Friday, June 12, 2015

cc06102015.txt formatted StenoGraph StenoNote .sgstn Stenograph Record. Wednesday 10 June 2015 Public Meeting Boston City Council.

 {^ed} [paragraph] {^}troke today is Wednesday {,} June June tent {,} [20] [15] .

2  It's now [12] [0] [-8] right now .

3  [STKPWHR-FRPBLGTSZ] the clerk will please call Al role to ascertain the presence of a quorum - [linebreak] clerk clerk Councilor Baker - here [linebreak] Councilor Ciommo [EUFRPBLTS] present .

4  [linebreak] Councilor [TKPHRAR] familiar - here Councilor Jackson - here [linebreak] Councilor LaMattina - present .

5  [linebreak] Councilor Linehan - here Councilor McCarthy here - Councilor Murphy - here [paragraph] Councilor O'Malley - present {!} Councilor [President|Pressley] [EFRPBLGS] Councilor Wu - present .

6  [linebreak] Councilor Yancy {,} and coupon Zakim [STKPWHREFRPBLGTS] clerk clerk Mr. President {,} we do have a quorum [paragraph] [THAEUPG] {,}you madam clerk {extra^} I have been informed by the clerk that car rum is present .

7  I would ask at this time that all Councilor [SHRORS] and guests please rise {^s}{a^} ill introduce today's [KHRERPBLG] I go and after {in^} vocation is delivered {,} I would ask all members and guests to remain stand {^ing} {^s}{a^} we recite the pledge pledge of {a^} Al .

8  [paragraph] we've with us {^ed to} {a^} deer friends of mine {,} someone who has done {ex-^} ordinary work in the City Of Boston {,} {^es} one of those folks who [PWREUPBGS] his mission in life right to the streets of our city .

9  We're hon in order to have him .

10  .

11  I of you knee him .

12  {^es} our father Joe from saint since [SREUFPBGS] Vince .

13  Were [STKPWR-FRPBLGTS] father {,} Joe {extra^} you can stay for {a^} [PHEUP] .

14  We're going to do {a^} quick presentation about my deer friends and .

15  I of -- {^es} you're friend also .

16  Father Joe [WHRAOEUT] .

17  Come on up here father .

18  We want to recognize you here {^ed to} .

19  This is party of the Councilor meeting where we recognize -- we're going to recognize infection the West Roxbury high school Chan Chan [SKHEUP] sit {^cy} champs [-FPLTS] so for the pass [TPWHRAOERL] {^ly} decade father Joe white has certificate [-FD] the saint Vince Vin partner {^ish} in south Boston and also in that that [KHRAOUDZ] our lady of good voyage in the wear front and also [KHRAOUDZ] saint August and saint mon Kass with today's Parrish [PRAOES] there domain [TEUPBS] to {ex-^} {,} [PAPBD] and the work {extra^} [PAPBDZ] due to the limb Ted amount of [PRAOES] the that we've in the ash ash .

20  And father Joe {,} {im^} going to reed {a^} resolution {,}you but father Joe has truly {^ly} been the [SPEUR] [SPEUR] lead [TKER] of our community {,} without doubt {,} and there are others {^es} the [SPEUR] actual lead [TKER] in south Boston .

21  And he has take {en^} us threw some very trying times and sport Ted us in .

22  I am I ways in his ministry is dog [TKPW-DZ] for those who can't even help [THEPLS] {^s} .

23  So resolution {,} the Boston city Councilor by the president president and Councilor legislator at large microphone Flaherty and [AULTS] members of the Boston sit {^cy} Councilor .

24  .

25  Whereas the [PW-PBS] {ex-^} spends there thank you and grad constitute for father Joe .

26  Community and whereas known by .

27  I has fair Joe father has positively {^ly} impact Ted generations of south Boston residents with his [SPEUR] [SPEUR] guide [TKPWAOEUFPLTD] father Joe sa local ledge ledge having grown newspaper save save hill being ordained to the [PRAOES] hood June [2] [2] {,} [1-9] [-9] [1] and certificate [-FD] {^s}{a^} the lass ten years {^s}{a^} I said {^s}{a^} the pastor of saint Vin Vin and [4R5EUD] diff good voyage .

28  Whereas {^ary} Joe [PWHAOEUT] has been {a^} valuable shaping our you youth providing {un^} [SPEUR] [SPEUR] guide guide too .

29  I and .

30  Sport to meme in recover I .

31  Father Joe beliefs one .

32  Mows important thinks week do in our lives is to help our {out^} develop in {a^} positive and confidence way and he {^es} lives this way day-to-day helping boat girls and [SPWROEUS] in south Boston and familiar his [ARPBDZ] the city tour impact Ted by the scourge of substance abuse and addiction .

33  Be it {re^} [SORLD] that's [PWOTS] did I {^cy} {^cy} .

34  [STPHOFRPLTS] is to meeting [TOFPLT] .

35  Sa [-RPL] [THARLDZ] thank father Joe [WHRAOEUT] for his .

36  I years of dedication and submit .

37  To south Boston and wish [H-L] him well in his [STPHRAOU] {a^} Stein .

38  {^s}{a^} director of recover {^ry} services for the avenue avenue in Boston .

39  .

40  He said networks twice to speaking .

41  Oh{,} that's {^'} the first time any one shut him up .

42  [paragraph] father Joe {,} please .

43  Joe joy white white white thank you bill and to all of you who of sport Ted efforts {^us} mentioned without all of you and the good some people in the community not much can be done .

44  So thank you .

45  South think actually put me on the map in connect {^ing} with that and {im^} very grateful .

46  {im^} sad to be believing south think but {im^} also glad to say {im^} now you're pass ter addition {im^} at saint [SKWROES] he was {^'s} infection door at Stanford treat thank you very much for any one I have been involved with his industry because it's all the good people and there goodness and thank you bill .

47  [STKPWHR-RPBLGTSZ] [paragraph] it's [HOEFR] in Stanford [STRAOEUT] and I the water [12K3W4RU6R78G9SZ] [paragraph] [paragraph] [THAEUPG] {,}you [HRAEUPBLGS] .

48  Give it up one Moore time for father Joe .

49  [STKPWHR*FRPBLG] [STKPWHR*FRPBLGS] at this time I'd like to ask Councilor O'Malley to [PHRAOEPS] come forward to the [POED] um while he introduces the infection presentation .

50  [STKPWHR-FRPBLGTSZ] thank you {,}you Mr. President Mr. President .

51  Aid like to invite our [20] [15] city champion West Roxbury high school at thee let's and there coaches {,} please .

52  {^s}{a^} you'll soon see and here this is {a^} remark able group of young similar at let's [WUFPB] ever hom was coached by our own Tim McCarthy in his cheer so Tim gets [PARGS] credit .

53  We're going to here from cliff wills son and [2] {co-^} [KAPTS] shortly but I {^us} wanna Ted to take {a^} opportunity to recognize this great growl {&u} group of young mention .

54  .

55  I of you he what was known has West Roxbury high school .

56  It was one always one high school and in [2] thousand became [4] small [TPH*ER] schools and now [2] small [PHER] schools West Roxbury academy and urban signs {a^} cad Michigan {^s}{a^} such these are stud departments in boat schools that work [TOBGT] {^s}{a^} one team and we were all [HEUPB] [TKERD] this winter with the [SPREUPBGT] sports with snow on the ground well into the April it was diff [TPAOR] stud departments to prang what's {^'} Moore remark able for the lass [2] years they did not have afield .

57  Field he infection to West Roxbury West Roxbury high school complex is part of face [2] of Mill park and {en^} [TKAEUFR] that this pod by [TEP] hep start [2] years ago .

58  And but for [2] years these [TKPWAO*EUDZ] guys didn't have this separate unit .

59  And press [PR-S] Councilor asked where do they play home games on another field .

60  Inc. Inc. Inc. {^licious} home or might be our home fold Gand yet they still won .

61  This team won {under^} the direction of coach live win [SOPLS] or Christian or tease .

62  .

63  Final game was against lat lat academy where West Roxbury one [2] to [1] and [3] seniors {:} [TPEUFP] bigger state infection year but it's {a^} young if people and the die has been Kass we'll see them infection year .

64  Coach sill sill sets this team apart .

65  Not only do they gov lace ball and submit .

66  To the sport and accountability to one another .

67  He said they're familiarly who do not want to let each other down .

68  For the pass [2] years {^s}{a^} I said the team has been without {a^} home .

69  They [HREUTD] rally [PRABG] in the hallways or in the gym it's diff and it'll be incredible [TWHE] the knew feel opens in September {&E.} scholar at let's I might add passion {^ing} grades strong grates and key component we've {a^} resolution which ill {^us} briefly Sur price .

70  It says on bee half of all of us entire city Councilor we extends our congratulations .

71  Varsity baseball team in recognition therefore victory in the [20] thousand [15] Boston city league cram {^ion} ship and the commit .

72  To team work and sportsman [14EU7] .

73  Congratulations ja {^e} [STPH*FRPBLGTS] coach well wells some say {a^} come of words .

74  [paragraph] coach coach coach thank {,}you Councilor Poe owe .

75  It's {a^} pleasure sure to be here .

76  To be hon in order like this .

77  By this [SPEGS] group of people .

78  We {^s}{a^} {a^} teacher team have {^%} veered {,} and I think that's eight word {^s that} probably the Bess word to youse .

79  We went threw allot of dividend times with conditions of fields {,} lack of fields {,} but it {^us} demonstrate Ted to me {^s}{a^} coach that hard work {,} dedication {,} commit .

80  Is all words we youse {,} account ability with each other and about each other {,} paid dividends .

81  And those dividends were us being able to be involved in and event {^ly} wing the city champion ship .

82  And I couldn't be proud [TKER] of this group of [PWOEURS] .

83  I couldn't be [PWROUD] ter of our school and sport we've received auld around the city antic {^ly} {^ed to} {,} thank {,}you so much for allowing us to be here and recognizing the achieve .

84  That this group of young men has accomplished .

85  Thank you .

86  [STKPWHRAFRPBLGTS] [STKPWHR-RPBLGTS] [paragraph] may name [THAEUPL] is Russ sill row Joe {&E.} [PARB] mash boy horse {im^} {a^} senior and graduate Ted yesterday yesterdays class of [2] [15] .

87  [paragraph] ill be {a^} [TEBD] {^ing} [TPEUFP] {^burg} state you know you know {:} {:} {:} [paragraph] [paragraph] [paragraph] [STKPWHR-RPBLGTS] [paragraph] [paragraph] con grad {^ulation} toys .

88  .

