Friday, April 10, 2015

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Boston City Council 8 April 2015 Public Meeting

 [EUB] {^}troke today is Wednesday {,} April [-8] {,} [20] [14] .

2  It's now [12] [0] [-9] .

3  [paragraph] the clerk will please call {a^} role to ascertain the presence of a quorum .

4  Clerk clerk Councilor Baker - here .

5  [linebreak] Councilor Ciommo - present .

6  [linebreak] Councilor Flaherty - here .

7  [linebreak] Councilor Jackson [-FRPBLGTSZ] here .

8  [linebreak] Councilor LaMattina - Councilor Linehan - here .

9  [linebreak] Councilor McCarthy - here .

10  [linebreak] Councilor Murphy - here .

11  [linebreak] Councilor O'Malley - here .

12  [linebreak] Councilor [President|Pressley] - Councilor Wu - present .

13  [linebreak] Councilor Yancy - here .

14  [linebreak] and Councilor Zakim - here .

15  [paragraph] Mr. President Mr. President {,} we've a quorum [paragraph] thank {,} you {,} madam clerk {,} IV {im^} informed by the clerk that a quorum is present .

16  I would ask at this time for all [KOUPBS] {^ance} guests to please rise and I would ask Councilor Flaherty to [EUPBTS] dues today's [KHRERPBLG] I go .

17  After {in^} vocation is [TKHREUFRDZ] {,} I would ask all members and guests to remain stand {^ing} {^s}{a^} Councilor Flaherty leads us in the pledge pledge of Al - Councilor Flaherty [paragraph] Flaherty familiar .

18  Thank {,}you Mr. President Mr. President .

19  Sister marry Adele rob rob sister par mar Al has certificate [-FD] {^s}{a^} social work {er^} in Ed case tour {^us} about every {^ry} where but we've known her [TPAORT] pass [2-7] years in south Boston .

20  I actually met sister [2-7] [KWRAOEFRS] ago {^s}{a^} {a^} senior at B.C. high dog my [150] hours of community service and I took my assign .

21  {a^} the lab ray service and I [PHEUTS] [STKEURS] where she was {^us} starting and dog [TPREPL] [TKUS] work to down there on bee half of our {out^} and senior and substance abuse - quick backgrounds .

22  [1-9] [-69] sister March Adele was ward {^ded} to wok {er^} quick {a^} regard .

23  Sides plan Ted har [SRUS] begun ward by the notenotenote da dam {^mont} {^mont} school and [20] [09] notice at by the academy scene ter with the {in^} [SPEUR] regulation award .

24  She has maid it her lives mission to help children and families in needs .

25  We've been beneficiary [REUS] to having sister {a^} [SAOEUPBDZ] to Boston stick {^ly} low [HROUPB] lob and does yow [PHAEUPBS] [APS] work .

26  So without further adieu to bring greetings and also to give us some words of wisdom and vice and prayer sis [TEUR] March [TKPWEL] [TKPEL] rob .

27  [paragraph] [THAEUPG] {,}you very much {,} Mr. President Councilor Flaherty {ex-^} {ex-^} work .

28  {:} [STPH-FRPBLGTS] - is the cat public chair .

29  Has maid its imprint all over sit contain [AUPL] over the worlds and too off ten the women of the children of of are not recognition [TPHAOEUSZ] {^ed} [AOEPL] {^ly} arch the great work the great institution and hard day-to-day work is done by the women and sis decision [PH-R] mar {a^} {a^} rob rob represents that .

30  Thank you for being here .

31  .

32  [paragraph] [TEUD] {^'} {,} aid {^'} like to invite Councilor Murphy to come up and make {a^} present takes [-FPLS] [paragraph] before Councilor Murphy does that I'd like to recognize the Tim [34EU8] {^ity} school for being here {^ed to} with miss Lisa bellow [STKPWHR-FRPBLGTSZ] Murphy [PHUR] I wanna Ted to recognize that {^ed to} {a^} George [TKEPL] [TKER] day in the sit it {^ity} of Boston amount of and I wants to give {a^} history on who George [TKEPL] [TKEPL] {&s} was .

33  Chap chapter [2-89] of the chem quell has set the second Wednesday in April .

34  April being the {^mont} designate Ted {^s}{a^} being the national particle empty tar {^ian} {^mont} George dee meet ter .

35  Particle particle [PR-S] {^es} and his dedication to the protection of the rights of individuals by insuring ar orderly process by which all organizes and [TKHREUB] {^tive} bodice such {^s}{a^} this one can make did I significance {^s is} .

36  Whereas George [TKEPL] [TKEPL] was {a^} resident of the [SEUB] {a^} graduate of the Boston Latin school class of [1-9] [14] and represented Boston {^'s} back bay {^s}{a^} amass choose Jen court and whereas throughout the United States and throughout the world doctor George [TKEPL] [TKEPL] has been highly lie steamed particle men try rules and that application in world [WAOEUTD] [TKHREUB] {^tive} bodice .

37  Therefore be it resolved that's Boston city Councilor hereby recognize {^s} the achievements of George [TKEPL] [TKEPL] in the study of particle particle proceed dure and its democrat tick eye deals and urges all citizens ever Boston to take cog sanity of this {e^} vents and participate affiliate {^ing} {^ly} in its observance and declares Wednesday April [-8] .

38  [20] [15] George [TKEPL] [TKEPL] day in the [SEUB] .

39  This resolution be [SAOEUPBDZ] by the [President|Pressley] of the city Councilor bill Linehan proudly offered by myself and also {a^} Tess Ted to by the clerk of the [SEUB] who happens to be {a^} member of the George [TKEPL] [TKEPL] particle particle unit [WEUS] here hind me {,} Councilor form form .

40  Form [PHER] Councilor even if even if clerk [PHAUR] [PHAUR] even if .

41  I'd like to ask bill to come forward {^s}{a^} [President|Pressley] and say {a^} few words .

42  [paragraph] Bill I'd like to thank city Councilor Murphy and the president for giving us this won won citation .

43  There's one think {^s that} not mentioned in the citation that [STKPWRORPBLG] [TKEPL] [TKEPL] is mows known for .

44  {^es} the one who began the tra additional of given the winner of the Boston marathon the Greek wheat the at the ends of the race [-FPLTS] I wanna Ted to make that point [THAEUPBLGT] you very much .

45  Fur interested [TPH-TD] [TKPWRORPBLG] [TKEPL] [TKEPL] unit [PWHRAOES] get in touch with me .

46  Thank you very much {,} Councilor legislator .

47  [paragraph] that was bill brought {a^} book here {,} {de^} [TKEPL] [TKEPL] manual of particle particle law and proceed [TKAOURS] .

48  {im^} going to reed some chapter terse to the [President|Pressley] .

49  How to control meetings {,} Mr. President Mr. President .

50  [paragraph] [paragraph] [STKPWHR-FRPBLGS] you're out of order {:} [paragraph] thank you .

51  [paragraph] picture {:} {:} [paragraph] [paragraph] thank {,}you begin .

52  [12K3W4R-6R7B8G9SZ] if there are know corrections to be maid the minutes ever lass weeks {^'} meeting will stand approved .

53  Seeing and hearing no objections the minutes are so approved .

54  Madam clerk {,} communication from his hon more the mayor {,} please [paragraph] clerk clerk clerk docket number [0] [-6] [-6] [2] .

55  [PHOPBLG] for annual {#Return} [AUPGS] and tax order for financial year [1-6] filed in the office of the city clerk April [-6] {,} [20] [15] [STKPWHR-FRPBLGTSZ] {a^} [SAOEUPBDZ] to the committee on ways and means [paragraph] [0] [-6] [-6] [3] {,} majority for annual appropriation for the school department for financial year [20] [1-6] [TPAOEULDZ] in the office of the city clerk April [-6] .

56  [20] [15] [paragraph] docket [0] [-6] [-6] [3] will be assigned to the committee on Ways and Means [paragraph] docket number [0] [-6] [-6] [4] .

57  [PHOPBLG] {a^} [PRAOFGS] {a^} appropriation of [40] million{}dollars for the owe [PEB] liability truss fund established {under^} section [20] of the mass choose Jen laws chapter [3] [2] about{.} filed in the office of the city clerk April six [20] [15] [paragraph] [0] [-6] [-6] [4] will be assign to the committee on Ways and Means [paragraph] madam clerk you could reed the infection in docket [0] [-6] [-6] five knowledge authority {^ing} sit it {^ity} to enter into one or Moore lease purchase or install .

58  Sails {a^} agreements in financial year [20] [1-6] in {a^} amount not to {ex-^} [SAOETD] [2-6] [PH-L] [-9] hundred thousand dollars for various city departments for the acquisition of the equip .

