Sunday, March 8, 2015

cc03042015.txt formatted


Stenograph Record cc03042015.txt formatted
Boston City Council 4 March 2015 Public Meeting

The Stenographic Record of the March 4, 2015 Boston City Council Public Meeting.

prepared by Christine O’Donnell, Esq.
Compliance Director & Staff Counsel
Boston City Council
Boston City Hall
Boston City Council, 5th Floor
tel 617-635-1185
fax 617-635-4203

 [paragraph] [paragraph] today is WednesdayWednesday {,} March [4] {,} [20] [15] .

2  Councilor Baker [-6R789S] here [paragraph] Councilor Ciommo - here [linebreak] Councilor Flaherty - here [linebreak] Councilor LaMattina - here [linebreak] Councilor Linehan - here {!} Councilor McCarthy - here [-6789S] [linebreak] Councilor Murphy - present {!} Councilor O'Malley - present .

3  [linebreak] Councilor [President|Pressley] - Councilor Wu - Councilor Yancy - here .

4  [linebreak] and Councilor same Zakim - here .

5  [linebreak] Mr. President Mr. President {,} we do have a quorum .

6  [paragraph] I have been informed by the clerk that a quorum is present .

7  I would ask at this time for all Councilor [SHRORS] and guests to please rise .

8  Ill ask Councilor public mick to come to the podium to introduce today's [KHRERPBLG] I go .

9  And after {in^} vocation is [TKHREUFRDZ] I would ask all members to remain stand {^ing} and we'll recite the pledge pledge Al which Councilor McCarthy will lead us in .

10  Councilor McCarthy you've the podium .

11  [paragraph] McCarthy mick thank you very much .

12  Mr. President .

13  {^ive} {a^} great honor {^ed to} to introduce my friends marry business business mar cal with all the snow Councilor [President|Pressley] and I were [STPHOEBG] {^ing} that we do knew {&e} need Amir cal {^s}{a^} it'll soon go away we hope {&E.} father McCarthy is {a^} [SROERB] yacht pat pass at [SAEUPBG] Al stomping grounds and my familiar police {^'s} [STPOPL] [-PG] ground {:} barn no Haiti John pos pos miracle .

14  Or [TKAEUPBDZ] {a^} cat cat [PRAOES] in [2] thousand [2] for the Arroyo port prints working .

15  I [KWRAOERLS] in Ma .

16  I par Mauritius director of youth men industry and director of the so-called year of foundation of [TPAOUT] [PRAOES] the .

17  In may of [20] [14] he graduate Ted it with amass [TORS] {^'s} did I grease in social {^et} mix in Boston college {^age} saint Al [APBL] and if in Mattapan dog won thinks in the patient community and leading that back pardon of strict five in {a^} positive and I would like to welcome him to the podium .

18  Thank you {,} father .

19  Is [STKPWHR*FRPBLGTS] thank {,} Councilor McCarthy and thank you're are father miracle .

20  Thank {,}you for being here .

21  [paragraph] I'd like to thank all my colleagues for being so prompt getting back here in time .

22  And you could please add Councilor Jackson and Councilor [President|Pressley] to the role call .

23  [linebreak] [paragraph] in{.} {:} {:} minutes approved {:} {:} - [paragraph] communication [TPR-LS] his honor the mayor .

24  Clerk clerk docket [0] [4] [-7] [-7] [PHOPBLG] for {a^} [PRAOFL] of the home rule peat to the Jen court {in^} titled peat for {a^} [SPEGS] law regarding {a^} act relative to snow {re^} [PHAOFL] pen pen [paragraph] docket [0] [4] [-7] [-7] will be signed to the committee on government operations [paragraph] madam clerk {,} record of pub mick officers and others [STKPWHREFRPBLGTS] [KWHRERBG] clerk dock [0] [3] [-78] communication received [STPR] [ROPBLD] rack rack {a^} sessions {^ing} commissioner of the appointments of brine [TKPAEUPBS] and lose ago ago assistant assessors {:} communication was received [STPR-T] [SKWROEPS] every {&E.} Connolly exec {^tive} director of the Boston retirement bored on the appropriation for financial year [20] [1-6] which menace {^s} July first [20] [15] for none teachers [paragraph] [paragraph] docket [0] [4] [-78] and [-79] will be place {^ed} on file [paragraph] matters recent I herds for possible axe {,} please [paragraph] clerk clerk docket number [0] [3] [-78] [PHOPBLG] authority [-RG] {^ish} shoes of the tax {^es} he empty {re^} [TKPUPBDZ] {^ing} bonds in {a^} principal amount not to excess [-6] five [PHEULDZ] in offered to pay pains principal {re^} [TKEPBLGS] premium if any and [TR-PB] ought bonds or other obligations to be {re^} funds [-PDZ] and cost items of {^ish} shoes of {re^} funds {^ing} bonds [paragraph] Ciommo similar .