89  Minutes [UPBLS] [paragraph] [paragraph] if there are know corrections to be maid the [PWHREUPBS] to the lass meeting welcome appraised seeing and hearing no objection {,} Mt. ins are so approved .

90  [paragraph] madam clerk .

91  You could please recognize that boat Councilor [President|Pressley] and Councilor Yancy are present {,} madam clerk .

92  [paragraph] [STKPWHREFRPBLGTS] communications from his hon more the mayor {,} please .

93  [paragraph] docket number [10] [25] [PHOPBLG] authority {^ing} the office of {out^} engage .

94  And employment to accept an {a^} expend {a^} grant of [-7] [-6] [4] thousand five hundred and [-6] [1] {^ed} from the [KWELT] [KWELT] of mass choose for the purposes of sporting summer jobs for {out^} works {,} {a^} program for at risk {out^} [paragraph] docket [10] [25] .

95  Assign to the committee on melt melt women women [paragraph] [0] [2-6] [-7] [KWROUTS] engage .

96  And employment to accept an {a^} expends [KWRUPBDZ] {&u} funds in {a^} amount not to exceed five hundred thousand dollars from individuals {,} organizations {,} local and private businesses for the purposes of sporting year round [KWROULT] employment .

97  [paragraph] docket [10] [2-6] will be assigned to the commit [TAOEP] healthy women women familiar familiar and communities [paragraph] dee [KHRAOEURG] purchaser spur [PHRAS] locate Ted and [1] [15] fed fed street ward [3] parcel number [0] [4] [2] [2] five [0] [0] [0] .

98  To transfer the care cuss did I imagine .

99  And control of sate [PRORD] to the pub public fa [SEULTS] commission [paragraph] docket [10] [2-7] will be assigned to the commit oo at the on {&E.} [EBG] [EBG] development planning and labor .

100  {!} - authority [-RG] the please commissioner to accept and expend [30] thousand dollars in award funding {under^} the financial year [15] law enforce .

101  Equip .

102  Grand funded by the exec {^tive} office public safety {^ity} and security [UBDZ] the Ed burn burn member member {^us} {^us} assistant grant for the purposes of [PR-FPG] principle [TKERS] .

103  #M{.} #M{.} amount of [KR-FPLT] {.}it {.}is crime and traffic safety {^ity} program pile pile [paragraph] Councilor Murphy [PHAOFS] suss suspension of the rules {^age} package package of dock [10] [2-8] [STKPWR] [10] [2-9] to {de^} [KHROEUR] purchaser Sur [PRAPBLG] barrage truck - public works department and to transfer own ship of the [TKPWAR] [TKPWARPB] truck to the Dorchester house mull {multi-^} certificate certificate center Inc. for the purposes of {trans^} fearing it to the cape caption hate hate to aid in the coupon [TREUS] {^'} rebuilding - Councilor [PHUR] McCarthy [PHAOFS] [SPEUPBGS] of the rules {^age} sigh say [-FPLTS] - ace and eye Poe nose the nigh slide shoo [TKP-FRPLTS] [TK-FRPBLGTS] [10] [2-9] that [paragraph] [paragraph] [paragraph] accept San expend {a^} donation of [1] thousand dollars from the pat [WROPBLG] fund for the youse by the Boston please peer sport unit an in its work to [PRAOE] vends suit side [paragraph] Councilor Murphy [PHAOFS] [SPEUPBGS] of the rules {^age} package of [10] [30] - ice owe Ayes have [TAPBT] [10] [30] has passed [STKPWHR*FRPBLGTS] docket number [10] [34] [1] majority authority {^ing} {^ing} the [PHREPT] to accept and {ex-^} [PAEPBD] donation of office furniture from the furniture truss for the [KWROUTS] again crimes against children you unit known {^s}{a^} [KR-FPLT] amount of [KR-FPLT] {.}you [paragraph] Councilor Murphy [PHAOFS] [SPEUPBGS] of the rule {^age} package of docket .

104  [0] - Ayes have it {^ant} [10] [3] [1] has passed [paragraph] [10] [3] [2] [PHOPBLG] {^age} authority authority {^ing} the [PHREPT] to accept and donation of {a^} [2] [2] [0] [4] Honda accord from the national insurance crime [PWAOUR] [PWAOUR] for youse [PAOEUT] auto theft nine knit to {^ments} fraud {in^} investigations .

105  [linebreak] coin Murphy [PHAOFS] suss suspension [-FRT] [RAOULTS] {^age} package of docket [0] [13] [2] [2] [10] [3] [2] has passed [paragraph] [10] [3] [3] .

106  [PHOPBLG] authority {^ing} the Venn {en^} department to accept and expend {a^} grant of [2-8] thousand five [HUPBDZ] awarded by the magazines that {^inal} park services passed to the mass choose his his commission for the financial year [15] survey and planning [paragraph] Councilor O'Malley you've the floor .

107  [paragraph] O'Malley he thank {,}you Mr. President Mr. President .

108  The mass mass present program provides fed fed funded reimburse .

109  Fifty it fist {&I.} his tour Rick press regulation planning activities and community tease throughout state .

110  Several years ago Councilor LaMattina {^'s} strict north end face one this you're [SRUR] have a was complete Ted in [20] [14] [120] buildings along the [PREUR] {^ry} of the were [TKOUPLT] Ted .

111  Face [2] it in progress [TKPWRES] and we'll result [234R-6789] [130] properties in face about will be the final face .

112  {^s that} what this grant will go towards given the fact that it'll higher {:} given the fact that it's {under^} [30] thousand dollars and part of {a^} program already on going I [PHAOF] for [SPEUPBGS] and package [paragraph] thank you - [paragraph] thank {,}you Councilor O'Malley .

113  Councilor O'Malley [PHAOFS] suss suspension of the rules {^age} package ever docket [10] [3] [3] - all opposed nigh ice [10] [3] [3] is passed [STKPWHR*FRPLTS] [SPA*FPLGS] [paragraph] [paragraph] record of public [OEFRS] and others [paragraph] the Connolly bonds of Shane reed Joseph you recollect it Turk cat filed prom prom and Samuel brother bank robbery having been dually approved by the collective Treasurer [WRER] were received and approved [paragraph] dock [10] [34] which has been received {under^} the usually terms and conditions all those in favor say Aye .

114  Nay the Ayes have it {^ant} [10] [34-7] is approved {un^} the usual terms and conditions [-6789] .

115  Madam clerk clerk [paragraph] [linebreak] [0] [-8] [30] [-FPLTS] committee on government [TKPWOFLT] operation [PRAS] to which was referred on may [-6] [20] [15] discount dock number [0] [-8] [30] {a^} peat for [SPEGS] law regarding {a^} act concerning the retirement classification for the Boston school [PHRO*FRS] submits {a^} report recommends {^ing} the order out it to pass .

116  [paragraph] chair recognize {^s} the chair of the committee on government operations Councilor Flaherty on [0] [-8] [3] [0] .

117  [paragraph] thank {,}you Mr. President {Mr.-|}  this is {a^} home route peat that would add juice retirement classification {^s are} group [SKWROUP] [1] to group [2] .

118  We'd {a^} [HERGD] on may [2] school please and also the Boston superior office {^es} fed {^ication} die scribe the response [EUBLTS] and changes of school please offers {^*ers} {,} would {^ing} to keep our school safe every {^ry} day .

119  This they're unarmed and first responsible [TKERS] ar sometimes the mows violent incidents doctoring school and {ex-^} {ex-^} trick trick after at {e^} vents in the city{.} class [2] employees which would be Moore appeal for school please to be in rather than there current class {^ly} {^ication} group one clerical and administrator {^tive} work the .

120  [OFRDZ] would be [PEUPBL] {mal^} because the membership [SAOEUS] is very small [-7] five {^s of} [OEFRS] number of years in the job .

121  At this time I would recommend that this out out to pass and would dee fear at this point point to the lead response sore Councilor ache Baker [paragraph] bing Inc. bake thank {,}you [PHR-PLT] Mr. President ap thank you {,} Mr. Chairman {Mr.-|}  .

122  So {^et} [TKPWR] difference between group one and group [2] is the ability to retire five years earlier at [-6] [0] .

123  [PHROFRS] and they're in group [4] so they can retire at fist {^ity} five .

124  This is not group four this is group [2] .

125  There are currently [1-7] [1] officers in the Boston school department .

126  [OEPBLG] [-7] of them are El image {^ible} to retire in the infection [-7] years - all others are [PHRAOR] than ten years away from retirement and based on the classical calculation {^s} proposed the status from you one to [2] would increase July first [20] [1-6] normal cost items by only fifty six thousand dollars .

127  Base {^ed} on nine years {re^} planing in the funding scheduled [2] [15] appropriation {^s} to [2] hundred and [1-6] thousand .

128  Now this peat was approved by the retirement bored .

129  I want to say ten years ago {,} and was [TKEPBDZ] by the previous add [PH-RGS] [WEUS] {^us} trier to right {a^} wrong that happened years ago and I ask for my colleagues for {a^} vote in the affirmative on this .

130  Thank you .

131  [STKPWHRAFRPBLGTS] thank {,}you Councilor Baker .

132  Councilor [PHUR] [PHRUR] .

133  Thank {,}you Mr. President Mr. President .

134  {^s}{a^} the chair of the committee on public safety {^ity} I [W57B8GD] to acknowledge the fact that's public schools [PWHRAOES] ar public safety {^ity} agency and they were miss Kass into the {^down} [1] originally and right {^ing} {a^} wrong that was full I sport Councilor Baker and the chair microphone Flaherty to make {a^} pub public safety {^ity} agency and get {a^} pub public safety {^ity} designation in there retirement .

135  Thank {,}you Mr. President Mr. President [paragraph] thank {,}you Councilor Murphy .

136  Councilor particular familiar [PHAOFS] acceptance of the committee report and package of [0] [-8] [30] .

137  All in favor say Aye .

138  All owe Poe {^ed} nay .

139  The Ayes have it and docket [0] [3-8] [30] has passed .

140  [linebreak] [STKPWHR*FRPBLGTS] madam clerk matters [RAOEPBTS] {^ly} heard nor possible axe .

141  [0] [1] [1] [1] and [0] [1] [1] [2] together [paragraph] thank {,}you [PHOEPBLG] message approving peat for about [SPEGS] law regarding act relative to certain ar ford dabble us to {^ing} arch or the [KWREBTD] [HAOEUS] in the City Of Boston .

142  Docket number [0] [2] [1] [1] [2] notice message are approving {a^} peat for [SPEGS] law [RART] {^ing} {a^} act relative to certain {a^} forward dabble housing whit {^ier} public housing in is the sick [paragraph] Councilor Flaherty .

