Saturday, June 27, 2015

Wednesday 17 June 2015 Public Meeting Boston City Council cc06172015.txt formatted StenoGraph StenoNote .sgstn Stenograph Record.

 [STKPWHR-FRPBLGTSZ] [paragraph] [paragraph] [paragraph] [paragraph] you [paragraph] today is Wednesday {,} June [1-7] the [20] [1-6] .

2  [15] .

3  I'd like to ask all Councilor [KOUPBS] and guests at this time please rise {^s}{a^} I [EUPBTS] dues today's guess the .

4  After {in^} vocation is delivered I would ask all minimums and guests to remain stands {^ing} {^s}{a^} we recite the pledge pledge of {a^} Al .

5  At this time [EUDZ] {^'} my pleasure sure tint dues Kate comb comb .

6  {^es} she's {a^} association {^iate} minister and director of children and {out^} minute [STRAOES] at the forty [President|Pressley] church .

7  In south Boston .

8  {^s}{a^} you all know pretty {^ity} well burns burns it Stan is the pastor there and has been here .


10  Kate grew much north article {ka^} Carl {a^} ten .

11  You know you know of north Carl chap chap hill where she did not study muse muse real real or social work but [TPOUPBDZ] hers dog all threw at this time .

12  And doctoring her summer she worked with the ap [HRAEURB] shin project Inc. learning to {e^} rat {^cate} housing and spin [SPAOEURGD] minds no Chris service .

13  After [SREURPBLG] [SREURPBLG] Ken Ken and ten ten dually inspired to add {a^} social work did I agree to her seminar {^ry} stud [TKAOEPBTS] .

14  Ker {^ry} [PHAOFS] from Boston to [TPHORTS] Carl in [1-9] [-8] [-89] [-8] at Boston you know you know which [SWHAOE] rate great wait Ted in [20] [12] .

15  {^cate} {^ity} had every {^ry} intention off [PHAOFG] back south after [TPEUPBG] niche {^ing} but her added venture here's in Boston {a^} organizing and work [W-GT] great ter Boston {inter^} fate organization has spelled her to someday {a^} we bit long [TKPWER] and she has know plans to {re^} turn {^us} yet .

16  Without any further adieu Kate cocoa .

17  Councilor Murphy is going to do {a^} suspicion print {^tation} to someone we know intimately .

18  .

19  Thank you {,} Mr. President Mr. President .

20  Not only it boss bung bung hill day in Boston but it's also John Donovan day in Boston .

21  And {^ive} the honor of [EUPBTS] vit {^ing} John loss recently retired from the election is departments up to say good by not members of the sit it {^ity} Councilor .

22  I'm going to reed this resolution briefly and have John would you us with his or tour {^ry} {:} {:} red from [TKOUPBLGT] {:} [paragraph] {:} until {a^} permanent department head was named and whereas he again assumed the role of {inter^} meet [KWRATD] department head in January [20] [15] {under^} the mayor March [SKWR-FPLT] {^ual} {,} add [PH-RGS] whereas throughout his career John has put the needs of the city Of of Boston residents for moat .

23  His compassion and dedication in the City Of Boston should be emulate Ted by all current and [TPAOUT] employees of the sit is {^ity} for .

24  I years to come .

25  John you're truly {^ly} dedicate dead and never be replaced .

26  You'll be miss {^ed} .

27  In meeting assembled extends its congratulations and Bess wishes on the occasion of the you're retirement Ann declared Wednesday June [1-7] the to be John Donovan day in the City Of Boston .

28  [paragraph] [STKPWHR-FRPLTS] I want to the had thank the Councilor for this honor .

29  {im^} humbled .

30  {im^} {a^} plan of few words .

31  I know you all .

32  And I wish you nothing with the Bess of luck going forward with you're election this year .

33  {^iffic} say that now shins {im^} not ahead of registration [STRAR] .

34  Been {a^} [PHREUFRLG] to work for [4] [34] years for the city with [4] different [PHAEURS] and {im^} going to miss is .

35  My wife is rye tired .

36  She's sitting back there{.} [WAOEU] haven't killed one another yet .

37  Yet .

38  Well {,} I [THOUT] I'd be about first {^ing to} .

39  [THR*EPB] again {,} thank you for this honor and {im^} humbled by tan pretty {^ity} much that's it .

40  {im^} around if you guys never {^ette} need anything for me {a^} question for anything .

41  {im^} not going any where .

42  Thank you very much {,} all of you .

43  [paragraph] [STKPWHR-FRPBLGTSZ] [SKWRAOPBLGSZ] {^'} lass official duty was add [PH-RG] our nomination payment pairs .

44  So we all maid the ballot .

45  {!} thank you for that job .

46  John .

47  [paragraph] [paragraph] Linehan I {^us} want to say something .

48  People don't really get to know there value of {a^} quality election [TKPA*EPTS] department .

49  I mean {,} there's know government is it if it does {'} start with {a^} election department that has quality Tal Ted profession {^inal} people {on^} integrity .

50  And John you led that -- {^ic} remember in [1-9] [-8] five when I first ran for office {,} he treat Ted me the exact same way then {^s}{a^} I did when I went down for my nomination paper {^%} for [President|Pressley] .

51  He go giving [-FRB] equal access to run he beliefs in that {,} so that's why he did such {a^} great job over [35] years .

52  I know {im^} going to miss you and all the colleagues are going to miss {,} you {,} John .

53  [-FRPBLGTSZ] [paragraph] [paragraph] thank {,}you Councilor Murphy for that .

54  And thank you {,} John for all you're years of service .

55  [paragraph] madam clerk would you please recognize that Councilor [President|Pressley] is present .

56  Or here .

57  [paragraph] if there are know corrections to be maid the minutes of lass pleat {^ing} will stand approved .

58  Seeing and hearing no objections {,} the minutes are so approved .

59  {^}troke .

60  Communication {^s from} his hon moor the mayor {,} madam clerk {,} please [paragraph] clerk clerk clerk [10] [-69] [PHOPBLG] for annual appropriation and tax order for the financial year [20] [1-6] .

61  [paragraph] referred to the committee on ways and means [paragraph] [1069] [PHOPBLG] for annual appropriation for the school department docks docks financial year [20] [1-6] [paragraph] ways and means .

62  [paragraph] [10] [-7] [0] .

63  [PHOPBLG] approving {a^} appropriation of [40] million{}dollars to the other pose employment benefits known {^s}{a^} owe [PEB] liability from us [TUPBD] established {under^} section [20] of the mass choose Jen law chapter [3] [2] about{.} [paragraph] docket [10] [-7] [0] will be assigned to the committee on Ways and Means [paragraph] [10] [-7] [1] [-FPLTS] [PHOPBLG] approving {a^} appropriation of [-6] {un^} thousand dollars for the purposes ever paying cost items of {a^} fees ability study and [SKAD] [SKPHAT] tick design work at the following schools .

64  Young achieve [SKRERS] signs animate .

65  Community academy of signs and [HELT] .

66  Tech [PWOTS] ton .

67  Ellis school mick Kay school curly school and sum [SPHER] school .

68  Upon colleagues of the feasibility study the City Of Boston maybe El image {^ible} for the {a^} grant .

69  Authority set amount to be expended {under^} the direction [-FRT] public fa [SEULTS] department on bee half of the Boston public schools .

70  [paragraph] docket [10] [-7] [1] will be assigned to the committee on Ways and Means [paragraph] [paragraph] docket number [10] [-7] it [2] [PHOPBLG] authority {^ing} the [PHRAOERGS] to [4] [HUPBDZ] for the mass choose offers of victim assistance for purposes of {ex-^} [KPAPBD] {^ing} the bee [HAEUFRL] het sport for the Boston please staff and agent cease who responded to the Boston marathon [PWOPBL] .

71  Being .

72  [paragraph] message authority {^ing} the [PHRAOERGS] to accept and {ex-^} [PEPBTD] {a^} grant in the amount of [-8] [4] thousand dollars award by the [EBG] he is [EBG] office of public safety {^ity} for purposes of providing over time to conduct [3] high visibility men force .

73  [PHOEBLTS] .

