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Boston City Council 11 March 2015 Public Meeting

 today is Wednesday {extra^} March [1] [1] {,} [20] [15] {:} {^}troke [paragraph] the clerk will please call {a^} role to ascertain the presence of a quorum [paragraph] clerk clerk Councilor Baker .

2  Here [linebreak] Councilor Ciommo - present .

3  [linebreak] Councilor Flaherty - here .

4  [linebreak] Councilor Jackson - {^down} LaMattina here [paragraph] Councilor Linehan - here [linebreak] Councilor McCarthy - here .

5  [linebreak] Councilor Murphy - here .

6  [linebreak] Councilor O'Malley - present .

7  [linebreak] Councilor [President|Pressley] - present .

8  [linebreak] Councilor Wu - present .

9  [linebreak] Councilor Yancy - here .

10  [linebreak] and Councilor Zakim - here .

11  [paragraph] Mr. President Mr. President we've the majority [paragraph] I have been informed by the clerk that a quorum is present .

12  We'll give the East Boston high school hock I can team {a^} opportunity to get settled here quickly .

13  I would like at this time {,} to ask all [KOUPBS] [SHRORS] and guests to please rise and ill ask Councilor McCarthy to come to the podium to introduce today's [KHRERPBLG] I go {,} and after {in^} vocation is delivered {,} I would ask all members and gets the to remain stand {^ing} {^s}{a^} we recite the pledge pledge of ago ago by Councilor McCarthy .

14  Councilor McCarthy you've the podium .

15  [STKPWHREUPBG] [paragraph] McCarthy mick thank you very much .

16  [PHR-PLT] .

17  {^ed to} {im^} very proud to have {a^} deer friends of about mine Nance {^cy} brace land here .

18  She's from the cat cat house in Ross .

19  First limb time I met Councilor Ma was in public works of {a^} young person who {^ed} been [PHUR] [TKERD] .

20  And her out reach to the community .

21  Her out [RAOEFPL] to so many cultures in our neighborhood of Ross [SPEGS] {^ly} in that ar .

22  Daily year is so important .

23  She's really truly {^ly} {a^} [KAUPBLG] pack tour in that neighborhood .

24  The cash {^ly} house has [3] [PHRAEUPBLG] components {a^} dealt {&E.} {.}is okay{.} will{.} .

25  The second {a^} after school programs boarding kids from the second to six the [TKPWRA*EUT] grades {,} and the third is what I aloud {^ed} to earlier really being {a^} tight part of the neighborhood making sure the [THAEUB] hood stays and one and sis sis Nance Nance and her entire crew do {a^} an bon won job in the neighborhood of Ross {im^} [ROUD] to have her {^ed to} .

26  [SKPWHR-FRPBLGTSZ] [THRAEUPBG] you {,} Councilor McCarthy and thank you cities ter [PHAPBS] Nance brace land .

27  [paragraph] madam clerk please record that Councilor Jackson is here .

28  I would like before introduce our first guess the that id some sham rocks {^s}{a^} {a^} small [TPEUBG] {en^} of my {a^} appreciate [KWRAEUGTS] and something that United Kingdom where over the saint Pat holidays before each of you and we're them {^ed to} or over the holiday cease son but {a^} little gift from hee to to you .

29  So in light of that .

30  My infection guess the is the mayor of county [SKHRAEUR] in ire lands .

31  Recently .

32  {^ive} of {ir^} [REURB] Councilor 'tis has [PHERPBLGDZ] with the sit city municipal {^is} pal 'tis and one mayor so the mayor is the mayor of county .

33  So its a happened in limerick and {a^} hose of other places so we've with us John crow .

34  So John would you please make you're way .

35  {^es} the one with the fancy necklace .

36  [paragraph] so {^s}{a^} I was in Ireland lass year celebrating saint pat tricks day {^es} here in America {&n} celebrating saint pats pats day .

37  Yes we do [-RBLGS] John .

38  {^ive} {a^} resolution on bee half of the Boston [STEUT] Councilor and ill reed it quickly and give you {a^} opportunity to say {a^} few words .

39  So {a^} resolution of the Boston city Councilor .

40  Boston [STEUT] Councilor [TEPBGDZ] its thank you and congratulations to the mayor of Claire John crow and Councilor John crow of six mile bridge was elect Ted mayor of Claire at Councilor did I Councilor June [2-6] .

41  [14] Joan was he row Joe keen any and seconded by the {inter^} pent Jerry [TKPWHREUPB] .

42  Fin Gail Councilor legislator is the Councilor 'tis it out col going deputy mayor will be the own feign Gail mayor over {a^} [TPAO*ER] five year therm of knew authority .

43  So you're like the Councilor [President|Pressley] here .

44  We should change our form of government .

45  Mayor John crow has youse {^ed} his work to help race awareness and donations to .

46  I organization .

47  The mayor held {a^} charity [PWAEUPBG] equity that raced over [25] thousand dollars .

48  Actually it was [24] {,} [-7] your row so cereal [KHR-RL] {^ly} {a^} significant amount of mon any and itches told that he [SAEUPBG] and [PWROUPBT] the house down that tick day .

49  I don't particularly like competent additional so we'll not have John crow sing .

50  Because I he recalled {^es} real good .

51  Whole hardly congratulate crow for his .

52  I years of dedication and commit .

53  To politics and declares Wednesday March [2-6] day here in the [SEUB] .

54  Congratulations .

55  [paragraph] mayor mayor mayor mayor of Claire Claire Claire .

56  [paragraph] things that very much .

57  Indeed and I wants to thank the [President|Pressley] for meeting and it's {a^} [KHRAOUT] hon nor to be here {^ed to} .

58  {^s}{a^} I said we came from county Claire it days ago .

59  The connection {^s} that we've with Boston we're here to nurture them Ann try and do what week [-FPLTS] because there's {a^} right{?} to [SHAPB] [SHAPB] to Boston come dimes of week .

60  [THR-RS] allot of {ir^} [REURB] people in the Boston and {^s that} one of the Reese sons that we chose to come here and the [HOPGTS] that we got the chief exec {^tive} and myself Tom knock and we want to thank you for you're hop Tal {^ity} and hopeful {^ly} the [President|Pressley] will come back infection year to the saint Pat prayed in Claire .

61  Thank you very much .

62  [linebreak] [STKPWHR-FRPBLGTSZ] at this time I'd like to ask Councilor LaMattina we'd like to [SRAOEUPBT] the East Boston high school down all of you .

63  Coaches sport terse theme [PHAEUTS] .

64  [STKPWHR-FRPBLGTSZ] [paragraph] LaMattina LaMattina la thank {,}you Mr. President .

65  It's my honor {^ed to} to welcome my Alma matter to city hall East Boston high school .

66  I graduate Ted ease ease boss boss high school in [1-9] [-78] {,} along long long time ago .

67  But this year the East Boston high school {under^} head coach bob and ton any of the Boston please .

68  Bob and and .

69  They won there first city champion ship since [2] [TKHOU] [-8] .

70  And they defeat Ted Boston lat lat academy [4] to [3] last week to catch {^ture} title .

71  Interestingly {,} when I went to high school .

72  There were [14] hock I can teams in the [SEUB] .

73  [THODZ] {^'} there's four .

74  And our hock I can team {^ed to} {,} the majority are from East Boston but we do have [3] or [4] from Charlestown and we do have one player {,} roach from south Boston .

75  That's on our team and one girl .

76  And so I was telling the hock I can players I remember {^s}{a^} {a^} kid {,} East Boston and south Boston in {a^} room together would not be nice in those days because there were some really good hock I can teams Hyde Park ease ease [KHORLS] [KHORLS] really good hock hock [TAOEPLGS] .

77  I want to thank head coach and and and headmaster for keeping the hock I can program strong in ease boss on this high school .

