Saturday, December 20, 2014

cc12172014 formatted text City Council 12/17/2014 Public Meeting City of Boston

 Wednesday [TKAOEGS] December [1-7] .

2  Madam clerk you will please call {a^} role to ascertain the presence of a quorum [paragraph] Councilor Baker - here Councilor Jackson [paragraph] Mr. President Mr. President we do have a quorum .

3  [paragraph] I have been informed by the [KHRERPBG] [paragraph] I would ask at this time for all Councilor [KOUPBS] and guests to introduce today's [KHRERPBLG] [KHRERPBLG] .

4  Was invite Ted by Councilor Jackson and with Councilor Jackson out of the country it's my honor to introduce with us who we've today is Reverend [R-FPLT] Joshua [TPULT] [TPULT] who has been {a^} minister in the [SEUB] for the pass [20] years .

5  He first minutes [TERD] with teen [KHAL] [KHAL] ins [TREUS] {dis^} enhance [KHAOEUS] {^ed} by drugs and alcohol .

6  He and his wife [SEUPBT] {^a} have seen .

7  I lives change in there minute industrious and they're hon in order to certificate of the zit [SEUB] .

8  For the pass [3] years he has certificate [-FD] {^s}{a^} one of the association yacht pass [TORS] of jubilee [KHEUGS] church .

9  Where {^es} {a^} {^tive} member in men's ministry in men [TORG] young men .

10  Else mar reed and they're the [PROUT] parents of [2] children eddy and remember Becca .

11  Referent Josh Josh full full .

12  Before we go ton [TPHRORPBLG] present present I'd like to first welcome back after {a^} very mow men [TUS] {/} {^ication} {,} our colleague Councilor [PHEURB] [PHEURB] [WAOU] who we {a^} [KWROUPBS] {&u} announce {^ed} last week had {a^} beautiful baby boy .

13  [paragraph] and Connor I know you're watching outs from so awe want to see the baby here in the [KHEUPL] [KHAEUPL] before the meetings over .

14  Mother .

15  [linebreak] [linebreak] we've [1-8] the great terse from the marry mines pilot high school in Brighton .

16  [STKPWHR*FRPBLGTS] although we've {a^} abundance of toys up here I'd like to ask {--} they've nothing to do with me .

17  {im^} not San da clause but maybe Councilor make Baker nose who {^s} .

18  So I ask Councilor Baker to come up and make {a^} presentation [STKPWHREFRPBLGTS] good morning [-FRB] .

19  Even if you see {a^} toy they're not for you .

20  They're for my friend Kai {a^} .

21  Kai {a^} I have been friends with Kai {a^} for [3] years now .

22  She was in [TUFRTS] peed peed can meme {hemo^} cancer sender back in [2] thousand [1] [1-6789] she wanna Ted to give something back to the kids who of that {^ing to} [THRAO] for treatment so this is {a^} very {a^} toy {en^} drives and don't necessarily see where the [TKOEUS] go so die Kai actually wanna Ted to do {a^} toy drive and bring them into where she was receiving treatment {:} {:} {:} and like I said [TH-SZ] Kai {a^} forty year dog this toy drive .

23  We're going {^ing to} Monday .

24  Ten Monday the [2] [2] and to the Tufts peed trick {hemo^} {hemo^} cancer center .

25  It's {a^} pretty {^ity} mum {^ling} experience .

26  And Kai Kai is here with her grant mother Jude did I implement not sure where Jude did I is and her niece also .

27  Kai {a^} .

28  .

29  [paragraph] [paragraph] add after noon every {^ly} one .

30  I would like to say thank you to the other city coupon [SHRORS] for helping with the [20] [14] Kai I could rose toy drive my friends at Tufts peed cancer {^er it} center .

31  So happen if I .

32  Happy who will date cease son to our familiarly from me and mine .

33  [paragraph] again {,} mats {^'} Monday at tin amount of [PH-FPLT] at the Tufts peed at trick hemotoma .

34  [paragraph] Ma center .

35  [paragraph] congratulations to Kai Kai and we all thank her for pulling this together for those [HOR] not at home this cease son .

36  [paragraph] [paragraph] at this time I would like to ask Councilor Yancy to come forward for {a^} brief [PREPBGTS] Yancy [KWRAPBLGS] thank you [SHREFP] Mr. President Mr. President .

37  I would like [2] of my friends to join me at this time .

38  Marge [TKPWREU] clap road and [KHEUS] spin sole la .

39  You you could come to the podium [paragraph] now Chris is still {a^} young man but {^ive} id the opportunity of spends {^ing} time on sat sat .

40  Doctoring the Dell [PWRAEUGS] of his six yet birthday and tat I promise {^ed} him that's [STEUT] Councilor also tyke cog sanity of that great day and even though I red the citation from our ill [HRUS] try us mayor {,} there's {a^} separation between the exec {^tive} and legs late {^ive} bran .

41  .

42  We took care of the exec {^tive} but now we've to do the legs {^ulation} {^tive} body of the government - I would like to reed the resolution passed lass Wednesday in order of Chris spin sole la .

43  Whereas {,} Chris spin spin the founder C.E. okay{.} of and on this any spin spin foundation {co-^} own {^ener} and imagine {er^} of Christine [TPHAS] {^'s} function and partner of clap Pa sole la clap road at this time celebrates his six yet [PWOEURT] day and whereas mister [SPEPB] [SPEPB] in partnership with his well liked wife Marge Marge clap clap .

44  Well loved .

45  Here is the I could con received one of the mows try um [TPRAPBT] consult {^ing} [PEURPBLS] not {^ination} private Corp. [RALT] and none [PROEUFT] clients of any size and whereas mister spin spin [TPOUPBDZ] {^ed} the and on this any spin spin foundation in [1-9] [-8] [-6] in memory of his late fair and on this any spin spin {a^} [STKEL] [PWRAEUT] Ted food and wine crit tick who red let's seat out col [HRUPL] [PW-RT] Boston [KHROEB] from [-69] to [-8] [4] and whereas mister spin spin {^'s} beloved mother dor think {ka^} cat spin spin followed the untimely debt of her [HRUS] in [1-9] [-8] [-6] established spins spins {a^} popular {^ress} rant in [TPRAEUPBLG] ham mats choose and whereas mister spin spin food and fine of [2] [2] years attracting over five thousand guests [130] [SR-FPLT] {&I.} [P-FPLT] celeb {^ity} chefs [130] Venn [TKORS] from around the globe to race million{}dollars for hung [TKPWER] relieve and home less necessary programs throughout knew Inc. land .

46  Thereby be it therefore {re^} solid solved they're the proud grandparent of six .

47  Be it therefore resolved that's Boston at this time city Councilor in meeting assembled con grad [HRAEUTS] Chris spin [STPEUPB] is for his multiple I years of {en^} tra paren newer ship in the food industry and [THAOU] {&a-} of racing million{}dollars for those [HOR] in need of food and shelter ter collude {^ing} this and [TPHAUL] sponsorship of the sports menace {^'s} ten inhibition club in strict [4] and for his commit .

48  For providing cull nar {^ry} similar slip for those interested in the food industry and therefore be it {a^} {re^} sol .

49  Sat sat December [13] the [2] thousand [14] {^s}{a^} Chris [TPER] spin sole la day in the [SEUB] .

50  [paragraph] [paragraph] spin spin thank thank you thank you .

