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Wednesday 3 December 2014 Public Meeting
Boston City Council

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Councilor Wu Notes Boston City Council meeting - Dec. 3rd

 [paragraph] Councilor Murphy - Councilor O'Malley [EFRPBLTS] present [paragraph] Councilor Jackson to the podium to introduce today's [KHRERPBLG] I go .

2  And after [paragraph] thank you {,} very much .

3  Mr. President Mr. President .

4  {im^} with joy and honor {^ed to} here to present to you doctor -- Reverend doctor rob Bert tow [PHEUR] [PHEUR] .

5  I {^es} from the south end church .

6  .

7  Line of Jude da .

8  {^ive} visited .

9  I time and {^ed to} and looking at his by owe I see why {^es} so well versed .

10  Doctor remember remember attended Phil academy in and Dover in [1-9] wood wood Wilson school of public and {inter^} national fierce {^s}{a^} wood wood will will [SKHROR] graduate {^ing in} [1-9] [-78] .

11  He spent {a^} year at the admissions office at Princeton and entered Harvard in [1-9] [-79] to {^ments} - department department of [HRAEUPBG] [HRAEUPBG] {im^} - .

12  - [EUFRPLT] [EUFRPLTS] graduate [-PG] in [1-9] [58] - - {a^} - in literature and [2] [13] .

13  Dock rot .

14  Know gourd gourd [KROPB] [KROPB] seminar {^ry} .

15  Also has been -- also fun to dead in [1-9] [-79] line of Jude Jude {^'s} high {^es} education {re^} [SKOURS] center and certificate [-FD] thousand sands of lat Tino and after can American [KWRAOUTS] in efforts to enhance college and we receive financial aid .

16  Doctor [PHEUR] [PHEUR] also has been {a^} connector in the south end community .

17  If folks know where his church .

18  Is {,} the coroner of north ham ton street and harass son after was {a^} diff place not too many years ago .

19  It was {a^} place where you saw [STPREUS] {^ible} prostitution .

20  It was {a^} place where there was {a^} grocery store [SAOEUS] id liquor store right across the street from his church .

21  .

22  In staying with that community and build {^ing that} community and actually tinge to build his church .

23  And his mission in that community has actually brought light to darkness .

24  Has actually displaced allot of the negative {^ity} and we see positivity {^ity} happening in the coroner of our city where we youse {^ed} to cease [TPHEUFGT] the power of our fate is seen by the life and mission of doctor rob rob mar [PHEUR] and {im^} very very happy to paren him to the Boston sit it {^ity} Councilor for prayer {^ed to} .

25  Thank you very much .

26  [STKPWHR*FRPBLGTS] [STKPWHR*FRPBLGTS] [STKPWHR*FRPBLGTS] Elliot lat per loss grounds [WAEURB] you truss for {a^} few years .

27  [-FPLTS] Councilor Murphy you've the podium .

28  [STKPWHR-FRPBLGTSZ] thank {,}you Mr. President Mr. President .

29  Good morning every {^ly} one it's {a^} pleasure sure for me to be here to actually honor [2] folks that have worked with us closely {:} {:} Murphy {:} {:} in different compass tease over the lass several years .

30  The first is Elliot laughter and {im^} going to reed the resolution .

31  Allot of whereas {^s} here .

32  Whereas mister Elliot laughter is taking on anew role after serving {^s}{a^} the first exec {^tive} director of the Boston grounds wear truss since [2] thousand [4] .

33  And where mister laughter grew up in Ben [R-FPLT] P.I. with {a^} batch batch of signs did I agree in mech mech {in^} nearing in [1-9] [07] .

34  And whereas Elliot met his wife Gail who has [SKWROEUPBDZ] us here {^s}{a^} well {,} who {^us} retired after [40] years {^s}{a^} {a^} element try schoolteacher in hole brook and they met at the brook line Brighton Jewish community center in cleave cleave circumstance until [1-9] [-7] [2] and mar reed one year late ter whereas Elliot spent over [30] years in sails and sails imagine .

35  Of Inc. neared equip .

36  For air filtration [TKPUS] control and and director of the neighborhood {a^} [SOERBLGTS] of the back bay since [1-9] [-7] [-7] and has certificate [-FD] that organization at different times {^s}{a^} treasurer vice president and chairman .

37  Ar whereas the citizens of Boston were [REL] represented by the El laughter {^s}{a^} {a^} sit ten member of the steering committee of the civic review of the con instruction of copy place {a^} member of community vice sorry committee for the con instruction of five hundred Boylston street and vice [KHEUR] of the [PRAOU] back guidelines of the about{.} [R-FPLT] amount of on the rebuilding of the prudential center since [1-9] [-8] [-6] and whereas it was El [KWROTS] {^'} membership on the [KR-FPLT] amount of [KR-FPLT] of five hundred Boylston street that provided El [KWROTS] first knowledge [T-FT] grounds bear circumstance shoe an whereas [KR-FPLT] amount of [KR-FPLT] [TPORTS] first time major project to monitor grounds wear levels and to stop con instruction if the levels [TKROPLD] blow {a^} agreed upon level .

38  Whereas mister laughter con [TEPBTS] that all the experience he has had in and a half and project review have helped to shape the successes that they've had at the ground wear circumstance shoe [OPBTS] Boston ground wear truss and whereas El El stepped down {^s}{a^} [20] [14] {^s}{a^} the [EBG] [EBG] {^tive} director of the Boston grounds wear truss to assume {a^} real of chief wear office {er^} from which El retire on [PHUR] [13] [20] [14] therefore be it revolved that's members of Boston city Councilor offer its grad constitute pro ducked {^ive} and happy years for mister Elliot laughter and his familiarly .

39  [EURBGSDZ] [STKPWHR*FRPBLGTSDZ] [THUP] thank you {,} I {^us} wants to say that this means {a^} awe full lot to me and I recognize to put [PWER] plates .

40  I want to talk {a^} little bit about the ground wear [TRUT] and what we've accomplished Annie think I its ate important to this sit contain to all of us .

41  Because the ground [WAEURPB] wear truss has been successful and work on ground wear has been United Kingdom [SES] full because instead of trying find fault we've found solution {^s} .

42  We've worked very very hard to coop Nate and that has been true across city hall Han city Councilor and [SHREURPBL] throughout add [PH-RGS] and true in the bored of appeals and about{.} [R-FPLT] amount of and [SPEGS] services department and state agent cease the agent cease that have come together in the [STEUT] state ground wear working group which has collude the [PH-FPLT] about{.} {.}it amount of and Boston wear and steward and .

43  State and the ground wear truss and has got ten solution {^ance} got {en^} people it to solve {a^} problem that wasn't simple .

44  And I hope that awful us can take some inspiration for that and look to solve other problems and maybe some of those {in^} tract able {^ish} shoes Moore track {^ible} if {^s that} {a^} word looking at that way instead of pointing {a^} [TPEUPBG] [TKPWER] and saying its [AETS] you're fault .

45  Things that for this {,} it means allot .

46  [STKPWHR-FRPLTS] [paragraph] Councilor Murphy would like tiny vit all up for {a^} [TPOET] tow .

47  If there are any familiarly members who would like to do that .

48  [paragraph] [paragraph] before we take {a^} make {^ture} I certificate [-FD] on the ground wear truss for .

49  I years and I want to recognize the {e^} morn muss commit .

50  That this one Moore has maid to safe the hard and cower of the city .

51  Because .

52  I of the buildings some of our old des and mows cherub I should buildings and blocks throughout the back bay bay village and south end and if the ground wear truss was {'} {^s}{a^} successful .

53  I would not be there {^ed to} they would have slaps {^ed} and much to {a^} {a^} {^ure} chagrin for allowing me to work with him and all that he has done on bee half of the city .

54  [STKPWHREUFRPBLGTS] [TKEUT] coup Murphy will make the second of the implement Elliot needs know introduction to us .

55  We all know him and worked with him for .

56  I years .

57  .

58  Pass chief of the Boston [PHRAOEPTS] department Dan Lynn .


60  {^s}{a^} I said its {^'} {a^} dined of {a^} [SPEGS] day we've [2] individuals love done so much for the city until total {^ly} different roles boat stepping down or being hon in order here or for there service on the same tick day {.}you and there's {a^} familiar face toll all of us hind me Dan {^liness} ski loss {a^} neighbor of mine .

61  Fellow graduate of Boston Latin school and certificate [-FD] hon [PRABL] {^ably} in the United States mar [RAOEPBS] was {a^} appoint Ted to the Boston [PHREPT] in November of [1-9] [-8] [-6] .

62  Has [2-9] years of service to the city and to the about{.} [P-FPLT] #M{.} .

63  Was the medal of honor recipient of the department in boat the years [1-9] [-9] [0] and [-9] [4] .

64  And while working {^s}{a^} {a^} moreover at the about{.} [P-FPLT] #M{.} .

65  He held the following ranges .

66  Proposal man .

67  Detect detect .

68  Sarge gent .

69  [SAURPBLG] gent detect detect .

70  Lute [HRAOULT] .

71  Lute lute detect detect .

72  Department {^ity} superintendent superintendent .

73  Chief of staffer for the please commissioner .

74  Separate unit .

75  Superintendent of the bureau of field services {&a} and retiring {^s}{a^} {super^} {super^} and chief .

76  Eerie tired from the about{.} [P-FPLT] #M{.} in June ever [20] [14] and {^ed to} {,} the Boston city Councilor recognizes superintendent in chief Danielle [P-FPLT] [HREUPBTS] ski for his [2-9] years of dedicate Ted service to the people of Boston {^s}{a^} {a^} member of the Boston please department .

77  And the city Councilor does also hereby declare that {^ed to} December [3] [20] [14] be Danielle {^liness} ski day in the [SEUB] .

78  [STKPWHR-FRPBLGTSZ] [paragraph] [paragraph] I don't [TPHOEU] if I could show this at [TPHAEUS] cease and get ten {^%} off .

79  First of all thank you with the exception of Councilor Zakim .

80  Its [AETS] only because you weren't in the position Tet {,} sir .

81  But I worked with every {^ry} one of you on what we saw this week {,} right {,} the Boston please department being {a^} national [PWHOD] Dell in how Cleese {^ing} should be done dealing with [PHRARPBLG] [TKEPL] transportation [SR-SZ] world champion ships and day-to-day community regional educational being so [KRAOEURBL] being partner .

82  Talking about to and what {^ish} shoes we need {^ed} to respond to .

83  You never did not take my phone call whether it was midnight or one in the morning and need {^ed} you to come to {a^} seen and get information from you and helpful to us and the [President|Pressley] of ut night Ted states said it this week that's Boston [PHREPT] is one of the fine necessary departments not {^ination} .

84  {im^} proud of the men and women who id the [PHREUFRLG] to work with doctoring the entire time .

85  Budget sport {,} whether it was motion {^inal} sport or the sport you gave us in the community and neighborhoods .

86  Community pleasing is the root of successful communities and neighbors and sit 'tis {,} and it's bitter place is here .

87  Its a incubation and place where it gross is here and {a^} mace {^ing} part of that and involved with you .

88  {im^} going around the country working with other please departments trying to help them learn the less stops that we've [HRERPBDZ] here in Boston to help them [PWER] community please there neighborhoods and I want to thank you for you're all you're sport over the years {,} thank you recollect very much .