59  And furtherance of there respect {^ive} [TUPBD] functions filed in the office of the city clerk on April [-6] {,} [20] [15] .

60  Clerk clerk docket number [0] [-6] [-6] [-6] .

61  Appropriation amending {a^} appropriation order that would race the amount from [2] [2] [PH-L] [20] thousand dollars to the [3] [PH-L] [30] thousand dollars for the purposes of finance {^ing} the does the of various capital project per the {out^} budget project add Master's degree by the Boston center for youth and families [paragraph] being dock number [0] [-6] [-6] [-7] .

62  [PHOPBLG] for alone order of [40] [PH-L] five hundred and [25] thousand dollars for the {re^} mod [TKELG] reconstructing or making {ex-^} to ordinary repairs to public buildings [OEPBDZ] by the city collude {^ing} original equip .

63  Furnish niche {^ing} and landscaping paving and other sight {im^} [PRAOFPLTS] incidental or directly relate Ted to {re^} mod [TKELG] construct and repair and or for {en^} I go condition sher serration or {re^} (inaudible) {en^} I go public built {^s} or fa [SEULTS] and or for the does ever department Tal equip .

64  And or for the does of Inc. nearing or architectural services for plans and specification {^s} for the purposes of various city departments collude {^ing} [-GT] Boston center for {out^} and families {,} Boston {re^} svelte .

65  Authority {en^} {en^} fire [HRAOEUB] [HRAOEUB] and neighborhood development please property con instruction imagine .

66  Public [HELT] commission and transportation department .

67  Filed in the office of the city clerk on April [-6] {:} [20] [15] .

68  [paragraph] docket number [0] [-6] [-6] [-8] {,} [PHOPBLG] for alone ever five [PH-L] [-8] hundred and [25] thousand dollars in aid of the economic development and industrial corporation and the Boston redevelop .

69  Authority filed in the office of the city clerk on April [-6] .

70  [20] [15] .

71  Docket number [0] [-6] [-6] [-9] .

72  [PHOPBLG] for alone of [4] hundred [-6] [0] thousand for aid of the Boston redevelop .

73  Authority for dough fundraising such part of the does of development renovation acquisition purchase and certain operations relative to the you're ban renewal [KHARL] town nave nave yard project filed in the office of the city clerk on [20] April [-6] [20] [15] [paragraph] filed lone in the amount of [2] [1] [PH-L] five hundred and fifty one thousand dollars for the development design purchase and installation of compute tiers hardware other data processing equip .

74  And compute ter assistant financial imagine .

75  And accounting systems and or for the development design and purchase of compute ter software incidental to the purchase installation of operation compute ter hardware other data processing equip .

76  And {a^} compute ter {a^} sis temp Ted integrate Ted financial imagine .

77  And accounting systems and or for the does of dee part mental equip .

78  For the purposes of various city departments collude {^ing} the department department of invasion and tech normal I go and school department filed in the office of the city clerk on April [-6] {,} [20] [15] {:} dodge dodge number [0] [-6] [4] [PH-L] [-8] hundred thousand dollars for {a^} [TPAO*EURG] [KWAOEURG] lands or interests there in for any purposes .

79  Authority {^ed} to acquire land or interest there in not owes [SPES] {^iffic} {^ly} provided for and for the con instruction of buildings and or for additional to such buildings where such [TKEURBTS] increase the floor space of said buildings cluing the does of original equip .

80  Of said buildings and or for {re^} mod [TKELG] reconstructing {^or} making observation [OERDZ] repairs to public buildings [OEPBDZ] by the sit it {^ity} landscape paving and other sight {im^} [PHRAOFPLTS] incidental or directly relate Ted to such {re^} mod [TKELG] reconstruction or repair .

81  And or for the does of Inc. nearing or architectural services for plans and specification {^s} for the purposes of various city Of departments collude {^ing} [-GT] fire and please department and public held commission filed in the office of the city clerk April [-6] {,} [20] [15] .

82  [0] [-67] it [2] - majority for alone of [1] [PH-L] [2] hundred and [10] thousand dollars for the does of dee part mental equip .

83  For the does of [SRAR] [KWUS] sit it {^ity} departments collude {^ing} the fire [TKEPLTS] filed in the office of the city clerk on ape [-6] [20] [1*6] [15] .

84  Majority for alone ever [13] [PH-L] five hundred thousand dollars for the con instruction of municipal out door and rec {re^} {^ation} Tal at at fa [SEULTS] [KHRAOUGD] [-GT] acquisition and development of land and con instruction reconstruction for fa [SEULTS] and or for developing [PHRAPBDZ] [TPWOUR] {^ial} purposes and for construct {^ing} parking [HAEUFR] news in city [OEPBDZ] acceptable certificate [REUS] and or for the can does of Inc. nearing or architectural services for plans and specification {,} and for for {re^} mod [TKELG] reconstructing or making {ex-^} ordinary repairs to public buildings [OEPBDZ] by the city collude {^ing} original equip .

85  Furnish niche {^ing} lands [SKAEUPG] paving and other sight {im^} [PRAOFPLTS] incidental or {^ly} relate Ted and for for acquiring land or interest there in for any purposes for which the city is or may there after being authority {^ed} to acquire land or interest there in .

86  Not owes [SPES] {^iffic} {^ly} provided for and for the con instruction .

87  Building or dish to the buildings where such {^in} dishes increase the floor space of said builds {^ing} collude {^ing} the does of said buildings or dishes .

88  For the purposes of various city departments [KHRAOUG] the parks and reek {^ulation} department and school department filed in the office {^s of} of the city clerk on April [-6] {:} [20] [15] .

89  .

90  Dock number [0] [-6] [-7] [4] .

91  Majority amending the appropriation that would race the amount from [1] [PH-L] [4] [15] thousand dollars to [2] [PH-L] [1235] thousand dollars for the purposes of planting shade trees planning designing acquiring land for could be instruct {^ing} and originally [KWEUPLGT] structures and fa [SEULTS] {,} it's authority {^ed} to construct {,} and or for {re^} mod [TKELG] rye construct {^ing} or making major alterations difference and repairs to {ex-^} {^is} tinge fa [SEULTS] collude {^ing} original equip .

92  And lands [SKAEUPG] paving and other sight {im^} [PRAOFPLTS] [EUPBTS] dental or cree con instruction or repair for the purposes of various city Of departments collude {^ing} the parks and rec {re^} {^ation} department filed in the office of the city clerk on April [-6] [-FRPBLTS] [20] [15] .

93  [0] [4-6] five majority nor alone in the amount of [10] my minimum [1] hundred thousand dollars for the for extending and {im^} proofs such installation {^s} and or for the does ever [TKAOEPT] Tal equip .

94  And does of Inc. nearing or architectural services for plans and specification {,} and for for {re^} mod [TKELG] reconstruction {^ing} or making {ex-^} [OERDZ] repairs to public buildings [OEPBDZ] by the sit did I collude {^ing} original equip .

95  Furnish you're {^s} and lands [SKAEUPG] paving and other sight {im^} [PRAOFLS] incidental or relate dead to {re^} mod [TKELG] reconstruction or rye pair for [SEUPT] {^ity} departments collude {^ing} the please department .

96  Filed in the office of the city clerk on April [-6] .

97  [250] [15] .

98  .

99  Dock number [0] [-67] [-6] [-FPLTS] [PHOPBLG] for alone in the amount of [20] until [-9] hundred and [-7] five thousand dollars for the original con instruction ever public ways and extensions or wide {^ening} there of collude ugh lands damages and does the pave {^ments} and squawk laid Tet of the said con instruction [STKOEPB] block bricks [SKPHEPBT] concrete by the by the concrete and by the by the madam or other permanent pavement of similar lass {^ing} character or original con instruction or Sur sauce [TPAS] {^ing} or rye surfaces {^ing} off street parking [KWRAEURS] and for con instruction ever sidewalks or by the by the concrete stone or concrete and {in^} [STAULGD] Mac {a^} Mac cad dam [PAEUFPLTS] or other rode dealer operate [TEUDZ] off street parking [KWRAEURS] with pave .

100  Or other rode materials and or for the does of Inc. nearing or architectural services for plans and specification {^s} or for the traffic significant cal or pub public lighting situation {^s} [TPORTS] purposes of various city Of departments collude {^ing} the public works or transportation department .

101  Filed in the offers of the clerk on April [-6] .

102  [20] [15] .

103  Docket number [0] [-6] [-7] [-7] .

104  [PHOPBLG] abalone orders in the amount of the [-6] [PH-L] five hundred and ten thousand dollars for {a^} are [KWAOEURG] land or interests there of for any purposes for which the city is or may there after being authority {^ed} to acquire land or interest there in not owes [SPES] {^iffic} [HREUG] provided for and for the con instruction of buildings or for dishes to such buildings where such dishes Klein creases floor space of said building collude {^ing} the does of original equip .