74  [10] [-7] [4] [TPHROPBLG] authorization {^ing} the [PHRAOERGS] [STOEP] and expends {a^} grant of [-69] thousand [-9] [HUPBDZ] and [40] {^s} from the U.S. department of justice {,} the bureau of justice assistance [TPUPBTS] for the [EDZ] ward burn member member {^us} {^us} {a^} {a^} grant known {^s}{a^} jag port for the Boston please department for the purposes of sporting {out^} slash please dial [HROGSZ] in and {e^} vents over {a^} [12] {^mont} period .

75  [paragraph] [10] public safety {^ity} [paragraph] [10] [-7] five [PHOPBLG] authority {^ing} the [PHRAOERGS] grants ever five thousand dollars for the mass choose deposition department of public [HELT] for the purposes of collecting and [RAORTD] {^ing} data [linebreak] [10] [-9] [-7] [-6] [-FRPBLTS] [PR-FPG] agent to {un^} excise up to [2] {ex-^} sis option to extend by the one year each time considerate number [3] [0] [3] [3] with {re^} [THRAOEF] {ex-^} Inc. about{.} dog business {^s}{a^} access of Dan verse mass to for analog records and storage and {re^} [KRAOEFL] services [KWRAOUGS] {^ed} by all sit [TKEUPTS] and agent cease .

76  This {,} considerate is set to expire June [30] [20] [15] and will contain [OGS] {^s} for the city to renew for [2] con sec test is acquired to pursuant to section [12] about{.} of chapter [30] about{.} of mass choose Jen laws [STPHRO] [linebreak] [*FRPBLGTS] - [-FRPBLGTSZ] and and {a^} den dam he {^ey} newly periods of which case the considerate will go out to bid in [2] thousand [1-7] - based on {a^} operation {^inal} fangs and {^s}{a^} sis the .

77  Does effect {^ive} decision for the city and taxpayers saving them thousand [SAPBTS] in over het and label .

78  {dis^} corrupt [THREUF] and [KWAOEURG] differently labor of the .

79  Does relate Ted to [PHAOFG] Moore than fifty thousand cube bic feet of [TKOUPLTS] to {a^} few facility .

80  So at this time I request suss suspension and package of [10] [0] [-7] [-6] .

81  Thank {,}you Mr. President [PHR-PLT] [linebreak] [STKPWHR*FRPBLGS] [STKPWHR-FRPBLGTSZ] all in safer I .

82  Ayes have it ability docket [10] [-7] [-6] has passed [STKPWHR-FRPBLGTSZ] Ma mad [KHREURBG] record of public [OEFRS] and others {,} please .

83  [linebreak] [10D] [-8] [-8] inside was [SAOEUP] from the mayor of the appointment of the sap San Pete {^s}{a^} interim collection commissioner effect {^ist} June [-8] [20] [15] .

84  Docket [1-7] [-7] [-7] placed on file .

85  [paragraph] notice was received from the city clerk in [AORBD] {^ance} with chapter six of the order [TPHAPB] {^s} of [1-9] [-79] regard axe ache ten by the mayor on paper {^%} act Ted upon at the city Councilor at its may [20] [20RBGS] [15] meeting [paragraph] filed .

86  [paragraph] [STKPWHR-FRPBLGTSZ] record of commit tease {,} please .

87  [paragraph] mister Mr. President Mr. President would you like me to reed all the revolving funds [TKPHR] [-7] [-8] [1] threw [-79] [-6] .

88  Right [STKPWHR-FRPBLGTSZ] [paragraph] [KPHAOEUT] tone ways and means to I was referred on ape aim [-L] [20] [1-6] [-6] [PHOPBLG] authority {^ing} the law department to {re^} establish in [AORD] {^ance} with Jen laws chapter [4] [4] section fifty [3] {&E.} and {a^} half .

89  {a^} revolving fund to accept [TPR-TS] fund up to maximum of five [HUPBDZ] to fund fiscal year [20] [1-6] to purchase goods and certificate [SRES] {^es} to pay for repairs .

90  Third [THAERTS] {&e} parties submits {a^} report recommends {^ing} that's are order out to pass [STKPWHR-FRPBLGTSZ] docket number [0] [-68] [2] the committee an ways and mean to which was referred son April [-8] [20] [1-6] [0] [-8] [-6] [2] - [PHAEURS] office of tower {^ism} to {re^} establish in [AORD] {^ance} with Jen laws chapter [4] [4] section fifty [3] {&E.} and {a^} half .

91  {a^} {re^} volume [-FLG] fund to accept from the funds up to {a^} mechanics maximum fiscal year [20] [1-6] for the purposes of [PR-FPG] goods and services to advance tower {^ism} and promote participation and public celebration submits {a^} report rec {^ing} order ought to pass [paragraph] [0] [-68] [3] the committee on ways {^ance} mean to which was reefer ape [EUP] [-8] [20] [15] .

92  [0] [-6] [-8] [3] [PHAEURS] office of arts and culture to {re^} establish in [AORD] {^ance} with Jen laws chap chapter [4] [4] section fifty [3] {&E.} and {a^} half revolving funds to accept from the funds up to maximum of [3] hundred thousand dollars to funds fiscal year [20] [1-6] for the [PRURPS] {^s} of [PR-FPG] goods and services to sport public art throughout the City Of Boston submits {a^} [RAORT] recommend {^ing} the order out to pass [paragraph] [0] [-6] [-8] [4] committee on ways {^ance} mean to which [RAS] referred April [-8] .

93  [0] [-68] [4] .

94  [PHOPBLG] authority {^ing} the inspection {^inal} services to {re^} establish in [AORD] {^ance} with Jen laws section fifty [3] {&E.} and half {a^} revolving fund to accept from that funds up to maximum of it hundred thousand dollars to funds fiscal year [20] [1-6] to reimburse for administrate {^tive} cost items it to those city Of agent cease [KR-FPLT] B.C. section [1] point [-9] and [1] point [-9] [P-FPLT] about{.} and for cost items association {^iate} Ted with license {^ing} and registration [STRAEUGS] submits {a^} report recommend {^ing} the order out to pass [paragraph] [0] [-68] five the committee on Ways and Means April [-8] [20] [15] [0] [-68] five .

95  [PHOPBLG] authority {^ing} the Boston center for {out^} and families to {re^} establish in [AORD] {^ance} with Jen laws chapter [4] [4] section fifty [3] [EFPLTS] and {a^} half {a^} revolving fund to accept from that fund up to {a^} maximum of [-7] [50] thousand dollars to fund fiscal year [20] [1-6] to pay [S-L] race and benefits for employees and purchase price and equip .

96  Necessary {^ry} to operate city Of [KHAUL] child care [SKPHEUTS] {a^} report recommend {^ing} the or the out to pass [paragraph] docket number [0] [-68] [-6] the committee on ways and means to which [RAS] referred April [-8] [20] [15] [-RPBLG] {^}troke [PHOPBLG] authority {^ing} the office of {en^} {en^} and {en^} I go services to establish in [AORD] {^ance} with Jen laws chapter [4] [4] section fifty [3] and {a^} half {re^} volume [-FLG] funds to accept from the fund {a^} up to {a^} maximum of one hundred [THOUPDZ] purchase off sits of greenhouse gas {e^} [PHEGS] {^s} which shall be association {^iate} Ted with the {a^} [SPORGS] of the election try {^ticity} cone [SAOUPLD] by the city Of annual {^ly} thereby ago gait electrical lode submits {a^} report recommends {^ing} the order out to pass .

97  [paragraph] dock number [0] [-68] [-7] committee on Ways and Means to which was referred on April [-L] [20] [15] docket number [0] [-68] [-7] [PHOPBLG] authority {^ing} the Boston public schools to {re^} establish in [AORD] wanna with section fifty [3] and {&E.} and {a^} half .

98  {a^} revolving punished to accept from the fund up to {a^} maximum of [1] [PH-L] [-8] hundred thousand dollars to fund fiscal year [20] [1-6] to sport the mate innocence and repair of about{.} [P-FPLT] {.}is fa [SEULTS] collude {^ing} custodial and you [TEULTS] cost items for extends {^ed} building time {,} floor {re^} Finnish {^ing} landscaping and building repairs submits {a^} report recommend {^ing} the order out to pass .

99  [paragraph] docket number [0] [-6] [-8] [-8] the committee on Ways and Means to which [RAS] referred on April [-8] [20] [15] {&E.} [0] [-8] [-8] Boston public schools to {re^} establish {?} [AORD] {^ance} [KHOPT] [KHOPT] {&.v} [4] [4] {&.v} .

