of Boston for the pass ten or [15] years .

313  These numbers have not been raced in ten years and national authorization would extend the time of this ordinance for another five years so I look forward to working with the chairman of government operation {^is} schedule {ex-^} additional {^ly} {^s}{a^} there law is no enact Ted for the .

314  I of our [TPEURBTS] [TWEURBTS] friends [STPHAEUBS] maybe facing Flor if I pro DECS {^s} throughout the [SEUB] .

315  [STKPWHREFRPBLGTS] Councilor Yancy .

316  [STKPWHREFRPBLGTS] thank you {,} Mr. President Mr. President .

317  I rise to commends the [KHRAOEL] from sixty [-8] .

318  I {a^} appreciate his individual {^liness} .

319  I think boat Councilor Murphy and I vote Ted for this back in [1-9] [-9] [-8] or so .

320  {im^} very [KERPBDZ] about the impact of ricing rends {^ant} impact of condo conversion {^s} even though the state out laud rent control .

321  This state and I belief our policy should being to do [-FRG] week {,} particularly our long [TKPER] term residents in Boston and our annually graduate Ted high school and college stud departments to be able to remain in the [SEUB] .

322  And that's becoming increasingly give .

323  In {a^} very {reen^} sense {,} Mr. President Mr. President {,} we've become {a^} victim of our success .

324  Boston has {a^} [PWAOPLG] con my but not every {^ry} one is sharing that con my and far [TPAOPL] people are [P-FRPLTS] like to have my name added and commend the [PWHAEUBG] ter .

325  [linebreak] [STKPHR] Yancy Linehan Ciommo [linebreak] [linebreak] LaMattina Flaherty Murphy [President|Pressley] and Jackson and city of Boston that cleave lends fed [RAOEBT] {^ly} came out .

326  Boston {^s}{a^} the [TPAS] Tess gent {^ifying} city in the whole country and sadly this is actually {,} this piece every legs {^ulation} deals with people at the tail end {^s}{a^} people are [PHAOFG] but I think it's important {^s}{a^} we look at and update all the the legs {^ulation} in in reference to thinks that .

327  Help people {^ance} they've [PHAOF] and also add {^us} them up knowing thinks does allot Moore dick {^ly} [PHAOFG] in the [SEUB] so I want to compliment Councilor Zakim for his great work and lead [TKER] ship in housing and also his work in making sure it's been {a^} safe {in^} {en^} in the [SEUB] .

328  It needs to be compliment Ted in {a^} north period of time here on the Councilor for some great work .

329  Please add my name .

330  [paragraph] please add Councilor Jackson {^'s} name madam clerk .

331  Councilor Wu .

332  [paragraph] thank you {,}you Mr. President Mr. President .

333  I {^us} wanna Ted to give {a^} extra [SPEGS] thank to Councilor Zakim for the urgency of this was really [UPBT] [STKORD] to me {a^} come weekends ago .

334  I was at with Councilor [KR-FPLT] #M{.} [KR-FPLT] on housing {^ish} shoes and those [2] neighborhoods where they showed stats stats saying that in the lass year [25] {^%} of all sails went to known own {^ener} occupied purchases so that's {a^} incredibly high number where {a^} quart ter of that housing - con dose or other conversion {^s} of stud departments for large [SREP] {^%} who don't live there{.} so there are .

335  I across the city that where this is {ex-^} he [TRAOEPL] {^ly} urge [TKPWEPBTS] and underscore the timeliness there .

336  Skillful {^ly} .

337  Protection {^s} deport knoll [TKERL] [EUFRPLT] ten [TPHAPBTS] so [AEUTS] {^'} great that we already have and looking forward to thousand do we extends it {,} please add my name .

338  [STKPWHRAFRPBLGTS] dock [15] [-7] [-67] is [AEUPB] [STAO] [linebreak] arch do being dock [156] [-78] is {a^} [TEUPBDZ] to the [KPHAOEUT] tee on [KPWOFT] government operation [EUPLS] [STKPWHRA] anybody wishing to {re^} [PHAOF] {a^} marry from the green sheets .

339  Councilor Flaherty you've the court .

340  [paragraph] thank {,}you Mr. President {Mr.-|}  .

341  I rise to pull docket [14] [-7] [1] {on^} put it on the floor for discussion amend {^ments} and package in the new draft and I reefer to you {^s}{a^} the lead response sore .

342  Thank {,}you Mr. President Mr. President .

343  [STKPWHRAFRPBLGTS] in the committee on government operations {,} docket number [14] [-7] [1] [SKPOPBS] [SORD] by Councilor Linehan .

344  Ordinance amending [KR-FPLT] okay{.} about{.} code ordinance chapter [2] point -- {in^} veil .

345  [STHEUS] [STHAO] [linebreak] [RAOEFRPDZ] to committee on [-9] .

346  [1-7] {:} [14-6789] and [HAOERPG] on [-9] [2-9] [linebreak] [linebreak] Linehan {^s}{a^} .

347  I of you know we'd {a^} very row bus and involved hearing last week on this matter .

348  This matter is similar or is exactly the same {^s}{a^} matters that have [TKPAEUS] {^ed} the city Councilor for dick [KAEUDZ] .

349  It's the duty and response [EUBLGT] of the Councilor to set by {a^} vote there Al [REUS] .

350  And those of the [PHAEURS] {^'s} and the departments heads .

351  We set our department [HELDZ] [S-L] {^ry} earlier this year {&I.} [AEUTS] {^'} ordinance .

352  It can be initiate Ted by the mayor or the Councilor .

353  Like all other ordinances .

354  Know one else .

355  Know one else can done it .

356  So since I lead this body and I thank you for that opportunity {,} I proposed this dock [KET] .

357  And I understand that it's diff .

358  And [SPEGS] {^ly} for our knew Wes members love {^us} been elect Ted nine [PHOPBTS] ago and the mayor who was {^us} elect Ted nine [PHOPBTS] ago feel that this is {a^} appeal time to discuss the marry of giving yours {a^} race .

359  And all of us would reefer not to be in this awe [KWARD] position .

360  But it's our response {^ibility} and know one else's response {^ibility} .

361  To address the marry .

362  This matter in the pass was settled by votes in public .

363  Councilor after Councilor over take cads had to rye volume of the issue .

364  Matters in the pass have passed the body and take {en^} effect immediately .

365  This matter in the pass in the infection calendar year and in the infection physical {^ial} year {,} but never after infection election .

366  That has never curd that I know of at lease in the pacifist I or six {^ity} years .

367  Some have been done with {a^} [TKPEPB] {^sation} bored vice sorry on what to do .

368  Some have been without .

369  For the record {,} the [TKPEPB] {^sation} vice sorry bored maid know recommendation {^s} from [2] thousand [-6] to [2] thousand [13] .

370  They maid one in [2] thousand [13] and that did not clue this body .

371  It did not clue the body .

372  It's not {em^} bump couple band upon them to do that .

373  It's {em^} couple bands upon us .

374  After [-8] years without {a^} add {^us} .

375  {,} I feel strong [TKPWHREU] that's add {^us} .

376  Is due now arranges and I {a^} appreciate you're par 'tis [PAEUGTS] in this form and in the hearing .

377  It's diff to talk about the marry .

378  Excise when complete Ted will probably be the mows pub {^ically} wait Ted salary around .

379  {un^} press den Ted by the {^et} tick commission on this matter .

380  {un^} press den Ted .

381  The law department in the [SEUB] testified to its interpretation to the lawyer here in front of us .

382  You've {a^} copy of it this position and I asked for it in right {^ing} and it's know different from what we heard from them than what we heard in the chamber .

383  All law departments in the pass {,} they've the stamp it {,} and they did .

384  This is different .

385  - for {a^} [3] hundred thousand dollars marry .

386  And let's put it in perspective order .

387  We're talking about [120] million{}dollars for {a^} or school .

388  For {a^} [3] hundred [THOUPBDZ] marry we've seen Moore print and media coverage on this because it's awe [KWARD] .

389  And now we're going to have {a^} public did I bait .

390  So what we're really going to do here today is we're going to have {a^} neglect [OERB] {^iation} amongst {^ed} others {^s} in the public realm to be absorbed by the public {^s}{a^} state law with [KWAOEURS] .