78  {^s}{a^} you see the kids {^ed to} are all in advertise and something they do at East Boston high school all the kids are parse 'tis pate {^ing} sports very important is they do well in there classrooms and coach and and is always being check {^ing} to make sure they're dog well .

79  But I also at this time want to bring out crystal Ciommo from Charlestown .

80  Where {^s} she .

81  Crystal she's the only female hock I can player in the [SEUB] to play on mail team all boys team from Charlestown and place defense and you don't want to Hess with her .

82  [paragraph] soy very much very much proud of he's Boston high cool and the work they [TKAOFPLT] entertainment I want to remember coach Jess El loss along time coach at East Boston high school who passed away last week [EFPLTS] he was {a^} chock I can coach for [2-6] years at lease Boston high school and he was {a^} [KHARLTSZ] town [TKREPBTS] so we remember coach Jess he El {^ed to} but I want to recognize the team imagine ker Rocco {a^} des sa .

83  .

84  So coach and and please come up here so {^ic} present you acai {^tation} .

85  And before the coach comes up here and actually United Kingdom say it .

86  You've {a^} few words to say .

87  But it's the [SEUB] of Boston resolution .

88  Tuberculosis it resolved that's Boston city Councilor extends its congratulations to East Boston high school hock hock team in recognition of the you're hard are [TPOUT] win in [20] [15] city champion ship and tuberculosis are further resolved that's [PW-PBS] [PW-PBS] it's Bess [TWEUBTS] tour [TEUPBDZ] six and actual lie signed by the [President|Pressley] of the contributes transmit Ted at this time clerk of the [SEUB] and signed by the press president bill Lynn Han and [PHAUR] [PHAUR] even if even if and myself .

89  So con congratulations us to and you're team {,} {a^} {a^} appreciate it .

90  {a^} job well done .

91  Coach coach coach thank {,}you I won't take too much of you're time but we're trying to get Moore mon any in the at let ticks in Boston .

92  I want to thank my coaches Dennis Ben Ben junior and {^ever} ar nel la and also that this team also had {a^} fund race {^ster} at the beginning of this year racing the name [2] [THOUPBDZ] {under^} the name of the Al on this any Al ban know legislator hip at East Boston .

93  Of the team played for {on^} and Al and [-FRB] wore on there hell hell Al stick ter and dee kale and I think it pushed us over the edge .

94  So thank you .

95  [paragraph] aid like to invite all my Councilor [SHRORS] up for {a^} picture .

96  Witness witness witness [PW-PBS] [PW-PBS] [PW-PBS] [PW-PBS] [PW-PBS] [PW-PBS] [PW-PBS] [PW-PBS] [PW-PBS] [PW-PBS] [PW-PBS] [PW-PBS] [PW-PBS] [PW-PBS] .

97  [PW-PBS] [PW-PBS] .

98  Wit sit sit [S-BG] [S-BG] [S-BG] [S-BG] [S-BG] [S-BG] city Councilor chamber city Councilor [S-BG] [S-BG] [S-BG] [S-BG] [S-BG] [S-BG] city Councilor [S-BG] [S-BG] [S-BG] [S-BG] [S-BG] South Carolina South Carolina [S-BG] [S-BG] [S-BG] [S-BG] [S-BG] [S-BG] [S-BG] [S-BG] {:} [paragraph] [TPOET] tow take {en^} {:} {:} [STKPWHR*EFRPBLGTS] [paragraph] [paragraph] thank {,}you Councilor LaMattina coaches headmaster and stud debts and hock I can team for the great efforts they pro vit dead this [HAO*ER] year {^s}{a^} the city Of hock I can chapel [KWROPBS] .

99  If there are know corrections to be maid the minutes of lass meeting will stand approved .

100  Hearing and seeing no objections the minutes are so approved .

101  .

102  Communication {^s from} his honor the mayor {,} madam clerk {,} please .

103  [paragraph] [0] [4] the five .

104  [PHOPBLG] authority {^ing} [SEUB] transportation department to accept and expends grants from the mass choose department of the transportation {,} mass dot {,} in {a^} amount not to exceed [3] [PH-L] [159] thousand [4] hundred and [3] {^ed} to fund {a^} mar juror {^ity} of the face one design {on^} edge nearing services for the rut they're ford after {im^} [PRAOFPLT] project [EBGTS] [paragraph] [0] [4] [-9] five will be assigned to the committee on sit neighbor neighbor and vet vet [paragraph] [4-9] [-6] [PHOPBLG] authority {^ing} the [SEUB] to submit to the mass choose school building authority the statement of interest for its accelerate Ted Lee [PHAEURS] program for the court ter development day care school .

105  [paragraph] so dock net [0] [4] [-9] [-6] will be assigned to the committee own education .

106  [STKPWHR-FRPBLGS] the meet egg will be back in session .

107  [0] [4] [-9] [-6] will be assigned to the committee on ways and means .

108  [paragraph] record of the public officers and others {,} madam clerk .

109  Please [4] [-9] [-7] .

110  Communication was received from the Boston rye [TAOEURPLT] bored regarding consideration of retire Reese does of living at muss .

111  And base increase known {^s}{a^} cola for financial year [1-6] [paragraph] [0] [4-9] [-8] .

112  Notice was received from the mayor of the appointment of Lyssa solely to service trustee of the Boston ground wear truss for {a^} term eggs [PAOEURG] March first [20] [1-7] [paragraph] dock number [0] [4] [-9] [-9] .

113  Notice was received from the mayor of the appointment of Charlotte move [TPETS] to Boston grounds wear truss and docks dock [TPHUPLT] [0] [4] [0] [06789] communication was received from the for the port {a^} pointing [*R] association [KWRATS] regarding notes of project change for the clip [PWER] ship war of development project [EBGTS] .

114  [paragraph] [0] [4-9] [-9] [-7] threw docket [0] five [0] [0] will be place {^ed} on file [paragraph] matters [RAOEPBTS] {^ly} heard for possible axe {,} madam clerk clerk .

115  [paragraph] [0] [4] [2] [1] .

116  Order for hearing to discuss additional [-9] [1] [1] data for faster Moore effect {^ive} response .

117  [STKPWHR*EFRPBLGTS] [0] [4] [2] [1] .

118  We held {a^} hearing yesterday on dock docks [0] [4] [2] [1] {^s with} Councilor Flaherty and my [TPAOEUS] chair and eye are holding to try to make [-9] is [1] response time did I minute niche it and reduce it in the [SEUB] by youse {^ing} knew [ABG] {&e} tech knowledge tease that were not available when our enhanced [-9] [1] [1] sis [TKEPL] was put together {a^} few [WAOERS] ago at short ter [TPHRAS] sa .

119  This tick {&E.} [-9] [1] [1] flat [-RPL] po form would allow for Moore information at point ever contact .

120  So it would develop for each sell phone and mows of these calls are coming in on sell phone directly to pos ton they would have {a^} profile for the person loss calling {under^} the name .

121  They would have medical information .

122  If somebody is {a^} allergy [SKWREUBG] to the certain medication it would be on there .

123  If there's {a^} pet on the promise it would be there .

124  Additional information .

125  It might say if it's {a^} build {&i} big building like [EUPBLT] national place {,} what Flor the person is calling from in case it was fire .

126  So it would get emergency response [TKERS] to the seen quick [TKER] and we off ten [TOEPLD] and know that's quick ker the response the [PWER] chance lives can be [SAEUFD] so Councilor Flaherty I want to commends him this is the second for [2] hearing to be held and [WAOEU] {&w} we put forward products that hopeful {^ly} the school department and please building and residences safer if week adopt this type of tech normal [TKPWEUFPLT] thank {,}you [PHR-FPT] Mr. President .

127  This matter will be placed on file at this point .

128  [paragraph] thank {,}you Councilor Murphy .