51  Sat sat was but I thank you to the Councilor and thank you to the chamber and thank you to our [TKWEURBD] guests .

52  Councilor Yancy thank you very much and therefore thank you for being there sat Satan mister mayor {^s}{a^} well .

53  Once ill keep it very brief I was once at award [THAEUPBGD] his wife for bring {^ing} order to the chaos of his life .

54  [paragraph] bring {^ing} choy {^os} to the order of my life .

55  But {im^} {a^} very lucky man .

56  .

57  I of you know Marge {^ly} {a^} bone marrow transplant survivor since [2] thousand [-7] .

58  Happy and [HELT] think [STKPWHR*FRPBLGTS] entirely possible six grants kinds from [20] to [-78] and we're very very proud of what we've done in the city Of [TOBGT] and what we'll tin to do hopeful {^ly} in the years to come .

59  I would like to {in^} vied you're [SKHRAOEGS] to come up for familiarly [TPOET] tow .

60  {:} recess {:} [paragraph] [paragraph] congratulations Chris and Marge Marge and thank {,}you Councilor Yancy for that presents {^tation} .

61  [paragraph] [PROEPBGS] presentation presentation prevention prevention prevention [paragraph] if there are know correction {^ing} {^s} to be maid the minutes of lass weeks {^'} meeting will stand approved .

62  Seeing and hearing no objections the minutes are so approved .

63  [paragraph] mad clerk clerk clerk clerk [KPHRERBG] message authority {^ing} the [PHRAOEPT] [PHREPT] to accept [2] complete maritime automatic identification system and one {trans^} pond [TKER] to being provided by mass port to the mass please chair recognize {^s} the chair of the committee on public safety {^ity} Councilor Murphy [paragraph] where this is the final meeting of the [20] [14] and the total does of this donation is of mass sport is {under^} [3] [3] thousand dollars I would like to [PHAOF] suss suspension of the rules {^age} package ever docket [1-9] [15] at this time .

64  [linebreak] [linebreak] [12K3W4RU6R7B8G9SZ] [PHAOFS] suss suspension of the [RAOULTS] {^age} docket [1-9] [5] all in favor say Aye .

65  The [SAOEUS] have it {^ant} docket [1-9] [15] has passed [paragraph] madam clerk clerk report of public [OFTS] {^*ers} and others .

66  [paragraph] okay dock number [1-9] [1-6] notice was .

67  July [PWAOUR] [PWAOUR] at the arts commissioner of the office of arts and culture .

68  [paragraph] being to dock [1-9] [1-6] welcome placed on file [paragraph] dock number [1-9] [1-7] notice was received from the mayor of the appointment of keen keen sax on {^s}{a^} the commissioner of license {^ing} bored .

69  [paragraph] dock [1-9] [1-7] will be placed on file [paragraph] docket lease lease Mac Mac {^s}{a^} {a^} commission {fore^} of the [paragraph] [paragraph] docket number sun [1-9] [1-9] communication was received from mass port regarding Boston [HROEG] began {inter^} {inter^} airport [20] [12] [20] [13] {en^} ten data report [20] [12] slash [13] [TKEFPLT] #M{.} will{.} file number [3] [2] [4] [-7] .

70  [paragraph] docket [1-9] [1-9] will be placed on file [paragraph] docket [1-9] [20] notice was received from the sit I clerk in [AORD] with of chapter [-6] the [ORPBDZ] [ORPBDZ] [ORPBDZ] of [1-9] [1-7] - [20] [14] - docket in [1-9] [20] will be placed on file [paragraph] [12K3W4RE6R7B8G9S] order for hearing regards {^ing} push cart Venn [TKORS] in fan fan hallmark [KET] place economic economic [TKEFPLT] planning and labor Councilor labor la [TPOPB] [15] [230] [paragraph] thank you {,} Mr. President Mr. President on Monday December [15] hour committee held {a^} hearing on docket [15] [30] on [PEURB] cart Venn [TKORS] in [TPHAPB] fan hallmark mark place [SPWHR-FRPBLGTS] {^ish} shoes that we received particularly from the push cart [SREB] [TKORS] that were there [SKATS] kin did I corporation ill have it right one day .

71  They've knew plans for fan fan hallmark [KET] place but the concerns tat were the push carts .

72  They were left out on limb bee in regard to whether they were be going to be able to return to [TPAPBL] Yule hall .

73  I think the main problem they'd was there was know communication between the imagine .

74  And push cart Venn [TKORS] but we were told that push carts will remain .

75  Right now there are [56] push carts and I [PWHRAOEFRP] there final plan there are [3] that'll know long [TKPWER] be there because of some {^ish} [SHAOUPS] in regards Tom something in fan fan hall and {e^} gall .

76  There were [2] Venn [TKORS] that were evict Ted .

77  One vendor who paid all his rent was on time was evict Ted because they wanna Ted to youse his space for {a^} elevator shaft so he has [2] businesses there and now he only has one and it's business is El mark Tino .

78  I think we need to work with him see if week get him another place {^ments} there .

79  We also [TPOUPBDZ] out that there's [-7] [50] thousand dollars in arrears with [40] {^%} of the retail [HRERS] are response {^ible} for that .

80  So we heard at the hearing that maybe [350] was king fish loss know long [TKPWER] at that location .

81  {a^} concern we'd was allot of these Venn [TKORS] working there without {a^} lease and that real I concerns us so [THRAS] {a^} issue that we wants to address .

82  Particularly those working without {a^} lease {trans^} parent {^cy} and making sure that's Venn [TKORS] and merchants that they know what's {^'} going on doctoring -- with there plans .

83  So we recessed the hearing and we'll have another meeting with them to discuss it .

84  [STKPWHR-FRPLTS] [STKPWHR-FRPLGTSZ] Councilor will be back in session .

85  [paragraph] thank you Mr. President Mr. President .

86  At this time I would like to table this matter until infection year so week have another meeting so the [PHER] [PHER] and the push carts at pan fan Mark place .

87  [paragraph] thank you {,}you Councilor LaMattina - Councilor Murphy - [linebreak] Murphy first I would like to thank Councilor LaMattina {a^} [SPAOET] I go hearing on this {^s}{a^} we were racing against the clock for the business of this year and {im^} happy {^es} table bling the marry .

88  I belief that needs {^ing to} to {a^} date certain not {^us} to infection year but {^s that} {a^} particle particle issue that's clerk and you [-L] address Mr. President Mr. President [-FPLTS] we've {a^} [HELT] think hearing .

89  Had {a^} [HELT] think hearing on Monday {,} and I want to thank Councilor Florida familiar for joining me in the offering of the hearing order .

90  The lass think we wanna Ted to see and we'd heard throughout grape fine that boss tons {^'s} fan fan mark [KET] place which kind of start Ted {a^} trend around the world of successful mark [KETS] places was about to be man hat [TPHAPB] nice {^ed} by ash can [TPHAS] {^cy} of no{,} no{,} .

91  We found out in yesterday at the money lick hearing working [W-TS] Venn [TKORS] and the push carts [APBTS] other Venn [TKORS] {^s}{a^} they try to {re^} model and {re^} purposes part of the mark [KET] place .