391  {^us} {^s}{a^} aside {,} it does not choir the state legs late {^ture} to do but that but it [KWAOEURS] the [TKPHRORPLT] Boston city Of Councilor .

392  [TKEUFRPT] [EUFRPBTS] in the public for rom .

393  I set {a^} sealing on {a^} salary {,} I [TKOUPBT] if anybody here is going to race it here {^ed to} .

394  I Saturday {a^} salary sealing .

395  I based {a^} term on the [OUPBT] stands {^ing} of the law Tet wives immediate because interest [HR-P] happened before [STKPWR] chapter [KHRAPT] [3-9] [KWAOEURS] us to set the salary and the state law provides us with that power .

396  Chapter [1-9] states municipal employees cannot directly benefit from the marry they vote on and it's {a^} {in^} [TKERP] {^tation} by our own {^et} things commission and our own law department that we shunt do that{.} so the program terse are set for public did I bait on the marry .

397  I look forward to it .

398  The effect {^ive} date immediate {,} January [20] {,} [15] or January [20] [1-6] .

399  And based on the laws impacting this conflict {^ing} or not {,} ill [PHAOF] on {a^} amend .

400  To adopt [20] [1-6] {^s}{a^} the effect {^ive} date to {en^} sure that there's know [EUPBL] pro [PROEU] {^ity} by this body .

401  Rye certificate of the right {^s}{a^} we all should {^s}{a^} {a^} Councilor to resolve that potential conflict of these laws not for us but for the [TPAOUT] of all Councilor [SHRORS] .

402  The amount collude {^s}{a^} you all know is ago gait Ted amount over {a^} ten year period now which that'll be and probably [12] {,} and [14] and [15] years because unless there's some other mech {^ism} that arise {^is} late ter on this is not going to arise again in this for mum for along time .

403  It comes out to about [2] thousand five [HUPBDZ] {a^} year over the ten years .

404  It's equal or less than average of all city employees for over those ten years .

405  And so [EUZ] belief that's Councilor did I serfs {a^} signature amount .

406  You {^s}{a^} members {a^} have {a^} opportunity to amend {,} if you so choose within the program terse of the law {,} within the program terse of open meeting law it's acquired {:} so although it's ugh [TKPWHREU] {,} the it's the only way that [WAOEU] get do this .

407  [paragraph] let me remind you that based on the amount {im^} offering you {,} you'll not {,} each and every {^ry} one of you if it so passes you'll not directs {^ly} benefit from the this .

408  The eye dee is that Councilor [SHRORS] of the [TPAOUT] will get {a^} race {^s that} due them .

409  It's almost become {a^} principal marry {,} because we're not directly benefiting from this .

410  And since you're in the job {,} know one can judge [PWER] than what you {de^} certificate of .

411  Do Boston City Councilor [SHRORS] {de^} certificate of {a^} increase going forward in [20] [1-6] .

412  If you adopt the amount .

413  .

414  So in the ago [TKPWREU] gat {,} and we've figured the Al [REUS] above the city {^ance} across the America that this is within range of .

415  I of them .

416  We maid all the arguments in the hearing and {im^} not going {^ing to} over that and but I would {^us} [STPHAEU] alas [PEUFPL] to you that's Boston city Councilor cost items each boss tone John {under^} [-9] {^ed} per year to have this [HEUPB] constitution .

417  Every {^ry} single one of us {,} staff cam muss rec [TREUS] {^ity} {,} all of it {,} Councilor [SHRORS] .

418  [-9] [TKPWUBGS] .

419  I think it's the does of {a^} weekly sub [SKREUPBGS] to {a^} daily news paper per is Moore than that .

420  So I [PHAOF] to [TAEPLD] docket [14] [-7] [1] to change the {e^} [TPAOEUBGT] {^ive} date upon package to January [20] [1-6] [STKPHR-FPLT] [STKPHR-FPLT] second .

421  [paragraph] {?} [linebreak] O'Malley .

422  Thank {,}you Mr. President Mr. President .

423  I [PHAOF] to amend docket number [14] [-7] [1] Linehan recess .

424  {?} {:} [STKPWHREFRPBLGTSZ] Ciommo Councilor is back in session .

425  Wife {a^} amend .

426  Before the bod I go .

427  Amenity .

428  Before the body has to be belt {&e} dealt with before the and the amend .

429  Put forward at this time is to thank the effect {^ive} date of [STPHEU] salary add {^us} .

430  That this body passes and seconded by another number .

431  - it [President|Pressley] Linehan .

432  [paragraph] because I spoke briefly on the entire marry {,} the dock [KET] marry I'd {^us} like [THO] briefly state at it's relate Ted to this amend .

433  .

434  This amend .

435  Would resolve any conflict for us in all matters relate Ted to conflict of interest law and also chapter [3-9] so that's why I bring this forward and ask you to sport the change of this date to this matter .

436  [STKPWHRAFRPBLGTS] Councilor {/} owe you do want to spike on this .

437  Know .

438  [paragraph] Councilor [President|Pressley] - know .

439  So you've before the body is amend .

440  .

441  Councilor bill Linehan to docket number [14] [-7] [1-6789] section [2] of docks docks number [14] [-7] [1] shall be amended by [STRAEUBG] ugh in its {en^} [TAOEURPLT] {^ity} and striking with the following .

442  Section [2] shall reed the provisions of this ordinance shall take effect on January [4] {,} [20] [1-6] .

443  Filed in the office on October [-8] {,} [20] [14] .

444  [linebreak] [linebreak] Councilor Baker .

445  Yes .

446  [STKPWHRUPB] Councilor Ciommo - yes .

447  [linebreak] Councilor particular familiar - yes .

448  [paragraph] Councilor Jackson - yes .

449  [paragraph] Councilor LaMattina - yes .

450  [paragraph] Councilor Linehan - yes .

451  [paragraph] Councilor public mick - yes .

452  [paragraph] Councilor Murphy - yes .

453  [paragraph] O'Malley yes [paragraph] Councilor [PRETS] press - yes .

454  [paragraph] Councilor Wu - yes .

455  [paragraph] Councilor Yancy - yes .

456  [paragraph] Councilor Zakim - yes .

457  [linebreak] [STKPWHR*FRPBLGTS] [paragraph] clerk clerk you've {a^} you know you know vote or package on the amend .

458  {?} [14] [-7] [1] [paragraph] chair now recognize {^es} Councilor O'Malley [paragraph] thank {,}you [PHR-P] Mr. President .

459  I [PHAOF] to further amend docket [14] [-7] [1] .

460  Point of order Matt clerk do you have to reed it and I speak on it .

461  [paragraph] we're {^us} receiving it now so may we distribute {?} [paragraph] O'Malley please .

462  [paragraph] so that every {^ry} one has the marry before them .

463  [STKPWHR*FRPBLGTSZ] [paragraph] aimed {^ed} of Councilors mat O'Malley and a oo eye [President|Pressley] to [14] [-7] [1-6789] docket number [14] [-7] [1] shall be amended in section one by striking the words [1] [12] thousand five [HUPBDZ] and replacing it with the following fords of [-9] [4] thousand [-6] hundred and [-7] [3] {^ed} .

464  .

465  Docket [14] [-7] [1] shall further be amending {^ed} by adding the following provision {,} the salary of the city Councilor shall be add {^us} Ted every {^ry} year youse {^ing} the median house hold income for the [SEUBT] {^ity} of Boston filed in the city Of Boston October [-8] [20] [14] [paragraph] Councilor {/} owe [paragraph] O'Malley thank {,}you Mr. President Mr. President I think one think we all agree on and perhaps the only think we agree on is how {un^} {un^} this motion of salaried {a^} {^us} .

466  Can be .

467  That's mech {^ism} that we've .

468  But it does {'} have to be that way .

469  When this was first introduced I said that's [TPHOUPL] proposed was large deal with there salary adjustments mows [SPES] {^iffic} {^ly} the mass choose state legs late {^ture} {in^} degrees {ex-^} any add [SKWRAOUPBS] median income of amass choose resident .

470  So Councilor [President|Pressley] and I rung with that took the [TPHAUPLS] would add {^us} in Bostonians .

471  The media income with Bostonians starting with [2] thousand [-7] and see ow it changes the interesting think is {in^} [TKHRAOES] and decrees and ill very briefly run throughout numbers [2] thousand [-7] it increased five {^%} .