129  [30] [4] [2] [1] will be place {^ed} on file {!} message authority {^ing} please commissioner to accept and expends funds {ever^} fifty thousand dollars from the exec {^tive} office of [HELT] and human human certificate certificate department department for public hem for the purposes of sporting {^inal} {^inal} Mark [paragraph] Murphy [PHRUR] thank {,}you Mr. President .

130  Docket [0] [24-6] we'd {a^} committee meeting yesterday and at this point in time {im^} rec {^ing} the package of [0] [24-6] so each Ann every {^ry} please vehicle and moreover not {^us} vehicles bicycles moat [SAOEUBGS] {^less} can have the and it {^ity} dote nar can on the person to get -- if there's {a^} over dose [KURG] and we heard these problems they've brought to our attention in prior years .

131  There's now mon any available from the state to hem funds this and I recommend [WAOEU] accept and mon any and take that to safe lives {:} Jackson jack thank you very much {,} Mr. President Mr. President {,} I actually wanna Ted to speak on the prior issue but I do think than it being available to {^s}{a^} .

132  I [TRAEUPBDZ] people {^s}{a^} possible is critical annular sown is alive saving drug that knocks the opiate off of the opiate {re^} accept tour and actually allows people to live but it's {a^} really important drug .

133  And I want to thank Councilor Murphy for bring {^ing} up {&E.} [-9] [1] [1] .

134  We've to figure out [-9] [1] [1-6789] we've {a^} resident of Roxbury who recently died because his phone was purchased in knew bedford .

135  Ed anew bedford phone number so when his wife [PEUBGDZ] up {a^} phone to dial [-9] [1] [1] .

136  It went to [-9] [1] [1] knew bedford and [125EU9] please and Boston please .

137  And then Boston please department and {&E.} [PH-FPLT] {.}is and they couldn't find the home .

138  So I think it's absolutely critical in this day and age that we're able to cut throughout chase and we actually have {a^} [-9] [1] [1] system that connection directly based on the actual tower rather than where the phone call is locate Ted .

139  Sell phone and it does to the state please .

140  We need {a^} direct [-9] [1] [1] system and we need {a^} smart ter [-9] [1] system that remembers and this is [THAOUL] {^ly} for people [HOR] chronically ill this makes allot of expense and this makes even Moore sense so I want to thank Councilor [PHUR] newer on Hess lied [TKER] ship on mick {^ing} the city safer .

141  Thank you .

142  [paragraph] thank {,}you Councilor Jackson .

143  Thank you {,} Councilor Murphy .

144  I carry the and dote nar con with me in my briefcase .

145  It's very simply to administrator .

146  [3] done throughout nose and you may safe somebody's lives .

147  We're rung into people intoxicate Ted and over dosing [ARPBDZ] her her an open [KWRATS] still so it wouldn't be {a^} bad eye dee .

148  So Councilor Murphy [PHAOFS] accept answer of the committee [ROERT] and package ever docket [0] [24-6] hall oppose nay ice center it and [0] [24-6] has pass {^ed} [paragraph] [linebreak] [0] [3-7] [4] [3] .

149  [PHOPBLG] authority {^ing} [SEUB] to accept and expend funds from the United States department of Homeland Security {^ity} port tutor {&u} security grant program financial year [15] in the amount of [4] hundred and [-7] [2] thousand five [HUPBDZ] .

150  This grant was maid for the purposes ever designing and construct {^ing} anew dock fa [SEULTS] for the Boston fire mar {reen^} [paragraph] chair recognize {^s} the chair on public safety {^ity} Councilor Murphy on [0] [3] [4] [3] [paragraph] thank {,}you Mr. President Mr. President .

151  We've the hearing on [0] [3] [4] [3] along with [0] [24] [4-6] [-FPLTS] deputy chief geron geron [TPOPB] [TPOPB] from the Boston [TPAOEURP] department was here .

152  He {ex-^} [PHRAEUPBGD] that this grant of [4-7] [2] thousand dollars is it actually paying for [-8] [0] {^%} of anew dock [WEUS] to be built right at the spot of the current dock [WEUS] maid out of concrete .

153  And is not really up to code pour snuff for the Boston fire department now .

154  So we're getting [-8] [0] {^%} of it from fed fed Homeland Security {^ity} funds the other [20] thousand dollars is coming out of the sit 'tis {^'s} capital budget .

155  And it would be {a^} vase {im^} [PRAOFPLTS] on what they're youse {^ing} right now and would be able to house not only the [-7] [0] foot knew boat that we sent for the city and Homeland Security {^ity} but spends about [14] million{}dollars on it it would [HR-GS] house the diving boat {^ant} old fire boat there on premise on [KRERGS] street in the north end .

156  So I [PHAOF] acceptance of the committee report and package so that week get {^et} design face of this to begin right away .

157  Thank {,}you Mr. President .

158  [paragraph] thank {,}you Councilor Murphy .

159  Councilor Murphy [PHAOFS] acceptance of the committee report and package of docket [0] [3] [4] [3] .

160  All those in favor say Aye .

161  All oppose {^ed} nay .

162  The Ayes have it and docket [0] [3] [34] has passed [paragraph] [0] [3-79] .

163  [PHOEPBLG] authority {^ing} the offers of the {en^} {en^} {en^} gun open space to accept and expends grant of [3] [PH-L] six hundred and [-8] [3] thousand dollars from the mass choose department of the {en^} I go {re^} (inaudible) {^ality} tern {^tive} {en^} I go division community clean edge I go {re^} sill sill project .

164  [paragraph] {en^} {en^} and parks Councilor O'Malley on docket [30] [3] [-79] [paragraph] O'Malley thank {,}you Mr. President .

165  The {en^} {en^} and parks committee held {a^} public hearing [KWRETD] use it use it March [TEPBTS] regards {^ing} {a^} [PHOPBLG] authority {^ing} the sit 'tis office of {en^} {en^} {en^} {en^} and open space to accept and expend {a^} grant of [3] point [-6] [-L] million{}dollars from the mass choose department of {en^} {en^} {re^} source {^s} {re^} (inaudible) and {^ality} tern {^tive} division community clean {en^} I go {re^} sill [KWREPBS] {^cy} {in^} {^ish} {^tive} project .

166  Clearly {^ly} this state is known for having concise and pit think bran .

167  Lace .

168  [SKWROES] [SKWROES] lieu reduce reduce distribute Ted finance imagine {er^} testified alongside bob [PWEURB] show sport at Boston medical center .

169  [SEUFPLT] {^ity} will youse these funds to {un^} update sustain able tech normal I go men men campus .

170  Of the grant will funds Inc. nearing controls electrical switch gyre and wiring acquired to operate [2] [PHREG] watt heat and power unit at the about{.} [PH-FPLT] [KR-FPLT] men men exam pus net {e^} vents of the power out {^itage} .

171  About{.} [PH-FPLT] #M{.} will about ban an know city [TKPUPBDZ] will be acquired to complete the project .

172  The total does of there project is [15] million{}dollars this [TKPWRAFRPBTS] covers {^us} about [3] and half million{}dollars {:} this is where it gets interesting .

173  We'd {a^} similar grant allowing for tech normal I go for solar powered generate [TORS] at [4] community sen it terse obviously {^ly} public project .

174  [-RPBLGS] this is {a^} high bride of the [2] boss [PWOPBS] an bon upon men men exam pus {on^} back up power and the {reen^} why the grant was ward {^ed} and speaking about it to all of you today is this is the pub public [PRAOEUFRT] in partnership in the truce {^es} [SKEPBS] of the form .

175  {,} wired {&I.} .

176  Back up {re^} source us from the renal {^inal} communications structure ton north and hom street {a^} across the [STPRAOET] [STPR-T] men men campus {.}it this is port {^.^} following functions in case of emergency .