92  And I [THOUT] it was {a^} [HELT] think exchange and {im^} thank full that Councilor LaMattina is pushing it over into the knew year to keep our [TPEUPBG] [TKPWER] on the pulse of what's {^'} going on infection door .

93  Thank you {,} Mr. President Mr. President .

94  [paragraph] thank you {,} Councilor Murphy .

95  [paragraph] [STKPWHR-FRPBLGTSZ] thank you {,}you Councilor mar Murphy on that marry .

96  Prior to taking {a^} vote to table the marry .

97  I {^us} want to clarify that's sit sit Councilor [President|Pressley] departments on tabled mass has not been {^s}{a^} you articulate Ted and we're looking at other legs late {^ive} organization {^s to} see what they do and we'll propose anew rule infection year that we would need {a^} [2] [THEURDZ] vote {a^} [PRAOFL] from [PHAOFG] forward so that it's clear to all members of the body {,} you've to do {a^} [SPES] {^iffic} process to do it and pull it out and we'll visit that in the second meeting of the [20] [15] calendar .

98  Soy at this time Councilor LaMattina proposes to table marry [15] [30] .

99  All those in favor say Aye .

100  All Poe {^es} {^ed} nigh do docket [15] [30] has been tabled .

101  [linebreak] [STKPWHR-FRPBLGTSZ] how was that madam clerk - you said {ex-^} [HREPBTSZ] [paragraph] [1-8] [4-6] .

102  Madam clerk .

103  [paragraph] docket number [14-8] [40] knowledge authority {^ing} the [SEUBT] to accept and expends funds in the amount of [3] multiple thousand dollars from the Boston foundation for appeared of January first [20] [15] threw December [3] [1] [20] [1-7] the purposes ever building to sport enhanced {anti^} vit little lens pleasure [SHAOURS] - Boston foundation {^is} street safe Boston program ends - street workers program [paragraph] healthy familiar women women familiar familiar and communities Ayanna [President|Pressley] [linebreak] [linebreak] I want to thank Ron for providing pack [KETS] of dee tails if this order is to pass and I recommends that does provided that happens how it's spent .

104  Vile lens reduction is {a^} pry or {^ity} of his in that this is {a^} marry impacting every {^ry} neighborhood and effect {^ing} our city {,} and you know what we real {^alize} is that the universe of people thar wreak {^ing} this half [SROPBLG] .

105  {a^} [3] to five hundred high impact {/} fen [TKERS] in full {dis^} [KHROERB] sure coal Lynn Harris is the program imagine {er^} of street safe Boston and you want to state this for the record .

106  And this is the brain [TPAO*EULD] [WHAOEULD] of brotherly lured rob Bert lose for having the vision and will to [THUT] put this forward innovative approach to intervention of our mows vile vile offense [TKERS] and {im^} high impact present .

107  Prevention but in my [STEUPLGTS] not enough is focus {^ed} on critical intervention [-FPLTS] we shunt give up on any one .

108  [WAEUPBT] ton commend mayor {^ual} punish for his commit .

109  And dog so not allowing street safe Boston to die on the vine .

110  Street safe Boston will now be part [TPHERG] with our street safe program and this is the Bess way to get at those at risk {a^} [PRAOFPB] and high risk {out^} and young adults .

111  I want to underscore the young amount of focus {^ed} on [1-6] to [24] .

112  Connect {^ing} in the services and again intervention never giving up on any one and making sure we're being [KEBG] {^ing} them to opportunity and to {a^} [HREUPBLG] it mat life .

113  And we've seen the street [SAOEUF] Boston boss to be is different one one met tricks and value you tools so I want to commends mayor {^ual} {,} and chief {a^} Arroyo to .

114  So that week have {a^} multi agent see is the {^ity} [WAOEUDZ] [KPRAOEUPL] hypertensive {a^} [PROERB] to reduce vile lens in our city .

115  And so with that I would {en^} courage all of you to peruse the pack [KET] .

116  Against the age range will focus on pages [1-6] to [24] and focus {^ing} on some [40] [HRAEUPBLGS] in the sit zit [SEUB] to to five hundred people .

117  And {^ive} {&u} {im^} hopeful to what this inhibit [SHRAEUFT] great ter he piece to our neighborhoods and our great city and I recommend that's order out to pass .

118  Thank you {,} {^}troke [TKPWHR-FRPBLTS] [paragraph] thank {,}you Councilor [President|Pressley] {:} {&.v} .

119  All opposed know .

120  .

121  Docket [1-8] [4-6] has been passed [12K3W4R-6R7B8G9S] [STKPWHREFRPBLGTS] [0] [3] [2-6] [2] and [3-6] [3] [paragraph] order to hearing to review {^.^} fiscal year [20] [13] [AUD] [TEUD] financial statements and docket [0] [3-6] [3] fiscal year [20] [14] budget .

122  [linebreak] [linebreak] thank {,}you very much {,} Mr. President Mr. President .

123  {^s}{a^} you know .

124  I am I [TPHOPBTS] ago awe [THAET] {&I.} .

125  Quite {a^} gifts .

126  [paragraph] and because you assigned me that response {^ibility} we conduct Ted {a^} his tour Rick number of pose audit hearings {^s} in these chambers we reviewed the operation of the city government for [2] fiscal years [20] [13] and [20] [14] .

127  We'd hearings [SROLG] department heads from property and con instruction imagine .

128  To Boston public works department add [PH-RGS] and finance .

129  Boston certain terse for youth and families .

130  Pos ton public schools .

131  Boston transportation department .

132  Boston public [HRAOEUBS] [HRAOEUBS] .

133  Boston please department law department inspection {^inal} services {,} human man {re^} source {^s} .

134  [SPUB] lick hilt commission and government Tal relations {,} human man {re^} source {^s} {,} again .

135  [PR-FPG] {,} {ex-^} execution of courts you know youth engage .

136  {ab^} employment .

137  Parks and cemetery {^ry} departments .

138  Office of neighborhood services {,} finance audit ding and budge Tet .

139  Assess [-L] {^ing} .

140  Department defendant of neighborhood development .

141  Fire departments {,} innocent serration and tech normal [TKPWEUFPLT] vet rants affairs office .

142  Office of tower {im^} .

143  Election department .

144  Boston redevelop .

145  Authority and {&E.} #M{.} {&I.} [KREUFPLT] and finally our lass hearing was actually conduct Ted in these [KHAEUPLS] percent yet {extra^} December [1-6] .

146  [20] thousand [14] .

147  [2] thousand .

148  That covers Moore than [-9] [0] {^%} of the sit tilts {^'s} budget .

149  Hearings focus {^ed} on the actual [PEFPL] [PHAPBS] of these departments not {^us} the financial [PEFPL] [PHAPBS] but we looked at there key [PEFPL] [PHAPBS] {^cate} [TORS] to determine how close those departments fulfill the commitments at the we maid to this body when the budget were {im^} [PRAOFD] .

150  We saw .

151  I success store [REUS] within those departments .

152  Some chapel lengths {,} of course remain .

153  On the financial ends {,} Mr. President Mr. President .

154  The brake {^ing} news this after noon is that's city is going to report {a^} budget spur plus for fiscal year [240] [14] and that surplus is going to be [-9] point [4] point [-7] million{}dollars [APBL] that surplus was achieved even though the city did not draw upon its free cash .