472  [2] thousand [-8] [2] {^%} .

473  [20] [-9] [-8] {^%} .

474  [2] thousand [10] decreased [12] {^%} that was of the depression [2] [1] [1] [2] [SPERS] .

475  Five {^%} and [4] {^%} .

476  See lengths {^ly} it would be about {a^} [-9] {^%} {in^} creeps from our lass salary add [SKWRUPBS] .

477  That Brit it to [-8] [-7] thousand five [HUPBLDZ] that {^ed to} criteria would rep [-9] [4] thousand [-6] hundred and [-7] [3] {^ed} .

478  Admit {^ly} tilts {^'} {a^} small race but affair race by pies bass {^ing} this amend .

479  {a^} [HRAUTS] for the changes and {a^} social work [KWRAEUD] [-FPLTS] salary add {^us} .

480  In [-7] or [-8] years [TKPW-GDZ] forward thar [TWAOE] never have to do this again [P-FPLT] ways [TKPW-LG] forwards and smart they're {re^} format [OFRPLTS] [TPHEPBG] anymore to {en^} [STRAOEUPB] this so that's [PWOTS] ton sit I town know lodge [TKPWER] thesis to set its open pay race .

481  I think its [-PTS] financially [-PBTS] [SPO] [EUP] annals .

482  Sends this [TK-FRGS] one {a^} for all and recognize [EUFRPLS] .

483  [ALD] {^us} .

484  .

485  Give [WUPS] .

486  [WULS] [OEUPB] [-6] .

487  [-7] [4EU678] [THUFRPLTS] [-9] [4] thousand [-7] [-6] [2] is pair [EUFRPL] arm press [TEPBTS] going forward so we never have to do this [STKPWHREPB] {&e-} .

488  Press please [TKPHERPL] [-RPL] [SERP] coming one this and [HAURPBLG] package {^age} hope [THOUBG] all vote for this {^s}{a^} we go forward .

489  Thank that you very much .

490  [STKPWHRAFRPBLGTS] Councilor [President|Pressley] .

491  [STKPWHRAUFRPBLGTS] thank you recollect .

492  I rise and I thank Councilor {/} owe for part [SPHERG] with me .

493  From the [HOUTS] .

494  Proposed is simply too high but Moore over that we're in {:} {en^} {en^} position and we need to provide {a^} predict ability mechanism [PHAOFG] [TPAORLD] so I do not want to simply vote note without offering something {:} you're right {,} Councilor Linehan .

495  This is not about us .

496  This is about the body .

497  And so bigger that in mind {,} I think this is {a^} opportunity with [AEUPB] desk to the amount of [PH-FPLT] {&I.} to provide [PHAOFG] forward {a^} {em^} neck mechanism {^s that} {trans^} appearance .

498  Tax [PAEURGS] and also for this body .

499  I think {a^} proposed amount is one {^s that} fair and {en^} [AEUBLS] us -- and I I think [PHAOFG] forward it sets {a^} precedents {:} we are implying in {a^} propose Sal until our amount before you the very mech [THOFPLT] .

500  Been the permanent America mechanism so we're not in this {on^} {un^} - apologies [PHAOFG] forward .

501  So again {,} pleased to partner with Councilor O'Malley {on^} I think this is affair [KPROPL] myself I urge you to give it every {^ry} conversation .

502  It does provide {a^} rational {a^} formula and {a^} Bess [PRABG] .

503  Not {^us} for now but for [TPAOUT] generations and for this Councilor and it's Chris cal we provide that transplants [PARPBS] {^ly is} season - told and [PHAOF] [TPAORPD] [PHAOFG] other tour fax pairs .

504  .

505  Thank us .

506  .

507  [paragraph] [paragraph] you to [WAOU] .

508  Thank {,}you Mr. President Mr. President .

509  I {^us} wanna Ted to rise and commend the response sore for [AEPG] [THUP] this for the colleague for all of the different [AEUPBG] {^less} that we're really trying to resolve this issue .

510  I would not be in sport of this amend .

511  And I want to explain my position .

512  I do agree that we need for taxpayers {^ance} find {a^} different America mechanism going forward I do not belief that aught mat lick indexing is way to do that{.} that seem correct and fair level so that [WOFB] [-78] [-7] thousand five [HUDZ] set in [2] thousand [-67] that [H-FRPLTS] forever [EUFR] .

513  I think the state legs late tours {^'s} met [THOD] leaves out true accountability in add [SKWRUGS] an [STHAO] .

514  Thank [-PBG] [TAOEUPLTS] and [TEUPBD] profession {^inal} [-FRPBLTS] - certificate [SREUTS] {^is} with change neck certificate irk reflect Ted neat average me meet .

515  I belief there's {a^} chance for [THO] to be become miss {a^} [HRAOEUPBDZ] and over time gets words and word .

516  I [TKPHRER] {:} .

517  Bets to you do that is it to push [-RBT] effect {^ive} date of of any of change [HOEFR] the notebook [TORB] permanent that appoints that [TP-FRB] is [HOR] goes {^ing to} there [-FRPL] stimulus [STPHR-FRPL] - [HREURD] [STHRAO] [EPLTS] did I significance [-LGS] for who to vote for they know what the exact apologies cry cry will be in the sally .

518  Predict ability [STKPHR-FRPLT] - date up to tee fake effect in the [TPHEBGTS] term .

519  I would much [TOFRPLT] {:} didn't {#Return} commission setting salaries [STKPHROEUFRPLTDZ] - [SHRAOFRPLGTS] Kay [STKPHRAO*FRPBLGTSZ] under that {un^} buys the way be maid {^s}{a^} us Councilor [SHRORS] {^s}{a^} individuals [UFRPLTS] terms so I would not sport {a^} race {^s} unless it's [TKPOPB] by some sort of commission {^s that} [TKEUFRBT] than what we've .

520  Vice vice bored is not fully {in^} pent {&I.} that [EURS] [THAERS] that [PHAOEDZ] to be [EFRPLTSZ] that Inc. thank [URPBL] [EUPBL] that you will .

521  [APBL] for the mure [THRAOS] know [AUD] mat tick inclusion of the [RERPL] member station .

522  Budge Tet so I deal model would be {a^} {inter^} pent [TKPHAEUGS] sets the [SALS] [REUS] and that want Councilor will vote on [THREUS] [AEPGTS] but not in the fair of the .

523  Deciding what the pap amount should be [-FPLTS] thank that you .

524  [paragraph] [SAEUPBG] [SAEUPBG] [SAEUPBG] .

525  Zakim sake .

526  Thank [AURBGS] [PHR-P] Mr. President {:} Councilor and .

527  - {a^} [-FRPBLTS] I think this is {a^} important {^us} but [EUDZ] {^'} also like to [TPOERPL] acknowledge [President|Pressley] [HRUPB] Lynn corporation with the corporation Councilor provide pie of the timing of the {in^} {^ish} {^ly} proposed race .

528  I [W0EU678D] also like to take this opportunity to say ill be vote [SPROG] know {^s onto} race regardless of [WHAEPL] amend {,} are ace {^ed} .

529  I [STHAEU] before after nine [PHOPBTS] [OPBTS] Councilor I finds hard [HERPBL] {^ly} to add jounce the lace [-FRPL] in {a^} [TPHAOERPTS] thar [TPHAERPL] thar - [STHAO] - though that {^s that} {a^} {a^} body {,} we're congressmen sate spoken {^s to} [THAEPBS] {:} {^ive} know how thousand hard all of worm but I look forward to win [EUFRPBLTS] [EUFRPLTS] employee on this matter mention {^ed} about ins pent commission to take this issue out of the hands of the Councilor [PHAOFG] forward marry [THAER] [ERPLT] [STHAO] - [STHAOUB] [PEUBLG] but also {a^} important mar for tower [TOUPL] focus on the work and [-RPBL] [-FRPBLTS] skulls {^ing} these {^ish} shoes so I do {a^} [PHRAUSD] this discussion open process and I think the hearing was important and I think having {^s}{a^} Councilor Linehan said neglect [OERB] {^iation} in open forward {:} [-FRPL] awe [KWARD] note Ted numerous times is important and I I every {^ry} one on this Councilor and [-RTD] hard work we do every {^ry} day .