25  Thank you {,} Mr. President Mr. President .

26  We held {a^} hearing on Mondayon Monday {,} March second .

27  [KR-FPLT] [TP-FPLT] okay{.} wean seen with swells first {a^} sis constant treasurer Vivian Lee owe provided .

28  .

29  This [-6] five million{}dollars authorization will allow for the add [PH-RGS] to participate in {a^} {re^} funding bond sail {,} take advantage of boss tons {^'s} excellent bond rating and {re^} finance our bonds from {a^} appoint {&u} four point [-6] {^%} rate Ted average rate to [2] point [3] rate {&I.} subject to the potential bond sail {a^} potential of the [-9] point [1] million{}dollars in net savings .

30  Savings are expect Ted to be real {^alized} between financial year [1-6] and financial year [2-9] .

31  I commends the add [PH-RGS] for the for sight to {re^} finance our debt and lock in lower rates to reduce that expense {^ance} remain {&i} contain the same payment timeline .

32  Recommend package of the [0] [3] [-78] .

33  Thank you .

34  [linebreak] [KWR-PBS] [KWR-PBS] Mr. President Mr. President thank you very much .

35  Mr. President Mr. President {^s}{a^} the chairman mentioned we've {a^} hearing in awe thumb and to be quite candid with you {,} Mr. President {,} I was {re^} [HRUBGT] [TAPBT] to vote on this {^ed to} because the add [PH-RGS] at the hearing failed to clearly {^ly} arctic calculate which lone orders are being finance {^ed} .

36  This body is not about to stamp his gnome Mr. President .

37  But this morning I was happy to receive information that I requested mows owe [TP-RBL] {^ly} the statement [WEUS] {a^} [TKOUPLT] that we youse when we go to the bond mark [KET] to explain the youse {^s} of the proposed funds .

38  Because I received that this morning ill be voting for it .

39  However {,} I would ask that's add [PH-RGS] in the [TPAOUT] be Moore thorough in there initial presentation .

40  {^ive} .

41  I scheduled {re^} payments at that tick hearing and that was not step able .

42  But {im^} prepared to vote on it since the add [PH-RGS] did provide some information I found on my desk this morning .

43  Thank {,}you very much .

44  [paragraph] Councilor Ciommo [PHAOFS] acceptance of the committee report and package of [0] [3] [-78] all those in favor say Aye .

45  Doubt the vote [0] [3] [-78] has passed [paragraph] doubt the vote .

46  [linebreak] Councilor Baker - yes .

47  [linebreak] down Ciommo - yes .

48  [linebreak] Councilor [TKPHRAR] familiar - yes .

49  [linebreak] Councilor Jackson - yes .

50  [linebreak] Councilor LaMattina - yes .

51  Councilor Linehan - yes .

52  [linebreak] Councilor McCarthy - yes .

53  [linebreak] Councilor Murphy - yes .

54  [linebreak] Councilor O'Malley - yes .

55  [linebreak] Councilor [President|Pressley] - yes .

56  [linebreak] Councilor Wu - yes .

57  [linebreak] Councilor Yancy - yes .

58  [linebreak] Councilor Zakim - yes .

59  [paragraph] Councilor Zakim .

60  We've {a^} you know animus vote on dock [KET] number [0] [3] [-78] {,} Mr. President .

61  [paragraph] the clerk has informed me that [0] [3-7] [-78] hats passed [AORD] {^ing} think .