89  [paragraph] [STKPWHR-FRPBLGTSZ] [STKPWHR-FRPBLGTSZ] thank you {,} Councilor Murphy for those [2] observe [PREPBGTS] {^s} {^ed to} and over fist {^ity} years of service to our city and at at high {^es} level .

90  So thank you Elliot and Dan for being here .

91  And thank you for you're service .

92  If there are know corrections to be maid the minutes of lass weeks {^'} meeting will stand approved .

93  [linebreak] seeing and hearing no objection {,} the minutes are so approved .

94  [paragraph] mad plaid clerk clerk {,} [KPHAOURPB] {^ication} {^s from} his honor the mayor .

95  Docket [1-89] [08] [PHOPBLG] approving the [SEUB] {^'} application to the mass choose economic {a^} sis [TEUPBS] [KAORP] {^ination} Councilor status for [3] [2] [-7] -- [34-7] summer street {,} the Lowe lord my in project {a^} {,} {a^} renovation of {a^} [SRAEUBG] can't fire damaged building in the [SEUB] innovation strict into {a^} [1] [1-7] thousand square foot office building locate Ted at the cross town slash south Boston economic opportunity year and for {a^} [PRAOFL] of attacks {in^} triplet finance {^ing} plan agreement regarding the real he state taxes between the city and the log me in project .

96  [paragraph] docket [1-8] [0] [-8] will be assigned to the commit {a^} tee off economic development and planning [paragraph] record perfect public officers and others .

97  Madam clerk .

98  [linebreak] [linebreak] [1-9] [0] {^ed} [-PLTDZ] inside was {super^} from the city clerk of the ordinances of [1-9] [-79] regarding axe take {en^} by the mayor on paper {^%} act Ted upon by the city Councilor at its meeting of October [-8] {:} [20] [14] .

99  Docket number [1-8] [10] .

100  Notice was received from the city clerk in [AORD] {^ance} of chapter six of the ordinances of [1-9] [-79] regarding axe {^ing} take {en^} by the city Councilor at its meeting of October [2] [2] and [20] [14] .

101  Do dom dom [1-8] [1] [1] .

102  [AOFRD] {^ness} with chapter six of the ordinances of [1-9] [-79] regarding axe take {en^} by the mayor on paper {^%} act pedestrian pons by the city Councilor at its meeting of October [2-9] .

103  [20] [14] .

104  Docket [1-8] [12] .

105  Notice was received from the city clerk in [AORD] {^ance} of chapter six of the ordinances of [1-9] [-79] regards {^ing} axe {^s} take {en^} by the mayor on paper {^%} act pedestrian upon by the city Councilor at its meeting of the October [25] .

106  [20] [14] .

107  Will be placed on file .

108  [paragraph] [1-8] [13] communication was received of the mayor con [TPEURPBLG] the {re^} {^ress} {^ition} {^ination} of the rob Bert short leaves [STPR-T] Boston the bored peels .

109  [paragraph] [1-8] [14] - communication was received from the sit it {^ity} clerk of the filing of the Boston redevelop .

110  Authority of the agreement between the [SEUB] {^ant} Bradford towers [12] [1] a project project - amount [K-FPLT] amount of south cove [TPHRAS] {a^} [12] [1] a project project [STPHR] [1-8] [15] [TPHR-TS] was received prosecute mayor of {^s}{a^} an [-FPLTS] [1] [1] a [PH-FPLT] until five fist {^ive} five [P-FPLT] [PH-FPLT] [paragraph] dock [1-8] [15] placed on file [linebreak] [linebreak] [STKPWHR-FRPBLGTSZ] [paragraph] committee on [TPOFT] government operation [P-S] to which was referred [20] - [15] [-67] {a^} ordinance expends {^ing} displace .

111  [PWHAOEU] couldn't minute yum for [KAORP] {^tive} conversion pursuant to the sit 'tis {^'s} authority understate stat constitute of [1-9] [-8] [3] chapter five [2-7] submits {a^} report recommend {^ing} the order out to pass .

112  [paragraph] the chair recognize {^s} the chair of committee on government operations Councilor Flaherty on docket [1567] {:} thank you flash Flaherty thank you Mr. President [STEUT] Councilor Josh Zakim .

113  This ordinance will extend the [KOURPBTS] that grants pretext for displaced ten [TPHAPBTS] to December [3] [1] {,} [20] [1-9] .

114  Displace .

115  [STPAOES] from five thousand to [10] {en^} low income [TEB] [TPHAPBTS] and from [3] thousand to [-6] thousand for for all others .

116  There was {a^} con sense suss Councilor Zakim and I would like to see those numbers gig [PWER] than what they're but con census [PROUT] us to that point .

117  We held {a^} hearing on November six the .

118  We heard from she'll she'll dill dill chief department of neighborhood develop .

119  Acute ren that'll housing [KPHERPBLG] {^cy} that currently {ex-^} sis the in the [SEUB] and the acute emergency is what the cry cry was allowing us to add {^us} those figures .

120  The {ex-^} {^is} tinge local axe {under^} state law and so we also heard from local residents our [TKPWEURBTS] local community development corporations [STWELS] other deposition {&e} develop {^%} who expressed there sport and there ideas around the [ORPBD] Nance so at this time I recommend package of the ordinance and defer fever to Councilor Zakim for his ordinance .

121  Thank {,}you Councilor [paragraph] Zakim .

122  You've the into {:} {:} in{.} thank you Mr. President Mr. President and thank you Councilor Flaherty four leap [TKER] ship and assistance on this hearing that was held .

123  I also woo like to add there was [KWAOEUTS] {a^} con sense suss we'd from add cats across the city chief dill dill Mac and country legal services [SKWROEUPD] us again here {^ed to} to see this threw .

124  We talk all the time in this chamber partner hearings {^s} in public about {a^} issue of the afford dabble housing in the bon [SEUB] .

125  This is {a^} poet [TEPBTS] [TAOG] .

126  City Councilor [HOR] {&E.} displaced {^s}{a^} the rental you know knits they of lived in sometimes for deck [AEUTS] concert sed to [KOPBD] [KOPBD] or [KAOPS] [KAOPS] to make sure that's place where the average rents to [23] {,} [24] [25] thousand dollars .

127  Offer apply and first lass {^mont} and cutter I [TKPOEPTS] Tet {&E.} [-7] five hundred that .

128  I people obviously {^ly} don't have on hands so this is {a^} critical step in the right direction what forward dabble housing we do have not sit it {^ity} to make sure long term taken [TPHAPBDZ] emergency axe take {en^} .

129  It's {a^} temporary law that needs to be authorities {^ed} every {^ry} five years and does choir {a^} [2] third vote of this body to pass {.}it so I urge my colleagues to do that and vote in favor .

130  I think its eight {in^} credit {^ably} important .

131  We've her nothing but positive statements on this .

132  Know dissension in writ {en^} or spoken .

133  .

134  Thank you very much .

135  Mr. President .

136  [paragraph] thank {,}you Councilor same same .

137  Councilor particular familiar [PHAOFS] accepts answer of the committee report and package ever docket [1567] [-FPLTS] all those say Aye .

138  Ayes have it and docket [1567] has been pass {^ed} .

139  [paragraph] madam clerk .

140  [paragraph] [1-6] five [-8] the commit at the on government operation [PRAS] to which was referred on October [2-7] [2] [12] [14] [1-6] [58] [PHOPBLG] amending the [SEUB] code ordinances chapter [2] {,} [1] {&1} [14] {,} [1-6] and [1-8] .

141  Concerning the registration [STRAEUGS] and lice ins {^ing} of dogs submits {a^} report recommends {^ing} the order out to pass in new draft .

142  [linebreak] [STKPWHR-FRPBLGTSZ] [paragraph] are Florida are Florida familiar thank you {,} Mr. President .

143  Docket [1-6] [58] is animal care and control unit response [SORD] by mayor {^ual} {,} and referred to committee back on October [2] [2] [-RD] .

144  Wide {a^} [HAOERD] November [20] the with inspection {^inal} services bud bud Chris [TPER] and Pete ter owe Sullivan from property [PRAPBLG] .

145  There unit {^s}{a^} we know it from the property imagine .

146  Department officer to its [SPEGS] services department where folks in the con sense suss would be they are [PWER] apt to deal with those issue .

147  Registration [STRAEUGS] and lice ins {^ing} of all dogs .

148  Dangerous dogs and also increased fines for violation {^s} .

149  We also maid some changes to clarify change [PRAPBLG] penalty six {^s} boat in ten and six teen so that they would be consistent with the other ordinances that we were add juice {^ing} so at this time Manhattan Mr. President .

150  {im^} recommend {^ing} that this order be passed in the new draft .

151  [paragraph] {:} {:} thank you .

152  [paragraph] thank {,}you Councilor particular familiar .

153  [STKPWHRUPB] Councilor Flaherty [PHAOFS] acceptance of the committee report and package of docket [1-6] [58] in the new draft .

154  All nose [23] favor sigh .

155  Opposed nay .

156  Ayes have it {^ant} docket [1-6] [58] has been passed in anew draft .

157  I'd like to take {a^} quick recess .

158  {:} [paragraph] Councilor is back in section .

159  Councilor {FLUSH} familiar you've the floor [paragraph] [PHAOF] for reconsideration on docket [1567] [AUFPLTS] though it was {a^} you know you know vote in the sense {^s that} it was sort of {a^} [PWROUD] vote we're requesting {a^} role call vote at this time .

160  [paragraph] madam clerk would you please second .

161  Role call .

162  [paragraph] okay .

163  Would you please call the role on docket [1567] [paragraph] Councilor Baker - yes .

164  [paragraph] Councilor Ciommo - yes .

165  [paragraph] Councilor Flaherty .

166  {^y} [STKPWHR*FRPBLGTS] injure injure [KR-R] [KR-R] {&c} {&c} [R-FRPBLGTS] yes .

167  [paragraph] Councilor Jackson - yes .

168  [linebreak] Councilor LaMattina - yes .

169  [linebreak] Councilor McCarthy - [KRE] .

170  [linebreak] Councilor Murphy - yes .

171  [linebreak] Councilor O'Malley - yes .

172  [linebreak] Councilor [President|Pressley] - yes .

173  [linebreak] Councilor Wu - yes .

174  [linebreak] Councilor Yancy - yes .

175  [linebreak] Councilor Zakim - yes .

176  [linebreak] Mr. President .

177  On docket number [1567] we'd {&e} we've {a^} you know you know vote .

178  We've confirmation of {a^} June you know vote on docket [1567] - thank {,}you madam clerk .

179  [linebreak] docket [13] [2] [1] .

180  The dock [KET] on city [TPHAOUB] .

181  August [20] .

182  [20] [14] .

183  [TKOPLT] [13] [2] [1] .

184  {a^} peat of Charles river transportation imagine .

185  {a^} association for {a^} [HRAOEUPS] {^ence} to operate moat vehicles for the carjack of passengers for higher over certain street in Boston submits {a^} report recommend {^ing} the peat out to be dependent [paragraph] Councilor McCarthy on [13] [2] [1-6789] thank you {,} very much {,} Mr. President Mr. President .