530  And ill {re^} note on any proposed race {^ed to} .

531  [STKPWHRA] lip Lynn thank {,}you Mr. President Mr. President [THAEUPG] you for the opportunity to speak .

532  I rise to [SKPHREPBDZ] the [2] awe authorizes and to present {a^} different position and that's very important for what is going on here {^ed to} .

533  It seems that it's [THOUT] out in the sense that you're looking forward to the [TPAOUT] on how this can be handled but the original dock [KET] truly {^ly} hands {^less} that this is not for us {,} that this is for the [TPAOUT] .

534  There's plenty of time {^s}{a^} Councilor [WAOU] and Zakim have {^cate} Ted to [PHAOF] forward on anew formula {,} anew met [THOD] in which we do this .

535  I [PERPBLG] {^ly} belief that less than [-9] five thousand dollars {a^} year {^s}{a^} {a^} increase from [-8] [-7] five over {a^} ten year period is extremely blow and does not and {?} not indicative after amount of time those ten years that Councilor [KOUPBS] {^'} and .

536  I here and .

537  I of ups going forward would find that {a^} appeal amount {,} so ill be voting against this amend .

538  .

539  Thank you .

540  [STKPWHRAFRPBLGTS] of the question now comes on acceptance sorry {,} [WAOEU] node {a^} second .

541  [paragraph] all in favor .

542  Eye [paragraph] know .

543  [paragraph] [STKPWHREFRPBLGTS] point of order .

544  You can {ex-^} appliance exactly what this vote is .

545  [PHR-PB] [PHR-FRPBLT] this vote is for the amend .

546  [OFRDZ] by Councilor O'Malley and Councilor [President|Pressley] [14] [-7] [1] .

547  [paragraph] so this is the second amend .

548  .

549  [paragraph] Councilor Baker {:} know .

550  [STKPWHREFRPBLGTS] Councilor Ciommo - know .

551  [STKPWHR-FRPBLGTSZ] Councilor Flaherty - know .

552  [paragraph] Councilor Jackson - know .

553  [paragraph] Councilor LaMattina - know .

554  [paragraph] Councilor Linehan - know .

555  [STKPWHR-FRPBLGTSZ] Councilor McCarthy - know .

556  [paragraph] Councilor Murphy - know .

557  [paragraph] Councilor O'Malley - yes .

558  [paragraph] Councilor [President|Pressley] - yes .

559  [paragraph] Councilor Wu - know .

560  [paragraph] Councilor Yancy - know .

561  [paragraph] [KOUFRPB] Zakim - know .

562  [paragraph] Councilor Zakim - know .

563  [paragraph] [linebreak] [paragraph] chair now recognize {^s} Councilor Murphy [paragraph] thank {,}you [PHR-P] Mr. President vice president vice president .

564  {^ive} {a^} amend .

565  To dock [KET] [14] [-7] [1] which I would like the clerk to reed at this point .

566  [STKPWHRAEFRPBLGTS] {^us} to keep track of this this is the third amend .

567  On [14] [-7] [1] .

568  Amend .

569  Of Councilor Steve [SKWR-FPLT] Murphy to docket [14] [-7] [1] .

570  [STPHR] docket [14] [-7] [1] shall be amended in section one by striking the words [1] [12] thousand {,} five [HUPBDZ] and replacing it with the words of [1] hundred [-7] thousand five [HUPBDZ] .

571  So it would be [107] thousand five [HUPBDZ] filed in the Councilor on October [-8] .

572  [20] [14] .

573  [paragraph] Councilor Murphy speaking on the amend .

574  Second [STKPWHRAEFRPBLGTS] I want to thank Councilor [President|Pressley] [HEUPB] Lynn for {em^} barring being {^ing} on this process .

575  I think Councilor [President|Pressley] Linehan now nose the axe I om {,} Hef I have gross the head that [WAOERS] the crown .

576  Doctoring the lass [3] years I was the [President|Pressley] of {a^} body and in [2] thousand [-6] I was vice chair [HOPBT] committee of government operations .

577  The lass time sit I Councilor pay increase took effect .

578  And tat it took effect in {a^} different fiscal year we took it up in may [2] thousand [-6] to take effect July first in [2] thousand [-6] .

579  So it was {a^} different fits cal year but it was the same calendar year and there was know red flag from state {^et} things and our corporation Councilor had approved it {^s}{a^} {a^} pertaining to or appealing to being lot of we'll say {.}this so it's been [-8] years since this year and now the amend .

580  We struck would make it ten years that's members of this body have not had {a^} pay increase {,} and we all know that in [2] thousand [-8] the stock mark [KET] basically [TAEUPBGD] and there were people and union nice {^ed} members of our workforce {^s} that took wage dee [TPAOEFRLS] and other thinks doctoring that time in [2] thousand ten it [TEUPBD] .

581  In [2] thousand ten which [WOFB] the forty year and we'd take {en^} up [3] pay increases in [1-9] [-9] [-8] {,} again in [2] thousand [2] and again in [2] thousand [-6] .

582  Keeping our body Tet in line with [-FRB] [ELD] {&e} else .

583  [2] thousand ten was the infection available time or the infection schedules time where there was supposed to be {a^} salary add {^us} .

584  In city Councilor .

585  We were still in recession and we'd {a^} very {ex-^} close {^ive} arbitration award for the Boston fire department come before us in [2] thousand [10] wives the [TEPL] [PES] in the tee pot Tet and I say that because this is today's [TEPL] [PES] in the tee pot and we've had others in other years but there's always {a^} Reese son to get [-FRB] plague on {a^} issue and [THEFRP] {&e} then it always goes ways .

586  And in [20] [10] the Councilor basically {de^} feared and took know increase .

587  Because it was {a^} bad economic time and because it was {a^} think that people were hurting in the neighborhoods .

588  That recover {^ry} has come .

589  For mows {^ly} [-FRB] .

590  And since that time the city Councilor has worked with mayor Tom member men men up [234-89] lass [TPHAOEUPBL] {&i} nine [PHOPBTS] and [THERPBL] mayor mart mart {^ual} {,} to make sure that our city is {a^} in {a^} strong fiscal position and doctoring that time {,} since [2] thousand [-6] {,} the [SEUB] has successful {^ly} neglect [OERB] {^iate} Ted with its union workers salary increases over [-9] [3] times which were approved by this body {,} the legs late {^ive} {,} and here art [-9] [3] if any be wants to see them .

591  There were [3] different cycles of after [PRAOFLS] of collective barring {^ening} increases of every {^ry} [SEUB] employ {e^} {,} and .

592  Councilor has been {a^} response {^ible} partner in the fiscal [HELT] of this sit city .

593  This Councilor and [KOUPBS] before it have been response {^ible} part [TPHERS] and we've done so Tet when Washington #M{.} [KR-FPLT] can't get {a^} federal budget passed .

594  They were the grinding halt down there{.} and the he state legs late [THAOUR] has walked away to the opportunity of it [2] hundred billion{}dollars or less in local aid that's [SEUB] gets to balance lan its budget yet this Councilor and [KOUPBS] before it act Ted {ambi^} {^ly} with you're leap [HR-PT] Mr. President .

595  And with all of us working together .

596  And so doctoring the [2] or [3] cycles {,} there whereby [1-8] thousand or [1-8] thousand five hundred city [SEUB] [PWHROEU] ease love seen there pay bump up [3] times to basically keep within inflation and keep there does of living going up .

597  Are we to be brow beet by the owe [POEPBS] [TPHEPBTS] of this and [HOR] the owe [POEPB] [TPHEPBTS] {?} the open [POEPB] [TPHEPBTS] are the media .

598  They're the once beating the drum making {^ing it} {a^} stop [REUR] {.}you [3] pun thousand dollars impact .

599  [AEUTS] now less .

600  [STKPHR-LT] and the corporation Councilor came in here and didn't give us {a^} legal opinion .