155  We did not draw {a^} upon the [40] [PH-LGDZ] [TPORTS] owe [PEB] and the {a^} association for the parking truss fund so in {a^} very real sense the surplus was well in excess of [*6] [0] million{}dollars but owe [TP-RBL] {^ly} it was report Ted at [-9] point [-78] [WEUS] higher [THAPBTS] surplus of [2] thousand [13] of [-8] point [2] million{}dollars .

156  {^s}{a^} you know {,} Mr. President Mr. President .

157  We stud deed refer {^ry} [HRAO*EUFR] line of each of these departments and we discern quite {a^} bit of information .

158  [UFRL] {^ly} we did not receive the information neat Ted to complete the review of the [K-RTS] [WEUS] {a^} very {ex-^} [HAUS] {^ive} process .

159  And we do not receive the final numbers for [2] thousand [14] .

160  Who but we did have information on personnel and I would like to review that very briefly right now .

161  We like at all of the sit 'tis {^'s} employees {^s}{a^} of December [3] [1] {^s} [2] thousand [13] .

162  Right in the middle of fiscal year [2] thousand [14] [-FPLTS] we looked at residency race and salaries {,} and what was revealed by that snapshot {,} Mr. President Mr. President .

163  Is that's [SEUB] spend [ROUFL] {^ly} [-7] hundred and [-8] million{}dollars of the salaries for city residents {,} the city spent [4] hundred and [2-6] million{}dollars to none resident employees of the [SEUB] .

164  And {im^} not suggesting for {a^} moment that any one who works in the [SEUB] {^s}{a^} anon residents is dog so illegally .

165  There are provisions {^s}{a^} every {^ry} one nose that none residents are aloud to work .

166  I want point it out to our colleagues that that result Ted actually close to [4] hundred and [2-6] million{}dollars going out side the sit did I to none residents .

167  I also discern that there still remains significant racial {dis^} par 'tis in terms of the sit 'tis {^'s} salaries .

168  {^s}{a^} we all now whites rep [4-7] {^%} of the sit 'tis {^'s} population but received [-6] [1] {^%} of the total salaries .

169  Which means that people of color rep fifty [3] {^%} of the sit 'tis {^'s} population receive [3-9] {^%} of the sit 'tis {^'s} salaries .

170  I also took {a^} look at average salaries and ill be very [SPWRAOEF] {,} Mr. President Mr. President .

171  Amount of average salaries for the [SEUB] {^s}{a^} of that date {,} [12] {,} [3] [1] {,} [2] thousand [13] bass [-6] [0] thousand [4] [HUPBDZ] .

172  The ample salary for white employees was [-68] thousand [1] [HUPBDZ] and average salary for lat Tino employees was fifty thousand [-8] [HUPBDZ] {,} the figure for after can't American was averaged fifty [2] thousand and the average salary for arable place was [-6] [0] to [240] [2] {un^} - - towards the per [TAPBLGS] that {trans^} [HRAEUTS] to [AEURB] ins earning [-8] [-8] point [-7] {^%} of the white employees .

173  Lat Tino [-7] [4] point [-7] {^%} of white employees [-FPLTS] after can't [PH*ERPBLGS] Americans [-7] [-6] point [3] .

174  You may want to no know what the relevant is for mail and females .

175  Was [-6] five thousand [-8] [HUPBDZ] .

176  The average female salary was [56] thousand [-9] [HUPBDZ] .

177  {^ive} additional brake down in terms of Sal [TREUS] but I know where we go threw every {^ry} ways and means committee meeting .

178  At lease for my pass [3] [1] years .

179  I race this issue with everyone {&e} every {^ry} department head in terms of looking at [REPBGS] of people of color and women in there department {,} and I do that for {a^} purposes .

180  And the purposes is that every {^ry} [PHAEUFR] {,} the lease from ray Flynn to the Tom men men to the [TKURPBT] mayor {^ual} {,} says we've {a^} poll did I {^s is} well {^s}{a^} the city Councilor that every {^ry} department to the {ex-^} [TEPBTS] possible {re^} fleck the make up of the [SEUB] .

181  And the under representation of people of color and the {dis^} par 'tis between income of mail and female {^s}{a^} {a^} direct impact on every {^ry} community in the [SEUB] .

182  And know community should feel left out .

183  And every {^ry} community has to pay taxes and they should also pi share the benefits of the employment of [K-RTS] .

184  And what {^ive} discovered conferring the pass [12] [PHOPBTS] of reviewing the department is we've making progress [TKPWRES] {^ed} .

185  Base [OPBDZ] themes numbers on an {a^} an to on and several other stat 'tis ticks but I won't .

186  We stale have along way {^ing to} .

187  Thank you again for allowing me the opportunity to it allowing me to chair the pose aught [TKEUT] and over sight community .

188  The add [PH-RGS] is business {^cy} closing out fiscal year [2] thousand [14] .

189  [UFRL] {^ly} we do not have the financial statements this year and we do not have the information [OPBTS] [K-RTS] {^s}{a^} [KWRELT] .

190  {^ive} Moore than {a^} enough information to share with each {ab^} every {^ry} one of you in terms of the financial status of the [SEUB] but I want to give the add {&m} {a^} come of days {^s}{a^} they need to give us the close out numbers for fiscal year [2] thousand [14] .

191  With that said I would like to table these [2] docket until which time we dote that information whee thence {^ive} report .

192  Thank you so much {,} Mr. President for the opportunity at this time to discuss the work of the pose audit and over sight committee and thank each of my colleagues for there sport and that par 'tis anticipation even if you watched it on {.}it [SR-FPLT] I {a^} appreciate you're this is {a^} very important function of city government and I would like to thank {^cate} Sullivan and daisy {,} and the other members of the central staff and my staff for all there work and I want to thank particularly every {^ry} department head in city government .

193  It's major inconvenient for think any of [THES] them to come to these chambers for any marry over side response [SEUPBLT] of the Boston city Councilor .

194  There's know question they're going to show up where they're asking us to approve the budget .

195  Knew experience with some of the members of the add [PH-RGS] to account for the actual operation of there departments financially and level lice .

196  Coop {^tive} so I thank mayor {^ual} {,} .

197  I thank the lace son to the city Of Councilor James been {a^} challenging time dealing with this .

198  So I want to at this time close and {^us} [PHAOF] that we table these [2] mothers [paragraph] thank you [KORBGS] Councilor Yancy .

199  Thank you {,} for the effort because it was {a^} knee norm muss effort on you're bee half for all of us and the [SEUB] .

200  Thank you for the information .

201  And that you went over the time clearly [THRAEU] think has {^us} evaporate Ted people {^us} take the time they need and I think is possible {&e} appeal mows of the time .

202  So you're efforts -- and I thank the add [PH-RGS] for there cooperation [ORPB] bee half of the Councilor .

203  [-FPLTS] Councilor Murphy .

204  [STKPWHRAFRPLGTS] thank {,}you Mr. President {Mr.-|}  I {^us} had {a^} question to the chair .

205  Did you take into account seniority of city employees when tack [TORG] in loss gets {^ing} paid what because mows green {^ion} pay scales have to do with long [TKPWEF] {^ity} and it has to do with the disparity of the chair .

206  Pose sought at this time and {im^} {^us} won [TKERG] if that was collude {^ed} in you're assess {&t-} .

207  [paragraph] thank you {,} for that{.} Councilor man .