186  We'd {a^} committee we held {a^} meeting on September [23] [-RD] .

187  Representative from about{.} {.}it #M{.} swells Boston please department were here .

188  They were boat on record {^s}{a^} opposed {^ing} grand {^ing} this peat saying it did not meet the transportation services in the year .

189  Parking and traffic concerns mate innocence and con instruction project [EBGTS] thar in the way in that year .

190  I gran Ted the peat {^ener} {a^} extension ever time requesting that they meet with about{.} {.}it #M{.} Boston please department swells Josh Zakim at this time they've maid know attempt to reach out to any of the [3] parties so at this time I think this peat should be dependent .

191  [paragraph] thank {,}you Councilor mick [PH-FPL] .

192  Councilor McCarthy [PHAOFS] acceptance of the committee report and peat dependent .

193  Docket [13] [2] [1-6789] [AUPL] nose if favor say Aye .

194  All opposed nay .

195  [linebreak] Ayes have it and docket [13] [2] [1] has been dependent .

196  [linebreak] [linebreak] clerk clerk clerk order that pursuant to chapter [40] section [56] the residential FAQ for in the [SEUB] for financial year [20] [15] shall be the minimum residential factor determined by the recommend mass Jen laws chap chapter [58] section one a and be it further that pursuant to chapter [40] [3] of the acts of [2] thousand {a^} residential exemption in the amount of value equal to [30] {^%} of the average assessed value of all class one residential parse sells in the [SEUB] be and hereby is approved for fiscal year [20] [15] [paragraph] chair recognize {^s} chair of committee on ways {^s}{a^} means Councilor Ciommo on dock [1-7] [4-6] [paragraph] Ciommo thank {,}you this matter was response [SORD] by Councilor Linehan on November [1-9] the we held {a^} hearing this pass Monday Ron rack you could our chief assess sore came down to provide .

197  .

198  This is axe that's city Councilor is acquired to take in order for our property tax rates to be certificate {^ified} .

199  And for our property own [TPHERS] to receive the mows generous residential exemption that's offered by the state .

200  We're one of {a^} hands full of communities throughout the state that receive {a^} [30] {^%} residential exemption for own {^ener} occupied you know knits .

201  Freedom of residential fun to [TKOER] - properties own [TPHERS] .

202  The proposed residential {ex-^} [SEPBLGS] that allows for the [30] {^%} {dis^} count is {a^} average annual savings of approximately [1-7] [HUPBDZ] off our property tax bill .

203  So I recommend that we pass this in order to get it certificate {^ified} .

204  [paragraph] thank you {,}you Councilor Ciommo .

205  [paragraph] [linebreak] [-PBLTSDZ] [-FRPBLTSDZ] [AUPL] [THO] those [THO] favor say Aye .

206  All opposed nay .

207  Vice [STROPT] do docket [1-7] [4] [*6] has been pass {^ed} [paragraph] please reed docket [15] [156] threw [15] [-6] [0] and [15] [-67] and [1-6] [-8] [0] [paragraph] [15] [15] five [-FRPL] [PHOPBLG] it authority {^ing} the [PHRAOERGS] to accept and {ex-^} person {&e} pent {a^} grant of [1-7] five thousand dollars for the Paul cover Dell national for for signs program grant funds {^ed} [TPWAOEUT] national {in^} statutes of justice for the purposes of providing sport to the for ren six analysis unit of the Boston please department .

208  [paragraph] [15] [57] [PHOPBLG] authorization the [PHRAOERGS] to accept and {ex-^} [PERPBD] the [TP-FPLT] financial year [20] [14] vile lens against women act stock grant of [-6] [0] thousand dollars from the exec {^tive} office of public safety {^ity} and security excuse {^ed} to sport the about{.} [P-FPLT] #M{.} {^ville} I can't economies tick vile {^liness} add cats .

209  [15] [58] [PHOPBLG] authority {^ing} the [PHRAOERGS] to accept and expends [20] thousand [4] hundred and [-67] {^ed} do fund the financial year [13] Paul cover Dell national forensic signs {^s} {im^} proof .

210  Program grant fund and by the national institute of justice and pass throughout from the mass choose state please .

211  Docket number [15] [59] [PHOPBLG] authority {^ing} the [PHRAOERGS] to accept and {ex-^} pent {a^} grant of ten thousand dollars from the financial year [13] national institute of justice social signs {^s} {re^} certificate .

212  And forensic signs .

213  Passed throughout you know you know of Illinois champagne for the purposes to sport and analysis data collection in report {^ing} by the please department crime lab and office of {re^} certificate .

214  Development .

215  [STKPWHR-RP] docket number [1-6] [50] [PHOPBLG] authority {^ing} the [PHRAOERGS] to accept and expends {a^} grant to five thousand dollars to the mass choose department of public [HELT] for the purposes of collecting and report {^ing} data .

216  Docket number [1-6] [57] [PHOPBLG] authority {^ing} the [PHAEURS] {^'s} office of Marge {^cy} imagine .

217  To accept and expends {a^} grant of [14] [PH-L] [4] hundred thousand dollars from the U.S. department of Homeland Security {^ity} {^'s} urban [KWRAEURS] security {in^} {^ish} {^tive} grant [TP-FPLT] financial year [20] [14] address {a^} you know [TPHAOEBG] planning training excite equip .

218  And operation {^inal} needs of large you're ban [KWRAEURS] and {a^} sis them in building {a^} enhanced and sustain taxable capacity to [PRAOE] vends response to and proffer {^ry} from threats and act of terrorism collude ugh chemical biological and [RAEULT] [EBG] nuke collar and explodes Ed incidents - [1-6] [-8] [0] .

219  [PHOPBLG] authority {^ing} the please [PHRAOERGS] to accept and {ex-^} [PEPBTS] {a^} grant of [1] million{}dollars [-7] hundred and [3-8] thousand dollars [-8] hundred and [4-7DZ] and [3] [-7] {^ed} from the mass choose exec {^tive} office of the pub public safety {^ity} and security .

220  Sen store Charles {&E.} shannon you know {^ior} community [SAEUFPT] {^ity} {in^} {^ish} {^tive} [TKPWRARPBT] strat guys to address you know gaining and begun vile lines .

221  [paragraph] any of initial niche niche niche niche niche niche niche niche .

222  Is {in^} initiative .

223  Niche niche {^in} niche niche .

224  [paragraph] thank {,}you Mr. President Mr. President .

225  First ever all it's {a^} marry of housekeeping it's like to place on file [58] [15] [158] [158] ap [15] [-6] [0] has [THEFB] act Ted upon [OPBTS] November fist city Councilor meeting .

226  And were resubmit Ted {a^} second time [linebreak] so we did not here them the other day but we did here the other [40] tight [EPLS] .

227  [15] [15] [-6] is appall cover Dell grant rave [1-7] five thousand dollars to the please department for the purposes of providing sport to the for ren {diction^} analysis you know net .

228  We heard from marry achievers loss the director of {ex-^} [TERPBLS] funding from the please commissioner {^'s} office .

229  The [1-7] [5] thousand dollars is broken down in the following manner .

230  Fifty thou [4] to you [-8] hundred and [-78] [-LDZ] for anew data base for the a physical [SPHAT] tick fingerprint system .

231  It was decrees the current backlog by [20] {^%} and four knew workstations with [SKPAOUT] terse for the [KPROPBS] [KPROPBS] commune knit .

232  [1-7] for [2] considerate consult [APBTS] working within the late print unit [WEUS] to help further backlog and indirect fee of five thousand dollars for the grant added [PH-RGS] for [15] [15] [-6] - [15] [57] is {a^} [PHOPBLG] authority {^ing} the [PHRAOERGS] to accept and {ex-^} [PEPBTS] the vile lens against women act for [20] [14] .

233  The stop grant in the amount of [-6] [0] thousand dollars from the states [AETS] [EBG] [EBG] {^tive} office of public safety {^ity} and security and youse {^ed} to sport {a^} about{.} [P-FPLT] #M{.} civil {^ion} [TKPHOS] tick vile lens advocate .

234  It's six I thousand dollars one full-time position serfs East Boston and Jamacia Plain neighborhoods [SHRAOUDZ] salary and [PREUPBG] benefits .

235  [EPBGS] {^is} tinge position which works out the sit 'tis {^'s} familiarly justice center in Brighton .

236  This pox funds boat the person who works for amount of [-7] and {&E.} [13-6789] we also have other folks thar funded on different grants working out of about{.} [2] .

237  About [3] .

238  And [KR-FPLT] [1] [1] [PHRAOERGS] [*R] population {^s} on [TKPHOS] tick vile lens add cats .

239  [1-6] [57] is the you {^s}{a^} I grant which we received every {^ry} year from the federal government .

240  Its {a^} {^'} from the U.S. department of homelands security .

241  It's [14] point [4] million{}dollars and {^s}{a^} you all know the way homelands security {^ity} is broken up there are urban year security {in^} {^ish} {^tive} throughout the country .

242  We're [RAOEPBLG] John one and we're won [*R] one of nine sit 'tis and towns but we're the umbrella pass threw for all of the nine and we had .

243  The other day from Nance {^cy} hen [TKER] son the deposition deposition direct tour of the [PHAEURS] [AEGS] office of Emergency Management .

244  And deer [TKRE] has been Shaw [HOFPS] {a^} [STKAFR] {?} Councilor even if even if office who now [WORBGDZ] for the [PHAEURS] {^'s} office of Emergency Management .

245  .

246  [TPAOEPLT] Ma [TKPWRAPBDZ] it serfs to address planning training and excite and equip .

247  And operation {^inal} needs for large urban ban [KWRAEURS] and to {a^} sis them in building and enhance capacity for to prevent responds to and [ROEFRP] threats of check {^inal} bile logical raid logical nuke collar and explosive incidents [-FPLTS] it sports {inter^} ter department mental cape abilities .

248  It [PARGS] {^ly} funds the brick boss upon [RAOEPBLG] [TPHAPB] intelligence center in slowed [TKER] department .

249  About{.} [P-FPLT] [TP-FPLT] about{.} Boston {&I.} [PH-FPLT] {.}is and there other sit it {^ity} and Councilor ter parts in the {in^} {^ish} {^tive} .

250  And [WAOEFB] dog this since I belief [2] thousand [3] .

251  We get this mon any and I have been chair of public safety {^ity} for mows of that time and on ape ape [15] the of [20] [14] [123] we'd {a^} incident at the finish line of the marathon {,} and I for one {,} and {^ive} the hearing every {^ry} year about what this is for .

252  I was there {,} and I saw it work {,} right in front of me .

253  All these different agent cease [AEUBLG] to commune [T*EUT] {^cate} with one another working in ten [TKEPL] so does make {a^} difference boots [OPBTS] grounds .

254  And docket [1-6] [-8] [0] is the shannon grant that comes threw every {^ry} year .

255  {a^} little bit reduced this year .

256  Usually [2] million{}dollars .

257  [1] point [-7] [3] [-8] [PH-L] comes from the state .

