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Wednesday 10 December 2014 Public Meeting
Boston City Council 

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Councilor Wu Notes Boston City Council meeting - Dec. 10th

 [STKPWHR-FRPBLGTSZ] [paragraph] [paragraph] I have been informed by the [KHREURBG] that a quorum is present .

2  I would ask at this time for [O*UL] all Councilor [SHRORS] and guess to the please rise .

3  Ill {inter^} [KHRAO*US] dues today's [SKHRERPBLG] I go {^s}{a^} Councilor Jackson is out of the country in {^is} rail .

4  After {in^} vocation is delivered I would also ask that members and guests remain stand {^ing} {^s}{a^} you join me in reciting the [PWHREPBLG] pledge of allegiance .

5  {^ive} with me {^ed to} [REFRPBLDZ] will {^ly} bod Rick the second .

6  He has received his mass terse in divinity at Harvard Didi school in [20] [14] anew or [TKAEUPBDZ] minute [STPER] in the [PWAPT] 'tis tra additional .

7  Reverend broad which Rick finds interest in political [ABG] [1REU678] in this community that's why we recognize him and snow him {&I.} community organization Ang social [ERPBT] entrepreneur ship .

8  The [PREUFRPBD] is [ORBLG] {^ly} from [-RPBLG] George George and graduate Ted Georgetown you know you know .

9  About {out^} and adult pastor at his tour Rick pastor church .

10  In Roxbury .

11  Form [PHER] [President|Pressley] and C.E. [HOFPLT] is bow mold Inc. black man overly {^ly} develop .

12  .

13  None profit {re^} directions .

14  Statistician tragedy [SKWREBGT] tour {^ry} of the blackmail {out^} by [HARPB] necessary {^ing} there [TKPWROED] and sustain able efforts for them .

15  And lass {^ly} [PREUFRPBDZ] broad broad certificate [-FLS] at {^s} {^s}{a^} the director of {.}it B.C. after school program .

16  Without if I further adduce it's my honor tint [TKRAOUS] [REFRPDZ] will will broad broad the second {:} [STKPWHR*FRPBLGTS] [WAOEU] don't have any closeness and relationship with wish wish Wu .

17  Well {a^} appreciate Ted .

18  Because [PHEURB] [PHEURB] [W-L] [WAOU] had {a^} babe babe boy .

19  [STKPWHREFRPBLGTS] [-7] pounds [13] ounces and [20] minute {^s}{.} long at [1] [1] [3-9] [P-FPLT] [PH-FPLT] lass night .

20  [PWHRAEUS] France certificate bore washing ski .

21  Welcome .

22  Blaze .

23  So the Boston city Councilor {^s}{a^} I understand it has had its first baby .

24  [paragraph] good stuff{.} .

25  [paragraph] week all sell brat .

26  [STKPWHR-FRPBLGTSZ] I'd also like to recognize that days days Didi celebrates her forty wedding and and {^ed to} .

27  [paragraph] [linebreak] [PHOPBLG] authority [-RG] the [SEUB] to accept and expends funds in the amount of [3] [PH-L] [1] hundred thousand dollars from the Boston foundation for appeared January first {,} [20] [15] threw December [3] [1] {,} [20] [1-7] .

28  The purposes of the funding is to sport enhanced {anti^} vile lens pressure mesh [SHAOURS] {^s}{a^} the Boston foundation street safe program ends and transition {^s} to apart {^ener} ship with the Boston center for youth and familiarly street workers program [paragraph] docket [1-8] [4-6] will be assigned to healthy women families and communities .

29  [linebreak] {&o} - [linebreak] [paragraph] [SEUB] in {a^} amount not to aches seed [4] hundred thousand dollars from the [KWELT] [KWELT] of mass choose exec {^tive} office of {en^} {en^} and {en^} {en^} affairs .

30  Division of the Councilor certificate serration services park lands acquisition communities program .

31  To provide capital {im^} [PRAOFPLTS] relative to face [3] of the low press {^ity} park [PRAOPBLG] [SKWREBGD] locate Ted in the neighborhood of East Boston .

32  [SEUB] sit {^cy} neighborhood services and vet vet affairs .

33  [paragraph] [1-8] [4-8] [PHOPBLG] to accept and {ex-^} [PAEPBD] {a^} grant awarded in the amount not to {,} seed [250] thousand dollars from the knew night Ted states department [AEUPB] ter [KWRORGS] {,}in an conservation fund program add [PH-RGS] by the [KWELT] [KWELT] of mass choose [EBG] [EBG] {^ive} office of {en^} {en^} and {en^} {en^} affairs .

34  Division of conservation services to die vied .

35  McCarthy playground locate Ted in the Mission Hill neighborhood of Boston .

36  [paragraph] docket [1-8] [4-7] will be assigned to the committee on sit sit neighbor neighbor certificate certificate [KPWHR*EUFRPBLTSZ] [paragraph] [linebreak] {ab^} [linebreak] {a^} [PHREU] [TOFRPL] - [paragraph] docket number [14-8] [4-9] .

37  [PHOPBLG] authority {^ing} the [SEUB] to accept and expend {a^} grant in the amount of [10] [3] thousand [-8] hundred and [12] and {^ed} [3] {^s} .

38  Income El image [TKPWEUBLG] day care program for [-7] sub {^cy} diced day care slots for the city hall child care center community child care program for low income parents awarded by the mass choose quell [KWELT] of department of early education and care to be add Master's degree by the sen terse Boston center for {out^} and families .

39  [paragraph] Councilor [President|Pressley] .

40  [paragraph] take I {,}you [PHR-P] Mr. President .

41  I ask that we suss spends and pass this .

42  This is the annual grant .

43  Sports our own workforce .

44  Again [TKPWRAPBLT] and [PHAOF] for suss suspension {^age} package .

45  [paragraph] thank {,}you Councilor pass pass [paragraph] Councilor [President|Pressley] [PHAOFS] suss suspension and podge [OPBTS] [KWRAOULS] of the docket [14-8] [4-8] {?} [linebreak] [linebreak] madam clerk you could please recognize that Councilor Flaherty is in {a^} den dense .

46  [paragraph] [STKPWHR*FRPBLGTS] docket number [1-8] [50] [PHOPBLG] authority {^ing} the [SEUB] to [SKEP] {a^} donation in the amount of [-9] [-6] thousand [-9] [-6] {^ed} from the Boston please foundation for youse by the Boston please department to provide reflective safety {^ity} [SRES] the to all [SWARPB] officers .

47  These [SRES] the will be youse {^ed} to provide visibility doctoring on seen response {,} [HRARPBLGDZ] {e^} vents and celebration {^s} and further the sit 'tis {^'s} law enforce .

48  Efforts relating to community pleasing .

49  [paragraph] Councilor Murphy .

50  [paragraph] thank you [PHR-P] {Mr.-|}  {^s}{a^} chair ever public safety {^ity} I would like to package ever docket [1-8] [50] [-9] [4] thousand dollars grant from the Boston please foundation from the Boston please department for [SRES] the reflective [RAO*E] safety {^ity} [SRES] the to be warn by all Boston marine {&e} please personnel .