100  {a^} {re^} volume willing funds for fiscal year [20] [1-6] to accept from the fund up to {a^} maximum of [1] [PH-L] fa five hundred thousand dollars to repair pan purchase Boston public schools tech normal I go collude {^ing} compute terse mobile did I [SRAOEUGS] {^s} and instruction {^inal} software submits {a^} report recommend {^ing} the order out to pass [paragraph] docket number [0] [-689] the committee on Ways and Means to which was referred April [-8] to [20] [15] [-FPLTS] [PHAOPBLG] authority {^ing} the Boston public schools [-FPLTS] [PHOPBLG] [PHOPBLG] majority majority majority knowledge [PHOPBLG] [PHOPBLG] [PHOPBLG] [PHOPBLG] [PHOPBLG] [PHOPBLG] [PHOPBLG] [PHOPBLG] [PHOPBLG] [PHOEPBLG] [PHOEPBLG] [PHOEPBLG] [PHOPBLG] [PHOPBLG] [PHOPBLG] to funds fiscal year [20] [1-6] to the Boston public schools transportation cost items collude {^ing} bus and public transportation cost items submits {a^} report recommend {^ing} the order out to pass .

101  - docket number [0] [-6] [-9] [0] submits {a^} report on ways and means to which was referred on ape [-8] [20] [15] docket number [0] [-69] [0] [PHOPBLG] authority {^ing} Boston public schools to establish and order {^ance} Jen laws section {&.v} {&.v} [4] [4] {&.v} {a^} revolving fund to accept from the {under^} up to {a^} maximum of [4] hundred thousand dollars fiscal year [20] sayer slayer Zaire is a is a is a is a is a sayer Zaire is a Zaire Zaire Zaire Zaire Zaire Zaire Zaire Zaire Zaire Zaire Zaire Zaire Zaire Zaire Zaire Zaire Zaire Zaire Zaire Zaire Zaire Zaire is a Zaire Zaire Zaire {a^} {re^} volume [-FRG] fund to accept from the fund up to {a^} maximum of {a^} [HUPBDZ] to funds fiscal year [20] [1-6] to sport Boston fire departments {^'} participation in the protection clean up contain .

102  Of has [TKUS] tiers materials [SA*EUFRS] [SA*EURS] ays ays ays [SA*EURGS] [SA*EURS] [SA*EUFRS] [SA*EURS] [SA*EURS] ays ays ays ays ays ays [SAEURS] [SAEURS] [SA*EURS] [SA*EURS] [SA*EURS] ays ays [SA*EURS] [SA*EURS] Zaire ays [SAEURS] is a ays [SA*EURS] [SA*EURS] [SA*EURS] [SA*EURS] ays ays ays ays Zaire Zaire Zaire Zaire Zaire Zaire Zaire Zaire Zaire Zaire Zaire Zaire Zaire Zaire is a Zaire Zaire is a {^ifier} fight ter recruit they sends to the {a^} cat my which submits psi psi psi psi is a is a is a Zaire Zaire Zaire Zaire Zaire Zaire Zaire Zaire Zaire dock [KET] number dodge dodge dodge dodge dodge dodge dom dom dom dom dom dom dom dom dom dom dom dom dom dom dom dom dom dom [-FPLTS] fund um up to {a^} maximum of [25] thousand dollars to fund fiscal year sayer Zaire Zaire Zaire Zaire Zaire .

103  Participating in the protection and Puerto Rico {&p} perfect about perfect perfect perfect perfect Puerto Rico {&p} {&p} {&p} {&p} {&p} {&p} {&p} {&p} {^sm} fight fite fite fite fite fite fite fite fite [SHEU] is a recommends {^ing} the or the out to pass [STKPWHREFRPBLGTS] [0] [-69] [4] the committee on ways and means to which was referred on April ate [KWAO*EUPLT] [KWAO*EUPL] [KWAO*EUPL] [KWRAOEUPL] [KWRAOEUPL] [KWRAO*EUPLG] [KWRAO*EUPL] [KWRAO*EUPL] [KWRAO*EUPL] [KWRAO*EUPL] [KWRAO*EUPL] [KWRAO*EUPL] [KWRAO*EUPL] [KWRAO*EUPL] [KWRAO*EUPL] [KWRAO*EUPL] [KWRAO*EUPL] [KWRAO*EUPL] [KWRAO*EUPL] [KWRAO*EUPL] [KWRAO*EUPL] [KWRAO*EUPL] [KWRAO*EUPL] [KWRAO*EUPL] to accept from the fund up to maximum of [3] [50] thousand dollars to fund fiscal year [20] [1-6] for the purposes of [PR-FPG] lease {^ing} or renting space materials and equip .

104  To be [PARGS] {^ly} or wholly youse {^ed} for instruction {^inal} purposes for the knew hackney [KAEFRPBLG] [TKRAOEUFRGS] {^'} cap can't and providing funds for other training needs not owes budge Ted submits {a^} report recommends {^ing} the order out to pass [paragraph] [0] of [-69] five commit [KWRAO*EUFRS] [KWRAO*EURS] [KWRAO*EUPLS] [KWRAO*EUPLS] [KWRAO*EUPLS] [KWRAO*EUPL] [KWRAO*EUPL] [KWRAO*EUPL] [S*EUB] sub sub sub sub sub sub sub sub sub sub sub sub sub [S*UBG] [S*UBG] [S*UBG] [S*UBG] sub [S*U] [S*UG] [S*UG] [S*UG] [S*UBG] [S*UBG] [S*UBG] [S*UBG] [S*UBG] .

105  .


107  [AORD] {^ance} with Jen laws chapter [4] [4] {&.v} [4] [4] {&.v} {re^} volume [UFRG] funds to accept from the fund town maximum of [2] hundred thousand dollars to fund if fiscal year [20] [1-6] to not {^.^} {^.^} [20] {&p} {&p} {&p} {&p} {&p} [20] {&p} {&s} {&p} [20] {&s} [20] {&s} [20] {&s} [20] [1-6] [0] [12K3W4R-6R7B8G9S] out to pass .

108  [paragraph] docket number [0] [-69] [-7] the [KPHOEUT] tee on Ways and Means to which was referred April [3-8] [0] [-69] [-7] {,} [PHOPBLG] authority {^ing} Boston please department of [SPEGS] operations division to {re^} establish in [AORD] and with Jen laws chapter [4] [4] section fifty [3] and {a^} half {a^} revolving fund to up to {a^} hundred thousand dollars to [TPEUPBLGD] fiscal year [20] [1-6] to sport the [KP-FPLT] nine you know knits thank [TPRAPBLG] [TPOPL] law enforce .

109  Agent cease .

110  .

111  [SPEGS] operations division will charge [TWAOURB] {in^} and other fees to out side law enforce .

112  [SAEUGT] cease for training with [K-FPLT] 9:00 unit and submits {a^} report that the order out to pass [STKPWHRAEFRPBLGTS] that's good madam clerk thank {,}you .

113  [paragraph] chair recognize {^s} the Chair of commits even Ways and Means Councilor Ciommo on [0] [-68] [1] threw [0] [-69] [-8] [-7] [STKPWHREFRPBLGTS] thank [*R] {^}troke [-7] [paragraph] thank you {,}you Mr. President {Mr.-|}  we held all of thighs [HAOERLGS] in the department heard before us .

114  He so these were all response [SORD] by the mayor and [RAOEUFRDZ] to the committee on Ways and Means on April [-8] [20] [15] .

115  All of these matters [KWAOEURS] annual {a^} [PRAOFLG] mass Jen law chapter [KHRAPT] [4] [4] fifty [3] {&E.} and {a^} half .

116  [paragraph] ill {^us} go throughout them briefly since the clerk actually gave great explanation {^s} while reading them .

117  There's one revolving funds {a^} association {^ed} with the law department we held {a^} puck lib .

118  Stream Klein reimbursements for damages to city property .

119  The docket [0] [2-68] [2] [-8] [3] and [-8] [-6] were all heard on April [14] the .

120  Tower {^ism} fund for {e^} vents that take place on city hall [PHRAUS] sa and elsewhere in the city and news youse {^ed} to pay for [SURPS] advice {^s} need {^ed} and fire and {&E.} [PH-FPLT] {.}is services {,} arts and culture funds to sport public art and {en^} environment {re^} volume [-FRG] fund to sport off debts for greenhouse [TKPWABGS] emission {^is} .