258  Public safety {^ity} chair [SKEPB] store Charlie shannon passed away {a^} few years ago .

259  And it's broken outs in the following ways .

260  It's the purposes is to sport strat guys to {a^} dressing [KWROUPBT] gaining and begun vile leans .

261  Of the [1] point [-7] [3-8] [PH-L] [4-7] five thousand goes to apart [TPHERG] [SAEUGT] sigh {out^} options {un^} limb Ted for intense {^ive} case imagine .

262  And Councilor [SHRELG] go{.} {&E.} #M{.} and academic sport job training {^ant} like .

263  [2] [2-8] thousand dollars to the youth connect boys and girls clubs license {^s} [SOERBLG] workers in Boston population {^s} to provide [PRAOE] [SEPBGS] and [EUPBTS] adventures at risk {out^} and families .

264  [1] hundred thousand dollars to the Boston publicly [HELT] commission for trauma assess .

265  .

266  Psychological first said .

267  Coping [TKPWROUPS] - stabilization [TKPWROUPS] and community residents to {ever^} who [UGSZ] [PAOUBLGZ] [TRALT] mallet stashed .

268  [STHAOFPLT] [258] thousand dollars for the Boston please department for services throughout project [KAORP] {^ination} [TKEBLG] [-FPLTS] and also sis by the packet .

269  [P-FPLT] amount of [KR-FPLT] {.}it and [HREUS] .

270  Operation home front by the school please unit .

271  Operation nightlight and cease fire by the youth vile lens strike force and {a^} annually formed [SHAPB] on{?} {out^} Councilor and one hundred thousand dollars for the Boston center for {out^} and families to [STAOEUP] bends for the girls lead [TKER] ship none violent conflict resolution lead [TKER] ship civic response {^ibility} and {self-^} {a^} steam building for at risk {out^} and [STAOEUP] spends by the street work {er^} program .

272  There are [25] [TKPWROUPS] that benefit from this grant .

273  They clue the Boston public schools .

274  Sufficient sufficient county sher sher departments the .

275  Brook line [PWHRAOES] department .

276  Safety city Of [KHRAB] give .

277  Dorchester {out^} diff diff .

278  Social axe commit .

279  {out^} workers assigns .

280  Black minute ter {^ial} alliance .

281  {in^} Colleen know bore Ra cars .

282  {in^} axe {&I.} about{.} [AEUFPLT] .

283  Brass ill {^ian} code [TKERS] .

284  Mission sieve safe .

285  Justice {re^} certificate .

286  {in^} {^s} statute Inc. [-FPLTS] piece institute .

287  {out^} build .

288  Mothers for justice equal {^ity} .

289  College [PWOUPB] Dorchester .

290  And the like .

291  And then {a^} fifty four thousand incorrect grant add [PH-RGS] fee bring {^ing} the total to [1-7] five thousand .

292  There are matching funds that also into the [KWRAEURS] of about{.} [2] about{.} [3] and [KR-FPLT] [1] [1] from the [SEUB] .

293  The grants spends {^ing} period is from [1] [1] .

294  [20] [15] .

295  To [12] .

296  [3] [1] [20] [15] .

297  I recommends package on all of these aforementioned do docket .

298  [STKPWHREUFRPBLGTSZ] thank {,}you Councilor Murphy .

299  [PHAOFS] acceptance of the commit [KPHAOEUT] report and package of [15] [1-6] - all owe mows nice .

300  [SAOEUS] have [TAPBT] [15] [1-6] [-67] has been passed - Councilor Murphy [PHAOFS] acceptance of the committee report of [15] [57] .

301  All in favor say Aye .

302  Awe oppose {^ed} nay .

303  Docket [15] [56] has been passed .

304  [paragraph] [S*FPLGS] sat [157] [-7] [124R507] [1245078] - [STHAO] owe flows mad [*FRPBLTS] Ayes have it {^ant} docket [1-6] [57] has been passed - and Councilor Murphy [PHAOFRS] acceptance of the committee report [APBL] [156] [-8] [-6789] eye [SR-RPBLTS] [AUFRPBLTS] opposed nay .

305  Ayes have [TAPBT] docket [1-8] [1-68] [0] has been passed .


307  We'd {a^} meeting on Monday .

308  Docket number [124-6] pass response [SORD] by Councilor [President|Pressley] bin little little .

309  [paragraph] it was {a^} six and {a^} half hour hearing so {im^} going to reed the minutes .

310  {:} know {im^} not .

311  [TKHR] were allot of points and counter points from [AOUB] [PWER] lift tax I and swells {^s}{a^} the union represents .

312  .

313  I questions that certainly {^ly} were not answered .

314  We tin to wait for those answer {^es} place back in the committee for further discussion .

315  [paragraph] tock dock [124-6] will remain isn't the committee on sit [STKEU] neighbor neighbor service us and vet vet {a^} [TPAEURGS] .

316  [paragraph] docket number [1-7] [30] [PHOPBLG] {^age} authority {^ing} the [SEUB] to accept and expends grants of [1] [PH-L] [3] {on^} [20DZ] [TPR-PL] mass choose deposition department {en^} I go {re^} source us [TPORTS] community clean {re^} sill [KWREPBS] {^cy} {in^} {^ish} {^tive} project {im^} [PHREUPLTS] grants to be add Master's degree by the sit 'tis {^'s} office of {en^} {en^} and {en^} I go open space department .

317  Due to the [-6] and {a^} half hearing held on Monday Councilor and committee chair of the parks Councilor O'Malley had pose [POEPBDZ] this tick here the hearing is {re^} [SKAOEUD] {^ule} for Thursday December [4] [20] [14] {out^} noon .

318  [linebreak] [1-7] [3] [3] message [THAPBS] [PHREUT] {^ing} {a^} resolution for {a^} [PRAOFL] that'll [TKPEUPB] {re^} [STPH-PLTS] [STHAOFRPLTS] exam pus [STOPL] south person .

319  Order authority {^ing} certain lease {^s} and conveyance {^s} by the Boston public [HELT] commission of the form [PHER] Boston city hospital school of nursing exam pus to facile sate the [TKPOEPB] pent sight redevelop .

320  Known {^s}{a^} [TPHORTS] Han Tom face toll [linebreak] yet yet we held {a^} hearing on docket it was [1-7] [3] [3] response [SORTD] by the mayor on November [1-9] {a^} order authority {^ing} {a^} certain Los lease and thinks by the Boston money lick [HELT] commission [P-FT] form [PHER] Boston hospital school of nursing exam pus and sight psyche redevelop .

321  Known has north ham ton face [2] .

322  {re^} bell .

323  Of north ham ham scare passed by the this body and [20] [13] docket [0] [3] [10] .

324  Face one ever this project youse {^ed} the [KOPBDZ] minute minute law to facilitate commercial development [APBL] provide separate fans {^ing} face one also renovate Ted {a^} building at [35] [TPHORTS] ma'am ton street .

325  The order before us {^ed to} will tin this redevelop .

326  And allow all remaining face us .

327  The order will will {ambi^} .

328  Ton ton {a^} agreements for the {a^} convince of harass son tower and allow for {a^} forward taxable [THOUS] {^ing} and renovation and air rights and complete con instruction of anew tower [WEUS] the Al town {&u} tower .

329  Provide space and man Dar [REUPB] [KHAEUPL] [KHAEUPL] building on commercial street level space to the Boston medical center .

330  The ends result will be five hundred [STPHEUFRPBLTS] [EUFRPBLTS] {a^} forward dabble and it'll provide the {^s about} ton pub hick [HELT] commission with one point five lease payment and [-9] mill lump sum payment for Al ban any tower and {a^} proofs accessibility to the residents particularly the fitness sinister and office space for the about{.} [P-FPLT] amount of [KR-FPLT] and Boston #M{.} [PH-FPLT] {.}is space for urban guard innocence for residents and offers personnel .

331  Now this [KWAOEURS] [2] votes and they've to be at lease [2] weeks apart animus be sport Ted by {super^} so we need to take {a^} vote {^ed to} and on December [1-7] the [STKPWHR*EUFRPBLGTS] thank you for those instruction us .

332  [paragraph] Councilor Baker [paragraph] Baker .

333  Thank {,}you Mr. President {Mr.-|}  since I was so for the [TPHAS] to get this [PRAOE] [SEUPBT] this January [EUFBTS] working with trinity closely concrete structure dating back to the [-6] {^'s} that was in need of repair .

334  City was {'} in the position to necessarily undertake those renovations .

335  There are some concerns with the spate for {&E.} [PH-FPLT] {.}is training space to make sure there's space set aside in this knew building here .

336  Also south end finance has been somewhat of {a^} concern how {^s that} going to get some mon any pumped into it .

337  I think those this'll will be tinge discussion {^s} but also about{.} [PH-FPLT] [KR-FPLT] will by some of the commercial space and probably {^ably} develop over the commercial space on mass choose avenue .

338  There was some concern that's please payment only being one point five [PH-L] {a^} year for [-9] [-9] years that was {a^} bit of concern some people would have liked to have seen that in incremental years maybe go up but the deal was structured year ago but I think [S-FRPLTS] all in all will ends {a^} good space for public [HELT] commission and I {^us} wanna Ted to stand and speak in favor of this .

339  Thank {,}you {^s}{a^} the strict Councilor .

340  [paragraph] Councilor Baker thank {,}you Councilor Jackson .

341  {^s}{a^} the form [PHER] strict Councilor legislator for that year .

342  I want to speak in favor of this .

343  I think this is {a^} great effort relative to {a^} pub public private relative [TEUFPLT] trinity is {a^} truss Ted partner in our [KPHOUPB] {^ity} and this is one so folks know .

344  Those [AEPTS] are actually being redone .

345  Refer I one of those you know knits is being redone and they've {a^} really interesting model {&E.} people don't [PHAOFR] out of therefore home .

346  They're actually able to do it in there homes .

347  This job is one that has put allot of people to work {:} and also preserves {^.^} [THRERP] person in [STKPWHR-FRPBLGTSZ] [paragraph] this cod [TPAOEUS] that than puts it all together in [TKPEURB] in also provide in {a^} [THAEUBL] .

348  Housing option .

349  In some mark [KETS] rates so we're able then able to diverse {^ify} housing .

350  One [H*ER] ore points was {a^} point of con tinge gent ask that's pool in the original version was going to be closed .

351  This actually is one to pro [SRAOE] of the pool {^s}{a^} well {^s}{a^} out sends fitness center so I think the communities {^'s} voice was [HREUS] tends to and the people that live in these [APTS] were license {^ed} to and were {a^} in {a^} situation they were able to {a^} forward {a^} stability knew housing so it seems to be {a^} win-win win all around for the knew Councilor legislator [THO] represents that strict .

352  Thank you .

353  [STKPWHR*FRPBLGTS] [paragraph] Yancy Yancy .

354  Thank you very much .

355  Councilor I did receive some of the information that at the hearing concerning the brake down ever [K-RTS] to Boston residents and people of color .

356  I wasn't complete {^ed} my [SRAOE] view but {im^} not going to allows that to stand in the way of giving {a^} {in^} [EUFRB] {^tive} first reading on that{.} positive worked with them for the boat {&e} [PWER] part of the lass [2] decades - several project [EBGTS] within my [STEUBGT] .