208  Councilor Yancy .

209  [paragraph] Yancy before you do that {,} make sure that that information [THAUF] [THAUR] arctic calculate {^ing} here {^ed to} that you seventh send out to all members of the Councilor .

210  [PHAOF] on to the first of all I want to thank Councilor Murphy for that question .

211  I did not control for [HAOEURG] date and for senior if I or union membership {^ive} mere department by department pace {^s} but let me assure you of one think .

212  I did sort by beginning time in city government and I still {dis^} he certain significant {dis^} par 'tis .

213  There have been employees [HOFB] {hydro^} in the [1-9] [-7] [0] {^'s} [HOR] [ROUFL] {^ly} at the same position revel {^tive} to other members of the staff .

214  So seniority does play {a^} role .

215  I agree with you on that{.} but you'll be priced how purchaser sis sent some of these {dis^} par 'tis are .

216  [paragraph] thank {,}you Councilor Yancy .

217  [paragraph] Councilor Yancy [PHAOFS] that dock [KET] [0] [3] [2-6] [2] be tabled .

218  All those in favor say Aye .

219  All owe mows {^ed} nay .

220  [-6789] ice center it apt docket [0] [3] [-6] [2] has been tabled .

221  [STKPWHR-PB] {on^} Councilor Yancy [PHAOFS] that docket [0] [3-6] [3] will be tabled .

222  All those if [TAEUFR] say Aye .

223  All owe mows {^ed} nay .

224  Ayes have tan [0] [3-6] [3] will be tabled .

225  [STKPWHR-P] madam clerk [-FPLTS] [paragraph] do dock [1-8] [14-6] forever .

226  Does of living add {^us} .

227  Cola for retire Reese and racing base amount .

228  [STKPWR*FRPBLGTS] [paragraph] let me first thank you and .

229  Chive response sore of the hearing order Councilor Murphy for response [SORG] there order hoo hearing order [OPBTS] committee of Ways and Means [HELT] lass Monday .

230  It opened up the opportunity for the city Councilor at well {^s}{a^} members of the retire Reese to voice there concern in advance of evaluation it'll be determined in January {,} and the recommendation {^s} vote Ted on by the rye [TAOEURPLT] bored .

231  We'd .

232  Given by Tim submit {,} the [EBG] [EBG] {^tive} office {er^} of the retirement swell Jonathan Luke cuss loss the [KR-FPLT] [TP-FPLT] okay{.} of the Boston system .

233  It was {a^} very informative hearing and hopeful {^ly} instruct {^tive} to the time and bored going forward .

234  So with that I [SRAOELD] yield .

235  Thank you .

236  [paragraph] Councilor Murphy you've the floor .

237  Murphy [PHUR] thank {,}you Mr. President Mr. President .

238  I want to thank the chair Councilor Ciommo for fitting that hearing in before the ends [-FRT] year and I want to thank all my colleague for participating .

239  [2] years ago the [SEUB] [TWELS] {&e} swells other sit 'tis became {un^} the provision [-LGS] I belief [T-FPS] chapter [1-8] [-8] will allow {a^} retirement bored to {inter^} [KREPLT] tally race the cola base for retired employees and tat I {^s}{a^} avoid member of the body and {^s}{a^} president president went to the retirement bored hearing and testified that because of the coal coal base had not been increased for [15] years it should go to [12] [THOEU] to [15] thousand dollars {^s}{a^} the knew cola base .

240  The retirement bored reject Ted my plea and {im^} accomplishment Ted {a^} {in^} create from [12] thousand to [13] thousand dollars tat .

241  Which accounts for [30DZ] per year for each retire {re^} .

242  Or if you brake it down to {a^} weekly function about [57] [SEPBTS] {a^} week .

243  .

244  {a^} come minutes ago we heard our good chair of pose audit announce that's city is going to announce {^ed to} {a^} 99 point [4] [-7] billion{}dollars surplus .

245  Part of that surplus is on the backs of these retire Reese [-FPLTS] it would does [3] million{}dollars we [HRERPBDZ] yesterday to race the cola by another {^%} and up to [-9] million{}dollars to race [1-6] thousand .

246  These are the folks that we took away is the {^ity} of Boston [HELT] care and had them go on medicine [KAEUDZ] {a^} come years ago and [SAEUFD] the city about [30] thousand dollars {a^} year in [HELTS] care cost items .

247  I know we're wore reed about numbers .

248  Yesterday in this chamber we saw the lives hind those numbers and people love certificate [-FD] honorable {^ably} and [TKAOEPBTS] {^ly} [TPORTS] city for {a^} number of years given there Bess over the cross disciplines please fire teach [KERS] [HRAOEUB] [HRAOEUB] whatever they gave this city the Bess for there career and the long [TKPWER] they live the closer to the [POF] vert {^ity} line they become .

249  And I think it's {a^} morale right of ours or [PHAORL] objective of ours to see that those folks are [KOUT] up in the safety {^ity} [THET] they're caught up and since it they're our employees .

250  And that's why {,} Mr. President {,} I would like to table this matter to core {^ry} it over because [WAOEU] heard from the retirement bored they're doing {^ing} there evaluation and wouldn't have it complete Ted until January .

251  And it was {a^} good excise for this body to have that hearing and get it all out on the record prior to set the table for whatever the set something going to be {&a} and I do belief the add [PH-RGS] is looking favorably on this .

252  I think it would be important to tin the dialogue into the knew year {^s}{a^} the numbers get firmed up if enough of us feel like I do {,} that this is {a^} pry or {^ity} or should be {,} that it should be collude in the [20] [1-6] budget .

253  Thank you {,} Mr. President .

254  [STKPWHR*FRPBLGTS] thank {,}you Councilor Murphy .

255  [paragraph] coupon Murphy would like to [PHAOF] that marry [1-8] [1-6] be tabled .

256  All those in favor say sigh .

257  All owe mows {^ed} nay - the vice and have it and [1-8] [1-6] has been tabled .

258  [linebreak] docket number [1-89] [4-7] - [SEUB] to accept and expends {a^} grant in the {a^} amounts not to [4] hundred thousand dollars from the [KWELT] [KWELT] of mass mass exec {^tive} office of {en^} {en^} and {en^} {en^} affairs division of the con serration services park lands ren renovation [TPOS] community program to provide ap {ka^} cap [PHROEUPL] [PRAOPLT] .

259  Face [3] of low press {^ity} park project locate Ted in the neighborhood of East Boston .

260  [linebreak] [1-7] [14-7] [2-6] [STKPWHR-FRPBLGS] [paragraph] [paragraph] [paragraph] [paragraph] vet [STKPWHREFRPLGTS] {?} [linebreak] [STKPWHR*FRPBLGTS] LaMattina thank {,}you Mr. President Mr. President [-FPBLT] on dues use it December [1-6] [20] [14] the committee on {^cy} sit sit sit neighbor neighbor and vet [SRETS] held {a^} hearing subject to grant low [President|Pressley] park in East Boston and public mick park in Mission Hill .

261  Docket number [1-8] [4-7] was {a^} order to accept {a^} grant of [4] hundred thousand dollars from the mass exec {^tive} office of {en^} {en^} and {en^} {en^} affairs .