601  He gave us {a^} political opinion .

602  About captain ter [59] and chapter ter [2-68] a and which might hold sway over the other and I belief {^s}{a^} the [President|Pressley] does {,} that the corporation counsel's political opinion was wrong on that and that's city Councilor has remedied that by going forward effect {^ive} date January [20] [1-6] but still needs to press the point in {a^} court of law {^s}{a^} to which state stat constitute holds way does that mean that [13] people in this body are the [OEUPBL] people that [SH*UD] [SHUPBD] get {a^} pay increase from [2] thousand [-6] because every be else got one so it's all on the backs ever [-9] [13] of us and that'll be the edit tour {^ial} [HREUS] the who don't live in the city happy .

603  If the [13] of us of us stay -- I maid {a^} amenity .

604  That [PWREUPBGS] the total to {&.v} and I do so because if the city Councilor had got {en^} the increase that every {^ry} range and file employ {e^} of the city has got {en^} over the courts [-FRT] [-8] years our {counter^} salary {^ed to} would be [10] [3] thousand [3] [HUPBDZ] .

605  That's {^us} getting the same amount {^s}{a^} the range and file employ {e^} .

606  And when we put [2] Moore years on it because we do that goes to [1-8] [TKHOU] and [-9] [HUPBDZ] and the infection [106] [-6] [-6] [20] [15] and [108] {,} [-9] - because we settled some [K-RTS] that .

607  Go go up to [1] [1-7] - and {im^} but {^ing} back editorial [HREUS] too much mon any .

608  They don't want in walk in our shoes .

609  I work sat sat .

610  I had {^ing to} to {e^} feint .

611  Id to put the uniform on sat sat .

612  I others were working Sunday .

613  Mows of them [ARPBTS] out at night between [-6] {:} [-7] .

614  [-8] 99 o'clock at night .

615  Councilor Baker sate it Bess when the first [14] [-7] [1] was [AORPBLG] {^ly} filed .

616  When he said when .

617  I not {a^} member of the city Councilor {?} when I get home at night .

618  I go to church .

619  On Sundays {:} some people are will find that [APBL] {im^} Councilor Murphy {:} Sunday morning getting [TWEURB] requests .

620  And the I {^'} not {a^} bad life .

621  {im^} not saying its [AETS] terrible to be could could [KOPBDZ] Murphy you don't turn this job off {:} and .

622  I of us have maid sacrifices to stay here .

623  And .

624  {^ive} us have been part of {a^} solution for this Sid {^ity} when we safe the city [14] million{}dollars {on^} interest on row finance {^ing} the bonds to keep [HRAOEUB] [HRAOEUBTS] {^'s} open .

625  We safe community sen terse from being closed in the [SEUB] .

626  [WAOEU] gained [3] [2] million{}dollars in {in^} these {^s} over {re^} formulating the [PAOEUT] lot formula .

627  These are {^us} small increases .

628  We're talking about {a^} [2] hundred and [-7] thousand dollars increase now .

629  [2] hundred and [-7] [0] thousand dollars increase for our body and keeping it in line with range and file workers .

630  I think [107] {,} five works - it should shut them up .

631  The editorial [HREUS] the .

632  I guarantee there'll be another {reen^} that think can't sport it it's coming because that's eight [TKAPBTS] {:} but I do rec that you think about the position you hold not {^s}{a^} if you hold it but the fact that it's {a^} world wild position and it's {a^} necessary {^ry} position that {de^} serfs to be paid than {under^} {a^} [3] watt bulk .

633  {im^} asking to you sport my amend .

634  And {im^} asking this to [PHAOF] forward .

635  Thank you {:} [paragraph] before we put [THU] property {^ly} [WAOEU] muss pole the committee .

636  [paragraph] chair offers Councilor Jackson .

637  [STKPWHR-RPBLGTS] thank {,}you [SOEFRP] [PHR-P] purchase [PR-FPLT] I rise because I think this is {a^} important issue and {im^} not going to be sigh Lenz on this important issue .

638  I want to first say they'll be sporting Councilor [PHURS] [PHURS] {^'s} amend .

639  Additional up a [TKOLG] {a^} load [HRUT] [-FRPBLGTSDZ] rye certificate .

640  .

641  Meow .

642  Actual [TPHREUF] put [SOGT] [TOLGD] in [23] [2] thousand [-7] [-7] [-FRPLTSZ] I think we meet to put in in {er^} perspective the amount that we spends {^s}{a^} {a^} Councilor person .

643  And so what Councilor Murphy {^'s} propose Sal Bo do is that it would [PHAOFR] [4] [TPAEUFT] {^ive} to [4] time {^ments} - our office staff {^s}{a^} well {^s}{a^} us benefits all in .

644  Let's talk about what other sit 'tis spend per seat .

645  In even if nix [4] [1-8] thousand .

646  San tone tone [4] [2] [1] [THOEU] .

647  [TPOEFRPLT] that would be [20] thousand Moore than that .

648  [-7] [4] for Boston .

649  Thick {^ic} charge chick [-6] [0] [-7] .

650  San [SHOEPS] hose [-8] [23] .

651  Mill fill [1] point [1] [PH-L] - no{,} [1] point [2-7] [PH-PBL] {.}you did I [STROEUT] [2] [1] point [4] [-7] million{}dollars .

652  [1] point [4] million{}dollars and loss hon on [1] point [-69] [PH-L] .

653  And {im^} {epi^} going to skip over the numbers and speak from the heart and tell {a^} little bit of the sequence of thar sausage of dog this job {:} unlike .

654  I people in this room .

655  I didn't win the first time I ran and I was sa state there's {^s}{a^} bun .

656  Of us who didn't win so for those who won props to you .

657  I hon necessarily was {a^} state employ {e^} Tet .

658  And the [KWAOEURPLT] of being {a^} state employ {e^} was to take off at lease six [PHOPBTS] prior to the date of the prime prime election .

659  I went without income for six [PHOPBTS] .

660  I risked my house {,} and ill note it's hon I welcome loss my house .

661  That's something that happened to me {&E.} and so I want to put that out there .

662  I went without pay for six [PHOPBTS] and I lived on savings and I spent way Moore than I would normal {^ly} spends because I went to fund racers and I went to allot of {e^} vents and I didn't do {^s}{a^} well [TPHE] terms of racing mon any in my campaign fund and I spends out of my pock [KET] I spent pause I belief in the city and belief in the ability to come in here and make change in the sit [TEUFPLT] and then I loot .

663  And I got {a^} job in between and then I ran again .

664  And at that point I actually didn't make salary at that point .

665  .

666  I people to be here {,} ladies and gentlemen {,} cash out there [4] [0] [1] [K-FPLT] .

667  There's only {a^} come folks in here [HOR] lawyers and able to do something [OPBTS] side .

668  Mows of us profession {^inal} lice what is happening in this room .

669  Mows of us are full-time only the work that we do here and it's because we love of the work and we love the city and we love the opportunity to be change makers .

670  And it's in my minds {,} public service shunt be {a^} subscription to [POF] verity .

671  In hall hon necessary [THREU] I think [AEUTS] {^'} [THAOUL] sly important that meme in [234] space and who do this work are add juice I compensate Ted and I would know that I belief and we're [SHROET] {^ing} {&a} and I wasn't to thank Councilor Linehan for putting forward the amend .

672  .

673  We're not voting for this Councilor .

674  None of us are guaranteed {a^} seat other than the clerk .

675  [THAFRPLGTS] - - Councilor in [2] thousand [1-6Z] .

676  We've to {^us} {^ify} to the people who vote for us why {,} if we choose to be back here {,} that we should be back here .

677  And the legs {^ulation} in front of us {,} because you'll actually the legs {^ulation} for the [TPAOUT] Councilor {,} and I belief {,} in all hon necessary did I that there are people who shy away from this type of service and {under^} [STAUPBD] [WAOEU] don't have {a^} elect Ted school committee {,} we've sit 'tis and towns all across this sate [HOR] able to certificate of in public office because they've elect Ted school commit [TAOEFPLT] we don't have that{.} this is the low Wes entrance into city [TKPWAOFT] [WEUS] at the city Councilor level .

678  And so there's allot of meme who shy away from being age to do this job because they think about there familiarly and think about [WHRORPBT] they could actually do from job and I would submit that we [SHU] would get Moore [KHAL] lengths and attract Moore {a^} [TEUPBGS] to the important work that happens here at this Councilor and we'll tin to [TKRAEU] .