357  Going up [OPS] the character route building in Dorchester .

358  So we've ample time to deal with any concerns [THAEUF] with this .

359  But I I would like trinity to know and other develop {^%} to know that we've to work very hard to {en^} sure that's residents of the develop {^ments} do have community rooms and amend 'tis particularly for familiarly develop {^ments} {,} and while there are some [KHAL] lengths remaining on the Mattapan campus that trinity is actually involved with [STPES] {^iffic} {^ly} Mattapan nights that race {^is} another hearing lass evening I think this is {a^} wort think project and should go forward .

360  I am sure we've {a^} {a^} come weeks I know there are some questions about the in{.} [W-FPLT] about{.} {&E.} members so I think week go forward {^ed to} .

361  So {^s}{a^} the chairman has arctic calculate Ted .

362  This [KWAOEURS] [2] separate role call votes mad [KHR-RBG] clerk - docket number [1-7] [3] [3] .

363  Councilor Baker .

364  Yes .

365  [paragraph] Councilor Ciommo - yes .

366  [paragraph] Councilor [TPHRA*R] [TPHRA*R] .

367  - yes .

368  [linebreak] - Councilor Jackson yes .

369  [paragraph] Councilor LaMattina - yes .

370  [paragraph] Councilor Linehan - yes .

371  [paragraph] Councilor McCarthy - yes .

372  [paragraph] Councilor Murphy - yes .

373  [linebreak] - Councilor owe [OEFRPBLGTS] yes [linebreak] come [PREUPTS] press [-FRPBLTS] yes .

374  [linebreak] Councilor Wu - yes .

375  [linebreak] Councilor Yancy - yes .

376  [linebreak] Councilor Zakim - yes .

377  [paragraph] Councilor Zakim - yes .

378  [linebreak] can dom don't - you know you know vote for the first receipt {^ing} {,} Mr. President Mr. President .

379  [linebreak] [STPHAO] [-FRPBL] and and you know you know and it'll assigned for further axe axe .

380  [STKPWHRO] [TKOPBL] dock [10] [0] [-7] [1-9] [-FRPBLTS] orders for hearing Tom pose second Dar {^ry} institution us [-FPLTS] [linebreak] [paragraph] chair of the committee on education - thank {,}you Mr. President Mr. President .

381  On Monday morning I was at sufficient sufficient superior court with Lyssa Mac I can from the corporation Councilor office and myself {^s}{a^} well {^s}{a^} one of my staff members .

382  We were there to {en^} Norse the summons and subsequent Marine subpoena that was issue on based on none {a^} ten dense of Boston you know you know .

383  We were prior to seeing the judge we were able to come to {a^} date {,} mule {&u} mute tactile actually agreed upon date and are doctor brown from Boston coupon you know you know will be here on December [1-9] the at [1] [30] amount of and we'll need to suspend the rules to allow that to happen .

384  But I belief {im^} very [KP-F] [TKPEPBTS] we did the right [THREU] .

385  We expends {^ed} this opportunity for Boston you know you know to attend to discuss {a^} very important marry [WEUS] diversity in [HAOEURG] and staffing at {a^} institution that is in the top five of employ ears of the [SEUB] .

386  Boston you know you know has over [-9] [-7] hundred employees [-FPLTS] and Boston communities is also you know [TPHAOEBG] in that Boston you know you know is the alma mater of doctor Martin lute lute king you know {^ior} .

387  It would be my {ex-^} [PEPBGT] {^tation} {a^} [AEUPB] constitution with graduate such {^s}{a^} that will want to come with the Councilor and discuss all of there [HAOEURG] policies and proceed [TKAOURS] that they would want to let people know about the procure amount and all other aspects of diverse if I in the you know you know .

388  And so {im^} very happy to report to the Councilor that we'll have that opportunity to here from doctor brown the [President|Pressley] of Boston you know you know and also that this is {a^} very certificate {^us} marry .

389  That the {^ish} shoes thar put forward amongst {^ed} this Councilor is not about any individual .

390  It's about the public being able to here and the Councilor being able to gather the important information that we need to [PHAOF] forward and create {^ing} po policy .

391  So {im^} very happy to let my colleagues know that we'll be able to come to {a^} mute actual agreed upon did I significance on the [1-9] the and I would invite you fur here to being presents at that hearing would doctor brown from Boston you know you know .

392  [STKPWHRO] [linebreak] I rise to commend Councilor Jackson on his efforts to bring Boston you know you know press to these chambers .

393  John sill [PWER] did in fact appear in this Boston {a^} come of decades ago .

394  He wasn't force {^ed} to do so with regard to subpoena but it was on {a^} similar issue the and I belief it's important that all the [PWHRAEUPBLG] institution us within the major {:} response {^ible} to help level {^est} playing field .

395  {?} date it {&I.} [TKRAOEUTS] [KREUTS] cal one and every {^ry} once in awhile we see national {^ly} the impact of {dis^} par 'tis .

396  We were [SP-PBS] {^ing} all the demonstrations around the you night stead states of [ERBG] [ERBG] concerning the incidents ever [TPURBG] [*R] [TPERG] son the route does of that sa disparity so that boss tons you know you know could set {a^} great {ex-^} exam for other institution us of higher ed {^ication} with regards to not only in his fa FAQ FAQ and staff but tick [PHREU] the substitute [TKEPBDZ] {^us} {^s}{a^} this body issue of {dis^} {dis^} on {&l} almost {a^} monthly if the not weekly bases .

397  In terms of hour or what type of exam we're setting in the city government [THO] help level the playing field .

398  I know nine of our colleagues vote Ted to sport at lease {a^} first receipt {^ing} of building {a^} brands knew high school in the [SEUB] .

399  Because the stud departments graduate Ted from the Boston money lick school [SKEUS] [TEPL] would apply to about{.} {.}you and other institution {^s} but they're [KPRAOET] {^ing} with stewed departments love first class fa [SEULTS] and the mows [RAOEPBTS] high [SKHAOL] we [PWELD] until the [SEUB] is [1-9] [-79] .

400  It's {a^} disgrace .

401  It's {a^} disgrace that we're allowing hour children not to have fa [SEUPLTS] similar [THO] other stud departments [HOR] applying to Boston you know you know .

402  {im^} sure that one [-FRT] {^ish} shoes about{.} {.}you will race {^s}{a^} they've in the pass is the quality of preparation for .

403  I of our stud departments .

404  Our {:} {:} [STPHAOUPL] - [STKPWHR-FRPLTS] but they hampered almost can cuffed if I could youse that and {^inal} I go because they do not have the at let tick fa [SEULTS] and other {a^} [AEPLTS] {en^} 'tis that stub [SURB] can take for gran Ted .

405  {^s that} [AEURB] shoe that this [PW-D] Boyd did I can stand up and shine on {^s}{a^} well .

406  I commends Councilor Jackson and look forward on December [1-9] the and also sport the infection item that we'll be considering on that [linebreak] Jackson .

407  I'm [SROEUR] .

408  {im^} not trying to bee little the point .

409  {^s}{a^} we've conversation {^s} about black and lat lat menace we've [linebreak] [linebreak] {^s}{a^} we've conversation kilograms about my [PROERS] {^'s} keep per and those conversation {^s} {&E.} we can't {^us} skim simply restate the problem .

410  We've to actually look for solution {^s} .

411  And we find those solution {^s} in [KWRAEURS] that we do well in in the [SEUB] .

412  What we're known for is higher ed .

413  High-tech .

414  [HELT] care and [PWAEUPBG] {^ing} and financial .

415  We need to be part [TPHERG] with those fields to provide opportunities and make the hole [SEUB] strong and opening doors of up opportunity in that space and [THRAS] also why we should [STPOEBG] cuss here and the other piece we should speak to .

416  You know you know here based on some of the great work that Councilor Murphy has done around pilot payments and the neglect [OERB] {^iation} {^s} and that sate .

417  - - should be making .

418  [WAOFRPLT] [-FPLTS] boom vote today ton {^ed to} relative to what you and I pay {.}you and know highly pilot payments are what know one is going to {a^} [PHRAUDZ] us on {?} [S*FRPBLGS] [SHR*FPLGS] [*FPLGS] [STPHEUFRPLTS] [EUFRPLT] pile may we part [TPHERP] {^ed with} college and you know you know swells hospital to pay [STHAO] {re^} [STHAOPLTS] [STHAO] [linebreak] - - sporting us [OUPB] and I it's the beginning of {a^} conversation in terms of our ability to get the discover {^ry} that we need in order to make [THOUT] full poll I [PHAOFG] to the [TPAOUT] newt .

419  Thank you so much .

420  Mr. President [PHR-PLT] .

421  [paragraph] thank I {,} Councilor Jackson .

422  [1] to [1] [-79] will {re^} plain isn't the committee on education .

423  {?} [linebreak] [linebreak] [linebreak] Murphy and Lynn hip does of living add {^us} .

424  Known has cola for {re^} [TAOEURPLTS] Reese and racing base amount [paragraph] chair recognize {^s} Councilor Murphy on docket [1-8] [-6] [1-6] [STKPWHR-FRPBLGTSZ] Murphy Murphy thank {,}you Mr. President Mr. President .

425  Mass Jen law chap chapter one [-8] [-8] of the acts of [20] [10] allows for {a^} cola increase for retire Reese in the [KWELT] [KWELT] .

426  And it has {^ing to} throughout city {re^} [TAOEURPLTS] bored and throughout legs late {^tive} process at the city {&I.} .

427  The maximum yum mum base on which {a^} cola is calculate Ted in Boston right now is [13] thousand dollars .

428  And that was raced in [20] [12] by the Boston retirement bored and subsequent {^ly} by the vote of this Councilor .

429  Tat I and other members of the Councilor had add {^cate} Ted for {a^} increase to the amount of [15] thousand on the cola base would have added probably [-8] [0] {^ed} {a^} year to every {^ry} retire {re^} {^s that} in our {dis^} sis acceptable .

430  The men men add [PH-RGS] and {re^} certificate .

431  Bureau argued against it and the retirement bored only offered {^ing to} up from [12] thousand to [13] thousand Tet .

432  I was speak seek {^ing} [15] thousand .

433  Some of the very retire Reese that were seek {^ing} for the Councilor to {re^} [PHAOF] to [13] thousand have come back that week [PHAOF] it up ward incremental {^ly} to [14] .

434  [15] or up {^s}{a^} high {^s}{a^} [1-8] {^s}{a^} some sit 'tis and towns have done already for there {re^} [TAOEURP] Reese .

435  But what needs to happen is [TPWHAOED] to hold {a^} hearing on it .

436  Get the retirement bored to put it on its radar screen and vote on it and city Councilor to vote on it {^s}{a^} well .

437  And {im^} asking with this step with you're sport Mr. President to at leasehold {a^} hearing and [SATS] {^ify} the cree [TAOEURPL] Reese that from axe from this body .

438  Thank you .

439  [paragraph] [THAUPB] I could {co-^} .

440  Thank {,}you Mr. President [PHR-PLT] .

441  I rise to [KPHEPBLDZ] the make [KERS] from hide marred Murphy yours and ask that my {im^} [TRAOERB] [THAEUT] you're on Councilor Murphy work on this for .

442  I am I years .

443  [linebreak] O'Malley Baker .