121  [0] [-6] [-8] [-8] [4] is the animal control revolving fund inspection {^inal} services department .

122  This matter was heard on June June second .

123  The fund [WATS] sport Ted by the fees collect Ted by and all {mal^} control and spend on good and service {^es} collude {^ing} medical care for the animals .

124  Dock [KET] [0] [-68] five is {a^} Boston center for {out^} and familiarly fund that sport city hall [KRAOEULD] care program .

125  This is sa {self-^} sustaining program {,} fees actually paid for the salaried Ben [TPEUTSZ] of the employees who participate in the city hall child care program and that marry was heard on may [12] .

126  Boston public schools have [4] revolving funds and they were all heard on play forty of this year .

127  [0] [-68] [-7] youse {^s} funds generate Ted from rental school fa [SEULTS] to pay cost items for custodial and you [TEULTS] cost items social work {^iate} Ted with the {a^} {e^} vents and up keep of the you tilt such {^s}{a^} floor building repairs {:} [0] [-68] [-L] is the about{.} [P-FPLT] {.}is tech normal I go fund that {en^} [AEUBLS] repairs and sell compute terse for the purposes of [PR-FPG] knew equip .

128  .

129  [0] [-68] 99 is for the transportation cost items association {^iate} Ted with school field trips .

130  And [0] [-69] [0] is mon any errands from installing school fa [SEULTS] .

131  The fire departments imagine [3] {re^} volume [-FRG] [TPUBDZ] .

132  They were also heard on may forty .

133  Docket [0] [-69] [1] to allow the department to charge companies for response and clean up association {^iate} Ted with has [PA*Z] mat spills {.}you [0] [2-69] [2] none city employees that come to the City Of Boston for the Boston fire department training academy for vary [KWRUPS] programs .

134  [0] [-69] [3] is for the reimburse .

135  Of the boss tons fire department members who certificate [-FD] on the state has mats team .

136  And about{.} [P-FPLT] #M{.} Boston please department imagine {^s} funds these matters were also heard on play [1-9] the .

137  Docket [0] [-69] [4] sports training cost items association {^iate} Ted with educational programs for knew hackney driver cap can't docket [0] [-69] five is the only knew revolving fund this year .

138  This funds sports employees and equip .

139  Purchases necessary {^ry} to operate the about{.} [P-FPLT] #M{.} {^'s} fitness center and sport Ted by membership fees paid by the members .

140  Dock [KET] [0] [-69] [-6] allows Boston please department to collect [TPAO*ET] fees from other sit 'tis {,} [PHROFRS] to participate in the training {a^} cad Michigan it's sport Ted by [TAOU] {^ish} {in^} fees from those par 'tis [PRA*EUTS] pants and docket [0] [-69] [-7] is similar to [0] [-69] [-7] but it's for 9:00 trading and fees to [TRA*EUD] train [OEUR] 9:00 for the Boston please department .

141  The form process by developing {a^} review and report {in^} [STRAOUBG] {^ing} that process .

142  [paragraph] to allow funds to be considered in the con tect of over all department Tal [TKPWUPBLG] [TPETS] .

143  We've {im^} [PRAOFD] the substance of the record on funds and coming out of this round of hearings we're also asking that financial information on these funds be property Ted quarrel material {^ly} .

144  And these are [TKAOLS] allowing [TKEUPTS] flexibility and imagining {self-^} sustaining programs thar divot to clue in there operating budget due to this {inter^} mitt [TEPBTD] or innocent Nate .

145  The report [TKER] that we've [STAEBDZ] [TEUBS] to {im^} proof {trans^} [PARPBS] {^cy} accountability and annual reviewing these funds .

146  I recommends that these docket pass .

147  [paragraph] [THAEUPG] you {,}you Councilor Ciommo for that {in^} department report .

148  Ill {^us} when I reed out the dock [KET] ill {^us} state the actual department department [TPORTSZ] fund is for so there'll be clarify .

149  [0] [-68] [1] law [TPOUPT] Councilor Ciommo [PHAOFS] accept answer .

150  [0] [1-68] [1] all in favor say Aye .

151  Ayes have [TAPBT] docket [0] [-68] that [-8] [1] has passed [STKPWHR*FRPBLGTS] sit my [SPHORT] am {^age} [10] [-8] [2-8] {^ture} {^ism} .

152  All in favor say Aye - all opposed nigh [-FPLTS] dock docks [TOFPLT] [STPHAO] [linebreak] {^age} {^age} [-PBL] Pa package tort .

153  [RARTS] and [SKUT] cut all in [AEUFR] {^ive} tries {^ant} dock [TKOBLG] [0] [-68] [3] has passed [paragraph] Councilor Ciommo [PHAOFS] acceptance of the committee report and package ever [0] [-8] [] [4] {&I.} {.}is #M{.} .

154  All in favor say Aye .

155  Ail Ayes have the president and [0] [068] [4] has passed [STKPWHR*FRPBLGTS] Councilor Ciommo [PHAOFS] sen {^ance} [-FRT] committee report [APBL] package of the [0] [-68] five Boston center for {out^} and families - nay the Ayes have it it {^ant} docket [0] [-8] [-6] [-8] five has pass {^ed} [paragraph] Councilor son same image package of docket [068] [-6] {en^} {^ential} .

156  All opposed nigh the vice there have it and [08] [-68] [4-6] has passed [paragraph] Councilor Ciommo [PHAOFS] acceptance of the committee report {^age} package of docket [0] [-68] [-7] [WEUS] about{.} [P-FPLT] {.}is .

157  All in favor say Aye .

158  All in favor favor favor Ayanna {:} {:} Councilor Ciommo [PHAOFS] acceptance [-FRT] committee report [0] [-68] [-8] another about{.} [P-FPLT] {.}is .

159  Another say Aye .

160  Docket [0] [-68] [-8] has passed [STKPWHR*FRPBLGTS] Councilor Ciommo [PHAOFS] accept answer of the committee report [APBL] package ever docket [0] [-68] [-89] [WEUS] another about{.} [PH-FPLT] .

161  [paragraph] all opposed eye .

162  Docket [0] [-689] has passed [paragraph] Councilor Ciommo [PHAOFS] acceptance of the committee report [APBL] package of [1-69] [0] final about{.} about{.} [P-FPLT] {.}is .

163  Docket [0] [-69] [0] has passed [STKPWHRAFRPBLGTS] Councilor Ciommo [PHAOFS] accept answer of the committee report {^age} badge package of docket [0] [-69] [12] fire department .

164  All those in favor say Aye .

165  {&.v} eye {&.v} {&.v} Ayanna {&.v} .

166  [paragraph] Councilor sum sum package of [-69] [2] fire .

167  All opposed nigh at docket [0] [-69] [2] has passed [paragraph] Councilor similar [PHAOFS] acceptance of the committee report and package of docket number [069] [3] .

168  The lass fire revolving funds {.}you all in favor {&.v} {&.v} {^y} passed .

169  [paragraph] down Kim similar [PHAOFS] acceptance [-FRT] committee report and package ever [069] [4] all in favor say Aye .

170  All opposed ice .

171  Ayes have it {^ant} docket [0] [-69] [4] Boston please department has passed [paragraph] {&.v} {&.v} {:} about{.} [P-FPLT] #M{.} .

172  All that favor say Aye .

173  Ayes have [TAPBT] docket [0] [-69] five is passed [paragraph] Councilor Ciommo [PHAOFS] acceptance of the [KPHAOEUT] at the report [APBL] [0] [-69] [-6] about{.} [P-FPLT] #M{.} {a^} cat my .

174  [paragraph] although posed [TPHAOEUFPLT] .

175  [0] [-69] [4] has pass {^ed} [paragraph] Councilor similar shim [PHAOFS] finally acceptance of the committee report and {a^} package of docket [0] [-69] [-7] [PW-FRPLTS] [P-FPLT] #M{.} [SPEGS] [OPS] .