143  Thank {,}you Mr. President {Mr.-|}  docket [0] [1] [1] [1] and [1] [1] [2] ar loam rule [PAETS] response [SORD] [PWHAOEU] mayor {^ual} {,} .

144  About{.} [H-FPLT] amount of to [PHAOF] quickly and {re^} {&e} [TPAOEURBL] {^ly} orient heights in Councilor LaMattina strict {^s}{a^} well {^s}{a^} whit [KWREUR] in Councilor Jackson {^'s} strict .

145  Exemption {^s} from the states {^'} considerate and human man laws .

146  [HELDZ] {a^} hearing on Monday with representatives from the about{.} [H-FPLT] amount of streamline {a^} sub bid process and maintain {a^} does effect {^ive} plan for {a^} medium renovations .

147  Similar legs {^ulation} has been {^ified} in [PWROPL] [PWROPL] heat inhibition main [PHAFRPBLG] guards guard olds col col Washington beech and Franklin haw hill housing develop {^ments} so these are very similar {?} not {ex-^} acts sameness {^ry} ren regulations .

148  With packages of docket [1] [1] [1] and [1] [1] [2] .

149  About{.} [H-FPLT] amount of can mows visual {^fully} {re^} violate {^tation} of boats housing develop {^ments} resulting in full replace .

150  Of the [3] [13] [1] apt [APTS] at orient heights and full replace .

151  At [2] hundred [APTS] at [WHREUT] {^ier} so at this time {im^} recommend {^ing} that boat of these docket response [SORD] by mayor {^ual} {,} out to pass .

152  [STKPWHRAFRPBLGTS] [-FRPBLGTSZ] Councilor particular familiar .

153  Councilor Yancy .

154  [paragraph] thank {,}you very much investment {a^} scheduling conflict did not allow me to participate in {a^} hearing on Monday .

155  This is {a^} very important issue {,} Mr. President .

156  Back in [2] thousand [10] when we were debate {^ing} the -- {a^} identical propose Sal for [TPRAEUPBG] [TPRAEUPBG] hill I raced some concerns about the private {^tation} {^sation} of about{.} [H-FPLT] amount of [A*US] housing {,} and {a^} up shot of those debates of {a^} discussion is {a^} commit .

157  From the administrate for of the about{.} [H-FPLT] amount of that they'll know long [TKPWER] purchaser stew there tick approach where the Boston housing authority would tin to own the land but the you know knits would be privately [OEPBDZ] .

158  In the case of [PRAEUPBG] [TPRAEUPBG] hill is not only private advertise {^ed} the housing you know knits but also reduced the number of {a^} forward dabble you know knits at that location .

159  So because of that {reen^} and physical sol {^fully} I don't belief we should be edge [KOUPBLGS] {^ing} the about{.} [H-FPLT] amount of housing you know knits .

160  Know reflex on the strict city Councilor who {^ive} {e^} norm muss love respect and add [PH-RGS] for but the housing is I think is {a^} very significant puck lick policy issue facing the City Of Boston and it does own the door fort either some gent {^sation} in some [KWRAEURS] spells possible displace .

161  {in^} spite of all the insurance {^s} in the case of [TPRAEUPBG] [TPRAEUPBG] hill the vase majority of the ten [TPHAPBTS] who youse {^ed} to live there know long [TKPWER] [THREUF] there{.} mump of that was by choice but long term the [PRAEUPBG] [TPRAEUPBG] hill hill housing development has been private diced and will tin to be so .

162  Lynn itself will tin to be owned by the about{.} [H-FPLT] amount of .

163  Thank you very much .

164  [STKPWHRAFRPBLGTS] thank {,}you Councilor Yancy [paragraph] Councilor Jackson .

165  Thank you very much {,} Mr. President Mr. President .

166  I rise to sport this matter {extra^} .

167  The {reen^} [PWHREUT] [WHREUT] street is actually in my strict .

168  [WHREUT] whit street {^s}{a^} folks know is pup for one [-FRPT] federal choice neighborhoods [TKPWRAEUPBGTS] and this would allow for this process to [PHAOF] forward .

169  I actually agree with Councilor Yancy in [TPRAEUPBG] [TPRAEUPBG] hill hill they actually loss you know knits .

170  .

171  Good aspect of the good neighbor [HAOTS] grant is they actually will not be able to [SAOEFPB] [TPHREUF] funds {^ing} unless there's {a^} one for one replace .

172  .

173  The whit whit housing street development is {a^} right is cross the street [STPR] one of the news north Eastern buildings and you see across the street disparity in terms of lack of {in^} [SRES] .

174  Of about{.} [H-FPLT] amount of versus what happened on the north even side of the street .

175  This is {a^} neighborhood that has stood threw some of the mows give times and {de^} serfs to have {in^} [SRES] .

176  Dollars [TKPHROE] .

177  What we [TKPOE] press [P-FPLT] about{.} about{.} [H-FPLT] amount of on is what type of lynch do we've .

178  Can we get Moore than one for one .

179  Expiring youse in all of our [STREUBGTS] faster than week actually build it .

180  So the question is are we able to lynch Moore than {a^} one for one in situations like this .

181  And we're told that there's {a^} [POPBLT] that that could happen but I think what's {^'} mows Chris cal is that people still live in that facility has first right of [RAOEFL] to any of those you know knits .

182  [THEFB] threw {a^} really really tough times and {^s}{a^} the neighborhood and community around them rise {^s} they should be part of that ricing class and part of that waiver {^s that} devil {^ly} cress {^ing} for meme in Roxbury and other neighborhoods in the city .

183  So I would be sport [TH-G] {^s}{a^} it goes forward .

184  Thank you very much .

185  [paragraph] Councilor Louisiana thank you Mr. President .

186  I want to echo the [RARBGS] by Councilor Jackson .

187  [ORPB] yet heights heights development is in the backyard .

188  If you know where I live in East Boston it's in my backyard .

189  It's boy lore able conditions Reese place .

190  One and one .

191  Moore afford dabble housing .

192  It's {a^} good think .

193  I saw it happened at [PHAFRPBLG] Rick development and worked there {^s}{a^} {out^} work [EURS] and he see the big difference over there{.} about{.} [H-FPLT] amount of {^us} does not have {re^} source {^s} any Moore to imagine these properties .

194  This had allot of {^ish} shoes the lass come of sum {^%} at or the [KWREPBT] heights because of lack of imagine .

195  At that location .

196  I sport this .

197  And the people that live in or or heights {de^} sever of to live in [PWER] conditions so thank {,}you .

198  And I urge you all to vote for {.}this thank you [-FPLTS] [paragraph] thank {,}you Councilor LaMattina .

199  Councilor McCarthy .

200  McCarthy mick [34EUBG] I also rise to sport this and {^ic} tell you first are hands in strict five about{.} street in development in Ross is reconstruct Ted .

201  Crime raid is down and pride it much and its [AETS] wonderful reason little commune did I .

202  Hopeful {^ly} {im^} support {^ing} affair {^mont} redo {^s}{a^} well so {im^} [SKWROET] {^ing} in the affirmative .

203  [paragraph] thank {,}you Councilor McCarthy Councilor Zakim .

204  Thank {,}you Councilor Zakim .

205  {^ive} [KWUPB] questions if I could ask threw you to Councilor Flaherty .

206  This would still maintain these properties {^s}{a^} permanently about{.} [H-FPLT] okay{.} land {^us} {under^} {a^} different imagine .

207  Structure and still {a^} forward dabble {,} [2] questions I could ask .

208  [paragraph] thank {,}you Mr. President .

209  Testified yesterday that they'll retain the lands [SAORT] of like {a^} sail lease back situation retain the lands at all time and private company will imagine .

210  Property so the about{.} [H-FPLT] amount of is not seating anything put forward .

211  [paragraph] the second part again threw you {,} the will still be afford dabble youse knits .

212  The short answer was question to the afford dabble .

213  Section [-8] to all {ex-^} {^is} tinge residents because there'll be {a^} displace .

214  Throughout ren vase {^s} and they've [TKPWEUFB] the option of {re^} [TAEUPBG] the section I [58] and [PHAOFG] to {a^} permanent residents in the neighborhood or bring {^ing} there vouch ter [KHABG] and [PHAOFLG] badge into the annually renovate Ted .

215  So it's {a^} pretty {^ity} good alter {^tive} options for {ex-^} {^is} tinge residents slide out for awhile and come back {under^} knew and [PWER] living conditions or be able to take there [SROEFP] tower [234EU] where they want and I think its eight {a^} win-win for the tenant .

216  Thank you [paragraph] sake [SPAEUBG] thank {,}you Mr. President .

217  [paragraph] [THAEUPG] U-boat .

218  Is [STKPWHR-FRPLTS] [paragraph] on docket [1] [1] [1] is .

219  [STKPHROUPB] Flaherty [PHAOFS] acceptance of the committee report and badge of docket [0] [1] [1] [1] .

220  All in favor say Aye .

221  {.}you eye advice it have it and [0] [1] [1] [1] has passed [STKPWHRAFRPBLGTS] Councilor Flaherty [PHAOFS] acceptance of the committee report on badge of [0] [1] [1] [2] .

222  [AUPL] in favor say Aye .

223  All opposed nay .

224  [paragraph] Ayes have [TAPBT] docket [0] [1] [1] [2] has passed [STKPWHR*FRPBLGTS] Yancy Jahns request to be report dead in the negative on the previous [2] docket .

225  [-FPLTS] [paragraph] [50] [1] [1] [1] .

226  And [0] [1] [1] [2] .

227  [STKPWHRAFPLT] [paragraph] [paragraph] [PHADZ] mad clerk if you to reed [0] [-6] [-6] [2] [-6] [3] and [*6] [4] [STKPWHR-RPBLGTS] [paragraph] [PHOPBLG] for {^ian} Yule appropriation and tax order for financial year [20] [1-6] .

228  Docket number [0] [-6] [-6] [3] .

229  [PHOPBLG] for ran Yule appropriation for the school department for the financial year [20] [1-6] and docket number [0] [-6] [-6] [4] [PHOPBLG] approving {a^} appropriation of [40] [TPH-LDZ] in the other pose accomplishment benefits known has owe [PEB] liability truss funds established {under^} section [20] of mass choose Jen laws chapter [3] [2] about{.} [paragraph] chair recognize {^es} Councilor Ciommo the chair of ways and means .

230  [paragraph] thank {,}you Mr. President {Mr.-|}  first let me thank all of the Councilor [SHRORS] for there [THOUT] full and thorough spar 'tis [PAEUGS] to date on the operating budget {^s}{a^} well {^s}{a^} the owe [PEB] dock [KET] .