444  Councilor Baker {^'} name {:} add Councilor McCarthy {,} LaMattina {,} Councilor Yancy {^'} name .

445  [linebreak] [AEFPBLGTS] [1-68] [1-6] is sane [STOT] [TPHAOEUTD] committee .

446  Ways and Means Councilor [STPHAOFRPLTS] - [EUFRPBLGTS] - - - [STKPWHR-P] this or any previous add [PH-RGS] [WEUR] in effect and relate Ted to expends tours [KHRAOUGD] but not limb Ted to congressmen {^sation} and or salaries {:} [STKPWHR*FRPBLGTS] [paragraph] Murphy I [SKWHRUS] wanna [TEDZ] to speak on this matter .

447  Out [TKPWROET] salary for the [President|Pressley] of the Boston public [HRAOEUB] [HRAOEUB] .

448  And I guess you're never too old or too experience {^ed} to learn {,} and I have been around along time .

449  And [T-FRS] the first time that id actual {^ly} seen {a^} deliberate attempt {,} I think {^ing to} around this body and our authority to appeal funds youse {^ing} {a^} exec {^tive} order mech mechanism and it's {a^} dangerous think to have happen for the city chart ter or people of Boston .

450  And they did {.}it they played [TPAS] and loose .

451  [AOEFRP] year we've {a^} budget and when you turn to adept head it has {a^} salary for every {^ry} employ {e^} collude {^ing} the [President|Pressley] to the [HRAOEUB] [HRAOEUB] {,} and then it has another line item that says other .

452  And that's right after salary .

453  So that would lead {a^} renal person to belief that other is other than salary or other than compensation .

454  And there was {a^} hit [TKPEPB] amount of mon any in that other line item that's truss tease of the public [HRAOEUB] [HRAOEUB] threw exec {^tive} order signed by mayor men men Tet in [20] [10] .

455  December of [20] [10] to get {a^} dish [20] thousand dollars in salary throughout appropriation {^s} process throughout city Councilor {^s}{a^} {a^} other {ex-^} pent {^ture} .

456  And the first time I or anybody in this body saw that was at this [HAOEURG] about ten days ago four years late ter .

457  So I said at the hearing that I wanna Ted to know how many other exec {^tive} orders dog {a^} end around the city Councilor there were out there .

458  And {im^} {under^} [STAUPBD] [-PG] from [SRAOE] verb [PWRAEUGS] {^s} in the building that there are lots of them .

459  And they're keeping there cop [KWRERS] business {^cy} getting that information back to us .

460  This is {^us} filed this week .

461  They've [-7] days .

462  Mr. President Mr. President {im^} going to {in^} sis on the [-7] days .

463  To be responded to in [-7] days .

464  If it isn't responds {^ed} to by infection Wednesday you've {a^} number of thinks United Kingdom do .

465  In you're [PEUR] view and ill going to try to {in^} sis that you do them .

466  {im^} sure you'll .

467  [paragraph] [STKPWHR-FRPBLGTSZ] [paragraph] Councilor Yancy {:} thank {,}you very much .

468  [PHR-PLT] Mr. President .

469  Doctoring the hearing concerning the lead [TKER] ship and financial operations of the Boston public [HRAOEUB] [HRAOEUB] that I [KHRAEURD] .

470  I was quite surprised {^s}{a^} Councilor Murphy was of the side agreement .

471  And I was particularly surprised because when we reviewed the operation of the Boston public [HRAOEUB] [HRAOEUB] earlier this year {,} inquired what was contained within the others {^'s} category {,} and I don't recall .

472  It [PHAEUFB] mentioned but I don't recall this being mentioned .

473  Mr. President Mr. President .

474  We're paying our [President|Pressley] of the Boston public [HRAOEUB] [HRAOEUB] who {^ive} {a^} great deal of add [PH-RGS] and respect for {,} and I always compliment on being able to open [2] knew [HRAOEUBS] [HRAOEUBS] the first year here in the [SEUB] .

475  But she's earning Moore than [2] hundred thousand dollars {a^} year and {^s that} not disclose {^ed} within the financial review of the Boston public [HRAOEUB] [HRAOEUB] .

476  And {^s that} {a^} very significant Florida .

477  So hence for the of course when I sit down with some department heads {im^} going to {in^} sis they did I scribe under Moore dee tail what is did I [SKRAOEUBD] in these miscellaneous cat gore [REUS] .

478  {^ive} yet to receive informs on [K-RTS] and all of you have red in the first plaice page of the [HERLDZ] this week that there are some departments thar security {ir^} skirting around in terms of operation [345BGS] [PHAUPL] number of dollars [THAUBG] get without going out to bid .

479  {^s that} very concerning to me and very concerning to the {^ual} {,} add [PH-RGS] .

480  But it's all in the name of {trans^} [PARPBS] {^cy} .

481  And I take this opportunity {,} Mr. President Mr. President to reminds the add [PH-RGS] that there are {a^} number of {^ite} Thames [HREUS] Ted on the [1-7] [TP-FPLT] orders that have yet to be responds {^ed} to .

482  Collude {^ing} all boards commissions and authorities by name {,} date established and legs {^ulation} and race gender address and term collude {^ing} request for information about {^tive} employ [AOEPS] .

483  Knew [HAOEURGS] .

484  Pro notion {^s} information that we received routinely {^ly} in the previous add [PH-RGS] {.}So so {im^} not sure [WHAFTS] problem is .

485  I know there's representative of the add [PH-RGS] here {^ed to} {:} and I still {in^} sis that this body receive this information .

486  {im^} going to make {a^} seer {^ress} of recommendation {^s} to this body in light of the review we do this year and this was one [-FRT] mows comprehensive reviews of the add [PH-RGS] in years .

487  One recommendation is that's add [PH-RGS] provide each member of this body {a^} [PHOEPBT] {^ly} report in terms of revenue and expends {^ture} .

488  In the passive take {en^} {a^} look at this on {a^} quarrel {^ly} basis and [TKPWEUFB] the rev serration {^s} in the media it seems to me we should be taking {a^} closer look on {a^} Moore regular bases so I arise to sport suss suspension and package offered by Councilor Murphy .

489  [paragraph] Councilor Murphy [PHAOFS] suss suspension and package of docket [1-8] [1-7] all nose in favor say Aye .

490  All opposed nay .

491  Ayes have it {^ant} [1-8] [1-7] has been passed [paragraph] [1-8] [1-8] - Councilor Yancy and [President|Pressley] [OFRDZ] the following order for {a^} hearing to {in^} [SREUGT] current and possible [TPAOUT] service [P-S] for women survivors ever homicide in the [SEUB] .

492  [linebreak] [paragraph] Yancy Yancy Mr. President Mr. President you may have heard about marry Franklin she actually received probably Moore than one resolution from this body .

493  She suffered {a^} horrendous loss [1-8] years ago .

494  Her husband when someone was being attacked on her street I belief it was in the heart of my strict Tet .

495  And his intervention actually result Ted in his debt .

496  He did not apparently know the {a^} sail {^lant} .

497  The person was {^ress} skewed by him but he was actually stabbed in the altercation when he tried to rescue someone .

498  [UFRL] {^ly} that has yet to be solved .

499  And [1-8] years late ter {,} marry Franklin the wit dough of this hearing {,} is still serving for answers {,} and still trying to deal with the pain of the loss of {a^} loved one .

500  It has been {a^} very from us straight {^ing} [SKWRAOURPB] any for her .

501  So much so that earlier in November lass {^mont} {,} she actually staged what we youse {^ed} to call {a^} sit in .

502  She actually spent I belief [3] nights at the please head quart terse to draw attention to the fact that she didn't feel that survivors of homicides {,} particularly women of homicide have {a^} safe place to schoolhouse the case {^s} with secretaries [TK*EBGTS] [TKEBGTS] [TKEBGTS] .

503  And for there part the please department has accommodate they'd her concerns in the pass and she's not obviously {^ly} [SATS] {^ified} about {.}it so hearing about her story and knowing that she was in frail [HELT] even before {^-state} staying in the very cold corridors of the entrance of the Boston please hep head quart terse .

504  I went over there to see what I could do to purchaser suede her {^ing to} home quite [TPRAEUPBG] {^ly} .

505  And I was spur sways {^ive} that night because she did agree to leaf but it was based on some conditions .

506  And id {a^} opportunity to speak with the [PHRAOERGS] and the others who were really concerned and one of them was that she might with the [PHRAOERGS] to discuss these concerns and that was around and we actually did pleat with the [PHRAOERGS] the infection day .

507  Doctoring that meeting [WAOEU] agreed that the city has {a^} whole would take {a^} look at what serfs {^s}{a^} what we're providing to families antic {^ly} women survivors of homicides and {^s that} the purposes of this tick hearing order .

508  But I think each of us should be thank full that we don't have {^ing to} threw this pain on {a^} daily bases there but for the grade of god go eye .

509  And .

510  I of our families have suffered losses like that .

511  And I think the city is in {a^} position to provide some services .

512  Not only on the stat [TKUS] of the hom [SAOEUS] investigate assuming {^s that} tinge in the case lode but also to taking {a^} look at how children are impact Ted by homicides in the [SEUB] and to the build on {a^} work on previous years collude {^ing} the great work done by Councilor [President|Pressley] and before we convenient {a^} number of hearings on the subject {^s}{a^} well .

513  {im^} looking forward to the package of this hearing order .

514  But {im^} also appealing to each and every {^ry} one of you to tin you're add Kass {^cy} for victims of hom homicides {,} and to keep up you're demonstrations of compassion for people who suffer this type of loss and ask the question {,} what can we do {^s}{a^} {a^} legs late {^ive} body and {^s}{a^} {a^} city government and spend [2] point [-7] billion{}dollars per year to provide some solace to these families who seem willing {^ly} have loss [-FRB] .

515  Thank you for allowing me to speak {a^} meow extra minutes on this marry Franklin and other victims of homicide deserve it .

516  [paragraph] Councilor [President|Pressley] [President|Pressley] [President|Pressley] press .

517  {^s}{a^} you all may recall .

518  In our lass meeting I reminded every {^ry} one that [WHAOER] in the {mid-^} {^s} of November [20] the to December [20] the .

519  Certainly {^ly} holiday cease son {a^} empty seat at the table these losses traffic and vile Lenz losses are mure pronounced and profound .

520  But those in the wake of the homicide those survivors live with that pain and sit in that {re^} Sid dual trauma fortress of there lives .

521  This is {a^} neighborhood {trans^} issue .

522  And even if there are neighborhoods that {dis^} [PRORS] pour {^ly} beer the front of this [PRAUPL] that a management of this is every {^ry} one's problem .

523  There's not {a^} any .

524  Vile lens by homicide .

525  I participate Ted in meetings in West Roxbury .

526  Ross {,} Charles Charles {,} south Boston .

527  We've .

528  I wort think efforts to sport families in the way wake of that trauma .

529  Collude {^ing} our own Boston puck lick [HELT] commission .

530  Mayor who would sent [20] [14] will not only talk about trauma but we'll treat it .

531  But .

532  I of those community based portions .

533  Piece institute and mothers for us {^ies} 'tis and equal {^ity} have la curriculum and parents love loss children to homicide .

534  And not the wives .

535  The sisters {,} pan if we really want to be response {^ible} here and effect {^ive} in [STKEPBLG] the tide of the vile {^liness} it's not intervention angst [PRAOE] [SEPBGS] it's about the after mat .