177  [TPWOPBS] public [HELT] commission merge they'll commune {^ition} {ka^} {^s} {&E.} [PH-FPLT] {.}is .

178  [TPWOPBS] op cal infection webbing public safety {^ity} rated [KWROEFPLT] .

179  [TPWOPBS] fire department {en^} I go communications .

180  And Boston please department emergency communications swells is the city Of shot spot ter tech normal [TKPWEUFPLT] so again should there be {a^} natural disaster or some other large cat [TROFT] pick event sit it {^ity} obsolete at lease for our [PHEURPBLG] {^cy} medical about{.} [P-FPLT] #M{.} and source .

181  This is allow us to have aback up generator partnership and great think this is {a^} win-win all [RARPBD] win for Boston medical center and clearly {^ly} {a^} win for [SEUBT] and look [TPHAORD] to tinge to partner with the [STPAEUT] and our office of {en^} I go and {en^} {en^} and open space and {en^} {en^} know tax pairing mon any been awarded this grant so I urge all of my good colleagues to vote favorably present [THREU] .

182  Thank you - Councilor [STKPWHR*FRPBLGTS] [paragraph] Councilor O'Malley [PHAOFS] accept answer [-FRT] committee report and package of [0] [3] [-79] all those in favor say Aye .

183  Eye .

184  Ayes have it and docket [0] [3-79] has passed .

185  [paragraph] docket [0] [4] [-7] [-7] [-FRPL] [3407B8G] {^age} order for the {a^} [PRAOFL] of the home rule peat to the Jen court {^ine} titled peat for [SPEGS] law [RART] {^ing} {a^} act relative to snow {re^} [PHAOFL] pen Al 'tis .

186  [paragraph] [PHUR] Flaherty Flaherty [0] [4] [-7] [-7] .

187  Thank {,}you Mr. President {Mr.-|}  we'll held {a^} hearing yesterday well attend bide our colleagues here and at this time {im^} recommends {^ing} package in anew draft .

188  We [HERT] from [KPHEGS] anywhere den hi of code enforce .

189  .

190  Heard the concerns from the [TWEURBTS] and got [TREPL] bus feet back from the colleague as a result have put together anew draft that clearly {^ly} states the intention of this home rule peat [WEUS] to race the maximum fine for commercial {en^} {^ity} 'tis of {re^} [PHAOFG] snow [SHRUFP] or ice from there property and putting back [TPHAOTS] city streets .

191  [STKA*EUT] state law currently provide {a^} maximum fine ever snow {re^} [PHAOFL] for [3] [HUPBDZ] {:} increase the maximum pen pen up to [15] must understand .

192  Knew drafts excludes property own {^ener} with building of six you know knits or let [PHAEURS] {^'s} transmit Tal {^ler} it's {a^} [2] face process first face is he is sends {^ing} this up the legs late {^ture} to get the ability to up the limb [PHEUTS] of what we consider to be antiquate Ted because it's not {a^} dee [TAOERPBT] for commercial {en^} {^ity} [TREUS] that we saw [SWAUT] the [KHARL] length the public works were dealing with and all of our phones were fringe residents looking for snow {re^} [PHAOFL] and you saw [PHROUPBDZ] growing from five to ten to [20] feet and clear that intersection only to within hours late ter {a^} private entity would be finds {a^} per spot to dump there snow .

193  So then the second face would be [TPHE] allow us the ability to lift the cap {^ing to} up to sa [15] [HUPBDZ] we {^s}{a^} the Councilor would have to make {a^} code change {^s}{a^} well by the of the am cat tour guys to make sure we're protecting residents repeat offense diverse but really track down those cause {^ing} allots of problems .

194  And why we're looking to {ex-^} indict is the legs {^ulation} {^ture} compliment cal budget {^ite} Thames right now snow and ice provision {^ance} its [AETS] important that we get this matter before them to to be added to be ready for the [STPHO*E] infection snow cease son .

195  With that [TPWHEU] questions to the chair really [SARLTS] of that hearing that we held and the feet back we got from colleagues from making sure that we're protecting residents [-FPLTS] this isn't about going after those that threw fiscal limb facing {^s} because they don't have the ability to get out and rye [PHAOF] snow and ice this is clearly {^ly} Griffin {^ing to} after those cause {^ing} aloft problems in our office Ann phone call from so great work on bee half of the {inter^} government relations [-FPLTS] James {^age} Jake and Tim Sullivan worked {ex-^} [SRAOEPL] {^ly} hard Chris Chris O'Malley working with the law [STKEPT] [TKPWEUFB] that [KWHE] you came to the hearing lass night you were reading what was in front of us and anticipate Ted .

196  Watching from home who was sick but was sends {^ing} in feet bang and you probably [THOUT] you were at it different hearings so great effort on bee half of the aforementioned and go after spirit and attention of what we're trying to accomplish here Ann working with the mayor took advantage of the high amounts of snow to {re^} [PHAOF] snow and ice from private companies from corporations and to dump those back into the streets of boss tons and preventing our [TAOEFPL] of money lick [WOERBGS] and code enforce .

197  Of dog there job .

198  In the same token you talked to residents still some streets that you're still seek large amounts ever snow and pub public works {re^} double and [KWAU] [TKRAOUPL] there efforts snowfall but they also now had to keep up and complete with [KPRAOEUFT] {en^} I 'tis and companies that saw fit to bump snow where they ever they [TELD] all of a sudden appeal congressmen sate Ted for by the property own [TPHERS] .

199  So that's in in {a^} snut shell .

200  Looking again [PHR-P] Mr. President to pass [0] [4] .

201  [-7] [-7] get {^et} legs late {^ture} and let them do there think .

202  [HREUFTDZ] the fines up to [15] [HRUPBDZ] we go back to the drawing bored and cat gorse Reese when the code {en^} [TPOPBS] the .

203  Is out there on hour bee half they've {a^} pollen knew of hoe they can tick [KET] when they can tick [KET] how and how much they can tick [KET] .

204  Thank you very much .

205  Mr. President [paragraph] O'Malley thank {,}you Mr. President Mr. President .

206  I {^us} rite rise to being {a^} knowledge and good and important work this this body is dog in regard to snow {re^} [PHAOFL] strat I go over sight review .

207  This is obviously {^ly} {a^} {in^} {^ish} {^tive} [OFRDZ] by mayor {^ual} {,} and I think I it's threat ends and [PWER] by the chair [PHAPBS] {^'s} work and .

208  I our colleagues .

209  There's {a^} clean up hearing scheduled infection Monday I called for clean up after [-8] feet of snow in {a^} [STHORT] period of time what the streets look like and the week after that Councilor [EUB] [STPHEUR] McCarthy and similar it's going to renew snow reef [PHAOFL] .

210  Good thinks were done and but clearly {^ly} room for {im^} [PRAOFPLTS] we need to look at stat [TKPWHAEUS] worked didn't work and knew [TAORLS] in our article {^inally} .

211  I think this is one of them [SOEFPLT] I {^us} rise to note my sport of this [HRAEUPBG] [WAPBLG] in anew draft and intent of the mayor was {^ing to} after not residents but businesses and commercial places and you know with {a^} little bit Moore {in^} ten {^tive} and higher fine I [HOEUP] we never have to enforce or collect these fines people need to know is that we [PWER] job work {^ing} with there neighbors in the neighborhood of the [SEUB] to make sure there are clean pass .

212  Able safe sidewalks and though row fares for all residents and people who work and live in the city Of alike .

213  [paragraph] Yancy Yancy .

214  [paragraph] thank you very much {,} Mr. President Mr. President .

215  First ever all I would like to thank the add [PH-RGS] pick {^ly} the public works [TKPEPT] for kits Herculean efforts to deal with the {un^} precedent amount of snow in the [SEUB] in February .