679  I am I and even Moore [KWAUL] {^ified} people to this job .

680  And so I would say {,} ladies and gentlemen {,} each and every {^ry} person here and I respect every {^ry} single person here because I know what I gave I know the sacrifices that I maid to get here {,} and ill be hon necessary {,} {im^} single .

681  I can't imagine what this would be like if I {^ed} {a^} familiarly .

682  So it's the right think {,} I belief to do {,} to compensate people for the work they do .

683  We don't have {a^} ten year out in terms ever residency .

684  And we've people who live in some of the mows expensive [KWRAEURS] of the city [HOR] on this body .

685  And I love them for that .

686  I think we've {a^} opportunity to do what's {^'} right .

687  I think we haven't done what's {^'} right prior to this .

688  We've kicked the can down the rode and that's inquiry we're where we're right now .

689  We've let it all add up .

690  And now there's {a^} huge number .

691  {a^} [PHAOUPBLG] per {^itage} {,} and there's {a^} great deal of ascension .

692  People didn't Seth send us here to do ease did I work and dog that work and I think we node to go the right think about each and refer I individual here {,} each and every {^ry} person who will certificate of here because I know that this is not for us .

693  None of us are guaranteed to every {^ry} actually receive this waive {&i} race because we nigh not be here and we may not choose to be here and I do belief for the [TPHEBGTS] Councilor that we'll be [HRAOEUFG] it {a^} little bit [PWER] .

694  We'll be leaving this seat {a^} little bit Moore get {^ive} and we'll leaf our city in {a^} [PWER] place .

695  We've make [2] point five {^%} of the Jen budget .

696  That's what we're talking about here .

697  And we look at every {^ry} single dollar {^s}{a^} {a^} important dollar that we spent in this city .

698  And we value of the work of every I sit I employ {e^} [PWHAORBG] hard I see them work [THARDZ] {:} we pick up the phone and they dog thinks on {a^} leg bases for us but we're here we're present we're found Ted for we do work sat [SATS] we do work sun [SUPBTSZ] we do work holidays [WHROFRPBTS] we've them off .

699  I [-L] probably see etch and every {^ry} [WOUPB] of you on Monday at some {e^} [TPEPBTS] .

700  When it comes down to this .

701  {^e} we're going to get [TPEUPBG] diverse appoint Ted on us .

702  Yes it's the mows public [PEFPL] man review that any one has every had [H-FPLT] [EFRPLTS] again people [EBDZ] us here not for the ease {^cy} work [TPWOU] do the hard work and ill be voting in the affirmative {,} Mr. President Mr. President .

703  And I [THRAEU] we're dog the right think and ill be able to [PHAOF] forward and feel {^s}{a^} if we're dog right [THREU] .

704  Not by this body .

705  Because none of us are guaranteed {a^} seat here but by the [TPAOUT] body that [PHAOFS] forward on January [1-6] the [paragraph] thank {,}you very much .

706  [paragraph] Matt O'Malley thank you [PHR-P] Mr. President {^ism} rise to say that I {a^} preach {^iate} the amend .

707  And the intent .

708  I I do think that [107] five is still too high of {a^} number and will be voting against this amend .

709  {,} thank you .

710  [paragraph] Yancy .

711  [STHRAFRPBLGTS] [THAEUPG] {,}you Mr. Chairman Mr. Chairman .

712  I was tempt Ted not to speak {^ed to} .

713  This is not the subject you want to spend you're time on .

714  Each an [AEFR] {^ry} one of you make great sack rise [TPAOEUS] {^s} to certificate of of the [SEUB] I know for {a^} fact there's not one member of the of this body who ran for the Boston city Councilor because of its salary .

715  You ran because you wanna Ted to certificate of not yours {,} you wanna Ted to certificate of others .

716  So here we're {,} addressing the issue of our own compensation .

717  I also know that {a^} number of you who certificate of in fact exec {^tive} bran .

718  Of government {,} administrative bran .

719  {,} who took pay cuts to be here and you're counter parts stayed any those positions you'd be making allot Moore than you would be {^ed to} .

720  And I {^s}{a^} report Ted earlier in the year .

721  There are Moore than [4] thousand current employees of city government thar making Moore than the current salary of the city Councilor .

722  So the question really comes what does this body {de^} certificate of .

723  If any one is going to ask you {,} the discussion {^s} or the media{.} the Boston globe employees [SUFRDZ] the pay cut which they've yet to recover from .

724  So if you ask any one wort there salt you do {de^} certificate of {a^} race the answer has to be yes because if the answer is know then you've to doubt about you're [KR-RGS] to this institution we call the city Councilor or to the people of Boston .

725  {^ive} know such [TKOUBTS] .

726  And I [STAPBTS] here who loose {^s} Moore pat {^less} than he wince but ill tin to fight not for me but for [TPAOUT] Ben [SKWREUGS] {^s} and for the people of Boston .

727  {^ive} Moore history here than any other member .

728  {im^} not [PWOES] {^ing} or [PWRAEUG] {^ing} about it it's {^us} the facts [-FPLTS] and I know we've face {^ed} this issue time and time again .

729  Mows years bee {&e} we decide not to deal with this issue so when we do I think its [AETS] note taxable .

730  And even Boston sit it {^ity} Councilor legislator Al dap dap owe kneel was in {a^} quandary when he was asked to vote on {a^} race .

731  His exclusion was to vote against the race but once he got it he donate Ted the increase to charity .

732  That was his choice .

733  Councilor turn turn vote Ted against the race and not only that .

734  He went to his own pock [KET] to finance {a^} strict office which mows of us cannot {a^} forward to do .

735  And you're looking at someone loss {a^} father of four and my lass was born in my second term in the Boston city Councilor .

736  {^es} now [2-7] years old .

737  Afternoon an I know that I could not have {a^} forwarded to certificate of on this body if Mars Mars and I did not purchase our home in [1-9] [-7] five .

738  Of the current salary of the Boston city Councilor today is not enough to purchase {a^} home in the Boston year {^ed to} .

739  We live in {a^} single familiarly home in the Melvin park session of Dorchester and neighbors have purchased there homes or [-7] [-RBGTS] [-8] and [-9] hundred thousand dollars .

740  I couldn't {a^} forward that {^ed to} .

741  I so I know I were asked to make {a^} diff did I significance .

742  And since {^ive} into .

743  - Councilor pair [THART] graduate interested from dusts menu you know and Harry you know you know are making at lease fifty tour six think thousand dollars Moore than what we're making [WEUS] fine {de^} he is {er^} of it but I {^us} say to the [President|Pressley] of this body that he was right in submitting his {in^} {^ish} ordinance [THO] take effect immediately {&I.} he was right to do that{.} and I understand the political force {^s} are saying we being not do that because it's too sieve serving .

744  I understand that .

745  But I also take hum barrage {a^} little bit from the .

746  Of the corporation [KOUPBS] {^'s} office love admit Ted that this was not {a^} official Lyle opinion {,} it was his personal opinion {,} and I [THOUT] that was hypocrite cal because because he was on staff and not one people from you .

747  And I also know that's current corporation Councilor appealed to this body throughout mayor to bend the rules so that he could tin {^s}{a^} {a^} corporation Councilor even though {^es} not {a^} resident of Boston .

748  {a^} direct [SRAOEULGTS] of the residency law but we bent the rules so {^es} in compliance .

749  So I say that all because I say {.}this vote own this - I don't agree with the amend .

750  Before us that lowers it {^us} by five thousand dollars [2] years from now .

751  I don't agree with that{.} I don't think it's {a^} bit of [20] or [25] thousand .

752  It's its a five thousand you're going to be crit [SAOEUS] {^ed} because there are those in the audience who don't belief the city Councilor [SHUBD] paid anything at all .

753  So don't loose any sleep {^over} {.}it I belief the original propose Sal of the [President|Pressley] to race the salaries to [1] [12] thousand five take effect immediately {^s}{a^} we've tra additional {^ly} done .

754  {:} [WOFB] the right way {^ing to} {:} and I would have vote Ted for it without any paintings ever built or con {^tious} .

755  Because you folks are world it .

756  Even our annually [PHAEPL] {:} job {a^} come [PHOPBTS] .

757  They're right .

758  They may not have [TKURPBD] if in that brief period of time but there commit .

759  To certificate of others is unquestionable and its [AETS] diff to give yours {a^} race and I know that and I {^us} wanna Ted to say that{.} ill not be voting for this tick amend .