536  So in the same way that in [20] [10] this body con [SRAOEPBD] the first every flings only hearing {a^} familiarly voices hearing impact Ted pie homicide so we could listen and learn from them .

537  {a^} we'd [2] victor [REUS] from that .

538  We're still going throughout report to see Moore done but the first was {a^} brief .

539  Room established in the the {a^} Boston medical center and the second was to come and meet on {a^} monthly bases and we know that's Bess exclusion {^s} are {a^} for rum by those impact Ted so this is {a^} opportunity for us to do that and {en^} sure in our approach stem the died of [SHRAOEUL] lens and sport the sewer [SRAOEUFRS] [-FPLTS] {^s}{a^} you know {im^} be very Jen [TKPER] [SPES] {^iffic} and responsive programs and strat guys across the bored in {out^} development in the wake of trauma [STPR] [SPES] {^ic} vile vile or traffic trafficking .

540  So this is {^us} one other population and impact Ted group that I think we need to consider .

541  I thank Councilor Yancy to invite Ted [PHAOEUG] to partner hip .

542  Marry [TPRAEUPBG] [TPRAEUPBG] for making sure we do not for get her husband Mel {^ville} Vin because week talk in statistician ticks and [AEUTS] important to so {a^} face to those numbers that we so easily bandy about .

543  So I thank particular {^ry} [PWRAEUPBG] Flynn for you're husband but there are .

544  I am I marry [TPRAEUPBG] {^liness} so {^s that} really what this hearing order is about .

545  So I hope all of you will participate .

546  [linebreak] - Councilor LaMattina .

547  [paragraph] thank {,}you Mr. President Mr. President .

548  First I wasn't to commend Councilor Yancy and Councilor [KWR-PBS] [KWREPBS] and ask that my name being added .

549  [SKWRAOES] [30] something years ago when my Councilor sin Al was [PHUR] [TKERD] and my and you marry who lives in my marry {^'s} house on the first floor still suffers [30] years late ter [AFPBLT] [30] years ago she didn't have that sport .

550  And I remember the [SUFRLG] that my aunt went threw [30] something years old and still going threw {^ed to} .

551  Loss her only son {^s}{a^} she suffers .

552  And they do need add [KALGTS] .

553  They'd [*R] she'd know add [KATSZ] .

554  I know Councilor {^ular} similar Tet try to pass on legs {^ulation} where we would go to {a^} homicide sight and clean up {:} I still remember that day [WHEU] id to clean up my cows since {^'s} blood .

555  It was the worse day of my life .

556  My brother .

557  There was were know services around to do that for our families Tet .

558  So I hope when we've this hearing we could really look at that {ir^} shoe again .

559  Like I said .

560  It still haunts me that seen on August fist {,} [1-9] [-8] [1] {:} six six [SEUFPLT] if I five [KHELS] {^ity} street .

561  [linebreak] [linebreak] [linebreak] [STPHR-PBLGTSZ] [STHAOPBLGTSDZ] [ULTZ] [SHAOPBLGTS] [STHAOEUFRPLTSZ] [UFRPLTS] [WAOU] sake [TEUFRPLTS] [HUR] [PHEUR] [THAOEUBG] [PHREUFRPLT] [PHAOEUPLTS] [STHAOEURPLTS] [STHAOEUFRPLTS] [STKPWHRAEUFRPBLGTS] wants to recognize reminding me of {a^} [PHAUPL] tra [PHOPBS] {:} le [HREFRTS] to have and add my name and would [HRAO*F] to receive the focus of this effort put right at the Tet the incidents takes place when what happens when {a^} violent crime happens the homicide take .

562  And she dependent {a^} significant amount of time [KOEPBLG] threw [EFD] and then hours lawsuit ter when the please leaf and strict attorney .

563  Medical service {^is} leaf they cut the tape of crime [TAOEPBL] same and the familiarly now comes to that sight .

564  It could be on {a^} street corn [PHER] or home .

565  Its [AEUTS] not only the victim of homicides but those who take there own lives and familiarly members have to come in to {a^} frit {^ity} [TKPWRAOUS] some seen that Councilor LaMattina allow you'd [-FRPL] trauma response seer advice {^s} right out of the gait are {in^} valuable helping families start to particularly women survivors to deal with that so I again would like to have my name added and hope to are {^ress} correct the [SPHAUPL] tra response division and those thar not aware of this fell {under^} inspection {^inal} service {^es} because doctoring the hearing we [HRERPBDZ] that it's the home own [TPHERS] {^'s} insurance actually will pay for the service .

566  So there's {a^} direct reimburse .

567  To the city or city involved or allow those on sight to reach out not very capable services thar out there to engage them in at very early stage .

568  And it reminded me {a^} of meeting {a^} woman over the at pine street in {a^} for rum for the Councilor and I met with {a^} whom there that was walk ugh by every {^ry} day the sight where her son was [PHUR] [TKERD] .

569  [AFPBS] it was several weeks late ter and that sight you still saw dried up [PWHROD] and some of the {re^} [PHAEUPBGS] of the {&E.} [PH-FPLT] #M{.} response and they're ripping thinks out and pillage paper [PEUR] and tax and [WRAPL] {^%} and [HROEG] goes and the stuff is still sort of rolled up in the corn [PHER] where her son was slain {^s} and it was probably six or [-8] weeks late ter .

570  Thinks like that{.} being {in^} [EUPBL] long way and I it think Councilor lan lan [KWAPB] Councilor ap [-RPLTS] - [SATS] {^cate} {&I.} [paragraph] thank you {,}you Councilor particular familiar .

571  Please add Councilor [HRAEUP] plan [TKPHRAR] flame their [KHAEUP] [STPHAO] [linebreak] I wab to the thank Councilor Yancy for lead [TKER] ship in space and well {^s}{a^} Councilor [President|Pressley] [-FPLTS] hearing the voice of someone loss hurting and not judging {^s}{a^} .

572  I folks do .

573  I also want to thank Councilor LaMattina for sharing his personal story .

574  I think it's absolutely critical {^s}{a^} we've these conversation {^s} and we get {a^} big bundle of numbers and record [TKER] from the please [WEUS] great but there are people hind those individual numbers .

575  I think Councilor [THRAR] familiar {^'s} suggestion [ARPBDZ] what happens at crime scenes is critical .

576  We've seen several calls .

577  Who fix {^s} the door {,} cleans up the blood and all of the other thinks thar there but not only is there blood {^s}{a^} well {^s}{a^} broken doors {,} there are bloke {en^} hearts that we've to deal with also so the work that happens at the Boston public [HELT] commission and scaling that work up we know it's important for someone to be certificate [-FD] with some type of emergency help from the Boston public [HELT] commission in {a^} [-7] [2] hour time frame .

578  We know that even know [THO*E] lass we're we'd fifty tour less murder [TKERS] we'd [250] [4] shoot eggs so there are people [HOR] work walking [ARPBDZ] and they're wounds and and families are [WOUPB] {^ed} so it's critical that we're [THOUT] full around this .

579  And lass {^ly} and this play seem very simple to some folks and .

580  I parts of our city {,} we've {a^} vir actual grave [KWRARBD] in terms of [POELS] with teddy beers and candles [ARPBDZ] them .

581  And .

582  I people grief in that way and we've to work to meet them where they're at to help them learn how to grief because there loved once {^'s} life is not represented in the place that they day .

583  It's [THAOUL] {^ly} represented in how they live .

584  And one of the thinks we also should do is have some standard operating proceed dure what you do do with that stuff and it gets returned to families and lass {^ly} Mr. President Mr. President {under^} you're lead [TKER] ship I would love to have {^.^} Boston [PHRUB] lick [HELT] come in {^s}{a^} they've done in the pass and do {a^} training for all of us {,} we'll each regardless of what neighborhood we live in and what neighborhood we certificate of deal with this and part of families making this connection so we should also be trained in that first aid for folks so I think that's one [-FRT] thinks {^s}{a^} Councilor we should be part of .

585  But I want too thank the [2] {co-^} awe authorizes for [TKHR] lead [TKER] ship and la lot Moore we need to do to help put folks {^'s} lives and there families back [TKOGT] after incidents like this .

586  Thank you .

587  [paragraph] Councilor McCarthy .

588  I want to thank Councilor Yancy and Councilor [President|Pressley] .

589  To {a^} point that Councilor Jackson brought up is the {re^} [PHAOFG] of the member {^ial} an in {a^} very sol [TPHOPBL] way basic city services team [W-FPLT] we'd great strides in dog this working with the local reference church .

590  [PRAOES] temple swell the local [KR-FPLT] {.}is owe having [SPHER] moan any so {^s}{a^} we [PHAOF] ahead let's bring that piece into to docket number [1-8] [1-8] {^s}{a^} we [PHAOF] forward .

591  Thank you Councilor lack lick McCarthy .

592  [linebreak] [STKPWHR-FRPBLGTSDZ] [STKPWHR-FRPBLGTSZ] [STKPWHR-FRPBLGTSZ] hell [HRELT] women familiar familiar and [paragraph] [paragraph] [paragraph] [paragraph] at this time I would like to ask my colleagues to come into exec {^tive} session .

593  {^ive} {a^} few administrative matters I would like to share with you regarding going into the ends of the year .

594  This is {a^} you know [TPHAOEBG] situation where we've {a^} [2] year term for [President|Pressley] and I want tow clarify that stuff and {a^} come other matters .

595  It'll be about [15] minutes and we'll be right back to our normal session {:} {:} [paragraph] Councilor will be back in segue section {^s} .

596  Personnel orders .

597  [linebreak] [linebreak] [STKPWHR-FRPBLG] [paragraph] [paragraph] wipe [STOEUPLTS] [STHROEUFRPL] [STHRAOEUPLTS] anyone to [STPHAOEUFRPBLGTS] [KOUPBS] [SEUPBL] similar [AUS] {^s}{.} [STHOFPLTS] - Florida [1-8] [20] - [-FRPBLGS] [paragraph] [EUFRPLTS] [STKPWHROEU] - owe [EFRPL] - Ayes have it [APBTS] docket [1-8] [20] has passed [paragraph] docket [1-8] [-RPBLGTS] [2] [STKPWHREUFRPBLGTSZ] [paragraph] all owe [PHROES] {^ed} know .

598  .

599  Ayes have it [APBTS] docket [1-8] [1] [2] [1-8] has passed [paragraph] [1-8] [2] [2] [K-FRPBLGTSZ] and package ever [1-8] [2] [2] - all in favor a sigh .

600  .

601  Ayes have it [APBTS] docket [1-8] [2] [2] has passed [paragraph] docket [1-8] [23] - Councilor Linehan for [paragraph] Councilor McCarthy [PHAOFS] suss suspension of the rules {^age} dock package ever dock dork [1-8] [23-6R789S] {/} posed nigh .

602  Vice doctor it and docket [1-8] [23] is passed [paragraph] [1-8] [24] - Councilor [PHREUPB] Lynn for .

603  {^ic} had mick [TPOFRPLTS] are suss suspension of the rule [AUPBLG] package package .