262  Currently low low park is {under^} con instruction .

263  There are [3] faces {,} right now we're {under^} face [2] {,} this grant would {en^} able the city to be getting {a^} [THEURTD] and final face which would focus on the hash bore year walk an can news Kai axe land [KAEUPG] near the wears {^'s} edge {^age} and {a^} [KHEURPBS] {^'s} play year .

264  For any one who has not visited low press {^ity} park I would say you should visit that park {^s}{a^} the mows speck tack collar views of the [SEUB] .

265  [SAOBG] ker field and currently we're building [2] back back ball courts .

266  There has been been {a^} renovation for that [PARBGT] since [1-9] [-9] [-8] [2] and that con instruction will start in the fall and suppose {^ed} to be complete Ted in the summer of [2] thousand [1-6] so I would recommends that this dock [KET] passes .

267  [paragraph] so this is on [1-8] [4-7] .

268  You did want to speak on [1-8] [4-8] .

269  Yes on orders to accept {a^} grant of [250] thousand dollars of the national park service throughout land on wear conservation and add Master's degree by mass choose [linebreak] office of edge {en^} and {en^} {en^} affairs .

270  Mission Hill the gold project {a^} bun fete rule to be it installed {im^} [PRAOFD] great and over look to take advantage of seen nick views and waive filing system to {en^} courage youse {^*ers} to sport the rail system {&E.} the grant based provide wear access views of the Boston hash bore and the hash bore island and it looks like {a^} [PWRAEUT] bark and {im^} looking forward to advice tinge that park in the [TPAOUT] .

271  [linebreak] [paragraph] [paragraph] Councilor LaMattina [PHAOFS] acceptance of the committee report and package of docket [1-8] [4-7] .

272  All nose in favor say Aye .

273  Docket [1-8] [4-7] has been passed [paragraph] and Councilor LaMattina .

274  [PHAOFS] acceptance of the committee report and package of docket [1-8] [4-8] .

275  All those that favor say Aye .

276  The Ayes have it {^ant} docket [1-8] [4-8] has been passed [paragraph] madam clerk clerk .

277  Clerk clerk [13] [3] [2] orders for hearing on food insecurity {^ity} in Boston .

278  [linebreak] [13] [3] [2] [STKPWHR*FRPBLGTS] [President|Pressley] thank {,}you Mr. President Mr. President .

279  I think it was {a^} {^mont} ago we held {a^} hearing {,} my deer friend Councilor O'Malley put forward {a^} hearing on to discuss food insecure {^ity} in the [SEUB] .

280  I and I commend him for {a^} his leader ship in dog so someone doctoring the holiday cease but the {re^} {^ality} is that food insecurity {^ity} is not {a^} cease {^inal} issue and it's {a^} growing issue .

281  And so after having {a^} very row bus hearing we decided to have {a^} working session which we'd yet .

282  We'd [20] plus people in {a^} ten dance pro because hearing we're par piss take loving spoons schools amount of B.C. #M{.} fair food feed the hood fill the [TPWREUPBLG] .

283  {^us} to name the representatives at the table .

284  And the construction of our conversation yet was about {a^} population of those [HOR] foot insecure we don't talk about enough .

285  [ELD] [TKERGS] .

286  Much of the debate has been at {'} ability of you're families and children but {^s}{a^} I said previously {^ly} we've {a^} number of seen jurors living on tee and coat choosing between eat and heat .

287  And we also [WHRAOERPBD] that even if we're dog {a^} [PWER] job on access to food oof ten that food is not flew Trish {^tious} and that was the reduction of the conversation yesterday what do we need to do to sport our El [TKERS] not only in access but in nude nutrition and education .

288  So {im^} now going to turn it over it -- {im^} {^us} say that food is something that can help to address not only poor [HELT] but isolation .

289  It's [TAOURPBT] when done right and provided [HELT] think cog [TKPWEPLT] meals and pot luxe to build community and to tin to [TPOES] terse those conversation {^s} to sport people not {^us} aging in place but aging in community .

290  So that was the construction of yesterday's working session .

291  .

292  I take {a^} ways .

293  Moore matters that we're going to work on in tack {^ling} this issue and I want to turn it over for {a^} final word talk about infection steps .

294  Thank you .

295  [paragraph] Councilor O'Malley O'Malley .

296  Thank {,}you Mr. President {Mr.-|}  thank you {,} madam chair for you're lead [TKER] ship on this issue .

297  You know when we talk about hung [TKPWER] animal neural .

298  And food insecurity {^ity} we're talking about {a^} problem that week solve .

299  And {^us} {^s}{a^} the face of hung [TKPWER] has [KHAEUPBGDZ] so too has the collusion changed and sit 'tis are really stepping up in big base working with our [TPHAOUPB] frost to address this issue to sol if this {^ish} [THAOU] .

300  There are some really excite I {^ing} thinks happening in the [SEUB] .

301  {un^} with of the great by products in the {,} would {^ing} session has been {a^} [PWER] collaboration was our none profit part [TPHERS] .

302  The city Of itself has done great thinks and I want to know yo [PHAPBS] ace work {^s}{a^} the food [SAR] of the [SEUB] and very sad to see her go but {^s}{a^} we look for her replace .

303  And ways to grow that office I think this sit it {^ity} Councilor can play {a^} {in^} try cal role in I'd {^s} {^ing} the needs to identifying the solution {^s} .

304  {^s}{a^} I the chair said yesterday's working session focus {^ed} on the elder population .

305  I people [HOR] on {a^} {ex-^} ordinarily physical {^ed} income have high medical bills and to sometimes need to choose between healthy options for food or medicine .

306  These are and [TKOETS] we've seen an heard and tucked to [TWEURBTS] [PW-D] like loving spoon fools are [PWAFPLT] B.C. #M{.} fair foods feed the hood we're seeing how thinks are working on change {^ing} but there are {^s} Moore work that needs to be done and one of the Bess roles this this body can place is grow to to make sure that every neighbor [AOD] is protected and collude in this conversation so I would like to ask that this matter [EUB] tabled that week tin to work on this on working sessions going forward .

307  Some those is put prognosis people in touch [W-FT] raids agent cease legs late {^ive} axe we need to take and able tan make and .

308  Solution {^s} here week do and it's going to take some time working on together so look forward to working on this .

309  Very very important issue and this is one that week absolutely sol if so thank you for you're time and thank you four for you're lead [TKER] ship madam [STKHAEUR] [paragraph] Councilor O'Malley [PHAOFS] that docket [13] [3] [2] be tabled .

310  Of the [13] [23] [2] will be tabled .

311  [paragraph] Councilor Murphy [STKPWHR-FRPLGTSZ] [paragraph] [paragraph] has passed [paragraph] [STKPWHR*FRPBLGTS] [STKPWHR*FRPLGTS] nor {^ance} tense to [TOFPLT] here no objections so the matters are so added .

312  The clerk will please reed the first marry .

313  [paragraph] December [15] the [20] [14] .

314  Hon [TPHABL] [PHAUR] [PHAUR] even if even if office of the city clerk one [SUT] {^ity} hall dice .

315  Six [0] [-6789] [2] [12] deer mad clerk please note that ill be out of time {&t} down from [4] [3-6789] in{.} Monday December [15] the until [12] [5] [5] on Wednesday December [1-7] .

316  Please let me know if you have {.}you March [STPHAOEUPB] [linebreak] [OFTS] mayor hash mar [SKWR-FPLT] {^ual} December to the city Councilor .