760  .

761  I don't think we should change that dollar amount at this point and soon {^ary} than [2] thousand [1-6] {:} thank you .

762  [STKPWHR*FRPBLGTS] [President|Pressley] .

763  Thank {,}you and I think all my colleagues for there eloquent [RARBGS] .

764  I wish we you is could sort of attention for the [HELT] think wee debates we've about trauma [POF] {^ity} and achieve .

765  Gap .

766  But I think the fact that we're having such {a^} pro bus debate does make the case that perhaps there's {a^} rush to boat settle on {a^} amount {^s that} fair and to determine {a^} process {^s that} fair and predictable .

767  Councilor Yancy I would never challenge the consideration {^s} of any member of this body .

768  {im^} proud to certificate of on this body and proud to each with each Ann refer I one of you .

769  This is not about crit [TEUFPL] from editorial boards or public accountability to the people who sends us here and fair [TPHEUS] so in the spirit of the fair [TKPHES] Councilor [PHUR] [PHURS] {^'s} contribute to this did I bait ill be voting in the negative to tour this aimed .

770  And it's still simply too high .

771  Thank you .

772  [STKPWHR-FRPBLGTSZ] we'll now take {a^} role call vote on Councilor Murphy {^'s} amend .

773  .

774  Madam clerk would you reed the role .

775  [paragraph] Councilor Baker - yes .

776  [paragraph] Councilor chic Ciommo - yes .

777  [paragraph] Councilor particular familiar - yes .

778  [paragraph] Councilor Jackson - yes - [linebreak] LaMattina yes .

779  Linehan yes .

780  [linebreak] [linebreak] Councilor {un^} McCarthy yes - Councilor Murphy - why {&e-} [paragraph] Councilor {^ey} know know - know .

781  [paragraph] Councilor [President|Pressley] [-FRPLS] know .

782  [STKPWHRAOFRPBLGTS] Councilor Wu [-FRPLS] yes .

783  [STKPWHRAFRPBLGTS] Councilor Yancy - know .

784  [paragraph] and Councilor Zakim [-FRPLGTSZ] know .

785  [STKPWHRA] [EUFPTS] [EPLTS] [STKOEURPLTS] [WOUPB] [TOUPBL] [PHURP] number change [KHAG] the amounts .

786  [1] [THOUP] [THAOUPLTS] [STHAOEURPLTS] [STHAOEURPLTS] [STHAOEURPLTS] [*EURPLTS] [STHAO] [EURPLTS] [STHAOEURPLTS] Councilor mine mine pry {re^} [STPH*ERPLTS] [STPH*RPLTS] [STPHR*ERPLTS] [paragraph] [KOUPBZ] - we're [PHAOFG] on {a^} final vote for each amount .

787  {,} we node to pole the committee .

788  [paragraph] so this is the committee on principle principle principle point of [TKPHRAR] if I {^ication} {^s} - we've already amended it so this is the polling the amended to bring it out of committee .

789  [paragraph] so this is {a^} pole of the committee on government operations on the amended version of docket [14] [-7] [1] [WEUS] {a^} {in^} change in the year to [20] [1-6] and die creasing the amount to [107] thousand five [HUPBDZ] .

790  But this is to [PHAOF] to bring this matter before the body properly {^ly} above the body for {a^} vote [paragraph] chair of the committee is Councilor Flaherty - yes .

791  [linebreak] Councilor Jackson - yes [STKPWHR-FRPLTS] Councilor LaMattina yes .

792  Councilor McCarthy - yes .

793  [paragraph] Councilor O'Malley - know .

794  [paragraph] Councilor [President|Pressley] - know .

795  [paragraph] Councilor Wu - yes .

796  [paragraph] {:} the marry is now properly {^ly} before the body .

797  [paragraph] thank {,}you madam clerk you may now call the role .

798  [STKPWHR*FRPBLGTS] on dock [KET] number [14] [-7] [1] {^s}{a^} amended .

799  Councilor Baker - yes .

800  [paragraph] Councilor Ciommo - yes .

801  [paragraph] Councilor [TKPHRAR] familiar - yes .

802  [paragraph] Councilor Jackson - yes .

803  [paragraph] Councilor LaMattina - yes .

804  [paragraph] Councilor Linehan - yes [paragraph] Councilor McCarthy - yes .

805  [paragraph] Councilor Murphy - yes .

806  [paragraph] Councilor O'Malley - know .

807  [paragraph] Councilor [President|Pressley] - know .

808  [paragraph] Councilor Wu - know .

809  [paragraph] [WOUPB] {&u} Councilor Yancy - yes .

810  [paragraph] Councilor Zakim - know .

811  [paragraph] Mr. President Mr. President we've [-9] [STHROETS] in the affirmative and [4] votes in the negative .

812  This amended [SRERLGS] of [14] [-7] [1] has prevailed .

813  Thank you [PHATD] mad clerk .

814  [linebreak] [12K3W4R*U] one late filed mayor in absence of the Okay{,} will be added to the Connolly agenda {:} seeing under hearing no objection the matters ar {^et} is there [linebreak] at Jen da sa adopt [2EUD] .

815  [linebreak] [SKPWHR*FRPBLGS] [STKPWHR*FRPBLGTS] [paragraph] Councilor Murphy [STKPWHREFRPBLGTS] Mr. President Mr. President Councilor Linehan LaMattina would you like for us to before we boat rise [STKPWHR*FRPBLGTS] we're at the member {^ial} [paragraph] Councilor LaMattina [paragraph] LaMattina for what are purposes you do rise - I would like hewn menu sen sen Connolly statement [paragraph] thank you {,}you [PHR-P] Mr. President .

816  Last week East Boston loss {a^} [HREUPBLG] end .

817  One of our true here rose of ours in East Boston and on this any Al ban know was {a^} friend father men another and father to every {^ry} one who knew him .

818  His debt last week marked {a^} {er^} Ra that goes without saying El be sorely {^ly} miss {^ed} not only in East Boston but in every {^ry} neighborhood throughout the sit [TEUFPL] for those who went to his wake at East Boston high school son Sunday it was like {a^} major event .

819  {^ive} never he every seen anything like that in my life .

820  There were lines people waiting in lines for hours .

821  And I wish you were there {^us} to see the line the diversity in that line .

822  There were black white lat lat there were hanky cap people at leads {,} [SKWRUPBLGTS] .

823  It was {^us} remark able .

824  His wake was at [3] o'clock in something usually happened .

825  [2] jets {,} [15] [SKWRELTS] at [3] o'clock {^ive} know I dee how that you happened flew over ice Boston high school .

826  [paragraph] but and and Al ban know {^s}{a^} {^es} known in {e^} Boston {^s}{a^} the great one and it's {a^} name that he gave to [HEUPLS] .

827  He called him the great one .

828  But {^ive} be friends with {on^} on this any {^ive} known him since I was {a^} little kid played basketball at parts flay brack so I knew him {^s}{a^} {a^} little kid because he was halls loud .

829  When I [WEPBTD] to ease [PWOPBS] thousand school {hydro^} and and Al that was his first year of segue [TKPWRAEUGS] in the boss ton schools and he fired Han Han Al {^ing to} to East Boston high school and keep piece and if there are any problems he would be there soy for [40] years and and Al has been at the high school taking care of kids .

830  And there were sow were so many store [REUS] {^ance} transcribe beauties last week than wanna Ted to {re^} wind because this [UPBL] right here hit home with me .

831  Because it was {a^} kid that works at city hall {^ed to} [-FRPBLT] and if it was {'} for Mrs.{ }{-|}  Al this kid would probably maybe be dead because of drugs or jail .

832  Because I wanna Ted to reed {.}it it says deer god in about five [ROURS] [-L] be add {^us} {^ing} the elastic ways on the pair of sweat {^%} in aback wore - he [WAEPBTS] have on his glasses because he does {'} need them any Moore .

833  He does {'} need his ice Boston jack [KET] either because devil {^ly} El have it on any way .

834  {^es} short loud {,} and loud {^s}{a^} shit {,} and probably lib ask you all right {?} even after he finds out that you're the creator El say something that even the boss needs help some times .