231  Operating budget is maid up of [2] discount [KETS] [0] [-6] [-6] [2] and [0] [-6] [-6] [3] .

232  One is the department Tal operating budget {,} the other is the budget for the school department [WEUS] around {a^} [PW-LTSDZ] this year and docket [0] [-6] [-6] [4] is the sit 'tis {^'s} consideration to the owe [PEB] or other pose Ben employment benefit [TRUPBS] fund that we established .

233  I years ago to mitigate almost {^or} over the [2] million{}dollars liability that's [STKEUT] I currently has .

234  And in [AORD] dance with one [09] section sa of the [AOBGTS] of the [1-9] [2-8] this body [PHUPS] take axon this dock [KET] {^ed to} or they'll be come become effect {^ive} [PHAUT] mat {^ically} .

235  {^ed to} the [STEUT] think has [HELT] [2-8] years ago on the financial year [1-6] budget [KWAOEURGS] [20] [14] [HROURS] of [TKHREB] regulation and [PHOPBTS] ever planning .

236  [TKHREURBL] the writ {en^} .

237  From all the departments that have not had [PWHRUPBLG] {^et} hearings .

238  At this time I would recommend that docks docks [0] [-6] [-6] [2] and [0] [-6] [-6] [3] and [0] [-6] [-6] [4] be reject Ted without prejudice to {a^} law for Moore time to writ {en^} .

239  And in advance of {a^} expect Ted {re^} submission that'll reflect the update Ted budget pry or 'tis .

240  [paragraph] [THRAEUPBG] {,}you [PHR-P] [PHR-PLT] .

241  [STKPWHRAFRPBLGTS] thank {,}you Councilor skim similar {:} Councilor Jackson [SH-FPLT] [paragraph] thank {,}you Jackson jack I rise to bring up {a^} Counsel come of {^ish} shoes in the budget .

242  I think in looking towards the summer and aggressive vile lens prevention programs .

243  [-9] points of million{}dollars of city funding would actually get all the of the young people [HOR] [WRAEUT] {^ing} for jobs {^s}{a^} Wales those who will not receive psalm [PHER] job {a^} additional [W*UPB] year round .

244  In dish {,} when I was young the program start Ted at age 14 and went to age [1-9] .

245  There's some work that we should do there .

246  In dish {,} I think .

247  I of us heard loud and clear in the education hearings supervise sore of {a^} ten dance are need {^ed} {,} and we should rye store those individuals to there jobs .

248  There are [KURPBTS] {^ly} [OEPBLG] [4] {,} and case log of [14] hundred to date for this year {,} folks or young people who haven't done to school for six {^ity} days .

249  We've to do [PWER] in understanding that's stat constitute is actually [-8] days {a^} quart ter .

250  We're well above that and basically try {^age} {^ed} and had judge [SKRAEUF] {en^} in here and let us know about hours {^s} - I think {a^} come other [KWRAEURS] that we need to look at .

251  [T-FRS] {a^} mace {^ing} to see those young [PHEPBL] from West Roxbury high come in and great that's field {^-^} done over but horrible that's school department was going to close there school .

252  So the add [SKWRERS] {^ity} they went throughout on the field to me {im^} [PAEURLS] in [KPARS] son to someone putting on report that they would close there school and not even have {a^} plan for that building .

253  It's imperative that's actual facility 'tis plan process start .

254  We gave them the mon any lass year .

255  Let's get it going .

256  This is {a^} [1-8] [PHOPBTS] process .

257  We [KOFB] [12] [PHOPBTS] into the [1-8] [PHOPBTS] process had had it [PHAOFD] forward .

258  It's unfair to the young people and I heard Councilor O'Malley mention words like Lyle toy and accountability and we need to be loyal to our young people and accountability to them and not put forwards [KHROERB] ours out side of {a^} actual plan {,} and I think all of the folks in this room have [TKPHRAPBDZ] {^ed} that and we're now {a^} year down the rode since we've allocate Ted that mon any and it has {'} [PHAOFD] forward .

259  And we've schools thar inclusion model schools which means that they're going to certificate of stud departments who of [SPEGS] education needs and we've shift Ted schools .

260  You know it's {a^} {in^} colleagues model school and you [PHAOF] it [THO] {a^} building that does an have {a^} elevator {on^} build {a^} school that does the fit the feed of young people .

261  Role our sleeves up and do right [THREU] relative to the young people .

262  Lass Liz {,} the definition of [POF] vert {^ity} in the [TPWOPBS] public schools budget has [SREURT] actually effect Ted .

263  I of the schools relative to there budge ding based on the school lunge {&u} [HRUPB] .

264  Program which now we actually don't have away to des tern how those funds allocate Ted and .

265  I of schools are actually loose {^ing} funding based on the newly location .

266  Allot of work that we've to do .

267  I want to compliment the chair we spent allot Moore time together than our families but some of the mows important [WOERBG] that we'll do {,} I belief {,} is in this budget pros Tess and in tick for the education budge {ante^} I want to applaud the chair for the diligence and {^us} [RAOEFL] {^ly} good work that him {^s}{a^} well {^s}{a^} his office has done in dog this .

268  And I also want to give [KPHRAOEUPLTS] to my office also for dog the work that they {^ed} done and I look [TPAORT] to rolling our sleeves up and dog that work .

269  [paragraph] Councilor Yancy .

270  Yancy Yancy thank {,}you very much .

271  .

272  Mr. President {,} I rise to sport the work of the chair of the ways and means committee .

273  [HAES] been working very hard and diligently and con shins {^tious} so {im^} going to sport of course the rejection without prejudice .

274  However {,} Mr. President {,} I still have some abiding concerns about the operation of the city government that can be significant {^ly} impact Ted by sum Michigan {^ry} visions in the budget when it's resubmit Ted by the add [PH-RGS] .

275  Mr. President Mr. President {,} I do not sport taking additional children off of the Boston public school buses .

276  Actually I think that's [-8] the great [TKERS] and [-7] the great [TKERS] should have at opportunity for {a^} safer and Moore {reen^} liable trip to and from school .

277  Second [PHREU] {,} Mr. President Mr. President {,} this budget does not [ABG] [PHOPBLG] the fact that .

278  I commune tee sen terse were shut down by the previous add [PH-RGS] and there's know [TPHEFRTS] this budget to reopen any of those community sen terse [-FPLTS] {im^} [SPES] {^iffic} {^ly} referring to the martial community sen it ter but there are Moore than {a^} [PHAF] does {en^} others {^s}{a^} well .

279  Mr. President Mr. President {,} we've {a^} obligation to do what week do make our city Of safer and do what week to {en^} courage {a^} positive environment for all residents {,} children {^s}{a^} well {^s}{a^} adults and by failing to reopen the mash shall community center and some of the others we're missing that opportunity .

280  Third {^ly} {,} Mr. President {,} it does {'} make {a^} whole lot of sense to me that {a^} city which serfs [57] thousand stud departments has only five truant officers .

281  It makes even less sense to me that those five [THRAOUPBT] offers {^*ers} is going down to one for [57] thousand dollars stud departments [-FPLTS] now we were told that our teachers and administrate [TORS] and other [STAFP] will pick up the [SKHRABG] and public sure they'll {im^} not spur situate Ted .

282  The other concern {^ive} is while we're making suppose {^tive} steps in the right direction with regard to street workers and men [TORS] the step are fa too mod des and far too minimum {mid-^} .

283  I know we're working in part sher [STHEUP] with none profits and {^s that} fine but if we're certificate {^us} of reaching out to [TKWROUPBG] people and while the numbers are down [-7] or [-8] one young people drop out of school every {^ry} year [AEUPB] my question is loss falling up for those individuals [-FPLTS] {^s that} not the truant officers so I belief we should increase the number of street workers and ill also say week do {a^} [PWER] job in terms of the city accepting financial response {^ibility} for [HAOEURG] Moore {out^} .

284  Expand the [KWROUPBT] jobs program .

285  I think it's one [-FRT] Bess bin [SRES] {^ments} week make in the the point [-6] [PH-PBLTS] {in^} [SRES] .

286  And close to [3] billion{}dollars budget is not significant .

287  Ill close by the note {^ing} the capital budget we've still have know dollars in the school Boston city [HOPBT] side [-FPLTS] [14] aches {^*ers} of land fully assess able week create {a^} college cap pus like {in^} environment Nate center knew housing central {^ly} locate Ted and this body has approved capital {a^} appropriation for this in the pass .

288  We've the opportunity to do it again .

289  I {^us} ask that's add [PH-RGS] real {^alize} that none of our high school buildings he are getting any young [TKPWER] .

290  None of those buildings are state-of-the-art in terms ever tech tech for the [2] [1] {^s} sent {^ture} {^ry} and we've up ward of five how [HUPBDZ] none high school sta fa fa [SEULTS] and they're complete {^ing} with the children in the suburb ban [KWRAEURGS] who take knew schools Flor gran Ted .

291  Why are we punish {^ing} our children .

292  So with those caveats {,} Mr. President {,} {im^} going to sport the recommendation of the chair of the Ways and Means committee .

293  [paragraph] thank {,}you Councilor Murphy .

294  Councilor Murphy [paragraph] Murphy thank {,}you Mr. President {Mr.-|}  first of all [HRELT] me con grad late the chair mark Ciommo the staff and central staff isn't the job they've done to do presenting and renewing the fiscal budge budge of [20] [1-6] .

295  I {^us} wanna Ted to pick up to an {a^} come of points that have been maid .

296  This is kinds of institution {^inal} memory .

297  I hope I don't show my age but [1-9] [-9] [-9] city Councilor peg peg Dave mull mull talked about increasing the number of truant offers {^*ers} from ten to [15] .

298  Since then we've gone from ten to four .

299  And one of the big arguments we maid Tet [1-6] years ago was that understate law only {a^} {a^} ten dance office {er^} can approach stud departments offer of {a^} stud departments {^'} school campus or property [TKROG] school hours unless [THR-FPL] {^s} probably cause that those stud departments would be involved in committing {a^} crime so {a^} Boston [PHROEFRS] does not have {a^} authority to approach kids {a^} [PH-FPLT] about{.} {.}it amount of [PHROFRS] {a^} school [PHROFRS] only amass lieu {a^} dually sworn {a^} ten dance office {er^} has the right to approach stud departments if they're not on .

300  And that's why it's important for us to get up and look at the {de^} [KHRAOEUPBG] enroll .

301  Here {^s}{a^} we reject this budget and say hey we've to bulk that up because we're failing stud [TKPWEPBTS] by failing day-to-day .

302  .