51  It's {a^} timely pop tick now given what's {^'} happening across the country .

52  We don't have allot of time now between the meeting and last week getting {a^} hearing {^ing to} so I would like to suspend [SPUS] pension of the rule and get this equip .

53  Out to the field officers {^s}{a^} they're El sorely {^ly} need {^ed} at this point .

54  [paragraph] suss suspension ever rules {^age} package of docket [1-8] fifty [1] .

55  Say nay .

56  Ayes have it it {^ant} docket [1-8] fist {^ity} fist [1-8] [50] consists of [PHAOFS] cuss suspension of the {^age} package [-FRT] [1-8] [50] .

57  Opposed know .

58  [-6789] ace have tan docket [1-8] [50] has passed [paragraph] [1-8] five one .

59  [SEUB] to accept and expends {a^} donation of [57] thousand dollars donate Ted by the lass call foundation to enhance fire [TPAOEUFT] terse [HELT] and safety {^ity} throughout purposes of industrial washing machines for cleaning bung ker gear [paragraph] Councilor Murphy {?} [paragraph] Murphy thank you {,} Mr. President {Mr.-|}  I would also like to [PHAOF] suss suspension of the rules {^age} package ever [1-8] [TP-FT] I [1] at this time .

60  {a^} come week ago the commit at the on public [STAUFT] {^ity} held {a^} hearing on this very marry and [PHAOFG] forward with this type ever safety {^ity} equip .

61  We welcomed the late fire fight ter Mike [-L] kendis cat think cross by bells {^'} who had found {^ed} the lass call foundation to make each and every {^ry} fire fight ter nationwide {^s}{a^} safety {^s}{a^} they can possibly {^ably} be .

62  We'd {a^} conversation about the does of these [PH-PBGS] angst [KHRAT] think cross cross bell is pulling throughout on her promise to the city Councilor {im^} sure this is her first install management and welcome knew in the fire fight [TEURPBG] community in the Boston {:} [1-8] fifty [1] .

63  Thank you .

64  [paragraph] thank you {,}you Councilor legislator .

65  Councilor Murphy [PHAOFS] suss suspension of the rules {^age} package ever docket [1-8] fifty [1-6789] all those in favor eye Ayes have it [TAPBT] dog dock [1-8] fist [1] has passed [paragraph] docket number [1-8] [5] [2] [PHOPBLG] authority {^ing} the [SEUB] to accept and expends funds of [20] thousand dollars for the mass choose exec {^tive} office of [HELT] and human man services {,} department of public [HELT] financial year [15] .

66  It this is main .

67  Implement [PHREUPLTS] {^ing} ten mass deacon tam {^ination} you know knits .

68  [linebreak] [paragraph] thank you {,} for that quick recess .

69  [paragraph] Councilor [President|Pressley] [PHAOFS] suss suspension of the rules {^age} package of docket [1-8] fifty [2] .

70  Hall those in favor say Aye .

71  All owe [POESD] eye .

72  [158] fifty [2] has passed [paragraph] [158] [5] [3] - [PHOPBLG] authority {^ing} [SEUB] to accept and expend {a^} amount of five thousand [1] [HUPBDZ] in the form of {a^} grand ward {^ed} by the [KWELT] [KWELT] of mass choose the department of element try and second Dar {^ry} Ed [SKAEUGS] .

73  Child and adult care mission program to be add Master's degree by the Boston certificate tenter for {out^} and families [paragraph] Councilor [President|Pressley] you is expense the rule - I've - all opposed nigh .

74  Docks [TKR-BG] [1-8] fifty [3] has passed [paragraph] docket [1-8] five [4] knowledge {a^} [PHAOFG] {a^} home rule peat for the Jen [KOURLT] {in^} titled peat for [SPEGS] law regarding {a^} act {re^} [PHAOFG] the [SEUB] parks {^'s} department from {a^} [PRAOFL] of street chloric sure [linebreak] [12K3W4R-6R78G9SZ] [*FRPBLGTS] [58] [5] [5] peat to the Jen court I want tiled the peat for [SPEGS] law regarding {a^} act relative to {a^} election nomination [PAETS] in the [SEUB] this peat will {re^} crate {a^} Moore [EBG] quick able pros {^ose} {^es} for can dates .

75  Government operations .

76  [STKPWHR-FRPBLGTSZ] madam clerk records of public officers and others [paragraph] [158] [156] not {^s with} received of the major {:} pull pull {^s}{a^} chairman [-FRT] Boston [PWHRAOEUS] {^ness} bored .

77  [STKPWHRAFRPBLGTS] docket [1-8] [56] will be placed on file .

78  [paragraph] would you like me to reed [1-8] [57] and [1-8] [59] - thank {,}you [PHR-P] Mr. President .

79  [paragraph] [58] [1-7] [-6789] communication Kass Councilor Josh Josh Zakim [THAEL] not be in {a^} ten dense of the Boston [STEUT] Councilor meets {^s} on constituency constituency December tint [20] [14] and Wednesday December [1-7] the [20] [14] [paragraph] docket number [1-8] [58] communication bass Councilor Tito Jackson that El not be {a^} in {a^} ten dense at the Boston sit Councilor meetings on Wednesday December ten [20] [14] and Wednesday December [1-7] [20] [14] .

80  [paragraph] [1-8] {?} [STHAOEURPBLGTS] [EUPLTS] [58] placed on file [paragraph] docket number [1-8] [59] communication was received from the city clerk on you know you know cat ability record the fall [20] [14] stat 'tis ticks .

81  [linebreak] [STPHR] [linebreak] [1-7] [30] .

82  The [KPHAOEUT] he on {en^} {en^} and parks to which was referred on November [1-9] {,} [20] [14] dock do number [1-7] [30] [PHOPBLG] authority {^ing} the [SEUB] to accept and expends {a^} grant of [12] [PH-L] [3] hundred and [20] thousand dollars from the mass choose department of {en^} I go {re^} source {^s} for the community clean {re^} sill [KWREPBS] {in^} {^ish} {^tive} program [EUPBL] accomplishment {^tation} grant to be add Master's degree by the sit 'tis ace office of {en^} {en^} {en^} I go and open space department submits {a^} report recommend {^ing} the order out to pass [paragraph] the chair recognize {^s} the care of commit commit on {en^} {en^} and parks Councilor O'Malley on [1-7] [30] [paragraph] thank you Mr. President .

83  [paragraph] [paragraph] O'Malley O'Malley lass Monday [PHOPBLG] authority {^ing} city to accept and {ex-^} [PEPBTS] {a^} grant of [1] [30EU7B9] [3] million{}dollars {a^} little over [1] point [3] [PH-LTDZ] this is {a^} grant from the mass choose department from {en^} I go {re^} courses and this grant will be add Master's degree [PWAOEULT] city Of {^ose} {^s of} {en^} {en^} open pace did I vices about also known {^s}{a^} #M{.} okay{.} {&E.} [TK-FRPLT] .