105  Of furnish {^s} and said building and or for {re^} mod mod crow con instruction {^ing} on repairs to public buildings [OEPBDZ] by the city collude {^ing} original equip .

106  Furnish {,} {^ing} and landscape paving and other side {im^} [PHRAOFPLTS] incidental or directly con instruction or repair and for for the does of Inc. nearing or architectural services for plans and specification {^s} and or for fire alarm or architectural services for plans {^ance} specification {^s} for fire alarm or please communication installation {^s} for collude {^ing} the school department {,} filed in the office of the city clerk on April [-6] {,} [20] [15] .

107  Docket number [0] [-678] [PHOPBLG] in the amount of [1] [PH-L] [-6] hundred thousand dollars for the purposes of paying cost items and fees [EUBLTD] stud deign {!} met tick die sign work [TPWH] ren regulation off and cart ter development center locate Ted at [3-9] [-6] north ham {^ston} street Boston mass known {^s}{a^} the project [KHRAOUGD] the payment of all cost items answer dental or relate Ted there to and for which the [SEUB] maybe El image {^ible} for {a^} grand for the mass choose school building authority [PH-FPLT] {.}is about{.} amount of said amounts to be expend and {under^} the public fa [SEUPLTS] department on bee half of the [PWOBS] ton public schools and if the sit city is not edge [TKEUPBLG] bake for the Brandt for po project said amount may be {ex-^} [PAPBLGT] Ted for such fees ability stud {dis^} schedule schedule design collude ugh the renovation of [TKAEURB] to cart ter development center and all cost items [EUPBTS] dental or relate Ted there to filed in the office of the city clerk on April [-6] .

108  [20] [15] .

109  [paragraph] dom [0] [-679] [PHOPBLG] abalone order in the amount ever [23] million{}dollar reconstruction {^ing} bridges ever stone or of eye Ron {super^} per truck {^ture} or on .

110  Arc services for plans and specification {^s} for the purposes of various city departments collude an {^ing} public works department filed in the office of the city clerk on April [-6] {:} [20] [156789] and docket number [0] [-68] [0] [PHOPBLG] lone or appeal the amount of [-6] [PH-L] five hundred thousand dollars from the sit 'tis {^'s} capital grant funds in order to provide funding for street rule book project and anew parking meet ter and imagine .

111  System to be [PHAPBLGDZ] by the Boston {trans^} [PARGS] [TKPEPT] known {^s}{a^} [TKP-FPLT] [P-FPLT] #M{.} the funds shall be cred Ted to the cap parking meet ter fund filed in the office of the city clerk on April [-6] {:} [20] [15] [paragraph] thank you {,}you madam clerk clerk docket [0] [-6] [-6] five threw [0] [-68] [0] will be assigned to the committee on Ways and Means .

112  [paragraph] and you could also recognize that Councilor LaMattina is presents {:} [SKPWHR*RPBLGS] [paragraph] [0] [-68] [1] .

113  [-FPLTS] law department to {re^} establish .

114  Five hundred thousand dollars for funds fiscal year [20] [1-6] for the purposes us of [PR-FPG] goods and services to pay for repairs to city [PRORLT] from damages cause {^ed} by third parties .

115  Dock number [0] [-68] [2] .

116  [PHOPBLG] authority [-RG] [PHAEURS] {^'s} office of tower {^ism} to {re^} taxicab in [AORD] {^ance} with Jen laws chapter [4] [4] section fist [3EU] happen {a^} revolving funds to accept from the fund up to {a^} maximum [TPHUPLT] of [3] hundred thousand dollars to fund fiscal year [20] [1-6] for the purposes ever [PR-FPG] goods and services it to advance tower {^ism} and promote participation in public celebration {^s} .

117  [paragraph] docket number [0] [-68] [3] {,} [PHOPBLG] authority {^ing} the [PHAEURS] {^'s} office of arts and culture to establish in [AORD] {^ness} with Jen laws fifty [3] and half {a^} {re^} volume [-FLG] fund to accept from the fund up to {a^} maximum of [3] hundred thousand dollars to fund fiscal year [20] [1-6] for the purposes of [PR-FPG] goods and service {^s to} sport public art throughout the [SEUB] .

118  Dock number [0] [-6] [-8] [4] {,} [PHOPBLG] authority {^ing} the inspection {^inal} services to {re^} establish in [AORD] conditions with Jen laws chapter [4] [4] section fifty [3] and half {a^} revolving funds to accept from the fund up to {a^} [PHRABGS] mum of [2] hundred thousand dollars .

119  To funds [23EUS] cal year [20] [15] to .

120  City agent cease which in for [KR-FPLT] B.C. chapter [1-6] section [1] point [-9] and [1] point [-9] about{.} for cost items association {^iate} Ted with lines {^ing} {^ing} and registration [STRAEUGS] .

121  Docket number [0] [-68] five majority authority {^ing} the Boston center for {out^} and families to {re^} establish in Jen laws laws chap chapter [4] [4] section fifty [3] {&E.} and {a^} half .

122  {re^} up to maximum of [-7] hundred and fifty thousand dollars to fund fiscal year [20] [1-6] .

123  To pay salaries and [KR-RG] why from from {,} {,} {,} {,}if {,}if {&f} {&f} [KWRAUPL] [linebreak] docket number [0] [-6] [-8] [*6] [PHOPBLG] authority {^ing} the boss office of {en^} {en^} and {en^} I go services to establish in [AORD] {^ance} with Jen law why{.} physical {^ial} in{.} why{.} financial year [TP-FPLT] financial year financial year financial year [STKPWHR-FRPBLGTSZ] .

124  Physical [TPHREUS] physical physical fear fear fear fear year fear fear fiscal year .

125  Fiscal year .

126  [paragraph] electricity con [SAOUPLD] by the sit it {^ity} and annually there by greening {a^} great ter per {^itage} ever sit 'tis ago gate lecture [TREUS] {^ly} lone {&e} lode .

127  Dock number [0] [-68] [-7] [PHOPBLG] authorizing Boston public schools to {re^} establish in [AORD] {^ance} with Jen laws chapter [4] [4] section [57] {re^} volume [-FRG] funds to accept from the funds up to maximum of [1] [PH-L] [-8] hundred thousand dollars tour funds fiscal year [TP-FPLTS] [KPW-FRPLGTS] [P-FPLT] {.}is fa [SEULTS] [KHRAOUGD] [PW-PS] [PW-PS] [PW-PS] [PW-PS] for extends and building time for {re^} accepts buildings repairs .

128  [PW-PS] .

129  [linebreak] docket number [0] [-6] [-8] [-8] [PHOPBLG] authority {^ing} the [PWOPBS] ton puck schools [PW-PS] [PW-PS] with Jen law chapter [4] [4] section fifty [3] for fiscal year [20] [3-7] to accept from the funds up to maximum of [1] [PH-L] five [HUPBDZ] to {re^} pyre an tech normal I go collude ugh go - .

130  {,} {,} {,}if {,} {,} if .

131  .

132  {&f} {&f} {&f} {&F} {&f} {&f} [TP-FPLT] .

133  Fifty {&f} {&f} [TP*R] fi {&f} {&f} [TP*B] [TP*R] {&f} {&f} for for efficiency [TP*R] [TP*R] [TP*R] [TP*R] [TP*R] [TP*R] [TP*R] [TP*R] [TP*R] [TP*R] [TP*R] [TP*R] [TP*R] [TP*R] [TP*R] [TP*R] [TP*R] [TPEG] fiscal year .

134  [paragraph] [paragraph] boss done pub had lick schools to establish Jen law chapter [4] [4] section fist [3EU] and {a^} half .

135  Regard up to maximum of [PHR-R] [PHRAOR] [PHRAOR] [PHR-R] {FLUSH} efficiency efficiency efficiency [TP*FRB] [TP*B] [TP*R] [TP*R] [TP*R] [TP*R] [TP*R] [TP*R] [TP*R] [TP*R] [TP*R] [TP*R] {^sm} [linebreak] [STKPWHR*FPLT] [TKORB] niche .

136  [0] [-6] [-9] [1] [-FPLTS] majority authorities {^ing} the Boston fire adept {a^} cad [PHAEUFRPLTS] {re^} establish {?} [AORD] {^ance} with Jen laws chap chapter [4] [4] section fifty [3] and half {a^} real sol [-FPLTS] funds up to {a^} maximum number of [1] hundred thousand dollars to funds [PHR*FRGS] [TPHR*FRB] efficiency efficiency [TP*R] [TP*R] [TP*R] [TP*R] to [SPO*RLT] [PWOPS] ton [TPAOEURPLT] [TPAOEURPLT] [TPAOEURPLT] [TPAOEURPLT] [TPAOEURPLT] .