62  We'll please note that Councilor [WAOU] is present [paragraph] clerk clerk thank you .

63  [paragraph] [0] [2-678] - go .

64  Schedule of parking fines .

65  [paragraph] [0] [2-67] - ricing to act [0] [2] [-67] remain in committee and I [TKAOEF] fear to lead response sore if he wants to make any [KPHAOEPBTS] .

66  It was {a^} very interesting hearing it happened this pass MondayMonday where the lead response sore is recommends {^ing} we increase finds for people who park in resident spots doctoring residents games .

67  We {a^} we'd {a^} brought ter conversation if it should be something we do {.}it [PWAEUPBG] north and other Venn youse where there are lots of {e^} vents sore potentially to make it atoll able offense .

68  Make it to the construct of the issue {on^} addressing that issue is one that concerns raced of handicap parking abuse and fraud .

69  If wine crease folks from parking in the {a^} resident spot {^s}{a^} opposed to park prognosis and paying in parking lot they'll in term plaque card and not only be taking {a^} residents spot but also be taking very pressure shoes meet terse [STPORTS] that seems to be {a^} problem city Of wide .

70  Very [TKPWAO*D] big discussion .

71  Neighborhood {a^} association {^s} and Councilor Zakim strict along with the [TPWOPBS] Red Sox willing to partner with our transportation department .

72  This may be [ST-G] that we could potentially have {a^} working group on but for the time being ask that it remain in the committee on lead response source other colleagues have away in .

73  Thank {,}you Mr. President .

74  [paragraph] thank {,}you Mr. President {Mr.-|}  I {^us} want to thank Councilor [TKPHRAR] familiar for [KHAEURG] {a^} very informative hearing we've {a^} few members of the community here and I loo look forward to working with Councilor Flaherty and any of my colleagues [HOR] interested in this make sure we've {a^} solution {?} place for the fen way neighborhood Tet of baseball cease son .

75  We hope there'll be .

76  I Moore than [-8] [1] home games this year in neighborhood people out of town are coming in there and not really rye respect {^ing} the resident parking we need to [TPAOEUBDZ] {a^} solution there and {^ix} tight Ted to here from the transportation department they out this was {a^} viable solution and I look forward to getting that done .

77  Thank {,}you {:} docket [0] [2] [-67] will remain in the [KPHAOEUT] at the own government operations [paragraph] [50] [3] [-67] [4] .

78  Order for hearing to schoolhouse [ROEPBGS] {^*ers} {^'s} [TEUPBD] [WAORBG] in Boston .

79  [paragraph] committee on pub public safety {^ity} Councilor Murphy on [0] [3] [-7] [4] [paragraph] Murphy [PHRUR] thank you {,}you Mr. President {Mr.-|}  we held {a^} hearing on this matter yesterday and {im^} recommend {^ing} we that's marry be placed on file .

80  We {a^} exchange with moll moll [PAULD] bald and people from [ROEBG] [KAFPLT] I think [-FRB] nose [ROEBG] {ka^} and the quality of work they do {inter^} disease {^ing} with kids and others thar probably the bad des players in our neighborhoods .

81  And [ROEBG] {ka^} has got {en^} {a^} food hold in Boston .

82  [THEFB] in East Boston for awhile .

83  Start Ted in [KHELS] {^cy} and [PHAOFG] into all of the Boston neighborhoods .

84  And the up shot of the hearing was that's city Councilor and some of our part [TPHERS] in [HELT] care and education would tin {&th} to [STREPBT] then [ROEBG] Kass {^'s} availability to residents in Boston {,} and I want to thank all of my colleagues for attending {,} {a^} gotta hearing and I want to place this matter on file at this time .

85  [linebreak] [0] [2] [-7] [4] will be place {^ed} on file {:} {:} [paragraph] [paragraph] {:} {:} {^}troke [paragraph] motions orders and resolutions .

86  [paragraph] dock [KET] number [0] [4] [-8] [0] .

87  Councilor Linehan [OFRDZ] the following or the for hearing [TO*] regard {&t} to regarding [PWOTS] ton [20] [30] to develop policies and project [EBGTS] to {im^} proof the transportation {in^} [STPRA] [TRAOUBG] tower for sit 'tis {^'s} residents [paragraph] minute minute I appreciate the opportunity .