176  All in {&.v} {^...}{ }{-|} {^...}{ }{-|} {&.v} {:} [paragraph] passed .

177  [paragraph] [STKPHR] [STKPWHREFRPLGTS] [paragraph] committee on lugs to which was reefer June June [30] [20] [15] [STPHR-FRPLTS] {a^} authorized authority {^ing} City Of Boston to [PHREU] for accept and {ex-^} pent led paint control led has Saturday {re^} destruction demonstration grants funds from the U.S. department of housing and urban development known {^s}{a^} [HUD] office of led has card control and [HELT] think homes submits {a^} report recommend {^ing} the order out to pass .

178  [paragraph] chair recognize {^s} chair of committee on housing Councilor Baker on docket [0] [-9] five [4] [STKPWHREFRPBLGTS] thank {,}you [PHR-P] {Mr.-|}  .

179  This matter was response [SORD] by the mayor and we held {a^} hearing on Thursday {,}you June June [1] [1] .

180  The summary is the department of neighbor neighbor development provides {a^} number .

181  Has Saturdays across the City Of Boston .

182  .

183  I of which {de^} fends on federal {a^} grants [-FRPBLTS] urban develop .

184  This dock [KET] [0] [-9] five [4] would allow #M{.} in{.} #M{.} to apply for either of [2] [HUD] grants tote talc up to [2] [PH-L] [3] [2] {a^} [TPH-LDZ] to .

185  #M{.} in{.} #M{.} hope to procure [-RT] led based [PAEUPBTS] has Saturday control grant and led has has reduction demonstration grant .

186  Together the grants would provide up to [3] million{}dollars in led abase {^ments} in dish to the [25] hundred {^ed} [-FPLTS] {in^} {^ish} {^tive} .

187  {^s}{a^} chair of the committee on housing this matter out to pass .

188  I recommends that this order out to pass .

189  [paragraph] Councilor Baker [PHAOFS] acceptance of the committee report {^age} docket accept .

190  [09] five [4] .

191  - Ayes have [TAPBT] [0] [-9] five [4] has passed [STKPWHRA] marry recently heard for possible axe .

192  [STKPWHR-FRPBLGTSZ] message and authority [KHR-R] [15] [15] federal street ward [3] parse parse [0] [4] [4] [2] [2] five [0] [0] [0] to transfer [-RT] care cuss did I imagine .

193  Control of said property to the public fa [SEULTS] commission .

194  [paragraph] chair recognize {^s} the chair of committee on economic development labor and planning Councilor LaMattina on [10] [2-7] - {a^} hearing was held on Monday June [15] [OPBTS] committee on economic development and planning and labor labor on docket number [0] [10] [2-7] regarding off street parking garage at [1] [15] fed fed street in win [THROP] scare .

195  Sight has been deemed {a^} Sur [TPHRUS] commission and then is over the about{.} [R-FPLT] amount of .

196  Request for propose Sal from put out and about{.} [R-FPLT] amount of has {a^} toured us that any city mine [TPHRUS] about{.} [R-FPLT] amount of expenses .

197  The issue is {a^} valuable building and [HOUFPL] {?} understanding supposed to be draft Ted and [SEPBTS] to the city Of Councilor but we've yet to see it or review {.}it I recommends that this matter remain in the committee to allow user {^s} Moore time to review the surplus transfer and work out {a^} deal {^s that} in the Bess interest of the city .

198  Thank {,}you Mr. President Mr. President [STKPWHRAFRPBLGTS] docket [10] [2-7] will stay in the commit at the on economic development planning and labor [STKPWHRE] [STKPHREURPLT] [STKPHREUFRPLTS] [0] five five [4] .

199  City Of Boston expends funds up to [1-6] five thousand dollars from [KR-RGS] {^s} received from individuals organization {^ance} local and private business [TPORTS] purposes of funds {^ing} English {^s}{a^} knew boss tone {^ian} for childhood {a^} [KRAOEUFLS] #M{.} amount of [KR-FPLT] amount of and [TKPAOEFRD] axe .

200  Community project and other crucial programs that {en^} able New Bostonians to play {a^} {^tive} role not economic civic and public understanding and {&c} of immigrant tour full participation of Boston [STKPWHRAFRPBLGTS] [STKEUT] {^ity} neighbor neighbor [SRER] advice {^s} and [SRETS] affairs Councilor McCarthy on docket [0] five five [4-6789] [STKPWHREUFRPBLGTS] tick public McCarthy mick thank {,}you very much Mr. President [PHR-PLT] .

201  The on June [1-6] {a^} million {^ments} ap Al [SAEUPBG] [SAEUPBG] - these funds on docket number [0] five five [4] {,} they're raced mon any -- it race {^s} mon any policewomen threw grants and private fund racing {^s}{a^} perk state sed youse {^ed} in several programs and there are several five thousand dollars [TKPWRAPBDZ] [KPEUFPB] go out threw it program [TKEUT] my recommendation would be that this order out to pass [STKPWHREFRPBLGTS] McCarthy thank {,}you Councilor McCarthy .

202  Councilor McCarthy [PHAOFS] soap sense of the committee report and package of [0] five five [06] [STPHRO] [0] [35] [1] [HRAEUPBG] [WAPBLG] access policy in the City Of Boston .

203  Chair recognize the chair of the committee on vet vet affairs .

204  Councilor McCarthy [paragraph] thank McCarthy thank you {,} very much Mr. President Mr. President working sections so throughout [SWAEUBGS] [STPHOPL] [SPOERPBLGS] sore of the commit see it to [linebreak] [PHR-FRPLS] [WAOU] thank you very much .

205  [WAOEFB] meeting monthly and this section added to it and great conversation [-FRS] [TKPOEBG] cussing now based on equip .

206  Necessary {^ry} to row vied [HRAEUPBG] [HRAEUPBG] and communication service {^is} - folks love limb Ted Ling Ling {a^} sis {^s} [TAEUPBTD] tech normal I go for visually and hearing impaired {^s}{a^} well .


208  [0] [3] five [1] will remained isn't the city Of of [STEUT] neighbor neighbor sher sher and threat [STHAO] [linebreak] accept ap expends rye {im^} [PWURS] {^ments} up to the amount of five mill five [HUPBDZ] fro various government operation {^is} imagine .

209  Agent see for expenses in the city insured cree late Ted to the January [2-6] threw [2-8] [20] [15] bliss Saturday public safety {^ity} Councilor Murphy on docket [0] [-9] five [3] [paragraph] thank you {,} Mr. President Mr. President .

210  The city on public safety sift [HELT] {a^} hearing on Monday June [15] on docket [0] [-9] five [3] [PHOPBLG] authority {^ing} the City Of Boston to [SEPBGS] and expends {re^} [PEUPL] [PWURS] {^ments} up to the amount of five point five million{}dollars from various government I agent cease collude {^ing} fee Ma for [PE] expense [SEUPBTS] {^ity} insures in the January [2-6] to [2-8] bliss bliss .

211  .

212  Was take {en^} from Lynn [TKRA] frail {^ly} loss {a^} risk finance imagine {er^} in the office of the budge budge imagine .

213  .

214  She pro [SRAOEUTD] {^ed} .

215  .

216  Five point five [PH-L] for reimburse .

217  Does for the city for {a^} snowstorm disaster first snow store {dis^} {dis^} that curd January [2-6] threw [2-8] the of this year .

218  She {ex-^} [PHRAEUPBDZ] the city is El physical injury able [AORD] {^ing} to feed Ma fed fed got a lines .

219  She sport Ted report Ted that [1-9] million{}dollars for snow {re^} [PHAOFL] and estimate Ted that's [STEUT] has spent to date approximately [40] [PH-L] for cost items {in^} secured throughout the winter however the cost items could go higher {^s}{a^} they're still going throughout recites .

220  [09] {^%} tour [2] [POEURTS] were payments maid to public works considerate terse but the remaining ten {^%} representing come {^ination} perfect fire personnel B.C. why{.} [TP-FPLT] and please department .

221  Collude {^ing} rode salt {^ing} prepare and mine nor damages to city property .

222  Where this is {a^} five point five million{}dollars {re^} [PEUPL] yours .

223  Of mon any we already spends {^ed} {im^} recommends {^ing} we pass this order and get the mon any back in the sit 'tis {^'s} is asking - Councilor [PH-R] [PHUR] [PHAOFS] acceptance of the committee report {^age} badge ever docket [0] [-9] five [3-6789] all in favor say Aye .