303  The other point I would like to bring up and this is his store cal {^s}{a^} well .

304  In [2] thousand [1] the prior add [PH-RGS] tried to prior {&u} private advertise custodial services {^s} in the Boston public schools and on {a^} tick Wednesday in June June back in [2] thousand [1] our Councilor [President|Pressley] Jim Kel Kel {,} Councilor even if even if and I and members of the Councilor went to the eagle room and met with the mire Tet and held up the budget .

305  And something similar could be happening over there now with the bases school administrate [TORS] love be seeing declining roles {,} they're {a^} union administrative union over the lass few years mull minute Nate {^ing} this year and there are [2] [-6] [0] bases employees and {^us} recently [-6] [4] of them got ping slipped so its [AETS] like [2-7] {^%} of the barring {^ening} unit is ping [SPHREUPDZ] .

306  And what has happened over the course of the years routinely {^ly} at the school department is these folks [HOR] union folks who [SPOESD] Ed {^ly} have union protection {^s} have public slip and [TH-T] jobs get column Nate Ted and [3] [PHOPBTS] late ter the jobs are put back {under^} the reclassify {^ication} for imagine .

307  And the school department let's those schools go and [HAOEURS] who they want .

308  That to me is private {^sation} {,} and I don't belief the mayor that I know that leads this city {^ed to} would every have apart knowing his background and his love and experience prior to becoming mayor .

309  Whatever have {a^} party to do this so {im^} sporting the chair and rejecting this budget looking forward to adding {a^} ten dance officers and looking forward to having private {^sation} do .

310  Any one of us in [2] thousand [1] who had vote Ted to private advertise custodians [WOF] had that [PHREPBL] mick on the report for [PHAOFG] forward in there days in public office .

311  The same think I could say to all of you .

312  If we allow that {^ing to} forward at this time shame on us .

313  I sport the chair his hard work and I look forward to rejecting without prejudice this years {^'s} budget .

314  Thank you .

315  [paragraph] thank {,}you Councilor Murphy Councilor [President|Pressley] .

316  [President|Pressley] [President|Pressley] thank {,}you Mr. President Mr. President .

317  I want to commend and leading this long walk .

318  Thank central staff and chair [SHAFS] {^s}{a^} well .

319  I do sport his recommendation {^s} .

320  There are [SHRE] important {in^} [SRES] .

321  In this budget guy sight cuts .

322  {im^} really {en^} [KOURPBLGDZ] by the return and {^ress} store regulation of the cadet program and Boston please department and cree agents of cree cross-suit ultimate office every in the Boston fire department {de^} verifying boat .

323  It's also very {en^} courage {^ing} to have {a^} mayor that not only talks about trauma but wants the to [PWHAEUBG] the {in^} [SRES] {^ments} to treat it .

324  It's also commit Ted to [SPHAUPL] Ma in all its forms public [HELT] commission and dot Boston please department around human human [PRAFBG] {^ing} [EFRTSDZ] .

325  However {,} there are [KWRAEURS] that choir {a^} great {er^} he {in^} [SRES] .

326  About in orders to build {a^} healthy community in every {^ry} neighborhood in the city .

327  My colleagues to fight for the push to safe our truancy officers within our Boston public schools knowing the role that they play in drop out prevention and identifying those [KWRAOUTS] that maybe in homes thar being youse orders [PHREG] infection Ted or experience {^ing} trauma or helping to reduce the school - pipeline and so many other important roles that they play so its [AETS] [1234ES] {^ry} that we need pun [TPHREURB] them for the United Kingdom is [SES] [TWHAOEF] seen {^ant} drop out numbers going down and pull away .

328  Drop out numbers die creasing so we should [TROE] [THEBGT] those officers .

329  Also the [KHAL] lengths face {^ed} by our young people and the {un^} {^ress} we see throughout the country really is the direct {re^} [SUBLGTS] of fails possibly .

330  Access to {re^} source {^s} .

331  Now Boston really has done {a^} great job in maintaining {a^} {out^} bonds animus have {a^} plan to increase the number of {out^} jobs paid for the by the city .

332  While planning {^ing} the projection Ted increase in minimum wage .

333  What I would like to suggested is {a^} minimum plan [SPUPL] [PHER] jobs and year rounds jobs incremental {^ly} until we reach the goal of five thousand sum publisher and one thousand year round jobs {:} again that's {^s}{a^} {a^} [3] years plan .

334  In dish {a^} issue [THAEUFB] gaining {^ing} the drum on for overly years ago {^age} parts {^ener} ship in the chair [EFD] {^ication} committee .

335  Project [EDZ] cuss tower our school foods program and impact on food than [HR-RS] lacking on {im^} pack [TPABLT] knew Trish {in^} and great ways within our public schools .

336  {im^} asking for {a^} operations assess .

337  And retention of staffer [TPHR-L] the [TPHAOUPBT] superintendent can review the entire process .

338  Fifty {^%} had have kitchens fifty {^%} don't an I would like us to pursue {a^} fees ability study central kitchen local {^ly} source {^ed} .

339  So {em^} asking for operation ever assess {&t-} and retention of staff until the few superintendent can review the entire schools {^'s} strict system .

340  I also want to reminds all of us and we've heard this lute the [PUPBLG] budge hearing the lass come of days [-FPLTS] we said we want madam park high school technical learning institution and we need to tin to keep our ice on the price in honor of the verb verb [PWHREPBLGS] we maid to those [KWROUPBLG] people we they {de^} seer of it and so beyond the verbal pledges that we've maid we honor those pledges with considerable long term {in^} [SRES] {^ments} in order to see that ship right Ted .

341  And finally wants to talk about long islands .

342  You know {,} {^s}{a^} we consider long term {in^} [SRES] {^ments} in boat capital [PWUPBLGDZ] {&u} [TPWUPBDZ] to rebuild abridge and potential does of the islands owe I really hope week have [KPHRAOE] hence and collaboration about the hide lands [AETS] [TPAOUT] youse .

343  {^ed to} it remains unclear what is it's [TPORTS] currently displaced guests and how we mime proof our home less and [STHRAUPBS] abuse certificates advice us .

344  There needs to be {a^} plan before the city authorities replacing abridge .

345  Further Moore I think our limb Ted {re^} source are Bess architect Ted to towards housing first {,} and I sport {a^} request for {im^} accomplishment {^ing} {a^} sit it {^ity} couch {er^} ram for forward dabble housing you know knits [TPHOERPL] less list individuals .

346  This budge [PWEUPBLG] [KHRERPBL] [PHREU] makes clear {in^} budge et cetera [APBLGTS] our neighborhood and I [KPHREPBDZ] our mayor for that [TPO*UFR] there are [KREUD] cal - ensuring that [HAOEFP] neighborhoods has ability to rebuild healthy safe {on^} thriving communities .

347  Thank {,}you Mr. President [PHR-PLT] [paragraph] [paragraph] thank {,}you Councilor [President|Pressley] Councilor Wu .

348  Wu Wu .

349  Thank {,}you Mr. President [PHR-PLT] .

350  I wanna Ted to thank our chair chair and ways of mean Councilor Ciommo and the out other chairs {co-^} pile plot Ted the process and school department budget .

351  Has been along and informative session and for me I see allot of excite ugh thinks {in^} [SRES] .

352  And {a^} forward [OG] to believe house {,} particularly to see permitting and license {^ing} folks us {^ing} on throughout every {^ry} departments {^'} stream lining [ABG] sets {^ance} increasing access to tech normal I go and therefore city Of services across the bored that way .

353  We've had multiple I {im^} [TWEURBTS] meetings {^s}{a^} well in this process and I did want to rise and {^es} echo Councilor [SHRORS] up until this point and recognize that numbers [-FPLTS] .

354  With us and think were passionate and reflect full and I wanna Ted top sub pick {^ly} sport there request for the [-9] point [-6] million{}dollars for {out^} jobs and extends {^ing} the [-8] [TKPWRAEULT] {:} {em^} [TKPWEUPBLG] able {out^} is well word it for the sit 'tis {^'s} [TPAOUT] so looking forward to [TEUPBD] neck [OERB] {^iation} {^ance} conversation {^s} [PW-TS] budget and I wanna Ted to [KWAOEUBG] {^ly} sum rise my [THOUTS] [-FPLTS] thank you [-FPLTS] [STKPWHRA] [STKPWHR*FRPLGTS] [paragraph] {^ive} lights flashing of folks who had {a^} opportunity to speak and {im^} going {^ing to} on {^tory} [KOUPBS] [SHRORS] and I gave [-FRB] ample time to date to speak .

355  [paragraph] Councilor make bake .

356  Thank {,}you Mr. President [PHR-PLT] .

357  I {^us} want to thank the chair .

358  Of Ways and Means Councilor skim similar and I truss that Councilor Jackson that time was quality time spent with Councilor Ciommo .

359  I {^us} want to echo allot of comments of the previous speak {er^} {^s} around the school department mows {^ly} [SPES] {^ly} Councilor [PHUR] [PHRUR] {^ist} {a^} victim of private {^sation} [4] years ago .

360  There are people at the school department in there long term jobs [-FPLTS] id my job for almost [25] years when I was laid off .

361  It was {a^} pretty {^ity} diff situation to be in still out of the work [TOGTD] .

362  I think I would like to see out [SKAOFLT] department [PHRA*] there plan the number was [1340] layoffs but they say {^s is} {&t} it's going to be less than that .

363  [PHAOF] the people where are [*R] where they were what there job what the plan we've all [TAUBGT] about the truancy officers but there are the {#Return} distribution center .

364  Fed {^ly} {^s}{a^} sons {^ance} {a^} few supposition [-LGS] that I would like to get clarification on .

365  But thank you for you're time .

366  [linebreak] Councilor O'Malley .

367  Thank {,}you Mr. President Mr. President .

368  Allot has been said in words far Moore El [KWEPBLT] in my own so ill be publishers sill fully [PWRAOEUF] and I want to thank I chairman and from halls always brought brought sen [STRAF] staff and [PHAEURS] {^'s} staff .

369  Dave seen with seen with has been incredibly [HREP] full and {a^} ten {^tive} to me and I [SKHAEUR] allot of concerns at the out side Seth I want to say there's {a^} good [PWRUPBLG] {em^} [THR-TS] always [PRAOPL] poor {im^} proof .

370  .

371  I refer I where we look .

372  Come matters [UPBT] truancy funds {^ing} protecting those [T-GS] to pos {,} {out^} summer jobs five thousand dollars goal in {a^} come of years .

373  These are [2] {^ish} shoes that {in^} [SRES] .

374  Now is not only good policy but fangs {^ly} response {^ibility} for the [TPAOUT] with these knew opportunities that week offer to young people so I add my voice to that core Russ .

375  Similar {^ly} Councilor [President|Pressley] mentioned the [SKROUFP] cher significance [TEPL] for section [-8] travel [SROEFP] [KHERS] Washington #M{.} [SKR-FPLT] has done exploring going forward .