88  There has been {a^} hearing [ORPBD] .

89  There has been allot of discussion about Fra Fra and whether it's been relate Ted to the chaos around lack ever {in^} {in^} doctoring the snow [STPORPL] and [TPAOUT] talk United Kingdom about the policewomen picks .

90  Boston has already begun {a^} progression {^es} in which we start to think about what our {infra^} Fra will look like and need to look like in [20] [30] .

91  [20] [30] happens to be our [4] hundred dreads birthday .

92  So what I [THOUT] -- they'd {a^} go Boston [20] [30] is something that'll lass for five {,} ten maybe even [15] years .

93  The plan will develop afar reaching vision that proposes transform {^tive} policies and [PROEPBLG] [EBGTS] to {im^} proof transportation for the sit 'tis {^'s} residents businesses and visitors .

94  Of the public {in^} gauge .

95  Is {a^} driving force [HAOEUPBDZ] this plan .

96  Over {a^} six week period they'd the question cam bane and they elect Ted [4] thousand questions from [15] neighborhood stops in January and February .

97  Go Boston [20] [30] will develop {a^} vision report collude {^ing} goals and targets to release in the [STPREUPBG] on [20] [15] and {a^} axe plan they plan to do late ter in [20] [-6] [06789] so I [THOUT] it was wise based on the {in^} {infra^} Fra discussion {^s} for us to bring [20] [30] down and start that discussion to make sure we're at {a^} table and make sure we're drying to [PHAOF] this tick campaign forward and given the importance [P-FT] every importance of {in^} {infra^} Fra [PRAOFPLTS] going forward that this is {a^} time [PHREU] [PHAOEPLTS] to do it .

98  So I would ask that ends up in the appeal committee .

99  Thank you .

100  [paragraph] Ciommo please place docket [0] [4] [-8] [0] to the [SPEGS] committee on transportation .

101  [linebreak] Councilor Jackson {,} Flaherty {,} McCarthy {,} O'Malley {,} [President|Pressley] {,} Wu {,} Yancy {,} Zakim {,} Baker and my name {^s}{a^} well {,} madam clerk {,} and please put docket [0] [4] [-8] [0] in the [SPEGS] committee on transportation public {in^} [PRUBG] [STRAOUBG] {^ture} planning and {in^} [SRES] .

102  [paragraph] dork dork [TKAOBG] dock [0] [4] [-8] [1-6789] Councilor O'Malley [OFRDZ] the following order for hearing to discuss sit 'tis {^'s} spring clean up and sweeping strat I go [paragraph] Councilor O'Malley own [0] [4-8] [-8] [4] [paragraph] O'Malley owe thank you {,} Mr. President Mr. President .

103  For get about [PUBGS] [TAUPB] any fill this morning I saw about half {a^} {in^} .

104  Of {a^} Stewart great where I parked my car and I think that was the sign that our worm [PHER] days will be upon us [KOUPLD] with the fax that it was {a^} balm my [4] [1] did I grease work you think to work and I felt like [THEUFS] in the Bahamas .

105  We're all incredibly well versed on the winter of our {dis^} ton could be tent and ill stop with the met Norse and this mass been the one like lib for the record books that you will though we didn't brake the record I think we'll soon be upon it .

106  [W50E6DZ] had [-8] feet of snow between January [2-8] and February [15] fall in the [SEUB] .

107  And I know this Boyd body particularly Councilor Ciommo and McCarthy had {a^} very important here {^ing} order to [PWAOEL] with the snow {re^} [PHAOFL] and I was proud to sport it {^s}{a^} I think every {^ry} one here was and it's {a^} important discussion to have that week talk about ways to [PWER] {re^} [PHAOF] snow youse knew tech tech and knew [TRAOEUDZ] and true met palette in the pass about{.} [P-FPLT] [KR-FPLT] and men and women hour out there literal {^ly} safe .

108  I wanna Ted to commends from {a^} slightly [TKEUFRPBGT] [AEUPBG] [-L] {^ed to} {a^} snow relate Ted top pick but less [PW-TS] snow out there and what's {^'} [UPBTD] neat it .