835  His name is and on this any .

836  Please let him [234] .

837  I owe him Moore [TPHAPB] {^ic} over repay him whenever .

838  Only person who believed in me when every {^ry} one gave up .

839  Every {^ry} one .

840  Might have life is the way it's {^ed to} because of him .

841  He [-L] left alive time of memories in all our hearts and I know I also knew how much he loved and believed in me {&E.} I youse {^ed} to smile {^us} hearing him talk when I was [15] .

842  He maid every {^ry} one smile {im^} going to miss him .

843  Also {^es} going to ask for junior and junior Lombard did I so make have the labels fly him over the track so they can figure out who they're getting [234EBGS] .

844  Boat fin [EURBDZ] love you big hard and that's {^us} one of ma'am I store [REUSZ] that we heard since and none any passed {:} ill miss minimum when I left [PRAEURPBS] for city Councilor - and and Al worked for me morning [TPHAOUPB] and night .

845  River single day he was there .

846  When I start Ted ease {^cy} pry pry [2-6] years ago he was with me from day one of ease {^cy} bright day and dog it [2-6] years .

847  And none any truly {^ly} bleed blew and gold and we'll miss him .

848  Thank you .

849  [paragraph] Councilor Murphy {:} [paragraph] question question man [TPHAPB] state {&I.} [paragraph] thank {,}you [PHR-P] [PHR-PLT] .

850  I can't top what Councilor LaMattina said about nigh [STKPWAOD] friends about and and none think Al .

851  {^ic} tell people that in [1-9] [-9] [3] when I ran and fib [OEURBD] out of the mon any for city Councilor at large .

852  I didn't fin imp out of the mon any in ward one because id the great one {^s}{a^} my coordinator in ward one {:} and I always did I have very well in ward one not because of me because bus of and and [THAPBL] but if you knew him {,} Ed the heart of align and a good sold and he would help any one .

853  And he was {a^} role pod Dell for Councilor let's of thousand sands of [SEUDZ] in East Boston high school and - When will lives would take {a^} pat going in the wrong direction .

854  And I know we're all creature {^*ers} of face book even [AUS] people [HOFRB] [PW-RPB] around awhile .

855  I saw avoid yo on face back about the great Al ban know .

856  And {im^} [HOEUPG] because that video speaks [PWER] to him than you would give us time to wash the great one one lass time here in the chamber Mr. President Mr. President .

857  If you could ask ker ker [SKWRORD] [SKWRORD] to make turn {en^} .

858  Individual [KWROEFPLT] I want to let [KOUFRPB] speak on this the and and and and Al balance plan man [paragraph] [paragraph] know disrespect to Sal when who was one of the first people .

859  I [SUT] {^ity} Councilor in [2] thousand [-9] {,} but I felt like id really maid it when I got mister Al {^'s} Ross [TKER] because he was {^us} sump {a^} force of Nate {,} really .

860  You Poe he was the first person in East Boston to belief in my Candace {^cy} but Moore set apart is that he believed in young people that all are mows had given up on .

861  Id counseled less conversation {^s} with him about pregnant teens who knee Ed help .

862  Court involved youth that people have given up on .

863  You know {,} {^us} I think the word youse {^ed} was services was magazine [TPHAPB] muss .

864  Very appeal .

865  So there's {a^} whole in the hard of so many of us {^ed to} but I do want to share {a^} story .

866  Id called mister Sal Al while he was in [KHAOEPL] mow and [STOPLD] in on [HEUF] {en^} courage .

867  And I said {,} you know {extra^} you're going to be okay {,} you're going to keep fighting {,} and he said how down that {,} and I said because you're not punk {,} and he said you got that right .

868  So ill miss every {^ry} single think about him but {,} the wake at East Boston high school and the services {^s} in reefer were {^us} {a^} thumbnail {,} really of the impact and living legacy of mister Al that'll live on generations to come he [SAEUFD] so much [WHRAOEUFS] .

869  [EFTS] walking ease {^cy} pride so god bless .

870  Thank you .

871  Councilor Jackson - I think of [2] quotes when I think of and and Al .

872  I think of {a^} quote that be Tet Ted rose rose and significant Sigler it's {a^} really cool quote they're brought [HREUR] [TPWAOEUT] {^ing} over {.}it people don't know how much you know until they know how much you care .

873  And if we all do {a^} little bit than nobody has to do allot .

874  Even they he did {a^} whole whole lot .

875  One story about and on this any Al I told Sal the other day {,} in [2] thousand [-9] [PHEUR] [ABG] includes {^ly} I got to ward one in north submit .

876  It's probably the only endorse .

877  I got because it's all good .

878  When we went over to East Boston id my team go out {,} we'd know mon any to mail so we went and put fliers on every {^ry} street in sight and so when mayor men men had his go{.} okay{.} {.}it [SR-FPLT] rally at high Bern {^ian} hall id {a^} fleur {^ly} [PWROEUR] and short guy who [TKPWA*EU] came to my office right down the street .

879  And mister Al came by and said you are teat tow Jackson and I said {^a} {im^} teat tow Jackson {,} and he said I vote Ted for you .

880  And I said that's great thank you so much for voting for me .

881  And I {&e} he said [UPBL] back {:} ease [PWOPS] ton and put [SOGT] on my car .

882  [linebreak] and I said I really belief you .

883  I want to public [THREU] thank him for helping my never [STPRAOU] who was [TKPWEG] [TKPW*ET] {^ing} into trouble and way over his head and and and Al he pulled him aside and talked to him and got him on the right pat and when whee think about the type of lead [TKER] that we all should [THREU] about being {,} we don't need {a^} title .

884  We don't need {a^} title or win {a^} election to have {a^} [TKEUFRPBTS] to make that difference in people's lives and I think and on this any Al it's great I gave [HEUPLS] {a^} [STAOEUT] [-L] an that we would all give him not only after passing because everybody says really great thinks after you pass but in real life and his [HRAOEUFG] he was actually {^ly} able to be [TKRAPBS] formative .

885  Not only to the folks that quote or quote marry people with those titles you but allot of folks {,} allot of young people who people [THRAOEU] away {:} who people label {^s}{a^} being that kid or that type of kid {,} and I {^us} want to thank god for being here and being able to pass and spend allot little bit of time with one of the a [AEUPBG] else that he [SEPBTS] down to pert .

886  Thank you Councilor Jackson .

887  And on bee half of the {en^} {en^} Councilor we'll add [SKWRAOURPB] in on on this [TPHEUS] {^'s} name but at this time there's avoid yo that boat Councilor LaMattina and Murphy [PHR-RPBLGS] [paragraph] [STKPWHREUFRPLGTS] thank Inc. son {:} East Boston pour but the son of our city .

888  You live you're life by exam and he clearly {^ly} {in^} demonstrate Ted the Bess exam .

889  I'd ask tall that a that all guests and [PWAOEFPLS] [STKPHROEFRPBLGS] minimum {^ry} of the following individuals [EUFRPLT] [-FPLTS] for the Councilor {^ant} sit hats {a^} whole {&E.} and on this any Al ban know .

890  .

891  For Councilor [PHAUR] [PHUR] and Flaherty - pat chick we land .

892  Councilor Ciommo - Laura beet ton .

893  Councilor LaMattina [EFRPLGTS] she'll la it mick pee {&E.} .

894  Coats .

895  Councilor and mick {in^} tire .

896  And for Councilor Zakim - [SKWROES] [TPAOEFPB] {^et} they'll cur .

897  {a^} moment of [SAOEUL] Lenz .

898  Please .

899  Thank you {,} before you woo {^'} we add [SKWRAOURPB] we're going to take {a^} picture of all of us in ping .

900  So the chair [PHAOFG] when [TH-T] Councilor adjourns {^ed to} [-FRPL] {a^} formed [PHERPBGS] {^ed} individuals and schedule [TAOULD] to immediate again on October [2] [2] and at [20] [14] at [12] {e^} clock noon .

901  All those in favor say Aye .

902  Although mows {^ed} nay [AOFPLT] {^is} the have {^is} an {a^} Councilor is the at [SKWRAOURPBD] STPH-FPLT -FPLT STKPWHR*FRPBLGTS 2 35 STPH-FPLT STPH-FPLT
 {:} .

903  [STKPWHR*FRPBLGTS] [2] [35] {:} {:}

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