216  And while .

217  I [KHAPBGS] remain {^s}{a^} Councilor Jackson mentioned city employees to the {^ress} of the issue .

218  Mr. President {,} this year I was going to vote against this .

219  Because there was aloft confusion in the media and Jen public over [KHEPLG] {^ly} the calls [PWR] over [KPHEPLG] because .

220  I people belief that what we were proposing or what's the mayor proposed was to increase the fine from [3] [HUPBDZ] for {un^} shoveled sidewalks to [15] hundred and discriminate .

221  We know that was not the case .

222  But that was the perception .

223  {im^} Moore comfort taxable with the amended [HRAEUPBG] [WAPBLG] {^us} {^s}{a^} long {^s}{a^} When [SWRAOET] on this we're voting on the amended long wage only .

224  The package in front of us [KHRAOUDZ] the original submit Tal of the mayor which has at docket number I belief [4] [-7] [-7] .

225  This is {a^} substitute {,} I belief or {a^} amended version of that {,} and I {^us} [W57B9D] to make sure that that's year {&e} [KHRAO*ER] clear in terms of what we're voting on {^ed to} and it'll be communicate Ted to the public that what we're tarring tinge or the commercial [PHRAEURGS] {&u} players in all this rather than senior citizens having {a^} tough time clearing his or her squawk .

226  Thank you Councilor Yancy .

227  [paragraph] do you ever any comment for that Councilor Flaherty .

228  [paragraph] Flaherty requesting imagine ever [0] [4] [-7] [-7] in anew draft .

229  [STKPWHROFRPBLGTS] so we're [TPOET] voting on in anew draft [paragraph] Flaherty to the throughout chair [T-FTS] added to show the great Lenz we went from the original order which didn't clarify and speak to that perception that Councilor Yancy knew store Reese and to see the IT {im^} put {^s}{a^} Councilor O'Malley had allude to the great work there body did in asking those questions and get egg feed badge from the public works commissioner and throughout [PHAEURS] {^'s} office and also cites teen owe done nel should be commends {^ed} for the work she did at [1] [1] hour and got it back in track in spirit of what we're looking to do here .

230  Thank {,}you Mr. President Mr. President [paragraph] thank {,}you Councilor [PHRAUR] familiar {,} Councilor [PHRUR] [PHUR] .

231  [paragraph] Murphy thank {,}you Mr. President {Mr.-|}  .

232  First I'd like [THO] commends the chair and change him for his [THRAOERD] ship [OPBTS] issue .

233  I have been [ARPBDZ] along time [1-9] years on the Boston city Councilor .

234  And this was one of the Moore positive hearings in terms of public process and give and take than {^ive} every witnessed this in those nine teen years .

235  At add [PH-RGS] came in with {a^} ask .

236  Ask that they verb {^ably} asked was different than the asked that was on the paper per works sporting that [SK-FPLT] each and every {^ry} member of the city Councilor was {a^} {super^} per majority and it was {a^} late meeting yesterday and asked very [POEUB] pregnant questions {^s} and maid statements to the effect that's add [PH-RGS] had to rework this in order to get it done .

237  And we [HRERPBDZ] throughout chairs ace good work and work of the staff that there's {a^} [PHAOF] afoot at the state house that they're trying to get this [HRAEUPBG] [WAPBLG] in front of in {a^} [TPAS] manner and it was de very {dis^} positive .

238  The chair went art this morning .

239  Our staff {,} the law department {,} sit 'tis in the government Tal relations people all worked together on the same page to Kraft something that now the story and the paper [P-R] work match .

240  And we all {--} I belief we all -- {^ic} sport it did{,} I don't know if [-FRB] else can but it answered the questions that id had at the hearing and done in {a^} positive fruitful manner and I look forward to sporting my chair when this comes forward .

241  Thank you .

242  [STKPW*FRPBLGS] [paragraph] thank {,}you Councilor Murphy .

243  Councilor Jackson .

244  Jackson Jackson thank {,}you very much .

245  Mr. President {,} {^s}{a^} Councilor Yancy note Ted {,} if id to vote on this yesterday I would have devil {^ly} vote Ted this down Flaherty me too {:} Jackson when I look at first and I think you were right {,} Mr. President .

246  The timing for this is not optimal by any means of the definition .

247  I still have streets all over my strict that need to have snow {re^} [PHAOFD] .

248  So the [TAOEUPBLG] is not good at all .

249  But ill note the inner I shall pro potion Sal said it was commercial but the actual -- the title said it was commercial but the body did not rep what the title said .

250  And I {^us} want to be very clear reading into the record some of the changes that were able to [PHAOF] me .

251  Seconds one not withstanding any Jen or [SPEGS] law to the Connolly the [SEUB] may impose {a^} fine of up to one thousand five [HUPBDZ] on any person who not conduct of commercial snow {re^} [PHAOF] {re^} [PHAOFS] snow slush or ice from any property public or private in places place it's responsible public way for {a^} purposes of section shall mean snow [TPHROUG] or connect [EBGT] Ted on bee Haft - that's important because it was open lass time to residents also who could be potentially find up to [15] [HUPBDZ] in the lass rendition .

252  And one of the pieces that was important to me was there's {a^} [KWAOEURPLT] that if you live on {a^} coroner that you not only shovel the pun {&u} one side but other side but also the coroner where there's {a^} curb cut [WEUS] {a^} issue .

253  [SPHREUGS] in the city {^ed to} because there are .

254  I front end lode [TKERS] lots of snow in stall [THRER] than me on [TKORPB] {^ener} so the [HRAEUPBG] [WAPBLG] on section [2] was also tight [ELD] up .

255  Alone {^ener} of bidding state or land fails to {re^} [34506] snow [STPHRURB] or ice .

256  {&.v} [AORD] conditions with the city Of ordinance is there shall not apply to own [TPHERS] ever building of six or fewer residential you know knits .

257  So I think the [HRAEUPBG] [WAPBLG] does narrow what needs to happen and I want to say publicly that we need to not only be punitive in trying to change bee [HAEUFRS] but fix the problems .

258  We heard from the public .

259  Someone came forward Rick [KWROET] [TKER] yesterday and said some sit 'tis send folks out to shovel and then sends them {a^} bill .

260  {^s that} something we should be thinking about {^s}{a^} {a^} Councilor and {^ance} {^s}{a^} {a^} city so {in^} Ted is of go right {a^} tick [KET] .

261  Okay {,} when we're out there we're going to send accrue there that deals with some of the employment {^ish} shoes we've Ann actually gins to [PHAOF] forward and solve the problem .

262  And again {,} I think these funds should be dedicate Ted to {a^} fund that we could draw people in [HOR] unemployment who actually could go out and make mon any for [HEPLS] this {^s} so I think there are some invasion {^s to} think on {.}this thank you very much .

263  Mr. President Mr. President .

264  Councilor [PHRUR] [PHUR] you're light flashes Mr. President Mr. President I Councilor Jackson said something that maid me think .

265  [WAOEU] I don't do that after ten .

266  I {,} the Boston center for [KWR0U9] and families runs our sup [PHER] jobs program and there are kids over the age of [1-6] who we've tact [KED] contact information from lass summer in our [TKAT] da base over there .

267  And they should be reached out to doctoring {a^} snow emergency and be [OFRDZ] the provision {,} I guess {^ing to} to work clearing snow {&E.} it's something that's within our grasps here now and something I hope city should consider should this type ever situation bee fall us again .

268  [STKPWHREFRPBLGTS] thank {,} Councilor O'Malley and there'll be [2] Moore hearings on such matters and {&th} so there'll be allot Moore to talk about mean{?} Moore time to do that .

269  So at this time Councilor Murphy [PHAOFS] accept answer [*FRT] committee [RORLT] and back of [40] [4] [3] [-7] [-7] in new draft {!} do dogs [0] [4] [-78] [-78] [PHAZ] {^ed} {?} new draft .