376  Finally {,} you know {,} {im^} incredibly grateful for some of the capital {im^} [PRAOFPLTS] in strict six [SPEGS] [HREUFRBG] I too I want to highlight the labor labor .

377  Maim aim [RAOEUPB] [RAOEUPB] for her lead [TKER] ship on that position .

378  Earlier {^ed to} the Wes rocks bury education [KPHROEBGS] that knew field will be hope opportunities where week hopeful {^ly} wok together and hopeful [PHREU] heeding the Claire man's call for rejection without prejudice and look forward to the [2] weeks ago {^s}{a^} we look forward to this work .

379  Thank you .

380  [STKPWHRAFRPBLGTS] Councilor O'Malley .

381  - Yancy [KWRAPBLS] ill be brief {,} Mr. President Mr. President .

382  I rise because my good colleague at large Councilor Murphy is {re^} counted {^ing} something that too place in [2] thousand [1] .

383  He mention {^ed} that Councilor Kel Kel was [President|Pressley] Tet .

384  History can't be changed {^ive} [President|Pressley] in [2] thousand [1] .

385  But {^es} correct in [-FRG] [HELS] he mentioned .

386  What the city Councilor did that year is what the city Councilor note [TEFPLTD] and {^s that} [245] we [TPOUT] against private {^sation} and we were successful .

387  We also fought to add funds to our housing programs and we were successful but we also fought to augments the Boston city Councilor staff and we were successful .

388  We added assistant budget director position and we added {a^} legs late {^ive} director slash Councilor to the Councilor supposition and that's occupied very age {^ably} {^ed to} by Christine O'Malley .

389  So {^ive} to correct the records .

390  {im^} sure my colleague does {'} minds and remind you toss who was [President|Pressley] under [2] thousand [1] .

391  [STKPWHROFRPBLGTS] his was the dee [SAOEUTD] ugh vote along with six others to make me [President|Pressley] .

392  [paragraph] store keep {^%} within the school department plus be remained .

393  They're part of the group {^s that} [SES] ig Nate Ted to be cut and there positions are going to be private advertise {^ed} .

394  Councilor Baker nose that I fought against the private {^sation} of the traffic arts department without success but we did put it in up {a^} good fight .

395  I also take this opportunity {,} Mr. President [PHR-PLT] .

396  To ask that's add [PH-RGS] consider adding funds to {en^} sure that every {^ry} Boston please department vehicle is equipped with {a^} automatic electron nick did I fib late tour .

397  We've .

398  I case {^s} where it takes Moore than six or [-7] minutes before our emergency medical technicians can arrive on the seen of {a^} cardiac ar or similar [PHRERPBLG] {^cy} but we've pervasive presence of our please vehicles and we should not police that opportunity to safe lives so {im^} asking the add [PH-RGS] to work with this Councilor to {en^} sure that all of our public safety {^ity} vehicles have amount of {&E.} #M{.} {^'s} .

399  Obviously {^ly} our {&E.} [PH-FPLT] {.}is vehicles have them .

400  Obviously {^ly} our fire departments have them but we've Moore please out in the public than any other public vehicle {,} and I think it makes sense if we're certificate {^us} about saving [HRAOEUFGS] of youse {^ing} that {in^} [SRES] .

401  {^s}{a^} well .

402  {im^} also add crating the public guilt {^s} and private buildings {^s}{a^} well .

403  Thank you recollect investments .

404  Thank {,}you Councilor Yancy .

405  Councilor Jackson .

406  Thank you very much .

407  Mr. President [PHR-PLT] .

408  I {^us} wanna Ted to add {a^} come of [KWRAEURS] that I miss {^ed} .

409  I doo {,} belief that we need to be aggressive in our housing and [SROEFP] cher program and in tick for those [SROEBGS] for displace the up to Long Island {:} I think [AEUTS] Moore imperative to make sure that we [PHAOF] forwards {^s}{a^} [TPHOELT] Ted housing first {:} {im^} on the bored of organization called heading home than has pine neared this and it's cheap per for us to put something in housing first and sends the rye source us wrap [ARPBGDZ] {re^} source us to them .

410  Right think to do{.} and then we should be aggressive in [TH-T] face are .

411  For [4] million{}dollars we've get [4] hundred [SROEFP] towers for [15] mills we'll get five [HUPBDZ] vouch others [T-FPL] I want to {^ic} {co-^} [KOUPBZ] Baker and {^ive} to disclose hi actually youse {^ed} to work in the warehouse for the school [TKPWEPT] I [WORBGDZ] there for psalm [PHER] .

412  These are hard working [SREUFDZ] .

413  And they devil {^ly} {de^} certificate of to tin on {^s}{a^} well {^s}{a^} the food service workers .

414  And I think {^s}{a^} the Boston pub lib schools looks at cutting folks [HOR] the people [HOR] dog the work {,} they should think about cutting people at the stop in the food service program .

415  You've to be add [PH-RGS] that who make in the six digits .

416  .

417  I of these individuals {&i} make ten thousand {,} [12] thousand dollars {a^} year [HOR] the people [HOR] additional adult in the school doctoring lunchtime .

418  There's allot to be said about having adults {,} additional [TKULTS] [HOR] going to give of [THEPLS] {^s} about in these schools .

419  So I think we should really look at how those cuts are being maid and [WHRORPBT] they're being maid at top here versus the people [HOR] connect {^ing} with our young people and services {^ing} them .

420  And I think there's {a^} rot to tin to do in that space .

421  Thank you very much {,} [HR-PT] Mr. President .

422  [paragraph] [paragraph] thank {,} Councilor Jackson .

423  Going to reed each one of these [TKOUPLTS] individually .

424  And the chair recommends [0] [-6] [-6] [2] without prejudice [-FPLTS] you're vote .

425  [SP-FPLT] you're vote in the affirmative is to con cure with the chair and to reject the budget .

426  Okay .

427  [STKPWHRAFRPBLGTS] so [STKPWHR-RPBLGTSZ] Councilor Baker - [KWHRAOE] [paragraph] Councilor Ciommo - yes .

428  [linebreak] coverages Councilor familiar [TKPHRAR] - yes .

429  [linebreak] Councilor Jackson - yes .

430  [linebreak] Councilor LaMattina - yes .

431  [linebreak] Councilor public Linehan {,} yes [-FPLTS] [paragraph] coupon McCarthy - yes [linebreak] Councilor Murphy - yes .

432  [STKPWHRA] Councilor O'Malley - yes .

433  [linebreak] coin [President|Pressley] - yes .

434  [linebreak] Councilor Wu - yes .

435  [linebreak] Councilor Yancy - yes .

436  [linebreak] Councilor Zakim - yes .

437  [paragraph] and Councilor Zakim yes .

438  Mr. President Mr. President {,} on dock [KET] number [0] [-6] [-6] [2] we've {a^} you know you know vote for rejection without prejudice .

439  [STKPWHR-FRPBLGTSZ] [TKPOBG] dock [0] [-6] [-6] [2] the operating budget for the City Of Boston has been reject Ted without prejudice you know you know [STKPWHRA] [12K3W4R-6R7B8G9SZ] [paragraph] Councilor [P-L] Baker yes - Ciommo - [KWREFPLT] [linebreak] Flaherty - yes .

440  [linebreak] Councilor Councilor LaMattina - yes .

441  [linebreak] Councilor lain Lynn - yes {&E.} [linebreak] Councilor public mick - yes .

442  Councilor [PHRUR] [PHRUR] - yes .

443  [linebreak] Councilor O'Malley - yes .

444  [linebreak] Councilor [President|Pressley] - yes .

445  [linebreak] Councilor Wu - yes .

446  [linebreak] Councilor Yancy - yes .

447  [linebreak] Councilor Zakim - yes .

448  [linebreak] [STKPWHR*FRPLGTS] [0] [-6] [-6] [3] received {a^} {un^} [KWRAO] you know vote for rejection without prejudice prejudice [STKPWHR-FRPBLGS] [paragraph] docket [0] [-6] [-6] [3] has been reject Ted without prejudice [TKEUSZ] {,} it's the operation budge et cetera for the school department and it was reject [TEDZ] you know you know .

449  [paragraph] docket number [0] [-6] [-6] [4] .

450  Councilor Baker - [KWREFPLT] [paragraph] Councilor Ciommo [KWREFRPBLGTS] .

451  [paragraph] Councilor Flaherty - yes .

452  [paragraph] Councilor Jackson - yes .

453  [linebreak] Councilor LaMattina - yes .

454  [linebreak] Councilor Linehan - yes .

455  [paragraph] Councilor McCarthy - yes .

456  [paragraph] Councilor Murphy - yes .

457  [paragraph] Councilor owe {/} - yes .

458  [paragraph] Councilor [President|Pressley] [-FRPBLGS] yes .

459  [paragraph] Councilor Wu - yes .

460  [paragraph] Councilor Yancy - yes .

461  [paragraph] and Councilor Zakim - yes .

462  [paragraph] Mr. President Mr. President .

463  Docket number [0] [-6] [-6] [4] received {a^} you know you know vote for rejection without prejudice .

464  [paragraph] docket [0] [-6] [-6] [4] has been reject Ted without prejudice you know you know .

465  [paragraph] madam clerk clerk motions orders and resolutions .

466  [paragraph] docket number [0] [13450] [-FPLTS] Councilor Murphy [OFRDZ] the following orders for {a^} hearing regarding concurrent juries {diction^} {^s} of mass choose mortgage authority controlled properties locate Ted in the City Of Boston .

467  [paragraph] chair recognize {^s} Councilor Murphy on docket [10] [35] [paragraph] thank {,}you Mr. President {Mr.-|}  .

468  This actually is {a^} {re^} file from [2] thousand [10] [-FPLTS] when the city Councilor filed {a^} home rule peat on bee half of the citizens of the see port strict of Boston who live on mass port owned land {,} and because -- and there's {a^} old Charles dick {^ence} saying that goes way way back to [-L] [1-8] [HUPBDZ] - I think there's {a^} .

469  But this is one {^s is} {a^} law is {a^} {^s}{a^} {,} and in this tick case {,} the law is additional .

470  [STKPWHRAFRPBLGTS] the mass port {en^} able bling legs {^ulation} states that's sole pleasing authority on all mass port properties shall be the [PHRAS] choose state please .

471  That means {,} in Boston {,} if {a^} property is [OEPBDZ] by the [PWHAS] port and {a^} big Chung of the see port strict is on mass Portland {,} stand please are the please agent say of choice by the state law .