137  Dock number number [0] [-69] [2] .

138  [PHOPBLG] authority {^ing} the boss tons fire {a^} cad any to establish {re^} establish in [AORD] {^ance} with Jen laws chapter [4] [4] section fifty [3] and after {a^} half {a^} revolving funds to accept [STPR-T] funds up to {a^} [PHAOBGS] mum of [1] hundred thousand dollars to funds fiscal year [20] [1-6] to sport training programs for fire fight terse for [TPWHOPB] [SEUB] fire agent cease .

139  The academy will [KHAEURPBLG] participating out side agent cease [TAOU] {^ish} {in^} for each fire fight ter to recruit [STHE] send to the academy .

140  Docket number [0] [-69] [3] {,} establish -- [PHOPBLG] message steak Boston fire department {a^} [KPHEUD] chap chapter [4] [4] section pivot [3EU] and half revolving funds to accept from the fund up to {a^} maximum of [25] thousand dollars to funds fiscal year [20] [1-6] to sport Boston fire department personnel clean up and contain .

141  Cost items association {^iate} Ted with mass choose Jen laws chapter [2] [1] {&E.} and mass choose oil and has [TKUS] material release and prevention and response act .

142  Majority authority {^ing} the Boston please department {^'s} license {^ing} division to {re^} establish in [AORD] within with Jen law chapter [4] [4] section fifty [3] and half {re^} volume {^ful} fung to accept from that funds up to {a^} maximum of [350] thousand dollars to fund fiscal year [20] [1-6] for the purposes and [PR-FPG] lease {^ing} or renting space materials and equip .

143  And to be [PARGS] {^ly} or wholly youse {^ed} for the instruction {^inal} purposes for knew hack [PHREU] charge drivers {^'s} ap can't and providing funds for other training need {^ed} owes budge Ted for .

144  Docket number [0] [-69] five [PHOPBLG] authority {^ing} Boston please departments to establish into [AORD] witness with [STKWREPB] laws chapter {&E.} Han half .

145  Revolving funds to accept from that [TPHRUPBD] up to {a^} maximum of [3] hundred thousand dollars to funds physical {^ial} we're [20] [1-6] to pay sell sell and benefits of employees and to purchase price and equip .

146  Necessary try to operate the please departments [AETS] physical fitness center .

147  Docket [0] [-69] [-69] [-6] [PHOPBLG] authorities {^ing} Boston please academy to {re^} establish in [AORD] witness [SKWR] Jen laws [4] [4] [SR-RBS] {re^} volume [-FRG] funds to accept from that fund up to {a^} maximum ma'am of [2] hundred thousand dollars to funds fiscal year {FLUSH} for {FLUSH} [TP*R] [TP*R] [TP-B] [TPR*B] [TP*B] [TP*R] [TP*R] [TP*R] [TP*R] [TP*R] [TP*R] [TP*R] [TP*R] [TP*R] [TP*R] [TP*R] [TP*R] [TP*R] [TP*R] [TP*R] [TP*R] [TP*R] [TP*R] [TP*R] [TP*R] [TP*R] [TP*R] [TAOU] {in^} {^ish} for each recruit moreover or [SPEGS] moreover they sends to the academy .

148  And docket number [0] [-69] [-7] [-FPLTS] [PHOPBLG] authority {^ing} Boston please department [SPEGS] operations did I serration to {re^} establish Jen laws [SRAPT] {&.v} {&.v} {a^} {re^} volume [-FRG] [SKRERS] to accepted from that funds up to maximum um of {a^} [HUPBDZ] thousand for fund physical {^ial} year [TPR*R] [TP*R] [TP*R] [TP*R] [TP*R] [TP*R] [TP*R] [TP*R] .

149  [TP*R] [TP*R] .

150  [linebreak] from none city of Boston law enforce .

151  Agent cease .

152  [SPEGS] operations division will charge due {^ish} {in^} and other fees to out side law enforce .

153  Agent cease for training with the [K-FPLT] nine unit [paragraph] thank you {,} madam [KHRER] clerk [STKPWHR-RPBLGSZ] [paragraph] [STKPWHR*FRPLGTS] [paragraph] records of money lick officers and others {,} madam clerk clerk .

154  [0] [-69] [-9] .

155  Notice was received from Councilor [President|Pressley] in [AORD] {^ance} with docket [0] [-69] [-9] will be placed on file [paragraph] [paragraph] no [RO*RDZ] ever committee Mr. President Mr. President .

156  Committee on the do government operation {^s to} which was referred February [24] {,} [20] [15] okay dock number [0] [2-67] ordinance [PHEPLD] {^ing} [KR-FPLT] B.C. [SEPBGS] [-6] -- [-6] point [3] schedule for parking fine [SPHEUTSZ] {a^} report recommends {^ing} the ordinance out to pass in anew draft [paragraph] chair rec {^is} noose the chair of committee government operations Councilor Flaherty on [0] [2] [-6] [0] .

157  [paragraph] thank {,}you [PHR-P] [PHR-FPT] .

158  [KR-FPLT] B.C. -- [EFRPLTS] scheduled parking fines .

159  [-L] .

160  It was first [EUPBTS] dues {^ed} .

161  Referred to in committee on government operations on February [4] the of [20] [25] and see [SEPBGS] I {in^} cries fines for parking in residential park being spaces without {a^} designate Ted stick [TPER] from [40] {^ed} to [1] hundred thousand dollars doctoring you fen way park {e^} vents due to significant [SKERPBS] and Val [KWRAOUPL] of I guess event [TKPWOERS] people going to socks [TKPWAEUPBLS] and other fen way relate Ted {e^} vents take {^ic} [SPEGS] {&e} pressure {^tious} spots in great number and my colleague will go into great [TEUR] debt in concern to [TWEURBL] {re^} {&e} complaints .

162  We'd {a^} hearing here on mar [PHRARB] second and {super^} [SPRER] majority of our colleagues and about{.} {.}it about{.} residents own [TPHERS] Ann representatives from the Red Sox .

163  .

164  Demonstrate Ted that's {e^} vents at fen way may [KAOR] late with the illegal parking particularly in illegal [SPEUS] {^s} the risk of getting {a^} [40] {^ed} not {a^} dee [TAOERPBTS] opportunities and lots in that year charge actually Moore than the [40] {^ed} tick [KET] so it was the price of dog business [40] do pressure [SHAOURS] [SRUS] and scare residential spot so these clearance were clearly {^ly} addressed doctoring the hearing and new draft and that we're asking that this be viewed {^s}{a^} {a^} pilot program and put {a^} sen sense clause on it December [2] [1] December {&E.} efforts of our colleague to see [TKP] this propose Sal was fruitful {on^} look at the date how many ticks [KETS] are were writ {en^} and how many [TPAOEUPBTS] were leave Vehicle Code and [WHRORPBT] the residents have seen {a^} [TKEUFRPBTS] in there quality of life so throughout chair I wanted to dee fear to the lead response sore Councilor Josh Josh sake Kim .

165  Councilor Zakim .

166  Zakim Zakim .

167  Thank you {,} Mr. President Mr. President .

168  I want to thank Councilor Flaherty for his [SPHORT] [ARPBL] work on this throughout hearing and quite {a^} process {,} would {^ing} with the [PHAEURS] {^'s} office transportation department residents and the Red Sox to make sure we craft {a^} [PHRAOEUL] lot program that would ends at the ends the year after baseball cease son San see if there's aim packet on none residents parking in residents space .

169  {a^} issue that I have been hearing about the laughs year and after that the transportation and .

170  [PHAEURS] {^'s} office is something that there are {^ish} shoes across the city but acute in the fen way year we've [40] thousand people coming in at lease [-8] [1] games {a^} year hopeful {^ly} Moore if they're not play office hopeful {^ly} this career but it's {a^} important file lot program to see if week address this anthem and other community lead [TKERS] to help make sure that's ware necessary is out there and make sure this is in place that our precedents when they .

171  Came hom where every they're that they'll not find someone from out side of the [SEUBT] parking in there space so clearly {^ly} I hope to pass this and look floored to transportation department and the [PHAEURS] {^'s} sport {,} thank you .

172  [STKPWHRA] - - - addressed to say [HAOFPL] .

173  Ayes have it {^ant} docket [0] [2-67] is passed in anew draft {:} {:} [TPHAFRPBLGTS] matters [RAOEPBTS] {^ly} herds for possible axe [paragraph] [0] [2] [1] [1] .