84  {re^} [KWRAOUBL] and alternative division to [PARGS] {^ly} funds the {in^} [STAPL] {^ulation} of batteries four community sen terse around city that also double {^s}{a^} emergency [SHEPBLDZ] terse .

85  Joseph law rules so distribution finance testified on bee half of the add [PH-RGS] .

86  This grant will allow city to install solar [TPOET] tow [TAEUPBG] [TAEUPBG] race pan necessarily with watt bat bat storage [OPBTS] roofs of [4] boss sen terse .

87  Curt curt highly Jamacia Plain .

88  [TOEB] [TOEB] in Mission Hill .

89  Shell shell communities in Roxbury and Ross rocks bomb familiarity pool in Ross Lynn daily .

90  These fa [SEULTS] Councilor {^cy} [HRERS] chose {en^} because of there location {^s} [AEBGS] [SES] ability [APBL] {im^} men [T-P] 'tis .

91  [-FPLTS] roofs replaced and age to sport wait that comes with installation {a^} [P-FPLT] about{.} system .

92  This sound {^s}{a^} little walk I can but I was an excite Ted about this trends and hearing .

93  We'll be able tiny stall these sole sole pan necessarily {en^} I go official lower our you tilt bills for these four sen terse and these are sen [STERS] certificate [-FD] {^s}{a^} emergency shelter for natural disaster or some other knee {^ed} to have people con [TKPWRE] dating in {a^} year the the does will did I grease any where from [-6] and {a^} wart {er^} {^%} a little all the way to [3] [1] point [TPERS] in Ross [SEUFGS] communities .

94  - lessening our impact on {en^} {en^} .

95  [P-FPLT] about{.} significance [TEPL] will row vied the system {em^} Korean {re^} (inaudible) {en^} I go on none emergency and reduce {en^} I go usage and safe the city mon any .

96  I urge passage of this obviously {^ly} and {a^} great first step and look forward to working with the [WAPL] {,} {in^} add [PH-RGS] [P-FRPLTS] buildings and city building {^ing} {^s} are {en^} I go [TKEURBT] .

97  Did I ask about this buildings - limb Ted with the space [AFPLTS] given the number of large multi story buildings around us but there's {a^} opportunity to look here and other some other schools [HRAOEUBS] [HRAOEUBS] other large buildings {,} this is {a^} very very excites {^ing} think and I think its great first step and look forward to {^ual} {,} add [PH-RGS] and all of you in [20] [15] and beyond .

98  Thank you {,}you [SREFRP] {,} Mr. President Mr. President [paragraph] Councilor [PHAOF] [PHAOF] [PHAOFS] acceptance of the committee report am package of [1-7] {:}30 all those in favor say Aye .

99  Nay the vice have it [APBTS] [1-7] [30] has [PWASD] .

100  [linebreak] [linebreak] docket [1-68] [2] [PHOPBLG] authority {^ing} the Boston fair [TPO*US] housing commission to accept and expends the financial year [14] U.S. department of housing and urban develop {^ments} {^'s} fair housing assistance program grant funds awarded to the Boston fair housing commission .

101  This request for authorization to accept Ang expends grant funds {re^} [HRAEUTSZ] [TOFPLT] [REUPB] [SRES] ga tour {^ry} work {under^} the fair housing assistance partnership agreement of which [140] [2-8] [2] thousand has been received .

102  And [3] [2] thousand is pends prognosis {,} for {a^} total of [13-6] thousand [-78] [2] {^ed} .

103  [paragraph] the chair recognize {^s} the chair of committee on housing Councilor bic bake on [1-6] [-8] [-8] [2] [paragraph] the order peeks for itself .

104  Its a authorization for [TPWOS] ton fair housing commission to accept [TPAUPBDZ] from [HUD] and {a^} total of [13-6] thousand [-7] hundred and [-8] it [2] {^ed} to juice for {in^} [SRES] ga tour {^ry} work {under^} the fair [HOUGS] partnership agreement of which [140] thousand [2-8] [2] {^ed} has been received and [3] [2] thousand finance five [HUPBDZ] is pends {^ing} so I urge packages .

105  Take you [paragraph] Councilor Baker [PHAOFS] acceptance of the committee report and package ever [1-6] [-8] [2] .

106  All nose favor say Aye .

107  {^ism} opposed nay .

108  Ayes have it and docket [-6] [-8] [2] has pass {^ed} [STKPWHR-RPBLGTS] message [PHOPBLG] [PHOPBLG] city of Boston accept and expends financial year [14] - - urban development fair housing partnership program grand of [2] hundred {on^} [-6] [3] {^ed} [-8] hundred and [4-8] {^ed} to the Boston fair housing commission to [SUBGT] {a^} housing did I description {^ination} Tess {^ing} program in partnership with sufficient sufficient you know you know law school [paragraph] [STHAO] [linebreak] [1-7] [3] [S-FRPLT] gun Mr. President Mr. President on Monday morning we heard this also and expends [2-6] [3] thousand [-8] [4U7B] and [4-8] dollars in grand funds from [HUD] [TKPAEUR] housing {a^} sis tense program you know you know to conduct housing discrimination .

109  Urge passage of this dock [KET] .

110  [paragraph] thank {,}you Councilor plan .

111  [paragraph] [STKPWHR-P] package of docket [1-7] [3] [1] .

112  All those favor say Aye .

113  All opposed nay .

114  Advice it rant docket [1-7] [3] [1] opinion [PWAPS] {^ed} [paragraph] [1-7] [34] [PHOPBLG] fortunate confirmation [-FPLTS] remember ker {^ual} {^ual} [HROEG] {^s}{a^} {a^} alternate member of the bored ever appeal for {a^} term expiring November [1] {&h} [20] [1-6] [paragraph] commit at the on economic development planning and labor Councilor LaMattina on docket [1-7] [34] - [THAEUPG] you {,} Mr. President .

115  If .

116  The nomination of miss ker ker {^ual} {,} [HROEG] {^s}{a^} {a^} alternate member of the zoning bored of appeals .

117  We held {a^} hearing on Monday at one owe cloak .

118  Miss [HROEG] is {a^} south Boston residence and she's currently works for hill {inter^} national incorporate Ted Inc. .

119  She has .

120  I years {^s}{a^} {^s}{a^} experience {^s}{a^} {a^} project imagine {er^} at that company facility {^tation} {^ing} communication between project cancel [AOULD] and budge budge .

121  She also has con sight con instruction supervision experience and procure .

122  Axe appearance and Moore [PHAOF] imagine .

123  {ex-^} [PAOERPBLS] .

124  She's very [TPHROPBLG] able of the importance of community meet eggs and the {im^} put it takes an community members .

125  I think sheets {^'} {a^} fine con date for the zoning bored of appeals and urge you to con [TPHEURPL] her nomination .

126  Thank you .

127  [paragraph] corn fir {^mation} acceptance of the committee report and package of docket [1-7] [34] .