472  So Boston {^'s} please department does not have please [POURGS] in Boston in that tick -- on those tick parcels of land which cree [AEUTS] {a^} has Saturday in public safety {^ity} .

473  And ill {^us} explain one version of it wives explained to us five years ago and [TEUPBS] to fall on deaf ears with our friends in Beacon Hill .

474  There are several licensed premise {^s} over in the see port strict .

475  All of hom have alcohol license {^s} by the City Of Boston .

476  {under^} the City Of Boston {^'s} law {,} the only people who can enforce alcohol policy [P-RT] Boston please department .

477  And mass choose state please are pro [HEUBL] [TEDZ] from going into alcohol premise {^s} {,} and Mars port please have know pleasing authority on {a^} premise has has {a^} alcohol license .

478  So what happens now -- and {im^} not [TPHAEUPBLG] them by names {re^} recommend recommend [TKEPL] Fridays [KOES] [-FPLTS] I say {im^} not [TPHAEUPBLG] them .

479  If you have people {un^} {^ed} age going in there and imbibe {^ing} or people being over certificate [-FD] .

480  There's know one check {^ing} {,} and I don't know about you but I don't want to open the paper [TPER] some say and say some [1-7] year old girl or [1-9] year olds boy was killed in {a^} drunk driving accidents at [2] o'clock in the morning leaving the see sport year because we're not dog what we're supposed to do in check {^ing} those lines {^ed} premise {^s} .

481  And that's {^us} one year of public safety [TEUFPLT] there's amass asthma of problems over there{.} we get {a^} home rule peat originate Ted here it was my name you're name Mr. President {^s}{a^} the strict Councilor who was on it Tet .

482  Form [PHER] mayor men men signed it and we sent if up there and it didn't pass .

483  It's been [SEPBTS] up there the lass [2] sections after that and it has {'} passed .

484  It's up there again {,}it didn't come threw here but it's in the [HRAEGS] late tours joint committee has {a^} house bill number .

485  [2] [1] [0] [-7] filed by March {^ual} {,} on bee half of Boston .

486  {im^} offering this hearing to [SKWRUPLG] .

487  Start the education process for our friends on Beck beak hill to let them know that's I it's five years late ter and we still have {a^} problem with public safety {^ity} and [KURPB] [KARPBTS] juries education does {'} mean that's mass state please loose anything other than the sole designation .

488  They're still please [PHROFRS] mass port please it {^us} gives our people {,} city please department the same authority in the City Of Boston .

489  Its {a^} {^'} know [PWRAEUPBG] {^ener} .

490  I hope you'll join in me coming to the hearing {^um} start being the process to make that part of the City Of Boston safer for public safety {^ity} purposes {,} thank you .

491  [-FPLTS] [paragraph] thank {,}you Councilor Murphy .

492  Councilor O'Malley {&E.} thank you Councilor [President|Pressley] [-FPLTS] {de^} dense sing quote .

493  Volunteer who said common sense is not so common .

494  Clearly {^ly} this is proof positive of that .

495  This is makes sense City Of Boston see sport south Boston wear front whatever you want to call it .

496  I belief it's the [TPAS] [STES] growing knew neighborhood in the City Of Boston .

497  I belief Moore machine Moore people [HRAOEUFG] down there part of the [SAEUB] .

498  I {a^} appreciate the chair of pub [HREUPBLGS] [SAEUTS] [AEUFS] [UFPLTS] lass come of years {a^} number of times .

499  We need to make this happen .

500  When we'd this budget hearing on about{.} [P-FPLT] #M{.} we'd all asked and id said publicly and privately we've the fine necessary [PHROFRS] loves in the every {^ry} city in the Councilor {^fully} if not in the worlds [P-FPLT] day under and day out .

501  Well they do there jobs {,} and when we asked them doctoring the budget hearing what would you like to see going forwards the [KPHREUGS] {^ener} brought up this very {^ish} [SHAOUFPLT] .

502  Something with the range and file mentioned to all of us .

503  It's simply [KPHROPB] sense we've to make it happen .

504  Thank {,}you Councilor [PHUR] purchaser for his lead [TKER] ship ton there an I ask to have my name be added .

505  [STKPWHRA] [STKPWR] [linebreak] cha-cha [STHAO] [STHAO] [STHRAO] mick public LaMattina Flaherty Kim Kim [linebreak] [linebreak] - [THR-FRPBLGTSZ] Inc. Zakim thank {,}you {^ism} I don't have any lit rar {^ry} quotes like ply learn Ned colleagues and I know and Councilor [President|Pressley] Linehan {^'s} strict but this is {a^} issue from news properties from the talk United Kingdom to [PHROFRS] and commissioner every advance it's truly {^ly} is something {^s that} {a^} public safety {^ticity} [SHAOEURB] in regional to the shit it {^ity} and makes absolutely know sense that our highly [TRAEUPBDZ] and highly regarded [PHROEFRPS] {&e} [PHREPT] in the year [SRAUPBL] - {:} state please .

506  I [TKOEBTS] think anything in this has meant .

507  {^us} say we don't respect and are dog but our officers are train .

508  Issue day-to-day .

509  I do remember I belief about {a^} year and half ago there was answer dent where the state please [SPOPBSDZ] {^ed} Torah crime regarding {a^} liver [SRER] {^ry} driving assaulting someone in the year and because of the lack of [KPWHRAOUPB] {^ication} because the about{.} about{.} did not have [TKURS] education there it took about {a^} weak for the Boston please ware of {.}this incident of its kinds for that .

510  Dick individual so I think in the interest of public [SAFT] {^ity} and coordination and making sure that all of you're [SREUBS] [TORS] and residents are safe make sure had the {^ulation} dilate .

511  Obviously {^ly} had [THAOERG] is {a^} great stone and applaud [PHAEURB] {^ual} {,} for tinge to push them at the state house to get this [TKHRAOU] so add my name and thank you're Councilor Murphy for bring {^ing} this forward .

512  - [paragraph] please added name of Councilor Zakim [-FPLTS] Linehan .

513  [paragraph] thank {,}you [PHR-P] Mr. President chair .

514  Councilor [PHUR] [PHURP] and I have worked on this since [20] [10] and its [AETS] very important piece of legs {^ulation} .

515  - this is {a^} home rule peat .

516  [paragraph] [paragraph] Murphy this is not this is {a^} order for hearing on .

517  Home rule peat {^s that} already up there .

518  {:} [paragraph] so the clarify is that this is not {a^} home rule peat this is afford for hearing on {a^} house bill {^s that} up there .

519  [paragraph] okay {,} thank great .

520  [paragraph] Linehan so I want to add my voice to this {,} and this is {e^} form muss impacts with the fact that Boston beliefs do not have any juries {diction^} in tern {&e} certain [KWRAEURS] of the see sport [TREUBGT] {,} it's pretty {^ity} widespread .

521  There are four or five different pleasing agent cease down there and there's allot of confusion around who has what juries {diction^} where {,} but one think is clear {,} that's Boston please do not have juries {diction^} on [PHRAS] port property {,} and {^s that} wrong .

522  We've people who live there{.} there are businesses being run there{.} this is not the airport .

523  That original {^ulation} {^ulation} was put in place to safeguard the airport and have the state please be the sole enforce .

524  At the air sport with its you know [TPHAOEBG] [SPWAEUGS] {^s}{a^} and maybe along the port front where there's work being done by the Steve [TKORS] tan tower {^ism} industry there but the [AULTS] add Jayce {ante^} properties but not only {^ish} shoes an {^ed} [TKPHOS] tick tile screens curd that's please have not had the [TKEURS] diction to .

525  And when they go in and they do go in and truss our [PHROFRS] still go in but When it gets to [KWOURT] they don't have [SKWRAOEURS] {diction^} so if there isn't {a^} {a^} [K-PGS] moreover it they don't they threw it occupant .

526  So someone loss {a^} per traitor could get off on that simple issue .

527  And if any of you have been down the see sport [T-PBT] [TPHOUPL] you notice that there's {a^} {e^} norm Maus amount of hee hick collar traffic {in^} and out .

528  Traffic is stalled so here we're we're guilds {^ing} {a^} Brandt knew section of our city Of boat commercial and residential swells tower {^is} try with the convention sten ter and mar {reen^} industrial park and all of this going on and there are only so many treats [-FPLTS] well {,} some of the treats have to be controlled by mass port please [-FPLTS] others by the state please and others by the Boston please so if we were going to youse the please [TPORTS] to [PHAOF] traffic in and out of that section due to not additional {in^} [STPRA] truck structure being build there's {a^} lack of communication .

529  There's {a^} lack of [THORTDZ] on part of our own Boston please .

530  So this is truly {^ly} {a^} mess .

531  It has been brought up {a^} number of times and we need axe and I applaud the make ker for the calling us to {a^} hearing so that week push this agenda forward .

532  Thank you .

533  [paragraph] thank {,}you [PHR-P] [PHR-PLT] .

534  [paragraph] please please at anytime name [10] [35] is {a^} [SAOEUPBDZ] to the committee on puck lick safety {^ity} [STKPWHRA] [STKPWHR-RPBLGTS] [STKPWHREFRPBLGTS] Councilor Jackson .

535  [paragraph] Jackson [SKWRARBGTS] Mr. President [PHR-PLT] .

536  I do also want to draw our attention to the fact that there's know other place in the City Of Boston that Boston please don't actually have juries {diction^} and interestingly we actually have covenants with other [STEUT] sis [KUPBS] convince {^s}{a^} well {^s}{a^} dead ham [THRAS] actually [TKEUFS] goes to ton please if they're in {a^} chase {^ing to} mile mile and half into {a^} differently juries {diction^} that isn't the City Of Boston .

537  We need to have con currents juries {diction^} in all {^s}{a^} secretaries of the City Of Boston .

538  This is something that you'd shh be fixed and fixed immediately please add my name .

539  [STKPWHRA] and docket [10] [35] is assigned to the committee on puck lick safety {^ity} .

540  [paragraph] Baker please add Councilor Baker {^'s} name .

541  And then place [STPHAO] is [linebreak] [paragraph] [paragraph] docket [10] [3-6] [STKPWHR-FRPLTS] Councilor Linehan for Councilor particular familiar [PHAOFS] suss suspension .

542  [10] [3-6] all in favor {^cy} eye .

543  [AUPL] though posed nay .

544  [10] [3-6] is passed [paragraph] docket [10] [3-7] Councilor Linehan [linebreak] Councilor {FLUSH} floor [TPHAOFS] [SES] {^ness} [STKPHR] [EUFRPLTS] - [10] [3-6] all Florida cipher Ayanna [-FPLTS] [STKPWHRAFRPBLGTS] [107] [3-7] - [STKPWHRAFRPBLGTS] Councilor Flaherty [PHAOFS] [SPEUPBGS] of the rules {^age} package package of docket [10] [3-7] - all [TPHAEUPB] say Aye - I Poe {^es} [TPHAOTD] [EUFRPL] [SR-FRPLTS] [EULS] [10] [3-7] has pass [paragraph] Councilor license Flynn for Councilor O'Malley [PHAOFRS] [SPEUBGS] of the rules {^age} package .