317  This is {a^} deer Councilor I transmit here with for you're {a^} [PRAOFL] home rule peat for the Jen court {in^} titled {a^} peat for [SPEGS] law regarding {a^} act relative to certain afford dabble housing in the [SEUB] .

318  And this pertains [THO] this [SPEGS] act would actually allow the about{.} [H-FPLT] amount of to seek to participate in {a^} develop development youse {^ing} state funds to you're pry order [KWREPBT] heights public housing development .

319  This would bring in line into the state funding public housing of other propose Sal that have been maid .

320  The second late file marry is placed on the committee of government operations .

321  [paragraph] from the office of the mayor {,} March [SKWR-FPLT] {^ual} {,} to the Boston city Councilor on December .

322  - Councilor an I {trans^} {mid-^} here with for you're {a^} roam [TPRAOUL] [PAETS] to the Jen lawyer peat for [SPEGS] law regarding act relative to certain {a^} forward dabble us to {^ing} in the [SEUB] .

323  This tick act seeks to participate redevelop .

324  Of youse {^ing} federal funds [TKPAEURL] bare tress {^ed} [WHREUT] where [PRER] pub luck how [ULG] to {^ing to} El have there riches represents our publisher sub [STHAOEULTS] [STRAOEUTS] [STHAOFRPLGTS] [STHAO] [linebreak] sign sin [SPHREUR] [THREUR] March [KPHAOEURS] [STHAO] [linebreak] office of mayor March [SKWR-FPLT] {^ual} {^ual} to the city Councilor [20] [24] 14 deer Councilor I {trans^} [PHER] here with you tour {a^} home rule [STHET] {&E.} Jen court {in^} titled {a^} peat for {a^} [SPEGS] law regarding {a^} act relative to segue date Ted reserve funds in the [SEUB] .

325  This home rule peat will {re^} [HRAOET] school department from unnecessary {^ry} [KW50EUR789S] of annual {^ly} setting assign feuds [TPOEUPB] {ex-^} {ex-^} {ex-^} professional {^et} tole [TPHAOEPL] [SPES] {^ry} stow that's [SEUB] will know long [TKPWER] be [STPORS] {^ed to} comply with unnecessary {^ry} administrate {^tive} task acquired my bane [TAEUPBG] these funds I urge you're honorable body [THO] join knee in the [EFRTDZ] to security .

326  [STH-FPLT] [SEURBT] [SPHREU] and role in the [SEUB] [AETS] appropriation of budget process sincerity {^ly is} March [SKWR-FPLT] pal [WAPL] [linebreak] clerk clerk clerk .

327  [STKPWHRAFRPBLGTS] clerk clerk {a^} record from the committee on economic development and planning .

328  Wives referred [linebreak] deer Councilor [SHRORS] {,} docket number [1-6] [-8] [-8] {,} {a^} [PHOPBLG] for confirmation of the appointment of Tyrone kin Dahl junior {^s}{a^} {a^} alternate member of the bored of {a^} [PHAO*EL] peel for {a^} term expiring October first [240] [1-6] .

329  Recommendation of the committee chair .

330  Councilor Sal LaMattina is that's appointment out to be con firmed .

331  Chair recognize {^s} chair of the committee on neck neck development and planning .

332  [linebreak] [linebreak] appointment of tie tire Kim kill zoning bored of appeal [linebreak] mister mister kin into {a^} [HROEUPBS] {^ence} {^ed} number publisher and worked with his familiarly .

333  In the [PHRUPBLG] business and also works on commercial project [EBGTS] {^s}{a^} member of local [12] .

334  His volume .

335  In [TKOEBG] locate locate [12] {in^} ut dues {^ed} him to the building and heat transition {^s} {^ed} from Tal .

336  {^s}{a^} {a^} project about [PAOFPLT] .

337  And he actually is {a^} very highly competitive successful program and he works in conjunction with all building trade you know [KWROTS] with the diverse {^ified} trades .

338  Mister kin Dahl {^'s} work {^s}{a^} {a^} residential and commercial work on the build half may some {a^} fine can date [THO] certificate building trades Councilor of Boston .

339  Very impressed with mister Ken Dahl I think {^es} going to be {a^} great member on the bored of appeals {^s}{a^} alternate .

340  I think that all of {^s} here who get to know him will be very happy .

341  With the bored of appeals .

342  [STKPWHRAFRPBLGTS] thank you [-FPLTS] - [HAOEFRD] [HUPBLG] in between you're comments .

343  One of my Councilor members is trying to reach me .

344  [STKPWHRAFRPBLGTS] Councilor LaMattina .

345  [paragraph] [PHAOFS] accepting {^ance} of his report and confirmation of the Tyrone kin Dahl {^s}{a^} part of docket [1-6] [-8] [-8] - [SHAOFRPLGTS] [STHAOFRPLGTS] [AOEUTS] have [TAPBTS] docket [1-6] [-8] [-8] is pass {^ed} [linebreak] [STKPWHR-FRPBLGTSZ] [STKPWHR-FRPBLGTSZ] Councilor LaMattina .

346  [paragraph] thank you {,} [PHR-P] Mr. President .

347  Madam clerk .

348  Please take from page [2] the green sheets referred axe {^s} {,} dom [1-7] [3] [3] on [-L] redevelop .

349  Of north ham ton scare also [TPOUPBDZ] on page [14] .

350  [linebreak] {a^} [SAOEUPBDZ] for the further axon [12] [-FRPLGTSZ] - {a^} .

351  [PRAO] - [STPHAO] [H-FRPLTS] [STHAO] - [SRAO] [-RPLS] campus not south ends already {re^} invested hits first receipt {?} [STKPWHR*EFRPBLGTS] wide {a^} [HOERG] on use it use it des December [2] [20] [134] [14] [PHR*FRPBLGTS] [ARPBLGTS] took {a^} vote on the marry Wednesday December third and {^ed to} {im^} asking for you're second vote tin to {re^} {^ville} .

352  Of north ham ton square and allow all faces of the [PROBLG] [EBGT] resulting in Moore than five hundred and [3-7] you know knits of housing will be {a^} forward dabble .

353  One point five million{}dollars public [HELT] commission in {a^} [-9] million{}dollars lump funds sum payment for the Al ban any tower .

354  {im^} [PRAOFPLTS] .

355  This face of {a^} [TEUPBD] project [EBGTS] residents fitness sen terse [TKPWRAPBLGD] for the disabled office space for the public [HELT] [KPHREUGS] and Boston {&E.} [PH-FPLT] {.}is and greeting {im^} [PRAOFPLTS] of garage space is for urban guard for residents and office personnel .

356  My recommendation to the body is this madam - thank you .

357  [paragraph] thank {,}you Councilor LaMattina .

358  Councilor LaMattina [PHAOFS] that docket [1-7] [3] [3] is -- will get its second reading {^ed to} {,} madam clerk you will please [RAOETD] the role .

359  Councilor Baker [-FPLTS] - yes [-FPLTS] [paragraph] Councilor Ciommo - yes .

360  [paragraph] Councilor Flaherty - yes .

361  [paragraph] Councilor Jackson [paragraph] {^a} Councilor LaMattina - yes .

362  [paragraph] Councilor Linehan - yes .

363  [paragraph] Councilor McCarthy - Councilor Murphy - yes .