174  Order for hearing to discuss diverse did I in pose sec Dar {^ry} ins constitution {^s} [paragraph] chair recognize {^s} chair on the [KPHEUD] he [KAELGS] {^ition} [0] [2] [1] [1] [linebreak] we'd [2] willing [President|Pressley] willing to come into the city Councilor {on^} discuss this very important issue .

175  {^s}{a^} the chair of education {im^} bring {^ing} in all of the colleges and [KWRAOUPBS] [KWRAOUPBS] to {ex-^} [PHRAOR] there policies around diversity and higher ed {^ication} .

176  We'd {a^} remark able conversation with [KHAPBGS] lore Keith not not from {.}you mass Boston and cat think [SKWREPBG] [SKWREPBG] Scott from wheel lock two the leading institution {^s} in did I [SREURS] {^ity} in work or force every {^ry} place from lead [TKER] ship [TPWAOEPBL] faculty and folks working at the school and [PRAOUR] cure .

177  And mesh [SHAOURS] they're youse ugh to diversify {a^} procure .

178  And local {^ly} hoy by from small businesses and businesses run by people who live in the [SEUB] {,} people of color {^s}{a^} well {^s}{a^} women .

179  There's really the mantra of having or being {a^} town that has some of the Bess college system means to me not {^s}{a^} much if those college systems are dog business for people in our community and Boston public schools stud departments don't [THAOUL] {^ly} have {a^} pat way into those colleges and [KWRAOUPBS] [KWRAOPBS] .

180  I was very {en^} [KOURPBLGDZ] {,} one by the candor and also [2] {,} that boat of these individuals once sent {a^} {in^} station spent {a^} invasion back to us to call not lower [PHREFL] people in there add [PH-RGS] but were likely to come forward {^s}{a^} lead [TKERS] therefore institution and connect with the Boston city Councilor {,} shows us the respect {re^} {de^} certificate of and also show the people of the [SEUB] the respect that we deserve .

181  We're going to tin to have these conversation {^s} and come up with {a^} report of Bess practices {,} and I think week see several fold bottom line when we look at opportunities for Boston pub lib school stud departments to actually enter these colleges and [KWRAOUPBLGS] for men [TORG] and tutor cal programs that they provide but also the actual bottom line that week see rill {^tive} to there procure .

182  And thousand they actually are purchased so there's great deal that I belief that we'll be able to come up with .

183  [PAOEUT] lot is one think [TPWU] there way of dog business actually collude [HAOEURG] businesses and people from the [SEUB] {,} then that's center fold bod Tom mine and will be met and we look forward to the up coming rounds of [KHREUPBLGS] and [KWRAOUPBS] [KWRAOUPBS] that [PHAOF] forward and I think there's something that hospitals and other institution us should look at and other institution us in the [SEUB] .

184  [paragraph] Councilor Yancy .

185  [paragraph] thank {,}you [SREFRP] .

186  Mr. President Mr. President .

187  I rise to commends the chair of the education committee .

188  Id the opportunity to sit threw boat of those [HAOERLS] {&e} hearings {,} and I con grad late the [President|Pressley] ever wheel lock college and the chancellor ever {.}you mass Boston for being so for the right in add indicating for diversity within there institution {^s} and addressing .

189  I other concerns raced by the chair of the education committee .

190  [T-FRS] really {a^} welcome breadth of fresh air to have these lead [TKERS] in those various institution {^s} to Stepford without any form ever conversion for us to issue {a^} sustain to get them to participate in {a^} very important seer Reese of hearings {,} so again I [TKPWHEPBDZ] the chair {^s}{a^} well {^s}{a^} the [2] [HREDZ] ever some of our {e^} steamed academic institution {^s} that join us for {a^} very substantive discussion .

191  [12K3W4R-6R7B8G9S] thank you {,} Councilor Yancy .

192  Docket [0] [2] [1] [1] will be remain in the committee on education .

193  [linebreak] docket number [0] [1] [-7] [1] communication was received from the city clerk of the filing by the [AUD] tinge department regards {^ing} the [SEUB] fiscal year [20] [14] comprehensive and newly financial report [-RPBTS] and docket number [0] [1] fiscal year [20] [15] [PWHUPBLG] {^et} .

194  [paragraph] Councilor Yancy .

195  [paragraph] very briefly {,} Mr. President Mr. President .

196  {^s}{a^} you know {extra^} last week we did issue {a^} seer {^ress} of [1-7] [TP-FPLT] orders which have yet to be received .

197  There were [3] hearings that were conduct Ted [PWAOEULT] poet audit and over sight committee where the add [PH-RGS] was essentially {a^} know show {^s that} .

198  That was the fire department {,} please department and I belief public works .

199  I decided {,} Mr. President Mr. President {,} to pose [POEPB] the [2] hearings scheduled for this week in {a^} effort to sit down with the add [PH-RGS] and see how week have {a^} high level of participation and cooperation [THAOU] tick cooperation so {^s}{a^} I decide {^ed to} pose [POEPB] the hearings for this tick week but it's my intention {^s}{a^} chair to review all of city government in every {^ry} department {,} because what I found so far in terms of stud I don't think the results of pose audit hearings for fiscal year [13] and [14] is that Jen {^ly} there's {a^} great variation between what the add [PH-RGS] submits to us in terms of project Ted revenue and expends {^ture} and the actual {,} and it's {em^} couple [PWAPBT] upon this body to get some very clear answers {^s}{a^} to why those various {^iation} {^s} {extra^} {^is} .

200  Mows of them are very [HREUPBLG] it mat others race concerns about projecting out for in this case [23EUS] cal year [20] [1-6] .

201  So we'll tin to process and [TPOEP] null {^ly} within another week or so phi we've have another schedule of pup coming hearings [-FPLTS] but I did want to take {a^} opportunity to thank John McCarthy the [EUPBTS] rim superintendent of schools for the departments .

202  He was the only one that actually showed .

203  And I don't think {un^} can argue that's other departments had {a^} Moore onerous response {^ibility} of preparing {a^} budge it than the sit 'tis large {^es} department and we're questioning [1] billion{}dollars for the school department .

204  Now if the head of that complex organization can pay this body the respect of showing up for {a^} hearing {,} Shirley the small {^ler} departments have less of {a^} [EPBGS] excuse .

205  With all that said Mr. President ill work with the add [PH-RGS] because the I know the add [PH-RGS] wants to be held accounted ability and wants to be {trans^} parent {,} so I expect that they would responsibility to each Ann every {^ry} [1-7] [TP-FPLT] order and to work with the pose audit and over sight to schedule {a^} hearing .

206  [UFRL] {^ly} some of those are going to have to take place doctoring the budget review .

207  So I would like to request that those [2] docket be remanded do committee .

208  [paragraph] [0] [1-79] will {re^} plain in the committee ought pose audit and over sight .

209  [paragraph] order for hearing to discuss {dis^} [PWHRAEUS] .

210  Community stability and who neighborhood preservation .

211  [linebreak] [STKPWHR*FRPBLGTS] [STKPWR-FRPBLGTS] Baker lass night we'd {a^} hearing that folk you'd on Moore exclusion of the problem the first we talked about issue that were we were having .

212  I [THOUT] it was {a^} pro ducts {^tive} conversation although I wasn't able to stay for the public .

213  .

214  I belief we want to keep it in committee on bee Hess of the make ker who I would like to [TAURPB] it over to {,} now .

215  Thank {,}you Councilor Baker .

216  Councilor Jackson you've the floor [STKPWHR-FRPLTS] [paragraph] Jackson Jackson thank {,}you very much .

217  Mr. President Mr. President .

218  I want to thank Councilor Baker for his lead [TKER] ship it in this case [SPAPBT] second of [2] very successful hearings we'd .

219  Over [3] hundred people here .

220  This is {a^} issue that literal {^ly} {e^} effects every {^ry} single neighborhood .

221  Folks from south Boston Roxbury Dorchester East Boston Jamacia Plain plain {,} folks from all [ARPBDZ] the city {,} families who can't {a^} forward {a^} one point five [2] bedroom condo .

222  Luxe luxe con dose that there are [-8] thousand of them being built in the city right now .

223  So this begs the question {,} {^s}{a^} we enter contain all kinds ever [EUPBTS] national [SRAOEPBTS] .

224  What are we dog right now in the [SEUB] right now for the people in our community .

225  I want to thank [PHAEURB] {^ual} {,} for the housing plan that looks to get us over [-7] hundred thousand and there's {a^} significant an can't number in this that plan for {a^} forward dabble housing .

226  How do we define {a^} forward dabble housing Mr. President .

227  What does it actually mean and can people in our neighborhoods and community from rocks vox {,} the average is [34] thousand dollars per person .