109  Create Ted huge snow [PWAEUPBG] awning trash and {re^} psyche bling pick up long delays for gash gash and {re^} psyche bling {re^} [PHAOF] .

110  Tons ever sand rode salt trash and rev fuse litter the sit 'tis streets when it melts .

111  [W-RPBLG] war they're [TEPL] [PRAOUR] apprise .

112  Street sweeping program .

113  I belief the [SW-BS] is going to [SHART] start mar first if I and its [AEUTS] the forty and its [AETS] diff to do so .

114  So I want to talk about what our plan .

115  Attack is for dealing with quite [TPRAEUPBG] {^ly} all of the mess that [-L] be left when these snow [PWAEUPBGS] melt in [TKPEURB] to what's the flooding will look like .

116  We're already seeing it .

117  {un^} press tends amount of snow Tet it's going to melt {&E.} probably soon {^ener} [THRAPB] late ter probably grad did I but {a^} [RAOERL] concerning in terms ever storm trains people's houses base .

118  [-FPLTS] luck ill I people I think were able to I don't think we'd any major roof [TKHRAPS] in the [SEUB] but the nix fear is talking about flooding .

119  There are {a^} whole hose of top picks I'd like to discuss .

120  And from this Boyd did play {a^} role .

121  {^ive} lass {^a} January I talked about the main streets program Councilor LaMattina has been my Boston in the clean [TPWOS] ton task force and I think this is the logical infection step and youse this opportunity and weeks and [PHOPBTS] ahead to talk about how week [PWER] deal with the snow {re^} [PHAOFL] I think we need to have {a^} really soon -- there's {a^} immediacy to this [HAOEURG] order -- to have {a^} opportunity to sit down with our public works department {,} {re^} psyche public [TKPWEPT] ownership sanitation [TPHAS] swells piss {^s} to figure out ways to [PWER] I'd what the needs are going to be and {a^} bier plan of attack for cleaning out the sight {^ity} .

122  [TPWOPBS] shines {a^} tried and true program for mayor men men and now mayor {^ual} {,} .

123  We've know [STHORT] imagine ever civic minds {^ed} folks to make sure the streets are clean but working {^ing} with {a^} {a^} nom {^ably} with all the snow trash and bush [PWEURB] {under^} need it we've to clean than let's youse in [TPWOEUD] to have {a^} conversation to have youse how week work with ow neighbor loads business [STREUBGTS] amounts residents [APBLTS] add {^cate} the [PWAOUR] {^cy} to make sure our clean streets are able to get back in the condition we {de^} certificate of and expect soon {^ener} rather than late ter .

124  I think you for the opportunity {,} Mr. President .

125  I would {^us} ask that whatever wherever this matter is referred soon {^ener} than [HRAEUTD] ter .

126  This is not [PWRAEUPBL] serge you are know major {in^} {^ish} [TEUFS] what can we do to make sure the streets are clean given the [TPWABGT] that this is {a^} {un^} tress Ted clean [THAOEPB] tackle this mountain [TPHAS] problem going forward .

127  Thank you Mr. President Mr. President .

128  [STKPWHR-FRPBLGTSZ] thank you {,} for those met force [paragraph] thank {,}you Councilor O'Malley Councilor Flaherty {:} Flaherty familiar are .

129  Thank {,}you Mr. President .

130  I rise to commends the author and have my name added {^s}{a^} {a^} {co-^} response sore {^s}{a^} along term proponent of year round street cleaning this wok make {a^} efforts in this met [THOD] .

131  With tra [-7] the whereas points out pub public parks playgrounds out door suppose {^s} [PHAEUFB] damaged [PWAOEULT] {ex-^} exemption {&.v} red from [TKOUPLT] {:} [-FRPL] it's true because {im^} getting calls from little league [HRAOELGS] already anticipate {^ing} the condition of there [STAOEURS] and [PHAOFG] there dates back and hopeful {^fully} the author would consider bring {^ing} in sport team [HRAOETD] [TKERS] [AERPB] press [EPBTS] [ARPBT] the city to get there {im^} put make [STHAOUR] we {^s}{a^} {a^} elect Ted owe officials here there [KPERPBS] and keeping the park departments feet to the fire {ab^} getting out as soon as week getting these [TPAOELSDZ] in plague condition for the {out^} of body looking forward to the hearing and home fully {a^} {ex-^} indict stead hearing .