128  All in favor say Aye .

129  All opposed nay .

130  Ayes have tan docket [1-7] [34] has passed .

131  [paragraph] docket [1-8] [08] [PHOPBLG] {a^} [PRAOFRG] the [SEUB] application to the mass choose economic assistance [KAORP] {^ination} Councilor for certificate {^ified} project status for [3] [2] [-7] to [34] [2] [-7] summer street the log me in project .

132  [SRAEUBG] can't fire damaged building in the [SEUB] {^'s} innocent serration strict into {a^} [1] [1-7] thousand scare foot office building locate Ted in the cross town slash south Boston economic opportunity year and for {a^} [PRAOFL] of the tax increment finance {^ing} plan collude {^ing} attacks {in^} cripples finance {^ing} agreement analog me in project .

133  [paragraph] [linebreak] [linebreak] LaMattina [*FRPLGTS] [THAEUPLG] you {,} Mr. President Mr. President {:} we held {a^} hearing on being it dock number [1-8] [08] .

134  At the hearing was John bar rose chief of economic development and Ron crack {co-^} commissioner assess .

135  .

136  Also in {a^} ten dense was gym Kel {^ler} {a^} [K-FPLT] [KR-FPLT] [TP-FPLT] okay{.} of log me in and Mike [-L] Donahue C.E. okay{.} of log me in .

137  Id {a^} opportunity to [SREUTS] this sight on fry [TPRAOEUFPLT] log log me in is is is {a^} compute ter tech tech development firm locate Ted at [3] [20] summer street in south Boston .

138  The firm is look {^ing it} to expands its operations to clue the renovation and fin {^inal} of proximal {^ly} [120] [SKPWAEUR] foot building at [3] [3] [3] summer street .

139  Right now at [3] [3] [3] summer street is {a^} [SRAEUBG] can't building .

140  They real recently had {a^} huge fire so consideration is also being given for the [SEUB] .

141  Tip swells the [KWELT] [KWELT] of magazines choose economic development {in^} center program .

142  Expansion to sport this business expansion boat to the [SEUB] and the [KWELT] [KWELT] and will be provided to sen [TORS] in the form of tips by the city of Boston - tax credits .

143  To the [KWELT] [KWELT] .

144  So what they're looking for in the [SEUB] actually is {a^} [2] point five million{}dollars tip over [130] years .

145  [KURPBTS] {^ly} at [3] [3] [3] summer street they pay the [SEUB] [150] thousand in taxes per year .

146  With this build out in [13] years it'll generate [1] [1] point [-7] million{}dollars in taxes and entertainment provide another [4] hundred to five hundred knew jobs in the sin .

147  Hopeful {^ly} knew employees [KOPLGS] to the [SEUB] .

148  Hopeful {^ly} [PHAOFG] into our is the {^ity} and spends {^ing} there mon any in the [SEUB] will generate Moore taxes to the [SEUB] .

149  I think this is {a^} really great great great cop {,} and to have them stay in Boston is very important .

150  So I urge my colleagues to pass this is .

151  Thank you .

152  [paragraph] thank you {,}you Councilor .

153  Chair recognize {^s} Councilor [President|Pressley] bill Linehan .

154  [paragraph] Linehan .

155  Thank {,}you Mr. President Mr. President vice president vice president .

156  I [THOUT] I'd take {a^} opportunity to [EUFGS] the the hearing and Councilor LaMattina did {a^} excellent job in asking all the right questions and [T-PBT] that's sit city {in^} [SRES] the its tax dollars in {a^} private insure remember .

157  We've done this in the pass and over the pass five years on my watch {^s}{a^} economic development [KHAOEFZ] and chair {,} and so this tick company is purchaser {^ed}{.} to take off and create some [450] jobs over the infection five years .

158  This is part of there agreement .

159  So for us to give them{.} this tax brake {,} think confirm and in {a^} considerate will create these jobs .

160  And there's {a^} mech {^ism} in between to if think do not do that .

161  They start Ted in Boston [1-8] [PHOPBTS] ago with four or five employees {,} presently they're at the [150] or [1-8] [0] [THROEU] please and to think that accompany to [PHAOF] in to summer street in and in five to six years have some [-8] hundred employees at that tick sight seems viability and wort the {in^} [SRES] .

162  You look at the con Tex over the pass [-7] or [-8] years in pub private companies .

163  We start Ted off at lease in my ten your with lib lib mute mute {,} and that tick {^tive} Tet when nobody -- there was know con instruction jobs .

164  There was know {re^} taxable {^tation} .

165  Know spends {^ing} {,} that company put up its mon any along with our mon any and there was {a^} [1-7] million{}dollars {^tive} {^s}{a^} part of our {in^} [SRES] .

166  And [PRAOFD] it create Ted all the jobs already for that tick sight .

167  Went from [1-7] .

168  We {in^} [SRES] Ted [12] in ter tect five mill in the [STPEPB] way and now we're down to [2] point five [PH-L] .

169  And it seems that fur {in^} [SRES] {^ing} in {a^} row bus con my like this .

170  City that's private con concerns should somebody able [THAOPBD] [-L] the great Tess amount and youse {^ing} those exams [-PLS] we kept {a^} worldwide company in finance here .

171  We create Ted {a^} worldwide home for vertex in the by owe economic I cal industry and this is {a^} opportunity to have [AEUPB] innovation and tech normal I go try expand in our city .

172  Sole ill be [SPORLT] {^ing} and [STPROET] {&e} voting in favor .

173  I think it's {a^} good deal for Boston .

174  [paragraph] Ciommo thank {,}you Councilor .

175  Councilor LaMattina [PHAOFS] acceptance of the commit at the report and package of docket [1-8] [08] .

176  All that favor say Aye .

177  Eye .

178  All owe mows {^ed} know .

179  Ayes have [TAPBT] docket [1-8] [08] has been pass {^ed} [paragraph] [linebreak] [1-78] [3] [2] [PHOPBLG] authority {^ing} the [SEUB] to accept and expand {a^} pant of [25] thousand dollars from [KR-RGS] the received from the United States department of ago ago local food profession {^inal} [PRAOPL] ago culture vision {^ening} [linebreak] group planning process for the [SEUB] .

180  [paragraph] chair melts [HRELT] [KWAOPL] [KWAOPL] familiar familiar and examine [KPHAUPB] commune Councilor [President|Pressley] on docket [1-7] [3] [2] .

181  [paragraph] thank you press {^ress} [President|Pressley] thank {,}you Mr. President [PHR-PLT] .

182  Monday I held {a^} hearing [OPBTS] grant [-FRT] offers {in^} {^ish} [TEUFS] .

183  Agriculture {^ture} vision {^ening} [PRAOPL] and planning process for the [SEUB] .

184  When I first saw it [25] thousand [2-6789] [25] in our oo vision {^ening} and planning you {^us} need to bring great ideas {a^} conference room table and white bored .