228  How do those folks stay in the [SEUB] .

229  And what type of city would we be without the folks who keep it together and make shower neighborhoods safer and work so hard to make us the city that we're topped .

230  And so I want to give sift {^ity} life fear {a^} credit Dan [KRAOEUPB] necessary progress {^es} {^ive} and .

231  I of the other organizations who were present .

232  I want to thank the .

233  I Councilor [SHRORS] who came out and also those who viewed and {^ive} actually spoken to some of you on the floor about viewing {^s}{a^} this happens .

234  This is to me one [-FRT] mows critical El [EPLTS] {,} agnostic to whatever part of the city we actually live in of our time .

235  And so there are were .

236  I thinks put on the table .

237  {^us} cause eviction .

238  The ability to have to have some type of mediation .

239  This is not someone loss actually {&a} fall falling [HAOEUPBDZ] [OPBTS] rents but told we know long [TKPWER] are going to have you here .

240  Land truss the .

241  How do we streamline the opportunity of putting together land truss the in the [SEUB] and then controlling that lands and in dish stability [SOEPBS] [EFPLTS] should we've all of these election luxe luxe housing you know knits going up in every {^ry} single part of the city [TKHR-FR] driving up the mark [KET] rent and increasing the I.D. [P-FPLT] [WEUS] we know right now [2] hundred thousand dollars {a^} unit .

242  [THAUF] to put in the kit {^ity} if you don't build it on sight .

243  San you know {extra^} there's not allot in the [SEUB] that a in the mark [KET] that you could build for [2] hundred thousand dollars and that needs to be update Ted so again Councilor [PWHAEUBG] I wants to thank him for the scheduling and timing and I want to thank him for the lead [TKER] ship in this space .

244  And I know in my hard of [HARTSDZ] that refer {^cy} single individuals in this room on the floor cares about this issue and we'll tin to [PHAOF] {a^} advance policy that actually helps those that may not come into this building and may knot never get to be part of this meeting in this body and but actually need our help .

245  But I would also lass {^ly} say that's think that suggested at my heart [-RT] number of families thar now home less based on what's {^'} going on .

246  The number of families we heard people coming from green lands mass where there shelter ter is to bring kids into school in the [SEUB] .

247  We've {a^} cries {^s} {a^} oo foot and this is something we need to deal with urge gently .

248  We've {a^} great group of people at the table to do it and also this also means people in the [PRAOEUFRT] sector to [PHAOEB] we tin to [PHAOF] along the way -- to make sure we assure {a^} forward dabble housing for all of the folks collude {^ing} poor people in the [SEUB] .

249  Thank you very much {,} Mr. President Mr. President .

250  [paragraph] thank {,}you Councilor Jackson - Councilor Jahns Yancy .

251  Thank you very much .

252  It was {a^} marathon [SP*EGS] session lass meaning {^er} evening .

253  I wants to thank Councilor Jackson for offering the orders an chair members [P-FTS] house ugh committee and in this regard but I wanna Ted to add was free from the disability [KPHAOUP] {^ity} to be involved [ARPBDZ] home less necessary .

254  .

255  [paragraph] we worked very hard to {a^} come [TKAEULT] every {^ry} one in the [SEUB] and {en^} is sure that there's nodes discrimination but I think it's also important that we take deliberate steps to make sure we're not leg reflect Ted and ig [TPHAORG] {a^} very important segue .

256  Of the [SEUB] .

257  So I {^us} want to add that and thank Councilor jack for his great work and make sure that we're {a^} city Of {^s that} truly {^ly} inclusive and week never allow any [SPWAEUGS] to {ex-^} sis where the issue of disability and access to housing and other man [THES] that's {^ress} of us take for gran Ted .

258  I look forward to the follow up hearings {:} [linebreak] [STKPWHR-FPBLTSDZ] [STKPWHR-FRPBLGTSZ] motion {^es} orders and resolutions .

259  Councilor Murphy [OFRDZ] the following order for hearing to pro effect air quality throughout the [SEUB] by reducing fuel emissions .

260  [paragraph] chair recognize {^s} Councilor Murphy on docket [0] [-7] [0] [0] .

261  Thank {,}you Mr. President Mr. President .

262  This [*R] this hearing order actually ordinance start Ted in [2] thousand [-9] with myself and form [PHER] Councilor Felix go{.} {a^} rye owe not his father {,} and we maid {un^} substantial headway {under^} the lead [TKER] ship of gym [HUPBGT] in the {en^} {en^} department {,} and we're working with {a^} community group called ace all tern [TEUFS] dud [TKHR*EU] {^ly} square Councilor being {^a} jack and I visited them in [2] thousand [1] [1] .

263  And gym hunt got relays {^ed} by brine sweat {,} and all cooperation stopped on this project .

264  - and we now have anew chief every {en^} I go cause fin black man {a^} appoint Ted to by our mayor March {^ual} {,} [AFRPBLGTS] and it [TEUPBS] .

265  This is {a^} first graft that come out of my [OFPLTS] about probably should have Councilor jacks jacks {^'s} name on it since his was on prior parts of this .

266  .

267  It has [KHAEUPBGDZ] some .

268  It's {a^} good first step because we're going to be {in^} force {^ing} {a^} rye deduction in diesel eye mission {^s} on vehicles that's [SEUB] owns leads lease {^s} or [K-RTS] for on various considerate Ted services .

269  We all know the public [HRELT] commission has {^ish} [SHAOUD] {a^} alarm bell about the ricing asthma rate in all of boss tons {^'s} neighborhoods from where they were {a^} few years ago it's increasing and increasing and {im^} [STHAOUR] that season El par ticks [HRATS] are the cause for these rates .

270  And I think this is attack that at its route and make oo each neighbor neighborhood in the [SEUB] [STKAEUFR] for the people who live here {,} and I think it's part of our duty tie here {^s}{a^} members of the sit {^cy} Councilor .

271  [paragraph] thank you {,}you Councilor Murphy .

272  [paragraph] Councilor being {^a} jack would you like to add our [TPHAEUPBL] at hit it [STKPWHRO] thank {,}you so much .

273  Mr. President Mr. President .

274  This is {a^} critical issue .

275  Councilor Murphy and I have been advancing this {,} the run day down the feel {,} not the pats game down the field .

276  But Roxbury has six times the asthma rate in the dud dud scare year .

277  Bart let yard is gone but there's {a^} bus yard and Councilor Flaherty and I were having {a^} discussion the big guess I'll vile the [-RT] buses it that's Boston public schools youse [KWRAOS] and Councilor Baker and I and Councilor mick public {,} we all have bus yards in our strict .

278  That its [AETS] diesel so it has to warm up .

279  Diesel particulate marry is actually [SPWEUT] up in the air .

280  In dish to dud dud scare we've [35] thousand dollars I go threw there every day day and add [SKWRERS] {^ly} effect {^ing} the lives of the meme ap in and [ARPBDZ] our community and we know that's Boston pick schools that one [-FRT] Reese sons that young people get [KE79] back mows off ten is because they miss school [TPROR] asthma .

281  So there's something to be said get fact that's buses thar actually bring [-PBG] them to school are also making them miss school .

282  It's that eye Ron any in that .

283  So again this is the right think to do at the right time and I {a^} appreciate the lead [TKER] ship of Councilor Murphy on this issue to care about the city {^s}{a^} {a^} whole but in tick the young people in the [KWRAEURS] that these bus shops are in{.} thank you .

284  [paragraph] thank {,}you Councilor {^ian} jack [STKPWHR-FPBLGTSDZ] please at my name Councilor LaMattina McCarthy Wu Yancy O'Malley and Ciommo Flaherty .

285  O'Malley I also ask that nigh name be added and briefly thank the make ker and Jackson {in^} cede important issue one where Boston really can lead the way .

286  {im^} delight Ted to see the progress [TKPWRES] and here the sport [STPR] mayor {^ual} {,} and look forward to seeing it {a^} real {^ality} .

287  Job well down .

288  - thank {,}you Councilor O'Malley .

289  [paragraph] docket [0] [-7] [0] [0] is {a^} [SAOEUPBDZ] to the committee on {en^} {en^} and parks .

290  [paragraph] madam clerk clerk .

291  [paragraph] [0] [-7] [0] [1] .

292  Councilor Yancy [OFRDZ] the following order for hearing regarding the urge [EPBTS] review of the [EUPLGT] packet on Boston neighbor [HAOPLD] arc ash it's a it's a bridge demolition project [paragraph] Councilor Yancy on [0] [-7] [0] [1] [paragraph] [THAEUPG] you very much .

293  Mr. President Mr. President [P-FPLT] first of all I would like to recognize Councilor O'Malley for the tremendous amount of work and [TKEFRT] he put into this issue over the years .