132  Thank you {:} [paragraph] please add Councilor Flaherty Baker Ciommo Jackson LaMattina mick public Murphy [President|Pressley] Wu Yancy Zakim and please add my name .

133  High school baseball spring sports cease son starts on the [1-6] the of [PHAFR] mar .

134  [WEUS] only about [12] days away so it's truly {^ly} {a^} pressing marry but we're going to have to have {^ality} tern {^tive} planning .

135  So thank you for that Councilor mow owe .

136  [STKPWHRE] madam clerk {extra^} personnel orders .

137  [paragraph] do you mean [4-8] [0] [2] - Councilor Linehan for Councilor [President|Pressley] [paragraph] suss suspension {:} rules {^age} package ever docket [0] [4] [-L] [2] .

138  All in [TPHAEUFR] say Aye .

139  Ayes have [TAPBT] docket [0] [4] [-8] [2] has passed [paragraph] I have been informed by the clerk that there are know late filed matters .

140  [STPHR] anybody that would like to pull something from the green [SHAO*ETS] .

141  But tons pressed Councilor Jackson .

142  You know you know consent {:} {:} [paragraph] know take {^*ers} [OPBTS] green sheets .


144  So there are [2] late filed matters with which in absence ever okay will be added to the Connolly {a^} Jen [TKAFPLT] seeing it and hearing no objections the matters are is so added .

145  Chair [PHAOFS] adoption of the season season all those in favor say Aye .

146  All oppose {^ed} nigh .

147  Connolly agenda is adopt Ted .

148  Councilor Jackson .

149  For what purposes you do rise .

150  You know you know Connolly to make {a^} statement .

151  [paragraph] hearing [TPHOEU] objection {,} you've the floor .

152  [paragraph] thank {,}you [SHREFP] .

153  Mr. President Mr. President .

154  I wanna Ted to {^s}{a^} education chair make this body aware that lass night the school committee actually vote Ted on our [STPHAOUP] {&u} knew {super^} superintendent .

155  Doctor Tommy change .

156  And {im^} very threw {^ically} sporting him .

157  I spoke to him this after noonnoon .

158  {^es} [3-9] years old .

159  {a^} young innovate [TOEUFR] young man who start Ted his career at come technology high school .

160  Spent six years there{.} has worked in the chart ter school side of thinks but also came back to the strict school side of thinks .

161  He {,} I belief will be {a^} great dish to the [SEUB] and I think it's really going to be {in^} Kim [PWAPBT] upon this body to make sure [HELS] have {a^} opportunity to meet all of the you felt people and communities tease .

162  I would put forward {a^} discussion San would like top help with that each of the [STKREUBGT] Councilor [SHRORS] arch I love all my at large too{.} but each of the strict Councilor [SHRORS] set up {a^} time in there strict to hose the knew superintendent in the infection {^mont} or so-so week actual I go get {a^} opportunity to of him meet all the of the great people in and [ARPBDZ] the [TKPHAOUPBT] .

163  {^ity} .

164  He has agreed to [THAEPL] .

165  And I would like to welcome him before he gets tick dead find or today {&E.} will happen at some point .

166  Mr. President Mr. President .

167  I also want to {^us} simply want to take the opportunity to give props to one of our teammates and our colleagues .

168  I want to give huge props to Ayanna [President|Pressley] .

169  I got to watch on [KR-FPLT] span [WEUS] Councilor O'Malley {^'s} favored channel .

170  She gave arousing speech {,} and [SAOEFPG] {em^} [HREUS] {^'s} [HREUS] ricing star award .

171  She blew up twit ter and was on stage with form [PHER] representative gab gab give ford .

172  You've done us proud .

173  [REPDZ] the [SEUB] with honor and index [TEUPBGS] and you door it up .

174  .

175  [STKPWHR-PBLGTSDZ] that side haw {^ate} all {,} Mr. President Mr. President [SPWHR-FRPBLGTS] [SPHRE] good Councilor Jackson [paragraph] {^us} to add to Councilor Jackson {^'s} commends comments about the knew superintendent .