545  Of [10] [3-8] all - [AOFRPLTS] advice toys - rights [UFRPLTS] [STHRAOFRPLGTS] [paragraph] [10] [3-8] has passed [paragraph] docket [0] [1] [3-9] Councilor Lynn important to are Councilor O'Malley - Councilor O'Malley [PHAOFS] [SPEUPBGS] .

546  Rules {^age} package package of [10] [109] [3-9] - - ice [SR-FRPL] motor nigh - have dock [10] [3-9] has pads [paragraph] widths under absence of the objection will be added to the agenda and hearing know socks the matters are so added .

547  The clerk will reed the first laid filed marry .

548  Councilor bill Lynn [PHREUPB] for Councilor {^ian} Yancy .

549  Councilor [WRUR] Yancy [PHAOFS] suss suspension ever rules {^age} {^itage} of the first laid filed marry .

550  [AUFRPL] no safer sigh .

551  Eye Poe {^s} {^ed} [TPHAOEUFRPL] - [SREURS] if light tide file mass [THRAS] {^ed} [paragraph] [STPHR-FPLT] {:} {:} personnel {:} {:} {:} {:} personnel marry {:} {:} - Ayes have it {^ant} second late filed marry has passed [STKPWHRAFRPBLGTS] [paragraph] anybody wishing to {re^} [PHAOF] the marry from the green sheets may do so at this time .

552  [paragraph] Councilor Jackson .

553  Mr. President [PHR-PLT] I would like to {re^} [PHAOF] on page one of the [23] [07] [-9] [-6] [2] [linebreak] one of [23] [SKPWR] [paragraph] [paragraph] it's in the committee on black and lat lat mean and boys .

554  .

555  [STKPWHR-RPBLGTS] [linebreak] [paragraph] - [0] [-9] [-6] [2] black and hat lat men and boys response [SORD] by Councilor Jackson resolution that's [STKEUT] I Councilor sports {a^} package ever senate [-6] [4] in house [14] [2-9] the justice {re^} {in^} [SRES] .

556  Act filed by the state sen [TORZ] Sonya Jane did I {^s}{a^} and state representative marry keen .

557  And urge the legs late tower to enact the forms they're in .

558  Referred to the committee on June third third .

559  [paragraph] Councilor Jackson you ever the floor [paragraph] in short we killed allot of trees by printing this out {,} but in short {,} this bill does [2] thinks [-FPLTS] actually looks at [2] [KWRAEURS] {:} .

560  One fur anon violent drug {a^} fender you're license automatically gets suss spends {^ed} upon you getting [ARD] and convict Ted [WHRORPBT] you were driving or not .

561  You're lice lens actually gets suss spends {^ed} so .

562  I of these individuals have {a^} great deal of hardship .

563  {^s that} one of the [KWRAEURS] it discovers .

564  It also gives back the Amanda tour {^ry} minimum option to the judge which should happen .

565  There are .

566  I individuals [HOR] serving time in really diff situations .

567  The mon any {^s that} [SAEUFD] by this actually goes into {a^} fund that's City Of Boston would benefit from .

568  It would deal with drop out prevention workforce training and development and also could be youse {^ed} for {out^} and summer jobs .

569  So it's {a^} savings in the front ends but also those savings and those dollars actually go ba to the sit 'tis and towns [HOR] effect Ted by this .

570  So the legs {^ulation} was heard yet is now in joint committee .

571  We're Disproportion nationally effect Ted by matters [SHUFP] {^s}{a^} this and conversation {^s} with Steve Tom [KEUPBS] our sheriff .

572  I of our individuals [HOR] in his facility {^ity} are add [SKWRERS] {^ly is} {a^} effect Ted by this and I think [THREU] Boston city Of Councilor should chime in and I belief we should pass this resolution [paragraph] thank {,}you [R*R] you Councilor Jackson Councilor Murphy .

573  I actually asked to hope this up last week because I [H-PBTS] seen the legs {^ulation} .

574  What is provided is really not telling {,} it's striking out this adding this and striking out this .

575  So I ask for {a^} summary of the legs {^ulation} .

576  In Jen the legs {^ulation} would {im^} accomplishment {a^} the following criminal justice {re^} real peel .

577  Heim reduce so level level mo miss mean mean .

578  Allow [TPHERPL] {^inal} {^ly} ill press sore to be care for out side of [PREUS] tones and [TKPHRAOEUF] {^ism} drug offense jobs {^ance} schools [-FPLTS] cree [AEUTS] {a^} truss funds - justice {re^} forms for job training transition {^inal} jobs {^ance} [PRAOE] apprentice ship [KHAEUB] {^out} [KWROBS] {^ance} sty into school programs .

579  [paragraph] the [TPOPLG] criminal {^us} [STKWREUS] {re^} forms or collude [TPHR-T] legs {^ulation} .

580  {re^} peel minute minute drug ten sense {^ness} by cree stores judicial [TKRAOES] Phrygian - none [TPAOEUFT] drug {^s are} [KHRARPBLGS] therein reducing - social does of extends and Chris price ton [STKOERPL] .

581  Cree dues perfect miss mean Norse certainly owe fess [-PBLS] [SHUFP] {^s}{a^} [SHOFT] lifting or pet think [THREFTD] nor low level drug charges would be maid miss mean Norse which difference sayings {^s} that {ex-^} [PAOEPBS] [EUFR] terms ever {in^} [KORGS] regulation .

582  In collateral sayings {^s} at the registration try of moat vehicles by eliminating the [KURPBTS] law to [KWAOEURS] confiscate the lines {^ence} of {a^} person convict Ted of any drugs {e^} [TPEPBGS] operation of {a^} vehicle brought to five years and charge of at lice five hundred {^ed} to reinstate it .

583  {ex-^} [OERDZ] medical replace .

584  This would allow {a^} charge [SKWR-RPBLG] to - permanently {in^} compass state Ted or term {^ly} ill should be {trans^} [TPERDZ] out of [PREUS] ton for treatment remaining {under^} state cuss did I .

585  Regulation could be [TAEUPBS] the following provisions relate Ted to jobs and schools .

586  The establishments of {a^} truss funds with the does savings from the {a^} [PRAOEUPLTS] to the cripple [TKPWHRAL] justice system .

587  Truss funds or {re^} course us towards program with [PWROUDZ] ill image {^ible} not limb Ted to {exo^} pen [TKERS] that youse [EFD] base {^ed} practices to {im^} accomplishment job development victims of vile lens {^ance} other people with significant can't bar [KWRERS] to employment and [4E78] at risk {out^} [STPHAEU] school .

588  Programs sport Ted by the truss will clue job training programs to address the schools gaps I'd {^ed} by mass choose industry leads [TKER] transition {^inal} jobs and [PRAOE] {a^} paren {dis^} programs people for {^ed to} {^'} workforce and place them in good living wage jobs [-FPLTS] {out^} jobs that provides boat [SUPBS] sustain [EPDZ] {in^} [STHAOEURB] [-FPLTS] [-FPLTS] jobs throughout social [EPBTS] praises {co-^} [OPS] {^ance} bother businesses and [EFD] base {^ed} programs that [SPEGS] lice in drop outs prevention and recover {^ry} giving {out^} {a^} second [KHRAPBS] at [ABG] [TEPL] mick achieve .

589  And setting them on {a^} pat to sick [SES] .

590  So it's {a^} very very brought criminal justice bill ability strict attorneys of mass choose have [HRAOEUPBDZ] up in option significance to it .

591  It's one of the Reese as soon as I didn't run for legs late {^ture} is pause {im^} here .

592  It's something {^s that} before us knew .

593  And if [-FRB] can safety {^ity} say they can safety {^ly} say they're {in^} crit .

594  But {im^} all about knowing what we're voting [2350R] and that's why I employee use it this summary .

595  Thank you .

596  [paragraph] thank [KOURBGS] Councilor Murphy .

597  [STKPWHRAFRPBLGTS] {^us} {^us} {^us} {a^} quick recess {:} {:} [STKPWHREFRPBLGTS] [*R] .

598  {:} {:} rye success {:} {:} {:} {:} recess {:} {:} [STKPWHR-FRPBLGTSZ] Councilor will be back in session .

599  Councilor Jackson [PHAOFS] adoption of [0] [-9] [-6] [2] [-RPBLGS] all those in favor say Aye .

600  All opposed nay .

601  The Ayes have it [0] the [-6] [2] has been adopt Ted .

602  [paragraph] [paragraph] any other matters from the green sheets {extra^} anybody .

603  [paragraph] there are [4] late files filed matters which in absence [-FRTS] objection will be added to the Connolly {a^} Jen [TKAFPLT] .

604  Seeing and hearing no objection {,} .

605  The matters ar so added .

606  .

607  [KHAOEUR] [PHAOFS] {a^} [TKAOPGS] of the con {a^} Jen [TKAFPLT] .

608  Nay Ayes have it {^ant} paren paren {a^} [STKWREPB] da is adopt Ted .

609  [linebreak] I would ask all guests and all members to please rise {^s}{a^} the Councilor prepares to [KHAEUPBLS] [EUPBLS] meeting in the following individuals {:} Councilor Ciommo - Claire [TKPWEUB] [PWOPBS] .

610  For the chair and Councilor Flaherty {:} Scott mark psycho salmon .

611  For Councilor Baker and Councilor [PHURP] [PHUR] John Monahan you know {^ior} .

612  For Councilor [PHUR] [PHRUR] and Councilor McCarthy {,} hell len Donovan .

613  John done advance {^'s} mother down at election {^s} .

614  Councilor O'Malley {:} dor think pro man know .

615  Councilor Jahns Yancy {,} aid Dell len {de^} long {ka^} Mac {co-^} .

616  [STKPWHRAFRPBLGTS] [STKPWHR*FRPBGS] [STKPWHR*FRPBLGTS] thank {,}you so much {^et} chair [PHAOFS] that's Councilor add [KWRAOURPBS] {^ed to} does stow in memory of the aforementioned individuals and scheduled to meet on Wednesday June June [1-7] the at [12] [TPHRAOPB] .

617  All those eye .

618  Ayes have it {^ant} Councilor ask so adjourned {:} {:} {:} over over {:} {:} [1] [4-9] {:} {:} STPH-FPLT SAO*EU
 {:} psi

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