294  The question of the case case over pass is certainly {^ly} not knew in the [SEUB] .

295  Particularly in the Jamacia Plain community .

296  There's {a^} tremendous amount of sport for racing and [TKPHOL] lyric that tick bridge .

297  However {,} Mr. President .

298  I was asked to attends {a^} meeting {,} I beliefs it was last week where {a^} great deal ever concerns were raced and ironically city that {^ive} happen [THO] rep so ill significant number of questions whether being race {^ed} that I certainly {^ly} cannot answer .

299  {im^} sure [THEFB] answered in the pass .

300  One of the [TKERPBS] has to do with the activities of our public safety {^ity} vehicles doctoring the [TKEPL] {^ulation} prose {^es} and perhaps even after .

301  [P-FPLT] .

302  I of my [TWEURBTS] commonly youse the ash way to get to from the medical appointments for example .

303  Our school buses {,} youse parts of that {^s}{a^} well .

304  And certainly {^ly} public safety {^ity} please and fire {^s}{a^} well {^s}{a^} {&E.} [PH-FPLT] {.}is neutralize this Chris cal art try in the very important part of the city .

305  So this hearing order is {^us} that .

306  Is {^us} calling for the opportunity for the public to once again way in on this issue maybe different neighborhoods who feel directly impact Ted could way in {^s}{a^} well and have {a^} [PWER] {under^} [STAUPBD] {^ing} of what the plan is and if there are indeed any certificate {^us} {en^} {en^} [HELT] issue relayed {^ing} to the process but the public safety {^ity} {^ish} shoes {^ance} transportation {^ish} shoes are {a^} great concern {^s}{a^} well .

307  So this is not {a^} order to [STAOES] and dee sis is the [TKEPL] {^ulation} of the case {^ly} [SOEFR] pass .

308  Some of us may sport that and some may {a^} oppose it but {a^} considerate is already done .

309  It's scheduled to be dee moll [HREURBTD] beginning in may and may lass {^s}{a^} long {^s}{a^} [2] years .

310  The public has {a^} right to know how they're going to [TKPUPBGS] doctoring this period of time .

311  It's very similar to similar hearing orders [THAEUF] had in the pass looking at similar project [EBGTS] in Mattapan and elsewhere .

312  I ask that this be referred to the [PAEP] committee for {a^} {ex-^} dish {^tious} hearing .

313  [paragraph] O'Malley .

314  Thank {,}you Mr. President Mr. President .

315  I {a^} appreciate the [RARBGS] from the author of this hearing order I [TWAEFRBDZ] to speak {a^} little bit about it .

316  In this business {,}in our business {,} I belief we need to be hon necessary .

317  [PWHAOE] need to be hon necessary with ours {^s} and each other and mows important hon necessary with the people who we were elect Ted to sever .

318  Whether you think it's great eye dee or over case case over pass is coming down {:} whether you think we out to do something about it or not .

319  The fact of the marry is that that body and this add [PH-RGS] this add [PH-RGS] this mayor cannot do anything about it this is not about passing blame or [PWHRAEUPBLG] the state but [SPEUPL] [PHREU] stating facts {^s}{a^} they're .

320  [-FPLTS] good people who feel very strongly that anew bridge should be there or current bridge should be [STREPB] tends or kept to cut {&u} suggest week change that week not .

321  I wants to talk about the process and then the [SPES] {^iffic} hearing order .

322  [4] Han that of years ago one [PHOPBTS] before I was elect Ted and seat Ted on this [PW-D] did I it it was pub [THREURBDZ] in the news that's case case over over was coming down and thus game {a^} [SPEUR] Ted {de^} bade what should happen infection knew bridge small {^ler} bridge at gray or certificate [TPAS] rode solution .

323  {a^} early B.C. go{.} ea. meat .

324  Pats [SHERPBS] {&e} Terrence complete [HREUFPLT] go{.} [W-FPLT] wab Kass vase #M{.} okay{.} {.}it .

325  I worked then closely with rep {mal^} [KWRART] the state rep [TEUFP] [TPORTS] strict diverse {^ify} not [POEPBLG] the meme national neighborhoods and opinions that were [TKHR] but to make sure we'd {a^} real row bus did I bait .

326  There were {a^} number of meetings I think the total is [3] does {en^} .

327  I red somewhere second only to the big dig [HELT] the number of [3450E8D] {^s} and fur happy with the at rate did I significance chance {^ness} ar [URSZ] happy with the process .

328  Results if you prefer having abridge there chances are you do not think the process was adequate or fair .

329  Now one think I tried to do doctoring the entire process is tried to help find con sense [SAUPBS] come up .

330  Early on there were pro at great pro [TKPWREUFPBLGT] now I guess -- {im^} sure the .

331  I borough bridge [TPAOEBGS] thinks Tim [PROUT] add great .

332  What I tried to do threw these lass four {a^} Haver years concerns .

333  {en^} {en^} impact stud {^ly} red ma'am {^a} .

334  Capcapcap and I send alone or that{.} traffic pattern and .

335  I [TKEUFRPBTS] local neighborhood {a^} association association .

336  And town meetings lass year have folks in the #M{.} [TOFPLT] {.}it [TKOP] and answer additional questions .

337  If the purposes of [THO] hearing is to indeed talk about the ways week work and monitor and Ra dress the fact that this is {a^} led ache of course you're I sports that{.} .

338  If there are people who feel the people fields they [AEPBTS] been {er^} I forward [-FRPL] [-FRPL] something that {en^} [KOEURPBLG] you by {^us} want to be crystal career week not suggest that week change this or suggest that week Al tern it's out come get abridge being built there because to do so would be {dis^} hon necessary with ours {^s} {^ance} each other and mows importantly {dis^} hon necessary with the people who hom we were elect Ted to rep .

339  Thank {,}you Mr. President Mr. President .

340  [STKPWHREFRPBLGTS] thank {,}you Councilor O'Malley .

341  Councilor Murphy - [paragraph] thank {,}you Mr. President {Mr.-|}  I want to thank Councilor Yancy for filing the order and I also want to thank Councilor O'Malley for his arctic [KHRAT] words regarding the process to this point .

342  I think we're in {a^} balance here {extra^} and it [S-PBTD] our project {^s}{a^} Councilor Poe owe state Ted .

343  It's {a^} state project .

344  There's know Boston {re^} source us going towards {.}it there were know hearings held in this chamber .

345  There was {a^} state hearing process .

346  {im^} not sure that's state hearing process actually heard [-FRB] .

347  Because the case {^cy} over pass is big [TKPWER] than the neighborhood in which it sits .

348  And it impacts [-FRB] is south Wes Boston .

349  What happens there{.} whether it's at grade or over grade .

350  Whatever .

351  It impacts [EUFR] {^ry} one .

352  It impacts Ross daily {,} Hyde Park {,} for {^ress} hills naturally .

353  Impacts West Roxbury {,} Dorchester {,} Matt .

354  [-FRB] {,} because {^s that} {a^} compute commuter choke points .

355  It's also {^s}{a^} ware {&i} chair ever public [STAEUFT] [TEUFPLT] it's route [20] [3] and goes into the jam jam way and where does that ends up downtown .

356  At the hospitals .

357  So it's at [TKPWHRAOUPBS] route for people going to the hospital from all of the neighborhoods I {^us} mentioned .

358  So there's allot at stake here .

359  I agree with Councilor O'Malley .

360  To at the [1] [1] {'} hour open up pan pan {aero^} [TKPWOBGS] after gene any has {^es} scaled and put the onus on the Boston city Of Councilor on inner shoe it does not control fund over sight order puts us squarely {^ly} on the [TPAOEURL] {&i} firing line for the people [HOR] {un^} happy .

361  We're going to be here and we're going to we're this think .

362  I don't sigh any other way for it to happen because I have been [ARPBDZ] here too long .

363  And it halls happens that way .

364  So I don't know what the business some is other than to give people {a^} opportunity to vent about what happens {^'s} happening week give them {a^} hearing here and take there vents and [STPRUBS] [STRAEUGS] {^s} to the did I significance make [KERS] that have already maid this did I significance .

365  The horse is out of the barn .

366  Gene any {^es} [SKAEUPD] the bottle .

367  It's happening .

368  We shunt have to we're it .

369  But we shunt preclude the Venn view for {a^} hearing {^s}{a^} [WEFPLT] thank {,}you Mr. President Mr. President .

370  [paragraph] thank {,}you Councilor Murphy .

371  Councilor mick .

372  [paragraph] McCarthy mick .