185  And {^ive} sense [HRERPBDZ] and do agree that this is necessary {^ry} to higher {a^} fa 'til [25EU9] tour and considerate tour {:} I have [TKPERS] stake hold [TKERS] in boss tons to determine way city Of can boat Bess sport local farm [TPHERS] [PWOPBS] [TOFPLT] .

186  About argue ago is local food promotion program .

187  I recommends package of this dock [KET] and thank you all for sporting [EUP] {^ish} {^tive} for there work to sport local [TPHARPL] {^%} and [TPOERL] [HRAL] [KHRAEUL] grown food Moore sass segue able and {a^} forward dabble for Boston .

188  [STKPWHR-FRPBLGTSZ] [PHAOFS] acceptance [-FRT] committee report and discount [TKPWAPBLG] ever docket [1-7] [23-6R789] all [TKHOES] in favor say Aye .

189  Opposed nay .

190  Advice it rant [TKOBLG] dock [1-7] [23] [2] has been passed [paragraph] [STKPWR*FRPBLGTS] madam chair you could reed [0] [3] [*6] [2] and [0] [3] [-6] [4] [STKPWHREFRPBLGTSZ] [0] [3] [2-6] [2] order for hearing to review fiscal year [20] [13] [AUD] [TEUD] financial statements and [TKPWOBG] going number [0] [3] [-6] [3] orders for hearing to review fiscal year [20] [14] budget [paragraph] chair recognize {^s} chair of committee on pose [AUD] [AUD] and over sight Councilor {^ness} {^a} [KWRAPBLS] on [0] [3] [-6] [2] and [3-6] [3] [STKPWHR-FRPBLGTSZ] Yancy Yancy thank you {,} very much .

191  Mr. President Mr. President .

192  The pose [AUD] [AUD] and over sight committee is winding down activities for calendar year [20] [14] .

193  We've examined mows of the departments of the city government Moore than [-8] {^%} of the [2] point [-7] billion{}dollars budget .

194  I want to thank the add [PH-RGS] for there cooperation .

195  This has been {a^} arduous process on boat [SAOEUPBTSDZ] shared number of hearings of the pose aught [TKEUT] and over sight committee .

196  Mows renal {^ly} we reviewed the boss done redevelop .

197  Authority and {&E.} #M{.} {&I.} [KR-FPLT] and I want to change it Councilor particular familiar for participating [234] that hearing .

198  We also will the opportunity to review the lead [TKER] ship and [EBG] [EBG] {^tive} compensation for the Boston public [HRAOEUBS] [HRAOEUBS] .

199  We've take {en^} {a^} look at some grants regarding the vocation {^inal} educational objectives of the bon ton bub lick [HRAOEUB] [HRAOEUB] {,} and our final hearing for the calendar year is going to be infection use it use it {,} the [1-6] the of December {,} ten amount of [PH-FPLT] in these chambers and tat we're going to look at the closing out of fiscal year [2] [13] and hopeful {^ly} {,} at lease on policewomen close out numbers for [2] thousand [14] .

200  So I want to thank particularly the central staff .

201  And my staff for all the work that they've put into this and now {^ive} Moore to say on the top pick at our very infection Councilor meeting .

202  So I ask that these matters remain in committee .

203  [paragraph] [SAEUPBG] docket [0] [3] [-6] [2] and [3-6] [3] will {re^} plain in the committee on pose audit and over sight .

204  [STKPWHRE] [OFRDZ] the following order for {a^} hearing regarding school safety {^ity} and [KR-FPLT] okay{.} [P-FPLT] sing [-9] [1] [1] tech normal I go .

205  [STKPWHR-RPBLGTSZ] chair recognize {^s} Councilor Flaherty .

206  [paragraph] thank {,}you Mr. President Mr. President .

207  I rise to commend my colleague and share chair of public safety {^ity} for working with me on {.}this .

208  Cop sing [-9] [1] [1] [PHOPBTS] ago {:} it's actually {a^} year ago where by [TH*EF] this very interesting software that [-L] give realtime {e^} {a^} [HRERTSZ] .

209  Response {^ing} officers swells {^s}{a^} go{.} [P-FPLT] {.}is locate Ted and print out school floor plans {^tive} shoot [TKER] to aid please in there responses critical the {e^} jack {^uation} so know need to remind anything in{.} [2] [KPWRAOERS] and and of the tragedy [SKWREUBG] incident at San San hook El them try .

210  I [STPHAOE] you see in the first whereas it [KAEUTS] where we were in terms ever incidents not {^us} in Boston across the country .

211  But that was update Ted .

212  December [2] thousand [14] [3] [2] [-9] incidents ever school emergencies collude {^ing} [-6] five shoot {^s} [2-6] [4] [THREFRTS] and [STPHR-FRPLTS] - - fortunate hearing in Boston but like [-FRG] else we want to make sure we've the Bess tools and cape [ABLS] in the eye vents of {a^} incident [SOEFPLT] so cops can come see Councilor Murphy and I oo and we {en^} courage them to get out and make there press {^es} known and reach out to the [PHREPT] swells the school department and they've done that{.} they've done there home work and due dill dill .

213  Tell us that one we received clearly {^ly} that I think it's Moore than this Councilor had {a^} opportunity to view this tech normal I go {,} this software so id a my hope we've {a^} {ex-^} indict Ted [HAOERLG] to ascertain whether this tech normal [-FRPL] makes sense for Boston and will it .

214  Tools for our please Boston {^s of} .

215  Response terse in the event god for bid we've {a^} situation here in the city where this tick tech normal I go needs to be [PHROED] so I look forward to {a^} hearing and {^ential} courage my [KWHRAOEGS] to sign on and once again thank Councilor Murphy {^s}{a^} chair for helping sort of guide in the process by which cops Inc. -- it reminds me of similar tech normal I go that start Ted before it was bod {^ed} with one of our form {^ener} short spot not taking advantage of take {^ic} who would have [THOUT] that so the shot spot [STERS] .

216  Moore people and Munir communities want Moore shot spot terse that {a^} [KOUT] tick tech normal I go .

217  This is something in the similar signs if week get this here in our city it'll be {a^} mod dill and several other states across the country .

218  I know knew knew Tex tag urge urge and even closer to home sawing Gus mass have take {en^} full advantage of this and it'll be nights to see if week get something like {.}this thank {,}you Mr. President {Mr.-|}  [paragraph] Councilor Mr. President Murphy [paragraph] thank you {,} Mr. President {Mr.-|}  .

219  I want to thank my vice chair of the public safety {^ity} Councilor Flaherty for [HRAOPG] me in on {.}this in the very [TKPWHEUPBG] .

220  Its {^'} {a^} sad fact of life in America {^ed to} that in [20] [14] we'd [13] [1] incidents of school shoot {^s} across this country .

221  And whap can [WAOEU] say about that other than {^s}{a^} {a^} society and city {,} we need to protect kids in schools from someone who wants to do them harm .