270  [linebreak] [KOUPBLG] press preface order for hearing tone sure Didi in [KHRAOUPB] in the planning [PHAOEURG] [KR-RT] {^ing} process for the Boston [20] [240] ohm om bid [paragraph] [President|Pressley] [0] five [0] [1] .

271  [paragraph] thank {,}you [PHR-FPT] .

272  {im^} really [PWHRAD] the Councilor has established the [SPEGS] committee on the policewomen policewomen .

273  It's important .

274  {^s}{a^} Councilor that we've {a^} place anchor rum to discuss the questions we've personally but also the questions we've received [STPR-T] [TWEURBTS] in public settings .

275  {re^} [STAEUPBDZ] the opportunity to Moore [PRAOE] [EPBGS] live answer those questions or to have {a^} give and take .

276  This hearing horde is {self-^} explanatory {^ry} should not come {^s}{a^} {a^} surprise nor should any one be shocked or offense an {^ed} we {^s}{a^} {a^} [STKPWOEURTD] {^ity} or every {^ry} day striving to be {a^} city welcoming on inclusive {^s that} does not {^us} celebrate die Venn {&e} verse {^ity} but hon Norse it in {a^} meaningful way whether we're talking institution within the halls of government or Boston public schools .

277  Boston please department or private industry or within our trades .

278  These are the [20U67] questions and conservation {^s can} that we {^s}{a^} {a^} body and city have had an need top cone sed to have in order to [PHAOF] this set {^ity} [TPHAORD] .

279  I want to be very clear .

280  {im^} not saying that any one in the industrious {^ive} {^us} sight Ted or involved with this [EUFRT] has gone out of there way to intentionally {ex-^} clue any one .

281  What {im^} saying is that we've to be intention {^inal} about include {^ing} refer which one .

282  We need to be intention {^inal} .

283  Create {^ive} and [KRAO*E] we need to be consistent .

284  This is not {^us} the principal right think to do .

285  It's also sound and good business [PRABG] .

286  Now {,} I do have to say {,} Boston [20] [24] has been very accessible to me {re^} accept {^tive} to the concerns I bring and I look forward to the participation in the for rum when week [PWER] here from them in response to the questions raced .

287  How they plan to intentionally build in {a^} opportunity equity and opportunity in did I significance making {,} power sharing .

288  In welt building for women {,} people of color {,} for the disabled community and for the will{.} go{.} about{.} {.}it community .

289  It's important to that every {^ry} one have [EBG] [EBG] opportunity not only in benefiting from these successful [SES] but {a^} [EBG] [EBG] and opportunity to contribute do them .

290  I look forward to the hearing and look [TPHAORD] to participate .

291  Thank you .

292  [paragraph] Yancy Yancy .

293  [THAEPBG] you very much {,} Mr. President .

294  Doctoring the hearing that you [SRAOEPBD] last week the day {^is} [PERBGD] my interest when he said we will build anew high school .

295  Mr. President Mr. President {,} the issue brought to our attention to Councilor [President|Pressley] is {a^} very certificate {^us} one .

296  Of course I would like to have my name added .

297  And par aesthetically I think city itself should lead by exam with regards to its [KR-RT] {^ing} activities {^s}{a^} well {,} but I belief that if the Boston [2] thousand [24] policewomen pick committee is successful in plenty {^ing} {a^} plan {^s that} truly {^ly} inclusive of Boston residents women and people of color and will{.} go{.} about{.} {.}it community and so many others {^s that} going to increase the likelihood of success .

298  So it would be {a^} good business did I significance for them to do that .

299  So I would like to have my name added and again based on my review of the sit 'tis {^'s} [HAOEURG] practices and sit 'tis {^'s} contribute {^ing} practice {^s is} this sit think has along way {^ing to} {^s}{a^} well {&E.} it has maid some progress [TKPWRES] but in the pick embarrass amount see how food business {^es} [OEPBDZ] by women and people of color actually participate Ted and vendor opportunities which [AEBGS] seed billion{}dollars of dollars every {^ry} year .

300  Thank you very much [AFPBLT] I would like to .

301  [PWHRAOES] [APBL] Councilor Yancy he name .

302  [linebreak] Yancy Zakim Wu Flaherty LaMattina [linebreak] Mr. President Mr. President .

303  I rise to compliment the author of this .

304  This is something that we've to be deliver {&i} deliberate about .

305  And if we do what we've always done we'll get what we always got .

306  When we think about {a^} nine year runway for folks {^ing to} ready .

307  And it's fun I I was talking with someone we're dog this for {a^} kids {:} {a^} nine year old when the Olympics comes is going to be [1-8] .

308  We've {a^} opportunity [-9] whole years for businesses to get ready .

309  For commune advertise to get ready and if we're not deliberate in economic inclusion we'll [TPHROT] ends up on the right side of history when it comes to Boston [20] [24] so I think its [AETS] critical we're deliberate in dog this and people need to be deliberate in stating there actual goals and there [TKPWHROELS] need to {trans^} late into the pop cities that make {a^} difference {,} and we want this Olympics to be good for every {^ry} one and the way we make it good for refer which one is we plan and put policies in place and making it good for every {^ry} one .

310  So please add my name and I look forward to this hearing and {a^} on going conversation about this tick top pick .

311  [AUPL] [TKPWO*E] boats should rise if this waive come {^s} in thank you .

312  Please add Councilor yak jack Ciommo McCarthy Murphy McCarthy Murphy O'Malley .

313  [paragraph] docket [0] five [0] [1] is assign to the [SPEGS] committee onto [20] [24] [STKPWHR*FP] Councilor Wu and Zakim [OFRDZ] [-LTS] following resolution .

314  Urges the [PWHOS] boards ever {^s}{a^} [PHRAS] dodd to established [PHERPL] late night {.}it service .

315  [linebreak] [TK-RPBLGS] [STKOFRPBLGTS] [UFRPBLTS] Councilor [-6789] [UFRPLTS] Zakim [paragraph] thank {,}you Mr. President Mr. President I want to thank Councilor [WAOU] [WAOUR] for work with this on me and Dan Shea central staff for organizing {a^} great hearings well attended by .

316  I of our colleagues folks from the community and [TPAOUT] Boston alliance and [PH-FPLT] about{.} {.}it amount of sent there chief financial office {er^} and chief mark tinge owe officials which I [THOUT] was {a^} great sign of how certificate {^us} {^ly} the {.}it and mass dot are {^ix} pends willing {^ing} it Councilor will peek Moore on this this but the late night it {.}it but we need to be very create {^tive} and [THOUT] full and rung deficits right now and {^s}{a^} we all know the {.}it is facing quite {a^} few [KHAEPBLGS] these days but the impact beyond the dollars and sense cost items economic impact throughout Boston and [RAOEPBLG] John of late night service being {a^} draw four work forward but our high-tech work for and young pro infection {^inal} service workers meme [HOR] nurse {^s} {,} dock [TKORS] hotel workers bar tend [TKERS] and quite few hom said they're pending {a^} ton of [TPHOEU] any paying [TKABGS] dope {.}it isn't rung so {^s that} something that was something that id not heard too much about and urge passage ever this resolution so that week speak [SW] one voice {^s}{a^} {a^} city mows impact Ted by the {.}it and tin late night service and economic development {^s}{a^} [SPEBGTS] of that [EBG] [EBG] and social justice {^s}{a^} well so thank you very much {,} [PHR-PTS] [linebreak] [STKPWHR-FRPBLGTSZ] thank {,}you Councilor Zakim [paragraph] Councilor O'Malley .

317  [paragraph] Councilor Wu .

318  [paragraph] thank {,}you Mr. President [PHR-PLT] .