224  Ayes have it {^ant} docket [0] [-9] five [3] has passed [STKPWHRAFRPBLGTS] [STKPWHR-P] [*FRPBLGTS] - [10] [-78] Councilor Baker offers the following {^ress} collusion that's [STKPWHR*FRP] [STKPWHR*FRPBLGS] [paragraph] [134R0U6R7B89SDZ] open pace spas [paragraph] [paragraph] thank {,}you Mr. President Mr. President I {^ed to} I stand before you package of house bill [35] [0] [-8] {a^} act relative to act [REL] filed by my state representative and my state senator Linehan for {^ry} .

225  This legs {^ulation} will benefit the City Of Boston guy providing away out door ties {^ing} deemed to have {a^} department Tal effect on our open spaces .

226  This act [KHRAOUDZ] [4] prime marry amend {^ments} the establishments of open space protection tax credit {,} the regulation of billboards locate Ted neither public parks registration {^ster} of his store Rick places and open spaces .

227  The limb {mid-^} {,} third is the limit which {a^} certificate piss or lice tones construct {a^} billboard and license {^ly} that [THES] regulations [TPOUPBDZ] in section [2-9] and [3] [1] and [3] [3] in the {under^} chapter [-9] [3] shall also apply not [PH-FPLT] about{.} {.}it amount of .

228  U.S. stream court justice warn {^burg} {^burg} said in the [1-9] [-8] [4] ruling air we brief and the wear we drink it can equal {^ly} oo offends the eye and the air .

229  Not only impacts all of us Bostonians but even {^ic} quality of lives lower income communities .

230  These lower income communities feel the [TEG] any of {e^} effects from out door adds the mows - tin to {en^} able the miss label {^ling} of these leg in allergic stet and there are considered {un^} desire designation {^s} [T-FPBLGTS] it mass been maid [KHRAOEUR] tow me and that {^s}{a^} {a^} city we need to pope space {^ance} the need for you're community and needs of our community and not to allow the additional {:} [SKWREP] dice our quality of life .

231  Like chief justice burr {^burg} state Ted {^s}{a^} {a^} city Of .

232  Ire [PHRAOERGS] and wear [PHRAOERGS] but we're way over door on regulate {^ing it} [REURB] usually [PHROERGS] .

233  I urge my colleagues and rules to be suss spends and package of this resolution .

234  [STKPWHRAFRPBLGTSZ] - - [EUFRPLTS] [President|Pressley] [PREUS] I rise to commends nigh Dorchester {:} sen store for {^ry} for there leadership in this base is .

235  There [SREURB] usually [PHRAOURGS] is in fact assault son our [OUPB] you're senses and [TREUBGT] ter [KROELGS] and regulations dense city in our development and open space [TEUPBS] to [TKWEUPBG] [-L] and be threat they understand to the point that these billboards or low kin come [KPHRAOUPB] [TAOETS] .

236  I {^us} wishing week could be saying sog about the content {:} Councilor Jackson had to have {a^} billboard in grove mall skin lightning [STKRAOEPL] not only are the African-American communities but also have reckless and inner response {^ible} content usually contribute {^ing} to {a^} number of other {^ish} shoes .

237  So I rise to commend our good friend and colleague from Dorchester for [PREUPBG] {^ing} this to the Councilor .

238  {^us} so [STPRE] important .

239  This is liter {^ing} home own [TPHERS] and neighborhoods and look forward to voting [THAOU] {^ically} in sport .

240  [linebreak] Councilor prep press would you like to add you're name .

241  Please add Councilor [President|Pressley] name Wu Murphy McCarthy LaMattina Flaherty Ciommo Linehan .

242  Zakim .

243  I also want to commends the response sore of this for bring {^ing} this forward I'd arthritic {^ly} like to commend the Tex of this [SPES] {^iffic} {^ly} what's {^'} being asked for up at the state house and incredibly helpful for us to die guess that and talk about the importance of protecting our open spaces [SPEGS] {^ly} in his tour Rick [KWRAEURS] no{,} parks and reek {re^} {^ation} [AEURS] we're pro detect {^ing} quoting .

244  [KWOEPL] [KHALS] in the air it can be noise and {^ish} view {^ule} and this is {a^} plague on our [SUT] {^ity} and I think the fact that [PH-FPLT] about{.} {.}it amount of will be collude incredibly important because I think we all know the tease in{.} [EFRPLTS] dog that in the at the expense of our communities particularly {a^} low income communities and community over abundance of billboards so I look forwards to [THAOU] {^ically} sporting this resolution and I'd like my name tock added and thank Councilor [PWAEUPBG] became again for bring {^ing} this forward .

245  [linebreak] Councilor owe {/} thank you {,}you Mr. President Mr. President {,} {^us} {dis^} {^burg} {^burg} was [SKHRAOUT] {^ly} right and the nigh good colleague from strict [3] to quote him it's [SRAOEURB] [*R] [SREURB] {^ule} pollution it desensitize terse the mall business own to be {a^} [PWER] name .

246  We've {a^} very similar situation in Wes [WROBGS] rocks there's art{.} par sanely {^ian} [WAPL] {,} fair view coroner [TREFRBG] [OEPBDZ] businesses at the corn [PHER] of Baker and string street and we've seen them in every {^ry} neighborhood they're the we by ugh I go houses dot come and she'd that and another [TPWUPBD] and took them [TKOUPBD] and received from [STAOR] front {im^} [PRAOFPLTS] and being {a^} [PWER] neighbor and that's what it's all about{.} I think this is smart to offer [STHAEUPL] take these downs .

247  I [THOEP] this pass [-FPLTS] we'll [SHRERL] {^ly} at my name to [SPHORT] {.}it larger conversation with #M{.} in{.} #M{.} so [SPES] {^iffic} {^ly} in boss tons sense [TAOEUFS] these business {^s to} take down and [STEUT] look [PWER] safer clean {^ener} it's {a^} {in^} win-win all [ARPBDZ] thing that you Councilor Baker {,} please at nigh name and I look floored to the vote {^ed to} .

248  [linebreak] [linebreak] Jackson I want to add to the round of applaud to Councilor Baker .

249  I think {^es} -- actually ahead of the curve on this .

250  I think when we look at these billboards thar tick {^ically} regulate Ted but also kind of {a^} few [AEUPB] of billboards when they're [SKWRAO*US] juice youse {^ing} the sides of buildings such {^s}{a^} at red halt right up on Beacon Hill .

251  That we really need to look at .

252  These are {un^} regulate Ted billboards being placed on the sides of buildings .

253  {^s}{a^} Councilor [President|Pressley] note Ted in grove hall above mat [PHAPBS] pans {^'s} fine necessary there was {a^} [STPOPL] billboard for {a^} lotion for skin lightning offensive to the neighborhood and {^us} in Jen and I was able to get in contact {^s}{a^} were .

254  I neighbors of the Councilor clear channel and get that {re^} [SPHRAOFD] and they {re^} [PHAOFD] it within [2] hours which {im^} thank full for that .

255  But we also need to -- {^s}{a^} note Ted look at content on these boards .

256  Off ten times the content is alcohol {^or} other thinks thar not necessarily the Bess for our neighborhoods and communities and {^s}{a^} note Ted the density .

257  [-FPLTS] what I actually like about the bill is it steals [W-LT] business case {^s that} {a^} small business own {^ener} has for putting them up .

258  And I think we need to be thank full for the awe authorizes Dan hunt and Linehan Dorchester for for if please add my name and again cue [TKOEUS] to Councilor Baker for dealing with thinks thar effect {^ing} folks at the neighborhood level .

259  Thank you .

260  [paragraph] thank {,}you Councilor Jackson .

261  Please add coupon Jackson {^'s} name to that marry .

262  [linebreak] Councilor Baker [PHAOFS] suss suspension [-FRT] rules and adoption of [10] [-79] Ayes have [TAPBT] docket [10] [-79] has been adopt Ted .

263  [STKPWHRA] [STKPHR] [KOUPBLG] free-standing squawk signs {:} [EUFRPBLGTS] chair recognize {^s} Councilor particular familiar on docket [10] [-8] [06789] .