222  And the quick {^es} way for us to safe lives is to get to {a^} situation {^s}{a^} quickly {^s}{a^} possible .

223  We node {&e} know fire response time {,} ambulance response time .

224  Please response time .

225  Is always critical doctoring {a^} pub hick safety {^ity} issue .

226  And this tick [SHOFT] ware cuts response time Moore than in half in the event {^s}{a^} Councilor Flaherty says {,} god for bid something like sandy hook should come to the streets or to the schools of Boston {:} we don't wish it .

227  We don't want {.}it we hope it never happens but if it happens we muss be {^s}{a^} prepared {^s}{a^} anybody to deal with it .

228  And this software is remark able .

229  I want to thank Councilor [PH-R] familiar for bring {^ing it} to my attention and we suggested jointly that's city Councilor take {a^} look at {.}this because it would very [TKPHAOERL] {^ly} cut response time in half and be {a^} open flow of communication to those first response [TKERS] to {a^} situation {^s that} change {^ing} minute by minute within {a^} public school .

230  And information is valuable and this soft swear would guide us to the place where we need to to be to afford the mows protection for our kids .

231  And I hope it's {a^} [TKOP] Ted rat some point by the please department and school department in Boston [TPWHRAOUT] use [SPEUS] {^s} of the spare but {a^} first good step sa airing hearing in the sit it {^ity} Councilor and {im^} proud to join Mike [TKPHRAR] familiar here and I look forward to holding {a^} [HAOEURG] in the infection [-8] or nine days prior to the clock rung out here .

232  Thank {,}you Mr. President Mr. President .

233  [STKPWHR-FRPBLGTSZ] Councilor [President|Pressley] {:} [paragraph] thank I {,}you Mr. President Mr. President .

234  I rise to commends the make [KERS] and ask to have my name added .

235  This is {a^} tool and tech normal I go we should certainly {^ly} explore to {en^} sure the safety {^ity} of it our entire school community tease and I would argue at lease based conception {^ule} in this moment here seems to be {a^} [PWER] {de^} [TAOERPBT] in defense this earlier this year with pepper stray this is something {^s that} much smart ter and [2K3W50D] to explore .

236  So I wish to have my name added and commend the [PHRAEUBG] [KERS] .

237  [linebreak] [linebreak] [linebreak] [President|Pressley] Yancy Linehan Baker {,} Ciommo {,} LaMattina and Councilor O'Malley .

238  {:} {:} {:} docket [1-8] [-6] [0] is {a^} [SAOEUPBDZ] to the committee on public safety {^ity} .

239  [linebreak] Councilor O'Malley [PHAOFS] suss suspension {^s} of the makes .


241  - halls [THOFP] - [STHAO] [EULS] nay [TH-T] advice to [-PBTS] docket [1-8] [-6] five is passed {:} [paragraph] clerk clerk docket number [1-8] [-6] [-6] {,} Councilor Linehan for Councilor Yancy [paragraph] Councilor Yancy [KWRAPS] [PHAOFS] suss suspension of the rules {^age} package ever docket [1-8] [-6] [-6] - the Ayes have it and docket [1-8] [-6] [-6] is passed [paragraph] docket number [1-8] [-67] Councilor {in^} Lynn for Councilor Murphy [paragraph] Councilor Murphy [PHAOFS] suss suspension of the rules {^age} package of .

242  - Ayes have it ability docket [1-8] [-67] is passed [paragraph] docket [1-8] [-68] Councilor Linehan for Councilor Murphy [paragraph] Councilor Murphy [PHAOFS] suss suspension of the rules {^age} docket [1-8] [-68] [linebreak] [STKPWHR-FRP] dodge dodge dock [1-8] [-68] has passed [paragraph] could [TKOUBG] [TKOUBG] [1-8] [-689] - Councilor Murphy [OFRDZ] the [TPORLG] order for the appointment of [TEPL] [TEPL] employ {^eer} June low [PES] isn't the city Councilor .

243  [paragraph] chair recognize {^s} the chair of the committee on rules and add [PH-RGS] Councilor Murphy [paragraph] thank you {,}you Mr. President [PHR-PLT] .

244  The committee on rules and add [PH-RGS] held {a^} public process regarding the replace .

245  Of the city Councilor {re^} certificate .

246  Director which took place from September [20] [14] until lass pry [TPRAO] fry {,} I belief .

247  There were over [-6] [0] ap can't for Mike mick [KOLS] {^'s} job {,} and id asked {^s}{a^} chair of rules -- because it's very company cumbersome for {a^} legs late {^ive} body such {^s}{a^} ours to engage in the staffing process also being -- having the open meeting law apply and we've seen some horrific case {^s} where the open meeting law was actually miss applied in prior [HAOEURS] around here because there were {a^} number of Councilor [SHRORS] [SROLGD] in the process and opens it up to the immediate [KWRAUPL] and make that [3] ring [SERBG] El personnel and [TPHAOUFR] so in order to prevent that type of {a^} sen nar yo interest happening again the committee on rules and add [PH-RGS] designate Ted {a^} group of [3] central staff [TPERS] {,} our staff director days days dill dill .

248  Our staff {a^} attorney kiss teen O'Malley and our staff {re^} [SKWREPGS] [TPHEUS] lore lore [SKET] [SKET] who has aback ground in Bern nel to be {a^} screening committee and knock those six {^ity} odd ap can't down to {a^} group of five .

249  The committee looked at the five final [HREUS] the full .

250  The {^ress} mace of all of them .

251  And they were all very very closely bunched together .

252  All very very Tal Ted dedicate Ted people who would in the commit tease {^'s} opinion do {a^} add [PHEUR] rabble job {^s}{a^} the infection {re^} certificate .

253  Director .

254  The committee [HELT] to {a^} [POERPBL] five of us that it would be {a^} good sign [PHAOFG] forward to promote from within one of our own [WAUPB] Lopez loss along serving of the city Councilor central staff .

255  One was one of the five final [HREUS] was seek {^ing} the promotion and was tightly [TKPWROUPD] with other people of {ex-^} lends caliber .

256  And the rules committee vote Ted you know you know the other day to sport [WAUPB] low [PES] for {a^} mow {&e} promotion here within the city Councilor so before you're asking for {a^} affirm diff vote on the rules committee recommendation {^s}{a^} {a^} personnel order to pro mode pun of are our own [WAUPB] low low {^s}{a^} {re^} certificate .

257  Director of the Boston sit it {^ity} Councilor .

258  - thank {,}you [STKPWHREFRPBLGTS] thank you {,}you Councilor Murphy .

259  Councilor Murphy [PHAOFS] suss suspension of the [RAOULTS] {^age} badge of docket [1-8] [-69] - all those in [TAEUFR] say sigh .

260  Ayes have [T-PBT] {a^} discount dock [1-8] [-69] is pass [-TDZ] [paragraph] .

261  Madam clerk [1-8] [-7] [0] .

262  Dock number [1-7] [0] Councilor [HEUPB] Lynn for Councilor Murphy [OFRDZ] the following order for the appointment of the [TEPL] [PROEU] {^ular} [TPHRAPB] Danielle Shea in the [STEUT] Councilor .