319  {^s}{a^} you [ERDZ] it was {a^} very row bus hearing last week and we [HEFRD] arrange ever industrious involved {^us} the numbers very quickly because {^s that} the big guess concern there are lot of needs the {.}it is facing in the short and long term and it's [1] [1] million{}dollars net does over this pass years {^'s} pilot .

320  [13] million{}dollars in does {:} [2] [HUPBDZ] in revenues from tick tick sail [PHOEPBT] {^ly} from sponsorship .

321  Councilor O'Malley will what I [THOUT] it was {a^} [PWREUL] yacht high die too increase that piece of it so that [1] million{}dollars represents less than one {^%} [-FRT] {.}it {^'} operating budget .

322  [THRAS] lot to think about but that less than one [SPERS] is huge [PWAOS] to boss tons {^'s} con any [APBTS] recent it came about along with {epi^} then lead [TKER] mayor {^ual} {,} and other [TKPWROUPS] representing workers stud departments young profession [TPHALS] arts 'tis the and all of [PWOUS] ton sever so the {.}it {^'s} public commends periods is Councilor are on roared [STPAOEBG] {^ing} on in issue and hope that you all will join news sporting this effort .

323  One pointed I wanna Ted to [UPBTD] score is mows of all it needs to be about predict ability so week change the type of service that's [OFRDZ] and think about the fair structure and think about which lines are rung how freakily but mows of all it needs to be {a^} Moore one year pilot for businesses agree to open {on^} and sign ten to [15] years lead {^es} need to know {FLUSH} [STH-B] Moore therein {^us} infection year .

324  Thank {,}you very much [paragraph] O'Malley .

325  Thank {,}you Mr. President {Mr.-|}  .

326  Earlier in this meet egg Councilor Murphy talked about the hearing on snow fines yesterday and how it was really good hearing and I agree with him .

327  It was {a^} great opportunity opportunity for give [AEUPB] take and I would also say that's hearing that was called by the [2] previous speakers last week was similar {^ly} {a^} very word while hearing with the {.}it {:} {:} O'Malley O'Malley O'Malley {:} {:} because it was {a^} very knowns hearing .

328  I think it's safe to sigh that we all {on^} mows people find value in the late night [PH-FPLT] about{.} {.}it amount of service .

329  It has worked well .

330  There was allot of people that took [SRARPBLGD] of it .

331  Million{}dollars of trips over the lass year but it's rung at at deaf sis .

332  Larger issue with the [PH-FPLT] about{.} {.}it amount of so I intern Ted the [PH-FPLT] about{.} {.}it amount of saying we want to keep this help us certificate of this problem [WAOU] for spear held {^ing} this and I stand with them .

333  There are some ideas week do{.} .

334  I [PH-FPLT] about{.} {.}it amount of stations have food key {^s}{a^} {,} local {^ly} [OEPBDZ] cough my [1407] pour piece of join or news stabbed .

335  These are all closed at night .

336  I think there's {a^} {e^} norm muss appetite for allowing that late [TPHAOEULTS] for weeks ends .

337  I [THREU] there are .

338  I hungry people that would love {a^} [SPHRAOEUT] of peoples sa sore something to ease goes to again who this should certificate of and who this is serving not only {a^} public [STAFT] {^ity} [SHAEUPBG] [-L] people driving perhaps they've had {a^} come of [TKREUPBGS] or the [HOBLTS] works {^*ers} and industry to survive and [HELT] care workers .

339  This is something {^s that} very very important {:} we recognize it's going to take aloft create {^ive} work and I think this body is prepared to do whatever it takes to help the state and [PH-FPLT] about{.} {.}it amount of in meeting that goal lead [TKER] ship and ask that anytime be add and hope week vote on this {^ed to} .

340  [THRAEUPBG] [UFPLTS] [linebreak] [STKPWHRE] to {/} owe Jackson Baker Ciommo Flaherty LaMattina [President|Pressley] .

341  .

342  [STPR] [linebreak] McCarthy thank you very much .

343  Mr. President {Mr.-|}  [WAEUPBT] to thank Councilor Zakim and [WAOU] for bring {^ing} this up .

344  It was {a^} phone {^inal} hearing and {a^} great I deals were tossed around and I think what this resolution really does is its {a^} {en^} courage .

345  .

346  There are ways to figure this out {^s}{a^} Councilor O'Malley figured it out .

347  Dung dung done [TKOEPBS] and other thinks to build Moore cost items to alleviate the cost items {^ry} rather .

348  We talked about possibility of even racing the tick Tet prices {,} less trips racing the tick [KET] price [REUS] [HOEUS] Tess {^s} and bus boys and bar ten [TKERS] and cleaning staff {,} to take attacks I from here to Charlestown is one think .

349  To take attacks tax from higher to Hyde Park it's fifty {^ed} add gene sure truss me {&E.} having {a^} higher priced for these trains knowing they can make it {a^} [1] {,} [1] [230] {^or} [2] owe cloak and {^s}{a^} Councilor Wu state Ted predict [TEUD] and {im^} going to be in sport {:} thank you .

350  Councilor Yancy .

351  Thank you very much .

352  Mr. President Mr. President {,} I too {,} rise to commends colleagues colleagues Councilor Zakim and Wu for staying on top of this issue and tinge to work of Councilor Ross who also was involved in this previously years .

353  [TPHR-PT] Mr. President .

354  We {in^} [SRES] on an Yule bases Moore than [-79] [PH-LTDZ] in assess .

355  To the [PH-FPLT] about{.} {.}it amount of .

356  We get allot of in return for it but I think one [-FRT] thinks we should [TKPHRAPBDZ] that's voices of the people of Boston be heard .

357  And I belief that we [TPHREUF] {a^} city that's very diverse not {^us} racially and economically but people have different life styles and work {^et} things and mark tinge and racial and culture taking place notice [SEUB] .

358  And we should not miss the opportunity to provide this additional service on the year rounds bases every {^ry} year .

359  About part to {im^} proof the [EUFRPL] imagine of the team that took {a^} {e^} form muss bead {^ing} because it could not [PE] [PEFPL] doctoring the snow store we'd in the [SEUB] .

360  This would be {a^} good [P-FPLT] [R-FPLT] [PREFRTS] on the part of the [PH-FPLT] about{.} {.}it amount of {^s}{a^} well very real and {^es} necessary {^ry} services to the people of Boston who really {de^} certificate of {a^} it and quite [TPRAEUPBG] {^ly} would pay for it .

361  So I would like to commend our [2] colleagues Councilor Wu and Councilor take Zakim and join them by adding my name [-FPLTS] please and [KUPB] lan la [STKPWHR-FP] and Councilor law la .

362  He would like to add miss name .

363  [paragraph] and Councilor McCarthy [linebreak] Councilor Zakim and Councilor pew [WAOU] [PHAOF] {fore^} adoption of docket [0] five [0] [2] .

364  All in favor say Aye .

365  All opposed nay .

366  Ayes have it {^ant} docket [0] five [0] [2] is adopt Ted .

367  [paragraph] [STKPWHR*FRPBLGTS] madam clerk mad {&r} Councilor are LaMattina [TKOUBTS] the vote .

368  [paragraph] Councilor Baker - yes .

369  [paragraph] Councilor Ciommo - yes .

370  [paragraph] Councilor familiar [TKPHRAR] - yes .

371  [paragraph] Councilor Jackson - yes .

372  [paragraph] Councilor LaMattina - yes .

373  [paragraph] Councilor Linehan - yes .

374  [paragraph] Councilor McCarthy - yes .

375  [linebreak] Councilor Murphy - yes .

376  [linebreak] Councilor owe [OEFRPBLGTS] yes .

377  [linebreak] Councilor [President|Pressley] - yes .

378  [linebreak] Councilor Wu - yes .