176  I want to thank the mayor for allowing Councilor Jackson and I to sit in in the interviews .

177  We'd {a^} interview {,} Councilor Jackson was at all four {,} and I was at [2] .

178  We actually interviewed the superintendent .

179  I mean {,} {^s that} really [PWO*ETS] bodies well for our relationship and [TEUPBD] volume .

180  In the school department and I think the mayor [AERS] choice and I total {^ly} agree -- in {a^} selection you talk about the [TPAOUT] of Boston and United Kingdom see that in Tommy change .

181  The [TPAOUT] of our city .

182  [paragraph] I didn't mean to steel some [250EU78] from you Councilor [President|Pressley] for what are purposes you do rise .

183  [paragraph] Jackson and {im^} remiss .

184  I do also want to thank mayor {^ual} {,} for opening the process for {re^} [SPEUBGT] {^ing} the Councilor and giving the chair its case {^s}{a^} well {^s}{a^} the Councilor [President|Pressley] not only {a^} pro verb [KPWRAL] but {a^} real seat at the table in make United Kingdom this did I significance .

185  I think this is one [-FRT] mows important positions .

186  Also I do want to give {a^} great deal of credit to Mike [-L] owe kneel loss the chair of the Boston school committee and the school committee members for the deliberate of process that [THEFB] threw over the course of [1-8] [PHOPBTS] and returning with great can [TKAT] in Tom Tom change so I want to give credit to the mayor and school committee {^s}{a^} whole .

187  Thank you .

188  [paragraph] Councilor [President|Pressley] for what purposes you do rise .

189  Thank {,}you Mr. President Mr. President .

190  I {^us} wanna Ted to make {a^} come of announcements .

191  So today is March forty {,} so we're four days into [WEUPLS] {^'s} history {^mont} so I wanna Ted to owe [TPERBL] {^ly} acknowledge thus [WEUPLS] {^'s} history {^mont} celebrate ran {^ish} trumpet the [KR-RGS] {^s} of the women .

192  In {a^} marry of days we'll celebrate Ed [TPHEUPBTS] national [PWEUPLS] {^'s} [TKAEUGTS] acknowledging socially economically and politically throughout the world .

193  There's {a^} rot happening this week .

194  .

195  Finally on fry fry we'll be celebrating the fist yet and and ever [PWHROD] did I SundaySunday and there'll be -- so much of us have you know recently been {re^} mine dead of the importance of that pro Tess and ultimately in the {^a} {^ion} rights act .

196  {.}you senator warn and others will be heading to Selma for that anniversary and we do have buses leaving from Boston with young people and El [TKERS] to participate in this fist yet and ran celebration and they need thinks [-FPLTS] so if you would like to make {a^} donation of [TKPWRAP] gran bars writing pads or bot [-PLD] wear or other thinks I think it's {in^} credit {^ible} thinker dog this if you have questions about what's {^'} need {^ed} United Kingdom contact my office .

197  [paragraph] thank {,}you Councilor [President|Pressley] .

198  Councilor press .

199  [paragraph] I would ask all [TKPWEGS] the and all members to please rise {^s}{a^} the Councilor memory of the following individuals .

200  For Councilor LaMattina .

201  Sues San pulp .

202  For Councilor [PHAUR] [PHUR] .

203  Ash Lynn sen nop poll [HREUS] .

204  For Councilor McCarthy .

205  Murphy and [WAOU] .

206  Car ren owe Connor .

207  And for Councilor Flaherty and the chair .

208  Marg get Stein {^ener} .

209  Moment of [SAOEUL] lens {,} please .

210  [STKPWHR-FRPBLGS] thank {,}you .

211  Chair [PHAOFS] when the Councilor [PHAOFS] {^ed to} {:} aforementioned individuals scheduled to meet against on Wednesdayon Wednesday March [1] [1] {,} [12] noonnoon {:} [AUPL] in favor eye advice .

212  Councilor is so adjourned {:} {:} {:} over over {:} {:} [2] [40] {:} STPH-FPLT STPH-FPLT
 {:} {:}

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