263  [STKPWHRAFRPBLGTS] chair recognize {^s} Councilor Murphy the chair of the rules committee on this appointment .

264  Before we do that {;} {:} want to [WEPL] come .

265  [PWAUPB] [WAUPB] [WAUPB] [paragraph] sore I have for the {inter^} [RUPBGS] .

266  Councilor Murphy .

267  You've the floor .

268  [paragraph] docket [1-8] [-7] [06789] I'd like to {^us} say ditto .

269  But I can't .

270  It was the same application process {a^} different position legs late {^ive} assistant wives temporarily {^ly} held by add son {co-^} El held threw this budget cycle and we'd over {a^} hundred ap can't and the same committee .

271  And days days {de^} {de^} Chris Chris O'Malley and lore lore [SKET] [SKET] nar rode it down to five final lice the each of hom had {ex-^} [PEPGS] {^inal} quality 'tis and character ter and cape abilities and each of hom could have done the job the committee in {re^} [PHAOUG] of five chose Dan Dan Shea over wedge whether I - his resume for you're review .

272  Ed worked part-time for form [PHER] Councilor John Connelly and had some familiar yar {^ity} with the Councilor and how it works [-FPLTS] again the cal bar of these folks was out stand {^ing} and {^s}{a^} chair of the committee on rules {,} we took {a^} vote the other day and we're recommends {^ing} that Danielle Shea be {hydro^} for there position .

273  There are other final [HREUS] [HREUS] the for boat positions and now we're searching for {a^} senior legs late {^tive} and [HREUS] since we've pro mows Ted from within and {im^} recommends {^ing} {^s}{a^} well those those other final [HREUS] the be fun [TPHELD] into that process because they were so good .

274  And at this point docket [-8] Danielle Shea to the city Councilor .

275  Thank you .

276  [paragraph] suss suspension [-FRT] rules {^age} package ever docket [1-8] [-7] [06789] all those in favor say Aye .

277  All oppose {^ed} nay .

278  Ayes have [TAPBT] docket [1-8] [-7] [0] has passed [paragraph] madam clerk before you [PHAOF] on .

279  I {^us} want to take {a^} moment to con grad late and thank Councilor Murphy on what can be {a^} diff task .

280  But supposing {^ly} to thank the staff of lore lore Chris Chris and day days days for purchaser viewing [1-6] [0] applications {,} to come up with the Bess people for us .

281  In the committee rules hearing which Councilor Murphy chaired {,} we grilled them and asked them all the hard questions .

282  They'd all the answers .

283  They create Ted {a^} met tricks .

284  They set .

285  It up so it was the prose in our recommend .

286  Here in the Councilor gave us the Bess opportunities so {^ed to} I want to con grad late that team the committee of the rules commit tease and look forward to working with Dan and [WAUPB] in there knew compass tease here in the Councilor .

287  Thank you {,} Matt clerk .

288  [paragraph] docket number [1-8] [-7] [1] .

289  Councilor Linehan [OFRDZ] the following order for the appointment of [TEPL] [TEPL] employees in the city Councilor .

290  [STKPWHR-FRPBLGTSZ] Councilor similar [PHAOFS] suss suspension [-FRTS] rules {^age} package .

291  [-FPLTS] [STPAEUFR] say Aye .

292  All opposed nay the Ayes have [TAPBT] docket [1-8] [-7] [1] has passed [paragraph] docket number [1-8] [-7] it Councilor Linehan about for Councilor Zakim .

293  Councilor Zakim [PHAOFS] suss suspension of the rules and Councilor Ciommo [PHAOFS] suss suspension of the rules {^age} package of docket [1-8] [-7] [1] {&p} all those in favor say Aye .

294  Aloe pose {^ed} nay .

295  Vice it {^ant} docket [1-8] [-7] [3] has passed [paragraph] docket number [1-8] [-7] [4] .

296  Councilor Linehan for Councilor LaMattina [paragraph] Councilor LaMattina [PHAOFS] [SPEUPBGS] of the rules {^age} package of dodge dodge [1-8] [-7] [4] .

297  All those in favor say Aye .

298  All those opposed {^is} docket [1-8] [-7] [4] has passed [paragraph] docket number [1-8] [-7] five {:} Councilor Linehan for Councilor LaMattina [paragraph] Councilor LaMattina [PHAOFS] suss suspension of the rules {^age} package ever docket [1-8] [-7] five all those in favor say Aye .

299  Although {^ose} posed nay .

300  Vice in docket [1-8] [-7] five has passed [paragraph] Mr. President Mr. President .

301  {^us} one moment .

302  [paragraph] thank {,}you Councilor Yancy .

303  Hold on one second {re^} [PWHR-FRPBLGTS] - [paragraph] docket [1-8] [-7] [3] - Councilor Linehan for Councilor Zakim .

304  Councilor Ciommo [PHAOFS] suss suspension of the rules and package ever docket [1-8] [-7] [3-6789] all those in favor say Aye .

305  All owe those {^ed} .

306  Docket [1-8] [-7] [3] has passed [paragraph] [STKPWHR-FRPBLGTSZ] {^ive} informed by the clerk that there are [4] late filed matters .

307  {:} {^ed to} at {a^} Jen [TKAFPLT] .

308  Matters or so added .

309  Clerk will reed the fares late filed marry .

310  [linebreak] [ORTD] that {e^} reflect {:} Councilor McCarthy Murphy [PHAOFS] suss suspension [-FRT] rules and package ever docket the first late filed marry .

311  All nose if favor say Aye .

312  All those owe peace {^es} .

313  Nay the first late filed marry has been passed [STKPWHRAEFRPBLGTS] in is the {^ity} Councilor Linehan for Councilor McCarthy [linebreak] [12K3W4R*EU6R789S] [STKPWHR*FRPBLGTS] all those in favor say Aye .

314  {.}you {^ose} nose .

315  [STHAEUFLT] it Ayes have [TAPBT] second laid [TPAOEULT] marry has [P-SZ] [linebreak] [paragraph] {^ler} {^ler} from Councilor Tim [P-FPLT] McCarthy Boston city Councilor strict five {&I.} city Councilor [President|Pressley] Linehan .

316  Deer Councilor [President|Pressley] Linehan please be vice {^ed} that ill not be {a^} {a^} ten dense .

317  Meeting on Wednesday December tent .

318  And Wednesday December [1-7] the [20] [14] .

319  Ill be traveling to {^is} rail the juice {^ish} community regional [-LGS] Councilor for the great ter Boston .

320  Sin material {^ly} Tim [PHREU] [P-FPLT] McCarthy .

321  [linebreak] please price .

322  .

323  [STHAO] its [PHRAER] on file .

324  [STKPWHRE] [STKPWHR*FRPBLGTS] [paragraph] office of the mayor March [SKWR-FPLT] {^ual} {,} to the city Councilor .