379  [linebreak] Councilor Yancy - yes .

380  [linebreak] Councilor Zakim - yes .

381  [paragraph] {:} {:} that was all the clerk {:} {:} not the [President|Pressley] .

382  {:} {:} [paragraph] [paragraph] [paragraph] I have been informed by the clerk that there's {a^} you know you know vote on dock [KET] [0] five [0] [2] to be adopt Ted .

383  [paragraph] late filed madam clerk .

384  There are [3] late filed matters in the [PHAPBDZ] of the clerk which in the absence of objection will be added to today's agenda .

385  Hearing no objection the matters so added .

386  Clerk will reed the first dish to the agenda and that would be personnel [PHAERPS] first .

387  [paragraph] clerk clerk thank {,}you Mr. President {Mr.-|}  Councilor bill Lynn for Councilor Murphy .

388  Councilor [paragraph] Councilor Murphy [PHAOFS] acceptance and package of the first late filed marry .

389  All those favor say Aye .

390  Eye .

391  All oppose {^ed} nay .

392  Ayes have it {^ant} first laid filed marry is pass [-TDZ] [STKPWHR-FRPLTSZ] second late file marry March ten [20] [15] [STPH-FRPLT] bill Linehan for [linebreak] [STKPWHR*FRPBLGTS] [paragraph] [EUFPLTS] all [paragraph] [paragraph] {:} {:} [2] late filed personnel married pass {^ed}{?} {:} {:} {:} [paragraph] clerk clerk third late filed marry [OFRDZ] by the city Councilor Ayanna [PR-S] press order for hearing to [SKPUS] [KPRAOES] sense {&e} hypertensive {a^} [PROERB] to reduce section trafficking around Meg sports {e^} vents such {^s}{a^} limb limb .

393  Major world sporting {e^} vents [KHRAOUGD] the world cup {on^} {super^} [PRER] bowl are widely recognize {^ed} {^s}{a^} section trafficking hubs therefore tuberculosis ordered to the hold {a^} hearing to [TKUS] [SK*UGS] [KPRAOE] {^ence} [EUFR] approaches [TROE] dues section [TRAFBL] sporting {e^} vents [SKUFP] sass the Olympics and that representatives from Boston [20] [240] {^.^} Boston please department and other interested parties be invite Ted to defend .

394  [paragraph] the chair recognize {^s} Councilor [President|Pressley] [paragraph] thank {,}you [PHR-P] {Mr.-|}  .

395  My {a^} poll guys for the late file .

396  I wanna Ted to do this in awake of {a^} an public meeting about the Olympics and someone stood and asked if the Olympics were to come to Boston whoo every what usually is {a^} up stip in section actual trafficking in [KAORP] {^ulation} Super Bowl Olympics et cetera .

397  And people in the room laughed .

398  And again {im^} very [PRAOERPB] {^tive} that we've this [SPEGS] committee because I think week create {a^} safe bait veal and very important issue .

399  I do want to take this tuned to commends and thank our mayor .

400  Mart mart {^ual} {^ual} for his lead [TKER] ship in this base is .

401  Donna gaffe Vin Councilor Baker add cats for my life and my choice .

402  Bam dam - [TKPHRAOEPBDZ] {ab^} [HREUGTS] this is {a^} issue that we've collective {^ly} been [PWAEUPBG] {^ing} the drug on for quite some time and it's {en^} courage {^ing} to see the can knew commit .

403  To address what really is {a^} per bait {^ive} issue .

404  So in the spirit of the fact that we've so much lead [TKER] ship and collective will dedicate Ted to [WAORBG] {^ing} on this issue I again I want to make sure on the couldn't [TEBGTD] of this Olympic we're having {a^} hon necessary conversation [KPW] how to combat mitigate section trafficking giving great {re^} certificate .

405  And and {a^} Al 'tis up takes in section trafficking when there are mega gort {^ing} {e^} vends - participate .

406  Thank you .

407  [paragraph] thank {,}you Councilor [President|Pressley] Councilor Zakim .

408  Thank {,}you Councilor sake filing this order an {a^} for the [TEUPBDZ] focus she has upon protecting women and girls in the [SEUB] and beyond .

409  This is asking [STHAEU] also saw news record of {a^} {en^} counter of one of the community meetings and I was [TROUBLDZ] stat stat and bigger that out .

410  If we're going to show [KAEUTS] all the grow H. [SHOEFPL] chase that we take this issue very certificate {^us} {^ly} {ab^} Boston is not going to become {a^} pun for this sort of the activity .

411  Whether the Olympics are here not not .

412  Thank {,}you Councilor press [TPRES] for bring {^ing} this forward .

413  Thank {,}you Councilor [STKAEUBG] sake .

414  Please add Councilor sakes sakes {^'s} name .

415  Councilor Baker .

416  Add Councilor application bakes {^'s} name .

417  Councilor similar shim Flaherty Jackson LaMattina McCarthy O'Malley Wu and Councilor Yancy {:} {:} Ciommo was first {:} {:} [paragraph] all the other [HRAOEUTSDZ] [WRAO] good {,} right {:} {:} Baker {,} too .

418  [STKPWHR-FPLTS] please add my name to that marry .

419  And that third late file married will be split Ted [THOT] [SPEGS] committee own Boston [20] [24] .

420  Olympics .

421  [STKPWHRA] [paragraph] at this time are there any green sheets .

422  Any one interested in the green sheets {?} okay {,} that sound goods .

423  And there are lay [-8] late file matters which in absence ever objection will be added to today's a consent {a^} Jen [TKAFPLT] hearing no objection the matters are so added .

424  All those in favor a sigh .

425  All oppose {^ed} nay .

426  Connolly an {a^} ask adopt Ted .

427  [STKPWHRAFRPBLGTS] I don't see any [TPHRARBGS] .

428  So {im^} going to take the opportunity to do {a^} little [SPEGS] something for you .

429  On saint saint pats pats pat tick to member {^sation} .

430  So you all know the song it's Dani boy .

431  It happens to be {a^} song about {a^} parent talking to {a^} son who has not come back prior to I or she's {^'s} debt so {im^} going top {im^} going to any objection {^s} .

432  [-FPLTS] .

433  {:} {:} [SAEUPBG] Dani boy [-FPLTS] [STKPWHR-FRPBLGTSZ] [STKPWHR-FRPBLGTSZ] so at this time {.}you you've already [REUT] {en^} .

434  Thank you .

435  All all gigs et cetera {,} arise .

436  [paragraph] {^s}{a^} we close today's meeting in the memory of the following individuals .

437  For Councilor Ciommo .

438  The honorable norm man {.}is wine {^berg} [-FPLTS] for Councilor LaMattina .

439  And ton necessary tone any Johns son .

440  Arthur amount of [TKPWAPL] bally .

441  And and authorize any [SREUG] or really .

442  For Councilor Murphy {on^} McCarthy [PHAUR] Reese pick up - four Councilor Flaherty [-RPLT] Carl loss Quinn Quinn .

443  For Councilor Yancy - mure [RAPBL] - Alberta mick call and normal little junior and marry you do [TKOUG] [TKOUG] and [TKPRUS] pus at tux .

444  [paragraph] {a^} moment of tile silence .

445  Thank {,}you very much .

446  .

447  Chair [PHAOFS] that When the Councilor adjourns {^ed to} {a^} form mention {^ed} individuals it's scheduled to meet again on Wednesday March [25] [1-9] [12] noon - all opposed nigh .

448  Ayes have [TAPBT] Councilor is {en^} adjourns {^ed} .

449  [1] [30] [1] [3-7] {:} {:} {:} {:} over over over OEFR STPH-FPLT 13-7 STPH-FPLT STPH-FPLT STPH-FPLT STPH-FPLT
 over {:} [13-7] {:} {:} {:} {:}

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