264  Know I know this is not {a^} {^ish} knew to percolate Ted {^s}{a^} part of my city wide neighborhood tower and business strict tower and [KOBGT] Ted by {a^} number of small business owns [TPHERS] that we would be receiving war placing the boards on sidewalks in front of there businesses .

265  I think the time has come to have {a^} hearing to look at this {in^} issue and con tin if I and fairness and [TKEUFRBT] thinks to didn't people in different neighborhoods and dick think sub business [STREUBGTS] so calling for {a^} [HAOERBG] to bring the appeal parties in{.} also lends to the confusion [SOEFRL] departments that over see the San witch boards {epi^} department of public wex inspection {^inal} service haves about{.} #M{.} #M{.} and #M{.} in{.} #M{.} .

266  Let's get [-FRB] in and have {a^} conversation .

267  [PHAOF] forward .

268  I happen to like the eye dee of sedan witch boards they lent {a^} [TPAOEBGT] {^ive} doo promote menu eye Thames [SPEGS] deals sails to attract anew customers {^s}{a^} well {^s}{a^} {ex-^} {^is} tinge customers and I think week all agree when people shop local lay that's lifeline of allot of our mall business employ {e^} {^'} and local residents so all that being said I know there are other meetings with Councilor [WAOU] and I note has been [TAUB] United Kingdom about this issue {^s}{a^} well and Councilor O'Malley has [HR*PB] also done thinks in this regard so with respect to that I {a^} appreciate and sign son get {a^} [HAOEFRG] and get on the same page .

269  Thank {,}you Mr. President [PHR-PLT] .

270  [STKPWHRAFRPBLGTS] thank {,}you Councilor particular particular [STKPWHRAFRPBLGTS] I wanna Ted to rise and thank Councilor particular familiar for bring {^ing} this issue to the Councilor .

271  It's certainly {^ly} time for Moore uniform policy and we've heard from residents and [SRAR] {^us} neighborhoods about tick [KETS] being issue on certain days and not owner [OEPTS] on the I no the add [PH-RGS] ask working on this and come up to the policy .

272  Cave if I with {a^} sand bored sign I agree with Councilor Flaherty it's {a^} important tool for by {^s} to of .

273  I also know how hard it's to get throughout permitting Boston does not need to add {a^} extra permit for {.}this fill out paper per work and all that .

274  [WAOEU] don't need that .

275  What we do need is clear rules {^ence} force {^ed} across the bored that if you violate you'll get the tick [KET] and pay the fines but we don't need to prevent this [PWHAOEU] adding another player to the process .

276  Please add my name and looking forward to are sporting Councilor Flaherty on this .

277  [linebreak] [STPHAOEUPL] [STPHRAOEUPLTS] LaMattina McCarthy Murphy [President|Pressley] Jackson please add my name Matt clerk and O'Malley .

278  - thank you {,}you Mr. President [PHR-PLT] .

279  {^et} .

280  Please add my name {^s}{a^} well at large Councilor this is {a^} important issue .

281  San wish boards certificate of {a^} purposes they can be [TKPOPB] nights {^ly} and obviously {^ly} want to balance with the accessibility of sidewalks [WEUS] mar {^mont} so I think they certificate of {a^} important role and take the talk to [TPOETS] business own [TPHERS] and those that run them to be able to take advantage of this as long as it's done nicely and well and extra bone bone points fob [PWHROFR] [linebreak] this is {a^} [HAOURPBLG] issue throughout all the Main Street business {^s.} I would like to see if week possibly {^ably} add handicap accessibility department {^s}{a^} well .

282  That's what we're concerned with .

283  San San boards are people who can't see have {a^} routine where they counseled out there steps and walk throughout business [STREUBGDZ] adding and [STRUB] tact {^ing} signs the {^'} {a^} issue for them so I want to make sure that's correct .

284  [paragraph] {^us} {a^} brief recess {:} [STPHEUFPLT] [STKPWHR-FRPBLGTSZ] Councilor will be back in session .

285  I did not recognize that Councilor owe {/} would be like to be added to this and coupon Ciommo [linebreak] [SPEGS] committee on small business and innovation .

286  [paragraph] [1508] [1-8] [TKPOPBLG] resolution designating {a^} member {^inal} her her square at intersection of Monday street and mon mum square in Charlestown in memory of James [PH-FPLT] con any .

287  Dom number [108] [2] Councilor LaMattina [OFRDZ] the following resolution designating {a^} them{.} {mal^} here here scare the the [EUBTS] section of Monday street and Monday square in Charlestown .

288  In memory of will [KWR-PL] [SKWR-FPLT] [RAOEUPB] [paragraph] [paragraph] Councilor LaMattina .

289  You've the floor .

290  Councilor LaMattina you've the floor [paragraph] LaMattina thank {,}you Mr. President {Mr.-|}  .

291  Similar asked for suss suspension and {a^} [TKOPBLGS] of these Reese [HRAOUGS] us since we already have the event ever Charlestown pride week and bung bung hill week end {:} this is {a^} great story .

292  Will will [RAOEUPB] happens to be the uncle of representative Dan [RAOEUPB] in Charles Charles {:} but will will [RAOEUPB] and James con [TPHR*EU] {^ly} were Bess friends and they lived across the street from each other on common common street on [-7] and [-7] the mon [RUPLT] street .

293  Group up together and [PHAOFD] together and when they left high school they {in^} [HREUS] Ted together in World War II .

294  And it's {un^} believable that on December [20] the mister [RAOEUPB] was killed in axe and the day after his Bess friend was killed in axe doctoring World War II .

295  So I ask that we suss spends .

296  We'd {a^} great [TK*ES] dedication sat sat in Charles Charles and what I love Bo Charles Charles they [TPHREFR] for get there military and those who certificate [-FD] in the line of duty and sacrifice {^ed} there life for us and [-7] [1] years late ter tweed this [TKHRET] {^ication} great turn out families came out from all over the you nighttime [STAEUDZ] to attends .

297  I ask with [WAU] we suss spends and adoption [paragraph] thank you .

298  [STKPWHREFRPBLGTS] Councilor LaMattina [PHAOFS] suss suspension of the rules {^age} adoption of docket [10] [1-8] and [10] [-8] [2-6789] {on^} in favor say Aye .

299  All opposed high .

300  Ayes have it and docket [10] [-8] [1] and [10] [2-8] has been adopt Ted {&E.} Councilor owe {/} [OFRDZ] the following resolution designating member member ear here [KWAEUR] at intervention of the [SR-FPLT] [TP-FPLT] [W-FPLT] park [PARPBG] anchor {^ry} street in West Roxbury in memory of Solomon off Venn .

301  [paragraph] Councilor O'Malley on docket [10] [-8] [3] .

302  Thank {,}you Mr. President Mr. President .

303  Mister off [SREPBS] familiarly had contact Ted I belief throughout [SR-FPLT] amount of our vet vet services division and while he was born in Roxbury I know there has been {a^} desire that's higher here square takes place on [SR-FPLT] [SR-FPLT] [TP-FPLT] [TP-FPLT] [W-FPLT] [W-FPLT] we've not [KWRELTD] had the [TKETD] {^ication} of the here here square but we'll but I would ask that we suss spends the rule and package {&th} pass this {^ed to} and get the ball rolling .

304  He was {a^} young man boss tone {^ian} born in Roxbury joined the arm my and in [1-9] [-8] [4] [2] in and killed in [1-9] [45] on the [RAOURPBL] peen front .

305  .

306  I am {&I.} still with us and taking part at the here row scare dedication in the not too distant [TPAOUT] [TPAOUT] [SPUS] suspension and package on this nor this true hearing of the great Tess generation .

307  Thank .

308  [STKPWHRAFRPBLGTS] Councilor O'Malley [PHAOFS] suss suspension of the rules {^age} adoption please add {^down} Ra yak jacks {^'s} name to that .

309  [linebreak] [STKPWHRO*FRPBLGTSZ] docket [0] [-8] [3] has been adopt Ted .

310  [STKPWHRAFRPBLGTS] mad clerk {,} when you catch up .

311  Personnel order [-RBGTS] please [paragraph] docket [10] [4-8] Councilor Linehan {:} Councilor Murphy [PHAOFS] suss suspension of the rules {^age} package of docket [10] [-8] [4] .