325  Deer Councilor [SHRORS] .

326  Ill transmit here with for you're {a^} [PRAOFL] {a^} order extending the sit 'tis {^'s} especially sans of the mass Jen laws chapter [3] [2] about{.} section [1-9] to be effect {^ive} until June June [30] the [20] [20] upon my {a^} [PRAOFL] and execution of {a^} it [KPWR] {en^} agreement with {a^} public employees committee known has [PEFPLT] {&E.} [KR-FPLT] .

327  The [P-FPLT] {&E.} [KR-FPLT] will tin to be the exclusive barring {^ening} rip {^tive} for the coalition of bargaining you know knits and retire Reese of the [SEUB] with respect to [HRELT] insurance coverage until June June [30] [30] .

328  [20] [20] .

329  The agreement {ex-^} fends form .

330  About [REFPLT] [KR-FPLT] agreement and adds further savings estimate Ted to equal approximately [45] million{}dollars over the five years period .

331  It also protects the city against potential federal excise taxes and and it's a [PAEUTS] additional savings threw [TPAOUT] [HELT] insurance procure {^ments} .

332  I urge you're honorable pod did I to pass this at its early [KWRERS] .

333  Important {^ish} {in^} {^ish} {^tive} in [HELT] care {re^} form in the [SEUB] .

334  Respectful {^ly} March [SKWR-FPLT] {^ual} {,} .

335  Mayor of Boston .

336  [paragraph] thank you {,}you madam clerk .

337  Councilor Murphy .

338  [paragraph] thank you {,}you [PHR-P] {Mr.-|}  .

339  I {^us} wanna Ted to remind folks is what this is {^s is} {a^} come years ago form [PHER] mayor men men tried to force the labor unions into {a^} go{.} {&I.} [KR-FPLT] for [HELT] insurance {^ant} city Councilor locked those efforts [-FPLTS] all of us in unison .

340  Blocked those efforts .

341  {^ant} up shot of that {,} our taking that axe to block was the public employ {e^} commission formed {^ant} add [PH-RGS] Tet was force {^ed} into neglect [OERB] {^iate} {^ing} any changes in [HELT] care with the [4] [3] precedents of the menu us pal unions .

342  And that was {a^} good think for our commune menu [KWRAOEUPB] not and this is good news .

343  Mayor {^ual} {,} has take {en^} that process and before it expired has struck anew deal threw [20] [20] .

344  Obviously {^ly} we've to do our if I disturb {^ry} response {^ibility} so it should be send to the property committee and review it but it's {a^} good news piece of axe coming in here and I want to {re^} [3450EU7BD] the folks of the Jen [TPHEUS] {^es} of where it came from .

345  {:} thank you {,}you Councilor Murphy .

346  The forty late filed marry will be placed in the committee on Ways and Means .

347  [paragraph] [paragraph] there are [2] lay filed matters which in ap [SOEPBS] of objection will be added to the consent {a^} Jen [TKAFPLT] hearing and [HAOERPG] no objections the matters are so added .

348  [STKPWHR-FRPLGTSZ] the chair [PHAOFS] {a^} [TKOPBGS] [-FPLTS] .

349  Safer Fay eye .

350  All know {^es} {^ed} [TPHAOFPL] [EUFPLTS] advice it {^ant} Connolly agenda is adopt Ted .

351  It before we've [PHAOF] into member [KWRALS] .

352  I {^us} want to inform folks that we maid {a^} did I significance to [PHAOF] our Christmas parties .

353  It was scheduled for [12] [1-7] .

354  And due to the inability of four Councilor [SHRORS] to be .

355  News years hold on Wednesday January [-7] .

356  The day of our first meeting .

357  I want to make sure Elaine is note stead [paragraph] [paragraph] [paragraph] - I would ask all [TKPWEGS] the .

358  [-FPLTS] to - - [paragraph] [STKPHREFRPLTS] [TPOFRPBLGTS] following individuals individuals [STKPWHRAFRPBLGTS] it's with honor they've the opportunity {^us} to say {a^} few words to on bee half of Councilor Murphy .

359  [paragraph] before I did do that{.} I do want to say that .

360  I want to thank you for showing up here {^ed to} .

361  {under^} these determines {&i} circumstances because we were down to [-8] folks and it was showing up here maid {a^} world of difference {^'} meeting and the {reen^} for Mike [SKWREPBDZ] comment there is that Councilor [PHURS] [PHURS] {^'s} dad Steve [SKWR-FPLT] Murphy junior has passed .

362  He passed on December [-6] the .

363  He was [-8] [3] years old .

364  And he was mar reed to Marjorie for [58] years .

365  And I think it's appeal considering the [1-7] or [1-8] [KWRAOEURS] consideration that Councilor Murphy has maid to this body that we {^us} take {a^} moment to recognize his dad .

366  Steve has [3] siblings {^s}{a^} well .

367  Die and cat lean and Mike [-L] .

368  And so you all know that's services is Thursday at ten at saint pie us church .

369  In mill ton and we provided transportation for any staff members that would like to attend also .

370  Today's services [TKPWAOEUPB] [SHORL] {^ly} at forty at {^ality} dread #M{.} Tom mass funeral home at granite after in mill ton .

371  And Councilor Murphy welcomes and invites all of you to attends .

372  Mows people don't know that Steve {^'} dad was {a^} cop {:} and he was {a^} cop for [14] years {extra^} and his career was ended short due to {a^} disability .

373  And he then went on to put [HEUPLS] threw law school and he became and attorney and he was {a^} form [PHER] district attorney for barn stable county .

374  {^es} {a^} {un^} {&u} proud Korean war veteran in the fave {&i} nave investment and {^'s} [TKPW*EUPB] [TKPW*EUG] big guy like Steve .

375  And very appoint [KWRAPBTS] and opinion {^iate} Ted person {^us} like his son {.}is so we hope that United Kingdom all make the services on bee half of the Murphy familiarly .

376  So that was -- so {^s}{a^} the Councilor {^s}{a^} {a^} whole .

377  Steve [STHAOEF] [SKWR-FPLT] Murphy junior .

378  For Councilor Flaherty huge way way and Paul lean that cam cam [TKPWARS] {^cy} {a^} .

379  For Councilor LaMattina .

380  [AUD] [TKRA] management of Devlin and [SKWROEPBL] [TKPOPB] pew [PAOUT] .

381  For Councilor Linehan Flaherty and Baker .

382  Pat tick mick I can mick Donna and for the chair Sylvie {a^} Sullivan .

383  And for the Councilor McCarthy [EDZ] [KWARD] [W-FPLT] Lynn .

384  And for Councilor Yancy Duane ham son .

385  And for Councilor O'Malley marry gallon begin .

386  [paragraph] {a^} moment of [SAOEUL] lens {,} please .

387  [THAEUPG] {,}you the chair [PHAOFS] that when the Councilor [PHAOFS] {^ed to} it does so in memory .

388  Scheduled to meet against on [PWEPBS] influence December [1-7] .

389  [20] [14] {^age} [20] [14] at [12] owe cloak [SP-FPLTS] {:} {:} all [THOEGS] in favor {^ive} {&I.} Ayes have [TAPBT] Councilor is soy adjourned {:}

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