364  [paragraph] Councilor O'Malley - yes .

365  [paragraph] coupon [President|Pressley] - yes .

366  [paragraph] Councilor Wu - yes .

367  [paragraph] Councilor Yancy - yes .

368  [paragraph] Councilor Zakim [paragraph] [PHR-P] Mr. President we've ten votes in the affirmative and [3] votes {ab^} [SEPBTS] .

369  [linebreak] [linebreak] [TKORB] [1-79] [3] [3] has had its [SEUBGD] reading and passes .

370  Ten affirmative votes .

371  [paragraph] quick recess {:} {:} [paragraph] back in section .

372  Any one else who would like to [PHAOF] something from the green sheets .

373  Nope .

374  Okay .

375  [paragraph] there are [2] late filed matters in the consent agenda which in absence of the {a^} objection will be added to the consent {a^} Jen [TKAFPLT] [HAOEG] and hearing no objections the matters so adoption of the Connolly {a^} Jen [TKAFPLT] all those if favor say Aye .

376  All opposed nay .

377  Ayes have it {^ant} Connolly agenda has been adopt Ted .

378  Councilor Murphy for what purposes to you rise [paragraph] bigger no objections you've the floor [paragraph] [PHRUR] [PHUR] thank you {,} I want to point out [2] thinks .

379  One is moll moll owe Connell loss seat Ted over there to my right and some other people straight ahead its {^'} her lass day {^ed to} in my office .

380  She has been there [3] years .

381  Stand up Molly and show them why .

382  [paragraph] she's the third of the [3] folks who were in staff or on the Councilor that were in {a^} familiarly way this year and is Bo to give bitter and we hole {&e} hope ham {^ly} and hopeful {^ly} and great dish to my office for the pass [3] years and I feel like {im^} loose {^ing} my right arm .

383  Good luck Molly .

384  And my other thank you is to all of you in the chamber and central staff and members of the city Councilor staff members who came to my fathers' wake and funeral last week .

385  I considered myself {a^} very lucky persons to be [57] years old and have my mother and father in my life all of those [57] years .

386  You're dad is you're first here row and he was in pain the lass few times I saw him .

387  {^ic} say this .

388  {^es} know long [TKPWER] in pain and if there's {a^} after life and I belief there's .

389  He was in his glory on Thursday with the please mows tyke {^less} and the honor guard and U.S. nave I have presence at at cemetery {^ry} it was {a^} great great day for him and {a^} proud day for our familiarly but it does {'} happen without friend ships and the friends ships you forge over time and .

390  {^ive} them nor me here ar in this chamber in in build ago and I want to say {a^} heartfelt thank you for you're familiarly and {a^} [HAEUP] [PHER] [PHER] Christmas to all of you .

391  Thank you .

392  [paragraph] thank {,}you Councilor Murphy .

393  Councilor Wu is you're son still in the building .

394  You do want to bring him out .

395  El [STKPWHREFRPBLGTS] [paragraph] El come to {a^} late [TKER] meeting {im^} sure .

396  All right I won't put you [OPBTS] [SPOFPLT] although I {^us} did I .

397  Councilor Flaherty you know you know Connolly to make {a^} statement - here no objection you've the floor .

398  On bee half of Councilor [President|Pressley] and I would like to invite our colleagues this try fry December [1-9] from ten to [1] [1] [30] for sour [SRAOEUFRS] of homicide victims awareness [PHOBT] .

399  Councilor [President|Pressley] {^s}{a^} you see from our agenda and staff create Ted {a^} great less [HRAOUGS] to recognize and to lone nor sewer [SRAOEUFRS] in our own neighborhood {^us} had {a^} familiarly who {^us} loss {a^} son and {a^} never view to senseless vile lens because we boat know the mom and [TKAT] and [AUPBTS] and cuss [TEUPBS] homicide in the city there's {a^} familiarly that that's [TKPWRAOEPL] homicide awareness {^mont} invite survivors and to here them {^s}{a^} they transform there main and pain [TKPWER] to axe so if you have sometime come to the peed peed [PHRAOPBLT] face [TPAS] of Boston who loss loved [WOPBS] and like {a^} opportunity to be meet there strict or at large [KUPB] Councilor this year senseless crime of vile silence [PHAOF] forward {^s}{a^} {a^} city and embrace {^ing} the struggles of survivors {,} thank {,}you Mr. President [PHR-PLT] .

400  [linebreak] [linebreak] Linehan at this time I would like to take {a^} moment myself to {^us} -- at the conclusion of [20] [14] sessions to thank each and every {^ry} one of you for you're cooperation {,} for you're guide dense {,} we'd {a^} very production {^tive} [20] [14] {^s}{a^} the Boston city Councilor and we worked very closely with the knew add [PH-RGS] .

401  And {im^} {^us} thank full that we did have the successes we'd and {a^} appreciate all that you contribute .

402  Thank you are to {,} would {^ing with} me my [TPEURTS] year {^s}{a^} [President|Pressley] of the body and with that I would like to wish all of you're familiarly members {,} each of you {a^} very happy holiday cease son and {a^} merry Christmas and {a^} mows prosperous [20] [15] .

403  I would like to ask all guests and members to please rise {^s}{a^} the Councilor prepared to meeting of the [STPROLG] individuals individuals .

404  For Councilor Ayanna [President|Pressley] .

405  Dave walk ker from Hyde Park .

406  Councilor [President|Pressley] [SK-SZ] also that we say {a^} prayer in memory of her mom Sandra [President|Pressley] who [WOFB] [-6] [-6] {^ed to} .

407  And also Councilor Baker for kneel a mull lain senior .

408  For dor think [TP-FPLT] rung [-L] .

409  And for [AEUPBG] gel tole lone .

410  For Councilor Ciommo mark rose {en^} bar .

411  For Councilor Flaherty Baker and the chair {,} Sean [TKWAOEUR] who was the young {^ent} Tre paren sure killed this week down in Adams village .

412  For Councilor Flaherty and the chair .

413  Winifred carbon any .

414  Harold Donovan and Rita hig gins .

415  For Councilor O'Malley .

416  Anna [SR-FPLT] Russ so .

417  For Councilor Yancy .

418  Pat trick juice Jill let .

419  Ron [ARLD] {&E.} Wes son .

420  And also Dave #M{.} dove walk {er^} .

421  {a^} moment of [SAOEUL] lens {,} please [-FPLTS] thank you .

422  [paragraph] by the way .

423  I have been informed by the Councilor [President|Pressley] that Matt O'Malley I hope .

424  Does she know .

425  .

426  [-6789] {^ism} always {a^} little [HRAOEURL] {^ry} .

427  Mat owe {mal^} {^ly} .

428  Got {en^} [TKPWAEUPBLGDZ] this week .

429  Thursday .

430  [paragraph] con grad {^ulation} {^is} to our Councilor O'Malley .

431  We've allot happening hearing on the Councilor [STKPWHR-FRPBLGTSZ] [STKPWHR*FRPBLGTS] the chair [PHAOFS] that When the Councilor adjourns we do so in memory of the {a^} [TPORP] mentioned individuals and scheduled to meet again on Wednesday January [-7] .

432  [20] [15] at [12] o'clock noon .

433  [paragraph] Councilor is adjourned have Ra great holiday cease son [-FRB] {:} STPH-FPLT

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