312  All in favor say sigh .

313  Docket [10] [-8] [4] has passed [paragraph] [STPHR] docks to [10] [-9] [4-7] you {^ism} - all opposed nigh .

314  Describes it {^ant} docket [10] [4-8] five has passed [paragraph] Councilor mure Moore [PHAOFS] suss suspension of the rules {^age} dodge dodge [10] [-8] had [-6] all in favor say Aye .

315  Vice [TAPBT] docket [10] [-8] [-6] has passed [STKPWHRAFRPBLGTS] I have been informed by the clerk that there are [2] late filed matters which in absence of objection will be added to the agenda .

316  [paragraph] hearing no objections the [PHAEURS] are so added .

317  .

318  Clerk will reed the first late filed marry .

319  [linebreak] from the office of the Councilor Charles Charles Yancy Boston city Councilor .

320  .

321  Deer [PHAUR] [PHAUR] even if even if [TAO*] due to the passing of my mother-in-law ill be absent from the {:} June June [1-7] the [20] [15] at [12] [P-FPLT] [PH-FPLT] in{.} Chris [TPER] [AEUFPLT] [AEUFPLT] eye chamber {:} marine [ABG] [PHOPBLG] my colleagues for there kind words of sympathy .

322  {in^} seller {^ly} Charles .

323  Consider [KR-FRPLT] Yancy strict [4] .

324  [STKPWHRA] city Councilor resolution of Councilor microphone Flaherty whereas the city recognizes its solid ways workers considerate Ted by the City Of Boston are [AURPBT] {&u} currently represented by team steers {e^} local [25] whereas Boston public schools failed to recognize [TPHAEUR] yell standards solid ways from the Boston public schools [TKHR] by {under^} [PHAOEUPBGD] the wages and other economic benefits enjoyed by the teamsters locate locate [25] members city Councilor recognizes and respects the year standards set by the team terse {^'} local [25] and calls on the Boston public schools to do the same when [SKHREBGT] {^ing} {a^} vendor to pick up solid ways from the Boston public [SKAOFPLTS] filed in the city Councilor on June June [1-7] the [20] [15] [paragraph] Councilor Flaherty you've the floor .

325  [paragraph] thank {,}you [PHR-P] Mr. President .

326  [-FRPBLTSZ] team team lecture locate [25] they're {or^} truck drivers dock cork workers Val lace commercial building and [THRER] trash [KHREBG] [TORS] and sol laid ways {re^} [PHAOFRG] and this resolution is {^o} sport team [TPHAOEPL] lecture locate [25] to sport them also solid ways workers currently .

327  Standard for the entire sol sol ways industry and asking for suss suspension and adoption to show [STEUT] Councilor sport for our teamsters and for all you know [TPHO*PBS] [KWROPBS] and [KPAUL] [KWRAEURS] stands and selecting ways Venn [TKORS] .

328  Thank {,}you Mr. President [PHR-PLT] .

329  [STKPWHRAFRPBLGTS] thank {,}you Councilor Flaherty .

330  Councilor Baker .

331  I would like to sign on .

332  Please add Councilor Baker Ciommo LaMattina McCarthy Murphy Murphy O'Malley [President|Pressley] Wu Jackson and please add my name .

333  [paragraph] Councilor O'Malley [-FPLTS] second laid file marry .

334  All know - nigh .

335  Ayes have [TAPBT] second late filed marry has been adopt Ted .

336  [STKPWHRA] [13] late filed matters which in absence of the objection will be added to the consent agenda {,} seeing and hearing no objection to the Connolly agenda {^s} the matters are so added .

337  The chair [PHAOFS] adoption .

338  All opposed nigh .

339  An could con agenda is {a^} [TKOPLT] Ted .

340  Councilor LaMattina for what purposes you do rise .

341  [paragraph] LaMattina I'd like to make {a^} you know you know Connolly to make {a^} statement {,} please .

342  [paragraph] here no objection you've the floor .

343  Thank {,}you I'd first like to wish you all {a^} happen happen bung bung hill day{.} .

344  Reference is the mows .

345  .

346  But of ours {^s} .

347  The assembly on the [14] [3] and and of the battle of bung bung hill tells not only [-FRT] spirit of that day but the spirit of {^ed to} .

348  What men worship that'll they become .

349  The here rose and holidays of appeal which fascinate Ted there sole reveal what they hold are the {re^} Al 'tis of life and mark align which beyond they'll not retreat but stand to over come or die .

350  They who reference bung bung hill will fight there {,} you're true patriot Thames {^ant} welfare .

351  Now what I red to you is the first paragraph of {a^} speech that was given by government cal cal cool cool to the Roxbury historical society [-9] [-7] years ago .

352  [-9] [-7] years ago he gave that speech to talk about how important the battle of bung bung hill was to {a^} battle that took place [14] [3] years before .

353  {^s that} history .

354  History that we should be celebrating {,} history that we should never for get .

355  {^s}{a^} we celebrate the [240] the anniversary of bung bung hill hill the holiday that represents what mitigating circumstance stands for .

356  Tire ran any and if you think about that battle on bun bung hill hill {,} breech hill actually {,} it was farm {^%} {^'s} [PHER] [KPHAPBTS] straight people and ordinary citizens like here {^ed to} .

357  From our city -- in our city and they fought the mows powerful arm my in the world Tet British arm my war ships power ammunition and .

358  I trains [SHOELD] [TKERS] and our colonies the were willing to fight and die for the tree [TKOPLS] that we've {^ed to} {:} that the {^'} {^y} think this holiday is very important and that's why {im^} before you to say {im^} proud to be on the city counsel [PWRAEUT] {^ing} the [24] [0ES] [AERS] why of the battle of bung bung hill .

359  And I want to take this opportunity to thank the people of Charlestown for celebrating and keeping that tra dish {in^} arrive .

360  We almost didn't have {a^} prayed this year because we didn't have {'} funds and we went [OUPB] line on face book and we raced [30] thousand dollars from the people in Charles [KPHARLS] in less than {a^} week to have the prayed .

361  We'd {a^} great day last week .

362  Lot of you were in Charlestown celebrating prior week and we'd great prayed so I {^us} want to remember all those who died fighting for the [TPRAOEPL] [TKOPLS] that we celebrate here {^ed to} [-FRPLGT] [-FRPLGT] thank you .

363  Thank you very much Councilor LaMattina .

364  I'd ask all guests and all members to please rise .

365  Memory of the following individuals .

366  For Councilor Ciommo .

367  Bash bash {&E.} Connelly .

368  For Councilor la Flaherty .

369  Marin bow change .

370  Ig nark yo Haver yar for reach sa [SAR] {^ry} .

371  [paragraph] Councilor LaMattina .

372  [SKWR-PB] know [EFRP] foe [PWAOUR] {^ly} .

373  [STKPWHRAFRPBLGTS] Jen {^ly} Bruno .

374  [paragraph] Councilor Linehan and the city Councilor {^s}{a^} the whole .

375  {^cate} {^ity} remember remember [PWHOR] zest set .

376  Councilor Yancy {^'s} mother-in-law .

377  For Councilor lain Lynn and Councilor LaMattina .

378  Dominic [ABG] roam {&e} am bank robbery Shah .

379  [STKPWHR-FRPBLGTSZ] for the chair and Councilor Flaherty {:} gorge [SR-FPLT] left it {^ity} [PHREUPB] shin senior .

380  And Anna [KR-FPLT] rob [PWERTS] .

381  For the chair [TKPHRAR] familiar and Councilor Baker .

382  John jack Shea {re^} [TAOEURBD] [3-8] years City Of Boston employ {e^} out of [PR-FPG] .

383  Councilor Murphy and Councilor McCarthy done [TPHALD] a mick [KHRAEUPB] .

384  For Councilor O'Malley .

385  Mark get [PHUR] {^ry} .

386  Councilor Yancy Vin convenient Cornwall .

387  Jonathan dose Santos .

388  {a^} moment of style lens {,} please .

389  [STKPWHREFRPBLGTSZ] thank {,}you when the Councilor adjourns {^ed to} {:} aforementioned individuals and scheduled to meet against on Wednesday June June [24] the at [12] o'clock noon .

390  Favor of added say Aye .

391  {.}you nay the Ayes have it {^ant} Councilor is so adjourned {:} {:} STKPWHR-RPBLGTS STKPWHR-FRPBLGTS
 [STKPWHR-RPBLGTS] [paragraph]

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