373  Thank {,}you very much .

374  Mr. President [PHR-FPT] I couldn't agree with Councilor O'Malley Moore {^s}{a^} well {^s}{a^} Councilor Murphy .

375  Strict knife which I rep will be neglect [T-FL] [THREU] impact Ted .

376  I drive by [HOR] for for hills when I work and you go every very very [HREURL] or you set up meetings in the neighborhood so you don't have {^ing to} throughout that [SKHOEBG] rode but {^s}{a^} Councilor O'Malley state Ted very El [KWAEPBT] {^ly} the [PWHRAEUPBLG] is coming down .

377  My job I feel {^s}{a^} at strict [2350EU6] city Councilor rep my neighborhoods that fun [TPHEPBL] threw this year is now hold mass dots feet to the fire .

378  [PHAEUBGT] sure the prom 'tis {^s} are kept trees are plan Ted [OERB] Shah and {&E.} amount of [P-FPLT] -- E.P.A. rather {^s}{a^} they take the bridge down the neighbors are safe {^ary} clearly {^ly} follow up with our bone Boston transportation department to make sure that's transportation stud December that mass dot has put forward are followed to {a^} {.}it and the about{.} [R-FPLT] amount of is [SWREL] aware that's design review they hold there feet to the fire and make this {^s}{a^} he ease I {a^} transportation {^s}{a^} posh for {a^} [TWEURBT] but {a^} {trans^} [TPORGS] {^mation} it'll be .

379  Thank you .

380  [paragraph] thank you {,} Councilor McCarthy .

381  [paragraph] Councilor [RAOPBSZ] [SWRA*PBS] [KPWRAPBS] Yancy .

382  [paragraph] thank {,}you very much {,} mister .

383  {Mr.-|}  .

384  And I certainly lay [RAOERB] {^iate} the [KPH*EPBDZ] comments maid by our [3] colleagues [SPEGS] {^ly} Councilor O'Malley .

385  Councilor O'Malley has {in^} [SRES] Ted {a^} great deal of time and effort and {im^} aware of if .

386  But high grounds quite [TPRAEUPBG] {^ly} on the issue of providing {a^} opportunity for .

387  I other communities that may not have been {^s}{a^} connect Ted to the seer {^ress} of hearings that have take {en^} place what the public [STAEUFT] {^ity} plan it it public [HELT] plan is .

388  I assume that there's {a^} {en^} [SRAOERPLTS] Tal plan in place .

389  This hearing seer Reese of hearings if necessary {^ry} will provide the various state agent cease and city agent cease {a^} opportunity to 'til the pub [HREUBLG] what that plan is and how they're likely to be impact Ted .

390  $700 I don't think {^s that} {a^} small deal .

391  I think it's very important for us to here from the emergency medical services {,} how they plan to man [TPHAOUFR] [TKROG] the [TKEPL] {^ulation} pros less and half .

392  And let me close by saying {,} Mr. President {,} I sport increasing the bike lanes and cycle transaction for for those of our residents who choose to right on {a^} bike instead of {a^} vehicle {,} it's environ American tally sound [PRABG] .

393  You may recall I held [AEUPB] [SRES] .

394  In hub way because certain neighborhoods were not collude new that efforts .

395  And this body sport Ted knee that and as a result pub [WHRAOEU] is [SPWUR] [SRAEUT] {^ive} and provides opportunity for other communities .

396  I sport bike lines throughout Dorchester Roxbury animate mat et cetera but I also sport the publication {^'} right to know .

397  And the public does need to [TKPHOE] what {re^} mediation efforts are in place for the [TKEPL] [HRA*EUGS] [HREUGS] of this over pass wives construct Ted presumably to ease traffic flow rather than to add to congestion .

398  So when you take that over pass down {,} and you establish several Moore traffic stops {,} {^s that} going to have {a^} impact on people .

399  And the mows immediate impact {,} I belief will be {,} the flooding of the Jamacia Plain plain community with people [HOR] trying to find what {a^} {^ality} mat route may be .

400  And {^s that} {a^} burden on one other committee but Councilor Murphy is also correct .

401  That for .

402  I years and decades this has been alive line for our {&E.} [PH-FPLT] {.}is .

403  So we need to know and Moore importantly the public needs to know not to race any unreasonable expectation {^s} but the public needs to know what is the plan and {im^} urging {a^} {ex-^} dish {^tious} hearing since the bridge is [KOPBLGS] down in lieu of Moore than {a^} {^mont} .

404  The process beginnings [*EUR] gins in {a^} {^mont} .

405  [paragraph] thank {,}you Councilor Yancy .

406  Docket [0] [-7] [0] [1] [SPEGS] commit [TAOETS] to [linebreak] [0] [-7] [0] [0] .

407  [STKPWHR-P] reconsideration [paragraph] I it says or for hearing .

408  But it's {a^} ordinance {,} Mr. President {Mr.-|}  [STKPWHRAFRPBLGTS] so docket [0] [-7] [0] [0] will be {a^} [SAOEUPBDZ] to the committee government operations [paragraph] Murphy thank {,}you Mr. President Mr. President [paragraph] [STKPWHR-FRPBLGTSZ] Councilor Murphy [PHAOFS] suss suspension [-FRT] rules {^age} package ever docket [0] [-7] [0] [2] {^ments} all those in favor say Aye .

409  Ayes have [TAPBT] [0] [-7] [0] [2] has passed [paragraph] late filed madam clerk .

410  [paragraph] in the city Councilor [paragraph] there are [3] late filed matters in the [HRARPBDZ] of the clerk which from {ab^} [SKEPBS] of the objection will be add {^ed to} today's {a^} Jen [TKAFPLT] so added to the {a^} Jen [TKAFPLT] mass {^ed} mad clerk clerk please reed the first marry .

411  [linebreak] in city Councilor Bill Linehan for Councilor Jackson [paragraph] Councilor Jackson [PHAOFS] suss suspension of the rules {^age} package [linebreak] .

412  - of the Ayes have [TAPBT] first laid filed marry has passed [paragraph] in the sit did I Councilor build Linehan for Councilor [SWRABG] jack [paragraph] [PHAOFS] suss suspension of the rules {^age} package of the second laid filed marry .

413  All those if favor say Aye .

414  [AFRPBLGTS] owe mows {^ed} nice - have [TOFRPBLGTS] second late filed marry has pass {^ed} [paragraph] from the office of the Councilor Ayanna {^ress} press .

415  City Councilor at large .

416  April [-8] {:} [20] [15] .

417  Deer madam [KHRAOERBG] due to {a^} debt in the familiarly ill not be presents at the regular meeting in the city Councilor .

418  On Wednesday April [-8] {:} [20] [15] .

419  Sincerely {^ly is} Ayanna [President|Pressley] [paragraph] [THAEUPG] {,}you madam clerk please place that on filed .

420  {!} is [paragraph] [paragraph] there are [3] late filed matters which in absence of objection will be added to today's an so added {,} the chair [PHAOFS] adoption of the Connolly {a^} Jen [TKAFPLT] all those {a^} {a^} .

421  {:} know the Ayes have it {^ant} Connolly agenda is adopt Ted .

422  {^}troke .

423  {:} prepares to add [SKWRAOURPB] in memory of following individuals individuals .

424  [paragraph] for Councilor Ciommo marry [PH-FPLT] lie .

425  For Councilor Flaherty .

426  Ray man did I El low .

427  For Councilor LaMattina .

428  John prince pi pi .

429  And will come [W-FPLT] color rum .

430  For the chairs {:} Anna ray [SRAR] Ra and Anna [SUL] lan .

431  For the chair and Councilor Flaherty - - Mike [-L] [SKWR-FPLT] Burke .

432  Cat [REUPB] will{.} owe [TKOPBL] nel .

433  Less bit a {^tium} {^berg} .

434  And marry {.}it ker {^ry} .

435  [paragraph] cancer {^ry} .

436  [paragraph] for Councilor Yancy .

437  Bruce bowling .

438  [SAR] {^ry} [PWRAEUT] den .

439  Al [TKPWRED] brothers .

440  Rich chard long .

441  Probable Bert brine mull len .

442  And for the Councilor legislator {^s}{a^} the whole .

443  Cat [REUPB] Rita fin commissioner Joe [TPEUPBS] {^'s} mom .

444  [STKPWHR-FRPBLGTSZ] thank {,}you [-789] chair [PHAOFS] that [WHEU] cot [SRUPB] add [SKRAOURPBTS] {^ed to} aforementioned individuals .

445  Schedule actual to meet against on Wednesday April [15] the at noon {:} all those in safer Fay .

446  Poi posed a know .

447  Ayes have apt Councilor is so adjourned {:} {:} [1] [3] [2] {:} {:} [AOEFR] over {:} STPH-FPLT 13 3 STPH-FPLT STPH-FPLT STPH-FPLT
 {:} [13] [3] {:} {:} {:}

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