604  [1-8] [234] [HRAULG] necessary - ice [SR-FRPLTS] [TOFRPLTS] flay the advice [TOFPLTS] docket [1-8] [24] has passed [paragraph] [paragraph] at this time I have been informed by the clerk that there's one late filed marry in the hands [-FRT] clerk objection will be added to today's agenda .

605  [paragraph] madam clerk you could please reed the [HRAEUL] filed marry .

606  [paragraph] in the sit city Councilor {,} orders of Councilor Jackson .

607  Order that rule [25] [H-FT] [24*] [20] [14] dash [20] [15] rules of the Boston city Councilor be suspend {^ed} to allow the committee on education to hold {a^} hearing on docket number [0] [-7] [1-89] on [TKAES] December [1-9] the [20] [14] twit this matter will be placed on file .

608  This was filed in the sit it {^ity} Councilor .

609  [paragraph] Councilor Jackson .

610  - thank {,}you so much .

611  {^s}{a^} I note Ted earlier .

612  Our session ends [OPBTS] [1-7] the so this is {a^} [KWAOEURPLD] for suss suss spends rule [25] and I'd like to suss spends and pass .

613  [S-FRPBLGTS] I want to {^us} take the time out to speak about the dedication of our staff here the {a^} the city Councilor .

614  [2-6] our staff members ker {^ry} {^s}{a^} well {^s}{a^} [WAUPB] were supposed to be on vacation that day .

615  And when they [TPOUPBDZ] out that you they'd this opportunity to have this hearing neither one of them [PWHREUPBGD] and they boat said that they would be here to staff this .

616  And Tet when allot of folks are pointing [TPEUPBG] [TKPWER] and people okay{.} service .

617  We've {a^} group of people in our central staff [HOR] willing to do extra when something is need {^ed} to be done .

618  They step forward {,} and they do right by our Councilor [APBTS] people of the [SEUB] .

619  I {^us} want to take the time to thank boat car car and [WAUPB] [WAUPB] but also to thank the public servants to certificate of in our central staff and do great work every {^ry} day .

620  [AEUPB] feel very [PHAOFD] that they would actual {^ly} take from there time and there families to come forward and actually do they so {im^} going to be asking for suss suspension and package note of {a^} preach {^iation} - [paragraph] do we need {a^} second on that{.} madam clerk clerk [paragraph] second .

621  So at this time Councilor Jackson questions suss suspension of the rules of Yule [25] and {a^} allowance suss spends to allow the committee to held {a^} [HOERPBG] docket [0] [-7] [1-7] [1-9] November know. - [THAOEUFPLTS] twit the marry will be placed on file .

622  [paragraph] all those in favor say Aye .

623  Nay .

624  [-FPLTS] advice have [TAPBTS] first late filed marry has pass {^ed} [paragraph] {?} [linebreak] {^fully} one wishing to {re^} [PHAOF] from the green sheets may do so at this time .

625  Page [3] of the green sheets .

626  Docket [0] [1] [-8] [0] for {a^} second reading .

627  [paragraph] [STKPWHR*FRPBLGTS] {^.^} marry was tabled by Councilor Yancy .

628  .

629  Councilor Yancy wants the marry to remain tabled so the marry will not go toward .

630  [paragraph] page [3] of [1-7] [OPBLT] green sheets .

631  [15] [-9] five .

632  [linebreak] sit sit visit affair [159] [59] [5] [5] .

633  - - message [EFRPLTS] authorities [STHAORTS] [STHAORPLTS] [STHAO] {FLUSH} [linebreak] [STKPHR] [linebreak] [SEUPLT] it toy I [STHRAOET] ways tone [PHRAOPB] {er^} Ma {,} tar referred {^ed to} committee on October [2] [2-7BD] {:} [linebreak] [linebreak] I [WOUTD] [PWROUD] this out not green sheets [EFRPLTS] purity {reen^} tan [SRED] {^erance} policemen {^ial} .

634  It's [4-67] thousand dollars [-8] hundred [4-67] thousand dollars [-8] [HAURPB] [4] to be [SPEPBTS] on .

635  I project [EBGTS] throughout the city .

636  I [HREUS] Ted them before fen way civic marry [SKRAOUP] bee route member {^ial} funds John hall mall in Charlestown .

637  Always always bright bright community development .

638  Stanley Bellevue neighborhood group in Dorchester .

639  Friends ever Ciommo park duds {^ly} street {in^} {^ish} {^tive} .

640  We did receive {a^} {^ler} from Vin [SREUF] [SREUF] lie owe the first assistance collect collect Treasurer Treasurer that explains why the purity purity reek reek vet vet member {^ial} was not on this dock [KET] .

641  Additional funds had already been {im^} accomplishment Ted for that and differently questions do not need prior {a^} [PRAOFL] so I would like [TPOF] this dock [KETD] pass {^ed} [paragraph] thank {,}you Councilor McCarthy .

642  [STKPWHRAFRPBLGTS] Yancy [-FPLTS] thank {,}you very much .

643  Mr. President Mr. President {^s}{a^} you know when this matter was first brought up I race {^ed} {a^} objection because it did not clue the purity purity [SREPBS] [SREPBS] member {^ial} .

644  {im^} vice chair of the brown funds and we did in fact approve this so I was [KERPBDZ] we were asked to vote on the marry that did not clue this appropriation that was approved you know you know {^ly} by the [PWROUPBD] funds .

645  {^s}{a^} Councilor McCarthy mention {^ed} we did receive {a^} [*EBG] {^ler} from the collector treasurer saying all of a sudden not necessary {^ry} for us {^s}{a^} {a^} body to appeal {a^} additional fifty thousand dollars for this purposes .

646  While {im^} not total {^ly} convince {^ed} this is the accurate receipt {^ing} for this matter I do {re^} certificate .

647  Of the right to bring this back to the body if this is necessary {^ry} to clean up [234EU] legal or bureaucrat tick {^ish} shoes that may [SKROUPBD] this because it's {a^} additional appropriation of fifty thousand dollars and my interpretation is that it should have been brought before us but I don't want to hold up any allocation {^s} that's brown fund collude {^ing} myself approved .

648  But I do ask that working with the add [PH-RGS] we get {a^} [PWER] clarification because in the pass we've come back with [SPHREUPLT] Tal appropriation that did in fact come back to the [STEUT] Councilor {,} and I {^us} have that institution {^inal} memory .

649  But for the sake of funds {^ing} those other organizations and have {a^} writ {en^} commit .

650  From the treasurer that's purity purity reek reek [SRETD] {^erance} member {^ial} funds will receive the additional fifty thousand {im^} asking that we go for the and sport this matter [TPHORP] and this recommendation .

651  [paragraph] madam clerk what is the number of that dock [KET] .

652  [paragraph] Councilor McCarthy [PHAOEFS] docket [15] [-9] five did{,} all those if favor say Aye .

653  All know {^es} {^ed} nigh .

654  [1-9] [59] [5] has passed [paragraph] any one else want to {re^} [PHAOF] anything from the green sheets .

655  Know .

656  There are [3] late filed [PHAEURS] on the Connolly agenda which in absence of the objection will be added to the Connolly {a^} Jen [TKAFPLT] seeing and hearing no objection the matters are so added .

657  The chair [PHAOFS] adoption of the {a^} Connolly {a^} Jen .

658  Ice restaurant Connolly agenda is adopt Ted .

659  [STKPWHR-FRPBLGTSZ] Councilor Baker for what {reen^} you do rise .

660  [paragraph] Baker you know you know consent to make {a^} statement please .

661  [paragraph] any objection {^s} .

662  [paragraph] you could - I rise {^ed to} I want to publicly thank my father {:} if people have anybody thar in recover {^ry} you know how diff it would be to get {a^} one Moore chip or medal {^ion} [THES] - he was always mister bake ker so it wasn't anon news for him .

663  He [AEULS] wore [HREUS] Inc. tension on his sleeve .

664  I [TWHAEUPBGT] [TOFPLT] {^es} not watching .

665  [paragraph] but {^ive} to do it for myself .

666  Fist {^ity} year medal {^ion} .

667  [SOEB] [PWER] fist {^ity} years back [paragraph] fifty year medal {^ion} .

668  Because of the choice that he maid fifty years ago we were able to have {a^} good life .

669  It was {a^} diff life .

670  We [TKR-PBT] have that{.} but it was {a^} good life .

671  {^us} {a^} funny fact .

672  They were supposed to give it to him last week .

673  It was stand {^ing} room only crowd .

674  So they're going to give it to him morning anytime .

675  Con grad {^ulation} {^s} jack .

676  [paragraph] you know you know con [EFRPLTS] - any objection [-FPLTS] - Florida are Florida [paragraph] [THAEUPG] {,}you Mr. President {Mr.-|}  I {^us} wants to remind .

677  Representatives from all the community [HELT] center .

678  There was {^ing} [25] community [HELT] he is ter {^ed to} to come to the peed peed room and give our colleagues up to date - center and talk about some [23450U] programming swells {a^} tinge of the great relationship they {en^} goy with this body .

679  Each of you can stop by anew mines ever our time {&I.} locate cam .

680  At large colleagues [THO] come in and find out what's {^'} happening in the pock [KETS] of the sit contain fur not able to make it United Kingdom sends one our truss [TEUD] staff members to commit to take notes and get comp some business cards .

681  Thank you Councilor Flaherty .

682  [STKPWHRAFRPBLGTS] [paragraph] [paragraph] it's ask all guests and members to lease rise {^s}{a^} the Councilor machine {:} memory of the following individual .

683  [paragraph] for Councilor Baker .

684  Rob Bert Kay hill .

685  Councilor Ciommo .

686  Marry El lain pew [TKPWATS] .

687  For Councilor Ciommo and Murphy .

688  Pat trick [SKWR-FPLT] hone [TPHAPB] .

689  Core Councilor LaMattina .

690  Cart [REUPB] Bart let .

691  Hewn [TPHRAOEPBL] but but [TKPWRAOEL] Lynn .

692  Stanley write .

693  Joseph la mure junior .

694  For [KOUPBS] Flaherty and Linehan .

695  Paul [W-FPLT] familiarity and Eileen [KR-FPLT] neigh [-L] .

696  For Councilor McCarthy .

697  And lay mange McCarthy .

698  [TEUPLS] {^'} aunt .

699  For Councilor O'Malley .

700  Cat [REUPB] bow [HEUPB] mick {in^} tire .

701  And Pete territory Ang .

702  And for Councilor Yancy .

703  Or deal la da vague ga .

704  Jack [KR-FPLT] crisp [KHRARD] junior .

705  And mar {^ion} Barry .

706  The mayor of Washington #M{.} [KR-FPLT] .

707  Please {a^} moment of [SAOEUL] lens .

708  [paragraph] and can we suss spends that moment of [SAOEUL] lens .

709  And I also want to conclude Samuel Perry and tam my arise .

710  Thank I {^}{,}{^} .

711  When the Councilor at [SKWRAOURPBS] {^ed to} it does so in memory of the {a^} for menace {^ed} individuals .

712  It's scheduled to meet against on Wednesday {,} December tent .

713  [20] [14] at [12] o'clock .

714  All those if favor say Aye .

715  Ayes have it {^ant} could be is to be adjourned STPH-FPLT STPH-FPLT
 {:} {:}

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